The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE gd; Scores 29 To 13 Victory In Sensaliona Al Rose Bowl Fashion PASADENA, Calif., ..Ian. 2.— Willi the coast, .still ''dazed by '(he most <:ens.illona) exhibition of football magic era- witnessed In n Hose Bowl game here Alabama's won- o>i loam was. cnioulc back (o 'fuscaloosft with another wlii ndd- ul to its record of Rose Bow) play, unequalled 'by any oilier school. ever (o'tokc part In Hie national event. , •; Thomas' Tirfo, rortaklni; the po«er typo of Baiije 'Hint accounted for" Lwo wins nnd a lie In' Hoio Uoivl conflict while Wallace Wade tuloicd the Alabama array, showed wbni b genmlly conceded to liavo been the most versatile _ learn to ever appear here in defeating Stanford 1 .-! big powerhouse eleven, 29 to 13. The /magicians from Tnsinloosa, throwing' ami receiving a footbull like it wns n baseball, made their Win , apcar easy . Indeed. Striking ftl opportune moments the A!n- liama team made its points' wlicn it chase and let Stanford waste .away its jjroat running attack trying to match the perfection of the host pa.vsinj; attack ever uncorked here. ( .Howrtl Outstanding star Mlllard- "Dkle" Howell, Alabama .halfUack, termed the sweetest bit or football tnloit, to parade ncrow the. Bowl aurMn ninny a year, lived up to the praise 'Of All-America Selectors who chose him and left the few! Who passed him up tan far out on one of those limbs you've hoaid about. Included in the latter group was Grantland Rice, All-America selector for Collier's Weekly, who couldn't find •worts enough for praise of Howell ivh'en- it. was all over. Not, only did Howell live up to his gical lejHiUiilon Ijiit Don Hut^on. the pass snagging, bait, carrying Alabama end and HUI Leo, -the Vrushlng ilackle and captain of the 'Bama eleven also showed the largest football audience of the •season, 85.000 spectators, . how thes made All-America tennis. The. sain went for nobby Grayson, Stan ford's great running back who pll Woodman, Spare That Tree! ^. •-• *—• • •••- ••'•••"'• - *• - -• Traili ng Points, Comes Back To win Sugar Bowl Game 14 Dcfeals Miami 26 To 0 In . Inaugural Florida Class- c MIAMI, Fin, Jan. 2.-Biickne)l Un verity brnnwrt thra,i ? l ITMlUtll'QIlM rtf %*!.. i . ' NI'.W ORIGANS, La., Jan 2 Cif from way bach, almo nowhere, Tul.ino's c' -".v-ii of Miami to «!„ ) o first Oranue Bowl Kntne 20 to 0 here yesterday. Miami held tlm powerful Buck- noil clown scoreless through the I THIS CURIOUS WORLB'% of an effective of- Cireen Wave I yards on a! the ball dealers |u>v c ."crap to Japa _ cd up plenty ol yardage in a vain .effort, and Monk Moscrip, Stmi ford end, whose slerlln" defensive play hleped largely to,.'keep'Stan ford Bolnewhcrf In the ball gamc.> _, ,. ^ Stantsrfl Scores Kirsl '" atanford scored first, on Ala baina fumble iccoveiod'-by Stan 'ford oni the Alabama 37 yard llm Hiving the Cardinals a break nnc they cashed in vhcti'' Graysou went across fiom the one fool line n| a few plnys The try.was good . Alabama came light, back ''to scoie 22 points In n Ijirlli-jmbkck second miaitor. Three passes'.sen Alabama fiom orio end of.the Hcl< to the other while the crowc watched amazed with Hovreir toss- Ing ttie '.strikes Into the':twins- of 'Hulson, .Angellch and- Bryant Then:Howell slipped off Cackle foi ' n touchdown try for point trailed by a five. v yards and standing up Tlie failed and' Alabama point'. Oiitnekler Catcher Jl Howell with n nice running gain nnd two passes lo Hutson again sent the"ball up .the field to-Stanford's 20'-yard line. When 'Bama's running plays wcie stopped Rijcy Smith placekicked from a difficult angle lor a field goal and Alabama went into the lead. Stanford kicked off a,nd a couple of ploys later Howell raced 67 yaids for a touchdown aided by sensational open field blocking The try -for point was good. Howell was removed .from the game and just when the spectators thought that meant the iend of the Tide's passing attack for the time being his -successor Joe Riley, tossed 16 yards to Hut-' son who ran 30 for another touchdown. The try for "point was bad. Another for Good Measure Stanford rallied in • the third quarter marching straight down the-field .to a touchdown. Van "'VV' A / C5S m ?z0 ' 000 for Sam - DeUcn went over from the 12 aih- Y formprl - v known as Baljc }ard line on a re\erse. Moscrlp'sl ^ ~,,^ y ' M „. point try was bad A sucker his first year out Alabama struck again .in thc'^f ?