The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
Page 2
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BLVTHRVULE, (ARK.) CQUE1EE NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEJtBEtt 9. 1933 : Social Calendar MOJfDAY 6 EVENTS Concert presented by Texas Slate eoUege male quartet at First Bap- Uxt church, 8 p. m. PresfcfUrian church: Circle l, Mrs. E. A. Hale, Circle 2, Mrs. Fred Sandefur, Circle 3, Mrs. J Nick Thomas, all at three o'clock »t homes; Circle 4 at home of Mrs Jo* Alexander at 1:30 p. m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS . Meeling of the Executive,board Centra) W(ird P. T. A. 3:30 p. m. Mrs. JMi'Crili 1 * room. THURSDAY'S EVENTS : The' U. D. 0. will meet with Mrs. J. W. Bader Thursday afternoon. .. : Long Distance Stenographer Celebrate* Birthday Jeanne Morris, daughter of Mr. •nd -Mrs. Harvey Morris, celebrated her seventh birthday Thursday afternoon by having 26 of her friends In to play with her. In pinning the tail on Mlcke) Mouse, Bert Denlty won first prize and Joe Linlzenlch, second prize,Jello with whipped Cream, and cookies were served. > • 4 Et«de Clib Elects New officers were elected by the Etude Mutlc club at a meeting yesterday at the home of Mary Joe and Ann Buchanan, 016 E«st Cherry »tre>t. Miss Winifred Crawford was elected president of the group. Alice Jane Hester, vice-president, and Mary Jc* : Buchanan, secretary. lh addition to the 10 members, three visitors, Mrs. George Carney, Mr*. John Buchanan, and Joe Mac Hecter, were present. Mozart was the famous composer whose works were studied by the group yesterday. Frances Bright gave a vocal soto, Mrs. Henderson Hall played a piano solo. Piano numbers were also given by Alice Jane Hester and Amy Ruth Morris. ' •) Afler the'program the hostesses, assisted by.Hhelr mother and-Mrs. Osceola Society — Personal HES =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Story of Jonathan Mrs. William Alexander, who re- urncd recently with Mr. Alexander ;o make her home here, and who will be remembered as Miss Spencer Buck of Osceola, «fu complimented Friday' afternoon when Mrs. C. W. Watson and Mrs. John King entertained for her at bridge, extending invitations to seventeen intimate friends of tlie honoree. High score prizes were won by Mrs. Waller Cox Sr., and Miss Ramelle Welnberg. The party was given at Mrs. Watson's home. • • • Mrs. Yott E. Whltmore, who was before her recent marriage Frances Barham, was complimented with a kitchen shower when Miss Agnes Ward entertained for her at her home here Tuesday afternoon. Twelve guests enjoyed the afternoon at contract bridge with high sccre prize going to Miss Julia Craig. MI-3 Gladys Barham and Mrs. Powell of Blytheville were ! oul of town guests. I Mrs. J. W. Cart»rlght Jr., .was liosteES to her two table bridge 1 club . entertaining at her home here. Mrs. Olw». Colcman was winner ol.high score priie. • * * M. W. Sheddan, Mrs. Sheddan nnd her small daughter, Blllle Fain, were visitors at the Mid-South Pair in Memphis Thursday. Mrs. F. M. Sangster and Mrs. Clyde Cagle spent the day In Hcr- URST METHODIST CHUKCII Main and Seventh Streets V. Q. Korfe, Pastor Worship and Sermon 11 a. m. and 8 p. m, The pastor will speak at both hours. Church school 9:45 a. m. Intermediates and Senior Leagues 1 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday. 1-.45 Choir rehearsal Thursday p. m. 7:30 SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH J. ' L. Newiom, Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 a.m. Tom- Text: 1 Sam, 18:1-4; 20:14-17, 32-31, 41, 42; 2 Sun. 1:25-21. The International Uniform gun- day School Lewon for Sept. 10. t + • BY WM. E. G1I.KOV, 1). 