The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
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6y tfie .I/nited Press ^^^HUf*^^^^^^^w' ^•^V^04PVH"*fllP^BP B ^B'^^V *«»^^^*^W ** ^tf ~ *^B**(ft BIX1HEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 150 Blytlievltlc Dmlly, Neva. BlytbevUl* Oouta. Ml&nlMlppt V»Ucy Uader. BIytheTtU* Herald. BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SKITKMUKK II, I'm SINGLE COPIES • ' CUBAN OFFICERS PLAN COUNTER Gets 10 Years for Steele Bank Robbery • nlini 11 H OTIII OH I • i i r^ <* H *» i h « • « » • /"-!•• in * \ 1 n^^i«»»Bk •«**•»**««« Uncle Sarn's Mifihly Mississippi Sails For (luba GUILT! IN ''Two Other Alleged Coa-j spirators Have Not Yet [ • . Stood Trial. ,;' GARUTHERSVn.LE. Mo.—Arvey Hastings was found guilty of con- i fplr'acy to rob in the M.OOQ Bank of Steele holdup July n, by al jury Iiere this morning which fix-1 fn Hastings' punishment at 10. years in the state prison. 5. The case went to the jury late, jast night and the verdict was re-, turned shortly after the jurors reported to the court this morning. Raymond Michle, accused with Hastings, and. Lib Matthews, the lormer deputy sheriff, whose evidence was the principal part of the state's case, are yet to face 'trial. Matthews will probably plead guilty. Hastings, Michie and Matthews are alleged to have plotted the robbery and to have arranged for ' its actual commission by two Illinois gangsters who have not been apprehended. SEEIEflftR FLASHES HAI.K AT WAGE BOOST WASHINOTON, (IIP)—AUba- nit lillunilnotu coal operators In- lormrd . Ktcovrry Adminlrttator Jflliusim today (but the ,NKA code fur Die Indiutry'coaU Mil be arceptrd by the (ravp primarily IKOUK of Increusra. ' I II Situation In South End Called Sermusr Some] Damage in North'. HITS COTTON GIN font: ATLANTA, (UP)—<lov. Emene Tdmadie Udiy voiced a prulflt at tlif propottd cotton (Innlnr code to be utcldfd upon it a jnntlnf in Memphl* Monday, I claimlnf Ihe code wvuld «i« the coit of finning to . southern PLEDGE SEWS GESPEQES Will 'Attack Palacejf Junta J | Refuses to Surrender Power. All spick anil span and ready lor ac'.ion, Uncle Sara's mighty battleship Mississippi, which has :just been modernized, Is shown here as she Killed from Norfolk. Va.,- for revolution-torn Cuba. Tho Mississippi carries a main battery of 14-luch guns, and during thB mod- ernl/ntlon process she was equipped with new mails, bridges and machinery, in addition to other extensive Improvements and changes. ' ~ The ship was built In 1917 Standard Oil Dealers in Meeting at Noble Mississippi county dealers and' employes of the Standard Oil Company of Louisiana and a num- rei of guests were entertained by ihe company last night at the Hotel Noble with an educational Program and demonstration, fol- •••.r«.»v.*_-.-*; , ^ •. • . L. '. ^. ^" .-. BEER VIUINS Judge Imposes Small Penalties on Those Buying Licenses. ;ri this territory,- presided at the •riveting at which talks were made .r-y heads of the state sales organization.' A moving picture, chewing tests of Standard Oil products/was shown, and an actual demonstration of the antiknock properties of the . companies gasoline was made with a test motor in charae of a representative of th? Kthyl corporation. Texas Steamer Long Overdue at Galveston HOUSTON, Tex.. Sept. 9. (UP) — More than 48 hours overdue from Philadelphia, the coasta steamer City of Dallas today was Small fines were assessed against Blytheville beer retailers y.hp'had. failed ;to pay .the..$15 " {irlvii£e- iteense in- municipal 6'u'rt yesterday 'afternoon. W. H. Westbrook was fined three (iollars, Elliott Johns was fined three dollars end the Thornton company "was fined three Oollars. ' Earl Harvey, manager ot the Nickel;Lunch, was fined two dollars. All were required to se- Ciire licenses. No fine - w as assessed against ihn Hotel Noble at the .time; Dill ijplan, manager, explaining that matters regarding issuance of rtbte permit had prevented his securing the. city license- althougl he had offered to do so. The case T .vas continued. At least one or two others ol the group fined declared they hat offered to pay the city license bir Flood Threat in Lower Rio Grande Is Passed; RIO GRANDE CITY, Tex., Sept. 9 (UP)— With the crest of the latest Rio Grande rise safely handled by new floodways, the lower valley resumed hurricane relief work today. Reports of four additional deaths sent the official toll of the gulf hurricane to 28. iu this vicinity. Red Cross workers continued to distribute food and medicine '". at headquarters. Iu Harllngen. ' Although the'- river was falling rapidly, .100 " , . . "Upl . the. .levees'/ under orders o Mayor ' John W. Ewing of McAl- UUici \_-itv ui uaiiun vuuuj n cij .