The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on November 26, 1890 · 4
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 4

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1890
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RACINE DAILY J OURNAI "WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. NOVEMBER 26, 1890 The Daily Joubxal. ViDN'ESDAY, SOVEMBEK 2h Weither Tv"mT.v. D. CNoTttner 16-Fcr Lotr Micbtcan. Vp?T Mich;sn, and o.temiu Fair, aotLarje a lira?::.-tiw. FAS S3 PAPER TC-MG.'.ROW. Ia ncendencj it!i t"m; hr.o:el cu.t ni aad Tbvuk-gni ii Tav teiu,jr a I -sal holi day there will hi no issue of tLe Daily JorBS'AL io-mor o v. THE NKWSlO.tOKNSED. The English Pail'iament was ortuo'. "Woikruen uneaith a Bkc'e'ta near the Tnird ward febc-o'. ; Neele. the anarchUt i reported to have I eeu pardoned to-dav. Wui. Clarke ot i-a'tbi.ygau rabled tf d9.W0.iu Milwaukee. Thai.k-.ivir:;: Day will be prosily A-rned iu the Belle City. The lat ?-t itpoit from t!ic Pine Btd-c ;TCcy t.t; that a ri-i U ?t band. MUsinec lh?r ubheuiH have de ided rail a touvvjitioa . nominate a catid id.tte tor mjor. - A C'a'e I tnij farmer lun bi-t. skull tract tired iu a LIimmIv f M mat (akwti!, Milwaukee loun'y, Mai. SdwtitH u u ie-innt is ( to nt r ul I ai. l i . ehi td in the Kirt. Senatorial by a majoti'y of t'lty- SI X. PojaeH i ii-( iciiie ns r rt- re e!e-td c'.iju i:i i'i of the ln-h Glad-tone kiv !,- eo,d.t to re Gvneral pi-i-j-r a-nt A. V ir pta'er of tae M. r.-ui roid his In-, v. onhalfjuy. ;.o Jl. Hea'Ti.rd wi;l nteor. .CharIe-4 Itcini-!!. i- to'.i.j.l p'lil'y wtult upon O-vtn Mi (."a i thy, iu tin: court ami J udc Viu-.Iow lltus Li: hii t-i'' TY KKiV ITlSv No Kjoer 1 c is.--i d ii ra t'.u r! t -111 ir w. A s;wci.i! .:;ytir:; the w ill Ik;- heid ihv evenin . onrt Vi-j -n-:n, I. . I to-r-.t. t : -v K in . ;.t i-;e j If A l.Tj;'.; i.o u' r r f HmukI to-ustrrjw in CUia-.' a;, kee. . Tne nifwlicr-i ef the Unroof will mttL iu ii-aljtr n-ifU i.ijtht. V.. I". 1:. -i O-l I'll Tl e tv,- v hi-f TrotK - r will it h' c;m ced t tithe j i'j.i-' X-. : ;: t.c I MunI.ty g'-t. -TLU ect,'m ti e Garri !l C ia;.N w i'.l hi insp.i te 1 by C!or;rl Kii'ij the rtmiaoy are iuviied ti All fii. t -1 lc j)ri-c(.t. The Rh ii e js waok- e a: d f-.!.i 'r i t'l i.i i I. in:- -i j . i led, o in,; t ' ' A o : j- 'Us I'i 'i t- : i wi! K- hiU I i ! discus the to"..' M 'it Dari:i ; il e n i I a r i . 1 a v o ; ;i :rih to n V!' i f r-t'.'-; h'at the I'fv -' te t s.ol Keli'u wid-ie takes AK"iati.f. This afurr-o..ii t Niuthwr-U rn Trunk h-.; J ropt ; Ym i y prt :h- httalud ::!. I !";'v t.: k-; s v.v A il.u lh ir e:i, h'yc-i. In the Oreoii cu-t tl.i li.or; :, J:."in w a di vi-rced fo r.i I,.a ;i i on gro:;jid of dv.stlt.i ia. The pan tiotu K t o.s a The fas cial if M 5S S.dUe li , from her Lite h m i:i the tt.T.i la g .Tt: this moru'.n'' a; ! was: rila-if tlVf, b iin !e ct friends r.l. The hid es of the T 's Asmh iatii-n will ho'.tl the sect. ud of ihe Miies of pat tie Thaiik'-guitig tight. The la ii will s. r . e an oytcf STpjtr ami S-a-.'.te w i'.l :i:n:.;h the ratirif. , - T -r.i irwv aftern'-i thetirstoi'a -eies of dauces nuder the aaspices if the New Hilt C'.ti' will lie jiiveu at CiarieM ij:itd A rm ry. 'Those whoattend wi!l in royally aUrta.'r.e 1. A ccrta;.i stre.-t cir d.-.vj.- must have some baci li in his sttn). as :t took him over Cilttu juiautes to go ftor.i 1 "h street to the city hal . That white horse is au awful h'av move". This is a 'Vfraight tip.'" As 3i s:a.e 1 iu the J ,.'.'!;; it. of Mo'-i-diy, Je5.i Wa'r.i'i will it t g t i C hi vigo. oa: Tesams ran ot t p.t:nn as i!!cm.te :-dentatthc J. I. t' T. M. .,. Ik- eptedth i.'ae th's tiinrr i tg and c ,m-ineDces his di;1 es t - m now. Kx-Jui-John T. nil l;.-t ji ? i -tioned Jti!e Jc!-kiu, ask n : to ! appointed L-nUtd M.ties toinUii-.iii) cr f-rti is city. Tie p-i!ii!i 1 s U rii hill ly lis sen, who i. i o v wi h the Iii'c;-sta e IVs. -merce cv tuaii-i ui ct VaL:u',o:'. ?a!. ltilrn t f Vstetti Vtoon J'it r- tton s'.aned to catch a tia'.a on the St. laal li Ii. 'ast; cvecing a,d tumble 1 tlow-.u t'u-li'l uea - si reel b.i I" T ltti ' hita cwtstn-: a:t i stopjl the tram u;.-til Matt recovered a:d get on KarJl la ik-ily be M riot- hurt. 0 IV loi t C (n m in 1 e y Ntv 6 K . T . w i ' 1 be the grms: c. J.".u:be Command, r No. 7, at a a-ecial o u Uvc tl i c r.irg. Tue i r-deracf K. T. aad M. w li Im.. cm.i.i tel. All meuitiers are O f eutly itt,uesttd b r.tttn I, ad all S.r Kuih's iu the ity U-lot pt-g: (j other e um n.U pea are cv. dial y iavited. ' Eelle Ll- S- r. cc A. M. will pi; a se eis of dai.cieg psitliis at Ma-scsc ha I duii.ig the winttr. Tlie daUs are announcthl a f i low-: De". 