1>. Editor of The Conireiatloiuliat The golden text of Mils lesson In Proverbs 11:17, "A friend lovcth at all times," is very appropriate, and expresses the very heart of the lesson. Jonathan stands In history as one of the greatest types of loyal friends. A friendship, ot course. is mutual, and we cannot think of Jonathan without including David; but David had, many reasons for distinction, whereas the outstanding place that .Jonathan has in Scripture and history Is because of his dlstinctlve,qu»liVy of loyalty and friendship. •','•?" Jonathan's cisc Is remarkable as Jonathan was the son of the man, King Saul, who had become David's chief enemy and his greatest source of menace, perhaps Jonathan felt without prejudice and proving Joy- but It was a meeting; a! which they si to them without regard to out-' ward IncldnU. • • • We have suijgesled in a former lesson that Saul's attitude toward David was possibly that o[ a whose mind was deranged.' AHow< were to part. It is instructive to note that Jonathan's friendship and loyalty were proved alike In adversity and In as- cendency. Jonathan probably did not realize at tlie time what was to be the future greatness of David ir.g temptations of jealousy to gain Two Brides." Subject: "The B. Y. P. U.'s 6:45 pjn. Mrs. J. L. Newsom. director. Sermon, 7:45 p.m. Subject 'The Cost of Being a Chrlslian." W. M. 3. Monday, 2:30, Mrs. Leslie Moore, president. as he did in prqtest against mVfather's wrong attitude. He realized how llltlc occasion for jealousy David had given Saul, and he found in David a spirit akin to his own. It is not every man who can dissociate himself from his environment, choosing his friends which were so foreign to his normal and better nature that we see :he real man in, the intervals when he displayed a kindlier und more generous spirit. In our lesson, David i.i compelled to hide from the menacing jealousy of s^ul while Jonalhan Is the messenger to signal to.UavId whether he may expect. safely or dangei from Saul. He does this by shooting arrows which he sends a young lad to gather. The incident can be understoo: only as one reads the whole story There was no safely for David a the court of Saul, and Jonathan for the . protection of his friend frankly told him so. When Joua than dismissed ihe 1 lad wilh lh arrows the way was clear for meeting between him and David rlcndshlp between IScse men was ipoti a high plane. We are told hill Jonathan and David made a covenant, "because he loved him as ils own soul." There are friendships thai arc upon a low level of self-interest, or community in debasing pursuits and pleasures. Such, friendships do not stand Ihe test either of time or circumstance. The only Iruc friendship In which souls are joined In regard lor truth nnd honesty and the things that -jn- noble 'life's every relationship- Why does the Bible make so much of frienrtihip? Is it nol because friendship ultimately typifies the highest relationship of man to God nnd of man to his fellow men? It was this that Jesus had m mind •when he said to hts disciples. "I have not called you servants, hul I have called you friends." The world's greatest long distance .sccretr.ryl That's-the distinction i n)0ndR i e Friday with Mr. and Mrs. jr., and ire Memphis Carney, c«ke. . served iced drinks and Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal account of the sudden Mr*. Battle's father. Mr. that was to fall lo 22-year-old Helc.i Gray (nhove), as'she sailed J.^W. Cox. for New Zealand to nsalsl In. the secoiuTByrd Antarctic expedition. For with New Zealand as her base, she will tnkc dictation via short wave ^j^^y radio from Dr. Thomas C. Poulter, head scientist of the expedition, M[ . &nd ^^ o s Battle were when he Is making observations in frozen Little America, 3,200 miles called to Baldwin, Miss., Wednesday on ' "' ' u ~ — JJ — Miss Gray will record scientific duta and conduct Dr. Poultcr's correspondence. Scientific language won't stump her. She earned her i Mr and M rs . A. F. Barham were expenses in her senior year at Io\va Wesleyim College by helping ca u c d to Bloomfleld, Mo., Wcdnes- bulld the instruments with which the physicists of the expedition will dr.y on account of the death of ' , flarhams mother, Mrs. Mary make their measurements) .Barham Daughter ot a prosecuting attorney at. Ml. Pleasant, la., Miss Gray!' M|ss FRy( , stevens of Magnolia has been a leader in alhlcllcs and scientific study at Iowa Wcs|:yan. I ^s returned to Osceola and agnlu assumed her position as teacher of Prayer' meeting Wednesday, 7:45 pm. On last