The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1948
Page 7
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,Vs t , T TEN BLYTHEVILLg '(AKK.)' COURIER NEWS : > \ !•; ! V FRIDAY, 'APRIL 80- Ifl« arm ers Just received shipment-of APEX WASHERS $139.95 E. B. GEE SALES CO. 117 N. Second Sf. Phone 2026 We have other types KeystoneHybrid Corn, White & Yellow, Early & Medium Late, Small A-l-ar^e Stalk, suited to any type spil. Abo all popular Varieties Sovb*»ng. Alfalfa, and other field seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. . 856 —Phones— 857 n. M pays to buy M* aw bet Drab walls and woodworfc'reflwt adversely upon you and your family. Freshly painted rooms induce cheerful reactions. . , Double your, enjoyment of home by crpating an atmosphere of charm with a bright new color scheme. Cheerful rooms make cheerful people. Bg Wiac^-Specify... No. i of VANE-CALVERT PAINTS E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 Truest Ash Sf. Phone 551 loan • Is Elliott Johns, Prop'.'' FOR REFRESHMENT AT ANY TIME! Our Restaurant Has Been Redecorated For Your Comfort 'JOHNS CAFE 409 West Main Weed Killer Test is Arranged On Two 10-Acre Tracts West of Blytheville by Missco Farmers Two new kinds of weed killer which show promiso In weed control in the production of both cotton and soybeans will be tested on separate 10-acre plots on the K D Hughes farm West of Blytheville on the Air Base road, it' wa s announced today by County A^ent Keith Bilbrev The weed killer teal will be made • by the Standard Agriculture Chemicals Inc., producers, and the County Extension Service, through the cooperation of Mr. Hughes, Mr. Bll- urey stated. The two chemicals, Sinox and Sluox General, were tested Jor the first time at the Federal Cotton Experiment Station In Stoneville, Miss., last year and lh« use of the weed killers In the production of -.,^0.,^^,, mo .j>ijr.-ju soybeans and cotton Is still in the —Dave Lauderdalo, instructor of experimental stage. The chemicals Ihe veterans agriculture class under have Ijccn used extensively In thc UicGl training program announced flax producing regions of the nat- Ihls week [hat the class lias coin- ion, Mr. Bilbrey stated, and were plctcd plans -for a corn' growln" found lo be quite effective in the project on the farm of Hurry control of grass an'd weeds In those Fcathcrstonc Southwest of earn- Corn Growing Contest for GIs Planned CARUTHER6VILLE, Mo., Apr. 30 areas. He said thai lest was merely futhcr experiment to determine to financed by prize money won by ' - • • •• members of the class (or an exhibit In thc American Legion Fair :as(. year. The class will pay cash rent for a measured one-acre plot on the Fcathcrstono farm. The purpose o( the project Is to prove the value of the training which the class Is receiving <Iur- I i what extent the new weed killers control grass and weeds In cotton. According to results or previous test In Stonevllle, Mr. Bil- broy explained, it Is believed that by using the two new chemical* on freshly planted cotton, chopping and plowing-m»y b« •llmln«t*d between planting time and the time that the cotton gets large enough for flame cultivation. It Is hoped that this test will determine this fact, he said. The chemicals are applied to a field from one to three days after planting, Mr. Bilbrey explained Theoretically, the cotton comes up and grows normally and the weeds and grass are killed for a period of from four to six weeks. 'During this time the beds or drills arc not disturbed, thus eliminating chopping and plowing during Ihe cnrly stage of cotton. Sinox and Sinox General cannot be applied to cotton and soy- Ing Its course of instruction. The one-acre plot will be treated with approximately 1400 pounds of fertilizer and ammonia nitrate. The seed corn for the project will be furnished by Lyman Reed of tfie Missouri Soybean Company of Caruthersvllle. An accurate account will be kept of the project during the growing season and when the corn Is harvested next Fall, It will be weighed and a record made of the results of the project. beans after th gnu to come up plants have he said. The