1 Ic. CO. Jan. 0, an I Ja . 23. Thi committee cf a,rrange ueiiU a-e, J iraei UvLaren, James lleadrie, U. P. Drjthertoo. Ilirry Sjjii-merton acd J. M. Driver. The music w i.l I fuia'abid by ScLu.te. Tae parUe j,iv-en by No. S2 ase liotvl Il.r theirtoiiailiiv. Skat'tigatthe LakisiJe Tbo.fJav aTu coau a id cvcn .f. f fl.k.3 it. Fn&h t ro n 1 at I.aciue St. r Yd?. THANKSGIVING DAY. H)w It Will bo Observed in tie Belle City. BALLS, ENTERTAINMENTS, ETC. Services a! the ChyrehesVi here to go ar.d What tod). TEKr:o. rrmidecce Termitlin;;, the 1-ii.sei! ol ictcine i i it euraii; ;i u. whuh is vif'iowtl ntcst leitily by all c!a-ci. Ft the n mt e the m'.Uiriuake, ti e b.u.Lcr, t". em-thutit ami the 1 .borer vi 1 meet around lite festive bo.ud on a t mniou Mel to do l.oi:or to tha' mott i; wslii his of lird, the Anieiicnn turkey, who has been put iu a "j u-e and swwt'' condition fr th'a 'a ci thanksgiving. The bud, tie l.cnit of the Miiall bov who watches every moe of his mother ns she r;urfuUrluft it with oyster and s.ige, will be foond on the p"or man's table as well a-i on tin- table of the lit h. The lioys of to-dav still hanker a ter the rii h brow u 1 w hich to theru the most delieiotM jmrt of the bird, and let them remain a'ig' )ir:"e, for a- they grow up the faet will tvi Wion dawn ujoii them, that Ihey were li'H'tiii -uniler a fil- iiume-ioi). Th i;.i w ill -b nt !o ii. vbod w ill te oni. the .-Iiim- will -Ioe foraj'.iit of the day ami everyi:;e w ill a chance t le- brair. J.tli'imis scri'i-t will lie held, in several oi'th- i-lntn he-i.iiidin the aileiinnu ati.l t-Mtmiu; auy U'Jiti:)r oi ians jiuu i-ii-trtjiiHiient-i w ill !.c ivcu foi the .aiunse- i i- t i m.-nt o: tlu- ; - i. . - ; To-r:-. ht --o.v'U U Tc j'le will be reu at th- ru.-iike' .-';! uiK- ry stores tilling their l . -Utts ; .,! ir.ikcv-; cf, chitkenjJ, oys- t tt r- and uh; t;.ii-sior t i-morrow soiimer. Ci' ;,-t ti-i el ki' i':'- h ue miii 'i to Kf thauk-f ;i f..r tl.ti the Couuty lkart of Sn-; .-M ': h i vc t that additional school tax of i ', th"-e is a h'j- tlutt we may ri k- o.i i KcMiv e.ifs I t ore another Thuiiks-- v i;," d.jr t s aron!. The jiraditi-4 of t J. 1.1:1 i. ...'ii iu lit 5 i i : t -t.;'.f.r;.N L : v" ' . , . s: 1 r, ....'.w..i - iti!.-. ur l.i'io of a l'u'i'.ie ai .i ii.aa v r.oib cable the city. I-et all unite i.i i'.!:!n4 away the cares r.f a i l'n i rustri nialdy and comfort .me r.:H.j!;tf.lini:s; L' t us be. hal we Lave i-'m-ub to cat, for 1 ..J f! t ni'-.tidw wi 1 o h slurry-. SrieraJ ; : i'. i u:e:s t't' ity b e .ivn .: i. a l i ' i v i .-i-". i i. a 1 i oar :e:nl t : , r ni.,iyi-, w l.; i i s a i v !'ie'.' Ti t" .'oVl.N AI. w i-hvs v ih n .pi ui i; ;nd l.ojcs' s iU l,o t fj y many u.orv. ,r iih luiir-. m r: It- m 11 o :k the 'I l.a.ks.j i ii 4 strvlc. sat the l';t tt i u.ii ihviica ntid ail aie inxilcd to .t fa., r a i- the." iOr,iaumu : "Hi i r ; T i : ; o y 1 .v, .t 1 :. A : ii . . U v. Tl.t. Evsn :ui t.c.i ' v. J .! J !,t n . v. t.-. l. IV., i a . s . V. rr.i i.-. . v. ; .-. 1 1 t i r Tli- ( ti V ::. J. z:. l .... 11 M 1'. : t.. A ;"; i; v i.. v. ic .'I-. '.feeli i!i wi.ll 1 e tl.e K.u ine Uv t ii er ice the 1 . : . I. I l i i.i i A-s, , i i I ..M '.NV! t i Mil I Mi-l.'l t : s t.f l;.nine will T! U :.t- 1 1 1 : l'a tnksgi v i e-r.-h, Nortii Wi iice at 1 tn - lei.t st'nt; in .'.:;t. lb- ii.: will, 1 1 iy " l'l.,i!i:t the K I'il:;'. Th- Will V iu ! l's (.ot:-.Hu;.io:i in D. ; -. i'... i '.'.T'l-.e .1 ih..iis ot M, lb and lue t-f ? I i:l'i:v 'Ai l be preahe.1 v Y. ; li; .iu. -Xil wiirbc Wil t:.'As: UUis olivet a m: IN.i t.'i i't il: it V t.M-. M. Ik : hutch p.irlois t'f the the i e r iu the ctf-irca o:i i an.s -.t vaig c ening, cmutueiic-ii'jjat oVI.Kk.. Kverybody is iavitctl to com-? tittiVr ea'S' or l.i'e autl spend a pleas-ai.t evening'. Tiichoir will render selee-iioiis daring the evening add an enjoyable time is u-s.-ured all who attend. The supper will consist of tivsters. turkey and cold meats and all the delicacies of the season. The leadiag Thauksgivinj; event will le the de lict.'h'ii of tl;e new Ca.-ino h.dl this evetjmg. The programme ivusists of: vocal a::d iii-tiuiuental mn-ic, and a dauee ami dramatic performance. Harmony chorus, of Kenosha. Hamlet ambtbe Turner section sitming th:.. Holy Name and St. Man's chinch- V'-:i- ail others will as-il to make the -c;siori a big aliair. Sihultc's o'.hestra h ;s Uiti secnre.i for the ocasiou. Ti- I.i I. is of tile 1 -esters As-sniation w-il e..oy Tit-,.-k!.'rg with a dance at l-ii-i. r ha'.i t.