The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1937
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. MARCH 1037 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PA'GE THREE FLAPPER FANNY- -0 ei MA jtRnct, ra. r. u. ncc. D. s. r*r. ofr.- By Syi ivia ficnntor with hvo oilier i from HI5-I for I down lo ;!£),'( 11 i r>niml v Sees Possible Danger lo His Highway Bond Refunding Program LITTLE ROCK, Mil-nil. Si. Governor Bailey vetoed eisbl Ijllh yesterday, including Hie Dillan-Fa'jan bill to tilt! road districts whose bondholders ix-fusscl L-j co-opi'i'att' In the 1934 highway d.-lit rEfunJlnj program, and tile Nichols bill la restrict, liquor advsrtlslnj. Tile governor sigiral Hires bills and $1111 hc.s about 15 in his custody, many of which Iis has militated he will permit, to tocom; ton- at midnight, tonight wi:houl t:!s .signature. The Dillon-Fa«nn bill would hav; authorized the .state refunrtin.; bonrd lo issue three par cent, raid district refunding bonds' to ..listrl-t which hav2. liond-i outstanding tint holders have refused lo I'c-I'.ind under the 1934 lav:. II was contemplated tiial the -lis- trlck would, sell the refunding bonds mid use the proceeds to apply on their original bonds. T::-e districts \vould have had to levy taxes to pay the original ii)l:-r?.3L rale, whit-'li was five per cent in most cases. Might Hurl Refunding GDvernor Bailey's veto proclamation .said: "The sii-inn* of this hill would embarrass many persons who assisted tbe state in carrying to il.s present degree of success the st:ite highway refunding program, ami I feel that it hijlit intertere with thj present, plans lo completely refund the state's highway indebtedness. "If this new plan can be perfected it will solve 1:12 problem confronting the citizens of our stale who are interested in this legislation. I want, to defer this legislation at lea?t ttnti! the present efforts lo refinance the stale's indebtedness have been given a full anJ fair trial, and, in any went, until the litigation now p?n3In» between the Woodmen of the World and Bislricl NO. 10 of Pulaski count; has been decided by courts of last resort." Amendments Blamed The governor said in vetoinj th? liquor advertising' bill that he rmc favored the measure as orlgfnnU) introduced but that amendment had made it discriminatory. The bill in ita original form woulc hayc pro)iibitc|i all forms of liquo advertising, allowed local outioi elections on petition of 15 per csn of the voters, and prohibited s:ili of beer containing move than 3.: i:er cent alcohol in places othe than liquor stores. The amendments oxceptsd news paper advertising, permitted sal of beer op to six per cent by an. licensed beer dealer and change .the referendum petition require ment to 35 per cent of the elec tors, as under the 1035 liquor Counties May Rrfunil Three bills approved by the ernor were: Act 371 <H. B. 391, Arbuugh). T permit counties to refund their out standing indebtedness. Act 372 (H. B. 391>, BuerMe). T eliminate hunting seasons of on week and 12 days in November aiv December, respectively, ami to n April 1 to 30. inclusive, as the onl turkey hunting season, with th bag limit reduced to one turkey. Ad 313 <H. B. 393, Buerkic). T eliminate the one-week huntm season in November and to fix .single season from December 1 t 15, inclusive, with the bag limit re duced to one buck. House Bill 153 by Hudnall of C< lumbia. which would have allowc fishermen of two or more familh to use trammel nets up to 159 fei in length and seines up to 100 fee • in length and seines up to 100 fci I.) in length from June 15 to Noveinb: 1, was vetoed. , "If this bill should become a la it, would make it possible to ru fishing in the many narrow strerm of 'he upland portions of the s(a rc^aj •portionmpiil