The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on November 21, 1890 · 4
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 4

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1890
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BAC1NE DAILY JOURNAL, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. NOVEMBER 21. 1890 The Daily journal. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, Weather Indications. Wawowtoii, D. C 'oTrmbT II for FAS I Lower Michigan. Tpper Mif h!gn, la J diana, Eunoia, Miwourl. !". -Knu-, Minnesota. North and South Dahota, Ne- bruka tod Wfceooaia Fair UJI Sunday, eclder wind. becyn!a northwesterly THE NEWS CONDENSED. . Parker Bros., of Philadelphia, bankers and brokers, foil for nearly $3,0)0, Out. It m atated U3t Israeli kit he will still retain the leader-hip of th Irish people. Mrs. Potter Talmer has been chosen president of the board of Ud j managers of tbe "World's fair. KepreenUtire lit nam, of Indiana, L the first candidate for the speakership to arrive at Washington. The lake front in Chicago baa at la.t I .era decided upou fur the erection of the World's fair bnildinps. A verdict of f2,000 against the Wisconsin Central compauj n secured for killing a two-jear-wld boy at Ohkoch. Ieadew of the Democratic party are preparing to prtwecnte state treasurers for the re x very of interest oti state fund. Kit Jones, who.jwtsiulted a jonns girl iu the towu of Mt. I'letwant, was captured and lodged in jail by the offirers alter a desperate struggle. CITY BK.KVIT1JS&. A regular meeting of Orient Chapter will be held this evening. TLis evening the memlrf-re of the Light Guard will have a ial hop at their armory. Mr. John Kcdgtrs enjoyed a mess of radishes dug from LU gulden ou Main street yes'eiday. The board of snpcrvirs met and ad-jonixe 1 thi- morning, having no hnsine tJtrjnsict. IK not forget -the dime entertainment nml swiaMe given by the Jnn-tiou t'nion S S. this evening. Two temporary booy.s have leeu placed on the reef iu place of the two large ones taken in, a day or two ago. The report that Mr. Chapman's saloon had been closed on account of the trouble about the license was nntiue. There will be an important meeting of the Koyal Adelphia this evening. Kveiy inember is requested to le present. The members of Governor Harvey lVt. No. IT, i. A. k., ate looking for new nuar- ters and will mo-t likely meet at Forester hall.. - To-morrow evening there will le a prize l-owhng at Foertch's alley oil St. Clair j-tteet. All bowler in the tily are rc-ineted to le preent. .1. E. Madstm. a heel and toe walker of uie note, will be in theiity Thanksgiving day, with a view of making a match with :nv walker or runner in the cite. A.yl KaUe will establish a new German newspaper in the City of Kenosha. Mr. Falbe and Lis father are editor of the Correspondent in this city and believe that Kenosha is a good tit-lit for a German paei. Work of building the trestle work lor the new spur to rnu to the works of Mitchell V Lewis Co. will he commenced next week. Il is eipected that a 'large force of men will le pu: at work. The Ie!oit Free 1'rvs.s s;iy: "The Salva-tion At my is making many conveits in ICavine. It has a rich tield to wjrk in. rnlahlv there is not a citv in WiscoiiMu where the people are more in need if salvation than liacine." City Attorney KiUiiie was looking up Ue law to-day, in reganl to granting street car ctmijviiiies escltisive fratH-bise. It is his opinion that the City of liat ine tan grant a hanchise to the new company if it feels so disposed, ami will not be liable. James Gorton has incorporated that new-new skating rink to te established on Fifth Mrret. The officers are James Gortou. president: I. 11. Clancy, secretary: Kobert K;fiuruerer, superintendent: Chas. Madorey, ;' manager: Oiarles Kohlmau. eugineer of oust rue tiou. Couple of Runaways. This morning Mr. John Landon, driver ot the X'nited States eipress wagon, drove u; to the Kacine Rublier Company's office aud tied the hors; to a post while be delivered some goods. A switch engine ou the '. S; N. W. IL K. scared the animal ami it uu away, breaking a thill, wrecking the harness and the animal's legs were cut. Yesterday a saloon man at the coiner of Fourteenth street and Grand avenue, wagered a dollar with a hore t rider that he could drive on animal to the Central hotel and back ia fifteen minutes. He started aud proceeded about a block when a farmer's team came tearing dowu street. One t tte botses struck the otV wheel of the cart, breaking every spoke out of it. One ot the farmer's horse became so badly tangled np ia the wheel .that it required fifteen