Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 29, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD • The -world admlrei th* perfect MM! Kot Mnrao, diirnlty, ormnsculir development done, •vt that nbtle andwonderful lorca known u SEXUAL VITALITY which tube glory of uanhooil-tbo pride ot koth old and yoanK.bnttherenre thonsandf of men mfferlnK the mental tortures of * we»lc*ne4 •tanliooa* shattered nerves, find failing ••(•ml power wio c»n bo cured by oar Magical Treatment wfclch mtjr be taken at home under our dlrectloni •r we win pay B.K. Tare and hotel bills lor those »no wish to come here, if wb Tall to cure. We hava no free prencrtptlons.free core or C.O.D. false. We fcare 9250.000 capital and Kuarancee to cure every •ME we treat or refund every dollar you pay us, or lee may bo deposited In any bint to be paid us 'macn a care f« effected. Write for full parttcclnn. UTATK MKU1CAJL CO., Omalm, Xck. LOOP poison A SPECIALTY iliary BLOOD rtUSON BennanentTy curcoln IStoSS days. You canTTe treated at nomoiorsanje price under same Kua runty. If you prefer to como hero we will con- l™ttopayrailroadfareandhotelblli8.ond nochare e. If we fall to euro. If you have taken mercury, iodide potash, and 61111 have nches nod pains, M ucoas Vatches i n mrtu th. Sore Th roat, flmpleg Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on »oy part of the body,Hairor Eyebrows fallinc out. It li this Secondary BLOOD POISOV weifuaranteetocnre. We solicit tho most obstinate cages and challenge the world for a ease wecannotcure. This disease b"s alwnva baffled the skill of the most eminent i>li vxl- Jlans. VSOO.OOO capital behind our nnconm- Honai (rnnraoty, Absolute pi oofs Bentflcaled on •DPllcailoo. Addrew COOK REMEDY CO.. CJJilawuio Temple. CHICAGO, 1UU , ondarjorTer For sale by 0. M. Baina & Co THE TALK OF CITY. 11*8 of Interest to Oar Readers Because it Refers to Logangport People. ItB astonishing how good news will spread from every ward and street we hear our people talking about the workings of the little conqueror. Merit and honorable methods re eelve their just reward. So many cafes are cropping up that It it next to impossible w in- Tfcetijmte them all, but we have taken a few in hand and xivc them publicity for the benefit Of our readers. Ourrepreeenta'ivc obtained the following 1 statement of I'aete in a personal interview. Thej are true in every particular, and no sironjier evidence can be obtained than home evidence. Mrs. J. C. Michael 2^6 Michigan Ave , eays: Jur daughter. 1 f years of aye has bena cured at eczema by usinir Doan'6 Ointment. Before we had her USB ir, we tried avurythlni; we could think ol, but till of them lulled. It was about ityeiiraifo that the eczema Urn midu its appearance on oue ear.and then some time later on tlie other. From there it spread ;o the face causing itchinir and burjin^ihat ari extremely annoying, and if she rubbeJ it, ia lliimmation and soreness followed. I leirntd about Dona's Ointment through our newo- papers and sent my daughter- to Keeahng's drufe-store for a i 01. In tivo days after applying it, accurdius to directions, there was noticeable improvement, which con tiuued from day to day, aud in a short time was cured Ii Is needless to say thut, we think it the best rcmtdy we ever used, and wo heartily recommend Jt toall who are atll.oted with ezc ma or other eruptions of the 6km." Doan'it Ointment for Bale by all dealers. Price M cents. Mailed by Koatcr-MHDurn Co., .Buffalo. N. Y., sole agent*! for the U. S. ttemernber iho uutue Doaa's and take no other. FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co,, Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 804 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. Tralnc Bun by Central Time AB rOLLOWH . • Pull;-. T DivUj, o»o«pt bondaj. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chios jro'S:15 a m;*5:30a m:*l;25 p m •2:00 pm: *4:30pm. Arrive from Chicago *1:00 H m;*12:SO p m,*l:tX' p m: *l:40p m: *8:16 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Leave for Bradford *1:15 a m;tT:40«m; ••!:« p m * t4 :30 p m . Arrive from Bradford *S:00 an: t!0:80 am: •1:20 pro: -M:15pm. IFFNKR DIVISION. L««v«fc>rKlrr4ei-t8:00» m: '9:00 a m- tS:05p m S B m Sunday only, Arrive from Kffner-"7:35 am; +1:03 pm: 12:45 p m; 8:80 a m Sunday only. BICHMDKD AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond ti :20 a m : ts :80 a m : •] :10 pm;t2:20p m. ArriTe from Richmond *2:5S a m : -HI :00 • m *l:50pm;tll:»pm. IWDIAHAPOLIS AND LOO18VrLI,B. L««ve for Loulaville «12:55 a m ; *1:05 p m. Arrive from LouUville *3:05 a m; *l:5o p m. J. A. MoCDLLOTJQH, Afrent, Lojranaport, Ind. MISCELLANY. 