The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 5
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10, 1931 l<m v IlRVIU,E, (ARK.) NH\VS CLASSIFIED ADS 1"*o cents a word for first Insmion ana oue cent * word 'or each subsequent insertion. No advertissmeni token for less than 60c. Count ihe words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOU SALE FOIt SALE—Home Grown Fryers ficiiarJ's Grocery, 1044 Cliicka sauba. OP-K13 FOU SALE—Baby chicks. Pay tin: fall. Ste us about plan. Mnrilyi Hatchery. 9C-1T TOR SALE-Good, dry coak wood Buchanan Coal Co., Wionc 107. l!P-cr> FOR SALE-Rov.'dcn Cotton Seed Welch Foster, The Grand Leade: roil KENT—Three, five ami si room residences, also a ittrnishe house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 41 8c-kl FOR SALE—1 coocl small mule, ft <iuick sale $30 cash. Wis6.Ii Electriv Shoy. SC-K i'GIt RENT _ . . ; LAORA LOU BPOOKMAN !OUtt BOAUD1NG HOUSE I l(/WE I/AD By Ahern Author of *HEARf HUNGPY,'etc. ' FOR RENT—Four room house and garage. Newly papered, on pavement. Garden planted. $12.50 iicr month. L. I'owler, Phone 450-J. 28C-KTF FOR RENT— 8 room furnished flat, garage 078-W. and coal house. Call 7C-TF FOR RENT—Three, live and six room residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliua, Phone 410. FOR RENT— Apartment in Ingram building. See I'ArSliurst Com- OC-TF building pany. FOR RENT— 5 room modern apartment on West Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 473- W 10=4:17 FOR RENT One of tiie Miller Apartments at 10th and Walnut, hot and cold water, Areo'.a heat, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply io Ike Miller. lOc-tt m:ciN tiBiii: . HIIAT UclllllDK, 13-jcnr-nliI Nnv Vurk lyi.lil, mnrrlc. JIM \YAI.I.ACK ikf Our ndrr »!"• mci'lM Llm m thr home or her nrniiiir cumin. A.VM: TIIOW- JUilllUi:. CMU.T hnd brrn 111 led lij AI.AX CIICIMIV. Ju.l relumed from a yfnr nud n hull In I'nrl* liiiil hrnkvn their [-uc:i|;'-iiiriit In itiiirry n m-nllEitor mmi, TLrre l» 1111 riltlliLui-l' 111 lilt* Itlllim. .Hill und (i)psy CK lit t'nml *'[ly lUierr Jliu |I:IH n Ibrlilng l:i*Y prnellrr. l!l» TrEnllvra. t'nrlteLi- Inrly A|:\T HI,I.KN, nfc.i kn. Kt-pt huUkr for him, lire hunlllr In llyiktjr. 'I'ltry Miiuli Urr- Amu i:i[ru junvm (a A vaunx* "f hrr itvin. Alyn Criiiiljj \vrllr« to <:jrif«? liul khr rrlurn« tbt IrCIrr unnin • • J. .11AKC1A f.OIII.VC, Jim'. (,,rj,,-r fijinrrr, ninrrlt-M lllllli'EC I'llll.- l.ll'S, .iilll!iii,:il[.'i, 11,n. tin. I Ururk I'lillllpx Kn. l>:-i'ii klllrj l» n full Ci a hur.i. Tben nnr Hi-111 Jim [mmiliiiiT» lliul Mnrrtu IIIIB caiue Ijafk ID NOW <:» ox WITH Tin: sroiiv CillAl'TKU XXXIII. i /^YPSV'ii fato ehowcd her surprise. "Marcia Phillips?" she repeated. "You mean she'd liert?" Jim noihlcd. "She's at Aunt Ellen's. C'.imo today. Aunt i:;k:i telephoned jusl bcforo I stalled home. Sho said Marcla'a la bad Bhape and needs a rcsl." There was a moment's pause. "Of course." Gypsy ueyan. "after such a shock—" "Yes, 1 guess site's worn out. Phillips' family wanted iier lo come east. Aunt Ellen said, but Marela Forc-at Cily nould te quieter and ir.orc rcnlful. rcaily wasn't any place else for her to GO. Her mother's in llaly— rented their Long Island placo before she left —and Marcia wouldn't hear lo having her come back now. Aunt Ellen and Marcta'3 mother I \vltli distant stallons at llio radio. After a few minutes lio