-!:iii to -v t.ight. They rom-ise a good to all w ho attend. A! Hif Main s'ltvt sii xiting gal'ry to- C t-- .1: .1 l....,.,..v -.H Ot" ITHl'l- khrtU i.i ti i.ty- will haxe an opjoituuity to s'.tow tl.tir ski.l nt tuikers. At tli Turcer hail to-morrow night the so-ioIh i? " i 1 1 ' j.e au cmcitauiiiii'tit and In'. A ci st ot h.lct u liutti Miiwaukic vi ,, be ti j n to t c j a; t Dan i.i MH-uty a. liefer Weind on a lul-i.!ay am! to u;-!,t they will pit a diurnal ic t . rf . mame and ball at tin ir pleasant ha. I ea S' '; ;. T-.c.'o will be sku'in to nmnoiv aili'-i.o.a aa.l e e ; : at the L.".ke-i le-iiak aa I a 1 a t i i ; m a -i .' w . ". b : i.i a"'.e l 1 i:ieo. : t's sllry cm t't. CT eir- sT.c'. thitc wi.l le j, tig j biLii th s eveaiug a::d Uniionoir. iA'kul T. lVfts. the impersonator, a. kls'ed by Lis iV, v ill be a; hail to toorro v i.i,ht. Tfi evenia'g t'uc mtmlicrs of the A. O. II. wi l j.ivc'oae of their pipuUr jaitics at Father Matthew hall. At the G trfitli arai r to-mo row aVr-uoen the numbers cf the New lla!l club w ii! r.ive a dau?. Oa ti e North STde Leach to-morrow there w i:l I- a ; o h'-g match aud . lare unaiU r will j ;.r..cia!e. Ti-.htirraw tvci.iu fct 5 oV.ok the la- dus if ii'.uit chorea will sujptr . A SUCCESSFUL OPENING. The Firt Conserve tlonal OinrfH Csapel OpcBfU Wiih a Delightful EtTtinmrB. The chapel opening at the First Congre gational church was ft pleasant and success ful affair. The beautiful and commodious loom was Ciled, with every inch of seating room taken some time before the hour of bej;iuig and every bod was happy and interested in this Doyel and pleasant entertainment. The frk-nd of the movement always pen-erou, out did themselves in the attendance and hearty interest shown. There was runtiinji through the programme a vein of drollery ud fun that w as irresistable for the idea of the last day of school was constantly appearing, but the programme Was by no means narrowed to that. The Methodist orchestra favoied the au dience w ith their music which wasexcelleut. Mrs. lark ooster slwse reputation is etablihed among it, was nt her best in the sdory of the ministers wooing and in "Anne I hive thee.'' Miss Maggie Heck .rendered exquisitely titi I with tiwnt power the solo "The IVau- tiful Hird," ami her encore was well re ceived. Miss Irene Wilcox ituve well jtttidicd execution ot "Darius Green and his I-Tving Machine' and llaus Jacob Olson just over from the land of the Danes, appeared iu the ierson of Geo. W. Scanlau, who pave his urst experience on aiming from the old country in the far citv by the lake. Mr. Scanlan's natno is enough to de .scrilve the success of the impersonation: A nianuel of arms was given by Scrjeaut Ch.s. Mohr, and "The Pilot'' that maguifi-ct tit dnct for tgentlcmeu's voices was sung by Mr. Arthur Morey and Mr. Jacob Lund lue remainder ot tne programme was takeu up by the memliers of the Distiiet School, in dialogues, declamations and souir. and features at once new ami side splitting were introduced. A rare bit ot cnuu impersonation m tne Keruv landing,"' where the little Ihv asks his numerous questions, what and why. The Kehearsal iu School, where various naughty loys and wonderful little girls displayed their geuions and "Just K'etiibu tion" a piece of high tragedy without niur der in which chains, daggers, justice am: ineicy contend autl the light wins. A :wnl sura was netted for the chape an.! Mr. I. J. Morey, Mr. Amnion Adams wi:h t! fico of loyal hrliers, went home tiit-il toit happy. I'iitt ttainmcnts like these show the al- su!tiily of Miking annisciiKUt ((it'itnit tro-n abn ait, w l.en our own people. ui meet autl t-njoy an cvciiing of aruuseme unmixed with anj thing ju stionable nor on t f place. . The chapel i-s a s4Veu.lid building and a :d will l. dedicated atii later d ty. The 1 : lies .of the wiety are prrpuing to gie a P. -tiv.d of Days D.c 10 and 11, ami it should b kept in mind. THAT SKELETON. l'nt.ntl.r.1 S'e.-.r tin- TUir.l Ward SthoolVfJi-Iri Jay-In Titfett Shape. The d remt tery in Ihn ine was located whert! tiie Tliild ward .si hool now s'aiids. I It t tvupicd three lilocks, two of which were ii'.w ed by the Protestants atnl cue by the C.i:h lies. This away kick in the eir cl' H 10 Many lodies were buried iu this -roun l, p-rhais several hundrid. It wa-. supposed that all of lieen lng up ami removed to Kvergreenor Mtinml C mcti lies, but mch seems not to have Ii en tin cisc, fur as was britfly auimuncid in these c Ijiuus last evening," the sktletnn of a fi male 'was Jutg'p--at the rebiileucc of M r. Vi'Jjaajt'Kuiples, "close tc the Thlal-I wajvi-Yi lnHii, yesterday atternoon. ly nicu cinphixcd by 1 larry Morris iS; Co., who were" engaged putting in water pipe. They first struck the outlines of a eoftiu, which crumbled to pieces and then the hkeleton.. It