The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Oklahoma College President 'Deeply Ashamed' Of Student Rioting in 'Lust for Lingerie' m:i,[JOE DAMPENS MAM: SPIRITS— Tufts cold-go boys are doused with wasti-baskels lillcd with strongly perfumed wnlcr BS Jackson college girls nuell one in a scries of collide "i>aut.y" raids in Medfonl, Moss. The girls waited until the boys, part of a male crowd of 500, were almost at the top of the fire escape before rushing their bucket brigade Into action. Boys soon retreated. (,\I> U'lrc|ihoto| Raids Continue U.S. Sv/eep Despite Resistance of Coeds, Cops By The Associated 1'rcss The snowballing panly raids spread across the nation from Maine to California yesterday despite efforts by some coeds, cops nnd -college authorities to stymie Ihsm. Many o( the Intesl forny.s were all in. fun but others wound up In violence. The worst brawl last night \vai at the University of Oklnhomn, where a demonstration, labeled n "Lust for Lace-" ended in an egg- tossing rlol. » • ' [ r And at the Unlvdrslty of CSe'orgin students were router) by tear gas nnd bombs nfter hurling rocks nnd eft's at police pntrol cnrs. J The strange fart. In which college boys Invade women's dorini- • lories ami soroltlcs In search of undergarments, began several weeks ago but became widespread Hits \vcefc. Since Sunday undic sorties hnve occurred at more than 40 schools, many of them large universities. In the Oklahoma wrangle at Norman. Okln.. last nlijhl, about 2.000 male stiidenls made off with lingerie loot frorti 16 women's rtor- NORMAN. Okln. i/n—Dr. Ceo L. Cross, president of the University of Oklahoma, said ho i: "dcejily ashamed" of the horde. of lusty students who raided women's dormitories yesterday in wild egg. throwing search for panties nnd lingerie. Cross said he was fearful alter rending of similar Incidents nt other colleges, "1)111 kept hoping cur students were a little more stable, a nuie more sophisticated." The affair that started out ns a prankish raid, ended in a riot with 12 students reported arrested. Police from Shawnee, Semlnolc and P.-uils Valley In addition to 15 cars of state troopers foui;ht to forhif,' the riot under control. Tear f*as bombs were used, and finally fire hoses were brought into play to disperse the swarms of crazed students, both male and female. The entire crowd, including bystanders, was estimated at 2.000. The. men made off gleefully with lar-c-lrlrnined prizes from JG v/om- cn's dormitories, and then splat- tercel state troopers and police with eggs. County Attorney Lester A. llcyn- 01:-; : id ('••.• 12 arrc:;t-il .students were houkcij for inve.sti'jrUion. He Indicated, however, that they would probably bo released into the ciu-toily of ihe University. In that event n student discipli- naiy.committee will take charge of iho case, power to suspend the rioters if Ihe charges warrant. "They don't go overboard on athletics." Cross continued, "niuj 1 thought they wouldn't be emotional mltorles. The crowd col out of hand and local officers called on slate troopers and police from three nearby towns for help. The pnnly-plifcrhii,' lark turned into an egg-throwing battle after officers tried persuasion, tear gas and finally hlnh- prcssure hoses. Twelve students were arrested, Louisiana Slate University officials used chivalry and Ihe selective service acl to repulse dormitory invaders. Dean of Men Ardent French Ink! 700 men students, expulsion and draft awaited those attempting to enter the girls' dormitories. Lt. Gen. Troy H. Mlddleton, LKU president, appealed to the men's chivalry. The crowd around the dormitories dispersed. After a 45-mini:tfi tuMle, four boys were arrested and the others dispersed. No one was Injured. Other pnntle forays last night and early today occurred at Western Reserve University, Pomona and Claremont Colleges in Southern California, Bradley ot Pcoria. 