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Fayette, Iowa
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ARRII 24. 193,0 FA.YETTE COUNSTY IQWA, PAGE F1V1 OUR YARD STICK Volume 4 April 24, 101)0 Number SB Kdttorlul The moot enjoyable part of gardening consists In reposing under a tree nnd giving your neighbor advice while he plants his radishes. Now Is the time to shingle that lenky roof with Mulehldo Shingles. All a man wants Is a wife smart enough to be proud of and simple enough to think him a wonder. They're plckln' up the pieces, With a dust-pan and a rake, Because be used his horn When he oughta used his brake.

Honest Hill Dumb Some people arc so rigid In their n'lorals they won't even take another man's advice. Do you know that your house would he all dressed up with two coats of Lowe Bros, paint? It might bo worse. There Is no guild to select for patrons the naughtiest book of the month. Fayette merchants render a service that you cannot hope to get from outsiders. IOWA BUILDERS SUPPLY CO.

11. W. Schrudcr, Mgr. Fuyetto Iowa Aro you doing any fencing this spring? We have tied Top Posts and American fence. See us for Trellis.

We will build any kind you want. Americanism Using the phone to make the grocer use a $1200 vehicle to deliver a ten-cent purchase; wonder- Ing why you so little for a dime. Fnlilc. "The more Important the event being broadcast," said the radio fan, "the better my set seems to work." I. Robinson was at home over S.

Culbertson was on the sick the week end. illst the last tho week. PRESS COMMENT COOKING SCHOOL WARNING What lot of fish hooks there are In the world, hid under tho most Innocent looking halt. Many Iowa newspapers have been running cooking schools, and If we may Judge by reports hnvo been making a hit with their women renders by so doing. On their face who could criticize their purposes? But now along come the dairy nnd swine growing organizations of Iowa, and warn the newspapers to take care.

They tell us that the dairy and hog Industries of lown protest against the cooking Rjchools, which the farm organizations say are "blinds" employed by the manufacturers of substitutes for butter and lard to promote the sale of their products under the guise of cooking schools. The managers ot newspapers which have held, cooking schools failed to realize, sny the dairymen nnd swine growers, that the "experts" who have run the schools were promoting the sale of products which are In direct competition with Iowa's dairy and live stock Interests. In city or town or on tho farm, tho safe rule for maintaining home prosperity Is to use home products and home-sold goods unless there Is something wrong with SHORT COURSES IN JUNE (Farm Bureau News Letter) Although at separate times, the A NEW DECALOG j. BREED ASS'N GETS PEDIGREES Leader has been requested to (Farm Bureau News Letter) publish the following news article Thirty-three members of the Fay- whlch appeared In the Dos Molnes ette County Holsteln Breeders' assocl- junior short courses for boys and girls Register Sunday. The request was atlon have taken advantage of the of- will be held In June nt the Iowa State made by a citizen who believes that fer made by the association lo give an College.

The dates for the girls ure Fayetto's pool hall is a benefit to the extended pedigree on any animal In June D-13 Inclusive and for the boys business Interests of the town, a'nd the herd. Nearly all requests are on the IBIh to llltb Inclusive. Because of that It has a bearing on the local sit- the herd Hire altho some wish tho large number of clubs thru- formation on certain cows. An ex- out the state, each club will be limit- M. Elder of near Maynard was In town Saturday on business.

Helen Humphrey spent Sunday with her parents at Arlington. M. Y. Baker was quite poorly last week with an atack of lumbago. and Mrs.

Ray Anderson of Cedar Rapids were visitors In town Sunday. H. I. Robinson Is somewhat Improved after a three weeks' siege of the flu. and Mrs.

Bllllo Hall of Maynard visited Sunday with tho Jesso Deeds family. Ella Lewis and Henrietta Mouw spent Sunday at their homes at Lime Springs. and Mrs. John Dorman entertained a number of friends at dinner Saturday evening. Floyd Pattlson and mother, Mrs.