- - cause of deep concern to its " :al the. city clerk had refused to G".vners, the Southern Steamship company. Company pilots, maintaining a 24-hour lookout at Galveston, re- IXirted the vessel had not crossed the bar. The ship sailed from Philadelphia last Saturday and \\ns due here at daylight Thursday. The ship, manned by n crew of ?l, was rrjulppod with wireless but rarried no operator when it left Philadelphia. Captain A. Svcn- ^on. the company's oldest skipper, wos in command. SUSPECTS HELD One .Wounded in Gun Battie With Officers Michigan Station. at their payments until thej Exhibited a state permit as required by city ordinance. Judge Cunningham held that under the circumstances nil they could have would been to have stopped selling bm until n state permit could be exhibited to the city clerk and that in continuing to operate they iverc violating the i-ily ordinance. Case of Liberty Cash' Grocers, J :ilso accused of .selling beer without a city privilege licence, was continued until' Tuesday. The loc:\l manager of the store explaln- Pilots and Mechanics of Three Craft Save Lives With Parachutes. .NEW YORK. Sept. 9 (UP) — Lost, for hours in fog over New York, a flight of seven army planes ended today with three ships wrecked along the eastern seaboard and another saved by a forced landing. 1 Three reached ground normally. LAKE CITY; Mich., Sept. 9 (UP) 7-Two maii robbery suspects,, one -' '"- -'-- -'ticallv^wounded,. .wens _ iy~ afteiv a gun batUe/ A third man escaped but also may have been shot. The wounded man, taken to Lake City hospital where he .is believed dying, was not' identified. The other prisoner gave his name as R. Peterson, of Rockford, 111. Two suspects, were trapped in the baggage room of the railroad station. . The wounded man was one of tlie pair. The battle occurred when they Iried to shoot their way to freedom. Peterson was captured when lw attempted to escape in a sedan which he-had parked outside the railroad station, and -in which he had been waiting for Cobb Urges Farmers to Attend Hearings Col tun growers ore urged to nUenii the public hearings on projKxscd codes for the cotton ginning and cottonseed crush, lug industries which will be held at Memphis,, next week in telegram received today by C. G. Smith from- C. A. Cobb chief of the cottoiv section ol the Agricultural ^'Adjustrhent A.dminltsartlon. . i. .';, - ; \ • Mr»- Cobb'E-;t«l*iranf*.toll6fc»: •'"Very desirable for'fiiimoero! farmers to attend' hearing on glnncrs code at Peabod; r hole September 11 and cottonseet crushers code same place Sep tember 12. ':..-, : ' "C. A. Cobb ' . •• "Chief of Cotton Section.'! OSi-EOl.A. Ark.—A combination f boll weevil infestation and ilom- 56 from tile excessive rains of the ast three weeks threatens in.iler-' ally to reduce Mississippi county's] rospecU for a big cotton yield, 111 was said here today by County' Aucnt S. D, Carpenter. Following reports of boll weevil nfestutlon from practicably every cnummlty In the, Osceola district, Mr. Carpenter spent Wednesday and Thursday in a.fleld survey and said today that the Infestation was Krenter than In any year since 1923. Not only arc a hundred per cent of the squares being punctured In many fields, but small bolls are also being punctured, which will result In deformed bolls, Mr. Carpenter said. The boll weevil damage together with the damage from excessive, rain durljig the past three weeks has hurt the crop decidedly and will materially affect the yield, Mr. Carpenter said. Ifii Serious Here J. K. Crllz, local agricultural agent,' fain today that while the boll weevil situation In the Chick- aiawba.dlttrict of the-county