The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1935 BLYTHEVILI,E (ARK.) COURIER PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate ]xr Hue for consecu- (tve Insertions: (Five average words lo a line) One time per line lOc Tivo times per bne per day .. Oik Three times per line per day .. C<!c Six times per lino per day .. 05o Month rate per line 60o Minimum charge Wo Ads ordered (or three or sly. Umcs and stopped before expiration will be charged for the iiurn- Dor of times the ad appeared ana sdustment o! 0111 maae, All Cla&jlnud Advertising cop> submitted by persons residing out' side ol the city must be accompanied by cash Kates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will ue UKCII tor more than one Incorrect In sertion of any classified an. Advertising oroered for irreeulai Insertions take the one time rate Business Directory | Wanted To Buy FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUH FUDOr, SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Cobb Undertaking Co., Ice SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone 116 COrl'EH WEATHER STK1P Saves fuel at email cos>, Arbno Lumber Co. PHILLIPS' USED CARS B E S T SELECTIONS IN TOWN—PRICES liELOW CODE '33 FOltl) V-8 TUDOH .... 53113 '33 CUEVHOLET COACH .. S3QS 'S3 C'HEVUOLET COUl'U .. S3D5 '33 CIUIVKOLfcT COLU'E .. $385 '33 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $295 '3? CHEVItOLET COACH 5325 TRUCKS iinud IKAILEIIS •33 CHEVKOLET T It K C K. 157 Inch Wheelbasc, Dual Wheels, Closed Cab $273 '30 FOKI) TRUCK. 131 Inch Whcclbuse, Duiil U'lieuls, Closed C^ib $lSli '30 CHEVROLET T R U C K. 157 Inch Whcelbase, Large BoOy $183 B. F. Klgcr tloy race Closing Oul Enure-Slock of BOOTS At PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices I Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. AUTO GLASS AUK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 F 0 It D FICK-UF CLOSKI) CAB S1G5 1UNGHAM TRAILER. Dual \Vheclf, New Rubber ....' 51115 WE-i>AY CASH FOR GOOD U8E1J CARS PHILLIPS' USED CAKLOT Cgruer Wnlnut & 1st Streets Fhenc 813 Real Estate FOE SALE OB TRADE 1 acre, nice coLtagu on gravel road 1 mile Irom Blythevillc. Will take in small cottage or. part payment. Thomas Land Co. FARMS FOR SALE! .Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON Caruthersville, Mo. LET US I)O YOUR IVttt.DING \ AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING We Carry A Pull Line of Shafting Phone «OS BLYTHEVILI.E tMACHINK WORKS Operated by COTTON I'lANTINO SEED and Whits. Yellow or Mixed CORN ami SOV 1UUNS Sec Us For Besl Prices • Harold steriiberg al STEKWJEIiG COITON CO. Automotive , cliiUlren. 