was irfect ia every detail.' The skull is whole and every tooth is in it. The back bone, hips, ribs, legs, arms and in tact every part is there. The skull was picked out ami set up on the grass where it stood last eveuiug. The skeleton was laying on the gttovs ad joiaiug the barn this morning. This is an indication that all of the liodies were not removed from the place and no doubt others are burietrtthere. A second skeleton"''was dug up by the men while at Work this morning. THROWN FROM A WAGON. Two Kfsblents Front V. I". Junction Have a Uouh Kxperience oirWashington Avenue, Hank Smith, of Western Union Junction and a young friend, started for home List eemng w ith a team of horses attached to a farm wagon eontaiuing farm produce. When they reached a point on Washington avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets the wheels of the wagon struck a rut iu the road and the king bolt of the wagon came out and Smith and his friend were thrown forward to the mad, striking upon their heads. Smith had his face cut and bruisiil and his jmrtuer was rendered scnselcs. He Was picked up and carried to the sidewalk aud revived in aliout ten minutes. The two men borrowed a wagon from Bob Wherry and 'proceeded on tLeir way home, OBITl AUV. r TtEIIVXE. Mr. Harry Terhune, formerly of this city, died at Kat.sasCity yesterday ofcousump-t :i, a:.ed '21 veai. lie was the only son of M.-. and Mts. l'ett r Teihuue and an exemplary yourg man. The Knly will arrive at U c ne Junction over the C. & N.W.K. Ii. at 1 :.;o Ft id y afternoon. Friends of the family will imct the Imdvat Mound Cemiterv. Turkey lunth to-ui-iht ami to morrow at Cuop.r A- Sullivan'.-, loi I fct. Clair strett. Skating at the Laketide Thursday after-r.iivi a;.d evening. The link will not be i oiu Wednesday. Cnf en's Tours lhrouch Kexicc. .Special excurs-u ns leave Chicago, Tues day Jan. G, -Tuesday Jan. 0, Tuesday Feb' 10 aud Tuesday Feb. 24, by fo'.id vestibule t rains, consisting cf Pullman diawing room, s-betiog eais and ciniug cars. These ei- j curriaus afford an exeelieut op(Minbit j for ! these wi.o desiie to . pay thU interesting ( country a visit. For faithrr iaforu.atioii iv a.gtaad leaarcing latts, lickets.etc-, "Pfcly at C. M. .&. it. P. depot. . STEALIXG HORSES. Thieves are Again Operating in Ra cine County. .. SEVERAL ANIMALS ARE STOLEN Good Suggestions on the Organization Known as the Horse Thief Protective Association. This is the season of the year when the restive horse inter makes nis annual visit tqj lUcine county ana gets away witn numer ous animals. A report reaches the city this morning that George Marston, living eight miles northwest of here, had a four year old Swigert mare stolen Monday night and that a farmer at Muskego Lake also lost a horse, and ..two were run out of Houey Creek. During the past year seven horses have been stolen from this county and the year before at least ten and very few if any of them were ever recovered. The fall of the year is "always the time they conic around, aud it behooves the Racine county farmers to look out about this time. There is a horse thief protection society in this county, but'they do uot seem to get at things in the right shape when animals are stolen. An organization of this kind if conducted, properly is invaluable and how to get every horse owner interested is a hard question. Mr. II. F. Kolierts, a farmer well known, ha a few valuable suggestions: Let the present officers authorize nil postmasters to secure and accept members and forward fees to the secretary. Other persons might also be authorized' to secure members, as storekeepers, proprietors of creameries and blacksmiths. These persons come in contact every day with owners of horses. And every horse owner is vitally interested in a society for this purpose. A membership iu a live society of this kind is equivalent to a guaranteed insurance against horses being stolen. ' Five hundred meni-tiers at a dollar each will provide a fund of foOO to use iu recovering stolen horses and capturing thieves if any were stolen. The probabilities are that if the society is well organized and equipped no nieuiber's horses would le molested by thieves. The thieves know it would lie far safer to steal horses of nou-memliers. This societj should become coriorate, and if there are one hundred members, now go on and complete the or ganizatiou. If necessary, make the mem- tiersltiji tee two dollars ami with one Ituu dred mem'iers the working fund would lie lt)0. This sum could be placed in bank aud draw interest until needed for use Instead of making membership dues one dollar yearly would it not lie more equal to make the dues ten