was leu serious than it appeared to -be in the Oooeola district, It Is prclb- able that-JnfeataUon h*r* is great| er than is realised by most .farmers. .: • •' •," . /. ' ' He said that he.had.had numerous report thai wcevll s had been found In Chlckasawba district cotton fields and that .while 'It [did not appear.'thaf they-wbtild-piake serjous inroads'into •: the" cropMn this vicinity. It is', possible that .MAY SKKK RECORD WASHINGTON (DP) — Naval ofllrUU were rtporttd today t» be roMUetinc a- iww HM-itop Ctcord fliikt tor a fortnaUtn «' *ia planet, poulbl; ROM the Canal Zone to San Dk|«, Cat, a dktaace ol mote Uiaa '•*** miles. Six naval plunn yeiltrday •iade a oon-itw> formation glfht between Hampton Kuadi, Va., tnd t,tH nllei. Situ, Canal Zone, 25,000,000 Acre Crop Is Goal for Next Yea*; Wallace Announces* • • SEEK HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 9 (VPy— .; The executive committee of tlie ; i evolutionary Junta announced at?.. 2:15 p .m, today, at tho conclusjpi) /,of u Ionic conference, that the ? . translliunul phase of the 'revolu- '. tlon was concluded, and that a |:rcrldt!htl:il government would be set up. . : ..:• HAVANA, sept. 9' (W^TlireV'V" hundred army officers, behind :the guarded walls of Uie Naclonal Ho-' : ,: -I tel, today pledged themselves. ,*?*-' seizure of the presidential palace • and restoration of the de Cespedes'-.i aovernment unless the new revolutionary junta surrenders its power. Tlie junta's threat against -. "ftie.- ; recalcitrant oillcerj, expressed \n, --.. I an ugly display of machine, guru trained 'on the hotel, was withdrawn when the soldiers moved away from the vicinity. Dr.' Horatio Ferrer, who Appear- 1 cd In the hotel to lead the o)ll- ..ccrs, .tofel the United • Press that their decision Is final. ' - r . "•• CHty !• Qilet . ; ' . , , i Cuban opposition to.Amarican Intervention was more pronounced. The executive commllt^:'govern-' merit soujht to prever\t'. r »riy «f -o: cuse' for, it 1 butted, the possibility£ ' pf<rht*Vv^itiph^as an;»rguhwnt'-to .. win the support of national leaders --•• arm? officers. >.•'.' •' .••'..- .'.-: panto .'was'" completely:.normal:r.< to. was perhaps ' eyen more i,calm 1 Hi an' f lij; Uw days *lien .the' Secret ; > ier»lc^ men of Oertrdo- Machado ...v| ruthleMly. maintained- .orter, 'Vet Ihe WASHINGTON, Sepi. 9. (UP)— Secretary of Agriculture announced today the sovt'rprawt had definitely ,declded.,;lb?'gp.!»hiul jrtth a plan to reduee, next'.ytur'* cotton acretce to,! aboui »JX*.000 icrtal • ... ..*; "-" '-•.',5^-.'.•-• ,;; Wallace n! approved by .-.K,r--. It was understood that under — _, .__. _, .... the new plan, which would shelve Secretary of Navy Swanjon aboard '• llie present cotton control pror {an unknown Cuban on'the water- .' the BlUMtion *•»'.- one 1 • utmott . present cotton . control pro- 9 in many ' phasec, a virtual , P«ttffi ^guaranty -.would _: be glvnn l/rbwerj; '•••"'' •'• :,'-,'• '••'. "''.•;•. l/rbwerj; front In a symbol of protest flred a • srrlall. 'calibre pistol at it. The'-'ln"--;'' diariapolis stayed only two hours, proceeding on to Panama.'..:. ; -r H ' -'.'.."r'Fear .P««wUr'Outbreak- r -v!f : An:official statement;/ some conirniunttles. Moat of-tne re-l-iVd""- to' cotton 'p'roduclnJ!'. ciintlesi presidential palace Informed: .thc- ports of weevil Infestatlijrr..have'}' w itri'the 'object of bringing their!public' that.If a'party of officers come from-west of Blylhevllle.. ' I producllon down to approximately landed It would be a fdendly: visit .about. :«,000,000 acres »>» F.w,.,.., .. u . r~~ f -... -.^... are- devoted* to cotton -growing/ '• they ma'y. : cause severe; dam age : In j ;. Production .quptpis. will be ajlot- Urge.Delay In rkkbu t tv.'o-thlrds' of what it was from such as was customary whenever Precautions taken by the railroad after a mall robbery about n week ago frustrated today's attempt. Two pouches were stolen a week ago from the baggage room, awali- llllLt: mH-lll.