The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE: CQ'UHIER NEWS THE COURIER fJEW§ CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCO^K, Editor i H. \V, HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National AdverllsUiij Representatives: Ai'kiimns Dallies, Inc., Now Vork, Chicago, Ucirolt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas gay, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday . Entered ns second class 'mailer at the post office 1 at Blythcville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, Qc- loncv 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By cairler In the City or Blythevlllc, 15o per week, or S6.50 ycr year, In advance. By mall, wllliln a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51.50 for six months, 85c for Ihrce montlis; by nixlt in postal zones two lo six. Inclusive, $C,50 per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 l«r year, payable In advance, The, Bonus Discussion of the (IwmiiKl for ini- mciliut« payment of Hit-. .so-t'Mlwl liomis or veterans iuljusU'tl coiniK'NSiition mi the basin oT the merits of Uiu issues involved is rather ;i futile thing. As •A pvactk'M ))vopositicni it is ;i political (itiPBlion, Soiin; millions of former soldiers nucl thuir families arc (lenumil- ing payment. Most of them, without being any too well informed in the matter, are (irmly convinced that they are merely asking what is justly due them. Whether they are right or vvrong "has little bearing upon their IH'osiHieU of/.^success. There we .enough of thenvio put fear in the heart' of the average eongvessaum, lo whom, after nil, his own teuura of olfiee is (he most vital of all public ([tiestions. \ When congress voted I he boini.s Home ten year.-; ago it provided that eitcli veteran should receive .?! for each day of war service, in this country and §1.25 for each clay of service overseas. Hut instead of paying this MIDI at once in wish and clearing the slate congress added 25 per cent to the amount due each veteran and arranged thai the money should, in e/l'cet, he held in trust for 20 years at, 4 per cent compound interest. The certificates which were issued to the veterans 1 , payable in 1945, were for the amount of the adjuslment in compensation, plus the 25 per cent additional, plus 4 pur cent compound interest for 20 _ r years. .Inasmuch as. there is ten "years interest still (o rim it is evident that the government dues not now owe the veterans the face vijlue of the cer- lilieateti. ];l. won't owe ;that much until l!M!>, anymore than a bank owes yon interest on your deposit before thai interest has been earned. So much for the question of whether (he face value-of the bonus certificates is a debt which the government owes and therefore ought to pay. it just isn't. ,' ' • • It dees not necessarily follow that it ought not to he paid anyway. If a money value is to be placed on the sacrifice war service entailed, the extra $1 or ?1.25 a day which congress voted back in 1025 was rather sorry compensation, at least for a majority of the veterans. Payment today of the 1015 value of the bonus would -still leave those veterans .who saw active BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • service imi| ij ^pinl many of. lli« others ralhoi' bfully underpaid.' Bill the country fgduy j s Hill coil- fronted with an emergency—«s grave in numy i\»ii)ceifj HS th«l gf. 1017-1?, The real test for any major pjeeo of legislation today is whether it will aid or handicap the restoration in the United Slates of such economic health as will mako it possible for the neople of this country to live by their own productive labor, Just what effect distribution of some ?2,OQO,000,OOU in bonus money would have is a tiueslion on which economists arc unable to agree and which certainly can't be answered by a layman, in one way or another, either