The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTIIEV1LLE. (ARK.) COUIHEtt NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS • THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOOK, Editor H. W. HAINfS, Advertising Menapr Solo National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Kev.- York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, K;nisas Clly, Ultte Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. ' Entered as second cliiss mailer "I tin: IXBI olVlco ill Illylhevllle, Arkansas, nuclei act ot ConercK! Oc- totci &, 1917. Served by tlw United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the Clly of Ulyllicvlllc. 15c per \vrek or $0.50 per yr-ar In ntlvnncc. I!y mall wllliln a radius of JO mites, $1.00 )XT year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for tlircc months; by mall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, • W 50 j;cr year. In vanes seven niul clglil, $1000 per year, payable In advance-. Road District Taxes Approval of the Unilocl Slalos l>n- remt (if I'ulili'.- Koiids IKIS bei-n );iven lo some . r >n fcilpi'Hl aid highway projects for Arkansas, to lie btiill willi half of this slide's'public works iiltotmcnt. None of I lie projects is in Mississippi county, nor, :w our i-u.'idei's will recall, has there beni any slntc road construction work of real cnnsi 1 - (|iiencc in this county sinri: enactment of. llic Martineui] law, mulcr which many millions have liccn spent in giving Ark:m-iiij ;'. moileni I'oad system. Probably ll;ere is no good reason lo complain about (hat. The main highways of Mississippi county were paved before I lie Martineau act wns passed, and under llial act the staie iigreed to meet interest charges and retire the bonds that were i.-sucd to finance their construction. Other counties were to got new roads and we were lu be relieved of the debt incurred in -building our roads. That was the bargain and it seemed a fair one. It wns a fair bargain but il has not yet been fulfilled. And there is a danger thai insofar as our local road'dchl is concerned il will nol be. Governor Futrcll is standing firm in his insisl- encc that highway improvement dis- tricl obligations which became Ihe moral obligation of the state under the Jlartineau law must be placed on the '• same basis as direct slate highway obligations, but as yet he has been unable to roach ar, agreement wilh the bondholders. In the meantime the old improvement distinct debts still stand as liens against lands in this and other counties. And yesterday holders of I'nlaski county road improvement bonds filed suit lo pul Ihe mail improvement district taxes back on the land. If that action succeeds similar suits will no doubt be filed in this county and elsewhere. No properly owner needs to be told what return of (be road lax would menu. Meddling in Cuba The applause which greeted ['resident Roosevelt's announcement that the United Stales would'try to follow a "good neighbor" |»licy toward its Latin-American neighbor.- had hardly died down when the Cuban revolution took an unexpected ominous new turn, so that Pome United States warships OUT OUB WAY li;ul to 1)0 ilisnali'lictl to the troubled island at top speed. For a nation which had just turned thumbs down mi the old policy of intervention, this is certainly a bit of very luitl liifk. But while our warships stand by in Iho danger /one, we us well Ki't "Hi- minds .straight, ol) livos Thi: Tlio only valid I'.XCIIKU we could hiivu for landinx armed men on Cuban soil would In' l<> pi'olorl Amc'rican and propi'i'ly I nun unruly mobs. kind of Kovt'i'imii'iit the Cubans stt up i.s soiiu'thin^ f]*i' aj,'nin, !,uiidinj; mii- rinp.s lo ki'cp AnxM'icans from beiiitr killed is one limit,'; landing thorn lo fi.ll tilt; ('iil)iins vvltal kind of gnvcnnni'iit lo have is .sliri-r muddling. And that kind ol' nicddltiij,', as we have at last bcttnn I" discover, simply doiwn'l pay. Steel and Wood ' Tin 1 iiilvanlitjri's of nuHltjcn .