The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Old Wire Whiskers Wants His Boys To Be FiglU- ing Fools .This is (lie seventh nf n series aLcur major league Ir.iiuinK c'uniis :iiKl 1937 - prosrcols. * • * 15V IIAIIRY OltAYSON Sporls Editor, NT A Korvln- CLEAR WATER, Fla.— BnrlplgU Grimes Is nttcrapflnK to tnke nil the galely oul of the Brooklyn camp, but Old Wire Whiskers' of- foit-s to accomplish Ihli phcnomen- on only have succeeded in 11! funiiicr thtin ever. Tlie first thins Grimes did was bring in Percy IK-aul, the eminent Jini'dlei" and coach, to tench the •Daffy. .Dodgers (rack methods on (he bases. .'•Although uabc ller- rriati has long since cienarted, the Flatbush Funsters .still require Ies.sons In jumping over one nn- ather on. the. paths tn (lie outfield. Thai .is one way In which to keep. them from being "holtccl," as they say on Ihc banks of the Gowanus. Professor Beard fjol the 1 foot ?14 inch, l95-i»una Jack Winsctl leaning on thu eoircct toot and In the piopei diiection at first- base as .Exhibit .'A when someone n'ked vhnt would Implicit If the pitcher at that .instant look II into his head to Iry lo pick Winsell of! The piofebhor hiuln'l eiislal, a leftrhamlci- will) loads of stuff, has been taking optional courses at minor league extension schools for the past, three years. He figures that a sore arm here last spring cost him a year of major league life. Next lo Mungo, llamlln, large lighl-hancier drallcd from Milwaukee and formerly with De- troll, looks like the finest pitcher here, llamlln -bagged 10 games for a sixlh-placc Milwaukee club In 1930. Hoy Hcnshaw, diminutive southpaw, and Shortstop Woody English came from the Chicago Cute In the . den) Involving Ijnus Prey. linker gol in 35 games lasl year to win only one while losing eight. Signer copped IS games for Allf-nlown in 1930, topping New York-Pennsylvania first-line pll- chers In earned run averages wllh 2.90. Wins Ion divided Hie, season between . Allc'iitowii and Brooklyn with nothing much lo show for It. S«'lw Snl) Catcher Grimes sees Uahc Phelps, down 10 220 pounds, as tin Improved catcher. There never was any question about his hitting. Sid Oaiitrcaux Is the only other back- lop In camp. Grimes would like lo acquire- a catcher between now and opening day. The first, string infield will be composed of Hnssclt at first, l.av- agello id second, Joe Sirlpp ,al third, and cllher Malinosky, 'up from Louisville, or jit sliortslop. i ' Winsctl. home run king of Ihe American Association, has n stranglehold on; lefl field. Johnny vCooncy and Gilbert Brack, an- olher of Uie Louisville lad.s who accompanied Grimes, lo: Brooklyn, arc battling for center field. Heinle Manush and Eddie Wilson n are the leading candidales for right field. Olher outfielders are Eddie Mov- Chiof War Eagle Disqualified; Youngsters Slcal • Mat Show J. P. FRIKKI) Chief Little Wolf went on the whrpulh and It cost him his match with Pal O'Dowdy. nlglil. Wilh O'Dowdy thrown out, o[ llic ring, Ills nose bnilly tattered and bleeding, and npparcnlly on Urn verge of dcfcal, Ihe Yaklmn Indian altacked Itcfcrec Mike Meroney for nol pennllllng him to analn kick Pal off the apron' of DIP ring Into llic crowd, mid vas disqualified. t ' liolh had sained one fall in one if Ihc most bitterly contested wrestling matches ever, staged by ho American Legion here, nnd thought of that nnd could not reply Where for tlirce years the casy- polng Casey Stengel Id the lads 'do pretty'much us they pleased. Grimes sits in (he hotel lobby niid checks his hired hands In at night Diiddj Hassetl Isn't crooning foi the giu-sls this trip. ,bUt Uie Dodgers never full tc come ui> with sonictliinj new mid this spring it It n magician in the peison of pitcher Jlni Peterson. Petcison, once up with the Athletics nml here from Louisville on trial, is a member of the American Society of Magicians He pulls moults from n hat and whatnot, bill has hot yet mastered the art of making tatters, disappear. Peterson no doubt