cents per head on each horse three years old and over? In a few ears a sufficient fund could lie accumulated si that the society could issue insurance policies against theft to the amount of two-thirds the cash value of the animal iutmred due in 90 davs after stolen to W refunded to the society whenever the horse was re covered. The articles of incorporation should provide for hunting down and prose cuting horse thieves, and recovering' stolen horses, harness and vehicles, and issuing tviliiies parable its before noted. Let the secretary of the societ' take up this work, scud out blauks for uteiulicrs' names, ami mauguiate the securing ol members iu ev ery community, and present his bill for the 'work at the annual meeting. AN EARLY MARRIAGE. A Chicago Couple Married at Two O'clock -This Muruiug-Tlie Minister Pledged in .-seem-j . - WJujr the stock reight ..Xrawi" on the Sonihwestcm Divjsio-if The Cliicagopyfil-waukee &.JsU Paul Ii. Ii. pulled into the depot at 'J o'clock this morning, two men ami three women alighted and wended their way up town. They were from Chicago and ouc of the couples wanted to get tuarj ried and they wanted the knot to lie tied immediately. The party was piloted to the residence of liev. Charles Percival. The Iiev. gentleman was routed out of bed and his services solicited. The couple answered all the required questions, but pledged the minister to secrecy ami time and time again warned him not to give their names and the other parties with them were equally as anxious that the marriage should not lie come public. It was all right they said, but they preferred not to have it known Under the circutnsdauces the minister did not feel justified in giving the reporter the facts and said that the marriage would pot J lie filed lor some time. After the ceremony the paity repaired to the Waguer House, where they all registered. The name of the couple apiiear as S. Huthbertson and wife The names of the others appear as E. A Erickson aud wife aud Mrs. W. DeCaskey. The place of residence is not given. Tin bride aud groom were here at l'J o'clock but the other parties left for Chicago on the 'early morning train. Why the party were so aoxjous to keep the affair quiet is not kuowu. unless it was a runaway match. It was learned this afternoon that tho name of the bride before marriage, wa-H Mis Erickson and her home at South Chicago. " . ' - HAS NOT SKIPPED. Friends or William Kosii.tow Claim He Has Not Fled and Will Tarn op. A gentleman who is in a position to know, stated to the reirter last evening that William Bosustow, who is wanted on the charge of assaulting Sina Jeuson, a servant girl, has not "skipped out.'' He left liefore the warrant was issued and went away to spend Thanksgiving with relatives and will be back immediately after Thanksgiving and will come np to the captain's office and answer the charge. Bitten by a Dog. Theresa Christ iajoson, nine years of age. wa bitten by a dog at ber home in the FiAh ward last evening. She was playing with he animal at the time and the fangs of the brute were buried in ber right rm. The wound was attended to ami the dog kiit.d. .1 : " Thanksgiving lunch served at Charles Gemperle sample room 236 Main St. Notice! Closing Out Sale. The entire stock of new and second hand good beating and cook stoves, furniture, hardware, notion, etc. Most be sold. Pikes low. L. T. ilXYEES & CO, 519 Main tft. HAP HIS SKULL FRACTURED. A CaledoaU Farmer Badly Hart Im a Kigat-N'o Arrests Made. The particulars of a bloody fight which occurred at Oak wood, in Milwaukee county, were received to-day, and in the melee a man living in the town of Caledonia was terribly injured, and lays at his home with a fractured skull and no complaints or arrests have been made. It appears that a raflle was held at the above named place for a steer. A dispute arose as to who had draw a the animaL A Bohemian named Koditsky, an Irishman and a Gentian were involved. The Bohemian, who lives in Caledonia, held the ticket and he was se en seal of having stolen it. He knocked his accuser down, which was the signal for a free fight. Chairs, beer glasses and light dumb bells were used as weapons. Koditsky was struck on the head by a dumb bell and was picked np senseless and con veyed to his homo. It is said that bis sknll was fractured and that he is in bud shape. Who struck hint is not known And if he dies the guilty party w ill probably never be apprehended or punished. THEY WILL KICK. Atl ttst a lionble Track Helng Laid on Main Street-What Mr. Hathaway Will Do. j One of the promiueut merchants on Main street said last night that a strong remonstrance would le presented to the city