two plots chosen as lest sites ore located Immediately North of the Maple Grove Cemetery on the Western edge of Blylhcvtlle. The plots will be sprayed with the weed- killing chemicals within the next few days and an accurate record will be kept during the six-week test. Lorrey .Appoints Reed As Pulaski Chancellor LITTLE ROCK, April 30. (UP) — Gov. Ben Laney yesterday announced tho appointment of Little Rock attorney Murray O. Reed as chancellor of Pulixsl:! County's stonn- lossed Domestic Relations Court. A former assistant attorney general, Heed will serve until his successor is elected and qualified for office'next January. The ix>ft wns vacated when the Arkansas SupKme Court ruled that (he I94T legislature had no authority to appoint Mrs. Ruth Hale as chancellor at the time it created the court. Meanwhile, the court headed toward another sup.^..., court test after Mrs. Hale amiounc scope to Pulaski County. Striking Meat Workers Face Loss of Jobs CHICAGO, April 30. (UP)—Wilson and Company yesterday threatened to replace an employes who thersvllle. The coin growing project will be New and Old Secretary of Commerce W. Averell Harrlmnn, Iclt, named by President Truman to be'"roving ambassador" for the European Recovery Pro-rain us he appeared nt the White House with hts successor-designate, Charles Sawyer, Cincinnati lawyer and former U. S, Ambassador to Belgium —(NBA Tclcphoto). 4-H Field Crops Contest to Help Foocl Situation With domestic food consumption increasing yearly, together with continued demands for foreign aid, 4-H Club members are detcrmin- lltion of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, nnd the ., transcript of the proceedings in thc matter of thc annexation of certain contiguous territory to the city of Blytheville, Arkansas, and the re-establishing of the boundary lines of the said city. The territory to te annexed being all of the territory lying between the present boundary line of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, and the boundary Jlnc us hereinafter set forth, towlt- Proposed City Limits Extended . Blythcvilic, Ark. Begin 30 feet due smith and 40 chic east of. the' southeast corner of section 15, ..TlSn-RiiE; thence proceed due north along a line 40 feet east of and parellel to thc section line between sections 14 and 15, T15N-R11E, to the southwest corner of Vnll's 2tut Addition; thence east along the south lino of Vall's 2nd Addition, to the southeast corner of said addition; thence heart of the international union's efforts to o|>crata outside certain sections o( the Taft-Hartley Act In Its dealings with the nation's newspaper publishers. north along (he east line of said addition to the south line of Ash Street carved out of thence east ed to. help keep America's basket" filled. "bread 25th day of Ufay, 1948, as the dale for a hearing on fiald petition and all Interested persons are now notified to be present in said Court on the date so fixed. Given this 22nd day of April, 1948. PERCY A. WRIGHT, .,. , City AltornejSfc r T. J. CROWDER, T Special Counsel. 4;23-30-5j7 FOR SALE: Stonevillc 2B Cottonseed, First year from foundation seed. Delinred and Ceresan treated. High germination. E. B, GEE SALES CO. 117 N. Second St. parallel to saitl t:, section line to a point 30 feet west of the north' and south V, -section line of section fl, T15N-R11E; thence south along a line 30 feet west of and parallel to salct 14 section line, to a point at the intersection of said '/-'. section line with the right-of-way line of the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad; thence west along the right-of-way line of sale)- railroad to a curve in the railroad; thence continue around the curve on the north and west right-of-way 'line Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto LOANS Kxisllngr Homes * or buying-, refinancing, building:, remodeling -Farm lands and Auto Joans. Quick Sen-Ice. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 10(i S. 1st—Injjram lildg.