The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 3
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• New Deal Has Failed lo Bring Prosperity to Wql! Street ft¥ KllSEil' C. WAITER, (ITnlfcd Press Financial Editor) NEW YORK, Jan. 2. (UP) — BehllniMit In Wall Slrcet, which fluctuate.-, witli stock jiinrktl activity, made a new low for more than ft <Jficad(; before olretion day, and then ' picked' lip ineaKMly along with a moderate revival In btisineXs that brought with It some increase- in stock sales. Thf" net result for the year for tlic stock market, so far as a general price 'average k concerned Was just about Mro. Leading Is sues registered declines, while sonic special Issues and preferred stocks made gains. Sales totaling about 322,000.000 shares were thc smallest since 1924,- and less than 60 per cent of the 1933 total. Turnover ot shares listed, was only 25 per cent or the smallest since records dating back to 1891 have been kept. Turnover of listed shares back in 1DH when the market was closed more than • 4 njoiilh.s because of llir: war was 31 per cent. As 1534 drew lo a close, market traders were more hopeful. But they continued to operate cautiously, since there were many uncertainties ahead. The major one wa's the new congress which was rriade overwhelmingly democratic, at the November e flection. . Btislhess Stntiment Better Business 'and banking .sentiment was; better Jhfln that of Wall Street; 'although leaders in both branches were apprehensive over the government's spending pro- grain; .- government competition against private enterprise; work relief : which bankers said would ruin-the i country's credit and preclude an; attempt to balance tho 'budget; and taxation. .Wall street joined In these worries and added one of Its own—The Securities Exchange Act of 1034. tasl year for tile first time in nil history, the security markets of .the United Stales have come under government regulation. Re- suite to dale' of Die regulation' have been belter than anticipated. The ' commission of 5 appointed by the president to administer the act lias .been acting in; a,'manner that - „ is intended to reassure market ] the equipment companies °^_ tors :..'! Uh ?"e h ™7. or the I .Metal .shares were irregularly uncertainly of higher." y ; s . Smeltiaff i c(i ° UIB1IS Across This Desk Comes Your Country's Business \V .h' fe>*%<r"»J»"JyU-.,. -I''- -,.-..-.1 i.L I . .1 II ..M.I.. I . J will tie defontod by ndrnlnlslrn. lion opposition. But It will ta onr of (he ron! fighting issues m (hlr CoiwrcM nnd vigorous support by the A. P, of [,. nmy ro.mlt In com- 'Continued From paac One) York, 11 strong administration mnn U imain (nlro<ludna Ins anti-coin- 1 pany union Mil, which would re- onUn-cr nnd r-onllmii' ihe NLR11 as a supremo raiirt for l/ibor and enable it to mil Into neuotialloni to fiul distiulcs, subpocnu witnesw.s, uiul cumix'l snbiubslon of words. Wnifiis'!' may em\ iv;|< 10 liuvft Hie innjurily nil,, prlnriirii' sol 111) by Null! cstubllslicil In law, (D'i'OSKIt ItV JN'DIISTKV Of rouiBi-. llu- bulk of Iniliuslry will blltvrlv llijhl Ilie Wauiir-r Wll Olllclftlly. II, fuvoivi 11 polioy ol iivc baniiilniii!; only when ili!i> lo ijoin Kld«(. whlolt means when blior. wlilioii!. ihe us- icc of Bovcrnmftut, is ublo lo Hun right. nlim toward lh<i imluslrlal side In ibK rotillii-i will lit: "Asslst- anl PrcsldcHt" Don liichl«>r({ who iuliulttcdly favors tl u . Si'OKon 7-A which hi> once wrolc for NlllA and which was klcki-d mil ihe window Tlie Hiehberc; wordhi),'. Us cnn- niics charge, would liuve leisalbcd company unhm And ;[iii«l i 0 p ro . Wbli employers from coerctne and intimidating wovkm. i ( ...,,ld that "cxlslliif .Mitlsfactory labor wln- lionshlp;; slwli noi bj disturbed" (0 inquisitive camera) behind brfliid. You arc the President, for Ihe moment,..You are seated (by B rac, of Margarct-Burke-Whi^ hearth the intricate ship's model, vivid paintings, chairs for visl tors...Visitors .What "I", 1 P ™ C ", 1 .t" f ,.. 