u111-go back lo Lcuhvllle if for no other, reason than that he Is a Dodger at heart Grimes seems bent on gct- gun. who starred Columbus in 193C; Jim Bucher, and Randy Mcorc. Bucher and Moore arc grand 'utility men. The former can play any outfield or Infield position, so Morgan may go to'a A A Icacue for another year. The Daffy Dodgers' comedy nmy be of a lower and rougher variety this season, but they will be Interesting: In Burlcigh Clrlme.s. Old Wire Whiskers, (he Brooklyn club has a fisl-Ilghtlng manager of the old school. Grimcs Jnid Dre-Mii Feud 'Perhaps that Is ivhv the Batesville Wants To Re-enter League PAKACI.OULD.' Ark.-Hntcsvllk. replaced by Biylhcylllc, wants to re-cuter the Northeast Arkansaj league, President Joe 11. Berllg ol the:Class D circuit has been nd- ytsed. has prcslden again be Missouri farmer sold Nick Trcnmrk, rt': sideshow attraction standing only 5 fee}, ft, to Louisville. Trc- inark '»iid his net canaries were arpiind for 'three springs .under Stengel Ho 'looked like .the': best fly-chasci with the outfit and his 319 missed New York- Pennsylvama league- batting championship by t\\o points. • Grimes, who" 1 '.was tossed mil of 20-odd games in Ihe American Association In 1036. already has a feud on with Chailey Dressen and Ihe Cincinnati club as the result , of .his .second basing combination, Tcnv Malinosky and Cookie Lnv- .igctlo being put on crutches by Reds 'coming into second base wllh get [i crab nnd win Ihc Initial full. A most unusual experience came during Die second fall. Rllcy and liiirnell had their feet all tangled up and after yanHIng on each other's pedal extremetles, nnd often on their own, they shook hands and agreed lo unwind and start all over again. But, Ihey couldn't get loose. 11 was necessary to tnkc off Hilcy'fi right shoe lo break them. LJurlni; the ncl|on Harriett bursted n new pair iof shoes. , ' In the battle rnyal between five local youths, Leon Montgomery and liollis (Tuffy) Manley niir-1 viral. In the three round fight • Montgomery shaded Manley. Willis Ford officiated. .TUESDAY, MARCH 3()', l<137 , Early Explorer Rumors- Regarding Local T>ilot. Arc \ Discounted Here, Sources close to the Blytheville Baseball as.soclallon were at ' a los;i today lo explain a story which lad Just had a singeing bee wllh o their feet to get back into the Ing His red skin smacked O'Dow- '.v on tli" chin and buck Inlo the of the front row customers fell. AS ho again reached Ihc dge of the ropes, the chieftain •hided Ihc referee and kicked him )ff. Mike then grabbed Lillle Wolf and attempted lo hold him HUH O'Dowdy could rcenler UIR squired circle, and they went at t. It look the official several mln-' ilei lo overpower Little .Wolf, get. o his feet, and raise Pat's hand. Indian did not have enough and made for Mike again while he crowd howled their approval of the fun. Lilllc Wolfe was es- •ortcd lo his dressing room by lie police amid n mixture of ap- ilause and "bronx" cheers. Throughout the match LI tile Wolfe was thn complete master of O'Dowdv. He cleverly evaded fat's deadly drop toe hold' by keening htm on the mat. except when he was caught off guard and was felled wllh (he hold foi '.ha llrsl fall. Tlie lime required : vas 12 minutes. Concentrating his attack on the eft arm. wilh conliuucd cracking of his ouen (nnd closed) hand on O'Dowdy's nose which was broken two weeks ago. the Chief forced to give up with a standing season. In view of Uie fact dial ' a playing manager Is almost a necessity In the Class D loop it : is clcutifiil lhat QuellmalK, despite his popularity hero find his experience as a baseball player nnd irnngcr. will be the pilot. Th3 rumor concerning Boto. .a former Memphis Chick player arid manager of the Jackson, Miss,. club In the Cotlon Stales league, is not particularly surprising. There Is every chance. It is understood, that!.an experienced ball player whose name has not yet been linked wilh the Blytheville club In any way may be chosen as the local pilot. John Hubbeli, younncr brother of the famous King Carl of the New York Olanls. may lie a member of the Blylheyllle hurling stalf but riianccs "are thai the right- handed young Hubbeli will loss 'cm for Greenwood, Miss., another Qianl farm. Instead. Prospecb; arc much more likely that Frank Miii- cuso, younger brother of Ous Mnn- cuso, Olant's nrst :: siring catcher, will be behind ! tiie bat for Ihe Blytheville team. Young Nfancuso. 