505 W. Special psjccs oil rtiito Accessories 'tires & Tubes, Guaranteed liat- teries 53.75 exc., Auto Tops & Side Curtains $1,50 U ]), Alcohol 75c gnl. C.ii- Heaters $1.50 tip, Cylinder Heads, floor mnts. Wolf Arian U'8 K. Main St. "WINTEU AUTO Sl'ECIALS" Prcslono, Alcohol, llcatcts, De- froslei-s. Willr.r.l Batteries. Coal & Wood PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 077 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAIj—LOW PRICED CO-IEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL MINING CO. Phone 700 Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years in business. 2—Quality'ol coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 1—Courteous treatment. 5—You get all you pay tor. "Quality Group" distributed by GAY i BItLINGS Fhone 76 FOR QUICK SALE 60 acres with 50 acres In cultivation, black sand loam soil, well drained, one smixll house and small barn, 3-4 mile of good store and postofflce, 8 months high school cotton gin and three hundred yards ot gravel highway, makes bale and .better |rer ncrc each year r Prlco $30 per acre cash This js worth much more money owner leaving country, W. M. Burns Agency Phones 243 and .312 •' ' You have tried the rest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed . Phone 127 Farmer's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. WE CAN'T SELL ALL THE COAL iO WE JUST SELL THE BES> PHONE—100—PHONE E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Uy Coal Is Black but I treat 5-01 While, Fill up now. JJOUN BUCHANAN - PHONE 10. Slioc Repairing 32 years in the . Shoe Repairing Exclusive Agents for the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals, phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO. See Us Apoul Your Coal Blythevillc Gin Co, "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 For Sale business; when others •fail, try Si. | WILL TRADE S250 due bill on Jltnotl P. LeC, I pi > 1mout!l _ or WeSoto for yood HI So. U. B. St. I used cur. Box 535, Sleolc, Mo. . sloe}:, fixture. 1 ;. cery, Daiicint'. 5300. Living roo, Reasonable Rent. 31-pk-5 Progressive Shoe Shop WE THANK YOU! I "'*"• """c'nB. WU 1'or your 103J patronage and holm Ii'' arfcl ';s /I'acc. Re to sen'c you in 1035 jSunseL Inn, Hteelc. . . '" S ' ^" d S ' llcct | BOSTON BULL W. J.^NOX Having made all kinds ot shoes for ABNORMAL Ie et , can renal? woes lo correct ABNORMAT. f ce . Personal $50 Reward i'or Inrprmallon leading it, arrw ,, snf^h . e<> " vlcl !? 11 Ol l»rtl<w who Nnf v? OUa / d ' S ' villdwv &1 <>"day Nov. 12. j. L . Guard mid V E Tomllnson, chief Merchant* Pa^ __ __H-ck-H NliGRO lunilly W iil s to sluTre~c7im . "Kit year. 1'vvo m en and woman In family, txcellcnt. recommendation. ocorge smith, 1708 Hcavn st Robinson addition. Puppies little beautlct.-. Mrs. W. E. McCitltmigli, 21 Carolyn Ave., Pride Addition. BARGAINS In Used Heaters, Hubbavd Hdw. Co. Underwood Typewriter and adding machine. Kternberg Cotton Company, Phone 24. 8t klf Help Wanted j EXPERIENCED Ncgrcsi for liousc- | work and cooking und help carej '(fur child. Apply »l 317 Madison between 2 and i o'clock. . LET US PREPARE YOl' WINTER Hulibai-d Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 476 Phor.e FOti POIt BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 203 W. Asii Phone S. Attractive [rout, BEDROOM, twin beds, for 2 tjcnUcmcm of u'usl- ncss women, steuin heat 801 W Walnut. Call 451. ' 49.