minutes to pet it out. All three of the boptes were somewhat bnrt. and one of the horse stepped on the driver of the cart and injured him so badly that he had to be carried home. He is somewhat U-tter to-day. Abouta Barn. The aldermen of the Third ward and Mr. Jonathan Brearley are at logger heads. It appears that a barn of Mr. l'.reailey stands out upon the street, on laik a venae, according to the latest survey. Mr.' Brearley was notified to remove the structure and refused ro do it on the gronnd that it was not ou the street. Now Aid. Koines threatens to arrest Mr. Brearley if he does not comply with the law. On the other hand Mr. Brearley is ready to give the city ail the fight they want on the subject and carry it to the supreme coart. Dr. S hoop's U a Cough Care. Not a relief only. 25 cents and 1.00 per bottle. $.")00 worth of new neckwear just received atS. Wol3"9: Buckwheat. Ynth fiooad at KacLae But SUHs, A DESPERATE , FIGHT. Marshal Rowan and Chief Anderson Have a Desperate Battle IN ARRESTING KIT JONES. At His Home in the Town of Mt. Pletsant-The Boy and Hit Mother' and Three Dogs Take a Hand Captured and in Jail. As announced in the Joi kxa I. last evening. Kit Jones, an eighteen year old boy of the town of Mt. Pleasant, attacked and attempted to ravi.h Maria Narrows, girl fourteen years ofcage, on Wednesday nij;ht, and a warrant was issued for his arrest and placed in the hands of City Marshal John-liowan, Tbi morning the officer accompanied by the chief of police went ont to the Jones farm in Mt. Pleasant, aMer the boy. They lound him in a field opposite the boose hauling stumps and attending to rows. When Marshal Lowan presented the warrant the boy knew, what he wanted, but refused to go, claiming that he had to attend to the cows. The officer insisted upon his going, but he refused and started to pass through a gate. The marshal eanght bold of him and he showed fight and was thrown to the gronnd. He yelled, kicked and fought like- a young demon.- The marshal called to Chief Anderson, who was seated in the buggy a short distance away and he hurried to assist, The boy to his mother, who was across the road and she rushed up with two dogs and there was another dog with the boy. The officers had a lively right with the boy, his mother and the dogs,and during the melee Chief Anderson was kicked in the face by the boy.' The old lady hauled and pulled the officers, the toy kicked and bit and tl.e dois tack lei 1 them from every side. At the same time the woman was crying and yelling and the loy followed suit and the dos barked and howled, and the scene was one seldom witnessed. Hut the officers came ont of the battle alive aud uninjured, with the exception of the kick received by the Chief They arrived at Justice Weut worth's of fice with the tiov shortly after nine o'clock and he-was a comical looking fellow. Tow headed and iu a regular granger suit, and not over intelligent looking his appearance was anything .but attractive, but withal he is said to be a very tough Iwy. The case was adjourned until to-morrow niorniug at !( o'clock, the loy beiug remanded to jail without bail. The circumstances ot- tjle t.rtSc. are tbe same as reKrted last evening. The girl was walking on the highway and the lwy attacked and dragged her into a gully. Her cries were heard by a farmer aud I hen Joue fled. IKstrict Attorney Fish states that the Uy is gailty of having committed the same oricn-e ou three or four other occasions. .vi r. itooert Jones, tainerot tne nov, was in the city this afternoon. He is mad at what he terms the rough action ot the officers. He says that the boy is folish and not right in his mind, in fact he has been wrong in his head from childhcxxl and perfectly irresponsible for his actions, not knowing right from wmns;. HA KINK. Yesterday 4the steel side-whet 1 steamer City of Chicago was hauled out at the yard of her builders, F. W. Wheeler vS: Co.. West I ay City to b- remodeled at a cost of ot'. It is no longer a set ret that the City of Chicago failed to meet the requirements f the contract for her construction, and h;is not vet Wen accepted bv Graham, Moi tou V Co. La evening the tug Morl'onl left for Chicago with the schooner Adirondatk, pul-leil from the reefy esterday. The Isiat was leakiug badly, but the steam pnmp kept her free of water. The leak seemed to lie forward. The deck loud of lnmlcr taken, from t he loat was sold to Kelley, Week's it Co. The business of the Goodrich Transportation Company has increased between Chit-ago and Green Bay. to. such an extent tbat next season three boats will Ik; run iusteatl of two. They wilt be the Depere, City