111., Cornell of Ithaca, N.Y., Mercer University at Macon, Ga., Virginia Tech ami the Universities of MijlJ^e. Maryland, Richmond. Kentucky', Arkansas and Louisville. Robber Tiei Up Mother But feeds Baby Before Leaving with Her Ring NEW YORK in>> - A knife- wielding robber bound a young mother with picture wire in her home yt-sterday and stole her $«,000 rlne—but before he left he /r-d (he baby. The mother, 20-yfar-old Mrs. Anita Laken, pleaded to be re- Icn.scd because Ihe baby was 111 and it was time for his medicine," the man said .and did. "He ncfds his milk, inn." «ald Mrs. Laken. The robber hralod the bottle, fed the baby, and fled. on a Ihins like this." Two coeds were treated for cuts and bruises and furniture was damaged at four sorority houses. The door to one house was broken off In what the students themselves described as a "lust for lace." Rynolds said ihoy threw gravel nt polfcu cars, let iho a!r oul of fire truck tires and v.'ere generally disorderly. During the height of the melee. nne frer,hm?n girl calmly called '." ? N'.v.-'-;!; iiewsjiiimM-'s lott-und- foumj (!:p.-!rtjiic'.'U to report her panties m 1 . 1 T^II,^. For a whi'e. the c:o;ds urged the in^n ot;, wayiriif happily from the window::. After it not out of control, however, some ch:in';ed their nttilude. They bcsan locking windows, hooking screen. 1 :, and throwing wastcbifrkcts full of water on the raiders. O'.hr'r women retaliated by attacking the men, and trying to remove their trou.ser.s. In a desperate attempt to stop the raid before it got started. Paul MacMinn, dean ot students, suggested an alternative to the lustful bunch as they approached the first dorms. He suggested they simply trade shorts for panties with the women, instead of snatching the undergarments. But the crowd just swept by. One sorority, seeking the Impending disaster for its politics supply, invited the raiders in for coffee, and bridge if they wouldn't attack. The men jumped at the offer and the house was untouched. The riot which began shortly after dark didn't end until about n p. m. THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1952 TIRED JEEP DISMANTLED— A Japanese worker ot Onpama Ordnance shops (ears down a jeep for salvage under an Army Ordnance reclamation program called "Operation Roll Up" T>-« operation has eliminated millions of dollars in war wnstc Near'l'v 60000 World War II vehicles have been brought to three insSla- tlons In Japan, stripped, and then rebuilt piece by piece. Cornbat- worn vehicles from Korea are overhauled daily. | Youngsters Begin Spelling Each Gtke? Down in K'cffr'ana/ Be N«w Sign Must Wait, Inspector Dec/or** BHANTFORD, Out. pro- thos« who would draw conclusions from this are apt to run Into trouble. For In the last three years the best a girl could do was tie for (jrst. vinclal inspector, spotting a newly, painted sign reading "Gaol" on th« •• Brant County Jail, said that th» proper way to spell it is "Jail." Maj, Sidney Rogers, Jail governor, said it would probably remnln "GaoP.imlll they get another prisoner who can paint signs. The mnn v,-ho did the present sign was released recently. WASHINGTON (,1>i _ Fifty-one I youngsters, each a rei-ional chnm- I pion. start spelling each other rtown todny in the 25th annual National Spelling Ecr>. Five hours. 800 polysyllabic words possibly a few tears later, the national ctempion is expected to emerge. To do so. he or she will I have to seell words that few youns- I sters—and not many adults—ever heard of. 'Last year's champion, Irving Belz of Memphis, offers a good example o[ what these youngsters can do. After spelling down the other regional champions, he !