council- iu opposition to granting the new street railway company the right to lay a tloubje track on Main street. He claims that! it would lie a great detriment to business. On the other hand the members of the company claim that such a scheme would benefit business twenty per cent as it would bring people to the city from the remotest parts of the town, who never coaie down at pres ent. Mr. Hathaway, manager of the lie lie City liue, appears to lie a little worried for the first time in the history of the reported sale of bis plant and other gossip aliout poor ser vice, ttc. His idea is to wait and see what the other fellows do and then head them oil' before they are able to get their line in operation. Whether the new deal is a go or not be states that the Belle City will have new tracks, new cars and be run' by electricity next year. j . CHANGE OF FOREMAN. JolinT. Rowland Appointed Foreman of the J. I. CaoeT.M. Co. Moulding 1 Vj.a rt mrnt . Jonathan Brcarley. who took the position as foreman of the J. I Case Threshing Ma chine moulding shops at the time William Seiitt resigned, tendered his resignation to day aud Mr. John T.KowIand, who has been foreman at the, Belle City M'fg. Co., foun dry for a year or more, was appointed to fill the vacancy. What Mr. Brearley intends to do is not known. Mr.' Rowland is one of the K'st mechanics in liacine aud compe tent in every way to fill the responsible tnsition. ' He will assume his position on Friday morning. ' ! SOCIAL AM) 1'F.ltSOXAU Yesterday tieing the fiftieth birthday anniversary of Mr. Henry Broecker, one of our most prominent and highly resjiected German citizens, a large number-of bis friends repaired to his home on Cente street last eveniug and tendered him a pleasant surprise. After congratulations and well wishes were extended, the com jMtnv sat down to a liouiiteoussiipjier which his good .wife knows so well how to pre pare. Mr. and Mrs. Broecker arc royal en tcrtaiucrs ns those prseu last evening will fqlly testify, evcrjTwdy leiugmade to feci perfectly "at" home, and it is needless to say they all enioved themselves. The evening was siient iu social conversation music aud games. Mr. Broecker was the recipient of some handsome as well as us: ful presents. A "very pleasant surprise party was ten dered Miss MeLa Anderson at her horn. I(il7 Hamilton ave. The evening was spent in singing aud games. - During the eveniug choice refreshments were served. Bert Blake, Bert Hand, George Kicke- niau, .Hal.. Herzog and Max Heck, re turhed home to-day from the State Univer sity, Madison, Wis. They will eat turkey to-morrow under the parental roof. Leu Oerhauser left for Marinette yester day, where he joins bis partner, Chark -NeLson, to embark in the laundry business. Before leavi.ujg Ixm ordered an elegant new wagon. Otto Jonas is home from Madison for few weeks visit. He states that diphtheria is raging at that place aud the public schools have closed. Mrs. J. F. Anderson, of Highland Park III., is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewi, of the Merchant. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thronp departed for St. Joseph j Mo., yesterday, where they will hereafter reside. lioy Beebe and Bert Blake are at home from the Madisou University to spend Thanksgiving. George Main, of Madison, Wis., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carpeuter,of College Ave. '"; The Misses Fal be will attend the Calumet club ball at Milwaukee this evening. Harry Hambright has gone to Beaver Dam, to spend Thanksgiving. Frank, Fred and Hub Tickuor are fishing at Eagle Lake to-day. j Newton Evans arrived from Lincoln, Nebraska, yesterday. Miss Nellie Braruow wilL spend Thanksgiving at Milwaukee. W. II. Jenks is able to be out after a two weeks sickness. Miss Josie Killian is visiting friends at Milwaukee. Miss A. Carr will visit Milwaukee friends to-morrow. J. C. Dorchester has accepted a position at Chicago. H. C. Korfhage is in Chicago on business. He Was Here. A young tog man whom the officers have wanted for three months on a criminal charge was in the city hist night. He took good care to keep oat of the sight of officers. Skating at the Lakeside Thursday after-nooa aad evening. GUILTY OF ASSAULT Was the Verdict of the Jury in the Case of the State vs. Charles . Heinish. THE PENALTY $100 AND COSTS. Amount Paid and the Prisoner Set Free Vick Nyberg Disposed of. At a late hour yesterday afternoon, in the circuit court, Jndge Winslow charged the jury to the case ot the state of v isconsiu against Charles Heinish, charged with as sault and intent to do great bodily harm upon Owen McCarthy and the twelve good and true men retired