The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1937 BLYTHEV1LLE '(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS P'ACJS FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for consecutive Insertions:' One tine per line We Two times per line per day ... OSe Three times per line per day .. 06o Six times per line per day — 05c Month rale per lino '.. SOc Cards of Thankc 50c & V5c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration wi|l be charged for the number of time's the ad appeared and adjustment of '• bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sulmillted'by persons rcsldhig outside of Die city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered, for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate No" responsibility will' be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. AT PliiTH c«p AS I'll'lH bl. VH30R.AT New Ostrex Tonic Tab- ,'. lets domain 'ra^ 'oyster invigora- 1 tors and other 1 stimulants, Ono, , o\w pl.ACP TO dq4 pens up organs, glands. Hj A ° Al '*', l . l ^V/ . not 'delighted; maker refunds few, 33 ppKB Kordor. nuns Good ?2G5 cents "paid. Call, ljrit« Klrby Bros. - r :" ' - i' . ._•• •• • ' . , ' ' ' Drug' Stores. Farm Loaiis $500. Up ALSO LOANS Off BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES, F1LL- Room 220, IN0. STATIONS, Don H. Kasserman .1220, Lynch Bldg! "' I'hOl! Phone 877 P. 6. Box 470 Kirby's Active. Liver Pills Arouse, Sluggish Livers Relieve s 1 biliousness, conciliation' anil . Active I.iver 1'ilta set al tdo rcul cause of your mufce you fod like a your ay&lem of turjilus poisons and Kill IV Ltl Active I'iLb; : Harmlpss, gentle. Sold bt all Kir by J)ruy Stores. Bus. Opportunities? Beauty Culture . IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn this pleasant work ' which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs.' William Berrymvm Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory " WANTED !, ! Ball Players Between ages G~ and 75 To See Our New Line of GOLDSMITH '•''ATHLETIC : EQUIPMENT' Sh.ouse-Henry Hdw. Co.. NOTICE. After this dntc I will. noL Ije rc- sponslble for any debts made by, anyone except myself: " ".. Ollle D. Page: 31. Ij'QKU Tudor, New paint . 5125 33 CHEV Fortlor. 0 wire wheels $105 31 t'9I(l). Tudor. Clean C;ir, '' Buns' O, K S295 30 CHEV. Tudor, 31 license, ;i dandy ..'.". '...'..'... $100 32 CllEV. Coupe, motor ami "' tires good §115 . " TRUCKS 3(3 FOHD rick-up. A good one S445 34, C»EV, rick-Up, new paint $205 36 CHEV. 1!4 ton, stake body $ 34 FORD IK ton with Itoiiy .. $425 30 EORD VA lo,n Lonj \\ : . B, $ 81 3G. FOKD, new motor, only ,. $51 1'rlces arc plainly marked on \viml th'lcld of every car. Drive by, loo! them over. We trade. ' For Sale NATIONAL .electric register; 5 key. Burroughs adding machjiie;' two 8-foot floor cases; large money safe wing piano, concert style,. 3. K William', Le'achvflle, Arki ' Comptcle CAPE OUTFIT, urn, steam table, cnsh register, electric drink and water cooler, couplers,' stools, griddles, stoves, etc. ost new over $450. Price now, $28S Tsh. Room 6, Bader Bldg. 26p'k5 Car Lot phone 810 Ico bedroom, large closet, adjoins bath. ai2' W. Kentucky, a-ck-1-8 Icely Purnlsheil STEAMHEATED BEDHOOM, bath. Cnll 501'. 