3«hn J. Ingall's daughter Constant ran an electric street car in Atciisoi, iuring one evening in place cf the reg- Vlar motorman. TM» Absent-Minded Professor—D» you know, my dear, I was so busy remembering what you asktfl we to buy you, that I forgot to stop and get it- Truth. A Lewlston (Me.) man, who is only aity years old. has ten children work- Ing In the millt, and all of them turn their nay over to him every Saturday L&st year 300,000 visitors, representing 40 nationalities, paid admission to the house in which Shakespeare livei 300 years ago. There are in France 1,301,400 unmarried women between the ag«s oi 25 and 50, and 1,376,600 unmarried men aged over 30 years. Assistant Secretary of the Nav Roosevelt has returned to his Ifoine on Long Island, leaving Secretary of the Navy Long to look after business in A new bicycle hub has an oil chamber in one side connected with the ball raced by very fine tubes, through which the oil Viws slowly to keep the bearings lubi-2vi*UjjJ. In certain parts oi 'Persia the thermometer sta.ys at 100 degrees nigni n day for the greater part of the summer, whil? so unbearable a temperature as 13Q degrees is not unknown. Justice ia the key note of the world, and all else is ever out of tune; it is the idea of God, the Ideal of man, thf rule of conduct writ in *h« nature ot mankind.—T. Parker. Yeast—"That man Doughton is very BKeptical. Unless he sees a thing he won't believe it exists." Crlmsonbeak —"He never ran into a rocking chair In the dark, then.' 1 —Tonkers 6Ute»- LATE NEW INVENTIONS. Pneumatic bicycle tires will laat longer bj' »,sing a newly designed braka which has two loosely pivoted clip* «hod with rubber or felt pads to pres» en the sides of the rim when the brake U applied instead of on the tir*. Boots and shoes are prevented from f nueaking hy an air channel placed between two filling pieces at the sid«s of the heel and extending forward in the »ole of the shoe, the air chamber being fitted with a valre for inflation. Letters cannot be fraudulently abstracted from a new mail box which has a cylinder set in the letter slot and fastened with a ratchet so it will turn over to- push the letter in but cannot ix* turned backward to withdraw it. A simple device which will prevent' many railroad accidents consists of a fusible knob attached to the ends of car axles, to drop down and complete on electric circuit, thus giving an auarra to the engineer whenever a hot box occurs on a car. Screw propellers are to be used in- Btead of rudders for stearing a ship, a shaft being mounted in either the bow or stern ol the vessel at right angles •with the keel and fitted with propeller wieels on each end, to be revolved and draw the boat around. To minimize the danger of fracture cf lamp chimneys a new burner has a plate in which the chimney rests and s clamped fast with a screw, which 1» ightened when the 'amp is lighted, so hat sudden change of temperature will not break the chimney. Bedsteads for army and camping usi ar^ made with four upright posts rest- tag on the ground and supporting cross pieces, over which a canvas bottom it drawn and suspended by the loops, th« bed being braced <by ropes fastened to driven in tie ground. LOQAN8POKT •O. *A8T BOUND. I S f and Boston llm (tolly) 8:33 a. n Fait mall (dally) _ 9:48 a, a Atlantic Kx.dally except 8un_ 4:55 p. n: wmsi BOOKD. Pacific Kx-, dally except Sund»y.JO:l»«. n Kansas City Kxpre»« (dally) 2:40 p. n I Fait Mall (dally) 8:13 p, or I It. Loul« Limited (dally) 10:34 p. n ML arrrnn nrnnoH, TUBTIIDI, LO4UXIPOBZ AKD CHILI. W*8T mOUHD. •o. 16. -Arrives-— - 8:30 a. Ho. IT—..,_.....,_...Ajrive»_. S;SO p. BA8T BOUND. Mo. M ...«,._L«ave» ...._9;06 », »o.»4 Leave* S:« t>. tt VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. SS, 1S»7. Tv«l*» l<e»v« I*cam*p»rt, ladlua. FOR THE NORTH Mo. B 10:38 a. m. lf». 