„£".»»_"gntaj ^".ffcn- By Harry Gray son Wtieu n major league magnate ops off a spending; spi'ee by lay- iif! 55,000 crullers on the line for [i, kid first sacker, llic idea begins lo percolate lhal he's aclnnlfy out for n winner. Thnfs how Ptnvel C who angeb Ihfe Cincinnati Jr., continues to .skim the cream orf I he minor league bowls. * • « llpldoul Howls Near The nlalnllve cry of the- holdout soon will resound across Hie land and one of the.loudest walls probably will come from liidliiimjwlls, Ilin hnBllat of "Charging chuet" v '"'" one of the National - len<llii(r .barrier biistei-s until he was taken down with nnpinla of Iho nsh In 1934 with the. Cubs. The Hammering Honslcr is due End of Check Tax Means Saving ol Over $5,000 liter .than $5.Mo'will be saved annually by.dcpnsllor.'j.of the Farmers Bank,.nnd .Trust'company of this city .with the .discontinuance effective today.,or the federal' two cent check tax. P. B. Warren, cashier of th? bank. «»d .that (lie hunk's records diseased that depositors writing checks against their accounts in (lie local institution pnld between , Oi.,, . ti-.iij^ mMXIILT IS (1110 ' |/.."t uvi-i^cvii ^o VJUU Reds,t' 01 : n » appalling slash in salary I aiul WflUO. I" federal check tax last - - «'iu iLiigit., ' mi: winumimu KCUS, t "" "pi'mimy siasn in sa' climaxed his efforts of the winter > f . or , I93! >. If "word seeping O 'iil to.-'biilld up his cellar -champsI Cul> headquarters be true. , . -.uMnp.ii ', •" L'>"'"-*.-> wu luiL 1 , And 'The federal lax went Into effect When he boughl Johnny Mlzc,! sllmlr >' other members of the Jun «- 21, '032, nnd expired ycster- Rochestcr doorkeeper, from (he St, Druln Iroupo, .several of lhcmi <ltly ' ' -• ~ " ' ' abcle(l stRllers by Manager Char- !^r= 'aVe^ekM *& '• <<-><-'*-- Waul, ids. amputations. - -'i y Louis Cardinals, The Mlzi) 1 price isn't, lops, lor a minor -league star, 'not by many thousand, .tomatoes, bill It was one.of the blggf-st paid in the lost three yeaiis for u rookie. fl : shows thatrCi'osloy and his skipper,mean It.-when .they hliil the Reds'Will be nenr-thp (op of the iieap wlth- ' "' ii| three years The Red., owner complete'"about .policy. :l«is staged if Ways for Braves 'om Yuwkdy all • cash ,. , .Boslqn- talking Reel Sox, onj look . .is - dark aiul dreary ' fnce. In his 're-t Last, year he" ninnlng 'i ind 'tossed in -n slopd -ji into five _„ _ _. „ biinch of 'players to 'ncijiiire such ,.,,, shopworn or spavined - alhlelcs .:is ',,„ Jim Llndscy, Sheriff -Blake; Gor- s ' <lon Slade, Wts Schnhnerlch,- Ivy Shiver, hk part-season manager Rob O'Farrell, and others. • ' " * > . • ', ' •. Goes After Venn* Blood This ,year Closley Is going 1 In 'or young blood.' Since the. sad hilsh of Hie 1934 flag scramble ie 1ms written checks for Mlzc, Leroy Hcrrmnrai, Coast illchlng st. joliimbiis; iochesler; iltilo was done -to biilld n,, |i lc inwcs .-lost year and' even 'less "^ i,v en ' <lonc to S , ll 1»8lhen the reaxuig/machine for 1035. wilh is' stars sUutlng- to^ cratk with ' [ .a»n8«r;Bl!l McKcchiile fac- eo ,a Herculean In trying to net ""y.plnce.inthenexlcoifuwlen Only moves made tints fav'lo tolster the team have been the wrap for InfleWer Joe C M cara t of Seattle, and recall of a group ' tiie McKcciinte clan is none too strong back of the platter. Tt|e_ Infield is shaky: The pitching pSiatr, made up almost whollv n! --.veterans. Ls well patt ts Lak Chapman.