4o W-4 umlslicil, steaiuhca^cd Aparunent; Telephone's 107 ana Gil! Oo ktl room funiLshctl tparttnent. 1031 W. Ash. C'.Ul 008. 27-c-k-tl room downstairs l-'URNISHED APARTMENT. 108 W ICclltUCky. 'Jione (J83. 15u k-1-15 rooiii furnished npt., 1015 W. Ash, Call 445-W. iMrs, Goodwill. 10-tf Slccly Funilshed BEDROOM, gar! nge. M en : preferred. Mrs. Moon" 13 W. Walnut. nektf GANG\VA\' FOR OUH BNT1U10 STOCK OK O.K. USKJ)"OAKS - - KVIJliY ONE'A JJAKfiAl'N! 1933 ClUiVHUUiT SEDAN, lluns 1934 CHEVKOI.KT Kea'l ^uoil lit) 5l-r> COACH. 1U35 3 room Furnished Apartment, pvi vale bath, back and front cn- ranccs. Also bedroom, Call 72-\V. • 2c klS STI>. .1- iiljDAN ........ '. W MASTIilt COACH .......:........ $375 TOG Ft) III) V-8 J)K lAIXi: coun;; vviih lUiiio . , . $ 1935 KOKI) V-8 «r, I.UXE '•1-1>6()H SEDAN ....... $3115 1035 IvO 1.1 1) V-8 OK I,UXE ............ .... $310 1931 O1H YS!, KH SI! DAN. 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT reasonable. Mrs. Gesell; 717 Chickasr.wba, 17cktf COMFORTABLE BEDROOM, 1017 W.' Walnut.' Mrs'. 'Ed 'llardln. 20-ck-tf 3 room Furnished House, cmijile only. 508 N. Fifth. VI. M. Bnrllcy 20p k2 Gay & Billings, Inc. Coal - Iftjpd J'ljope 7(5, Phone 700 0 Vly, Tires 1035 HODGE couri;. Superior Coal & Mining Co. lladlo, Only 11135 OLOSMOHll U <:0.\UH. 1 Uailio iiml''S7' Llwiiso ,. 5115 V-8 riOK-Ul' Nn\- Molur .... $325. saoo 1035 CIIKVKOLKT ' l!i 'l.'ON TRUCK. 1.50x20,' Tires'.. $ 103li CliKVltOMiT I!i TON TUUC'K. 'K\(> Tires .... 5100 lliJ I'Olll) MODK1, A 1'ICK- Ul 1 TROCIl' ........ . ... 5 S5 JSocd Tires, Motoi; A-l ,. 5 -11 Many OIliers.To Choose I'nim Eiisv G. i\!. A. C. 1'aymcnl l?l»ns TQM LBTTLE CHEVROLET CO, PHONIC fi;i:t An tpji.uo live 2 room FURNISHED apartment, reasonable. 3J3 N. Sislli. Phone 97-J. 2Q-ck-tt J.\V. Slioiise WlLsoii Henry Fresh Ecellout 35c Up. Cigarettes, 2 pkgs. 25c HARRY BAILEY j. ., » /ov; and Oil _Stati Line at the Aich New Bar gains! Ve have some especially good bar- Bins'in car's, IriijSks.oWd. pick r upj See Our's Before; You Buy;! 1936 Chevrolet T l'/j' Ton Truck IDS'! "Chevrolet Sedan Aiid Other Bargains . D.eUa lmp)enients, ln,c. JSED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. Car ier;'6(W."N..'5tli"St.'" ' 3p; k4 r IVJale, Instruction 'ill jjersbnally interview men willing to work hard by training for ooa-pay positlpns ; in Ain CON- iTIpNINO arid RifrigeratLon bus- ess/ Prefer inen'-\vi.tli (air educa t - 6n, mechanically, iticlincd, now -nploycd, willing '•. to devote some pare Hime to preliminary study •Jllowed'by shop 1 /practice to ba- >me installation and service cx2fts: Write fully, giving age, pros- it occupallon. Utilities Engi- sering Instllutej L Courier News. ALLEY OOP Nicely furnished bedroom,. adjoining bath. Modern conveniences. 