to deliberate. At about 4:45 they returned, d, having agreed . fiu waa pale , i. i upon a verdict. Heinish' aud drawn as the jurymen passed by him John Driver banded the verdict in and it was in effect that ''We, the jury, find Charles Heinish guilty of assault and not guilty of assault with intent to innrder Owen McCarthy." . A smile stole over the face of Heinish and the color returned. He was pleased, as he. exported that his fate would be a term in the penitentiary, Judge Wiuslow said that he would lost poue the punishment uutil to-morrow, but H. A. Cooper, attorney for Heinish, begged the court to inflict the penalty at once, as the prisoner was employed at the liacine Wagon & Carriage Co., and did not want to go to jail and lose time. On account of the prisoner being poor, Mr. Cooper begged for leniency, and asked that the fine be as light as possible. Judge Winslow- read the prisoner a severe lecture and warned him not to indulge in any more drunken brawls. He said that he would not send bim to the county jail as be bad no desire to send any one to that place if he could help it. He then fined the prisoner $100 and ccts, amounting in all to about (175. The friends of Heinish bad subscribed to a fund and the money was paid and the prisoner was set at liberty. This amount does not include what he must pay his lawyer. No doubt the leKsou Will prove a warning to the young man. X YHKRtt IKFK. Vic Nyberg, wbo wis also charged with assault and 'intent to do great bodily harm on Owen McCarthy, was arraigned before Judge. "Winslow this morning. District Attorney Fish immediately entered a nolle autl Nyberg was tliseuaryecl. lucre was not the slightest evidence to show that Nyberg struck or bruised McCarthy, and the fact that he had served a few months in the louuty jail, convinced the district attor ney that bis punishment bad been sufficient. LANGE IS FOUND GUILTY. (.ustave Adtilphas Iae (.oilty of Bigamy. Yesterday afternoon fiustave Adolphus Iitige, was arraigned in the circuit court for trial, on charge" of bigamy. The wit nesses were examined and the testimony pro veil conclusively that the man bail married three women without having lieen divorced from any of them. This moruiug the arguments were beard, the judge charged the jury and iu half an hour they returned a verdict of guilty. Iauige sat stolid, aud did not seem to know that there was a law against marrying more than one womau. His first wife was iu court when the verdict was rendered aud w-eiueel pleaded. This afternoon the prisoner w as brought tip ami Judge Winslow, after the usual talk, scuteneed him to one year iu the State prison. With good behavior he will, get out iu nine months. MATRIMONIAL. XOBLFT-CO.VAVO. . At Burliugtou yesterday Cuptaiu Conauo, an old and well known resident, was mar ried to Miss Noblct,a charming dress maker of that place. LOl Nslil KY-i OKSE.' Mr. Kohert Corse, "was marrieil at -1 Cock-ford, 111., last evening, to Miss.Lorena Loonsbury, an estimable lady of that place. The iiewly wedded pair arrived here this afternoon. FOX -HUFFMAN. Last evening at 7:30 o'clock Mr..Gustave HofThian and Miss Annie Fox were united in marriage at the home of the bride, on Herrick's flats. A reception followed the ceremouy and the couple received many fine presents.". The newly wedded pair have many warm friends wlw will w ish them ' Post Office Information. Thauksgiving Day the postoffice will lie ooen from 7110 to 10:00 a. m. The carriers will make the two morning deliveries. H. J. Smith, Postmaster. L. Pattaillot has repapered and renovated his place on Main street and it is one of the most attractive in the city. Cabinet Photos 11.60 per dox. at Thomas' TO BALE TUH SALE hUAKTINU AXD UANt.KRJt, JJ J. W. hpcoce, w huth tret. not -.a.ih r ANTED ATOXCE.UfkL FOR t.E.VKKAL housework al I3 Main mtrvet. no villi. vriyANTED AFPKkNTK'E titRLH AT MISS V Dombrownki Millloer I'arlur. - n-pUtf WAA TED-M 1BCELLAN eiOOo. VD-T or BOOK TO KEEP ecnintt by a cotuprtent bookkeeper. Ad-dreM K. Journal ofttce. aovUl ANTED OLD GOLD AXD SILVER. Jnulltf J. W. trca. Jeweler FOH BINT rpo REENT X.ICE X, room n 6th ttreet. FCRN1SHED FRONT nov&a f7OR RENT FVKXISED ROOMS AT7J3 WIS-'conainat. II. C. Korfhage. ttort3 ITtOR RENT-EX IVES. FORKS. TEA AND i drert apooo at J. W. Spenc, Jeweler. No 4u6 Sixth Kreet. noyllt T7WR RENT THE WHOLE OF THE SECOND Jj floor of SCO Main street, orer Um CnkmNa uacal Bask. Dans Lawrox, X ayl-tf 1.I3S Main Street a-AJ- taTATfc I WISH TO EXCHANGE CARTER SEO ttoaf of land la Fawsc county. Eaoran. for Racine real eatate. Property it Bniocambtred and title perfect- There a.