Wednesday nlghi in a uvslness meeting the following of- llccrs and teachers were elected to serve the church for the next year: Mrs. M. B. Psndergrass, t!erk; Miss Mnrie Harnlsh, treasurer; Mrs. J. L. Newsom, pianist; Tommle Bogun. S. S. Supt.; Miss ;,ois Lunsford, 8. S. Sec.; J. L. Newsom, Mrs! Leslie Moore, Miss Marie Harnlsh, Mrs. J. L. Ne'.v- ^x>m, Miss Mary Louise McLeod, Mrs. Lou Reynolds, Mrs. Tommij Eogun and Mrs. Will Blaylock ,vere elected S. S. toachcra. Messengers to the Mississippi County Baptist association: J. D. Booker, Mrs. VI. M. Blaylock. Mrs. M. B. Mrs. Will Mc- Farhxnd, Mrs^ Leslie Moore and Miss Mary Louise McLeod. Texas State College Male Quartet 'Miss Helen Hughes returned to hef horiie In'Willlford. Ark., after hiving spent the summer here. : ' Bam Orgel and son, of Canith- eri.vllU, Mo.....we're guests_of Mr ; ter, Miss FraficTs^feifer'day. "* Miss M. E. Moore, of Jonesboro. has' arrived to spend two weeks with Mrs. Louis Orane Hiler nnd her" sister, Mrs. Don Edwards. Jack Doyne, of St. Louis, spent Thursday with his uncle, C. J. and Drtlson Crane, enroute to Conwfay, Ark!, where he will attend Hendrix college. '! ' Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Owen have taken the ' on the BarfleW r* Cloar, who came ago' from Union City, Tenn., have returned there to make their home. 5ISTER KITCHEN with eggs, prune bread, peach lap locn pudding, milk, tea. DINNER: Baked veal chops, potatoes au grntln. Kentucky wonder beans. (he Qrider school, which opened Monday. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Florida'mid Mrs. Margaret Hale will leave [ Gaar coffee. Thhncr Monday for Louisville, Ky., for a ]lome j^ rj cs Mc.| n es, Iowa. Hilman I.'• inllfclfbtt WlUV- Mr - and Mrs,, pi-""-' - • - - - '-"•- "ft^UAnte. While there, they;" CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Second and Vine R. S. Rmhins, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. N. Y. P. S., 6:45. Preaching at 11 a. m. nnd 7:30 p. m. From lef{ The revival services which have been in progress during the past week have grown In numbers and inlerest. The pastor has been do-1 Christian Science service, Sunday n:orning at 11 o'clock. The Qoldcn Text Is, "Thy name, O Lord, cnduicth for ever; and thy memorial. O Lord, through- right: Frank Wright, tenor; Kermitt Gideon, second tenor; Claude Doyle, baritone; Julian Holloway, accompanist. Jones, bass; Billy . Ing the preaching In the absence 'of the evangelist the Rev. J. E. was detained In his . $~i choir and special work,' has b*en tend the horse show and Kentucky, s i n( , m g ( 0 the delight of all. NEA Servlrc Writer .BY RISTKR MARY. In many localities.Ihe pencil nnd • .pple crops arc • definitely "short" -T. Cloar home|, ht$ ^ T1)Lt . mnkes t)lcso tn ,. ;w Hayti Society — Personal [state-Fair. 1 Mrs. Preston Bliea ot Memphis is the guest of her parents, Mr. land Mrs. W. A. Butler this week. 1 Douglas and Beatrice Hose went I to Joncsboro the first of the week , lo enter Jonesboro A. and M. college. Mrs. Paul Baird of Dyersburg, Mrs.-Hinman' Kohn entcrtaliieo JTenn., with her small daughter, I innnn snr-nt thr> In Osce- Rev. J. E. Gaar the evangelist will be here tonight and will fill Ihe pulpit at both services Sunday. Special features of the Sunday evening service will be quartet numbers by students from the Vaughn School of Music. Thii revival services will continue through the coming week each evening 7:30. Tlie public Is cordially invited. Mrs. J. Mrs ' Ihe result that ninny housewives, .(eel it ImiXKsiulc to put up their.«• '"igli score prixe Dr. and Mrs. John Allison have I |ls||ill Blll om,i of tollies ami jams. JO. Raine Jr. the consolation award a^l^h^^^ he Town 'and' Country Hrldgc | to J°'n-,™"er_ in Washington, l. 'Miller. Mrs. E. A. Miller, who spent the summer here with her sister, Mrs. I John R. Miller, left a few days ago ther, J. P. Allison, and daughters,I I|5^ n i' s \Vcrts''carrots areVs]"ieclaiivU''Ui) was entertained Wcducsdnj Mrs: Charks'Crlggcr Jr., —• " r "' •(.........._ .: - -Millie here for son motored days ago John Columbia, plans verslty mi; year, ne win muni, i epprccialcd during within a few days. months. Mrs. C. J. Fleetrood and children have returned to their home, Cnirotf .