Swings Con! this Sec I ion Jeffi'i'son county for Crltlenden Many other cistern Arkansas | county. H appears nol Imixral- e.,untirs will li.ive Increased lepro- i We .'lliat (he renpporilonmem retilallon. I'hllllps, CrlUenden and j which must be Hindu uftcr tlu> CraljhoKd comu.lfs each will huvc ". s.'iv.Uor. St. Francis and Let 1 . PoiiiscU nnd Croiis, Olny nn<l will constltiile oilier wn- dl.strlcls III Ibis purl of lie. Jaelison ccninly, now with poinselt tuul Mlssis- rc.Milt In Ut'U-ll" r.lnrlnl Legislative Control to] linked" i|»|)l hi the lavji'.si senatorial district in tin 1 stall-, will lie joined with Independence county to lonn Kaslein Arkansas will occupy a ^really strentjlhencd and, In conjunction with a few central and southern Arkansas comiminille.s. a rc- II virtually donilnniil position hi lure .se.ssions of the Arkansas i (j-nl nssi'jnbly If the legislative u|!|>orlloninenl. ' plan, ylven Ilnal 1 K17.727 approval by the state hoard ofjiilorlul u|)i)rr,ionineiil nl Little Rock yes- Icnhiy, goes into effect wlthoiil nicdlflc'iitiou. Inlci'csled parties have 30 days In wliicli to iiisllUite proccedtnt's in Hie .stale .supreme eourt to have tlio appurtlonincnl sol aside as i arlitrnry or unfair and it Is pro- !:aV)i:^ i.hui si:cli nn utletnpl will be made. Under the plun, nn filed yos- terdnv willi Reci-etiny of Slate" C. d. Hall. Mississippi county will have tiirr:' rc|>resentalive.s and Li'.e M-nafji- in future nenerul as- v.niljlle". In Uie (jast 11 has had only ..O!ie re|>rcscntativc and has iiiintlicr dl.slrlcl. Mississippi county, with a Ifr.lU |io|)iilnllun of 09,289. will Iw (he Inrnest .seniilorial iltslrict 1(1 10 fi'di'rnl ivtiMK i further Invrcust! In MKslsMnpi ronmy's li''ntalion, possibly lo thi' ' vsli'iit "I I'ivlny Mils roim- ly fciur rcprcsi'iuailve.s ami Uvj snmtoi'.'i. I'lT.vni Indication-, me Unit the lilto census will tluiw a population In this county will l:i MCOSS of BU.OOO. Dean of Men Foresees Early End of Hazing KENT. O. (til 1 )—Dr. Raymond 5v Mur.chrsier. (lean of men at! Knit, fjlaic University, Miys Kent I sduli'iils Un'l lliat. lia/inij is ;\! "very olillilish perfonniinoe." "Durlnit Ihc liibl. 25 JT;IIK,'' Dr. Maiidu'Mer says, •hazlnif has lioriri dl.Mippr'iuiiitf - from colli't'e.s. _'l'h!s' Is due Ini'iji-ly • lo the ; fact Uiaf students are devoting lhclr;enerr Cles to other activities and have little time lor Kuch trivialities." WrrrliPt.Service - {ini X," Oil Open All Nifjhl Phillips Service Center I'llOIII'S except the In the i county ! which will have l\vo .sen- ] 'ulasl;! hns u *j]O]nilii(lon of ropuluilons of other sen- i districts, as of 1SI30, ramre j .TICliliY A'.iSTHACT * UEAI/l'Y CO. Abstracts, Lands ft Loam K. M. Terry, I'ri' , Ark. Now I,w:ilvd at K'l Norl^ Srcuml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »1(>N l-'mVAItliS, Proprietor tnafei.s zl lli'btitlt Typi'mlliTfl. AiMIng Mnchinci and f'ulriiUiloiK—Hi jmlrlnu'—J*arls—KihUous •m 3 "I)id you have a ynoil t!rv::» Mrs. Ulinusit's pjirly last ui^li! "i\nt very: she'll lunc to i'.i> i-.inrc. ilian ^11;; ;i utl of parties « tcr'ninln;; liostcss." t of parties to lie an en- tilizer alo:ie is recommended, about ICO t'j MO pounds per acie of nitrate r uf s:da cr eciuivalenl. ILli liPir Requirements Shoulc! De Ccns'dcrccl in Fev- lilizifig Cation Tiie use cf co'ntmvcin! fDrlili-i?r lis year sraur.l he c.insidcretl ml lercly fDr incrcasinj th; yiel.l of current erop. uui ;:!:•:! f-jr it" 'ct on l!'c ;ieBiinn crops Uia! ollow. This is e-Tccia'lv im-o-tnnt ? Lo the i-mphasis that is bein-j lac:<l o;i the jrowin™ of legume; nd grasses Lo save and improve 1 oil by l-V.2 agricultural conseiva-1 Sou program. i --JSume crops arc heavy C?«l?rs j mineral, phospiia^. and i>atash. 