The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1933
Page 3
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-. -si FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1933 HIVE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D«11y rate per line tor COIIKCU- ilre (Five «verM« »ord» to a line) RUSSELL ANDEKSON In charge Chrysler Garage Work Guaranteed on any make car Nnv Van Norman florins Machine 1'hune 888. 25ckO-25 FOB SAl.K Me one time per line two times per line per d»y •mr« thnei per line per day Six limca per llpe per d»y .. Month r»t« per' lino Uluunum en&rge 6tfc Ads ordered lor three or <ni times »nd slopped before expiration wilt bo ch»r«ed lor the number ol lime* the »d tppetred and adjustment ol bill made. All classified Advertising copy iiujmitted by persons residing outride ol the city must be accompanied by cash. RaXca may I* easily computed Irom above Uble. No responsibility will be taken lor more tlfiu one incorrect toot any classified a4 i'OR SALE— Elecliic slove, cheap Inquire a|. Ai-kansas-MLs-souri I'owrr Company office. 8c fell! 'There'll He a Hot Time in lln; own FOlt SALE-1539 Model Porrt CCll- pe. ijood condition. Sen Fivd Clothing . ickll 05c I Saudefnr, N e w McaU «0c company. 1 Safe, H'10 Ll>s.. $15 (Cury> I Safe, BOO LIB.. $50 iRi-llaljlc) i-OI) my store. Perfect Condition. 111,'KKK HAIlUWAIIi: CO. 5c kll FOU SALE — Four wheel tmilei with bod. suitable for any pur- ;ose. Also 12 foot lightweight, fish- US boat. Call \V. L. Cruflon ill 169 or 405. Advertising ordered lor Irregu- l»r insertion take Uie oue tune late. Phone 306 or 307 HEAL ESTATE I y<ui can buy a home in Blyllic- ville on inontlily insiallinenls loss than it is renting for. I'd be glad to trll you how. K. SI. TKIIKV, Aecr't Phone 617 or 34ti FOR SALE USED CAR BARGAINS Re<onditioncd - Guaranteed Htal Values — Convenient Tcrmb Sue Them Now—TODAY! •;•>. CHEVROLET CABRIOLET ?*" •32 PLYMOUTH COACH .... S3ta •WFOKI) C. C. I'lCKUl- .... |«» •31 FORD COUPE -..•• 5« •38 CHEVROLET SEDAN ... Vg •30 CHEVROLET COUPE .... « •iO NASH SEDAN IY '".9 FORD TUDOR $|* •J9 JPONTIAC "6" COACH .. S» •-13 FORD FORUOR * ° ; 28 FORD TOURING >• ''26 CHRYSLER "10" ROSTER i J See Them NOW-TODAY! Phnsc SH PH1LUPS MOTOR COMPANY "THE'NEW FOKD V-8— KING OF THE ROAD" WANT LAND—Wo lune buyers for 40's, 80's and larger tracts. Can sell MO tract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. Soviet Salvaging Crews Are Salvaging Wrecks MOSCOW iUI>)—SnlvuRlliB fieWs lire busily cliwlnt; I In 1 depths '" Bovh'l waler.i of Ihi 1 leinulns of rlilliwrrcks. come ot llu-iii diilliiR back Into the liisl century. The most striking of these rm- ilcrlnkliiKs Is the raising of the Hus-slun coast guard wmshlv* "Itus- nlku" In I he Baltic Sen. l-'orly years after Us mysterious dlsup- uranmw llvu ship wus discoverer! at the divers bottom or -the veto Marching for the sunken submarine N-C. The "llusnlkn" disiippciircd In ltio:i under Hie ayes of the nussiai1 llri-l. while tfulnj; from Rcvnl to Ktors. with awul Imnili M on board. All scurcli proved fniil- 1C.SS. Anulhcr victim ot Hie sen to be IK Ihe Icebiraher "Sndko," :l)c sa]v«j[ers :are preparing to re- -.- Irlcyo two shl|Vj wnk by Inter- ". vimilomsk' In the first years of the revolution. • .. • .'Ono *uf the. largest, ships In the- Cdsnaln Kn, ,thc "Stephen Razin," whclli foundered last year, also will be raised. - - nun): IH years HKO near Arclinn r. .