Alden Mackey, were Oelwoln visitors Saturday. and Mrs. J. A. Claxton reached home Friday from a winter's sojourn In Long Beach, Calif.

c. W. Older visited last week with her daughter, Mrs. Gordon Hack- ctt, and family near West Union. A.

C. Wlckstrum of Kansas City, came Thursday for an Indefinite stay In the Home of her sister, Mrs, L. H. Metzgar. Eleanor Parker has returned to Mt.

Carroll to resume her school duties after spending the Easter recess with tho home folks. Harvey, who teaches In Preston, has returned after spending the past week with the home folks. and Mrs. H. W.

Schrader wore visitors In Hnwkeye Sunday. PHYSICAL TRAINING OR ATHLETICS When our legislature passed the law requiring physical training In our Kansas City, Mo. (U.S.)—A new tended pedigree will give official to two representatives. This will decalog for boys, drawn up by Dr. ductlon records and Important show'allow nearly 2000 delegates to attend.

Burrls A. Jenkins, pastor of the Com- ring winnings for four generations. No restriction has placed on the niunlty church here, Is causing con- In making this offer, the association number of boys that attend as the slderable shook among advocates of felt that It Is Important for each need for tho boys at home to help breeder to become more familiar with plow corn Is usually restriction strait laced discipline. Dr. Jonklns' decalog, which ho the breeding In his herd, particularly warns must be taken with a "balanc- of his herd sire.

od judgment," contains no "don'ts." Nearly 40 members are paid up this It indorses card playing, dancing ajid year nnd no effort has been made to billiards. It even countenances run- Increase the membership. However, ning away from home. in view of the fact that one of the 'Learn to dance early and learn to state Holsteiii picnics is to be held In dance In the right manner," Dr. Jen- the county P.

P. Stewart's on June kins advises boys. "Dancing will give 10, Prcs. J. F.

Wilkinson is going to you grace and poise; will show you make an effort to have the lavgest en- what to do with your hands nnd feet." rollment In the history of the orgnni- "Learn to box," Is another Injunc- zatlon. tlon. "Don't let any fellow hit you enough to hold the attendance down to 300 to 400. Definite training along various lines 111 bo given both boys and girls, rcg- lar attendance at classes being re- uircd. Payette county has always well represented nnd many are Iready making plans for attending.

WORK ON NO. 13 Preparatory work to paving on M. E. Gemmlll was a Man- schools and colleges, they had In mind cheater visitor" on business Saturday. tllc nee(1 ot sound bodies to accompa- ny vigorous, active brains.

Their F. E. Denning nnd a was unquestionably wise and Gregg Perry were Oelwoln callers Saturday. on the right cheek; then you won't have to turn the other. If you learn i to box, you won't have to fight so' Highway No.

13 was started last week much; you won't have so much to Dy the C. F. Lytle Co. They will haul fenr." material from Froellch where they In Indorsing card playing nnd bll-' i mvc material unloaded. No.

13 Is Hards, Dr. Jenkins points out that par-1 close(1 for construction just north of cnts once regarded these pastimes as the Mecklenberg school house, nnd works of the devil. th part ot i lc oa( i be paved to "I have seen more money change conncct with Highway 18 this side of hands in a golf game than I ever dld.Q| ar( in a card game," he says. "Yet woi amc sou th Is routed through say golf Is a clean wholesome sport. arnl ersburg and St.

Olnf, thence east No one condemns golf. So I say play on to No 13 nce rn on Tues- pool or billiards, which are also games uy tn detour has been very bad in of skill. The same is true of i acea i ue to mud and heavy trucks and Mrs. Harris of Anamosa were visitors In the homo Sunday. arrived good, but we doubt it any of those who advocated and enacted that legislation had any thought that physical I Robinson' trnllllns De construed to mean competitive athletics such as football, Dewey Friday from California, where ho spent the winter months.

