The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1933 BIATHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER _NEWS PAGE THREE Mae West's 'Diamond LiP Gives New iVisions to Ladies-And Also to Men EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is U»' final story in » wrirs of thrft on Mae U'fst, the buxom actress, who, Is rfiloriiif curves to feminine | '. favor. | BY WILLIS THORNTON I NEA Sfrvlee Writer I NEW YORK, Sept. S. •- When ] Mae West emerged frmn her 10 j toys a s a euesl. of Now York City ; at iis Welfare Island resort, she' came foith as ;i conquering hero- j |, inf. i That the city had sent her there | Inause 12 good men and inn; de- iclciei! her play, "Sex", ias Indrcenl, : niude no difference. Women's clubs Mae West Tells- • How to Hold Your Man 1—Be patient. 2--Olvc him plenty of love. 6—If he likes garlic, lei him eat garlic. 4—Don't, domineer him. 5—praise him when [>eo[ile nre around. B—Look beautiful at the breakfast table. 1— Tell him you love him. aften and loud. How to Be "A Lady" 1—Even if yon nrcn'l n lady, act like one. 2-- Don't attract attention by being boisterous. 3—If you must, drink, don't get. pie-eyed. 4—Don't eye oilier men when you're with an escort, i—Don't rave about, yourself. 5—Act your age, I'nlled her as a Social Force, and i Broadway al last admitted that i she, was a Big Shot. j i The "dozen plays" which her jotay at Welfare had inspired her • to write did not immediately ma- ! teruilize. She fooled around with :'The Drag," which was too ."strong" to bring even to Broad- jway, and .Neither came to anything. ! Then suddenly "Diamond Lil' 1 jpxploded on Broadway like Payne's some uf tin "This Wicked Age," styles. that narrow below the kucc. urn! hen flare out ngfllti into a modified train. A revival of the days when women were women, and men were glad ot it. Atld Is Mae pleased? Say I Lls- :en: "I always knew llml men, and womeli. too. preferred to sec us with the -natural curves tluu Odd gave us. It was all a mistake—a jreat, fatal mistake, this giving women's dollies a straight line. "I think this rciiirn to the graceful, comfortable curves of 'esteryear will be a wonderful thing for the women of America," ccminues Mae. "It will Improve tlielr health, give Ihem vitality and nddcd magnetism, and their natural charm." enhance JlO'.fn't Smoke or Itrink As she dropped these philosophies, Mae was In Los Anpeles, nil UUOK over n Labor Day trip to the mountains. For the bad girl of the.' ri'iveii and stage Is not nearly us black as she Is painted. Those clgarctjs she smokes with '»eh an air In "Slic Done Him Wionij." are lit for her by her uald just before ihe scene Is shot. Mae herrelf doesn't smoke. "! NEXT WEEK at Rlylheville's Theatres THE KITZ Claiidfite Colbert, us HIP hardhearted iimvii or ilu> night clubs, \,'lli be .seen In "Torch Singer," coniins "n Sunday to the HII7. TliMitrr. In Hie cast nre Uicnrdo cortex., navld Manners, hyila Ho- l.crll ami Hnliy U'Roy. Hftlph linliiKer. composer ol "Monriln 1 Low." "I'lpusi'" nnd '•Hero l.ii.i l.ovi'," and U-u Ilobln have un'.U'ii 11 niunUer of new Minus which Mill U 1 prrscnli'd by Miss Colljul In this plcliir.'