18 years old. hails from Houston. Tex., and If he 'plays' wilh Bly- Ihevllle it will be his first, year n organized baseball. liven a berth tn the league. Beiilg 's undecided on this proposal, since 't would necessitate an eight club c'ii'cujt nnd anolher Icani would have 1 fo ! be" secured. Slfceslon and Poplar Bliiir,. Mo., are regarded as nosslblllllcs. if (he-loop Ms-, enlarged lo an eight club affair. Tony. McDonald of t'aragould, -ne of the league umpires of last 'cason, has been named umplrc- 'n-chlcf for this season, Mr. Bcrtlg lias announced. Two olhci-s 'avc been- selected, including O. H. ''Buddy" storey, coach of Qreene counly high school here, ind K. L; Armour of Caruthers- villc. There Is a probability that one more umpire will be signed. Each home club will furnish the fore arm. Time: 8 minulcs. Little Wolf evidently had n chip on his shoulder when he entered Ihe ring. He continually quarrelled wllh Meroney. • and on his way out nftcr the first, fall he Mopncd to engage In argument wllh 11 fan. - Aside from the wild conclusion, tho semi-final featuring Jack T!arn<Ht, Marion, III.,- nnd Tex niley. El Pnso. Texas, stole, the show. These hvo smiling-, youngsters almost perfectly ' matched, and anxious to wrestle gave Ihe fans a marvelous exhibition of fast, clean, offensive grappling. There spikes high tn an exhibition gcme here. Cooler ' heads kept Orlmfs and Bresscn apart, bul Old Wire Whiskers take nothing from no .man 'and yon can count on Ihc 'fireworks starting for fair when Ihe clubs start playing for keeps. , II will be recalled lhat Grimes flallened Fred nancy last summer, and did his best to carve the Toledo manager \\lth his spikes. .Van Lingle Mungo, apparently entirely satisfied, lops the Urock- l>n bowling corps The pitchinc shouldn't be too bad with Fred Frankhouse, 'Ralph Birkofcr A Butcher, William Watson Clark Harry. Eisenstal, Luke Ilamlin Hoy Henshaw, -and Gccrgc Jeffcoat present to assist one of the really great hurlers of Ihc game. Oilier, Ditchers here pro Tom Baker, Walter Signei, and Henry Winston BIrkofer, portly southpaw,' and Lavagetlo, who h to be'-given every opportunity at second base, came. from Pittsburgh for Ed Brandt, .\eleran left-hander. Els- tase umpire, following Ihe same ilnn used last year. Chiffons and crumpled artificial flowers may bo freshened by hold- Ing- them over the steam of a kcl- tle for a few moments. was not a wpmenl during Ihc enlire fifly minutes so fast was the action. They exhausted their entire bag of tricks and holds, wilh Ihe Te.xan emerging Uie victor, two falls to one. The blond son of the Lone Star slate. Riley, substituting for Haul Lopez -who was Injured If n freak accident, according to Meroney, effectively used a Hying tackle, and kangaroo kicks to set the stage for the second am third falls after Jack had takei advantage of a missed tackle to IN THE COUNTY AND PROBATE COURT FOR THE CH1CKA- SAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS In L lhe Matter of the- Estate of ,1.; M. Anderson. Deceased. '' NOTICE OF (INTENTION TO' API'LY FOR OHDEIl rQF SAMS • Notice .Is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator o'f Ihc estate' df JI 'M: 'Anderson.Ulc?- cctised.'.will apply! t<^; the'Mississip- pi' Coijnty- ProbaleVcoiirt on ' th'e I3lh .day of-'April.' 1031 for- authoi'- ity to sell Ihc following lots am premises belonging lo said estate to-wit: the North 45 Feel' of Lots Ele-'" ven nnd Twelve, Block Nine-' teen (19). Blylli'e Addition to Blytheville, Ark., also Lot Nine (9); Block Eight <8>, : Chlckasawba Addition to the City of BlythcvKlc. Said sale is made for the pur pose of paying Ihe debts of salt estate. - -• This March 23. 