of Ludingtou aud Muskegon. The s boouer Kewaunee artivel in jvrt with lumber for Kellry, Week's ci Co. COl KT AND CRIME. A young niau naiuel len Hill entered KHukert's brewery yestertlay arterntxjn and proceeded to run the place. He was intoxicated aud the result was he was ejected into the street. Policemen Hyde and lior-genson took him in Land aud with much difficulty lauded him in jail. He fought and resisted the officers all the way down Sixth street. This aiteruooii Hill was arraigned before Justice I'pL-hnrvh aud presented sorry ai-earauce. His lth eyes were discolored and face cot, the result of his experience at the brewery. He was tints I $:f and cohis and paid up. The case of C. O. Gail against the 1 haver Hcfngeiator Co.. has lrcn on trial in the circuit coutt ttvday. aCVIDENIS. Yesterday an eleven year old son of Mr. H. J. Finn, residing ou Lafayette avenue, had a narrow escape 'from being killed at the Filth ward school. He was running in the school lot w hen another boy ran against him and knocked him senseless to the ground. He was taken to his home and Dr. J. G. Meachem was tailed. The physician found that the boy had sustained a concussion of the brain and that his face and lips were badly cut. Although be was senseless for some time he rev ived and is able to be about to-day. The boy who collided with him was only slightly hurt. Choice Ponies. R. W. Harding, of Spokane Falls, Wash, is located at the west end of Grand Ave., with a car load of choice ponies w hich he is otleriug at reasonable prices. ilats, cap and gloves at 50c. on the dollar at S. WolSTa. Skating at Lakeside Saturday ere. Cabinet liiou Lo j do, at Thoauti' ETJK OVER BY A HACK Six Year Old Georce Greeawmld Badly Hart Last Eve. Last evening about 6 o'clock, George, the six year old noo of Mr. and Mrs. John Greenwald, of No. 238 Main street, was playing on the road with several other children opposite John Koch's place. They were running back and forward across the street. A hack drawn by two powerful horses dashed down the street. All of the children except little George saw the vehicle and got ont of the way, bnt be failed to see the danger. The head of one horse struck and knocked him down, and one of the heavy vehicle passed over his body in the vicinity of the back and spine. The boy cried ont with paiu and a gentleman who was passing picket' him npand carried him to the walk. Two boys had notified his father who appeared ant carried him home. It was thought that the boy had been crushed internally and would die in a short time. Dr. Kitto was called and after making a thorough examination found that no bones were broken, but that the lad was badly bruised about the head, face and lody and hurt Internally. Just how bad the injuries are cannot be told for a day or two, or whether they are fatal or not. The driver of the hack, when he ran the boy down, never stopped to ascertain whether the lad had been killed or not, and his name was not ascertained. CELEBRATED COW CASE. Derided in the Circuit Court Against William Tapfing. The case of William Tapling against Simou Johnson was tried iu the circuit court yesterday and at 5 o'clock last eveu- ing the jury brought in a verdict for the defendant. This case grew out of the sale of a cow by the administrator of the estate of the late Hannah Tapling.' Judge Hand was the administrator and sold the animal at public auction and Simou Johnson bid it in for some twenty odd dollars. William Tapling claimed that the raw 'was his per sonal property aud did not belong to the estate and locked the animal in the barn. Judge Hand and others broke into the bam and took possession of the cow and then Tapling sued for the recover of the brnte or the valne of it. The case was tried in the justice court before a jury and he won Johnson appealed to the circuit court and now he has won the case. An appeal will le taken to the supreme court. It is esti mated that several hundred dollars has already teen squandered ou that SU cow. Tapling says he will go broke before he gives up the fight. TERROR REIGNED. At a Second Ward lomieile Antirs of a Drunken Son. Terror reigned iu a second ward residence for about t wo honrs at an early hour this morning all ou account of a son appearing at his home crazy drunk. He went iu yelling that he would kill the whole family, Iu less time than it fakes to tell the whole family was out of bed and to say that they were frightened would not half express it. They found the son in the sitting room with a wagon spoke iu his hands and he was preparing to smash any and every thin in sight in his drunken frenzy.' When he spied his father aud