^* gluujlvj llulllltul*. , , IJT1I1 Parachutes saved the lives of in « an early morning train. Rail- thre<? officers and three enlisted I ™»<l officials detailed special ' . _ . Qnanfc In ffimril th*» clatinn men. One mechanic was rescued from the ocean by -'a yacht. His to guard the station. him down off Cone and Child Named A. T. and T. 128 Anaconda Copper 16 1-4 Bethlehem Steel 37 1-8 Chrysler M 1-8 Cities Service 27-8 General American Tank 37 General Electric M 7-8 General Motors 321-2 International Harvester M 7-8 Montgomery Ward 231-2 New York Central .... M 3-4 Packard ..: 4 7-g Phillips Petroleum ... 10 3-4 Radio 81-4 Simmons Beds 24 1-2 Standard of N. J 40 5-8 Texas Co 27 7-8 U. S. Steel 51 5-8 New York Cotton pa n. cute brought Lont; Island. Tlie seven planes were retu ing to Witchel field,- N. Y., from j Chicago. They had stopped at Pat-1 oSCEOLA. Ark.—Dr. Geo. Cone urn-1 Dental Group Officers Missing Craft 'Reported Seen Last Monday by Quebec Fishermen. CHICAGO, Sept. 9 (UP)-Search for two balloons, missing since they toot off last Saturday in the Gordon Bennett races, centered .today in Port Neuf county. Quebec, Canada, where two fishermen reported sighting t. bag last Monday. The fishermen said a storm came up soon after they saw the balloon, flying low to the north. They be- that his firm had discontinued the sale of beer after only a few liays because of complications surrounding issuance of a state permit. The court declared that the •ale, even tot a few'days, const!-! VJ*.—..- Mnv/ir Ranc tutcd violation of the;'city ordi- Woman Mayor Cans < nance. He said if the store would Unstrapped Bathing oUltS agree to pay the license fee that a fine of only three dollars would be assessed, otherwise the line would be the amount of the license. terson field, near Dayton, O.. and O f osceola was elected vice presl- 1 jieved It descended In a forest but at Pittsburgh. Leaving the latter j dent of the northeast Arkansas ' failed to find it after a search. city at dusk, the squadron headed Dental association at the annual I Canadian authorities, at the re, n asan a anaian autores, a e re- lor home field In formation. , meeting held Thursday at Current I q ue st of American officials, sent The four planes remained aloft ; Rlver zeach near Pocahontas. forest rangers over the territory until their fuel was exhausted. Dr . Matthews of Batesville was I anc j over ot i ler isolated sections of elected president and Dr. Fred' ih e Child of Blytheville was re-elect- Tlie missing bags were the Polish Local ginnerj and cotton buyers, L1928 .(p 1932, who are keeping in touch, • with crop conditions, say that a,heavy| per acre yield 1s, In prospect. Their- chief concern is over the quality 1 of the early, cotton, which has been green and wet arid threatens to give Blythevllle cotton, a bad name- with, the trade at the very, outset of the season. Many buyers are out of the market altogether, waiting for the quality of the cotton to Improve, and ginners and buyers are urging farmers to -delay picking until (J s j n T^ <fa\hs, Ifl- thelr cotton has had a chance to . « • dry out thoroughly. Gus Chltivood and Dennis Mc- taxis, charged with the sale of teer .without license, failed to appear in' court, and officers were instructed to briui; them in. WtLDWOOD, N. J. (UP)— Mrs. Doris W. Bradway. recently ap ed secretary and treasurer. Attending, the meeting from Os- cebla were Dr. and Mrs. Cone, accompanied by Mrs. F. P. Travis. and American entries. NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open hi?h law close 883 883 861 8«8 904 911 912 928 Oct Dec Jan Mar May Jnl 926 943 958 .904 911 927 944 958' 885 911 928 942 943 Spols closed quiet at 885. off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 9 (UP>Cotton closed barely steady. open high law close Oct pec Jan Mar May Jul 880 899905 880 899 905 923 , 923 942 "947 948 048 859 881 890 908 922 940 961 884 892 908 925 940 Investigate Youthful Drivers of New Auto REDDING, Calif. (UP)—A Spar- Two youths, one giving his name as H. R. Simpson of Lufkln, Texas, and the other as Homer McDougal, of Blevins, Ark., were picked up' by Raymond Bomar, deputy constable, here last night and -jailed while officers investigated their; story of the manner' in which they came in possession of an almost new Chevrolet sedan. Today a third boy, also named McDougal, who Is said • to have arrived here with the pair, was