The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1933
Page 2
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UDAY. SEPTEMBER 8, 1033 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Marriage Is Goal of French Working Girls I rypical French working girls are these Paris inidinettes <girls who work in Paris dressmaking e.stab- ! shmems). They arc plunixd during St. Callierine's day celcbraiion. one .day a year sei aside to beseech SI. Catharine, patron .saint of marriage, to help lliem. .... ... ., I. S., Not Paris, Has the Best Dressed Working Girls BY Jl'M\ ULANSHAKI) NEA Service Wriler 'ARIS.—Paris may be the fasli- cenler of the world. But Paris Tking girls can lake lessons in !c from any American shop girl. .Vatch- the six o'clock crowd [>our -; of the employes' entrance uf ! ris department stores, office", | ''tones and business houses. Here snappy crowd such as pushes yonit ihe American girl's ken. Many live in Paris suburbs with their families. Tr.ese go to work a whole half hour early, just to save 50 centimes i three cents) on Iheir roundtrip subway ticket. They cither bring their lunch or go clear home for it, rurely spending money lor | food at noontime. They make Ihcir underv.'ear front pink or white muslin, never dream of silk. They turn iiu minium L: i unit auv.ii ui j/ujiikJ • - i i ly out of similar buildings in the I U'cir old dresses and coals niside S. A. Drab litlle figures, these, °»t, sponge and clean them and iether skinny or buxom. dresed make them up again. They do their -•dominatmgly in sleazy b'.ack cwn laundry, Usually with an old- .ipt hats, with worn purses and 'nded gloves. ] American working girls nitty !/ their clothes at sales or make i ta ,,ron. ,n « f . Lhey practice now the economies thaij America knew 30 years ngo, before our stamlaid .of living spared. Mannequins Highest Paid Mannequins arc the top-notch of m themselves. They may shop parls woritlni irls TIley have a chance ^ su|ke lhc fancy Q( some - rMl man _ whm they mo<Icl a)1 thc •Cannes. But they have an tin- •iying sense of style a trim look chic, a real "class that is ill er- missing here. So is the color- j -ry night), the glint of their silk ^ ^ '• Savins for the Doivery This difference in appearance working girls in Paris and terica illustrates one of thc most Klamental differences in the two .mtries. In America, thc work; girl pi.ts her wages on her back, ping lo catch a millionaire and climb out of the working class, en if she helps support her fain- she will deny herself lunches • a week to buy a new hat and up nighls making a. dress to go ;h it. For a smart looking nerican Cinderella, in spite of ; depression, still has a chance marry above her station. In .nice, class distinctions ar; abso- ely rigid. Paris working girls ow they will marry someone in '?ir nwn working class. Also lltey I ow that a little "dot" (dowcry) | 'll help them make a more ad- nlaseoits marriage. So they save igionsly! French working girls cannot 'derstancl thc American working. I Ts restlessness. That an Amer\n stenographer or clerk could ve her money for a couple ol 'ars just to take a trip <u;u spend all is utterly beyond their com- ehension. So, too, is the fad • \t Ihe American girl gave up her i t to lake thc trip! Once they! ve n job they hold onto it like j | : m death. | The Paris working girl's pc'ty I are as much bs- [ Mus L , lolnes ln Ili6ll class hous . ^ Moreover , they get as hiyh as a mon(hi wni , c jr|f . , u de _ model n Paris, and right now the -piesc get less envy of for Princess Mdivan! usually comes to supiier nl the eLrl's Isome or goes to a concert, picnic or (o n cafe with the family. Once In a long time the couple will Into! In a moMe, and It will bt; n real treat that they look forward to. Or, perhaps once a eeason. llicy will so to "Robinson's," the working class paratllse, on tlte edge of Paris, where there are dance floors, movies, platforms in the trees where you climb up to iMit, and elites on every side wlieie you sit and sup one liqueur for hours. Once married, young folks prefer simple, inexpensive pleasure to spending theli money. Favoring Marrlrd Wonifn Ueiiariiitent stores encmirag inrrleil women working. Fond lilMicn as the French me, som of the stores make speclnl provl lor married women who liuv .s. The Galleries Laftiyeit las u charming nur.sciy where (J citig babies inuler one yeai ai cared for during thc day while their iimimnas work, wlin time oil' to come in and feed them. Moreover, their mammas yet three mouths ell before, tlielr birth, \vlllt pay. ami tlnee monllis alter birth, also with nay. And while llielr babies are of innsiii}; ate, they can come <niul bring their habit";) n half iiour later inornlnRs antl icavi- a half i'.our early evenings. Many oilier htoie.s «itd factories ure .slarl- Ing cafeterias wliere foc'd is ^old at cost. , Practleallly Is behind most of the social .service work done. And piactlcality Ls really tin- warp and woof of lite Frencli working girl's life. They love to sec Ihe fine la- rties dressed up in uorgeous clothes. But they never dream, as American girls do, of Ijcing dressed up thai way tht'inselves some day. Perhaps that Is why they arc