brother in the door way be let the weapon tly at tbem and bad it struck them there would have been a corpse. Then they diopped upon him and there was a desperate struggle. The drunken son fought like a young demon and the tight lasted fifteeu or twenty min utes. The drunken man was overpowered and put to bed and although he raved and swore considerably, went to sleep and no doubt to-day-he will feel feel like hiding his head in shame. MAT1UM0NIAL. M El K HOFF K ARK. At eight o'clock last evening Mr. Henry Kark and Miss Maggie Meirhoft' were unit ed in marriage at the home of the bride's parents. No. 742 Grand avenue, by Rev. Mr. Jager, in the presence of a large circle of friends and relatives. The bride -was attired in a handsome silk dress and was attended by Misses E. Mansard t and Lou MeirhotT, and the groomsmen were Mr. Kmil Kark aud (Jus Peters. The bridal party were pre-eded by Master Warner and Amanda Meirhofl, each carrying a bouquet of flowers. The ceremony was performed under a beautiful wTeath of flowers. Pur iu; the evening the newly wedded pair were serenaded by the Melodia choir and singing section of the Kacine Turner Society. An elegant wedding supper was served and the presents were many aud costly. Mr. and Mrs. Kark will reside ou Sixth street and have the congratulations and best wishes of a large circle of acquain tances tor a loug and happy wedded life. The groom is a well known business man ami the bride an estimable lady, Will Meet' This Eve. Tnight the mayor, ineiulera of the council and school Ixxvrd, will meet at the City hall for the purpose of talking over the question ol raising that fs,IKH)j for school purposes, strange as it may seem some of the city members of the county Itoard are opposed to raising the amount. This does not look well and is not a credit to any man to work against the educational interests of our city. Wife No. 3 is Insane. Mrs. Lange, the third wife of Gustave Lange, has become insane, aud is making it lively for the people who live near her place on Douglas ave. This morning a minister appeared at the sheriff's office and said that the woman had gone stark mad and that the people were afraid she would kill some one and wanted an officer to take care of her. Application will be made for the appointment of physicians to examine into her mental condition. A Sensation. Owing to the continued warm weather we have, a surplus stock of cloaks and jackets on hand for this season of the year. We propose to let them go in one grand rush, and announce a sale of cloaks and jackets tomorrow which will be the talk of the town for a month to come. Nearly three hundred of the latest this season's novelties at exact tuanafacturer cost. Come ia the morning to avoid the crowd later, Claacy Bros, CONSUMPTION CURE. Dr. F. A. Brodsky's Views on the . . Koch Claim. FROM PERSONAL OBSERVATION. Valuable and Interesting Points on the Impor- tint Matter. To-day the Jot'SNAL reporter interviewed Dr. F. A. Brodsky on the all absorbing subject, Dr. Koch's new cure for consumption. The Dr. said: The subject upou which you ask my opinion has been so thoroughly discussed from hearsay that my personal observation of the technic of inoculation and subsequently witnessing several cae of cure at Prof. Von Bergmann's Clinic in Berlin a few weeks ago, only substantiates Prof. R. Koch's claim, that of discovering a specific antidote or remedy (the Paratoloid Lymph if properly applied in early stagee) combats the viability, destructive influence and phenomena depending upou the pre ence of the Tubercle bacillis in a circum scribed area. His delay in publishing the constituents of his remedy (its simplicity will be surprising) depends I believe on his desire to give the Government and his country, which supports such extensive means for investigation, the honor and credit in giving humanity reliable, snfTTcient aud unimpeachable quantity and qual lty of the material at a certain time. It will be possible then for physicians who can make a diaguosis of the early stages of tuberculosis by microscopical technology to advise their patients the proper treatment,' or if they have received scientific training in bacteriology, can apply the treatment themselves in conjunction with raising the vitalizing, powers of the patient. The Prof, expects after longer experience we can in a measure aflect general tuberculosis, by using all preventive means for dissemination of the virus, which often finds prolific modus in sometimes comparatively good constitutions and destroys different branches of families, because of their susceptibility, of acquiring certain morbific elements. Of