luformeJ lo so near? \Yc won't need to si.iy long. ^Ya cau bo back In 30 inlu- utea — " her head. "I can't * 60 lo jour ainil'B house," she said. Jim hail laken out a ci^arcl. lie Iicr: "That's 1'oit Worth. Did you .icar the announcer? Say—ihl* Is i great iilfihl lor rceepllou. WouOer If 1 can get Montreal," Kor n while louticr he l«!s'cd lliu dials. Then he aii".::islrd. "If! threw ll down unlh;!iled. you want lln:l leller ;o set nffj "Thai's nothing but an excuse." tonight I'll taho It lo the iiostollicc | he said angrily. "You know II. and mail II for you." I You're only saying lliul because, you "Oh. you don't need lo do that.: don't wanting)!" * It can wplt till tomorrow." ! -I toll j.iu I'm not. I've had all "It's lo Nina, isn't it'.'" j n, 0 Ineulls irom your rclallvou I Yes, L thought £lie'd he clad (o I intend to llslen lo! I'm not goluB hear from someone. Ilcaldes. it w thoiiBhlful ot her to write." "Well, If I lake It downtown new she'll iirobalily gel it a whole i!ay sooner. Think I'd ciijoy genius out anyhow. ^Vallt to como along!" WANTED WANTED -A good young Jersey or Guernsey milk co\v. E. A. Stacy Dell, Ark. lOp-kl" POULTRY WANTED—Market prl ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 3C-TP POULTRY WANTED — Marke prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., wes ot courthouse, J, E. Fisher, Phon 64. 24C-TP 'PIIE Invitation was an afterthought. (Jypsy, v.'hcsa eye,; ivcru carefully Intent 0:1 the iirinled ,,a S e belore her, noted this. Jin,! d;irh cycs ^.^ "llMl I say yen lire!" | "I'm not I lell you 1 . "Xo.! One lilllo brown oxfui d out of my way to hear more ol (hem!" "Now, Gypsy, 1 (ell yon 1 wnnl yon to do this! When did you gel so thlii-sklnued atamt Aunt lOllim'! Stio Isn'i KoliiK to hurt you. It's Marcia we're Bolnc lo fiee, anyhow I\e got lo ma!iO lliis i;i]l anil yuu'ie Laint; lo make It wlllt uie." "Oh. no. I'm !:.•!!" The Mcilrlde temper was asserting Itself. Uypsy's "t'orfiet aliniit it," ho said "1 was to hlamu. Please don't Hi lull aiiuut It any moro." "llnl I'll £0 with you, Jim. should have, when you asked mo lirsl. I—1 want to go." Wallace shook his head, "llcst lo furisoi (ho wliolo tiling," he "-Vn Importance anyhuw. lly llio way, 1 ordered suinu shirts that should lio sent otil tomorrow. Ti:oy'ic from Keni's." im timvfrialifjii, once lurned, l not icliiru lu the ill |.sy fe;t ccrlalu Jim at lits nnnrc homo hut ho did not it"— not "I.t!'B| kad s::i'. lalio it." The girl shook her head. I'm not!" I::[M;ILI| lllC ,r,nte." .he said. "You to if youl«« r ' *}"™,™ } >' ^ rs ll " mlci1 'I 10 mention Hio (att and i,liu ronhl nol a^k. At Ilio dinner tahlo anil laicr Jim was, as usual, scrupulously run- sl-Urale. Occasionally Iho girl llionplii ho seemed preoccupied lint a mi:r-rnl later he would tntn lo her v,lid a lilt of news from thu ol- Sloe ur lo usk liuw &jm was jV-i'i-^ IML; uith the new llag.s ' lli. Ho left her at !i:;iO lo wilti- ivv io his desk in Ihe library. All the rest ot Ihu week Gypsy ll-bed (or danger signal*. On !"ii- y Jim -innounceil casually ihal M; "' c!:1 l>lll!u l' s vMcA M * " llvlru waul to. I Ihlnk I'd rather Blay iu." Sho was In her room an hour r.i'.fl a half hslcr when she hcanl Jim enter tho honse. A lillle lalei ho came up the stairs. He Jid not liauae or Knock at her door. Slrsrcla I'htlliiis' arrival In I'or- csl Cily umlonitledly n troubled situation. U brought immediate consequences. Among llicsc wns Jim's and Gypsy's llrst d« rcl. It was two days later. Gypsy had just come in from taliir.K 1'al for a long walk. She IMIIIB away her used to be friends wtieu they wero coat alvj ,, at| wcnl to lllo 1:it ,|.