-I l-'iom Nemuha-county, Nebraska, once liiul n dof for a deputy sheriff; he attended all trials at llic courthouse mill once captured a Jail the Iwil of Ihe Ulue Seii breaker. OUR BOARDING iTOUStf By Ahcrn I When sood fellows eel louether, they sing. Here niv- four joyous rnnundrs of Hie United Sniuilsn War Veterans, attending the 25lh national encampment of Ihal orjanlinllon ft 1 . Los Ansjeles, mak- Iru! the welkin ring just like they did wound cnmpflres m '03. Loll to right, Sum Dii(jnniie, Pittsburgh- Henry Holllsttr. New York; Wilson Wcdncy. Son Fran-lsco; Gcorsc Flnley, New York. STOP! LOOK AND LISTEN! 40 acres, Pemiscot's finest, all in cultivation, 35 acres in cotton, mile and half of Cooler, for cash 5.1500.00. and you eet the rent— of the cotton, etc. Net cost, lo uu atoul S1100.CO. E. M. TERRY, Blydievillc. Ark. Ptiorc 617 or U4C ac k tt FOU RENT with he it, Mrs. C.. S. 5ckl2. FRONT BEDROOM 1031 W. Walnut, Barnes. 1URNTSHED Apartment with batli 114 West Ash. Mrs. Doslia Mick 31c k tt FURNIHILED Bedroom, prcferntilN for man, furnace heat. 514 Mam Phone 98. 5c White Leghorn Spurned Code But Does Her Part CHICAGO IUP>— Nira Roosevelt jcorned invitations ID sign the National Recovery Act code, but Indicated that she is doing her part. Nira is a smijle-ccmbcd While Leghorn hen and is competing in the national ess; loving contest. She has produced three eggs in a single dny. On two other days she laved two :gs and in between the we-do- ir-parl sessions, she layed one egs day, never missing. Nira is a member of a i:cn parts ith 84 members, the best in the onnlry in egg producing, and is n occupant of one of Harvey C. Chicken) Woods egg laying ma- hines, with all ultra-modern deices to induce hens to lay. STOHE BUILDING and rcsidenc combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, 640 S. L See Dr. J. A. Salibn. IGckt Blytlicvlllc. Ark. Hospital ATTRACTIVE bedroom near bust ness district. Phone G27-W, Mr McMullih. 4ckl -FOR RENT •- 3 room house, 508 N. Filth St. furnisliL 1 D- llarold Slerubtre Manager ••I'll l.lVi: IN Mi 1 HOUSE ISKSIDK THE ItOAI) AMI UK A l-'KIENl) TO MAN." My (nther ever strove lo be a friend to every culion f-jrmcr who diove » wagon Into our gin y:ml....;\ tun 1 , helpful frici'd ... .u fricml \vi.o v.-rul.l Uslon tn your trou- Ijles or i^owl [crtunc with an nltcntlve car n fricml who nclcd as your parlner, helping you lo gel I he beet lurn-oul, the; best sample. Mic most money for jour c :'.ton I, loo, am trylr.a to live n my house beside the road and be a frlcnil lo man, GIN I THINK VOL) BIT OFF' TOO BKb A CHUNK OF PLUG \VHUM YOVJ'SOUD TH VAT^ROT TO EGA.T?, IT 1C' QUITS LIK&LV -fHKT THE BI'Rt) VJ\UU "BE. -RETICEMT FOR A, MOMTH OR SO AND it MA.V FORGET ITS ACCOMfL.i'SH- MErATS, AMD HAVE TO J COULD T1EACU \T VOU'D WNVE TO 6ET THW FO-R SOUSiP.JUST TO SAV "POLLY" \WMT'LL SHE NUTW\N l BUT SHE'LL STEAK IN HEREALL OL 1 SlOE-WMEELER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHY, W1LL1K! Martin c k9 BUSINESS UIRKUTORY EXPERT Typewriting and Adding; Machire Repairine. U. S. Blaiix. wshij,, 11B E. Rose. Ca /•TTRAC'riVE bedroom for men, close in. Mrs M. T. Moon. Call «>!i-W. 23c kO-23 Modern 3 mom furnished or unfurnished apartments, ncwlv decorated, flver Klrhy Drug .Co. Also stun: iiuililine adjoining Roxy Theater. F, Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call 161. 25c 1:0-25 Friglllairc-Dclcn Only authorized Frigidairc and Delco light service. B. A. Miller, office phone 61-residence 41-1 Ilpk9-ll FURNISHED APARTMENT, 30S Dougan. Mrs. A. A. Allen. IckH Reeistercd Spcnctr Corscticre Mrs. J. J. Davis. Phone 421. 20c kQ-20 ONE or two rooms "" North Hailroail street, suitable for cotton officca. Will iix lo suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newt. WASH TUBBS '3 i,. <;. Mow Bljtheville's cut rate undertaker CLEAN E8S. TAILOR^ (tractive bedrooms tor young men, 518 W. Main. Call 31)1). I«k'J-lli Have your suede jacket and other Kail clothru made new by "ur .pedal clfaning process. Unique Clraning Service. Call HI. 17ck8-l Urns CLEAF~and REBUILD your FEI.T HAT. We arc sure you will like our service. NO-WA CLEANEHS. Phone 180. 