one thiug we mnst be certain and that is that this discovery opens a great field for argument, and a deeper study of the phraseology of the disease which has created so great an interest for the welfare of humanity. SOCIAL AND TEKSONAL. One of the most pleasant drive whist parties of the year was tendered last evening by Mr. and Mrs. William 11 Hall, at their home No. 943 Washington avenue. The interior of the home was decorated and bril-liautly illuminated aud there were seventeen tables. The playing was spirited and exciting. The prizes were won by Mrs. P. P. Chandler and Mr. J. C. Cummings and Mrs. Joseph Schroeder ami Mr. F. Griffith. During the evening delicious refreshments were served. When the compauy departed all pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Hall royal and charming entertainers. Mrs. J. G. Meachem, Jr., gave a brilliant afternoon reception at her College avenue home yesterday. One huudrecl and fifty invitations were issued and the majority responded. The interior was handsomely arranged and presented an attractive and inviting appearance. The refreshments served were in keeping with the occasion. Mrs. A. Kupfer, of Grand avenue, is dangerously sick with the la grippe. This is the first case of the malady reported this fall. Physicians state that it is not likely the disease will be prevalent again this year. The marriage of Mr. Charles Dietrich, secretary of the Racine Business Men's Association, to Miss Kittie Packard, daughter of William P .Packard, is announced for December 4. Williard Smith, a prominent horseman of Waukegan, 111., was iu the city yesterday. He is the owner of the colt Phallum one of the most promising colts in the country. Cards have been issued announcing the marriage of Miss Pearl Clark, formerly of this city, now of Peoria, to Mr. Charles Willey, of Springfield, 111. Up Mr. W. L. Wiliams, of Chicago, having spent a week with relatives and friends, left this morning for Y'ouugstown, Ohio, to visit his parents. ' Miss Lillian Tritchard departed for Madison this morning, to attend the ball given by the law claim ot the State University. Last evening Mr. J. M. Driver entertained the whist club at his home and it is unnecessary to pay they had a good time. Joseph Medd ami Alice Bland, of Aubury, ill. were united in marriage by Justice Unchurch this morning. W. H. Waruer and family, who have been in Dakota the past eight yea; are visiting in the citv. ' Mrs. Maria Worsley who was attacked by a bull yesterday, is reported much better to-day. Miss Leua Johnsou has returned from a several weeks visit at Biimingham, Alabama. Dr. CJ ruber was called to Milwaukee this morning in consultation in a difficult operation. Mr. and Mrs. Adams of Asylum avenue, will give a drive whist party this evening. Mrs. Hyland Raymond aud daughter Hazel are visiting in Chicago. Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bnfl"ham, of 1001 Tenth street, a son. Rev. V. Pisek, of New York, is the guest ot Dr. F. A. Brodsky. W. J. Klinge is expected home from the East in a day or two. Capt. Copp, of North port, Mich, is in the city on business. Mr. Will lleodrickson arrived in the city to-day. See Wold's window for the handsomest display of neckwear in the city. . A great cloak sale at Clancy's to-morrow. Come in the morning and avoid the crowd later. Closo price will ba eat closer pi over coats at 8. Wold' RACINE BOY'S PLUCK. Saves a'Compaay 600 aad Valaable rapera. Nearly every resident on j Washington avenue will remember William B&sdndale or "Billy" as he is familiarly known. lie left here a few'years ago and drifted to various sections of the country. ( : Finally he settled at Seattle, Washington and is at present manager of the Northern Pacific freight office. In that capacity he often remains at the office until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and handles large sums'of money. Recently he had a thrilling experience at that place and his nerve saved the company from losing several hundred dollars aud also himself valuables. He had been at the office until 3 o'clock iu the'morning attending to the unloading of several boats and when be started for his boarding house had six hundred dollars and valuable papers in his pocket, the property of the company. On the way he was stopjed by a couple of highwaymen. One of th m shoved a revolver under Billy's nose at.d demanded that he disgorge, tuick as a ttash Billy kicked the fellow in the stomach and started oh a run, yelling police. An officer happened to be near by aud heard the call, and as he came in sight the thieves were close upon Billy. It is needless to say the