8 ~ — « S:Si! p, m, FOR THE SOUTH. Ko. 21 « -7:05 a. m. Mo. » - *:25p. m. tar complete Time Card, giving: all trains Mid nation*, and for full Information at to rate*, through oars, etc.. address }. C, KDonroRia, agvnt, Logangport, or B t. FORD. General Passenger Agent, 8t. Lou'j. Mo. 8c Time Table, Peru. Ind. Uolld train* between Peorifc and Sftndusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connection* to Mid from all points in t&e United •tatM and Canada. AJUUVB BOITTH BOrJSU DTP ART No U Indianapolis Sip dailj 7:10 a m U:»tmNo3S " Mail * Krp_ll:38 a m (daJIy ezcapt Sunday) , No S5 Indpl't Kxp ex 3un.._ $ :2S p m •:1» p • No » PM»«n»er ezeept Sun No 151 RoohMt«r local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, WORTH »OU!»D. »:• p B Ho M Di>troh Kip No 160 Acoom except Sun... 1:4$ • n •DoM not run BOrth o •• P»ru on Sunday. tot ttokm T«ttt •nd t i"o«ral Infonution'Mll ~ ~ Iktanw, ticket fcfeut, L. 1. A W. ...orO.*. Because Tvltfiout her as an incentive he vould grow lazy; there would be no good work done, there would be no noble books written, there would be no divi^* strains of melody. Because, when he is behaving like a fretful boy—and they all do. you know, at Jfanes—with no reason in the world Jor it, woman's soft word, touch, or glance will make him ashamed of himself, as he ought to be. Politics.—"What are we doing for the common good of the community? The men who hold the franchise make our laws and the administration of them and our institutions. They are what the voter makes them. Rev. George W". Mead, Presbyterian New York City. Greed of Gold.—This feverish haste to be rich, this gambling spirit and speculation caa bring us no good. There is no royal road to fortune. Many who have dreamed of gold in the valleys beyond have gone over the hilli to the poor house.—Rev. J. H. Smith, Christian, Chicago. IIL sprrggi—Hello, old man,' I'm awMk ly glad to s»e you out again. I heard that the doctors gave you up. Bowles —Yes. I guess I'd have died if they hadn't.—Cleveland Leader. China tea seems to he quite at a &s- count in LoadGn, it having been sold as low as S c«aU a pound. British grow* tea from India, and Ceylon has tak«a i the plac* which It formerly oecupi«4. j Th« fmct that the Germans art tfct' largest kayer-a O f the photograph* Ol, P*p»nch actresses is confessed by a Pa- j rlsian photo rapher, and the people of j the United States, according to ta« j same authority, rank only third. life is the dressing room; death lifts the curtain and we step out on the eternal stage. The young man who Is afraid to lose his hours, his dimes a»d his honor, is a fish worth catching. Futur* generations will be forced to learn that otntralized wealth in a republic is the nest-egg of revolution. The poor man braving cheerfully tfce waves of adversity, displays more hero- GEMS OF THOUGHT. Behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image. Goethe. We have time enough for the longest duty, but not for the shortest sin.— l>r. Martineau. Let no man think lightly of sin, saying in his heart, "It cannot overtake me."—Buddha. If we must have thorns somewhere, let us wear them on the brow rather than in the heart—Ian Maclaren. It is not enough merely to hinder; we must help; for not helping gener- »lly amounts to hindering.—F. R. Havergal. You must not severely scrutinize the actions of others, unless you have first done your duty yourselves.—Demosthenes. Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forego an advantage,—Disraeli. To smell a turf of fresh earth ts wholesome for the body; no less are the thoughts of mortality cordial to the soul. Earth thou art, to earth thou shall return.—Fuller. PEN POINTS. "We have burned the bridge behind us," said Lem. Quigg of New York Probably to keep Republicans from lumping off the bridge. The Buffalo Times says: "The only objection the News can find to Dr. Diehl is that he is an 'anarchist' and repudiationist.' " That doesn't seem .ike a fair deal. There is a chap out in Nebraska who le said to have been counterfeiting postal cards. The fool did not, per- laps, know that he could take 40-cent lars and purchase a, hundred o them. There is not nearly BO much con eternation in Mexico over the recen all in silver as the goldlte newspapers would have the country believe. The eal consternation is among the gol< fellows because Mexico did not go to a gold monometallic standard. DEMOCRATIC BROADSIDES. Unless the administration hurries up Mid puts a stop to the fighting in Cuba there is a bare possibility that the little island mav tell Uncle Sam to mind his own .business. The old saw that the pen is mightier than the sword is played out The coupon is now mightier than either, especially if it is payable in gold. One-third of all the silver mines ia the world are now owned in London, an3 notwithstanding this fact England proposes to stick to the gold standard. Decatur Republican: "The Iowa silver calamity platform has one or two holes in it, where the planks ac.ve dropped through." The hole in the Iowa platform is nothing when compared to some of the holes in the Republican national platforms. In one or two instances the platforms let the whole narty di-op through. Decatur Republican: "For Sale—Two. articles, one four years old, the otiei only one year old; Cleveland's free raw material and Bryan's Cross of Gold. These articles were both manufactured In Chicago and may be examined a the Democratic museum." How will you trade them for th bimetallic planks in the various na tional Republican platforms since 1S92 Times: "Some persons a.ppear to for set that the price of bar silver has no the slightest effect upon the purchasing quality of the United States silver dol lar, which purchases anything that a gold dollar will buy." K«ep still! Do you want to scare ths old hen off her -nest? Let the gnld bugs continue to sit on their addict eggs a short time longer, and they wil. come off without the least bit of trouble. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER Alaska Gold Dust is hard to get. Fairbank's GOLD is sold evervwhere. **-. _ It Cleans Everything MADE OXLY BY T'KE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. St. Louis. Xew York. Boston. Philadelphia. Encouraged. News of better conditions in an Industry which has been at a low ebb in a. wage way for a long period is always extremely gratifying to all the frienda irf the laboring classes. Such appears to be the ^ase with the iron molders, says the Cincinnati Comnercial Tribune. For yeaxe the wages of these mea have dropped from one of the highest to one of the lowest points in the skilled labor world. This has been due partly to the constant improvement of methods, but principally to the lack of good organization. If the molders had stood together their .-raftsmen would not have had to wor -it a $12 a weels rate, as many have ^ .e and as maaj hundreds are doing to-day. Two recent advances in moldersr wages are citbd as instances of the better conditions likely to prevail in the rraft. Some five weeks ago the Haney School Seating Company of. Grand Rapids, Mich., gave notice of a. ten per oent reduction on molding prices. This the men refused to accept and declared the shop closed. Overtures were later made by the company looking to a compromise, but the men remained firm with the result that the demand has leen withdrawn and the men put to •vork at the old prices. Also, a few clays ago, the molders employed by the Au- jurn Stove Company, Auburn, Me., scored a success by securing an ad- •ance of ten per cent on cook stoves H-nd making it a strictly union shop. ASOUT THE HOUSE. When melting glue for use it is a rood plan to add a little finely powdered chalk to it This will greatly augment its strength. If milk hoils over onto the stove a Tery unpleasant smell is the result. This may be «ured by sprinkling a little common salt on the stove. When flower vases are stained they should be washed with vinegar mixed irith very hot water, or ammonia may •be used instead of the vinegar. A frying pan, however soiled, may i )6 rendered beautifully bright if it be I cleaned with ammonia. Make a strong. ' solution of ammonia and water and lee the pan sosi in it for several min- j tites. John Howells, Eon of the novelist, • William Dean Howells, recently receiv- ! ed a diploma in architecture from a ! Paris institution, where he has been t student five years. It. is reported that Verdi has intrust- «d to his friend, Boito, a box containing the score of a new opera, entirely completed, but that the.box is not to be opened, nor its coatcats Investigated until after tie Italian composer's death. Brigands In ths .Roman Campagna have no luck; they held np Princo Inn than Bonaparte oa tie field of Aus- Francesco Borghese, duke of Bomaxzo. * lld nis as^nt recently, but the two h*4 only )~ betwe*u th»m. Two years ago, trtti Is a pxrf field for enterprising lrhen tDe duke ot Sase-^reiningen m«tnp»p«r awn. There are twenty-tine j ™*** 1 , *>« **& J^ flO on &is person. towae to the stats Tarring in popala- In a recent interriew J«an de Ressks tton frwn 1.MO to 3,000 th»t hare no I told & funny gtory of ho-w WB brother NlM county seats In Oi« itate want to sleep daring 'th» ' *t §ay*euih, anj boy Tn« smallest nummin-g bird weighs :0 grains. Since tha establishment of a cremation society in France 20,000 bodies have been incinerated