The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1954 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 14
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BLYTHEYILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER M, Russia Aims Attack At U.S. in UN Meet UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) — Russia framed a double-barreled demand today for V. N. action on her charges of American aggression against Communist China. But the United States stood firm against any move to include Red China in such a debate. The Soviet Union goes before the U.N.'i 15-natlon Steering Committee to seek an airing of two complaints: 1. Russia's charges that Nation»list China—with U.S. connivance —has made piratical attacks on shipping bound for the Communist Chinese mainland. J. Russian claims that the United State* is guilty of aggression in the Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton (lZ:3i qioUUons) Open High Low Close Dec 3468 3471 3402 3402 Mch 3502 3504 3495 34!)(i MftT 3522 3525 3518 3510 July 3510 3518 3507 3507 New Orleans Cotton Dec. Mch. May' July Open HlRh Low Close 3472 3472 3465 3405 3505 3508 34D7 3497 3527 3527 3518 35191 3515 3516 350S 3508 vicinity of Formosa and the China mainland. Andrei in Action Russia's Andrei vi.shinsky brought the .second, more direct accusation against the United States last Friday, barely M hmin; after the U.N. Secretariat tiail circulated a similar charge by Ked China's Premier Chou En-liii. The Russian charge drew a prompt report from Chief U.K. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., who branded It a "plain lie." The U.N. Security Council considered similar charges by Red China in 1950 but threw oul a Pel- ping request that it condemn the United States. MOSES Chicago Soybeans Nov Jan Mch May 271 272'/ 2 275 276 2781/4 270 278 279?'; Chicago Corn Dec Mch 153 157 153 '/ n 157 Mi 270 " 2 274 % 277'/ 2 278 152'/ B 16(1 ft Chicago Wheat 218 210JJ, 218 220% 222'.; 8 220% Dec Mch 215V, 277^ 279 152'. 156', 219 2213 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester ., Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Stude-Pack Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears U S Steel U S Steel Sou Pac 170 3-4 60 3-4 41 7-8 78 3-4 Cf) 1-2 107 1-4 42 1-8 87 1-2 71 7-B 34 1-1 47 5-8 12 1-1 78 7-8 7!) 1-4 71 5-8 SO 1-2 40 5-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Til. Wi—(USDA) — HOKS 9,000; limit- active; barrows and silts 15-35 higher; average about 25 higher than Monday on nil weights and grades, including sows; about CO head choice No. hs nnd 2s 19.25; next price 19.10 for small sprinkling mostly No. Is and 2s: bulk 180-260 Ib 18.75-19.00; mainly 18.5010.00; packer droves 25-35 higher, than Monday's costs; scattered small lots 270-350 Ib 18.0(MiO; 150170 ]b 18.75 to mostly 19.00; 120140 Ib 17.75-18.50; sows 400 Ib down largely 17.50-18.00; heavier sows largely 15.75-17.00. Cattle 5,500 ;calvcs 1.500; early sales slaughter steers, heifers and cows about steady with Monday, but not enough sold to definitely establish trend; bulls and vealcrs unchanged; few low to average good steers 20.00-21.50; small lots good heifers and steers mid heifer yearlings 19.00-21.50; utility and commercial cows 9.50-12.00; cnnncr and cutter cows 7.QO-9.00; shelly canners 6.50 downward; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; canner and cutter bulls 8.00-10.50; good and choice vealcrs 18.0022.00; limited numbers high choice and prime 23.00-24.00; commercial to low good venlers 14.00-17.00; culls down to 8.00. Continued from Page 1 rates, The AP&Ii board chairman made the statement In answer to n question on why there Jwd been so much complaint about the company's rate request and ".so little on the other rate increases already in effect." Objection Willis Holme.s. Little Rock counsel for the company, uskctl the question which was permitted by PSC chairman Lewis Robinson over the objection of 0. D. Long- .strcth, Little Rock city attorney. Moses, deviating from his prepared testimony, snid that the timing on the rale request "indeed was unfortunate and untimely." "From our .standpoint." ho said, "ft was the most unfortunate time we could have