highwaymen fled and disappeared in the darkness. They were subsequently caught, however, and the Seattle papers contain a column or more of the thrilling affair, i ; ' AtH'bfcUKXIS. i ' l'KIXCK AN"I PAVPEK. An elaborate production will be that oi the Prince and Pauper nt Belle City opera house this evening and which is a dramatization of Mark Twain's story of the same name. The principle attraction in the company is little Elsie Leslie, said to be the most wonderful child actress on the stage. She was the original Cedric in Little Ixml Fauntleroy, playing that role for eight consecutive mouths in New York City. Little Miss Ieslie will be surrounded by a most excellent company, and the presentation of the play w ilt lie on an unusual scale of magnificence, j The production is the same as was given at the llrond-way thenter, NewYork. j Little Elsie has been upon the stage about five years, and is spoken of as remarkably apt in her work, and so thoroughly imbued-wfth the impor tance of her dutiesiupon th stage that no outside thought or, influence can for a nio- meut sway her in her attention to them She is all business when at work. mVakthy's misiiaps. McCarthy's Mishaps, a new farcical com edy, had its first presentation in this city last evening at the Belle City opera house. The house was crowded, over twelve hun died admissiou tickets being 'sold. The piece gives ample scope for the introduction of a numler of clever npecialty people, and the lun is laal and furious. ! Barney Ferguson as iK-nlils McCarthy, Chailes Gorman as Michael j Mulligan and Dan Keating as McGuinues. were immense, ami kept the audience iu a continual roar of laughter. Miss Lizzie Paly, the gro tesque dancer ami her daughter little Vinie Paly, are two of the lest dancers that have ever appeared in this city. Miss Daly's danciug is unique and she is the poetry of motion personified. The comedy does just what it is intended to do, that 'is, keeps yon amused from ieginning to end They will fill n return date at the opera house, and will probably draw another im mense house. PATRICE, MONDAY NIGHT. The beautiful witching little soubrette Patrice whose numerous charms and pretty voice has set New Y'ork and Chicago dnde- dom in a flutter, will tie seen here on Mon day night in her latest and best success, The Midnight Call. In it the charming star has abundant opportunity for the intro duct ion of her numerous taking specialties and iu drawing crowded houses at the At hambra theatre, Chicago. She will doubt less draw well here as her fame has preceded her. The sale of seats opens to-morrow morning. j AN M. E. KOCIAlil.E. A large number of the members of the First Methodist church with their friends, were present at the sociable held last night and passed an enjoyable evening. A short musical programme embracing solos by Mrs. R. V. Jones and Miss Grissinger, a violin solo by Atthur Lunn and a chorus by the choir, occupied a brief time when refreshments were served by the young ladies of the church. Social conversation occup:ed the remainder of the eveuing, and all appeared to enjoy themselves to their fullest capacity. j : A 1'KESHYTKRIAN StKlAULE. The good ladies of the First Presbyterian church serves! a delicious supper last evening, at the parlors from . to H o'clock, which was followed by a pleasant social time. A large number of the congregation and their friends called and partook of the good things served by the ladies, and also stayed and enjoyed the evening, the time being filled in by music and various games AX ENTERTAINMENT. The young ladies of Immanuel church gave a delightful entertainment at Rectory hall last eveuing. The programme consisted of instrumental aud vocal selections and recitations, which were well rendered and heartily appreciated by the audience. A neat sum was cleared ftom the sale of fresh candy and pop-corn. i Bought t Church. ; The Bohemian Presbyterian society has purchased the North Side M. E. church building on North Wisconsin street The structure will be refi&ed and the new religious society recently established in this city will bold religious services therein. You Need 'Them. 50 Doz. ladies and child reus woolen bose at special low prices to-morrow. Gone by night. Clancy Bboh. 75 dozen children's all wool waists 2oc at a Wolff's. Skating at Lakesike Saturday evening. A souvenir with every child's overcoat, Saturday at S, Wolff's. Skating at Lakeside Saturday eve. : Th "templar" the new pnff scarf and an elegant Hoe of new 4 ia b&4da at S, WolxTa. WIND AND BUNCOMBE Ho-flr Alderman Colbert Mada the Council Believe Certain Things. 