in Paris. One of the highest shot towers In the world Is to be found at Villach in Corinthia, where there Is a fail ot 249 feet. In all the world there is in coin 716,521,000 pounds of gold, 808,540,000 pounds of silver and 321,000,000 pounds* of coDDer. An immenie gray eagle fluttered Ita broad wings over a farm near YounfffitowB, Ohio, and then suddenly rwooped down upon the three-year-old ohild of Samuel Jackson. The bird •ank Its talone into the child, and was atte«ttptlnir to carry it off when the farm h*n4a drove away the eagle with clubt. An Ivory ftcd silver statuette wa« stolen from »n art exhibition in Buda, Hungary, and the nest day the pawn ticket fcr It was received at the art rooms. Ttie statuette had not been missed, and the secretary, on. going to WORTH READING. Excursion, ticfcets for dogs are now issued by two English, railroads. A peacih 13% inches in circumference was raised in MeMinn. county Tennessee, this »esL8on. Count Tolstoi's domwtic life Is b«- in£ written up by one of his former 1 «ervants, a man named Stiepan. Cntil August S, Grand Sole, La,, tad ted but two showers sin<ie April 14. Wells had gone dry and vegetatioa was withering. His wife having drunk thirty gallons of v/ine which he had stored In tho cellar for himself, ac Abilene (Ka«.) man brought suit for divorce. Muskegon, Mich,, is fast becoming'a turtle-shipping ceater. A consignment of TOO pounds of turtles was recently *hirped from that place to tiir city. English suicides take naturally tt tanging. A woman at Teignmoutb bag added variety to this meUuxI by hanging herself on her own front doof knocker. Mrs. A.—Is it true that your son holds the appointment of warder in. a Jail? Mrs. B.—Yes; but only criminals «f good families are imprisoned th.er». —Tit-Bits. On-e of Wichita's leading physicians IB liable to be called to active service In the German ar»y in case of an emergency. He is on a. life furlough from the army. Black, blue and red ink used to German public schools has been found to contain microbes. When scientifically developed, they prove fatal to mica within four days. One of tiae visitors to the Tennessee Centennial was a Rutherford county man, eighty-one years old, who, until his trip to the Nashville exposition., had never been on a railroad train.. Since tht existence of countless lions of infinitesimal organisms is an admitted fact, the lay mind has fallen Into the habit of calling everything in the way of bacilli, bacteria and microbes emissaries of evil. It. was by the merest accident that the existence of benevolent bacteria was made known, and now these critics find, to ir astonishment, that there may b« quite as many good bacilli as bad. Indeed, the good ones are credited with *ustainiug life as well as prolonging it; of keeping us in good health, and making mere existence a pleasure when normal conditions prevail. A aborntory presided over by graduate* Of the Boston Institute ot Technology s now engaged in cultivating the baa- • :eria of «ream. A certain quantity ot these organisms is put into the mllb. whereupon the cream rises and goes through all of the processes nece'ssary 'or ths production of perfect butter. f eheese is to be produced there ir, a :ultu.re specially for this purpose. So well satisfied were the projectors of the plan of the feasibilty of their undertaking that they are equipping their laboratory with every accessary appliance aif-d providing In every way for the successful carrying out of the ex- fceriment. Lars Kike, who died not long ago A Norway, was the last Norwegian vet- 'irun of the war of 1814 between Norway and Sweden. By actual count 10,000 people between July 1 and August 28 left the Pacific coa«t for the gold fields of Ala* ka and the Klondike region. The number of railway passengera carried by British roads in 1896 wat MISCELLANY. The cathedral of Rouen, Franfl% boasts a clock that has kept time Ml BOO years. The sal« of ice cream by Italians la the streets of London is said to yielJ a profit of 700 per cent. A. Waterrtlie (Me.) man Is report** blind as th« result of swallowing * piece of tob?.cco he was chewing. Sweden exported In 1896 wood wortM 118,000,000 crowns, iron an* st*el worth 6,600,000, tools and machinwm worth 6,500,000. The Greenwood correspondent of • Maine paper says: "A day or two afa Horace Judkins lost a cow by being jored in the pasture." When metal Is Intensely cold U •eemB to burn the hand, and a Hungarian has undertaken to cook foo4 