chosen. The amount of the rate increase has been greatly exnRcraleil in the public mind due again to politics and hot weather." Moses recalled that In 1044 a commission order set out thut thn company was tmtlUeil to t*nrn six per cent a year on it-s capital invested in electrical property, that is on Its bast 1 rate. Ki'iltirrd SurfiliiH For the years l!)44 through 11H7 the company earned in excess of this icfiirn but Hint in 1948 il, rn- riuecd tlie surplus by $1,!)00,(MK) b\ commission order. He said one u lion dollars v.vnL lo eustomei'R in icfund.s n ml the remaining $500.0(M) was transferred to the company treasury from tin: surplus fund. six per cent return then nc 'i 1 was ullowcd In 1B-UJ, Moses sukl. Mow. 1 ; ri'iui most of his testimony from 50 mimeographed pages I response to (|iie..slloiiK which AP&L Uuvyt-r Holmes raict from (inothei copy of the document. "Mnnhpis, fur Instance" In an exchange of questions and answers outside the prepared text. Ally- Gt»n. Tom Oiinvly nsktnl U Muses would discuss company rules in other areas. Gentry has Intervened against, the increase on behalf of Arkansas itnd a group ol Moses sain lie would and asked if Oentry had any pnrilctilnr a in mind. "Well, the Memphis vicinity for one," Gentry said, Moses replied: "Yes. I'll compare rates and economic factors too In the TV A s tiu.ii." Moses testified that tt Is imperative that AI'&I, Rp(. its rate increase to penni'. it once again to earn ;i fair rule of return, to' protect. Us bondholders and to allow continued necessary expansion to its subsi- ers. To Fight U S. fourccs .said Lodge would fight any [ittfMipt to invite a Red Chinese delegation here, but tin-re V.HK onsldfTttblc speculation as u, how much support the United StiiUis could muster. One delegate said many countries which seating Red China in the U.N. would hesitate to stop her from having a .say in charges which affect her own .soil. Actually the question ol inviting Red China would not arise in the Steering Committee but would rest with the body delegated to handle tl issue if it gets on the agenda— presumably the assembly's 60-na- tlon main Political Committee. FTC Contimii'rt Iiom Stork Kept Busy cases of lolal disnbilily due to n<-. cicienliU bodily injury arc liji'limr paynu'nls iniuli 1 . ] One linn—The Lilc Insurnncc I Co. of America, and ius officers— j are chnryed \vilh rrpresoiH- j Inp [hat it is :ti old, established, reliable life insurance company NEWPORT NEWS. V». i,P,-Oirl and a p.oneer m the accident im'd babies were born at a hospital here health field. The corporation Is less within 61 minutes to two sisters '• ihnn two y. " " who live at the same residential art- ' dress Mrs. Curtis Scarce 1 .' baby .si K nifi<-nnl." A heari.iK in this ,-nse was born at 11:15 a.m. and Mrs. Charles Green's at 12:16 p.m. rs old, FTC snirt, and it.s volume of liie insurance is "in- will be held in Wilmington, Del., Dec. 21. Henderson Seed Co. Now Open For Business to their new office with new scales. Adequate facilities for handling your soybean crop in g prompt and efficient manner. Market prices paid for soybean* al all times. Henderson Seed Co. Distributors of Bobshaw 1-A Pedigreed Cotton Seed Ph. 2-2860 Highway 61 S. RUSSIA Continued from Page 1 case. The Russians have also offered to make concession/! on their pet U.N. project—to establish it cK'fl- duction of conventional tirnt.s. Amendment To meet Western objections that Russia's proposed definition left too ninny loopholes for would-be UKKrc.s.sons, the Soviets agreed to add a clause. This would provide that an act not included in the definition might constitute aggression if the Security Council so defined it. Observers pointed out, however, that the Russians hold veto power in the council and could block any move thnt tlUl not please them. These new Russian moves — hulled by imuiy neutrnl powers- have placed the West on the defensive. Western delegates realize that If they reject the offers, they put themselves In Ihe position of hindering the cause ol peace. On thii other bund, they are fearful of fall- In [f Into a propaganda trap and coinniltllnt' themselves to .something they illicit later regret. As one veUivnn diplomat commented: "Thi Russians have so fur committed themselves to nothing. They are merely talking to see If they can pick up .some support. Tnlk Is rlienp and the Kremlin Is well aware of the value of propaganda." Attendance Record UNION, S.C. Wi—Miss Rffic Sartor lins lost only onr ilny li'wn Kchuol during 51 consecutive years oi teaching. Recently retired, alw L. HE'S TOPS-Burd W. Schant farmer. He won the title and Farmers of America. Schant?. Pa., and already has > sizable z, 20, Is the nation's top young a $1000 check from the Future is a dairy farmer near Alburtls, investment in farm machinery. British Jet Just Exploded LONDON l/Pt—A public court of imjulry heard today thnl two British crushed Comet Jet airliners broke optn under pressure with the piissenjiers probably being hurled into space within the twinkling of tin r;yi;. Kir Lionel Heald, appearing lor the crown suid British aviation experts ruled out sabotage as a of the two crashes in the Med- lUerruiwan this yejir. He siiid the investigations pointed to "a sudden disruption of the pressure cabin" in the planes that most likely occurred when the air- cm It, reached maximum height 1m- possing the greatest stresses on the cabin pressure system. He Kiiifl the jpt engines were given u "clean bill of health" and v.'cre found to have had "no part whatever in the accident." GOP Mail Damaged At Chicago CHICAGO M*)—Some 3,000 pieces of parcel post and three railroad baR«agc carloads nl mngnaincs, books and newspapers were ruined in the Union Station flood during the record rainfall 10 days ago- The Chicago post office snld today some '2H pouches of soaked first-class mnil were being dried cut. Mail with legible addresses will be delivered, hut, the post office will not assume responsibility for non- iii.siired mail. spent her entire ttftchhiR career at the Excelsior grammar school here, .slartini; in 1903. Good news for parly line customers... In most sections of the city, we can now offer one and two-party lines immediately to the first customers who apply. Continued from Page 1 the campaign headquarters of the Democratic party—the only telephone immediately available iu the hotel where the meeting took place. Turns Taking turns at the telephone were Sen. Arthur V. Watkins (R- Utah), chairman of the recent comm I 11 e e to investigate censure charges against Sen. McCarthy (R -WlH); Utah lov. J. Bracken Lee; and Jack V. McLea, of Roosevelt, a member of the USAC Board of Trustees. At length, Dixon accepted. His nomination was announced and the committee voted to make it unanimous. Stringfellow, a first-term representative in the 83rd. Congress, precipitated the pre-election crisis Saturday night when he dramatically announced via radio and television that he had been living a lie as a war hero for years. Hoax The disabled veteran, 32, married and the father of two, confessed that his story of a bchind- thc-lines mission into World War II Germany—a story that had helped win him national prominence — was a hoax. In Dixon, Republican leaders felt they had the strongest possible re- Iil;\ccmcnt for Stringfellow to oppose the Democratic candidate, former Congressman Walter K. Granger of Cedar City. A mild-mannered, amiable man, Big Black Wolf (Dean Tommey) Leads Mohawks The organization of the Mohawks, Other members of the Tribe are a new Tribe of "Y" Indian Guides the Swift Hawks (Eube and Ricky was completed last night at the home of Big Brave Two Moons (Jimmle Edwards). The tribe Is composed of eight fathers and their small sons, whose slogan is, "Pals Forever with my Dad/Son." Officers elected by the Tribe are: Chief -. Big Black Wolf <W. D. Tommey) Tallykeeper — Big Red Cloud ;Kemp Whisenhunu Wampum Bearer—Big Red Feather (John Arends) National Tallykeeper—Big Setting Sun (Bob Warren) Tom Tom Beater — Litle Black Wol! (Harry Tommey) Indain Runner—Little Two Moons (Freddie Edwards) Clouds (Lcroy and Steve Morris) Regular meetings of the Tribe are held each first and third Monday* in the homes of the members. Mrs. Pickle Dies In Michigan GARUTHERSVILLE — FuneraP arrangements are incomplete for ! Mrs. Llllie Pickle ,who passed away Saturday at the home of her son, Cecil Pickle, in Ferndale. Mich. i She was a former