1 AND KILLED A RESOLUTION Which was in Favor of a New Hook and Udder Truck. The other evening at a Council meeting Alderman Colbert said that the Council could not afford to pass a resolution condemning the old hook and ladder truck and asking for a new one. He allowed that the Underwriters would not pay the two per cent, on all premiums aud made all manner of statements in order to defeat the resolution. His talk was all wind and buncombe, but the majority of members of ot the city council, as is generally the case. swallowed his remarks, with the hook, bait and all, and the resolution was tabled esterday a prominent member of the Un derwriters said to the reporter that it was all bosh. Had the resolution been passed it would not have made the slightest differ ence in regard to the payment of the rate, The Underwriters know full well that the truck is in a dangerous condition and in fact do not have to get pointers from the city council as to the condition of the appa ratus ol the fire department. If the truck should break down to-day or to-morrow and it took several weeks to get a new one the Underwriters would not reduce the per cent on premiums. There is not the slight est danger. If the truck was condemned" it conld be used until a tnew one was ob tained. So it will be seeuthat Mr. Colbert was simply talking to win bis point aud he did iu What the city council needs is an alderman or two who cau meet the gentle man from the Fourth in aiguments of a bulldozing nature. With j him every ini provement or good3 thing that comes up iu the council, un'ess offered! by himself, is wind or buncombe. Popularity of Electric Motors. The rapidity with which the electric mo tor is forcing its way into all sorts of places. and notably into private : houses,' "is little short of marvelous. An instance of the way in which the handy little machine insists on recognition is the case of a fashionable Brooklyn hotel, which not long ago ordered a small motor for running an exhaust fan. Soon after it Was found expedient to use another small motor for running a knife-scouring machine. Following on this came an order for a four-horse power motor for washing dishes, and immediately after a ten-horse power motor was pnf in for the purpose of running the w hole laundry of the hotel. The new machines were found so quiet in rnnning and so clean and effective in their work that everything in the hotel that was formerly doiie by the steam engine is now done by the electric motor. Lott A Party. Minneapolis Tribune: One of the curious results of the recent tidal wave is the utter annihilation of the Prohibition iarty as a National organization. Such candidates as have leen nominated by that party this fall were ignored during the campaign and have tteen overlooked in the footing np of the returns. What was once an aggressive and growing organization has disappeared from view in one short summer, aud prohibition is not likely to arise agaiu except as it is taken np here and there as plank in a State platform where popular sentiment in favor of that method of regulating the litjuor traftic may be strong enough to compel recognition. $10 for oue of those nobby I '.lack Cheviot all wool suits atS. Wolfl's. $!) takes an all wool black cheviot silk-lined overcoat at S. Wolff's. WASTKI HELP. 7ANTKD A WOMAN TO DO WASHING. fccquire Lake avenue, nowiu "V1TANTED BRIGHT BOY 13 OR U TEAKS It of age to work in diniLg room at VncDer rct'aurant. nov-Jltl . T ANTED COMPETENT lilKL FOH C.EN era! honoework, Has College ave urn- 8113 W ANTED A GOOD BOY AT MERCHANTS hotel. novans AY TANTEI -A CiOClU SECOND GIRL AT air, i . A. casual to , o. f iitae .we. ,ov-'' ,t:i A rAX TED GIRL. FOR GENERAL HOfsE- work at HIT Wikoiicid St, novJWt TANTED APPRENTICE GIRLS AT MISS WA TED- M1SCELLAU ICO UB. ANTED SET OF BOOKS TO KEF.P TV evcninpn by a eumpt'tent bookkeeper. Ad dreM K. Journal office. novJtt ANTED OLD GOLD AND SILVER. Jnutltf . J. w . Spkmcb. Jeweler. WASTID-TO RIM. fTK REST NEAT OM PORTABLE nOI'SE A. of about five or n iwirnn iu koo1 loratiuu. AUdrers or call Wenteni In Ion Telegraph office, nuvtan-t HEAL. ESTATE. IWISU TO EXCHANGES tjUARTEK SEC. titnia of land tn Pawnee f oouty, Kanta. for Racine real eute. ProiMTty ia uniucuroliered and title perfect. There are W) acre of plowed land on each quarter and every acre ia tillable. Wheat crop the nat m'ftMn wont is fcu. to the a-re which wa wortn per uu. ai ine m on. s4 ana ov mile rwopvetively from town. H particular call on Wm. i. Van Amdale, uoOxllw.wU 7K1R SALE VACANT LOTH AT FROM tin" to I'.U. Lueck Son, fell Main St iu.i a f HOTJCEft. ALL STYLES HOI'S K Nl'MBERS FH1! v V. and upward at Schowalur rJn.f., '' in