—Ground Floor Phone 510 A. F. "Dee" Wefrjch, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" of said .railroad; thence continue south along the west right-of-way 1-or this specific purpose, approx- Mine of said railroad to a point liO imately 20o thousand farm youth feet north of the .south section line are IiKniB part in thc 1048 Nation- of section 8, T15N-R11E; thence west 450 -feet north of and parallel | to said section line, to the center of ' a drainage canal known as Pemis- I cot. Bayou Ditch Number 'it; thence'! south and west along the center- I line of said drainage canal to a ' point at the intersection of the i nl 4-H Field Uro|)s awards program. The program is designed to help 4- H'eis acquire a better knowledge and develop skills in approved farming practices thHt will serve to increase production of food, feed and fiber crops. The farming practices include careful selection of seed and most proficient, use of land ami available farm machinery. Lyman 3. Hcnson of Armorcl won top honors in (he Arkansas contest last year and as a reward received all-expense trips to the state 4-H Club Camp at the University ot Arkansas in Fayctteville and to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago. Fifty-six county winners of the slate rccclv6cl medals. Awards for superior 4-K crop production records provided again this year by International Harvester Company are county medals, a -Chicago 4-H Club Congress trip for thc state wuiiuT, and S200.00 Fowler McConmck scholarships for tia- the addition; thence cast along me .ppcared sollth u "e of Ash Street to a point supreme 30 f<xi ensL ot thc '•* section line ,,„... „ „.-»., ,,,L» mio. imi c nmiounc- section 14, T15N-R11K; thence cd she would attempt to limit its nortlx along a line 30 feet east of scope to Pulaski County nn<1 P ar eUel to said V. seclion line tp a point 30 feet north o; the sec tion line between sections 11 and 14. T15N-R11E; thence west along a line 30 feet north of and parallel to said section line lo n point .TO feet enst of (lie section Slue b"e- tween sections 10 11. T15N- tlience north along a line 30 continue to participate in thc na tionwtdc meat strike —•—~ *" .**" i«;i m a*uu In a form letter, thc firm warned scctlon line to i point ?0 feet north Its striking workors that "any em- 9! LLVLJ' 1 sc c' 10 " !i nc of scctlon ployc who lias not returned to work by Monday.takes the risk of hav ing his Job filled by a new employe. 1 A Wilson spokesman said about 3,000 are on strike in Chicago alone The 3,000 presumably would be lia- feet east of the parralel to said 10. T15N-R1IE; thence west along a line 30 feet north of the parallel to said '•! section line to a point 30 Jcet cast of the north and south section line of section 10 T15N- tional champions. This is the fourth consecutive year of the program, which is supervised by the Extension Service. County extension agents will furnish complete information. fect north of and parallel to Jhe east and west V.. section line of section 10, T15N-RUE, to n poillx 400 feet east of the section line between sections 9 and 10, T15N-R11E; thence north along a line 400 Icct cast of and parallel to said section line to a point 30 feel north ot the section line between sections 10 and 3, T15N-R11E; thence west along a line 30 feet, north of and parallel to thc-said section line and continue west on thc same line so feet north of and parallel to the section line between .sections 4 antl ». T-15N-K11E. to n point 30 feet west of ihe east ! i .section line of section 4. T15N-R11E; thence south along a line 30 fnel west of and parallel to_said 'i section line and continue soiilh along the same line 30 feet west of and parallel to the east U section line of section north and south ',', section line ' of seclion 17. T15N-R11B; thence south along the said ',; section line to a point 515 feet due north of the center of section 17, T15N- RllE; thence west along a line 515 feet north of and parallel to the east and west i.: section line of section 17, T15N-R11E, to ;i point at the Intersection cf said line with the west Vi section line of said section; thence south alcpg said 'i section line to the soii'Bi line" of Alabama Street, in West End Addition; thence cast along thc south line of Alabama Street to the !i section line of section 17 ( "Vi5N- RllE; tlicncc continue east on the same line to a point on a i!ne with the west end of peabody Avenue, In the re-plat of Pride and Gateway Subdivision,' which is 300 feet west of thc West line (if Harrison Street In said sub-division;' thence south on a line 300 feet west of and parallel to the west line of Harrison Street, to a point 30 foot south of thc south section line of section 17, TI5N-R11E; thence east along a line 30 feet south of and parallel to the south section lines of sections 17. 