resident of Ca- ! ruthersville and the body is being i returned here. j LuForge Undertaking, Co., is in ! charge of arrangements. Butrum Rites Set for Today CARUTHERSVILLE — Funeral services for John Butrum, Sr,, who ! passed away early Sunday morning j at his home here, will be held | Tuesday afternoon at MorrclKon. | Ark., where he was born. j Internment will be In Wolf Cem- ! etery, near Morrellton, next to the grave of his wife. He is survived by his son, John Butrum, Jr., and a granddaughter, Inna Butrum. Dixon took over as head of USAC in Logan last year, after almost 20 years in Ogden as president of Weber College. Party leaders quoted Dixon as citing his desire to remain at Utah Stnfe and family objections as behind his reluctance to make the race. The only other name placed in ! nomination against Dixon was that j of George Staples, a Richfield edu- j cutor, insurance eman and radio } newscaster. A third nomination— that of State Sen. B. H. Stringham, or Vernal—was withdrawn in .support of Dixon. INow you can rnjoy the extra convriiiriKv of ;i telephone line ol your own. No sharing. No wailing. \Vilh a une-pavty line your lr!rplione serves yon and you alone, (he instant you need it, If yon now have n four-party line, perhaps your family has grown to the point where \ou need one or two-party .service,. With this better grade of .service, you and members of \onr family will be able to place and receive calls quickly and more easily, .The of onc-partv or two-party service is-surprisingly low. Why not get your application in today? CALL THE TELEPHONE BUSINESS OFFICE A4IO-31? FRAYED COLLARS FOR OUR ROCKET SHIRT -795 In All Sizes with guaranteed Airplane Cloth Collar that will outwear the shirt or a nesv shirt free. STOP in and sec the finest shirt value in America today — Tailored to take hard wear at the most vital spots — collar of soft, supple 2x2 Airplane Cloth, strongest cotton cloth of its weight known. Finest quality buttons are firmly anchored. Quality tailoring —comfort cut and precision stitched by expert craftsmen. Truly a magnificent buy! MARTIN'S MENS STORE "Everything tor Men and Boys" Unconditionally Washable' COTTON SPORT SHIRTS FOR BOYS Sizes: 4 to 78 $•95 •595 L to MARTIN'S MENS STORE "f veryth/ng for Men and Boys" HELP THE WOMAN ALCOHOLIC If you honestly and sincerely want to stop drinking, this messnge is for you. It is for you because it tells ho\v other women who once thought they could never escape alcohol now lead happy, useful lives without alcohol. You too, can find the help that will enable you to slop drinkinff and j;et more out of living than you ever thought possible.- The women in A A are young, middle aged or older. Some have cosily educations, others have only the essentials of a formal education. Some of the women have lived all their lives iigainst a background of wealth and social prestige, others have known real poverty. All these women have two things in common. They had a drinking problem. They came lo the point where excessive drinking had made their lives miserable for themselves and others. The second thing these women have in common is that (hey have found a new way of life, without alcohol, through the simple program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not always easy to admit that you are an alcoholic. This obstacle is undoubtedly greater for women than for men. Society is inclined lo be tolerant of the male drunk, but the woman who has messed up her life through drinking is not likely to find the same degree of sympathy from her family, friends or business associates. These women made a discovery of a new altitude toward alcoholism—-an attitude that says alcoholism is not a moral problem, not a question of lack of character or will ower. The new attitude is thai alcoholism is a health problem; il is an illness or a disease thai can be arrested. If you have a drinking problem and would like to do something about it write or contact: ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 Blythevillc, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nights at 8 p. m. Open Meetings Friday Nights at. 8 p. m, CLUB ROOM at 410 I. MAIN

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