12ck9-l cchanic's parajc and building suitable (or grain, coal or beer orage. Frisco sldniE. Stcrnbcrg ottun Co. Call 21. I8e-kls '\VO Nicely Furuishctl Bedrooms Jlrs. Ed Hnrdin, 1017 Walnut. 21c 1;'J-^: SPORTiJNG GOOOS INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Sal --You will he surprised at th oiler. HubbarU liaw. Co. lOck 0-1 RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO SERVICINC 1-cst, Equipped Shop in Blylhcvil MARCH.!) SI;DBURY — PHONE 2p klO IMPLEMENTS Carloftu ->1 \\>$ons G«t Our Prices First Bfrum rroduce Co. Across From Post Office 21c kO- B/..TTEP1ES NEW FORD BATTERIES Rental-Recharging-Repatrins 1TI TIRE & BATTERY STATIO TO COKN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 2DCM-29 "UGHEST PRICES paid lor tires, inner lubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Woll Irian. 128 E. Mam. Phono 116. 8-ck-9-8 WANTED SERVICE STATION Opciator, SV!50 capital, tjcsl location ,1 town. Good opportunity, "l 1 ". v '/c Courier. . 8 P kl 'At WAS A'HECtt CFATWCK.6WL SENOIM' US IM h C^BlM WITH TWO SKELETONS. GOSH! AMD 6UL16T HOLES THRU THEIR 11RDEREO / NOT BAD. 9 'fEARSj kj THEIR/ TO BS 6V:ftCT.WHAT ELSE DID sou NOTICE? fl^BE 10 KXI'I.ANATIONW EP.L.,THE FLOOR Wft? ORKJ UP, HE'I MlfJllf O' BEEW R086ED. By Cran r / wnv, GOLDt of COUCSE! GOLD oosr /VUM SPILLED ALL OVER THE FLOOR. ( THOSE WERE TWO PROSPECTORS Wl'to, V^ HftO STRUCK IT RICH. SAIgMAN SAM SAM HAS HIM BY KLOSSBK RAGS, clean nnd free from buttons. Call 30fi, Courier News. 4x Storage room, must he walerpropl and reasonable. Mrs. Norris, phone 306 or 271-J. 4x-tt PIANO for Lutheran School. Rev. H J Kteiudicnst. phone 819-J. 7ckl2. DO LEGAL NOTICES For Prompt Battery Sr.rvlre Phone 8 Btn Clune 31c kd-31 AUTOAJOT1VE l.AKGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and SI. Louis Also Aulo Glass — Phone M JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c klO-a All to Glass Ml Kinds Initallcd The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-9-10 Red's Place—118 E. Main Call 308 for Anto Painting Body and FrnSer Sen-Ice Formerly wllh Shousc-LItttc Co. 26p-k9-26 NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator of the c-.ilat.c- of Mrs. I. N. Fry. deceased, will apply to the probate Court of the chlckasnwba District for Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 30th day of' September. 1933. for authority lo sell the following lands belonging to said estate cr so ranch thereof as may be necessary to-wlt: Lot 16 In Block D of Barren & Lilly Addition to the City of Blythdvllle. Mississippi Coun- , ty, Arkansas. | Said sale is made for Ihe purpose of-paying the debts of said estate. J. E. MURPHY. • • Administrator. 1-8-15-22 . IT, S^M,\F^OC LI- MOU)FLftKe.'S UJORK T'DftS — U£M£R- DOES AM"fCUm& RIGHT 1 He's owe. op TH' BoSS I WE. MEMER. DOES U5HPCT Do KRECKI'ES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT 1 CALL \ CARE OF POODLE THROUGH ALL OF TH1&! WHDJ DID VOU 1 WELL-I LSI HER IRST MOT1CE THWJ OUT AMD IH ABOUT SQWFTHlMtb WA^> \ TEU I/IKJUTE.^) I3WE- V^ROVIG WITH r- CAWE RUNN1N' IH THE. UER? HOUSE. AM' SHRlEKiN' SOMtTHIKJ'AWFOL-"! MEW SOMETHING WA"bV| OSSIE IS MIXED LT! ,,m t CALLED DOCTOR JOHES » A-iKED HIM WHW TO DO-HE 5WD TO &IVE HER A L&R6E. DO5>E OP TABLE SALT IM HOT WATER-THEN, LMER HE CAME OVER AM' TOLD t/E POODLE 1WA^> POISONED- POOR OL POODLE! ! i V DID VOU FIMO ^^4Y CLUE3 AT ALL, O&CAR CUBES'? CLUE&? 1 DOM'T THIMK t EVER "SAW ONE OF THOSE -ARE 7HEV AMVTHIWfe LIKE FLEA& ?

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