-al'dy consli'iK-lion in railroad equipment wen; never liellev illnstraleil than in UK; rm'iil passeiiKur train wreck on the Krie railroad near Binfliamton, N. Y. In lliis acc-iiltnl a milk train craslieil into the rear of a passenger train. The. car it hit was of solid steel construction and was not enislicd; but the car nhcn<l was made of wood ami it crumpled instantly, killing more than a dozen people and .seriously injuring many more. Mosl of the people in the sttel car -c.scaiii'tl with minor hurls. That story speaks its own moral. The wood-constructed passenger car, obviously, is out of (late. Only flic car built of slwl oll'crs its occupants protection when an accident occurs. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'Tel's act like wo Unnw something about gears and cylinders so In 1 wnn'l sell us a lemon." Tlic New I>nl jirornlscs n new lease on life lo American Judaism, for it oilers an opportunity lo restore lite Jewish Salrtatn. —Bernard Semel. Jewish Education Association. * * »> Wise work and foolish play Is a sure menus of success. Every business woman! when imik- IIIR up lier budget shoulrt Imvc on it nn Item of extravagance, aiul in making up her lime schedule should allow a period of mischief. —CuthcTlvse Oijle.ib.v, magazine editor. * * ¥ There was only one Major Cavanaush. His plncc never will be filled. —Dr. Edward J. O'Brien, famous football official. Despite inherent difficulties, I feel thai with reasonable c<!ucl-wlll and a spirit of accominoda- llon on Ihe pail of principal nallons. it, shall be possible to reach an utnecineiH ihnl will bring peace and ncneflt lo the world. --Norman Uavis. U. S. <llsariiiamciu (li'lceate. ^ * * Fashionable dicss from decade tn di'rudc pro- lends Mint woman's shape must maElcally aliers ....Under all (he and linprovcmcnTs. [hough, \ve remain from century lo century most reassuringly—or deprcsylngly— the same. —Margaret Lane. English writer. * * f I'roinganda has become one of the ninjnr 111- stnmients of Government. —Aldous Huxley. + * + Candor comi>els the admission (hat America is a crime-breeding and crimfnnl protecting nn- llon —Ally. Clarence K. Martin, addrrssmi; liar Association convenlio.'.. Health In Town or Country Depends on Living Conditions KV DK, MORRIS FISHKK1N which mnkcs for similar differences Eilllnr. .Iimriial of the American j in licnlth and in the rate of sur- Mcdiral AsMclalton, and of lly- | v |val from disease. Scia, the Health Maparine j p el -|,, ms .,,.. nccuniHrm i« ln-i/i. There has long been an argu-l- ILIIIU!I:> 11IL ^upation is laiKC- mcnl ns lo whether it is :ienlthfnl lo live In tlic ri'.y n the country. 1 ly The answer is , . these differ"• orc - cnces but there ars also possibili- l " nn tics of racial differences and similar factors which have influence. Is, of course, the Cancer, It has been found at- clty is more healthful for some (neks the old in the country as conditions and Ihe country for] well as in the city. Much depends others. However, tlie conditions;of course, on the race of the popu- arc widely varied not only In dif- i lation fcrent parts ot the country hut \ It , s k u , aholn different pails of the samu; morc j|lcllllctl , o tuberculosis than '' jolliers, that some Groups tend to In review of the differences be- have u great deal ot syphilis while twccn health in (he city and health! other groups tend to have rclativc- in the country. Dr. Edgnr Syden- j ly little. Strieker points out that the pre- ,. ,, ' . ik - lv ,, , it - nndmoil , valence of bad eyesight, and of cor- ! h " J'cW '„ n feel o men rhca are more prevalent in the j " "" l " su ' cs ' counlry than hi the city. More-' over, a man who lives in the conn- try is less likely to have eiilarycd tonsil'; or infections of the throat In Port After Mishap at Sea - THIS CURIOUS WORL&* A BIRD'S 