10 and 15, T15N- R11E, to a point 30 feet, south of and 40 feet east of the southeast corner of section 15, T15N-R11E, which is the point of beginning. A plat of said territory to be annexed is on tile with said petition in Ihe office of the Clerk of said Court, and thc undersigned has been named by thle petitioner as the pe]-son s authorized to act for It in the premises. The Court aforesaid has Jixcd the FARMERS AGREE IT'S THE TRACTOR FOR FASTER FARMING , The 3,000 presumably would be ]ia- R11E ^ 'hence north along a line 30 9, T15N-R11E. to a point 30 feet ble to lose their Job.? if they do not CR5 '' ot allcl P arnl 'el to said ','• I north ot the '1 section line of sec- return Monday. The company, said' scc " llc Ior a distance of 300 ! lion 9, T15N-RUE: thence west 400 union members In Chicago arc ' l " cncc lv "5t. along a line 330 1 atoni; a line 30 feet north of and not striking. " not striking. Cnunty Court, Chkkasawba District. Jlisslisippl County, Arkanja.l CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Ex-Parte - Petitioner. In the matter of the proposed annexation to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, of certain contiguous territory and the re-establishing ot thc boundary lines or the salt! city. NOTICE OF HEARING Notice is hereby given that there ha.i been filed In the County Court , for the Chlekasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, » pe- Soybean Recleaning ' , Let us reclean your soybeans. Our new modern cleaner double cleans, removes splits, faulty beans, dirt, trash, weed seqds, for better germination and purity. Blytheville Soybean Corp, Phon«S56 1800 W. Main St. Phone 857 _ / Soybeans Have Your Beans (leaned i Before Planting! Our Cleaner Removes * All Grass and Weed Seed Doyle Henderson Soybean Company Highway 61 So. Phone 2860 protects crops from cultivation damage • PROTECTS YOUNG PLANTS • SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • INCREASES ACRE YIELD The only perforated gujni Tin aflj- bt« mwlcl incior cultivator. Speed cf tricror £ii\rrm ,immmr of dirt poing tliioiifch hole*, pi/;' clearance v,hcn miint; on ground. Guard do«s not permit lump* or rubbish 10 gci 'iivar piarn, Ci\c% f.isier. better cultivation of torn, potatoes, cot; on, tomatoes, cibiufcc, tobacco, soy beans. Your Local Deoler Implement Company North 61 K St. Phone 21-12 Yes, Ford Tractor owners say (hey arc getting more work done . . , and more easily . , . than ever before. Triple-Quick Attaching of implements. Hydraulic Touch Control. Improved brakes and steering. These, and many other, Ford advantages help you mako farming go faster. See us for a demonstration of Ihe new Ford Tractor and Dearborn Implements, .and for paris and seivice for all Ford Tractors. ' " Russell Phillips Tractor Co. S. Division Sr. Phone 2171 Big Pullets *—' s • ' i every bag of I PURINA GROWENA. * Yes, ihere'3 enough oi 819 -vital food essen- 1 lials, all properly balanced, in every bag o! Purina Growena lo raise 6 big pullets Iroin Ihe time they go oH Purina Startena until, they're ready lo lay. Growena is a complete growing ration. Grows pullets big, thrifty, unilorrp in size. Purina Growing Chow balances Y°ur<jrain. A bag with grain will grow 12 big pullets. We say—it pays to grow 'em right! PULUT WORMiR .—Woim pullets IOT largo roundworms til 10-12 weeks. Use, Purina Chek-H-Ton, It's elteclwe.shocWess. easy. Ju si mix Chck-R- Ton in the masK. PURINA CHICK L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY Block Sovth o* Depot

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