Street, auiljl vOL' K FACILITIES FOR REPAIRING L-i -watchc. ciocko, Jewriry, etc., are nbrar 'CiSpaaaed. JunTtf J. W. SrcNcs, Jeweler. VrOTICE-LAKOEST LINK OF DINNER. tea and bed-room rets at B. Bisrich, Monument Square. Price tow. maUtti 'VrOWISTIIB TIME TO HAVE YOl'RMAO-aztnea bound at the Journal Bindery. Work called for and delivered. i)rop na a portal card and we will call for the same. The Journal Pt. Co, Racine, ocUSU D RAIN TILK AT H. MORRIS A CO.. 419 apnsyi Sixth St. Telephone a3. -i EWER PIPE AT HARRT MORRIS CO. O ao full line of plnmbine aad gaa good in atock 41 Sixth St. Telephone 3. mchi&yl -VTOTICE MAGAZINE BINDING DONE AT IN The Journal Bindery. Work called for and delivered. Drop ua a Poaial Card. Tu Jou&XAi. I'autTiKo Co. aCStf Racine. Wi. C. DAVIS, 308 SIXTH STREET IXiES a aanJtarr plumbing, ateam and iraa ttxine. au service and aewera pot la. SatUiaetooo pnaranteed. mmrlW TO ft BAJL.E TJVJBSALE A GOOD MILCU CO. EN-JT quo- of June w . Spe&ce. at Jewelry atore 4. Sixth atreet. POTl" CASTlNOSI Sod MerUid Wi caa tv ye KMcy JTOBENT. T7WR KENT-KNIVES, TORKS, TEA AND X ' otwen spooa m w . spcoee, wewgier. o 4u) Sixth nml Bovtltf UHR KENT TUE WUOU OF TUB SECOND L: Boar of Sou Main ctreet, over tb Union Ns UonaJ Back. Datitj Law-ton. Myl-U 1.13S Mita Straet. AMCSEUtNTS. "DELLE CITY OPERA HOUSP JJ CLANCY BROS.. Muapra. JU FRIDAY, ZZlVlT NOY. 2 ENU At: EVENT. EXTRAORDINARY! Dintel Krohman'f Production of Mark Twain story, TIE PRINCE THE PAUPER Dramatized by Mrs. Abby Sage Rlchardfon, tth ELSIE LESLIE AND THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL NEW YORK COMPANY Seat" on mle at Robirmon'a Irng More Wcdnea- oay morning at s o ciock. PRICKS .95, 30, 73 ANI II.OO "DELLE CITY OPERA HOUSp U CLAM V JlKOs., Managers. J-J MONDAY, ;fox,T I NOV. 24 THE WITCHING SOUBRETTE. PATH 10! In her great New York fuccee". The Midnight Gall. TUc lutiM Specialties, Soup1, Danrr. etc. SPECIAL SCENERY ! A GREAT COMPANY ! Sle of H'nt ens Saturday morning at nine o ciocK at nomiiMn L'ras store. Irie(. ... S3, 33, 30 ant! 73c WE DEFY COMPETITION, In protecting our trade it has become necessary to cut prices on patent medicines. and from now on we are iu the ring. LOOK AT OUR PRICES : , Ayer's Sarsanariila - - 67c Aver's Pills - - - 13c Hosteller's Hitters - - ti7c Davis' Pain Killer - 17c St. Jacobs' Oil - - - 3.x Janes' Expectorant . . t7e Winslow's Soothing Srup -. 17c And all other Patent Medicines in proportion. C. EMIL RABEN'S DRUG STORE BELLE CITY PHARMACY, lOO l ta.TVrV'TK KT FUaNIoHINa UOODS. LET YOUR rn UIJLi BE A- P, F, WASHBURN. UBVHAMCH SEAL ESTATI.1 WE OFFER FOR SALE Dwelling and kt. Mil J'. good rtjlr bou and nvd-ern lmpf venMnt, fur -.-eO. Th owner wa offered is 1 t-ViW to caah. Mutbeo)d. LO. Xiuna Co.. 417 Main ft. DUNLAP In Spite of all BALDERDASH and misleading advertisements about AGENCIES, WE ASSERT and are prepared to prove, that we make BETTER PRICES than any other Drag Store in the citj. WE hare ALWAY8 done a and are not called upon for a promise to cxjUIt flow, nor, m the matter or buying our goods for cash are we ft reed to make a virtue of a necessity. We Want the Traile we have now, "and a lot more! Our expenses are as low as they can be made consistent with the proper conduct of a FIRST-CLASS Drmr Store. ana we can anora to maKe close prices for nnr customers' benefit. i il HUNYADVi WATER 3L3 Otis.' IS NO BAIT ! hodixson's JUTI Ml STORE, 1315 WASHINGTON AVENUE. me Ini "We have at Last succeeded in arousing our competitor to the fact that we were selling drags and patent medicines much below their prices, and consequently were getting all the trade, and now in the desperation of despair they have concluded to TRY and keep np vith OUR PRICES If possible (that surely is all that you could expect of them) to get back some of their trade which they lost nearly two years ago when we first commenced cutting prices, claiming that it is to protect their trade. But now it is too late. We have got the trade and we are going to keep it by selling just as wehaveinthe past, LOWER than the LOWEST. We have' bought our goods in large quantities cheap for cash and can afford and will undersell any house in the city. We don't have any BAITS, but intend to do a STRAIGHT BUS IN ESS. We will lead on prices, others may follow if they wish to. Thank ing our friends and customers for helping us advertise, would simply state that business was never better than it is to-day, and you may be surd ef getting PURE AND FRESH DRtJGS at our store, for we are doing the business. 1 100 STATE STREET, STRAIGHT BUSINESS one STOBE

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