- n lo E lr ' 5 -" - - tell MalllOa she was back, ami rc- Perhaps ho thought he had seemed loo interested in his subject. Jim's voieo stopped abruptly. "it must he very hard for IKT." Gypsy said mechanically. Those were the only words she. could think of. turned to the living room. There was Jim. "Why, Jin!" she e*clal;nc<!, "how did you get here so early? It can't be -1 o'clock!" "0!i. I decided to cul IOOHO. Came j home lo el you to iio\vu and ;Iri. \Vhlrllnfi. slio rau from tlie voom ami up tho stairway. A moment later, safo iu her owu room, Iho door clammed behind her sharply. It uas un'.isual for Gypsy to weep. Now lliai tho torrent was unleashed ll coniinncd for several minutes. No sound came from down stalr3. She sal up. iookiti:; down at ihe rose satin cushion licnealh her elbow. Rliaiue and Innnillalion colored her cheeks. The visit to Marcia was unimportant. What hurt acutely was llio mcmpry ot Iho quarrel. How could sho ever have raid such things lo Jim'? liow could slio have lost Iicr temper so com- pletcly? The nngry words and dellant lonca sllll rang in her cars. Uypsy was miserable. Ot course Jim nail Iwen right. Shs should have gone with him. It had been cruel ot her to I'iUH Aunt lillcu's actions In his face after the loyal way ho had defended her. Upsides—her objections had been a pretense. The truth was that sho did not want to i call on Marcin Philips. Jim innmhlcd something s-h;-jt cleaning up Tor dinner a:irl Icrunrl | to so. Half an hour later when he j Etor , la t io]1 . - Uai ' L cou | dll . t came "downstairs Gypsy had hn- :ll];lt , j Q ori > t j. now i] Cr ." ishcd her letter and was urcssii.BJ '., Well| silc - s bccll hc ,. Q tlln , c r : 5?P Presenlly II occurred to Gypsy on Marcia i'hilhiis— ' - UKI[ £ , |0 coull , ,.| sht lhc B u l]!lt ] on . urprisa was followed by con- j She ran to bathe her eyes with cold do}water. A quick dab with the pmv on .-ionic iinancJnl problems and Ibat ho had iirrunKCcI lo drop in lo Iicr Ihe following nflcrnoon. Gypay alanci'il up quickly. Thcro ivus no lion thai sho should nci-cnn- pany him. Tho gill said nothing. When she was alono Gypsy conlil never cet Marcia Phillips from her mind. Slio liepan to wonder what the ^Irl looked like. Had sho really ci'ina lo l'mc.-t City because sho v.-niiUi] tjuici? Gypsy remembeieil lhc phuto^iaph alia had seen in the ncKipapur and wondered If Marcia were really BO beautiful. Mosl Important ot nil—how did Jim feel •iho-il Marcia! How did slio feel aLnut bli]>-; There ss-ctc no answers In any ol Ihc^G Quosllons. tiypsy kctit lior Bpeculalluns to hcrscll. Abblo Mauley iclcphoucil one iminiing nnil tol:\ Gypsy she had lichels lor ihc hospital biMichl Barden patly ai llio Willises Ihu next moon. "It's yoing lo hu love- Ahhia predicted. ".MailBO Wel- loa's on the comniiltcc and she's told me all abanl 11. Can you bo rcaily about 3:30 It I slop for you?" tlynsjr was dcllglileil wllh the In- vil;ition. '1'ho garden fetci \v.iy sponsored by Foic-sl Cily'a most cotiEcrvn.tivc social kadcr.-j.- Thu <Sr A 5L1MG POES \onil MV VEK?