lodged in jail when he visited police headquarters to Inquire about his companions. No definite charges have been UUI13 VY. uiii"»«j. ...,-~....j -i. f pointed mayor of Wlkhvood. prom-1 California WODian USCd ised a "new deal" in public affairs ,, n , , c • o .. and said she would be lenient on | Hot Poker W Snake DltC the liQuor. question as long as "they obey the law," but declared she wouldn't stand 'for unstrapped bathing suits on; the streets or beach. In addition to naming City Hall from 10 a.m. to 6 pm., Mrs. Bradway presides over a 10-room house and takes care of two sons and a husband. Sr.e also has a garden to keep up. and likes to spend as much time as possible at the piano. Mrs. Bradway was Commissioner of Revenue and Finance before her appointment as mayor after the death of William H. Bright, former mayor, in a Philadelphia, hospital. Plan Special Service at Half Moon Sunday There will be a special service it the Half Moon school Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock, when the 300 COO Acre Blaze Was Just "Small" Fire I PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)—The dei structure 300.000-acre forest flre on Wilson river, in northwest Oregon, Four States Will Vote on Repeal Next Week WASHINGTON. Sept. 9. (UP) — four states vote next week on repeal of the 'iflth and wets predicted they would finish the week only seven states short of tlie necessary 36 to eliminate national prohibition. Maine votes Monday. Minnesota, Maryland and Colorado vote Tuesday. stead of Two. . The Blythevllle Cotton Oil company's mill will open its. 1933-34 season Monday. E. D. Lymani'the manager, said today that he ex- Tted the mill to be In continuous operation until next June ex- amendment i «P' for » Drlef shutdown today that Christmas time. at About 30 men will be added, to the mill's payroll this season, bringing the total to 105. The mill Is an NRA member and will operate with three 8-hour shifts each day Instead of tko 12-hour shifts which required services of approxl- Local Negro Teacher Given National (Hike Bessie Partee, teacher and musl- ' * "" in tan method of treating rattle- mately 5.000 men to control, ranke snake bites was used recently by | '»r down- the list of forest fires " Mrs. William Ehrmann, resident of i °>*zon for size, the Trinity divide district. .History reveals that blazes rang- The snake struck her on the left In 8 a" the way from 300.000 acres leg between tlie knee and ankle.' 10 1.000.000. have struck the state Us of the accepted method of cut- ™ the last century. Many Indians tin? the wound and sucking tl:el' 10 « "lelr lives In the Yaqulna fire poison from" it was Impossible. I of 18 «. which burned over 450.000 poison Mrs. Ehrmann Impossibl heated a stove poker until it was red hot. She tl.,,-11 ussd the poker to burn out of timber lands. ™s Of 320.000 acres burned at In Ig53 and at Cocs Bav the poison. The following day a '" 1888 - Three years before that physician treated her for the burn, i WOOO acres of timber near Sll- but failed to find any trace of snake ™«<». to the rich Willamette Val- polson. 5 4.. WM <te tr °y« d The year 1910, r^.-egon's worsl flre year, saw millions ol acres of i forests razed. Idaho the same year preferred against the trio although, according to Deputy Bomar, young Simpson has admitted forging a stale., license permit for the car. The youths deny that the car was stolen. Rev. P. <S. Horle, pastor of the First Methodist church, will receive a large number of members into the church being organized Lutheran School nr.» xv » i had 2 '°W,000 acres burned. Will Open Monday i —- Wonu nan Arrested for Liquor Possession . Mrs. Blister Sweat was arrested Approximately the same number today on a charge of illegal pos of students are enrolled for the session of intoxicating liquor. The Pilgrim Lutheran school will open Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock, it was,announced today by. the Rev. H. J. Klelndlenst. there. To dale 71 have united school as last year. The school is A raiding party composed of Pol car was vith-the church since the- Rev.U free Christian day school with ice and she-riff's deputies alleged!. ;••_•_ i l; Mr;-Hbr'le