- 60 acre of plo 1 lard on each Quarter and every acre ia tmable. Wheat crop tne paat aeaaon went 14 bo. to the arra which wa worth tl.a) per bu. at th nation. and mile repeciiTly from town. For parrtcoiara call Km m. vaaATMiai. , . aovxuw,wii "T7VOB BALE VACANT LOTS AT FROM 1100 Jj to STOO, Lueck X Son, 821 JioCa El to!J HOTICKS. AH, STYLES HOUSE NUMBERS FROM S C. , and upward at tscbowaltar Brew- 415 Main MreeU aoglrl vOCR FACILITIES FOR REPAIRING f jwatc he, clocks, jewelry, etc., ar ucrar Vk, pasted. jonTU J. W. ertsca. Jeweler. ; XTOTICK LARGEST IJNE OF DINNER. ix tea ana Ded-roora acts at B. umrtciti, Moaa- mtDt Square. Price low. malitf TVRAIX TILS AT II. MORRIS & CO.. Ut AJ Sixth St. Telephone apr-Syl SEWER riPS AT HARRY MORRIS ft CO. AL-po roll line of plombtne and r& tooda '.n stock 41 Mxta bu Telepbooe av oujn C. DAVIS, JOS SIXTH STREET DOES vViuir mom. Ktu ana eaa niunc sew era trat In. Saliffartim ater aorvtc and sewera pot In. KQarantMKL marlttf EMPLOYMKNT OFFICE. I ALWAYS HAVE 1'LAl WAITIN" or a. if.HMl couotri Eirl In hol. rentauranta, tmara- Intf htii, and irlrat famllt: and amid . . . u L-b tU. ...... . - ........ I l....,.nl All?. i . ' , .. . -' ... ii , i.i nciisuiv ri'.viM, h. BurMU, f.nOitil lhM A O rp. - . Cheap Work V0 1 INCSl Good Material IRON OR BRASS. ! BTIUrt WO CO, XV rn tier vn.i irnf y 1 AMU8EMINT8. T3ELLE CITY OERA HOUSr JJ t LAM Y IIKtK, Maninrrr. U FRIDAY, 1 mSSX"r I NOV. 28 JAMES T. v POWERS, IN THKTALK OF NK.W OKK. THE CRA7.K OF BOSTON. THE RAtiKOF rillLADK.LrillA. -THECKOWXINO liUlKY F CHICAGO. Mr..J.J. McXallv'a Brilliant Farcical SATIRE ON KAiTNO. t'n T the nmnaei meiit of ItiihJC ilams. In irh Mr. I'uwera will have the si'aure of the BEST FAliU-'. CME Y t'OMI'ANY Kvtr orraiiilrd. To cxmeinre Tonrif rrad the fo'lowiiic name: I'eter K. DiIt, JoIjo Spark., F, T. W ard. Kichsrd Gorman. Al Hart. ikii Vliwn ine. John r. Ctirri.ii. w alter Poole, Kmma llanh-y, Emily Stowe. IH-tia Macy. Moire wurttnicr. l inden. Mncde .arr tt. upward Oranam, Henry s-ator, The t amou eirit'inul c aper tjuartettv.- tat ou ale at Robinson' I)m More Wednea dar morninir at s o clock. PRICES 25. H.V50 AND TSe IS8UBANCE & BE All C8TAT1C WE OFFER FOR SALE Dwrilme and kit. .V5sl3. pood tyU- hiu and tmsl-ern inip-ovctnentj,. fur -. f. . Tho eirnrr a oftiT-ed in 1 v"" 1" fali. JUii't be nold. L. D. Ji;u r.K A to. 417 Main M. FUBNIBHINO OOODS. IoIarWTJR hi BE A P. F. WASHBURN. WE DEFY COMPETITION. In protecting our trade it hn become necessary to cnt prices on atent medicines, and from now on we are in the ring. LOOK AT OUR PRICES : Ayer's Sarsaparilla - - 67c Ayer's Pills - - - 13c Hostetter's Bitters '.- - 67c Davis Pain Killer - - 17c St. Jacobs' Oil - - - 35c Janes' Expectorant . . 67c Winslow's Soothing Syrup . 17c And all other Patent Medicines in proportion. C. EMlLi RABEN'S DRUG STORE BELLE CITY PHARMACY, 1004 STATE ST. U L Ij (110 A DUILAP We bare at last succeeded In arous ing oar competitors to the fact that we were selling' drugs and patent medicines much below tbeir prices, and consequently were getting all the trade, and now in the desperation of despair they hare concluded to TRY and keep np with OUR PRICES If possible (that surely is all that you could expect of them) to get back some' of their trade which they lost nearly two yean ago when we first commenced cutting prices, claiming that it is to protect their trade. But now it is too late. We have got the trade and we are going to keep it by selling just as we have in the past, LOWER than the LOWEST. We have boncht our goods in large quantities cheap for cash and can afiord ana will undersell any house in the city. We don't have any BAITS, but intend to do a STRAIGHT BUS INESS. We will lead on prices, others may follow if they wish to. Thank ing our friends and customers for helping us advertise, would simply state that business was never better than it is to-day, and you may be sure of getting PURE AND FRESH DRUGS at our store, for we are doing the business. 1100 STATE STREET. In Spite of all BALDERDASH and misleading advertisements aiont WE ASSERT and are prepared to prove, that we make BETTER PRICES than any other Drug -Store in the city. WE have ALWAYS done a STRAIGHT BUSINESS and are not called upon for a promise to BEGIN NOW, nor, in the matter of buying our goods for cash are we forced to make a virtue of a necessity. ft Waul iliB Trade we have now, and a lot more ! Our expenses are as low as they can be made consistent with the proper conduct of a FIRST-CLASS Drug Store, and we can afford to make close prices for our customers' benefit. HONYADY" WATER IS NO BAIT ! I 'm ISIS WASHINGTON AYEN'uC. Mm STOtll 15 Cts

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