/LV,OM QME QT Tl^ESE RAIDS, VoUR VILLAfilMG Vf^iciERS UILL BECOME C/UlGrf-r l/ki A . / f AH APM V V AMD A GQAT E^/ER SMELL LIKE CIGARS I— --TH' is wEM .VQLS SMOKE -TM 7 PAPER GRAB-BAG CIGARS u.s. CANv.-JJSE one man and lady to liall on permanent customers. Customer list' furnished. Must come well recommended. Write in detail to O. T. Goodina, General Delivery, Cape Girardcau, Mo. Give your phone number and address. OC-K13 WANTED -Room and board for couple in private home. Address "S", Courier News. 9P-K13 TERSONAL GENUINE DUCO Authorized re- finishinE station. C. T. Shamlin wiili Demon Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 Have your shoes rebuilt at our True Blue Shop, 322 East Main. All work guaranteed. lOp-kn down the llap of the envelope, looked up. heard from Nina this morn- Ins," shc'said. "She likeu her new Joh and already they've promised her a raise. Want to read what she says?" u Mem lislu , 0 s(as - away r.ity longer. Only decent to offer sympathy. We'll go.together.". "Where is she?" "Still at Aunt Ellen's., llight here in the sauio block with us." Gypsy came forward. The three i!er puff, a touch of lipstick and she hurried down stairs. "Jim," she called eagerly. ".!!m—" lie- was not in the living room. She glanced into Ihe library. No 0:10 there.. A quick search showed Ihe house vas descried except for Maliliia and Cora in tho kitchen. Gypsy returned to the Imrv room, Sho remembered that Jim's forehead whenever sho was over- "What's she doiugS : "Secretarial work in an Insurance! anxious were tlicro now. "Please, office. She says Iherc are In'.s ot Jim," sho sail! appealing!?, "I'd new^ words and terms she's r.o'. rather net KO. I—well, 1 just can't familiar with but tho peoplu a:e pleasant. It's a big office. I'm so ylad everything fa working out so Tvcll for her." Throughout the crening there •was an air ot constraint between them. Jim apparently fought against iL Gypsy had litllc to say. Ouco she asked. "Do you Mrs. Phillips will lio here long?" Jim looked at her, uncomprehending. Then lio Hushed. "Oh little- lines that appeared in her hat had been on Ihe lahle near lhc BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HACK HOMB By Martiu r^-v 7 ! ST£9»^M.. ; I you mean Murcu? I don't know. IN THE JUSTICE Or TKi: ?EACE i COURT FOR THE CH1CKA- SAWBA TOWNSHIP OF MISSISSIPPI COUNl'Y, ARKANSAS, BEFORK OSCAR ALEXANDER, A JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Jiininie Boyd, PlaintilT, vs. William Mnlthcws, Defendant. WARNING-OKDKU The defendant, William Mattli- C\\K, is ur.rncd lo ;i|n>onr in tl;c Justice of the Peace Court of Oscar Alexander within thirty \30) days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Jimmie Boyd. Witness my hand as such Justice of the Peace, on this 12th day of March. 1031 aO-27-3 OSCAR ALEXANDER, Justice of the Peace. Haven't the least idea." She did not open the subject again. Jim v,-a> 4xfC7iuientin invest With Safety C% paid (juartcrly on full paid stock, §100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on liomes in JJlytlieville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. II. Burns, Sec. tiviiis myself to enter your aunt's liosise. 