through luxation or through depreciation of the vnhio of all dollars, such a payment would involve a redistribution of ?2,000,000,000 of national wealth. You may regard that as good or bad, according i 0 u, c Wily it would hit you, but large as the sum is it is doubtful if it would have a decisive influence either way on the welfare of the nation as a whole. The share of Mississippi county veterans, for example, would be something in excess of 5800,000. That is just about half what was spent on relief work in Mississippi county, including the Oyess colony, lust year, and less than two-thirds of (lie amount distributed in this county in cotton benefits. H Would be n nice piece of money for those who would receive it, some ol' whom it would remove at least temporarily froni relief roll*, and it would be a nice little boost For business, but it would not be. a decisive factor in the war against depression. The liiertlclcncy of slute iivoacculors fe responsible for many crlniHuils hchiB at hirjjc today. —15. \v. I'uttknniinci-, nnllonnl secretary of the Association of American Law Schools. * v * ' Tlic trend is toward more wholesome nnil less morbid literature. — Carl 11. Milnm, secretary, American Library AijsocIuUon. * * ^ 'J'lieic's no sound argument, for paying the bonus lo fellows like inc. — U. S. Svimlor Shcniian Minion of Indiana. * * • For some reason or other, (lie public would mtlicr milch 22 mm piny footbnll limn listen to six men ilcbak'. —The Hev. I'r. John F. O'Hnrn, prcsldciil of Notre Datiic. . » * * 'l3y clinnglni; 11 man's licnlth; we can change Ills whole viewpoint. ^Olinrtes )•'. luttomotlvc 'I'lie developineul of ilitluslrlal sclf-t'ovw'n- inciit luis heen loy-sldcd. —Lewis L. Lorwin, economist. * * * Vou can't liuvc two bosses in llnu: ot war. —Col. Charles T. Itiirris, director of War Phin- niiiB Division, U. S. War Department. * * * Contract. Is really u ftiscinnliitg game, ami I am sure Hint if you found lime lo take It up you woidtl eventually derive tremendous enjoyment from it. —P. rial aims, bridge expert, to Ely CulbcrUson, another. * * -t We iiro in the early, miller Utnn the litlt, slngL'S of an era ol scientific and -engineering advance. — Willard E., HolcliUss, pvcMdonl Armour JnsUlulv ol Teclinulogj-. T OUR WAY By Williams GLANCES By George Clark IIU01N IIUllE TOD.»» ANM HOI.I,I*1 1: u | lt , uk , tr i iBUBtmtrn lu T0^v MICKI.I: """. ll 'n*", ""' '' I; TEK KK.X- ' v *''':illA HUNXK'lT. ffoncrc, Ihm ««r>-(lilii K f, lI - OKfllier nud ]•,(,, „,].. All iinrry him .l,r as,,,,. 'liter to (o Florida and Ai n ...vl fro, II i , •)"'"'» '"<•» I" "inke trouble lj»(.,,, n *„„ nnj ,, , Sla- .iifcrrdn ftuull, nn0 Ani , „'„„ . '" tnlu '"" "• • """' fuuni) irv "', " " 1 "'""'' »«'»M VIS. »""»"• '• «•- NOW en ox »/ITJI TUB STORY ClIAPTUft XXXVI j\|RS. WAlNWllICtlT turned aliotit and faced her niece "i'eter's had tlmo enough to get a divorce," elm said, "ifa three i (ilnco tils wife left him. I really -ilsl. Wo forget Ihe things that aro essentlal-llko faith and hone." JT13 stared at her for a long moment, as Ihousli seeing liei for the tlrst time. "If you wanted lo show your faith, you'd go and furnish Ills house completely." "Val, you don't mean It—" Peter stammered. ^ "1 do mean It," she Interrupted The house Is a symbol of some- thins, of ballet, failli. If you give 'You won't mind fit'epiiig an eye on (Item while I'm'nutV THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson AND ' ONE-H ALP TIMES AS STRONG AS IT WAS WH EN GREEN IN ONE MAN FLEW HIGHER, FARTHER. AND FASTER THAN EVER. BEFORE IN HISTORV/ No cat can be owned legally, since cats arc classed as predacious uiiinak: II. is estimated that each of tile 80,000,000 strays eats about SO birtts a year. NEXT: l)nc-s folia 5 i-, in Huglaml, lie fall? lo brillhiTil colors in Food Fads Help Little in Training for Athletics