Fawcett of Aurora was In town visiting Upper Iowa friends the last of the week. stock ten different models of basketball and track events. Physical training was meant for all, to help them have sound bodies, and there are few children or young men and women who cannot be benefited by properly supervised physical training. Competitive athletics are for the few, for only comparatively few are oil and gas stoves. All prices and promising material for the coach who sizes.

Strayer Alnsworth of Volga, a former student here, has been re-elected to teach mathematics at Waucoma. Little, who has been spending tho winter with her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Billings, family, has returned to her home at Indianapolis.

and Mrs. Elmore Odeklrk of Manawn, arrived Thursday eve- wants winning teams In the various events, nnd those few get nearly all of his attention. The situation Is bad enough In the larger Institutions where there are enough pupils so that real physical training of various types must be provided for those who cannot or do not wish to qualify for competitive athletics. In the high schools It Is worse, for frequently pupils nro practically foro- ntng for a visit with his mother, Mrs. ed into athletic training because of a boy.

"Go into the woods and camp out all night. It will teach you self-reliance and courage. "When the time comes In your life when you want to run away from "Among Dr. Jenkins' other Injunctions to boys are: "Go to the theater, either legitimate or motion picture. This Is a great source of education and uplift.

"Get a dog as soon as soon as you can. No boy Is complete without a dog, and no dog Is complete wUhout Down near Onawa, Iowa, a largo driving over It and cutting It up. Quite a number of the Lytle paving crew have arrived In Monona and are getting settled ready to go to work when everything Is all set to Leader. maple tree that had stood for more than half a century was ordered cut because it stood in the right of way of a newly located road. A daughter the man who had planted the tree objected to Its destruction nnd used a homo, why run away as far as you' un lle method of defending it.

She can get. Only tell your dad that you planted the stars and stripes high up are going, so ho can give you enough it a branches, thus making a flagpole crackers and cheese to keep you from getting hungry." Dr. Jenkins ridicules the old Injunc- of the tree. Workmen feared to cut It and the supervisors had found no law permitting them to do so, when tho and Mrs. Ralph Edgewood, accompanied Rlzer of by their George Dorlund.

and Mrs. C. S. Tireman, who haye spent the winter In the West, liuve returned to Iowa and are visiting friends In Osage. Minnesota 4-hour tho better grade of varnish nt a reasonable advertisement.

N. Hartmnn, 0. W. Stevenson, luck of material for football or other athletic teums when they are unfit for such training, und other pupils who reully need supervised physical training got practically nothing, the coach being desperately engaged.In trying to build winning athletic teams for tho glory of his school. The value ot athletic training, even to those who get it is open to serious question.

Few wlio get Into football in the major educational Institutions lion to boys to love their schools nnd i a( i finally withdrew her objections I took down the flag and permitted the their teachers. "Under existing- -conditions a boy! workmen to proceed. i cannot love his tencfeer or his he says. "Russia and Mexico are far ahead of us In the matter of teaching. They use the project method while we just pour children Into a giant hopper and turn them out air alike." Ho also says it is foolish for fath- At this poin In the proceedings an Injunction was procured by a nearby farmer who helc up the work until his eggs are' hatch ed.

He alleged that the dynamiting of the shimp would keep his eggs from hatching and he had 200 ot them set within a short distance of the tree crs to talk about being "pals" with The American flag and the old settin their sons. are important factors in road re "A boy's pal can only be someone location, It Republl his own age," he points out. "However, a boy's father can be his best friend." and U. B. McCormack were out of It without marks that those who attended the Knight Templar Easter services at West Union, Sunday afternoon.

Twentieth Century club will they will carry the rest of their lives. Overstrained hearts are a common occurrence, and athletes generally are considered to be short lived. Apparently their strenuous training and ex- uncle, D. G. Rlzer, of Lincoln, spent Sunday in the F.