813. Chick'asixwlja, near high .'school. Call C3G after 4:30 p. in. of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for base Dall, handball, Softball, soccer ball [turns, irack & boxing. Best Prices PLUMBING! fixtures, pipe, fittings, all bath oom accessories, valves, electri vater systems for • farms. "Watt ofteners, filters or any other Itet onriected with plumbing or heat ng. •PETE" THE PLUMBER Mules For Sale DEI/TA IMPLEMENTS, I1J 2 room furnished apartment, 801 Chic'kasawha. '' Call "1020. ao-ck-tf Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky 0. O A L ' . Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phono 278 Chlckasawba & R.'R. EASY CREDIT Goodrich K'udect Phiii Tires - TiiUcs - Biitteries Honie^Farni and Auto Radios BUFE JONES-rTlRES Batteries BATTERY SEIIV1CE Call J. Ben Clune Phone 8 nt Tom Jackson's Waiitecl LAUNDRY, ro.UBh dry or finished. Good work; Mrs. Mick, GIG Lake. : 2-pk It hns been estimated that every ycnv 05,01)0 girls disappear ii Uiu United Stales nun no trace of them ever Is fotnul. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices ' Joyner Motor Sales CaV LQ,QO FUNERAL HOME A beautiful and sympathetic !' service, nt, mod era le cost. ' Ambulance Service III N'. 1st, rhonc 58 FOR SALE i We have a limited supply of nice Alfalfa Seed, and price is nflinoUve. Also several torts of Stonevlllo No, 4,-A Cotton Seed one year from the breeder, wo raised and ginned them and slatu tested. \yo hiwc several Ijtindred busl)el«, of Beans and Peas. Will sell or tratto for any other variety of Option Seed or Beans 1. R. Matftews Gin Co. Tel. ISU-I'3 ' Yjrb'ro, Ark, C'oKon, Collon Seed and Coal WE IIAVK SliCUHEI) TUB SEItVVCKS; OF AN KXl'KHIENCUD RADJO, ^ECH^IC ', who \y!ll Kiuruntco Ho repati •your rndjo to first class coiidl- iipii. • ; '' ' :.' ' ' ";•'• j. A poninlclp Llijo of 'JCubcs and [ ' ' I'n'rts. - - Beit ['rices Uubbiinl '1,'irc''' Phone "Yoius fgr the Asking" PERMANENT FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS (JH one of these convenlen holders on jour nc\l trl( lo (be Line, They're Free! Just Turn To The Left At LEFTY'S SERVICE STAi;i6^ Ark tins [is-Mtssourl Lino LOW .IMtLCES. COBB FUNERAL HOME Hubbard Hdw. Co. lyilfto-Order \VE ATTEND TO ALL DETAILS, 'Let's Talk' It over—Phone 100: E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "MY COAL IS BLACK— UT I TREAT 'I'.OJJ WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices "lor' Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Cleaners - Laundry STAR CLEANERS Experienced Workers - Quality Cleaning - Coxirtcous Service 510 Y7. Ash Phone 2GO Marvin Sawyer, Mgr. Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTED \Ve pay highest market .prleea fo 'nil kinds poultry. Rshcr' & Galncs at Gaiiies Grocery & Mar kel. u W. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hashing MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 61 North, Blythevii'it MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main 'radically new Automatic/Delcc Light plant. With radio, far nd iron. Will sell for halt, price >elta Implements, Incorporated. 'Seeds - Plants 5.LANT1NG SEED FOR '•.SALE— Pure Stonevillc 4a, 5 and 5a. 