. They smoke 'Pin on the stage Just Ijc-, court' II make.', me look hard," she' confutes. Further, hi her off-stage moments. Mne't drink or go for "niKlu life." ol unllrni.' "io:<-h" tunes The Kuaimmiil slur plays the iclc "I "Mlml Ih'nlon." once simple S:iily Tn'iii. nu\v ihe l-!l tin 1 in-jlii chilis, as dangerous she i> nllurlnti. Now famous iht Is Uyini! in even the score with llf'- wliu-h. min-i; limn once hns iin-M-nii-d her with nilslor- | limes. Hill IK- thrill <if upplnuse jdw-sn't ;;iils[y her longing for tile Its 1101 Unit she's nnrrowmlml-l cl illd S 1 K . | x ,,.,. ,, m | ], ;ul (u ,,| VI! U. S. Wars OH 'Sleeping Sickness' ihr climax ol (he story. The only two feminine dirac- lers, Monica ami Elsn, ttf. Ihe motives for ihr most decisive i vents In the life of the cnmp, l>robnbly no heroine In mcxteru motion pictures Ims ever doinln d and decided the fnte uf 150 men so compli'tely us docs Mould), the war-bride of "Captured!" M.ugiirel Lin-liny, who scored so d< clslvi'ly In the production of "CnviiU'iule," tuis Ihn role of Mon- (m In the plelure, l)ouglus Fairbanks Jr., nnd Leslie Howard Imvt Ihe role. 1 ; of her sweetheart ami .'ivsband. Other members of thu <nsl lire I'uiil l.ukas. IlobiTt Bar- ii:l, Wllllimi U-Miiiie. Frank Rcl- d'er, Fuvorshtun, Arthur ff\ iibout such things. She hasn't ihnc. She dictates pluys to n dictating machine. Many u rehearsal In the afternoon has'Worked out. liiies.-Mao wrote In Hie morning, and then incoi pointed lines she "ad-libbed" on the herself. ,,,,,, , : and Many nil old friend of Irouplng |, - dnvs liar known the helping hand' of Mne West. iiolil mid Iteglmilil Pnsch. "Tills Day and Age." the nrsl 3rt>at spectacle uf modern times by l!,e inasler iJuMillu, Surgeon • (icm-rul Hugh S. Cinnininx of the U. S. Public Health Service, -center, rushed to HI. Louts to confer with Dr. Joseph !•', HitHleck. led, St. l.onls lieaith comint.sldiier, nml Dr. K. P. North, rlijhl, of the MUsoml HliUe lion id of Health, on the epidemic ol ".ilcephiK .sickness" In Unit city. Miiusnivs for coiurolliiiu the malady w.'iicli has ulreiuly rl.ilmcd n number of lives weru for ;id>ii)i:uii wlnm Um man she I'.he F<llz 'rhciiter. uf spreliicle, Ccell 13. CDinliii! oil TliurHluy lo | the iiicki-l«T. him olf to nil - , I [M1UJ -M IM1I reheaisal singe J , |1|lrns u , llle v\:is to uuirv licserled her A I ihe mail iiatiun-widu .M-ineli, using all ll•^u'.llc^•.s thut wciillh hnvc iivulliible. fulls. When Hie unce loved retmns, birth of Ilii' chlki, are Chinle.s In the lurgi- lllcktoid, Kich- t:<l aliiimliiiml (|u:nry where they Irnkl a kaiif!a|-(Ki com I and "swcut" 11 confession out of their cnptlve, usinfi Ills own expert "sweating 1 ' methods. ard Cromwell, Eddie Nugent, Den Alexander. Hurry Green, .FuMy Knight, Uriulloy Page and Oeoige tarbier. MLss Judith Allen Is. « new discovery by IJeMIMe. K«n nuFincss Woman Mae West has a bhrewtl money sense—ask the movie manajii'r.s vbo brought IILT to Hollywood, and who were tickled al yelling a great Broadway star tit what seemed n low contract figure. Then they found that ihc contracts provided Sweeping, generous curves, frills, puffs, hif hats . those are thing* that Mae Weft, above, is bringing to women's fireworks. Mae West's flippani pen Jher feline wriggle, and-her husky. Lcjcony , voice made "Diamond Turni to Movie Career "Diamond Lil'- ran on and | the French drcssmavers saw them, on, loo. Fashion reporters saw scv- nnd finally came the clarion call eial of the more distinguished con- of Hollywood which comes to nil tiiriers popping with great regular- good little actresses sooner or lat- Ity in and out of cinemas showing I !Into something everybody just had jer. "Diamond Lil" became "She . "She Done'Him Wrong." '.to see. . ••.: 1 Done "Him Wrong" in the movies, I, With the result that. lor t jlvei:ess, Mlml spin UK i DcMllle luis