- llsc( , m comh |, in u on with fruits act i.vhcre they will make their home. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth Streets Alfred S. Harwell. Pastor Bible school, 9:45 a. m. Alvin Hollcy. Superintendent. Sermon at 11 a. m. and 7:45 | call -. : generations" -. ' the citations d). Among Bible is the following, from the By humili- Huge Entry List Seen For Canning Contest CHICAGO (UP)—Indications, ai of the Methodist church at hei home Wednesday afternoon with members present. Dr. E. Goabold of Kansas CiLy. father.,J. P. Allison, and her sis- Mrs. T. J. Burkes has just re- I to make the llavor more delicate. New cimoUs are more desirable thnu old ones for this purpose. | This combination Is quite com- 11 on. Green tomatoes used In coinbln- who Is superintendent of the Bap;[:.! Missions of Missouri, was the guest of K. N. Brasher and mother .Mrs. I. H. Brasher, while at- icnding the ' New Madrid AMO- '.cr a serious illness. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Cnuik of Mlsia. Ariz., arc here for B visit with Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Sangster nnd Mr. and Mrs. Gil Mastln. Mr. Crunk is a brother-in-law ot Mr. Sangstor and an uncle of Mrs. Mastln. Miss Gladys Estcs of Gurdon M [ olm \ meeting here Thursday turned from a' week's vklt wilh relatives in .Mtetoslppl l nt , on witn lemons and ginger rool|,u,d ua urnioen ann cniinruii irx , HCO a marmalade that has n • Miss Thelma Alexander, o]>er- Inlwsaijl tnng. I a lor at the telephone exchange, Mr-: FdMr HprrirV and hrr cuest Tlle lin >' 5 ' cll °^ tnmaloK; - cook - accompanied Ralph plckcns and Mrs. Edgar Herrkk and her guest i ^^ U;l|1 ,. narcnt „, n hc;vvv ( , ( ,, lsln> M)ss Oma Kocil)|C) t[)UlcU Robinson and *£s O C Ganskc «"">' mat;c °" c of lllc nlost <"H home at Cape Oimrdeau Thurs Robinson and Mrs. O. C. Ganskc \^ c]om plK:{ , rvcs ln tl , c c[> t CBO ry. ! tay after a visit here. Miss Koeppel wns the guest of Miss Marj sui> Rhodes and Mr. Pickens vis EP MVS£ worSgt- .ft ^ r ^ *'r r 1 ™ SKSSMSSS s«F -f rH??^":- - «•*•»- °- ™* ^^^^x^^^-^ - ->"" Mtss AlcXDlldcr week's visit ". attending the world arrived Friday. She teach Junior high school social science and will be in charge ot llir- commercial course in the Oscco'.a High School this year. A Miss Foster will leave 1m- '™ arc clear and the her return here for 5 °<* """I'M' &•*£?•$*•&$ o^ehc-f marrow jam , u,i- .* g^saasf.,- chii. !J^« r E^B dren have returned from St. Louis. :. . ,, , ,° v ,, ' , ' •MrjrKlemdiensl's mother, Mrs. W.l" on '" " lucl1 ncc las " tm P 13 "- 1 ^"Zt'^ lhem '" ^ '"I VWUWC Marrow Jan, tended visit.- I Three pounds mavrovre .,..„,„>,. .Rev. H.. J.:Kllendienst has re- luined from. Russeljville where he Lit ended -the pastoral confcrcuc? of'.the Lutheran church. Mrs. C. 'S.; Neighbors has r;- lumeti. to tier' home In Nellleton, M'ss n af}er visiting her daughter, Mrs. .-Morris-A.- Kelly. Or. 0. K. Wilson has returned from 'a week's vacation spent in Chicago. '.Mrs.. George Lee Is in Rogers, Ari,. where she will visit for tw? '•-P. Qay Jr., will leave tomorrow «ft;rnoon for Columbia, Tcn- ntatt, wehre he will attend Co- Military Academy. Margaret Butler of Cape u, Mo.j was the guest ol ed after dicing). 3 lemons. 3 ounces ginger root, 3 pounds sugar iabo\iO. The marrows should lie not more than half grown. Pare and remove Feeds. Cut In thin slices and then in match-like strips. Weigh. Make a syrup of 2 pounds suear and 4 cups water. When boiling add marrow and simmer ten minutes. Remove from fire cover with a clean cloth and let tland two days. .Uralp off -syrup ""•l?h apain and allow pound for pound ol sugar nnd marrows. Put marrows, sugar, grated ilnd aud Luxora Society — Personal juice of lemons and Ihe ginger root bruised and tied in a muslin bag Into prcservinc kellle. Boll slowly until clear. Pour into sterll- _—^-—, — t _ -- „— - ,lzcd Jars and seal. Mr? aSd..Mrs: Louis Cherry .last! BREAKFAST: Chilled apple Messrs. Ronutr Grceii\vel] and W. T. Nclhery retuincd home Thursday from St. Louis whsre they .attended to bu*ines5. E. . M, - ; HarU'fll is . In Muscle Shoals, Ala., this week on a combined business aud pleasure trip. Mrs. J. W. Garner of Greon vajv Ark., who has been here vis- '.Ing her daushter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Garner, has lelurncd to her home. Mrs. J. L. Uavls entertained as her guests Sunday hor mother, .