8FAK GIWWS CONSTANT USE KEEPS WEARING IT 6ACK AS FASfAS IT CANTALOUPES ARE NA/AED FOB. A TOWN NEAR ROME IN HAWAII, AT KALAPANA, THERE IS A BEACH Of- COAL &LACK A gnniug hole In her bow, lliu Dollar Liner President Wilson, which collided with the freighter Coldwater 75 miles ott tlio Nortli Carolina coast, is ehown arriving at i Newport News, Va. Tlio freighter's rescued crew «nd threa pas- were on board. Giant Cavern Lost 9-9 Oltjl BT kdMHi-Ct i A BIRD'S beak grows constantly, in the same manner (hat: j finger nails do. If a bird were given no chance to USD his' in Uregon j and keep it worn clown, the henk would soon become so long '. . deformed as to lie nf little use in securing food JACKSONVILLE, Ore. (UPI— A! NEXT: Arc the sun's rays 'lost cavern" rivaling in splendor! ' . Ihe famous Oregon Caves is be-' lieved to exist In the mountains j 1933 R eve l s Revealed 3 S \ No Worse Than 1733 revelers sometimes created I orders In taverns, to such nrJI tent lhat the tovm fathers orjl the constables uiul grand jur\| to suppress such disorders" bring offenders to trial. near here, according to Mrs. Clara drubbs, fcrmer resident, i Mrs. . Q;i!bbs produced a photo-] srajih of two youlr.s, one herj HARTFORD. Conn (UPt—Resi- brolher. and a crystal stalactite to : items, disturbed by jazz bands and prove the discovery, made by tlie, liappy revelers "in the lavrm j ; hoys in 1873. They stumbled on! which have sprung up since beer Liquor Blew Him Upstairs' the cavern wni.e hunting. ! was legalised in Connecticut, are I SHKEVEPORT In lUP) Tlie Oregon Caves, famed as a ; no worse off than their fore-fathers, barrel of agin, whisky cxplocK K'fo Jr. rrf"", 11 ? ?"•! Wh ° bCmtCd SUCh g ° ingS °" 215 ' tl!(; ^'^inatlon home and gn'I ogle formations like Ice stalactite, years ago. i store of John A. Cordaro 35 I 1 leading pioneers to believe tho gl- An old record in 11- rfjre ->f, sent him flying bodily ,p a ' ant cavern stil exists, undiscov- Town Clerk John A. Glc-ason r«- of stairs. CoTdaro escaped erc:l. hi the southern- Oregon hills.'veals thai In chose early vear-si minor injuries and nose related (o the tonsils. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From (hr; lilcs of the ISIythcrtllf n^iljr Courier It is interesting (o see the way in which contagious disease follows population growth, l-'oi- rx- i ample. 07 per cent of 1000 chil- j dren in the public schools of the I enst side in N'civ York City gave • ~ pojlllvc tiihcrculin s as con-' Sunday, Sept. :i, 1823 traslcd with only Ifi per rent i No paper, ainoui; children ol the same ages. Memlay. Sciit. ID. 1923. selected in a northern count*' of : x. c. Myers of Nc\v York arriv- Nc\v York stale. There seems 10 DC but what there arc er.ccs hehvccn the llvii'.i; conditions tn the country and i to Mother each tveeu and she pntd my osjicnses. But 1 put up such a good sales talk for handling nay Sale of Buggy Caused Sensation in Ohio ; ert to arrange the details for thej r.o question formal opening of the Kress five ictual differ- and ten cent store. September 22. .Mr. Myers is a typical New York- Ihe cily I er. Denial and easily approached. ' In a moinenl's talk one feels lhat ho has known him for years. By Williams \ Motor Police Moult ric rei»rts an even baker's rioaen of arrests Sunday for violations of the traffic WILMINGTON. O. .Ul'i- L=ls ,,.,,„_ n)ostlv for slMftl i ngi somc of nutomobiles aiv .-old in VV:!-![ 0 :- cut outs and mufflers. Most mlngton: even a few .urplancs have : O f lhc ;,jieged violators appeared found buyers l-.erv: but ivlii-n a before the concrete judge Monday buggy is sold— that's r.ruj. • morning nnd p.iid their $8.80. This ' A local firm uwhf.i an crxl'r for a 1933 mcdc', b'.i^jy, com]>lcle ' was Moultric's largest day's turn tn and likely Hie best day the had. ( ' \MHprr 'p. BLO Sv\ \ HA«\/ ? GrOT A ^NO^^OE^-!F^J\_ , F with rubber tires. noLi-.