begsn the revival. _ I religious and secular subjects, I found'liquor'at her place. in the j mill Induetry in former . years Hourly wages have been Increased to comply with a temporary code for the Industry. A permanent code is being drafted and will nrobably be placed In effect shortly. Erection this summer of an 8.500 or oranist at the Ash j ton s««dhouse at the mill 1ms more Street Baptist church, was elect- than doubled storage capacUy and ed president of the iniulc depaft- 1 Is expected to enable the mlU to sa o shutUn foreign, warship visited a port. -•• There -was no' doubt 'tliat the government was striving above^alj •; to avert intervention',;part . of that was making rib secret"' of its fear that popular anger wb}i]d' precipitate an outbreak if American forces landed. -'. -;~ • No Effective Government.:. WASHINGTON, Sept. .9 (CTP)— American warships' were speeded today toward completion of the -. naval encircling. of Cuba as the state department received EU'-V thentlc reports that many parts of. the Island were without effective! government. . - -,v The reports expressed doubt that- • the lack of effective gavernment could long continue without--serious disorders. .. , -• •'.••-Simultaneously the navy ment revealed new orders, the first of which dispatched the battleship . Mississippi to Havanna. At his press conference today Secretary of State Hull, implied that the United States was hold- ": ing Cuba responsible for main-. • .talnlng order. He took the position that Cuba's fate lay In the hands of her own people. .Hun did not mention Intervention,' • This week end "will determine whether the United States U. to * Intervene in Cuba, officials believed today. President Roosevelt cah> celled his holiday fishing trip" that; • ,ne might stay In personal com-' mand. His course depended «n-', tirely on the ability of the ruling revolutionary Junta in Havana to Tombstoneless Cemetery Planned at Montreal MONTREAL (OP) — Montreal Is soon to have a cemetery where tombstones will be absolutely forbidden. The cemetery will be established near the Town of Mount Royal by Ihe Montresl Protestant Memorial Park, Inc. „ The chief aim of the new cemetery will be to make burials as cheap as possible. In place ol tombstones, a bronze plaque wit be set over each g rave on which the name and other information about trie dead .person will be e presen o e menTof the National Sunday nm until Je instead o shutUng chool and B. Y. P. U.. con lield In Memphis this week. Mayme Morris, of Detroit. Mich., .chool and B. Y. P. U.. congress *wn d In Memphis this w ayme Morris, of Detr is leader of the department In v:hlch are' enrolled 150 musicians and chorus directors. as has been usual In the past. Mills it present are paying $12 per ton for seed, but according to Mr. Lyman market conditions are tuch as to make It doubtful If :hls price will be maintained for :on». form a government strong- enough to maintain order and protect foreigners. ' . - : Recover Frozen Bodies of Mountain Cfimben PORTLAND, Ore, Sept. 9 (UP) -Te froanh bodies of three Port- l.lnd men were brought down the slope of Mt. Jefferson today, ending a 5-day search by 40 men. Skrchers penetrated the depths ot a crevasse high on the mountain and found 'the bodies. The men started to climb Uw 10,000 foot peak-Monday and were tiapped In a snorstorm that ragM for :three days. It was belteve< y. were, blinded and fell, ropet Officers Hold Girl in "Lover'«,Lane" Murder OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 6 (UP) —A 17-year-old girl was held In the county jail h«re today in connection with the "lover's Ian*" tlaylng of her 23-year-oUI escort. Miss Ruth Terry, blood covered end hysterical, told sheriffs deputies that bandit^ fatally shot James Olynn Justice, secrettry- treasurer of the Pan-National Insurance company. Chief Deputy Sheriff Eads, not satisfied . with her confUcttri; ac^ founts, ordered' her detained. He questioned Miss Alice Carter, her uiommate, for more than an hour, carved, All (raves will look alike, j together, Into the atnstt. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonlfht and Sunday. . •

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