such a busy, satisfied lot. They know the lile they have always lived. So tbey settle down, very young, to ma ke- ltic very best of it they can. Church Built in 1804 Philadelphia Landmark PHILAnEHPlIIA (DPI— The historic Old IJrick Church of Kensington, creeled In )8(M by CO dissenting members of St. George's Episcopal Church, sill] slands lo- day. The structure has been a tradition in the neighborhood, and in spite of its modern improvements, still bears thc inininlness of nasi Kcni'ratious. Ils church records conlttin lln- history of some of Ihe oldest lami- lics in Philadelphia, some of whom can trace their line back to am tors who lived in thai past uf llic ( city more than 200 years ago. Strengthened By Cardui Did you know that CAnD.ui has housands of women to PIGGLY WIGGLY , bought many Paiou costumes that I Olercome monthly suffering? IT Joselte modelled. other places where Barbara Hutlon (now Princess Mdivani) bought j-ou feel badly at monthly times, try .taking CARDUI for relief. Harmless. Sold at, drug stores. I pay, from $80 lo $100, but they get!"« clolhes, are thc envy or all a bigger commission on everything | Parls nm '- So" le of them got such ' they sell (called "la Guclte") than ! big commissions^ (she bought " they did when modeling, though •---'•• mannequins get a small commission on every gown they model that is sold. Both mannequins and the salesladies at Patou's, Chanel's and the 60 costumes at Patou's alone, none under S100) that they can rest easy for a while. Recreation with with is a simpler thing French working Americans. Thc girls than boy friend llEMOHIfllOIIlS ll'ilc.s) cure:! wilhcul. the knife. Varirnml veins, tcnsiis removed mtn-siir 1 '- icall)-. I)KS. MKS ami NIKS OITii'C 51 I ^liin 1'linr.s !Mi GILLETTE, PROBAK AND AUTO STROP BLADES NOW DRASTICALLY REDUCED TO ^pderweight ! Children ted More Iron in Their Blood! Children who are Win nnd pale id who lack appetite are usually tlerins from a deficiency of Iron, hr-n Ihe blood lacks iron II be- r.irs thin and poor and fails to mrijh. Then a child loses ap- t'lte and becomes slill Ihinner id we.iker—and easy jircy lo dis- To build tip your child, give •n Grovels Tnstelcf.s Chill Tonic, contains'' Iron which makes for •h rid b'.ood. It r.lso contains stele* quinine which tends to •Tify the blood These two cf- :ts make if an exceptional med- ne for voting and old. A few ys on Orovc v Tailelrss Chill •>nlc will work wonners in your l!rt It will sharpen his nppclitc. mrovc Ills color anri build up his p and energy increase his ristaite to ' disease. Grovc'p ir.lclcsi Chill Tonic is pleasant 1 take! Children like it and it's -solutely safe for them. Contains '.Ihing harmful All stores sel rove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Qet ttle today and see how your will benefit from II. —Adv. a 5 for 25 At these drastically reduced prices every man now can afford the daily luxury of shaving with the finest razor blades that can be produced. We positively guarantee quality will be maintained at the present high levels. Pending the printing of new packages, you will find a price mark of 50f< on the packages of five blades and $1.00 on the packages of ten blades. But you pay only the reduced prices shown above. Get a package of Gillette, Probak or Valet Auto Strop blades today and enjoy the world's smoothest, easiest shave tomorrow. GILLETTE SAFETY RAZOR CO BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Special For Friday and Saturday KROGER STORE Swifts (S) 4 to 5 Pound Average Each 49c Bacon sl :L Sl , b 12Jc Beef Roast f ;i,5c Per k Steak', 10?c RoastS, lOc Meat Si 61c Wise. No. 1 Cream, Ib. 15c Liver Beef ib. 12!c Pork Ib. 6!c Sausage Mi "Ld 6!c Pork Roast" L,9!c Neck Bones 2ic Veal Rmmd <n Loin W!s. Milk l-'wl. None Holler. I'ouml 19c Hams Hoili'd Slii-cil, U>. 2(K' Huir or Whole I'muul 17ic TRAP!?? Seedless ^IC UilAi liX 1,1). /2 GRAPES m:iclt "^i IIPD 2l-<«. TEA » !{•„. 19 < G KAI'IC NUT rLAIUCS 2 1'ky.s. for RED SALMON c -& LETTUCE'" 1 ""'".^ C ANTAl-OUI'ICS Coloniilo IftC 1'ink' Meal. Kath iw G HLAT1N DESSKKT ' Assurled Flavors. -I f SCHOOL TAIILKTS ICach VINEGAR APPLES (ii)lilon I'lkimiK Pt Lh. I -((l. Uaskcl TOMATO INSTANT I'OSTUM 1 Small Can H«ttcrscotch or AnirlcfiKiil. Knth l.KC. W.-m Loaf Ulr 17-ox Whiile W I Or I'll n Units Each Oc .Miu-aroni, S|)iiRhctli nr N'oddk's 4 Pkgs. 15c Potatoes Fled Triumphs I'onnd 21c Juicy Calif. 288's, Dozen J.&2 12!c Firm, Green Heads, Pound 21c Fresh Eggs'"L19c Sweol, Quart Jar Knelt 17/20 Sour or Dill Quail J:ii' Each 121/2C MEAL Itusl Craim i.iniil 'uuml Si Each 39c COFFEE c '-.£u n SNOW DRIFT M &. 69 t; MKAT Armour 2 dins CoriHMi Hcef No. 2 Can VANILLA w iS s ,,, LEMONS IJirg! SI \T Mil V c - (; - " r 1<illll - v ^ iTllLli l-Kf. fie; Small 0 ICECREAM^,,,' 9 ( - AMMOMA ^"'iint. 15 C TEA M T u.. a.. 10 C PRUNES Rvapnrated 1,1). COFFEE ^^."^ 26 L WESSON on. Qt -a 17° VIENNA SA S E on 5 C CLEANSER! JKh( S EXTRACT ,o?i TUNA FISH T("n 14 C Crackers - - 20c sxa Corn Flakes 15c Asparagus lOc Catusup ^ 15c Flour Silver Wedding 24-ib. Sack 85c Mustard i! f- lOc PURE LARD Silver Leaf 4-lb. Bucket 35c PEANUT BUTTER 16-Oz. Jar lOc

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