122 - 000 ' 0a ° PT". Wh* *«. you .say. when the destiny of tell them, when they come [o yqu on your words, ami when thoughts business can be .ttimiilared sufficiently to prevent inllation. Tobaccos, Accessories Rise Result'; for the year in the various groups listed on the stock cx- [ change show consistency on the upside in very few, notably the motor.equipments and Ihe tobaccos. The taller weve aided by sharp gains in demand for eigarelfes since employment increased .-in<l ihe roll-yoiir-ovvn need ended Aulomobllo companies expect n sharp pickup in 19S5 which will mean sharply increased profits for oihers more drastic^havcHended'to ciiitan;; operations.'iT '''"'"• •'- -. ., • -..-**(, 4l _ u n iilllj, in; the silyers which followctL na- tiortalization of the while metal. hacll-. spread . -this fear throughout ;tlie-,-n'UU»i;/'hnd hence when the cqrrirrtlssiori - .actually gave hope it • ,-•;-.',,; ...-:;. . v«"»ii«oiiun Ol 111C While .Wall .Street had. feared dire re- IHomeslake Mining added 50 points suits . from a regulatory body. It '° "a 1933 gain of 172 points to -hau-snrpjirt.-n^ r™,. ..^.... f ci , ture u,e. gold miners. Copper Issues made small gains on'hopes for -further curtailment measures Automobile shares declined as did farm equipments, steels, rails oils, alcohols, and the utilities Tin. latter-were the weakest share's on the board late in the year ns governmental agencies seemed to combine against (hem. Jtfercantllc issues were irregularly hlehcr as were chemicals. A few of the railroad cquipmenls, rubbers and food 1 firmed. Dividend payments were increased as the year drew lo a close, and earnings of 'major companies showed gains for the year although most of.them were ham-' percci .by higher costs of the NRA Employment made a small gain over a year ago, thanks to government projecls. Farm income increased sharply, n factor which aided companies operaling in the farm aroa. . itiot opsratc ; to kill the uiar- -^as: 'difficult to get back the .lost business. The Slock Ex- 'change recently. Inunchcd 'an educational •. -campaign to help bring back. some of the lost business although. It/asscris that was not the prime -reason for the move. In. dividual. stock exchange houses nnrt associations of stock exchange houses nlso. are.makingr efforts- to stimulate. : market 'activity. -".'.-Market.- Needs. Business Aid '-Real_. : niarhet stimulus,, hoa-ei'er can/ only come from pickup in business. '• Thus far there is a fair trend In that direction, but the heavy industries are'' lagging. it<'j. s estimated that more than 33 per cent of the unemployed would be returned lo jobs if the durable goods group swung Into action The ;omy thing retarding the yraup, according to one big industrialist is orders, and (he reason the orders arc not forthcoming IT simply (hat confidence lias not returned sufficiently. Slock Iradcrs lost the inflation Tactor as n market aid when late in January the government adopted a gold bullion standard with go d at $35 an ounce, making the dollar, worth 59.08 per cent of pre- bank holiday parity. Prices in the stock market had been rising in January, carrying' on a rally in Progress, in late 1933. After January, however, a decline set in that carried through to August. Then came irregularity until elec- n Says Earth Once Was 1',',?* .'". a ,': ks Pockmarked Like Moon s ,(Ul>j—The theory that Ihe earth at one lime may. have appeared as nock- marked n s tl» moon was nd- vanccd by Dr. Clyde Fisher, cllm . tor of the American iliiseum of Natural History, New York, hi an address given here recently. The talk was illustrated with photographs ol the scarred mtcr- like surface of |h e moon Mine nothing so much ,ij small Tlicrc telng " no Photographs of me- Safety Lecturer Slrurk - ""•"• followed .(o irAVERinu,. Mass. (UP)-Re- tiirnlng from a school where she temperature' had lectured the pupils on "how to -—•= •- e e changes rain or atmosphere on the avoid accidents." IllnOll. tlll'tn fnrt Un M^. I,... I u.... . . r.'