also brousht 10 the ! ninis In 'This D:iy und Age," tile ons of screen stars of tmlay and How :,lii- liuds the answer to nor pn>l;!i'm. fin nfslu-s a gripping tilmav ti? iht 1 story. Willie 'AoiiK-n nre almost completely ulscii!, In the sense of physical lunpliuiuliy from [lirnmln i/ "Cautinrtl!" opening at the Hit/ 'Itiea'lre TiU'sday. they are vividly, ixnverfnlly present as Hint. Mne need not net in nny! 1 ' 11 Inlliii-ncc nnd as n duiulniilliig plnys unless she herself had ap-1 motive. proved them. And she refused lo SneclluuHy. only two women lire ~ n ...-.*.... — 1 i ~ ,-„.. tvor nn-iusoiicd by the actors or .'.cm by i hi 1 HiKlientn. One is the tcaullfiil Enslish^lrl.Mmikii. liun- itretls. of miles awuy In I^jiu! iii.d the nllii-i- Is Hie little milk iriild. s»vr1lii:irl of one of tin CJcrinan prison guards, W|IOSL tingle (ic.ilh nt the hands of a luiif-crazrd Husmn pi.-"'pHate.s approvc any except her own. for which she charged the studio a nifty price. Mae's never had time even lo marry. If she ever does, it'll be no handsome, shick. she insists. "Tlie homely ones have more sex appeal." she says bluntly. Then she goes on to explain. "Snx up- fashion-1 Peal is the radiation of an atlrac- It's not THE CCXT esterday, Including Wallace ReV. Eric von Strohclm Jr.; Cor- ,vle Blackwell )r.; Bryant Wush- jiirn Jr.: Nell Hart Jr.; Frank Tinney Ju; and Frw! Koliler Jr. The story conctrns Ihe buttlo of; the youth of an average torn-' inunlty asalnst a city's subversive influences after all efforts of the hdnlt community have failed. When Hoys' Wcuk of the city comes along, student. 1 ; of the high schools arc appointed to Ihe town's ixecutlve, administrative and Judicial positions. One of Ihe boys, appointed to the position of DLs- li.'cl Attorney, has seen the miir- Jer of a -mercliant by one of the town's racketeers. Zealously, he coine.s lo the witness stand at Hoiuaucc and swlfl action compete for dnnniith: thrills in "Flam- Ing Odd," spectacular drama of ll:c oil llelils at OIB lloxy Theulie next Friday and Saturday, with Bill lioytl. Pal O'lirlen and Mae Clarke. Oil gushers blow in. geysers ol oil become pillars of Hninc, and 11 'wo Independent drillers against ii corporation is reached jn'sllr-.', i fntr scents. ' •! The love theme of "Flaming Clold" centers ubuut a unique-trl-. n:igle which threatens lo destroy the friendship of .tv.o pals. A wo-, man with a past marries no vithciut -disclosing, her career, '.'hole oil fli:ld IK Inmsfoinird In-, vlilch Is known to tlic other, fi n forest uf fire us hlglitllithls | lioyd nnd O'Drlen |iortrny the ol Ihls colorful production. Tlin-hinli In "Flunilnij Oold," and MtH cilnmx of the courageous fljiht ol I Clarke l.s the once shady lady. to tl>c ; the purring lines like "I ain't ice!" !and "C'mon up and see me some sion of "Frankie and Johnnie." But more important, millions of time—any time!" set up a new; women saw the glamorous gowns the woman of 25 years ago. The curves and swerves of the Naughty Nineties are back. Longjlenc Dietrich tried to Mae's slant ou clothes was catch me in pants! I take that fashion u personal insnltl" k. SoUra f.lirdl cmfwy vbgkqj in beside the "Rain." attorney lake advantneu of legal technicalities and win on acquittal for his client. Undaunted, the boys go after more- evidence and In securing (hat evidence, one of their number l.s killed by the racketeer, and tlie murder is planlcd on one ot ___ __the boys. The story reaches Its Sadie Thompson of ous revelation of these and