1037. w. M. 'WILLIAMS', Admlnlsti alor 23-30-6-13-2 Read Courier News Want Artr COTTON SEED R. & P. L. No. 11 Per .Ton F.O.B. Number Nine 2nd year From Experiment Station • Mammoth Brown Soy. Beans Prices Reasonable C. C. LANGSTON WATCH FOR JUMBO So economical that it actually costs less to own than many cars of lower price /OCCASIONALLY, someone says lo us—'Tnie, T^ SaUc. is \J | o ^ v i n j, r joe, tntt \slial al>oul upVccp coal am! operating expense?" Tin* is a question we lite to aosu'cr—IKCSU'SC llio facts all jwnt lo I-a Salic. I.a Sallc's great V-8 cngiue .a cxlrcmcly rcnnomical, Clianccs arc yon will codec no increase in gasoline at all when you step up to J-a Salic. Ami no car is more sparing in Its use of oil. Too, I,a Salic service costs arc extremely rcasonaliTe. Anil don't forgcl this—I.a Salic i* huill liy Cadillac, tn Cadillac standards, and it iloca n great joU'OF STAYING OUT OF THK SKRVICK STATION. It Is a literal fact t hat J,a Salic is likely lo cost you Icsatootni, all lliinga cfin^idcrctl, llian cars lhat ^^-o^lltl ccv.t you even less to huy. Come in today—ami I-OOK AT I,\ S 1095 AND UP. Dclia-ml price ai /)C.TOII, A/icA., $ 1093 and up, subject la change uilluinl notice. 7'lf.i price includes all jfonrforJ accessories. Transports ion, Klols ami local Sohs 7', Optimal Actessnrifx tintl /Cuimrnt — K.clrfl. W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES BLYTHEV1LLB, ARKANSAS HORIZONTAL l,Ti Man who discovered America in 1000. 11 Land measure. 12 To push. IIITo trudge. 14 Measure of area. If, Wings. 17 Form of "a." 18.To place. 20Moi'indln dye' 21 Neuter pronoun, 23 liiid. 25 Southeast. 27 Hill of fare. 30 lOnlhuslasm. 32 Pieces oul. 34 To gather 37 Jewels. 3!) Kindled. 40 Distant. 41 Onager. 43 Child. 4-1 Preposition. 45 Marsh. 45 To perform. Answer (o Previous Tu W You and I. 49 Entices. !>l To flame. 53 Khedive's e-stalc. 05 Mountain pass. !i7 Black bird. 59 Criminal group. GO Stir, til Paradise. 02 He ..belonged to Ihe people. 03 lie landed on the -^- '••••• England coast. 61 Compact, VEHTICAI, l-.To drink. dog-fashion. 2 -Splendor. 3 Metal.. 4 Grazed. ,S.To rub oul. U Exisls. 7 IVii. 8 Indian plant. U Kgg-shapf-d ,• llgures. 10 Horn. 15 Change. 19 .Sesame. 21 He sailed from ——.' 22 Aye. 24 To loiter. 2C Oriental,. '27 K^jounlercct. 28 Custom. 29 .Sloth.. :il Mesh of I ace. 3!( Knapsack. 35 Hour. 3GSiin god. 38 To cut'grass. 40 Fodder. 42Frjghlcncd. 45 Is on fire. 47 To exchange, 49 Prevaricator. 50 To scrutinize. 51 To stream. 52 Level. 5-1 Since. .16 Poem. . : 58 Being. Wickel Will Manage Caruthersviile Club CARUTHEUSVILLB, Mo., Mar. 30.—H. W. Green, secretary-treasurer of tile Canilhcrsvllle Pilots, announced today lhat Harrison Wickcl, manager of the Northeast Arkansas league champions of 'MO, will again manage the local club. - Wickcl will go to Springfield. Mo., April 4 to take part in a baseball school there and scout lor prospective piayer.s for his dub and return to Cnruthersville by April 22 when training sessions begin. Green also announced that Tummy Turner, catcher, and Tommy McCowan, utility Iniielder- oullielder, of last year's club had signed 1337 contracts. SipooiiEi-s (,'rac-li Light iijdks I HONOLULU (UP) — tlie . cltj'-JV, council has decided that broken * electric light bulks about the' city arc due principally to J spooners" who prefer the Hawaiian moonlight to any artificial lighting. As a ccnscmience, It has decided to approve a hill for SBOO for broken lights and make no inquiries. Tile Christmas of I860 was the coldest on record In Great' Britain. It has been estimated that 131 pounds of fuel arc needed to haul 1000 tons of freight one mile by railroad. Dn. Wert & Werl OPTOMKTIUSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store -WE MAKE 'EJl SEE" Phone 540 I). & I'. I,. NO. II I'l.ANTINft S10IOI) (A Pure Slmin) Original seed obtained direiH from Ihe breeder and planlcd by u.s for tivn years. N'o ntlier cnllon jilaiiled 'or gintifil on this farm. Itcasoualily priml in ~crai. wplght 100 Hi. tags-. Kjicclal prices on carlots. !MIJ"»'C F. ,\. Itogrrs, Manager, CI,KAU LAKE FARM Itoutn 2, Box 81, lifytlieville I'hone 1500-Fll •'•'.'