[with the possible fvceptions' 0 / ,. tws " S S '""' eci prom,,, Shortstop ' Only in Slont ' mld wcl1 - •«''"' Koentg, neither a Thom|vson, iific he c,x-Columbus star; nns re- alled two great pitching prospects from Toronto in Holllngs- •orth and Scliott; and paid some- hlng In excess of $20.000 for Sam- « s oiilei- cordon «ilc outnt S h"p Wnllj- Berge, -r Hal Lee and doe. ROXY Wed. and Thursday TOO BUSY wiib HVEIRV to hiker with Lift.' ' TOO GAlf ' w ui, UUCHTCR "• to.'tkink about Lwt! Read Courier News Want Ads. tW ° ' cmple offensive star. Bandit Hits GHTfeacher, Who Tabs License No. AKRON, o. (tip) '"'"be", nn-al school" yns struck by an eseap] 'si, but not until she - '\fnrearct copy ! ilown a suspected the i becomes fa .ltuo Secretary Hay announces open- door-poluy in. China 1 Jl'Unifc^ States postal savi'nos bojil? TWELVE HUNDREDTH «.REA / J. TERRlTORv) WE RECEIVE MORE LIGHT ON EARTH PROM STARS ,_= V/HICH WE OO HOT SEE THAN FROM THOSE ' V^HICH WE OO SEE be SEVERAL YEARS. THE TROPHY FOR THE WINNER OF THE ILLINOis- OHIO STATE.' FOOTBALL GAMF WAI "ILLIBUCk" A 2O-POUNQ SNAPPING TURTLE./ ' luclc, i only ive «em to see countless sla.s, t!, e cyc is o J *«.^ or six thousand. B11 d not all of te at btm^' o KOoU ' cwa '" 1 «"• ™ ^«™ of »* .sirth but most of us cannot make but tec dim lx>lnts of n»nt. Mice Stop Fire BOLIVAR, N. Y. (UP) — When the heating apparatus in the Bol- failed, investigation moiisclanrt tragedy ivar Theater disclosed a fire. DR. N. L. C1SSELL npADUATK VETERINARIAN Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable Phone 460 Blytheville, Ark. Now latnltil at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor »H makw of rebuilt Typewrlfcnr, iddtou Machines «nd Calcnlaton Repairing—Part*—Bibbona i Courier News Wont Ads- Pay* fourth quarter after staving ' off Avl Stanford's running attack when, the CardinaLs got m 'scoring territory. Howell passed 31 yards to Hutson and the speedy end went or to the final touchdown of the same with no one in the way The Ity was good. hLci *!"*rot\ JOE R PRIDE Certified Regbtered Engineer' General Engineering. Sprvcylng, Mapping Phoni' 488 Blythevllle. Art. Parrot Vaiel .. NORFOLK, Va. IUP) - Because the United states has prohibited ""« lamiliig of parrots at Its ports a customs guard was detailed to 'Jfand guard oicr a "poUy" aboard the Norwegian boat, Snfland 1 while tt unloaded sugar here. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, ' INBCKANCK DKFT. SpeciaJ Notice to School Children RITZ THEATRE Continuous Showing of Shirley Ttmplc in "BRIGHT EYES" Thursday and Friday, Jan. 3-4 Personal Opinion Is Everything and ' doublfll! wl >ct),er-« jnrt.tutiom have ever been confronted with harder Suffering from cold, five crawled the mechanism the oil burner and put. out' the last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile fi:45—10-35c «v v ml tlle equally .illcctcd. Act, a lieroic struggle against , ls ias bcen fought by all lhe . peo i ga!sl of the most se r, 0 us problems have been conquered , lS I'" 8 " "' K tr ' uc ' the people stood shoulder Ca " SC ami .^»SKli»Jf forward to- 1st Show 2:30. 2nd Show ..... ,j : 3Q 3rd Show (, : M •Ith Show 8:30 Admission Until 5 P. M , 0c ant| 2f)C Admission After 5 P. M ]5c am , 35c " ? v ^', S hlld W{?0 0 «»P'es A Seal Jluat Have CHESTER MORRIS li > 1itl«ir»l Mttiri I VIE ROCHELIE HUDSON ISABEUEHELL RALPH MORGAN GENE IOCKHART <lcpcml P whollv Z- 6 th " n any ° Ul ° r class of business institution That we have not failed i,, our fundamental mission of public o™'±t b vV iU V° y ° U m ° rC """ t0 ^ "° !if ." "'• * to do r V,, b ' WC al ' C dcc " ly gratcfl " to you'amr eager to do^ our fnll .share in cnrrying 0 «l ot.r obligation of service ien,, .J ^ Fox News Comedy « nd " e ,,1 . S ' 1Ct>k " eollti '"'«"ec of your nttitndc of helpful .indewJandmg and wish for you the Season's Greeting, BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. P/lone 80 II3S. JOE MORRISON HELEN TWfLVETREES CONRAO NAGEL ARLINE JUDGE GAIL PATRICK EDWARD CRAVEN T O B Y W ING RAY;., Mil LAND'' « />ju««,4t finnu Paramount News Novelty Reel Comctiv Thursday & Friday Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Custon omer A little good-la •attjfAe angel of the airport i. and ei-ery flier' was her daddy when her on » crashed dovn to death' BRIGHT MS A POX Picture with JAMES DUNN Produced by Sol M: Wuruel Novelty Rce! Clark & AlcCiillough Comedy

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