W. Swartley home. Lewis of Ames, has been chosen chemist for a refining compa-' ny at Newark, N. to begin work Sept. 1.

Ho was a member of the U. I. U. class of 1927. Z.

Lntlmer returned from Iowa City last week nnd Is considerably Improved In health. He will return to the hospital at Iowa City In about two weeks for further treatment. and Mrs. J. A.

Claxton entertained at a family dinner at the Sugarf Bowl cafe Sunday. Those present were Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A.

Claxtou, Robert Claxton and two sons, and F. B. Claxton nnd family. and Mrs. J.

W. Winston, who have been living In tho C. S. Tironmn homo during the winter, plan to occupy Mrs. Collett's residence, taking possession about the first of June, when Mrs.

Collett loaves for a trip abroad. Madson and Miss Bernlce McNee have been re-elocted critic teachers In the Training School ot Southern State Normal at Springfield S. D. Both were graduates of U. I.

the former In 1925 and the latter In 1923, and Mrs. Madson, formerly Gen- evlove Walrath of Arlington, was a student hero. L. Montgomery nnd his grand daughter, of Grand Forks, N. who were visitors last week at tho home of his sister, Mrs.

R. Z. Latlmer, left Friday for Cedar Falls, from which place they Intended to return home. Mr Montgomery drove to Iowa City and brought Mr. Latlmer homo from Hi hospital Wednesday.

meet Monday afternoon at the homo tions has burned out their vitality, of Mrs. R. M. Doming. There will be 0 amo us Walter Eckersall died re- ELECTION FACTS Chairman Willis Stern ot tho Re can and Standard.

J. A. Nelson and L. Tatro ot Decorah have return ed from Washington, where they spsn I tho past two weeks, In connection will publican state central committee, has, lent coverage for Mr. Tatro new sent a letter of Information to all re- discovery in perfecting a farm powc publican county chairmen and vice- radio receiver.

Plans are being mad chairmen that will be found of mass Production of tho new outfl cst to the voting public: covering tho midwest states at once The state wide primary will be held Testa indlcate tnat Mr Tatro 8 lnven June 2 with polls open from 8 a. m. will open up a new field in th 8 p. m. Candidates for U.

S. Senator, I radio' industry that hns heretofor all been neglected, muktng It possible to FARM SEEKS IMPROVED Des seeds that have eon offered for sale in Iowa this year liow a marked Improvement over for- icr years and are a marked contrast the seeds that were offered for sale the Iowa Department of Agrl- ulture first opened a laboratory to est seeds, reports E. L. Redfern, state hemlst in charge ot this work. 'This shows that Iowa seed dealers re trying to cooperate with the de- artment In putting out high quality eeds," Mr.

Redfern stated. We have Iso received more samples direct rom farmers than ever before, which hows that more attention Is being iaid to the quality of seeds sown. "In former years it has been necos- ary to stop sale of a good many seeds account of noxious weeds or mls- abellug. Such cases have been very xccptlonul this year." ROAD BONDS RETIRED Over Million Dollars' Worth of Bonds to Bo Taken Up May 1. Iowa counties on May 1 will retire $1,100,600 In county primary road l)onds nnd will pay Heml-nnnunl interest amounting to $2,251,491.07 on other bonds, State Auditor J.

W. Long announced last week. Warrants for tho amounts to be paid by each county to bondholders have been written on the primary road fund, which Is in the hands of state olllclals, nnd have been mailed to county treasurers that payments may be made on the date interest becomes due, Long said. Retirement of $1,100,000 In county primary road bonds will leave $59,003,500 In county bonds still outstanding, Long said, and will bring the total retired to $6,292,000. Of the $99,815,657 In county bonds authorized, only $05,895,500 was Issued, ho explained.