1C It was BOUIO place elso it would ho different." "iiut tint's nonsense. You'll have to yet over it sometime. Aunt Kl- Icn camo here, you know. You ought to tie willing to KO hall way if E)LC is," "It isn't going lialf way. She c.ime lo tloJivcr a incESayo to yon. Anyhow 1 don't want to go llierc." "Jusl tlie same 1 vvr.nt you to! Why, I've known Marcia ever since wo were feids in liiyli school, that she's lost her hnstauiil-I'd l>e a fine one, wouldn't I, never evoa proct-eds were to supply linen fur iho iicv/ t'niou ^leniorinl llosp!ial. The Willij humo \viis u aliuw |i!:u-o and tJyu^y wns mixloua to see the famous rose pardons. She put on a new frock for the affair—a uiiile crepe with loueJie^ c.f toiiftto it-il tKiiii'oidui'y a:n! a wh!ta kid belt. She wore white shoes and a v.hite straw hat with u uritu that lifted lu front. Abblo tiralpcil iSic costutiic. She heard 1'al's little feet patter Wlicti liicy nvrivc'l alvcndy n ns ;u-rus3 the hall floor. Tho tox i lar « c crowtl of me » :i '- ul ^011:^1 Li:ul terrier amarcd and at siylit 0 rU ;iUlC11 ^ •^"'•^ ^* stands v.-Jic;u her his mil bobbed cheerfully. B ivls ifl mi ^ hl - tror ' 1;:; wcrc -" lli: '- door. Now the hat was urmc. Gypsy paid no attention. Pat swaggered uu to iier. cntly a cool nose was against bcr lingers. The glr! moved to tnako room for ]iim and the terrier jumped up beside her, lie pressed his small head against her. tlowera. Uthui-s v;cre Irtviir^ rcoi 1'ro^-1! rci'resliiiients in liic shade ol cnor- nuiilinj; u-ous he:tcii ninbrellas, "l.cok." Alibio Mauley exclaimed. "Tlicrc's Madse'3 Iwotti wiiuro they're scliins those lovely JiaJian baskets. L must have ouyl . looking up antlously. 0 y ps y Lc fs go over before they're stroked his cliin but did not speak. TT was nearly G when Jim re•*• turned, tlypsy was waUing l«r him. He fore tlity went into dinner she tried to ai'.olo^Jzo for tliii earliui scene. Jim intcrrnpteil. Gypsy IIPJ! been \\nkiiiiio u i?:»i:iil hoy trying to npcrutc a mechanical toy donkey. She turned. As sho did EO lhc profile of a yoiins woman not 10 feat away caught her nt- tcEiLiu;]. Gyp"? kuca l:cr instantly. (To . iH New Orleans Cotton FKKCKLES AND ins FRIENDS NEW ORLEANS, April If). (UP) - -Cotton closed steady. Open High Ixnv Clnsc May 1010 1029 July .... 1035 1045 Ocl 1034 1075 Dec 1086 1099 Jan 1004 1101 Mar 1010 1027 OVKH 1'01"S HKAD! iEK Tcic yyj TKAT v-'cO COULD 1. STEG'.E < /, ITWIUk IT WAS Ry Blosset: Si»ls sleady and unchanged 533. ~E^'^//^::: New York Cotton MEW YORK. April Cotton cicred stndy. Open Hi^l) Loa- May 1012 1020 9S9 July .... 1035 '1(H3 1022 Oct 1057 1076 1035 Dec 1090 1100 1070 Jan 1100 1103 1088 Mar 1118 1128 HOG Si»ls quiet and unchanged. Planting Seed for Sale Mis-Di'l No. 2, @ S'iO.00 per Ion, IK'lfos 911, @ S-15.00 per ton. Seed (jnar;mleed puri; and Kcviiunal.ioii lost OS' : - Tliis Mi.s-Dcl is 0110. year froi':i brcnliiiK Kt:»lion. Slaple 1 1-8 inch, Ulivils ilsolf. Tlie most satisl'nc- lovy cotton 1 have ever grown. Prices V. 0. 15. Griiler. Maj. F. P. Jacobs GC-K1-" (iritlcr. Ark. , i see wo IVJ 60ISJS VOlJ GO OH, AUD I'U. CRIPPL-6D A TICKET T& ELKHWT MJAS ATU1E=,V1W> STO-E CWS OF OLD MA!J AVJD I'W OUT TO Mtf. 7HER£ VJOKTT B6 A TRAIW SToppiyJ' You SAV TICKET ,-MJD / MUCV1 TIMS TO LOSE." TIWS MEXT TO AIM FJLUHAB.T'? TO A5'< \i>U To 60 \JJI1H HIM -(_/ U£5S DAD T H1S\ &0 WASH n;ims_ Sl'oWLV," BOH vS '-.f.T.lERC-O OUTSii)G, :f:f: i.. - At6D Vv'.CM C'JT t I'hone 421 lwntcr Kent Dealer FAY O.DAVIS ' -.- f 17 / " y i • i , -'•• - \ \ji -J '---\ , • ( .;^.^>w,---s -^ Sllaf Tif^f ,|ii (^ V •'-.••>' V- V A;,—;, i[0h

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