BY l>It. MOIIIUS Oililor, Journal of the American Mcilical Aviucliitlnii, and of llygcu, the Health SUsatiiii: We used to liavc a grca.1 many notions atom the kind and amount of toed allilcti-.s ought lo cut. Ccr- laln food 1 ;, for instance, were said lo be good for runners, and others were said to be bad lor Ihi- wiml. With development ol out modem knowledge of diet, we realize that il Is. not puisiblc tn give a distance runner tndtiraucu by uny Apccin) food, or lo innke a ham- mcr-llirowcr or fooibull jibiycr uijcr than lie really is by fcrit- llng him raw incut. A.ll loods arc made uji ul »ro- tcins. carbohydrates, lat.s. mineral salts and vllnmins, and must be I taken In relationship ( 0 ihc various proportions of then 1 cimstltu- ents. Liquids arc ncccAsaiy to lilo tintl have l» lx: lafcuH by ' vcryoMc lo |>rr;-cn't.' health. TUerc arc tr.iiuti\s whn Uv lo rcslrid Ilic llulds (atai hy nth- lele.s lo the barct-t umuimt ron- 5l;lclil. Mill living, and hy MIC|I action (seriously injure tlic'iu-aliii of those whom they would benefit. This strange nolion is millc- ttlnrly associated with the l-oslng ring, and many u trainer hi,','lost his UIM-V a mulch bcea'iM. [,'<• uid nut allow iulliclcnl llrpjji!,. ' The bctl lood k our • ) JR -li is cabily digested. The .uunnula- lion of iindlseslcd muter il In Hie bowels Is harmful [„ h c ,, u ii (and will interfere serio;i-i v vviiu I"?:.'*?*!™' e - n °>''. FwiMaKW. lal in Die buwcli ic.sull.s m diversion of blood ;ni(l ihc energy of Ihc body toward Hie handling ut Unit- food, when they may l-c required el:,cwiicrc. If large amounUs ol material in Ihe form of food, llnids, or gas collect in the stomach and intestines, ihc diaphragm may be forced upwards, interfcrim; with brriithini; mul with action ol Ihc heart. ovtrcooJciti!; may liard- rn Ihc libers of meat and make it (iitlccult to digest, some trainers have gone to Ihe opposite hide uiul have fed raw meal, which is just about as illllicult lo Furthermore, these tliinw arc not palatable. There Is little to l:c aaiJicd In aiding Hie digestion, il you produce ut the fame time nnuifa and ,-i (li.sturlantc or the niiiid. 'fhf ntlikiu thoiikl nul be ffiixcri to cat iKytmtl tlic require- mcntji ol his nniuriil iipjwlttc, rcBiiullcis ol the Mfiinsc notion ol tome trainers Dial .some people Miould cut enormous quantities ol food and then exercise lo worii the -material into their talies. Slrfujlh .citnuo). j- ( . aiiioimtllcjil- ly^icciniit'd IIXHII [CKK! in HUK wiiy. 'Ilip iillilftc rcijiili'tj, (ij-uicin lor repair ol his tissue. I'urthennoic, prolcliis uml fuls will give energy us \\bll us> ciirUoliyiirulei. When t was fcuml tlml sugar la used' by tha tody lu •muscular activities, trainers begin lining nlli- Tii'.- '."i-jMc;- ",:., t... iiic IL'•;«:-! saw him on the, etrcct yesterday Alli>n aud he looked like a B hosl." Low "' "lie doesn't look well," Valeria conceded. "1 hear bo's thinking of selling Ilio IIOIIBO ho bought." "Where In the world did you hear that?" "I was driving willi Mrs. Preston and she told me tho Judson Long worth's had mado lilm a Haltering offer. It seems they heard Connie ami I'auhi were gelling a divorce, "ml so Diey cabled back an oflfcr which was referred to 1'cler. Mrs. Preston aud Jmlson's uiather aro friends and the story came pretty slnilfh;." "Oh, 1'olor imistn'l let that darling place go!" Valeria's voice was Blinrp with anxiety, sirs. IValn- wriglit thought Valeria sonncled moro like- licrsclt llian she had for a long lime. "1 Iniagino I'elcr has just about given lin'lmpo lliat bis wife will come hack," Mrs. Wafuwrlgbt satr!. "I should Ihiuk you'd lie pleased." Valeria was not pleased. That house was ueeileil in a scheme she had in mind. Sho was In I'eter's oiiice an titmr later. Valeria faced him across tlic desk, her eyes on bis hiiiulsouie. unhappy face. "I'eter, I hear