Twelve Iowa counties will pay Interest to bondholders, among them being Fayette county, which will pay $48,350.25. There aro twenty-seven counties in which no bonds will be retired and no interest paid. WHAT DID ETHAN ALLEN SAY AT CAPTURE OF TICONDEROGA TO MAKE CHEESE AT FREEPORT At a good sized meeting ot stock- lolders of the Farmers' Cooperative liceso Factory at Freeport in Gross mil Friday evening Ed Hruska was lamed a member of the board ot directors, and by the directors was secretary-treasurer of tho new company. Ho will have the manage- uent of the company. The building for the creamery, just south of Gross hall, has been cement- id nnd arranged for the cheese fac- by the owner, Walter Gross.

A committee ot the directors Is now considering tho purchase of machinery. Several good prospects In used machinery are being considered. It Is expected that the factory will be In operation before many Journal. Did Ethan Allen, leader of the Green Mountain Boys, call upon the British commander at TIcondcroga to surrender "In the name of tho Great Jehovah and the Continental Some say ho did, while others say that this is just another pleasant pleco of fiction written Into our school histories as fact. Which is correct? You will find tho answer to that question and also some interesting Information about Ethan Allen, one of tho most picturesque figures In tho history of the American Revolution, in an illustrated feature article "In the Name of the Great by Elmo Scott Watson In this Issue of tho Leader.

John Doerr was over from Decorah the latter part of the week onjiuslness says the Osslan Bee. He will build the new home for his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Doerr, on the site which they recently purchased from tho Jlanna McManus estate on tho east end of Main street. When the old structure was razed.

It was intended to begin excavation for the cellar immediately, but frost more than three feet deep under the old house delayed the work. Ordlnarly one would assume that a houso would serve as a protection against frost, but not so in tills case. There was no frost anywhere else on the lot. The work of grading on U. S.

Highway No. 55 from Guttenberg south Is now making rapid Tho work of grading from Guttonberg north will soon be completed nnd it Is an excellent piece of road work, being dono by the Dzaboft Construction Company. No more beautiful scenery and view can be found on any highway, we believe, thnn can be seen from highway No. 55, in northwest Guttenberg. Look- ng north, and south the nest scenery (Including our town) can be seen for many miles from tho highway on tho top of tho high bluff, where Is now being dono and will soon be Press.

no program, but a business meeting and election of officers. cently at 42 years of age, and there are many other similar Instances. elective state officers, for representa- (Copyright.) boast the theatrical emporiums There is perhaps special danger In they do today and when many a competitive athletics In high schools, was staged In a farmer's roomy bufor tho average high school pupil Is 8t the growing stage where much energy Is absorbed by physical growth. training to aid that growth 'and guide tho development of their ibodles Is heeded but tho strenuous training and exertion urged by 'coaches In their attempts to get winning. teams In competitive athletics we ve often does more harm than GABBY GERTIE Uiellov H.

C. Woods of Tnma was Le us get buck to tho orglnal Idea of own Friday, coming to visit F. physical training, sound bodies for ac- Montgomery of Grand Forks, N. tlvo minds for all of our pupils. If and his granddaughter, who were at wo must have athletics lot it be a and others owning individual live in Congress, state senators and 32 volt light plants to connect up with representatives, must file their new 0 radl ln tl10 8nme nation papers, with the necessary at- that to hav at l8S to fldavlt.

with the Secretary of State not 'B wor electrl service, and be af- more than sixty nor less than forty reception of the highest class. days prior to the date of the primary. A number of machines are already in This was April 23rd this year. For an elective county office, nomination papers must be filed with the county auditor at least thirty days operation. A candidate for office down In Texas advocates giving every man of family a cow.

Suppose the idea Is that he could trado it for a Tribune. A good many people who can name all the movie stars don't know when the primaries will be Express. According to the McGregor Times It sn't safe to leave farm machinery In fields In some parts of this state. In Boone county a five horse gang ploy and evener left in tho Held Saturday and let remain there for convenience until It would bo In use again Monday morning, was stolen from Leonard Frederickson, over near Ogden Sunday night. Saturday night the owner unhitched his horses from tho plow nt the end of the furrow.