1 Therefore, a soil-building program | vith leguins crops Khuutrl |)r3vi:i--- ' or a liberal supply of minerals in i he soil, slatjs D. S. l/intri;), county ! '.sen I. I i On sandy lauds where cation j rusls badly, indicalin^ potash him- I icr. ahouL 50 lo 100 pounds per 1 ere on muriate of potash or twice ! s much kainiL will not only IK- ^roniahle on cotton but will benefit . following legume crop. ; The value of stablj an:i barnyard j manure is increased by adding [ ibout 100 pound.s of superphosphate 1 :o a ton of manure.:.,. .... i On heavy lowland soil that has • been growing cotton a lan.j time,' in application of a nitrogenous fer- ' and destroy one of the nssl attractions for tburists." Mr. Ballsy j :p!ainecl in his veto m?s5ii?L'. He vcloed House Dill 2BC by Pur- i vlance of Onion with the explanation provisions of the bill are covered by Act n« of I'm. which \vas Senate Bill 212.TliLs act chanj- ed the lim;: for payment of autc- niobile licenses from January 1 to March i. whereas the Purviancs bill would have extended the Urn? (o April i. "In-Law" Hincss Called i Possible by Professor | I)OSTO^f (UP) —Mental may develop Irn^i :• •••"insrly normal circuiuslnnces, such as the projiem ••'>rdin« to-Dr. C. Macfle Camj)- teil. llarv'ard psychiatry and medical divcctcr of Boston Psychopathic hospital. "F'fcirie.!:'? involves not only Ihe itiaptlon to the individual partner but also to" the social group' frciii whicn tne he tays. "Adaption to. the problem of the in-law.i is n~i ;uvv..}.; TSRE FOR TODAY'S I HE cxlra strain because of high speeds and small diameter wheels, demands a lire with fougher and stronger carcass. ° Hinge Tesf Fabric in Century Balloons assures you an extra measure of safety under these now driving conditions. 0 Drive in today. Wo will gladly tell you more about Hinge Test Fobiic and how little you would have to pay for a com- pleto set of Century Balloons. There !i no more central a location - no more' renowned an address-than thai of the Melbourne. Just a Few minutes from all points of.inlerest -and at the same lime, the luxuries ofatruly fine hold...Not only 'n ideal location, but also an 'deal place to slay! 400 ROOMS $50 WITHISATH fomtmt J. K. BRYAN, Manager QURNE LINDELL AT GRAND DOLPH LINIMENT 59 C fi-OI. Route Kecpsyouiltnlrncal.' MnJo of . luir oilj. HOME SPECIALS SiZO Shampoo SOc Fletcher's 40c size Oltl Fashioned Ruffmctlg ChocoSatVCrcams Ovcradozcn different fUvort - A\\ tmooth creamy ccntcrt-LU, Eltctric Doult* SANDWICH TOASTER Largt tfxt htat plate and vary large expansion filnfti . , To«iUl FiieiE Seast tablets SLGQ Wool Sponge and 12x15 inch Chamois Deticlau Chocolate 35?; Size Limit 2 on the above item* WHISK BROOM Heart Cuurlor News Want Aos Willicul Cab-nel—Ami You'll Jump Qu| cf EcJ ll c Moinins Rsiiti' Jo Co \\v . :;n;ir out t I ifo inlo j-onr bowcl.t <1 ai!y. If thi; bita ll-nvinyrfrec-ly, your food doesn't digest, 1 t .locays in the bowels. Gas bloati up Vnu set con»tipal(Hl. Your .-liotesysH'iu ia ix>fsojiotl anil yoa feel wur, Lll.k l.ltJ th* VVOtkl l,i'\-.itivoa are only mat;cshIfta. A mer« •jwel uiyveiTicnt doi-jfn't ffct m ihc cause It nl;(M thtiw >ro-r4. old Carier'a Lit tie l.ivei Ed*. EVERETT MORTON K;; H,J1H! I. VfftfiH-VEMNt imi-WII UftUUI 'l- (IMiSVYHUROY PRODUCTION 11 Hospital COTTON, Paitlay Gardenia Oatmeal „.. for For Coughs.. ).nlcs( News niul Special— "March of Time'' —Adnllsvion— c—10 i- ZCc Night— 1C & Me Mouth Wash Orlis.PINT . . $1 Ailex Tablets nmiMM.-sunttr NKIJS CAMPMA Dteskia soc MINERAL OIL PINT . . —COMING— Jean AiUiur mill Cliarlcs Boyrr "History Is AInilc al Jcancdc tMcnonald ani Eddy in "Maytimc" Admission always lOc ,t 2Gc Slioiv every night. Malinees Fri.-1 Sat. & Sun., Fri. A- Sun. Matinees at 2:15. 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