\frs. Bertha Snlrter of F.iirdcal- ings. Mo., her sister, lirs. G. E. I nvis and children Margcric and Howard of La rtussei. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson and children have moved to Vine na, Mo., where Mr. Johnson will »-ork as oporht'ir at the Frisco itation. William Klrourie. who has been here llils week because of illness, returned to Sleeie Friday evening where he resumcrt his wo'rk at the. Tim Hamra store Saturday- Subject at eleven: "Jesus the Business Philosopher." Evening subject: "That He Migh Brluc Us to God." B. Y. P. O. 6:45 p. in. Miss Luna Wllhelm, Director. W. M. S. Monday, 2:30 p. m. for Bible study as follows: Circle No. 1 with Mrs. Herman Walpole, Corner Ash and Franklin. Circle No. 2 with Mrs. C. W. Afllick, 1124 West Ash. Circles 3 and 4 at the church. Sunday school officer and teachers Wednesday 7:15 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:35 p. m. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:30 p. m. Mrs. Paul Tiplon, Leader. Wo will appreciate your presence at all services. There will be a male quartet from State College. San Marcos. Texas, render a program of an hour and fiflcen minutes in Ihe auditorium of the First Baptlsl Church Monday 8 p. in. Admission: free will offering. y and the fear of the Lord are 'ches, and honour, and life" (Pro- •crbs 22:4). The Lesson-Sermon will also include passages -from the Chr'us- ian Science textbook, "Science ci d Health • with Key to the fc'cripluros," by. Mary Baker Eddy- one of which reads, "Take awa> wealth, fame and social organi- zntion, which weigh not one jot the balance of God and we get clearer views of Principle. Break r.p cliQucs, level wealth with honesty, let worth be judged according to wisdom, and we .get bct- Iti views of humanity'' (page 239). Ohrislian 'Science reading room is open Tuesday aud Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. at room 108 Hotel Nobl:. All are cordially invited. Male Quartet Will Give Sacred Concert at First Baptist Church. A sacred concert which will inspire lovers of music will be heard at the First Baptist, church Monday evening, 8 O'clock, when the i Blytheville Ministerial Astocialioi will present Ihe Texas Slalc col- icge male quartet. No charge will be made for admission but a free will collection will be laken for the young men who are earning their ways through college by singing. ; This group of young men recent-' ly appeared at the world's fair in ' Chicago and have also given con-1 ce-rls this summer at Dallas, Ok-, lahoma City. Kansas City, St. URST PRESBYTERIAN UIUUC1I Sunday school, 0:45. 000* entries ~in ttie*^f5od^^VrrtxIucU ^ show at A Century of Progress' from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, it was learned from Grace Vlall Gray, secretary of the international canning .con- . test. .. ;. The contest will show the progress of.a century in the art of canning and preserving foods. The sponsors of the canning contesl provide free jars for thco3 who wish to enter. There arc to be 11 classes in the contest for in- -dlviduals, in addition lo classes lor organizalions. schools, county as.'io- cialions. and a special class open to celebrated persons by invitation. I.ouls, Little Rock. Memphis, Jackson, Miss.. Monroe, La., and a number of smaller cities. For the Preaching. ll : o'clock by Rev. A.[past 12 months they have sung T. Lindsay of Memphis. f r0 :u two to four programs each I Young Peoples Meeting. 7:00. week. - i There will be no preaching ati Members of the "World's Fair [ right. ' Concert lour'' come here highly recommended by reporls from cities where the quartet has Can't Sell Beer and Gas FOND DU LAC, Wis. <UP>-- ; g^, ,.