>ree7rd through "cuisine" and "insouciant" —words not normally in a grade school vocabulary—to claim the national title. To the champion will go $500 in crush, a loving cup, a plaque for e I the winner's school and an appear- j .ince on Erl Sullivan's television how Sunday nit-it. Second pr!?e Is 5300, third S100., I But everyone v.ins something. Even I the first youngster eliminated gets 540. i As usual, the berr Is sponsored by scripps-Howard and 31 other newspapers, j Al-o. as usual, more girls are here than boys. 31 to 20, to he exact. But' PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin ot r.rt , p «dr rcll.l from atinR formula Jevclor^l by fatnou« M--OM Rccul Clinic brinit, f»»t NUb lM fr,™ rilinrlnn I'uln. ilrhint. s*. IM[>J nai,, r< ihrink 9 «o!lii,({ s r,l pjru. .M.I, lit, , 0 , lh liTi n; . Ret iiic Rieii:c.t(ioTi proved by e x i>rr i 1K 70.000 cll«te „„£>„" c'l Tk.r inor— in o fitment or siippflsilnry fo m your druecul t«lay. Voi.'ll ddc used nlirf m mef - ar , aar „,„„., n.lrf. Ask fcr ft br n»m<. -Th<,r lr\or-.»l so od drua sloef* trtfrvr KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nagging bfcckrvrhp.losaof pep«TiilenerRy, hriutncliesand dizziness may be due to sJo\v- Aown of ki<Iney function. Dcctnra n*y Rood kulnvy function is very important to good health. When acme everyday condition, euch « atr»R and strain, pauses this important runct ion to »tr>w down. muny folks suffer naw- ginp bar k Aclirv -feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause ffcttlni: up nights or frenuentp&ssflfiea Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother jou. Try Doan'a Fills-n mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over SO years. ll* s amming hnw many timr* Dnnn*Ritfi>hnpj>>- rHicffroni th<-se discfltn- fora-help thclSnineaof kMney tuhfsiiiiit (11- wasle. Grt Doan'a PUla tudayl tora flush out nope mom takes me to the NEW SAFEWAY opting Msbbe they got balloons!" 0 wants balloons, silly ? They got » -/}0y,?G? pkg. mites /£ quarts o$ rich Hmfvt Here is one of the modern miracles of nutrition-nl an rqually wonderful price. Irenginc ... the 3- lb. package of Lac-Mix makes IS tiuarls of nonfat liquid milk for less than 8.- per quart. Can you heat that for value ... or for thehe.ilth of your family? And protein! More than beefsteak (35% as against WS), more than eggs, checse-or <*,y commonly usu-rl fooil. What a hargnin and a blessing when you think of the cost of living today! Lac-Mix conies in creamy. white powder form. Light to c.irry (no bottles), easy to use. ..and keeps for months. You don't need recipes, just use it in all recipes that call for milk. Add it.. .for better nutrition, belter living, bettor health. And buy it for less than any other leading brand at your new SAFEWAY I World's champion SUPER- QUAl/Tr foorf bargain SAFEWAY at 224 W. Chickasawba St. Your Friendly Black & White Stores Announce Winner of 11-Pc. Silver Plate Holloware Set: ALICE SIPES Hfe. 3, Box 187, BlythevilU WINNER OF THE HENRY-J VAGABOND AUTOMOBILE MABLE FERGUSON Kte. 2, Union City, Tenn. —» FATHER'S DAY r#» GRADUATION **" MOTHER'S DAY WEDDINGS • SHOWERS BIRTHDAYS extra costj • $350 B&11J i CROCKER with flie parcliase of a General Mills TRU-HEAT This • pi trur . to<> i book « o«, gi!| to ,,„, whw bi,y |hi, n s hl Ilie arr.aiir.3 fabrk conrrdl. s Tire Biowoufs . . earned iis name "LIFE-SAVER" as fl;e first tire in hisici/y to give real proieciion against all three five hazards; 1. PUNCTURES p"r,™uL l M C you' I d"vc!" ;ad "^ 2. BLOWOUTS ^."W^V*-*™** 3. SKIDS '^Yiip^'ro ' rcad OIUS10PS « h « TRADE FOR A SET ON YOUR CAR Costs less than regular « $ m Q Q tire with safety tub* IT "Tf ^R NOW I •J r°- oW K™ I pwtt • M« • •• T*^ • 29.05 3.00 Down 1.25 Weekly Wheels aral side plates arc dia cast from aluminum alloy. Air cushion rubher tires — self- arljiijting reel hearinffs— metal har,(.'fe—quiet operation. l,ight- wci.^lit for mininniim physical exertion. Rakeii enamel and chromp finish. Complete Tire Service Facilities 417 W. Main Phone 6331

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