<*.;! Modern 'Hirce Ruom iipnrtiiienl, Iiirnlshcd or untuhilshcd. F. Sir mon, Phono 7(H, cktf T«'a l^irnlslicd Bed rtooms, 1011 Wiihuil. Phone 102. 31-c-U room nicely APARTMENT, frlgldiilvb'. No . l-p-k-8 RELIABLE MAN to become Dly- TWO nicely FURNISHED BED- HOOJ.1S morteraiely priced. Mrs. & A. P'shtr, 101 R Davis. M-pk-!i» Ihcvlllc cli'ciiliillon inaiuiget- for two points dully uesvspapcr. Kniupnabto Bal- OIT. Uofcrences ienti|r«d. Write' •X" Cornier News. '"" 3 Room APARTMENT, njcclv [ur- 31C ktl Phone FURNISHED APARTMENT, 209. \V. Keulucky. Mrs. Sisk. Co (kit MODERN !> rcwu, FURNISHED house, 130U Chickusawba Cull 280. la ktr Partly furnished v.'ilh good healln 01- 571. . APARTMENT ty.stcm. Phono ice kl-lG Comlort;ib:e ROOM with b K. Broiidwny, Call HM-J. alh, -105 Wu ktr WARM ROOM In modern, iur- nucc hented home. Men or business couple preferred. Phone or 24. Waited Today's Markets New Orleans Cotton Closing Stock Prices Ilic good showing or Liverpool to- tliiy ami closed one point lower to OJMII high low close _Wanted To Rent Small" FUnNISliEiT'«|>avlm«a~iill „.,„.„ , ^800,1 reaiemim wlloii.^ OiH ch ^' March Mny Jill)' Oct Dec IMS --1273 137,1 mi I2CU 1270 1287 1210 me ram ma 1273 1279 i MI; rjiiii 1275 1272U Spots closed steady HI ran, U n- GOOD PIANO by rcluiule person. Phone 09i-\v, Main. M. Kent, B)2 Tobacco Crop Up RALE10H, N. c. (UP).-Tho crop of Ihtc-cmcd lolmcco North Curollnu will sell for iiljoul ,, $110,000,000, Denn I. O. Schnuu, """ of Norih Catolina Stale College,,,,!*' estimated. ' Jllly ALMiY 001 NEW OliLUANS, Jim. 2, (UI')-j NK W YO11K, Jan. 2 ( ui>)_ Tl)e,cotton mni'kcl was sleiulled by | Stocks, were irregularly higher and " ' - -• dull (winy In the llrst session of TO, farm equipment companies' slwrcs umi Issues of fertilizer com- IKintes stood out on the up side, Motors wore jinn. A. T. and T ,,.. |05 5-8 Anaconda Copper ll a-i nelh, stool 32 l-| Chrysler 41 7-8 Cllte! Service 11-2 Cocn coin IG3 1-2 Gen. Am. Tank 373-1 Gen. Klectric '& |.g Gen. Motors 34 1-8 UU, llai'vester n 5-8 McKi'sson-RobbiLix 85-8 Montgomery Ward '301-1 N. Y. Onlriil 20 3-» I'acknrd .., 51-8 Phillips Pet 15 1-2 RlHlio 5 1-i St. L.-S. F '.'.'. i |-2 Simmons Jleds 97-8 Standard of N. J 43 1-8 Texas Ca. ,.' 20 7,8 U. S. Smelting 120 C-8 U. S. Steel 38 1-1 Zimllc i 1-1 New York Cotton NBW YORK, Jan. 2 rui Cotton closed steady, open high li>w HUD 1202 1251 1272 1275 1208 1280 1284 1217 1285 I2M 1281 1270 1271 12U5 Jiui March July Oct Dec close 12!>5 1270 1277 1284 12D7 May July July Chicago Wheat open lilgli 90 3-1 39 3-4 03 1-2 03 (-2 low close 98.1-8 98 1-3 02 92 3-8 Chicago Corn open high 80 8-1 00 UC . 