„„„„,„ ^^ thcir „,„. Sale of beer and gasolmr- at the , llcs and donatcd thcm toward Lnc s-ime place was barred by the city ,, m]( j inB or mauy momImcIllSi council here recently when it, re-1 nmong ll]cm being the Buffalo Bill fused to issue beer licenses to fill- j Monument, James Whitcomb nilcy ing station operators. [Memorial. Eugene Field Memorial and the New Liberty Bell. Miss Minnie Lee Jones iiiinouiites the opening of hor piano class. Tues. Sept. 5 516 Cliick;is;iu-l);i Avc. Plionc night""emlWite vto.,the.^UniversityIfruiec! ceical, cream, iplSachon of • Texas wTJereisTK!'Is "a "member ftast.'mllk, coffee. \ ot the faculty; ' j LUNCHEON: Tomatoes M. O. Cooko returned Monday from the Baptist hospital h Memphis where ho was a for two' weeks. Mrs. P. T. Frier arrucrl Monday to make, her home here indc:lnitc- ly. She formerly made her home In Shreveport, La. Dr. Thos, F. Hudson attended the medical meeting In B.yihevllle Tuesday evening. He »ss accompanied lo Blylhevllle by his (laughter, Mrs. Spencer McHenry. and her small daughter, \Yartc. who spent the evening with friends. Miss Sidney Brown has rc'.urned to her home in Owensbwi. Ky.. after spending a few days ns the guest o( her cousin. Mr.;. Sue b. Brown. Mrs. J. N. Hunt was ihf guest of friends in Marion Wednesday night. Mrs. L. L McOcaraw:-. returned Thursday after spendir.; ib f past few days in Memphis. Mrs. Thos F. Hudfcii rr:umed from New York Cily where she has been the " guest n! 1-K-r sister, Miss L. L. Llndscy. for Hie past three weeks FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUKCH E. K. l^llmrr, Minister Bible school. 9:45 a. m. Holy communion and sermon, 11 ,. m. Subject, "When Jesus Wept." Vesper Service. 6 o'clock. The pulr.e does not record all ihe heart beats; cases have been found where a man, whose pulse was only 60 beals per minute, had a heart beat 150 tunes per minute. Cardui for Young Women Showing how strongly they believe in CARDUI because of the benefit it has been to them, mar.y mothers give it to their growing-np daughters on their reaching maturity it relieves women's pa Ins by buildlngupresistance.' Try Cardui I LAKE STREET METIIWU1ST W. J. l*Roy, P«tor ' Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Preaching, 10:50. Subject: "The Brook Dried Up." Leagues. 6:30 and 1:15. Preaching. 7:45. Subject. "Seedtime and Harvest." The Presiding Elder will be with us at 3 p. m. to hold the Third Quarterly Conference. Reports from all the officials are requested. Every member ot Ihe Board of Stewards Is expected to be present i HEMORRHOIDS (Flics cured without the knife. Vancostd vtins, tonsils removed non-surgically. N!ES rhor.5 OS nns: Office 514 Main Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blytheville hospital: Miss Alma Fowler, Holland, Mo., Mrs. Cljatles Hjllburiii'^tdute ion apo oaoy, cuy. .Mrs. DuXe, One, city, do'rdon llonnell. leach- Hardy, Mrs. A. B. Sadler. Steele, ton apd baby. city. filled ville; dismissed: Mrs. W. L. Graf- Mo. PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Klelndleiist, Pastor Sunday jchcol. 9 s. in. Divine Worship, 10 a. m. Sermon Theme: "Wherefore Scrvelh the Law?" You arc cordially invited to attend our services. Pilgrim Lutheran school to open at 8:30 o'clock Monday morning. World's Fair CHICAGO ' Round Trip ao Days Buses Leave Blythcville 10:00 A. M. 9:30 P. M. Arrive Chicago 5:00 A. M. «:55 P - M l CHRISTIAN SCIENCE .CHURCH ' "Substance" is the subject of the|| I'ssoii-Scimon lo be rsad In Ihei GREY/HOUND Bennett's milk Is fafe — It's properly pasteurized. At The Home Of The Mavo Clinic iRochc-oler, Mum.) the health officer, fr- D. C. Lockhead. recently said in a statement through the press. "We in the health department are concerned about milk from two angles. Because It is the best food obtainable, we want to sec It consumed in great quantities, and bc- caiuc of the possibility of its spreading disease, we want to know that our local supply Is produced under all the _ refinements of production commercially iiossl- hle and thai It lie pasteurized so llnl *e can guarantee It s»fc." Telephone No. 71 Bennett's Dairy

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