••'• Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil Open All Night Phillips Service Center I'hotics 737 810 Have You Visited Our New Motk'rn Service Station? While rtose Gasoline. Coodyesr Tires ' Willard 1 Batlcrles : Jload Service ;C:i - - • Oas - Tires - Wrecks ' 24 " HOUR SliKVlC'K • Call 633 . For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. oil Ball Season Will Open April 20 at Steele STEELE. Mo.— '11)0 Sleele Soft all league will open its season ) April 20. Teams and their .embers are: " Ai'k a hsas-Missouri Power Co.. . J. Jordan, manager, Vernon Villiains, H. Seeding. Alfred Key, ussell.' Johnson, G, O. Adams, -uddy '• Crawford. ..Lee Yenger, ho rles Michie. Hubert- Burns, :oy Workman, Mdrsiicll ,Buroughs.. Charles Bates, Lloyd Giford, jBud. .Storey., v ,. Live Ppwei-s, TliClb'ert Bishop, laiiager; i Howard Graham, Vii'iiil Davis, .Virgil Bixler, -L. M. Marer,'Kay Bisler, Robert Sleele, n. 'undei'biirk, B. Burton, Clarence IcCollum, Phillip Koury, Alher Carls, Lester Woods, Earllnp Bur- ouBhs,-\and B. H. Sbcelcy.' : .Bulldogs..O. L. Storey, manager, lerbert Kctchum, Bubble' Bates, •arlton , Fundcrburk, Rabbit Me Collum, 1 Roy Glover, Bert ,Wells, Tonimie Fmkcs, Fi'ank Harper, latry Giffoid, Bill Bixler. Hernan Jennings, Buster Carter, R. 3. .Frakes, 'Crawford Clllem. Spot Removers, Gerald Brooks, manager.. Pete Coleman, VVayne k. Cleo Garrctt, .Lawrence Barnes, "Woodrow Walker, Doc Ketchimi, Ncwbprry Johnson, Kcr- met Copelaiul. Carl Hughes, Irby Davis, Aubrey Shclton, Max Hol- loinmv Eugene Kclioms. and Rtis- sell Frakcs. I'okcr \Vins I.rgal Approval SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Poker at last has won legal recognition. Attorney General U. S. Webb lias filed an opinion holding that poker is jusl clean fun even when played for money and docs not, come in the category of Illegal gambling. Announcements The Courier Mews hat Been au ihorlzed to announce the following candidates for Blylhevllle' municipal offices, lo be -elected on April 6: For Mayor MARION WTLI.IAUR W. W. HOLLIPETER : G..H. GREAR For .Mcleriiian, First Ward ,1. L. GUARD (full term)' E. P. FRY (short term) :" JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Ward FLOYD -A. WHITE JOHN C. McHANEY. JR. For Alderman, Tbird Ward . DAMON MCLEOD ESTER LUNSFOHD W. L. HORNER Now Located -at 101 Nort^ Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU nON TOWARDS, Proprietor All makes of Rebuilt Typewriters. AdJini; Maenine. nalciilators—Repal ring—Parts—Hlbbflnj D. P. L11 FIRST YEAR SEED ! D. P. U1 PEDIGREED SEED 1 SUBT) COKN — COW PEAS — SOY HEANS ^ FOR JBEST'.PRICE'S SEE ' ' -, 1 -,<--- for : "' '*••-';•'.• Spring Crop BLYTHEVILLECANNING CO., Inc. PRINCEALBERTgives you choice, flavory tobacco with the harshness removed by a special "no-bite" process. "Crimp cut" to draw easy, cool. Try P. A. in your pipe too. It's The National Joy Smoke! MANY a roll-yonr-uwficr first learaed aboutgoort olti Prince Albert while "listening in" at a barber shop. Here's Emory BoyJ interrupting a hair-cut to say: "!'.A. has everything stopped for swell taste. It's the coolest, smoothest 'makin's' tobacco in town." Yea, yi'r. IVince Albert certainly puts real smokinp pleasure in "makin's" cigarettes! A TRIAL COSTS NOTHING! fine roll.your, owncigircll.i in everj tin of Print Albtrt Roll youriclf 30 iwcll eigArcltei from Princa Albert. If you don't find Ihem ihe fintit, Uiticil roll-your-own cigarettes you erer imotced, return the pocket lin with the reil of &• tobicco in il lo u» it »ny time within a month From thii dale, and we will refund full pureh»i> pric«, plui poiUje. (SigntJ) R. J. R«jnol<li Tobacco Co., V/iiuton-SaUm, N C.

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