you're Ihinking of sellln.!,' your house." "Jnd and S;illy .waul it. 1 haven't decided, but iliere doesn'l Ecem much uao in holding ou to il." "1'eler, yon niusn't sell. Ifa loo lovely. It would ho terrible to let il so and then have. Ami come hack —as site will some day." "You lliink she will!" Mis voice was desperately cuter. "I'm sum of it. will see how foolish she bua been and slio'll call .you, or you'll run into v her on tho street and cvciy- ibing will tic line." "I wish t could believe dial." Ills volco was husky willi .omotluil. » "You need moro fLilih. I'cicr," Valeria said In a low. soil voice. "1 lliink nil ot us do. Wo rush aboul It up, 1 have a feeling Ann may noi come back. If yon go ahead tvltli your plans, \ believe slio will. 11 seems silly, but I fee! that way." • '1'vo tried to bellevo she will conic, back. I'vo felt maybe my thoughts would reach her. somehow—that sho would realize how much I-" Ilo broke off again, embarrassed. 'It's llko radio," Valeria said. 'Sometime the qoniact will to made • - . you sending. Ann receiving, Peter, ptcaso do the houso for her! Get that wonderful new decorator" Allan Viiicciiu He's ilie best Iri lie's been here only a few months and he's young, but lie's dono somo of the most beautiful homes around hero — tlio Speeds Hie Douglas Maxwells, Ilio David Wilsons. 1 could name a dozen." "Never heard of him." "Tint's because he's so new. They call him an artist-decorator. n a lias somo queer idea o! painting pictures ot bis plans and seeing them on canvas before lie begins to work," "I wouldn't want n sensational nousc," I'ctcr said. "Ana wouldn't like it." 'IIo'll carry out your Ideas," Valeria nald eagerly. Sho was thinking, "He'll carry out mlue." "You'll 5C5 liini ana talk it over anyway?" "I'll think It over." ''t suppose I could sell Die house furnishd] as ivell as unfurnished." "That's a negative thought. Vou must believe she's coming back." "I've had Ihc toivn combed By do- teclivcs." Pcler said uncertainly. ?l' b 'L a " d .f^ ytol '« moWed Into t'-olllngJolo Peter's mood wPS tlio way. Pretending to believe Ann would him, making him feel comfoncd and confident (s'at ((rally, lio would cbtn'a back („ more of tlio samo medicine. She had •ia given him a plausible reason for 'I her desire to bo with him. j m . aglna doing a house for Ann. She laughed aloud suddenly. For Aiml It would be a terrible day for her I! Ann returned. But then Ann wouldn't. Tho girl hail her sniy pildo. yiie would slay away ut it was loo lale, until Peter had Sim divorce proceedings. Th"e chances were that she wouldn't an- pear on the scene at all. Not uui|l It was all over aud Valeria wan married to I'eier—safely established in a beautiful homo, furnished according to her owu Ideas. Because, of course, slio could manage lliiu decorator wllh subtle suggestions, conveying the Impression that sho was Ihe one lo be pleased. This had been a splendid day's effort. One of Hie best In her Ufa. Peter had noticed works." Tlio last six "It's n ljj t - town. ret." Slie was standing y ov 'n now. Peter her "good weeks been trying. Sho had work .sell to death, denied herself It had been boring being a little, rkcd hei'-t If all fun:'" playing Lady Bountiful. really wasn't her role. But It . been a great Idea lo adopl It. Sho must keen It up through tba summer anyway. There would ue compensations. She would be driving with Peter through tbo fragraut coumrysldo to the home. They would dtiie at lililc, oiit-of-tliu-ivay [iliiccs. Oay by day, with her sympathy and understanding. she would bo becoming more essential to Peter. said, when . Potor broliothe news to lier. "It's ths silliest thing I liavo ever beard or— furnishing the bouso tor Ann when s!io may never come back to you.'' Peter's face whitened, "Don't." "Well, It's true. Aud if slio doea, what then? Women like to'solqct Ineir own