86 low close 88 1-8 88 5-8 81 1-1 81 V-f) Ancient Cruciiix Is Found on Fence Post MERCED, Cnl. <Ul>> -Relieved concealed by an early Spanish or Mexican rancher din-ing (he days or '10. n live-Inch Inuss linnet; ol MIC Snvlor JMUS fell from m, old fence post when J. M. Reynolds chopped It, up for kindling wood. 'H 11111.11 linvc been hidden by some priest or Spanish don ritir- l"K Mm-gold rush dnys when mnny Spanish i-imcliers were In this pail ol the country," Mis. Reynolds Although tlie cross wns mlsiins (lie mills sill! rcnmlncd in the haiids of the slatuc. NOW THAT WE'RE BACK/ JUS' WAIT HERE I TO THE PLAC£ WHERE /GUESS. THERE'S NO USE WE FELL OFF OF O1MNY,( TRACKIN' 'IM, 'CAUSP WHEN HE TOOK OUT ( HE'LL COME BACK AFTER THAT OIKOSAURN WHEN HE GETS " WHAT DO WE '- ~ , 00 NEXT? Dead Courier News Spots cliMWl steady ill 1285, tin- Courier News Want, Ads. 8TOKMY WEATHKK! THE WAY, ALLEY, VOU HAVEN'T TOLD AW, TH 1 SAP THOUGHT TUNK CARRIED OFP TAKE A LOOK AT THAT! NOW, TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, WE'PE GONNA GET RAINED A1NT THIS SWELL DANG THAT FOOL PINNY WOOTIETOOT-AM'THAT'S WHY I'M IN A HURRY TO GET ME WHY KING GUZZLE WENT TO WAR WITH TUNK- BACK _ SO I CAM STOP THE. AFFAIR IJ&gtRVICt, IHC. T. M; REQ, U. S. F BOOTS AND HEft' BUDDIES fvjELL.PONV 6CM...H/WE X'MftO£ SOME GOOD deSOLWOUS FOR I TW NEW VEftR, HUH? THERE'S NOTHING MKK TRYING! ByCramt SWELL'. NOW STICK TO rT:..t*WOTEUER. ' UP SMELL, M.ISV-IOVN...IT w^& W BYNtA-ERVICE INC T M BEO.'u?5* rAT/Of'|V WASH TUUBS 'UiASANT I'KOSPEGTS! WELL A/ IT'S A QUAINT/ SEE HERE, EASV-AS ^73 BY BUL6RAVIAM -\RMV WEAR AS I CAN FI6GER, M OFFICERS, TO BE ^=^1 PRINCE PHILBERT WAS / /=3&^ KIDNAPED 6V HIS OWM /j COOMTRVMEH. I SEE, SHE MAKES \( SURE, AND IT'S JUST TOO V'vEH, A /AWO.AS FOR OK !RF TWAT crilMPfkt \\ (3An CAD 1/AMnci XDrJft J TftnA'l j \ r-r,i A mr-l, , "r. OLD DIPLOMWIC 8AO POP KANDELABRA. J JftDA'LL\ PELLA, WE ! LL PROBABLY SURE THAT SUMPW CUSTOM, PODNER. HAPPENS TO PRWCE PHIL6ERT WHILE HE'S VISITIM' IN KAMDELABRA— \ w/} - t BLAMES KAWDELABRA ><"w- BE SHQT 'WE MADE BULQRWIA WAMts HSR JOB. IV THE MISTAKE AM EXCUSE TO GO TO WAR, SO SHE CAM ANNEX \ KANDELABRA. N C, ,T. M, P EC. U. S. PAT. .OFF,_ . ,j SALESMAN SAM FKKSH K KIGIIT! &DOD ! HftS j f\ORMW&. ) 7^ ir^S / r^f\ l ^ WATcll t-oP- OUR CLOCK f V ^ : —IltS.£M^£^^E HIS lUENi)S t .... AMD V.'E FOUWO BULLET 1-IA^kS OH THE CE1LIM<5 c~ WE CAB! ASJP . ONLY One. WAY THAT 7H£Y COULD GET THecjp " V1H quilt QUILTS reasonably \lT/\rl' woof In /?mi/i % r.,_ •* . . . . Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC ™' NOW WHAT ; I kMQV/, 1 THEY CAME FROM THE ! OIRECTIOKI OP THE FIR5BOX ' i BUT; CAM You THWK OP ANYWINS ' .MORE RIDICUL.OLJ5 TVAM A MAN svjoot/WG FROM JMSIDE OF ONE? fjilpEMiESSl ^ THE HEAT FROM A LOCOMOTIVE f.'lREBOX IS 'BUSTERIN<J;ANO IT is,eAt> L : NOOGH TO STAMP ^ AND THROV/ COAL lij' hi,-' IWTo ONE.' —^' SHOW You H HS SHPOTI WAS DONE.'.' Bv Blosser n IFYtxJCAVGIVc ME A DOLLAR AND'A HALP, A>JO HAVE A FIRE eoiKG AGAIH IW NUMBER SIX, I'LL, 5HOV/ Yoi) EXACTLY 'HAPPENED;

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