-nlatt-rr dash! court ever joard, and all tlv. 1 ''new' 1 equip- [ nent. ] II. n. Honchins. \vhn. with Mrs. When the vehicle :i::;v.. ir cd in the Kouchins.'from California •' caused a Mast veck. brought the chills and v. -s the first fever with him from Long Beach. M23. I ir::icr. bough: j ,j c rzauK one of our good sub. y.isl SH less rcrihcrs -,vho receives his mat -3j- back m Hornersville. Mo., was among firm's store< icar sensation, r )U5gy sold here MIL;> George Dor.iib.v : t. and he paid si?'-" than the cost o; .1 the good old days. In Ja\a nuinki 1 '.- haivest. the ro.v.i; ov.'ncr stand? br'n;\ . procedure. :. trained to -i.; crop: Hie T.;I directs the the renewals Saturday, lie missed his tiain but a small matter like that (lid not deter him .and he walked to town. September 9^ "Russian author, born. 1S50 Victor Lawson, American journalist, bora. iS50=Oa.VifomVa admitted into the Union, as a Free Hays to keep it from too -free. . rw.T nncer 'of Hr.liy'a dri>nrtnicut Kiorc. mnrrici Ull IS HADIMl. a con-d me I i tin KnpFTinirii'^n; fmi- l»<ir;irZJ.f tr<irkinK En l.Xlze City. Dick Miinlfl |]vr- to ^\\f up *Ti>rk- Lnc hut Jiht rrtiiHr^. .S.\M HOI.Mllinci:, nn ndrcrll-i- tn^ man rmploycil liy anutlicr • tore. Ijccunirn tntn (unt cd l^itll AHLKXr SMITH, t.lcniijjrji|i|icr at ltlif»j*m. ljut »he f.-mcica her* fit in love tihh GT:niu;n ut.iss. llr-tiJ.xninr TIIEHON KKECK lm» been forcing uooclruiae altcn- lini'!. on Kvc. UnUnoivn 10 Dtck. Ere tin* been plii)fnR Ihp it l uck mnrkel on monry Ijorro \veil fruin lirr Rkolher. .1IONA A1.LK\, cupr urltcr, dli- likcH Kvc nnd 1rh-i to ntnke trtxiljlc fnr her. \Vhcn nn error. c<iMirv£ the iitorc ?-,)HKJ, nnprnni In nn advert IMI- men t >Iunn Is rcrtlly rr.ivunxlblc bin the LInnie (nll^ nn Kvc. One day nt Ihr ofTirc Five re- rrivo* x lelciiliimr <-:ilI front llie lirokrrnpe hou^c ictlinp: litt »he iiiUNt ral.c ?-'Hi fn prated hrt ni;irsl. phnne* Dick (o meet hnnk nt nntm. \\'hru there «Ne !» h or rifled vrcarlnc kl* *\OTklr> r^Tntrly ID She tele- ier nt the he arrive)* trj »«« Ue clotlicji. NOW GO OX WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXX K* R tried to conceal her dis- niny. "Dick," slio said nervously, "1 need 5200 and I must have it today. This noon it possible!" "I'm sorry," ho told her. own money a year ago Ibat I finally won out. Since then I've paid board at home and occasionally i poured a cup of coffee" (or wild pi'ophccic-s alout bright financial future." "1 truly believe Atlas Copper will recover and we will bo glad Uiat hung on. Arlcne. Why flon'l you tell your father alwil it? think he'd see you through." Then It was time for her to s; the office, lie drove her dowi | the roadster. "Guess I can chauffeur for i for some time lo conje," he "ily father! Oh. that's precious. My father only believes svhat he sees. So Me goes in for houses and lots—one at a time, is tiie lliing, lie gays. llcul estate It's real to him bccauso ho can Ifiy 1113 hands on it. He thinks the littlo fnvcslor has no chance al anytliiag else and he'd think It was a good lesson fo;- mo to lose what I've put In slocks so far," answered Arlena, She took her loss like a good sport, Eve conceded, hut she could not shake olf tlio feeling of suiil because it was she who had Introduced Arlcne lo mar^iniug on the slock market- It was a £re;U relief lo Eve came. She when Esther's took the $200 to (lie brokerage office JUAFIY; 1U - from l.mnrhed. "That Is. if you Ellll sist on going to work." "Wbat do you mean?" asked lier heart pounding witb suapc "I'm not soiag lo have anytl lo do for a couple of months/ aaswercd. AIIYA and Ray hcil rctuj llicir hoi.eyuioon twice Marya had lunched with I and Arleno wlien she was d| town on shopping trips. That mornios she IcloplioDCil ETC at the office. "Now tliatj aro nettled." Marya sairl. "we • you and Dtck to come out and ll dinner with us. \Ve'rc iovij Arlene and Sam Hotcridsc, Hay and 1 boili like Sam." WLeu Evo repented this Invj lion Arleno protested. "But W : ' lul Protected her slock for the j is likely to bo three sheets to ' ."