things. It's part of tbo Tun o! getting into your own'pjacp. I'm suro I wouldn't want ahbllier woman selecting the patterns for my china arid silver. It would bo .iko tiring in a house a first tvifa bad furnished." • . " "Valeria won't have a. thing to lo wllh the decorating und turulsh- ng. if that's what you object to, ' saw the decorator this afternoon. ind he wouldn't take tlio job uulesa e can do It his own way." "Well. Hut's something lo ho haukfirl for." Miiliceul said. "I hope he does have a mind of lib own. .If he 'doesn't ,iho place will '' —•• "—"«* i in friaii, sum i»ii so much from ono tliin E to auolbor. drove home hi a slow of llnnkiiiE about things lhai aren't i How transparent men were. How rose aud came over, gripping ..„ lands haril. "Valeria, you're a darn ;ood sport. I've never bcfore fealized—" QI1E laughed cheerfully, "it takes somo hard knocks to siiakc some Ecnse In one's head sometimes. One of (he lessons I've learned is itini 1 vnluc your friendship. We've always been good friends—perhaps it was never any tiling more; than that —ami I don't want to lose you." "You're all kinds of n brick. I've been hearing and reading about the things you are dolnj;. I'm proud of you." "It's really been Fun—yircii m c happiness to he!|i out. Particularly the work will, the children." treading thfn ice. she knew and \onve helped me. too," I'eler j w :ls smart enough to know'when si '!; J ; llo slop. •I'd love lo go oul toniolimes The next luomcnl bbo forgot her resolution hecause Peicr siili), "you haven't noticed bow changed Valeria is. have you?" "No, 1 bareii'l. 1'vo secil solilo Kcslnrcs. Peter, be careful.' Don't forsei Hie leopard's ;i(iots." "Von never have seen nny good in Valeria." Milliccnt stared. So I'ctcr was taking up arms iu defense of Valori;i. This was something now! (Tu lie Continued) , be. terrible. |l cau.'t Imagine Ann living' In ~n house Valeria hnd furnished." ' • V "She won't furnish II," Peter insisted. Millicont smiled, but wisely de- ciilcd to say nothing moro. She was ,. , '" lulu lu b° out tonm borne day sho B-iu, VOI , all(1 Ml , W||(U t|l|s rator ilocs willi Uio place. May IV" "Haven't yon volunteered your services 1 .' This decorator win \ K i wauling a woman's 1dc;is." . I'etcr was still holding her hanil?. Now he released tlicm. "You're ihc lirsl one lo give me real Nope— aboni Ann. Slrange, Isn't il?" "I'm glad," Valeria. She ness of this method is not so well established as lo make it worth adoption. Individual rcquirvmuiu.'i lor loot! nih.t be taken inlo account in relationship to all training. In general, athletes are urged to iUiln from smoking uml the tlrinkini; of alcoholic ihruor. Tlic uses of alcohol in every day life arc sometimes as a stimu- lant to the appetite, sometimes as a sedative to overstrained nerves. Tin- healthy athlete, with Urn r;Ita:ls uf fresh air ami cxcr- CMM;, dw.s not rcnuiru iilcohulk assistance for his Botly iicliviUes. The evidence ns to Ihc cffccl : r>f tobatto on the rt.sfjiratioii and [ on tin: heart is .sufficient lo indicate that it is certainly ot no Special use lo Ihc uthletc. Many fuinous athletes have smoked tobacco without very seriotisly (lam- awiiiB their records, nntl In somrt n/.scs smoking has hecn 'useful i in ciijlctlni; ovcrslriiined nerves. fn general, however, it is no ft.rious matter to deprive a young ulhlelc entirely of lobacco. Head Courier News Want Alb. OUil BOAl{DJi\(; HOUSE APTERNOON NEXT SUfArAER- /[ PfXWXDE TO THE POST—THE QUICK, $ ( TEtSSE CRV'FROM THOUSM'TOS OF '^ <"™-*' THROftTS/'THETUE OT=lF'7-vTHE iHUNDER OF HOOFS -THE T-IASH OF v3OCKEY COLOKS-TrAEt)AfeH -DOY^ffsl TH& HO/Y\E STRETCH-^ 3f/NE ON, TSHt •MY MOT^SE —v\VINS By Alioni UNTIL YT ?M.LS TH" 1 VEST / OTHER END OPTr-T TH 'POST—Tl NAU^C GETS - CO^^E& -. JS H^iS > "BRIDLE "BY Ax HOSU& - ~ \

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