Monday morning It was gone. The plow had been loaded and trucked away. Iowa maintains Us paved roads at an annual average cost of $279 per mile, while the average cost for graveled roads Is $688, and for dirt roads $406. These figures Include average cost of weed cutting, snow removal, shoulder work and bridge repair, said to be $175 annually per mile. A good-hearted farmer, who believes in living and let live, asked us to call prior to Primary day, or May 3rd.

attention to a practice which does not County conventions shall be held at meet with his approval nor with the the county seat on the fourlh of any person who stops to day following the primary election, at consider This, 1. the 11 u. m. practice of scattering poisoned halts ho R. Latlmer home, and also with Mr.

nnd Mrs. Latlmer. Mrs. Woods came with him as far as Independence where she stopped for visit with lier sister. SCIENTIFIC 1IRAKE TESTING Have your brakes 'tested and adjusted scientifically on our new olec- trla-hydraullc Jumbo brake tester.

Hay has all broke work In charge and In a schooled and competent man. Test Is free. Beumor's Tiro Shop, West Union, Iowa. WE8LEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Services for April 13th: Bible School at 9:30. Morning Service at 11 o'clock.

Young People's Meeting at 4 p. m. Evening Service nt 7:30. secondary consideration. Elkador Register.

Ten surfaced roads across Iowa by next full Is the present aim ot the state highway commission. Seven of these roads will be east and west rouds and three north and south. When this year's work is completed lowu will have 48 per cent of Its system paved and 88 per cent of it surfaced with paving or gravel, with 97 per cent brought to grade and the bridging done. Iowa's aggressive road construction program is now the tulk of the nation and hundreds of thousands of tourists will see Iowa this State conventions bo held not! to' in every direction. How earlier than tho first, nor later than be er wou bo to "i 18 the fifth Wednesday following the jta" In tho gopher holoa and hereby county convention.

save hundreds of birds, rabbits and Stale Judicial shall be 'squirrels which aro Just as apt to held not less than one, nor more thc llors aro 8tty two weeks after the regular state con- ho hns 8ecn 0 01 8 uttl pheasant which have been poisoned, and thinks it shame. Let's save the vention. It Is reported that Victor Perry's truck from St. Lucas, which was held up by hl-jackers near Chicago, lust week, has been returned to the county, minus spare tires, spot-light and other accessories. The truck was found In a side street In Melroso Park, and Echo.

THE I'ASTOU SAYS By John Andrew Holmes In every profession, some can do their work well and others can tell The Fayotte County Union, published at West Union, rejoices in tho Installation of a newspaper press which Prayer meeting and Bible study at permits the publication of an elgh- 7:30, Thursday evening. Come and column Increase of two bring your Bibles, columns to tho page. Last week's 1s- A hearty welcome to every service, sue was the first of the new size, and Mrs. A. B.

WlllBon, Pastor, was an attractive appearing "shoot." where It hud been abandoned by the fl bo on(J Tne luUel bandits. The cargo ot chickens and eggs, valued at $1,600, was not re- Covered. eventually become Instructors. If 'we ure to dwell In heavenly mansions, wo must build foundations for them here below. For thirteen years Vornon Vlerth, a former student at U.

has been publisher ot the Burnner Gazette In CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank the many friends conjunction with a partner, so far as who so kindly remembered mo will ownership Is concerned. Last week letters and cards of Easter greeting ho announced that he had taken over Love and best wishes to you all. his partner's Interest, and will hereafter "go It alone." The retiring partner Is Charles R. Hurmeace. MRS.

E. L. BURGET, 1528 N. Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, Colo.

Nothing takes the place of BUTTER Think of Griddle Cakes Waffles Corn on the cob Baked potato Broiled steak Sandwiches and the dozens of other foods that depend upon butter for their delightful flavor. Help Yourself to more BUTTER Fayette Mutual Creamery Ass'n.

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