.- John "' Ecqucnlly the forces of erosion OH earth would account for thc disappearance of crater scars. Fisher said. Railroad Jims Buses- NORFOLK, Vi>. ("ui>)_Tlie Norfolk Southern Railroad has purchased four streamline rail buses capable of developing a speed of 80 miles an hour. She will recover. • Manufacture Slccl Houses COSHOCTON. O. (UI'l _ steel houses will be manufactured at Frnzcysburg; near here, within two months by n znncsvlllc. o, coii- cei'ii. Fifty persons w lli be cm- •ployed,• The pressure <ii winter Urlkc ilirents nmy figure h, ultimate decisions. Labor also has Us ideas us lo revision ol NflA. it would olvc NRA power to impose labor codes ou Industries which don't, prcwnt acceptable codes, establish semi- rate- minimum wane scales tor fccml-ukillccl nml . .stilled worrcrs slrciKslneii labor representation on rode amhorillrs. provide for inspoc- loii ot employing establishments instomt of Uie system ot simply in- vcstlisntino complaints, reopen coiK on petition of the .Uibol' Advisory Hoard and make amendments where justified, and B i vc n governmi'ul nsency power to collect dclallwl data on costs and prollts from each :io-no!iu HATTLK LOOMS I'hfl :io-lioiir week bill probably hours. "i- '"'"ok I his .10-hour measure which (ho SeniiUt by a lwr> (o onn vote In the lust CunjjivM iinil was juish- «l .out of Ilio jiiiHure only by (],.. vi.-lbpmnnt of 1)10 NffiA, which was supposed to iH'hlcvo n similar ro- sult In spK'iidiiii; employment Tile n.-w bill will be maa nnx- ll)lp, providing for a federal bn;,r<l to paw on individual CX?IIIIM<,,& from tho 30-hour limit. Black Is sitpiMrtel by ttlinirimu Connery of t| u , || (nL ., i( . | !l)jlir OI)J|1 _ mltlc-c, wlio Insists the irn'iisiii-o would rc-cmploy ^(K)o.(Klfl WHIM. .Sjioki'SiiK'H fur IndiiMi-y, IUHMWCI- jiisLu Km iivcriiuf vviij'kinij wi-ch—' wi'iiusi! or furlalU'>l prniliu-iion.'.i. now but, :u,-j lion)..,. n, l( hour law nouldii'i t iivi> more iluin 700.<lfli), ' . Johnson im.s f 3 i t ] u such a law would brlii[; ••„ ^ fvfl ilon rliafli iiirn ynur hnlr CT u .V(iliM<:li:s TO 111! UKNKWTO • Roosevelt In .said to liavc' IJMH I'diitcniulftiijig n compromise tnens- iire of some sort willi which |o meet Uii' illnck-f.-ouncry forces. SewrnI other emergency ajjcii- cos-l'WA, PERA, "ml CCC nmong them—anil the nPC lemllni' \tov- err. will expire in 1315. The ruhnln- Islrnlloii will have Congress renew them. RFC sllll has a couple ol billion dollars to lend nnd plenty of busted banks and railroads on jis hands ivJilch (imy need further aid As soon as thi) HOI.C stopped laklns appHeatlons for home loans, foreclosures Increased and n Hood 0 ; letters litre m akt> It r.lmck-,1, corlnin hat Congress will vote another billion dallara for homo loans. As Congress meets, there .seems Coiirie,- News Want Ads pays ROUPY CQUCH . Ctt SiicJJ * n*v prniKi. more iiu>n!»ni. ufr fa, 1'MHi. lonsfi l«ii^j 5HEDDANSSALVE working for llio InieresLs which »y.. ploll. Ine former's products UA FACKS' Tlie AAA win encov.iiter the nf thow lobbies when it panagft ot amendments which will strengthen Its paner owt Imliislrles handling food prod- iicls. rt.s nl nils point |lm(, u^ cry of "reijIiiioiiliUlon" rises. P/irmcrs llic-msolves don't mind rc'Riiiiwitntion. 'limy seem, In fad, lo Just love H, > The Frn;r[cr-!.ci]ike |,|H H)u ^ up iisalii-not tho farm bankruot- «y 0110 pa.wcd last y^r, | Kll tllc so-called "inorlgage wrllc-oH" bill iiiwcr which Jhh (jovemrncnl vould inkc over about $!).OCO,000,000 woHb i>r mortsaxcs and analnst which the r-'iirm credit Admbilstralloii was a conipromls(! set-up U'AN'P FAItMCKS' HANKS CJhalrmcn of both Bwate nnd House ayrlcultiirfi commitlces—Vd Hinllli or Hmilli Carolina mid Mur- vln Jiuici of -ivxas-lmvc declared lor 11 .soMrflln govfiniuient franking <""'•»•• for fanners, which probably l>rrfdrrcd by Confess lo the •situation has been o.Wd by FCA and lilulipr Income'. Tlw Idea Is lo set up u penna- iicnit farm credit, system "as powerful as the i^dcral Reserve" and free from private profit. Farmers would receive credit at cast, plus a small fractional charge for reserves. Tho .system would Issue currency as the Federal Reserve does and save interest charges of Iwii'l financing, with a probable loan Interest rate o[ 3 1-2 per cent. This proposal is worth watching. It may develop an enormous back- , to be less organised hovlln,, from the farmers thnn In any recent yrar Presumably ibis Is tliif (o benefit payments --ml higher prices for fill-in product."; under the AAA. Hut the farmer lobbies will be on the job—which means both Ihe real dirt runners nml (ho organizations which prclcml to be farm-, or oi'uniiiziUloiis, but arc really" | STOPPED-UP Use Mmlholalunv *> Mp open ihe •Mlrilt and permit _ftw trealhlni ' MENTHOLATUM MILLER - HAWKINS SCHOOL (Business-Secretarial) Young people desirous of insuring ihclr future can matte no better resolution than teBltmliU! the New Ycnr with a Mllier-Hawklm lluslncss-scerctnvlftl Courac. New classes .flart Moiidny, Jntumry 7. Inquiries nre Invited. SKVKNTH KLOOR FAKNSWORTH .HIJK;., MEMPHIS, TENN. ~— - ; ___ Of late mere has been a scries " Cff ° rts °" thc ) >rl ' n of 1>1 ^- bflnkers (0 co -°'"ale Lax The Use Juniper 01], u uc f, u Leaves, We. .Jills 25o test free if it fan, , f m-egiilarlty wakes you up flush out Impurities and cxcess a "fth Gel buchu leaves* juniper on. c c l ' Burglar Gels Bad Dills COUNCIL BLUFFS, ta. (OP)—A burglar raided Roy McMullcnV- home here and lifted an old wallet conlninlng one $100 bill, three S20 bills nnd one S10 note nil Confederate money. Bike Sales Jump CONNEAUT, O. (UP)-Revival of bicycle buying is so stron» here that residents are .recalling Uiat he city had 1,400 licensed "bikes" 11 1001 and wondering if the mark nay not be reached ngnin. llc * raen called BtT- , the bladder lax. works on the bladder similar to castor n on (ht bowcta. Poorly acting bla? der can cause dlslurbed sleep f« jwnl desire, scanty flow bun ,w 6r backache. In four davs u «« pleased any druggfci win' your 25c. Get your i I fed "full of pep - -Arv, 1358 IT'S BETTER TO BEAT A COLD THAN TREAT IT Cold germs lie in wnit for you nil the year 'round. But in winter your ••mlavff to eolds is lowered. Build up your resources MIO, and >e ready to stand off infection. Keep your summer strength ami vitality right through (lie winter. iMcKKsso.v'.s VITA.MIN CO.VCKN- TKATI-: TAIII.KTS OK COD I.IVKK On. ___ cbocolale-coaled nnd pleasant to akc — give you abundant .supplies )f thc host cold-lighters known to science — vitamins A and D. And in addition, they arc the oiil;/ Vila- ruin con cent rale, tablets tha'l pro- Tide calcium and phosphorus. Each (ablet brings you all Hie ritumius in one teaspoonful of U. S. P. X. (revised 1931) Cod Liver Oil. At all good drug stores, ^dollar per bottle of 100 taWeta. Start today to beat thc menace of colds with JIcKtssoN's VITAMIN CON- CSNTPATB TABLETS. id you ever iiotice .. in a roomful of people, .the Difference between one cigarette and another . .and r 'why Chesterfields have such a pleasing aroma the cigarette paper. Many things have to do with the aroma of a cigarette . . . 'the kiml of tobq.ccos (hey arc made of. . . the, way the, tobaccos are blended . the quality of I T rakes good tilings to make good things. Someone said that to get the right aroma in a cigarette, yon must have the right quantity of Turkish tobacco—and that's right. But it is also true that you get a pleasing aroma from the homegrown tobaccos . . . tobaccos filled with Southern Sunshine, sweet and ripe. When these tobaccos are. all blended and cross-blended thc Chesterfield ieay> balanced one against thc other, you get a flavor and fragrance thafs different from other cigarettes. 9 mi, litnu t MTU,

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