those, (again in evidence. Flowers, and' coast wearin' pants." They don't'own generous Ideas of the fcmln-1 height when a" mob of five thou- 1 The story of the lady who took and millions instead of thousands, -ist s agree that this coming sea-1 live personality." It's not neces- I ( her funds where she found them were able to hear "She's Only a son will see a modern version of Eaiily beauty of face or figure. I | was not distinguished, but the' Bird in a Gilded Cage" and the ir-cstumesof the Lillian Russell era, film's thoroughly disinfected vcr- ... __ ........... _. , ...... , ._„..,, ... shown by tier comment when Mnr- 1 j} ul u ,, n 1(> snmc token, the corn- tisht skirts, trailing the ground. ] trousers Tight, short, jackets puff I stnrt a' )ng . ' I hute. are -n personal trl- lo Mne West, the little "What burns me up," said Mae.'Brooklyn girl who vowed by Venus character in theater lore to stand of Diamond Lil with their gcner- j sleeves. Big hats, with feathers "Is them dumb dames 'on the west that a world should come lo her , . , I this and .that. And what's more,'flashy diamond accessories. SkVts.have French Urge Whisky Distillation for U. S. PARIS IUPI--The French Federation of Distillers, urging the dlilllllng uf whisky us well as biancly In France, Vpri'dlcted a whisky famine two years after llic United States goes off prohibition. The Federation statistics show Unit the United Stater, drank HO million miarts of ll(]iior unnually before prohibition', with America's drinking habll.s ehangeel, the federation predicts a new annual con-' sumption of IBU.000,000 quarts. All Britain's distilleries have n combined capacity of only 100,000,0001 quarts and there l.s the home markets to serve, so France hopes to share In the new American busl- any shame. You'll never'hie figure. land Indignant youngsters kidnap Kentucky warehouses contain fi.COO.MO Billions of pre-war whisky. HELPED THOUSANDS IN CONSTIPATION CASES Men and women who ire occa- Ikwilly'upwt by conjtlpatlcn In one »»T ' cr HTiotlitr, £iKh ai lick hrkdaclie, bllt* Gurnets, dliilneu, poor Appttlte. 1M paln^. v]ll obtnln rcfresMnc tellel' by Okllit Tlirdlord/i BUCK-DRAUOirr. 25 cr inoce (tests In A l&.<tnt psck«|t. To Insure Your Cotton CaU 797. Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 106 North Broadway ATTENTION FARM During the past few days there has been considerable wet, heavy, green cotton coming in to the gins of this section and as all gins have adopted the National Ginners Code under the N. R. A. act they must ask that cotton picking be delayed until it is in proper picking condition. It is a violation of the N. R. A. code for any gin to run thru this wet, green cotton and such a violation by any ginner can be penalized thru the loss of his permit to operate. Cooperate with the U. S. Government by delaying your picking until the cotton is in proper condition and by so doing you will enrich yourselves to the extent of getting a better turn-out and sample, resulting in more money for you. Most of the cotton ginned so far has been very hard to sell, most buyers refusing to even make a bid on it. Lee-Coppedge Gin Co. Jake Ungar Gin Co. Farmers Gin Mississippi County Gin Mahan Gin Co. Mitchell & Bollard C. C. Langston Home Gin Co, Stevens Gin Black River Gin Co, i. R. Mathcws Gin Co. R. D, Hughes Roland Wolfort Gin Co. Approved by ille Board of Trade Sternberg Cotton Co. by II. 0. West. President Irn Crawford, Secretary-Trcnatircr

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