'edigreed 4a and 5. D. and/P. L la and Dclfos 719. Mammofti irown'and Delstn (high oil ycl- ow) Soy Beans, both shatter re- istant. The J. O. Rnnkin Seec arms, on .Highway,61, Steelc, Mo. IPL COTTON SEED, 'PRIVATELY GINNED. J. H. SMART JR. Cotton Seed ! ! ! BEST PRICES Blythevillf! Gjn Go. T.OSBS S.1.39 dozen, prepaia. Hardy, 'flelrt gro\vn cyerblooining plants. Tee' descriptive folder. ROSE MUR.SERIES/Box 929, Tyler, 1 Tex. ?OR SALE'— 9 varieties tomato plants from finest seed. Peppers, ?SS piiints. Everything in flowers. HEATONS HOME 'OP FLOWERS. !00 Davis ave. ' 26-ck-9 COTTONSEED!!! CHOICE DPL No. 11 COTTON SEED carefully saved for our own i, nsb." BARGAIN. ' Electric Gin Co. LuxoitA, "ARK. Wanted To Buy Wagon, team, and farming tools from anyone who has surplus or intends to 'quit farming. Will pay cash for bargain. G. G. Caudlll, Phone.s 707 or 786. 21c k3 WE PAY CASH KOR 2ND HAND, FURNITURE Kublmrd 2nd Hand Furniture Slorc Hionc 1031 COTTON SEED-Stonevillc No. 5, grown exclusively. 2 years from Stonevillc.- $60' per ton. F. B. TAYLOR 1 Mile North 'state Line We Pay $6-^7.50 per ton for Sci-ap Iron, Radiators 51?1.50, Motnis 3c to 12c lb., also buy hides & old batteries AUIAN AUTO, PARTS 12 8 E. Main • ' ' Phone 17fi Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE SftulT \Vc strive to do'the impossible— To P.icase Everybody! WJI. rKEliM.XN & J. H. HOLt '' "4 Doors East of I'enney's If "you" they can't be fixed : have them made like pew at the TRUK BLIJE SHOE & HARNESb ; SHOP - - '310. E. Main AVE BUY NEW PEAL spop. SHOP 121 West Main. Simon P. Lee In" charge 4 Photos FRKE with Each Orde for Half Sole- 1 Job' ' Wool & Scrap Iron , BlylliGvlltc Iron & Metal Co. (Woman's club dance, nousli Harp. herr - Man's black felt hat, size 7 5-8 at Cherry & R, R. Phone 448 I Call 917-J. H't; THROUGH TTHE MOOI/IAM RP.VAL GUAED, CALLED' OUT TO HAH, YOU MEDDL1W Ol' BUSYBP|blES_AV6l.L"X/ THAT'LL HOLD BETTER FALL^-M-EARM YOU \'EM FOR A BACHi.'. ^/BETTERM TTCYl SPELL, I T5TOPA 6OOD\ BHTCHA; FIGHT.' ' CHEESE (T, FELLERS LI5TE.W, MEU-THIS IS TOU3H. 1 WE'LL, HA^TA USE TH'O'L''CEMtEe •'.RUSllJ ALL SET? OKAY, LE'5 6O' ITS' THEM 'GUARDS CWOM, WE BETTEE GIT WE CAW'TfOLITAHERe STOP 'EM,> 'FOEETHEV WOW. - /5TACT WORKIM' ONJ US! STOP;THE. ROW BETWEEM ALLEY OOP AUp:K!W& GUZZLE, EWCOU$lTER& ' "''' THK IKUESISTIliLH FOHCE! iOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AM OLO CWOM OP MIME 1 Oft-,Wt«.E UtCOME'b.WOW'.VM ' - , VOO «t K OKI "5WE KWA6'b ROM MJOOKVO V WWT XOli TO. A MEM ,U5V\0 CUKFEW WILL NOT KING TONIGHT! WASH TUBES I STAfiT COUNTING-. LULU BELLE'S ; i £ 1WAV BE OUTER THE IilN6- I'VE JU5T BEBUM TO FISHT. FRECKLES'AND HIS FRIENDS NUTTY FINDS HMM... STILL VISIBLE ! THAT'S STRANGE.' PEOPLE HAVE BEESI WAL.KIWS OKI THIS SIDE* FDR tp/WS....YOU'D THWK THEY'D HAVE RUBBED THEM OUT !• ,.'Tn!IS FCOT- B T ^l^•rr LOOKS AS IF V/AS MADE wrm A J/HSSING .' SURE HE IS.,. WES/E SEEM LOOWMG FOR HIM FDR' ALL WORKED UP Ir YpUWAWT'TO 1:001. AROUWDV^fTH MACHIWE.' IF You KA.D DO WITH MAKIWQ THESE HAVE r DEFECTIVE' SHOE.... IT ISMTA COMPLETE PR1WT WHEPE ELSE J TO LO.CK YOU UP 27c k31

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