with sixty degrees of frost Among the 4,900,000 inhabitants thai Sweden had in 1S90 there were onljl 1,340 Catholics and 3,102 Jews. Thf number of German residents was 4.06*' 1897 OCTOBER. Su. 3 10 17 24 31 Mo. 4 11 18 25 Tu. 5 12 19 26 We. 6 13 20 27 Th. 7 14 21 28 Fr. 1 8 15 22 29 Sa. 2 A 16 23 30 . ,-i ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' ; Excursion. Ticket Agents of the. Fenn«rlv«ni» Hat* •will furnish information wwnrdlnft Home- Seekers' Excursions to various points In tb« Northwest, West. Southwest and South. It will pay to Invef ttp:*te if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Lin* Ticket Ag-ent, pr uddrew W. W. ftjchirdion Dial rictPsBfen gtr At mi, Indian u<,i:t,lLd «T VJlTi "*"='-"*•"" E " 1U6 ^ 620,000,000, or more than double th« the pedestal, was amazed to see on it nnmh ' ',^. |T , 1B7 ._,,,„„„ a card bearing these words: tor a day or two. 01 "Stolen ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by these Little Pills. They also relicTC Distress from Dyspepsia, indigestion and Too Hearty .Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Dnnrxt- i, Bad Taste in the Month, Coated Tonpw Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVES.. They Regulate the Bowels, fazdf Vegetable. •nrall PHI. Small number carried in 1874—447.000. The <eed vessels of -wild peas and when dry, open and cur] np with a sudden snap which expelt the fieede sometimes to a distance <,t 12 to ZO feet Indications of this h&blt »re seen la the cultivated varieties, th« seedpods of which often curl with a map -when opened. Grand Duke Paul of Russia Is go tall that no ho-el bed is long enough for his comfort, and he has one bailt la sections, whl. h he carries with his luggage everywhere. The bed Is put np by a special mechanic, under the fuperintendence of the royal T*Jet, wherever the grand dnke foes. A miscroscoplc examination of mother of pearl Shows the shell to be made np of very fine lines so closely put to- gettier that the white light is brokan up into its prismatic colors, and we got the so-called "play ot tolon." Taking a careful cast of «nch a ck«ll the wax oast will yield t&e game prismatic effects. SHERIFF'S SALE. THOMAS A. SPRY VS. JOSEPH IT. JOHI8. ET. AL. By virtue cf a judgment and decree and order of sale Issued on a Judgment rendered in the Cats Circuit court, of Indiana, on tb» S3d nay of September. 1897, and to me directed by the clerk of paid court, I will offer for lale, at public auction and outcry, to the highest bidder, at the door of the court house. In Logansport, Cass county, Indiana, on Saturday, tbe 2Sd Day of October, 1897, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. of eald day, the renu and profit* fora term not exceeding seven yen™, of tbe following described real estate, situated In Cass county, in Uieetate of Indiana, to-wlt: Lot number ninety-two (92) in John F. Jobn- eon'u Hivergiae addit on to the city ot Logtnf- port. in Case county, in the sts-'e of Indiana. And in case the rents and profit* fail to bring the amount demand to to *ati*fy the judgment and decree aforesaid with interest and cost*. together with all accruing costs, I wilj at the game time and place, and in like manner a* aforoiald, offer for Bale at public auction and outcry to the highest bidder, all the right, title. Interest ana estate In fee simole of .lo'eph W. Jones, JoJio MyerJda J. Jones And Abraham Jj. Jones, In the abore described real egtnte. or to iDUcb aud fuch part thereof a« may be neoe«- eary to satisfy tie Jadffzaent and decree aforesaid, which is In favor of Tboroa* A. Spry, and ac-.lnet Joseph W. Jones, John M) er, Ida J. JontB and Abraham L. Jones. Said real estate will be sold without relief from valuation or appraisement lawg of tha State of Indiana. CHARLES W. HomuJRO. 'Sheriff of Ca««County, Indiana. Charles E Taber. Attorney for Plaintiff. September 28,1897. MoUier—^W«E. Botby, m*t aow did you bdtara at th« partyf Bobby—^Ob. mummy, I didn't fetter* •t til. I wu folte —THE— WABASH "California;Flyer." Quickest and best terriee to CAUFCKBI4 11 now offered by th« Wabaah BaUrotd, if eoo- nected with the AtcolK».iTop«lai A flantm f% Ballway. VMtibnlM tloeplnc can ttnwgli to Lot AncelM wltiout ohanfw, naktev tonmtr- one boon better time from Bt. Ixrnii thaa mar other Uz>«, and oamfpaadtog' Oat- tmm ottar rorpartleoJanwrttntoany W ««««, or to C. S. Orana. IO«iMna wd TtekM A|«nt. M. JUmM, M*.

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