™ Lvo tri ' :d I wish Marya would haven't Uiat much In tlio tank.". I'd he afraid to have you do that!" "Well," ha weut on, "I might borrow on it—" "Oh, Dick, please do!" "It will lake about 10 dnys to complete the loan." he explained. That made the plan useless, live had to have the money immediately. She was sorry that she had said anything to Dick about it. Her only rciru-uoinE recourse seemed an appeal to her mother. Evo P'lt through a ions distance call lo tier home. It was Esther who answered aud told her lhat their mother had fallen from a step ladder that morning ar,d wrenched ner back, hsuce she could not coaie to the telephone. Aud It was Ks- tlier who offered to lend Kve the JCOD she needed without telling their parents. Esther would go to Hie bank in the moruing and send the money by telegraph. Kve re solved to do something handsome for her alster a3 soon as she was able In order lo show her gratitude. • • * S HE found Arlene looking ci iretuely unhappy when she returned ti/ the office. "What'll I do? \rlene Implored wllb a wan smile "I should raise $60 on 24 hours' notice w&en I couldn't-raiso It In gradually went on to or tlic year • Kvc was' worried t in the first place," he had said. Soon Atlas Coupler recovered and "Want the top doi new hi-!. about her . , ricno l ey !i|1c ' 1 "" 1 . wi . i »l>''o«-ii. . ciKluisi-nsiicalfy . . nolher's lio.illli. Slic was melons i ' Clr " l>3 'or lier Tacation to arrive so she j Maryo. in bouffant pink tali might lie with lier. • "s n (leliglufnl liojiess. The • • • » | nor table was laid wiih liglu gr ,» ND Uvo «M3 concerned nliout : ''nmask. Ivory ilislics; nmclt. " Dick. too. The building wlilcli S Ia ssware and Marya wedding | ousjd Ilia theater was completed vcr - Tlie to °d was delicious. and Dick lett for Chicago to clear i Sam praised Marya's skill as up some looso ends of business In | artist and then offered to arra connection with the building. He j tor t!ie sale of lier batik work was In conference at the company : 'ho store where he was cmplo: headquarters (or several days and ! "I liailu't planned to do mucb tho time until his return seemed that sort ot thing." Marya to Evn Interminable. i "but it v.'onld give me ibe opl Much would depend upon his ' lun 'ty to earn some money tor uest jo'j, Dick had made clear lo : lcs s°rjs. My auibition Is to sp« her bcforo ho left. It was scarcely ; ize ln cllil(1 portraiture Oh, I ki likely that the Chlrngo firm would nl llavl! lo sllllly ycar3 and r< have another long contract in Lake and work very hard—hut I d City Immediately. Uick's nest lob ! mlnd t1lat; " might be ID another city or even I I.nter when the three girls t another state. Ere again refused ; together Eve said. "Marya, Hit; she faced the actual facts. | waken any moment and llnd She met Dick at the station the ' that I've been dreaming. Su June- morning he returned from : you have nothing lo wish tori' Chicago. Marya, smiling serenely. her. "Hello, sweetheart!" he greeted !swer«d, "Nothing but a cradj* a cherub in It." "Darling," 6ha murmured, kiss- ' wa3 ala ' a V s 24 days!" "Can't rou borrow at homo; Eve suggested. "Not at n>y Lomo!" Arlcne as- iurcd hsr »lril?. "I'm lucky to ot cu the board balls there. I used to IcIoUoune compact and *hs baud or«r mf Wtir« salary check i lighted wub it Always. , , Ing him regardless ot bystanders. | that. On tho way home sh« " And In the lasl riding home she' 10 In a wistful voice, "D asked many quesltons cicept the one, uppermost In her thoughts— where he was to work next? DicS had vrousSt to you think we will ever lovely borue like that? 1 ' "That dcper.rtr.;" an Ivory |Bu' h? 'I'd not i-tv eo »h«i \\ as de- r.iLd'il i toid i ('to Ue Cui::innc<l)

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