Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 30, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the- many physical ills, which vanish before proper uf- forts— gentle efforts— pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of tfckness arc not due to an.v actual 'dis- •Me, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasauo lamily laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millionsof families, and is merywherc esteemed so highly by all •who value good health. Its beneficial effects are due to the fact, that it is the OOe remedy which promotes internal nlinc!5s without debilitat'Tig 1 tlio ans ou which it acts. It is therefore f important, in order to pet its benc- .ial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the Culi- lornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. II in the enjoyment of good health, And the system 'is regular, laxatives or «thcr remedies are then not needed, If Afflicted with any actual disease, one say be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should have the best, and with the •well-informed everywhere, Syrup of s stands highest and is most largely gives most general satisfaction. organ *lf im A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April 10th. The •Ulterior accommodations given the gn«t number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist season, warrants tho announcement of plans tef next season of fluer service with •qnlpment superior to anything yet Known In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-iuaugiiration of "SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. • For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset •onte" In connection with the "Queen and Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist Pullman Mteepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and ten Francisco. These excursions are specially conducted, and the object Is to enable those Who do not care to buy the first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy • comfortable ride with, sleeping car f rlvlleges and no change of cars at the . T«ry low second-class rate. For further.Information, address W. H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. 8. P. •o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYER, G. W. Agt. S. P. •a, Chicago, 111. 8. F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Ajft. S. P •o.. New Orleans, La, SHE SAMPLED THE RELIGIONS. Now Rccrnlc Wound 17 p with A Vcllell Sort or JPruiiliccy. She was n new rec.ru it iii'thc Salvation .Army. A JiU-lc; <l;irk-c.Oi.'iple.xioiiecl, iis she hi-.rself s:i.id, but \vorlh rooru t-h:ui lots lit tin: white trash floating; around, nnd us fuli of x.i-ul ;md lioly fire us it'she hud been :i majuj-generr.! for years. She rywe the othc-r night in biirrucka to give her experif-.nce. The soldiers wei-e on tiptoe wil-h expectation. They did not know hou 1 the lady Svonld nc- quit liei'self licfore the big and exceedingly mixed audience which packed the luill. lint they WITI; not left long in cluiibL "0. icy brcddcrn and sitern," she said, "I praise, de Lord dat at la«t.I'jn walkin- In <le holy ways of pence. I'se tried odder v.-ays. but dey did not lend my soul to happiness. (Loud applause on the tnmborme). I tried the Haptis' fust, but dey lincl done pot deir religion too uiucli diluted. I done try de Mefo- ilis' nn* for a time, honeys, dey was con- solin' to rjy soul. But dey snuggled up so UOKL- to de throne of grace dat dey couldn't .see de poor nnd lowly what was knot-kin' outsirte for to be let in, I try C,c Piscopis', but. dey "'as too sassiiiety for a poor lorn nigger. lint one night, dear frcns, de spirit walked me into this blessed pface, an' I fonn'rest tomy tb- beri.istiu' soul. "1 lub you all. I lub ebbory precious soul in this room. I lub—" Just, lhen the eye of the new soldier caught sight of some young fellows laughing- in the bat-kof 1'icrooni. Her eyes blazed with righteous wnit.li. "See here, young inan," she said, extending a lor.fr and-bony finger, "you, I menu, you in the third row from the back. What yo' mean, I like to know, Inughin' in this holy place? Kh? What \u' cican, I say? Yo' better be in better business/young man, tbnn polcin' fun. <"t a poor old colored woman who's pray in' fur yon night, an' day. I want yo' to understand <l.-it ifmyskin is bl.ick my soul is v.-hit(M-t'inn yours. Conic up to mersy seat, young man, and flap down on your knees befo' it is too Inte. T.'iiit. don't yo' p-o pokin' um at me or I'll mi:ke yo' \vi.ib yo' was dead." The older soldiers declare that there is grand inatenii.1 in this recruit.-—X. Y. World. SIMPLE AT'FIRST. ft is Foolish to .Ni'sli-ct Any.Form of Plli's. 1 Cure Tin-in at iho-H r!l(s are simple In nlie liCtfljiniuj,' ami easily cured. They ea.ti -bu cnrod even in ilie worst stages, wit.hcnit pain or loss of blood, quickly, surely and.com- pletely. Thi'i'i; Is only one remedy, that will do it—.Pyramid Pile Cure. I-r allays the iiillainmatioii Inuiii-diiitc- ly, heals the irritated surface and wiih eout.inued treatment reduces the swell- in? and puts the im-mbranes into.pood, sound, healthy condition. The cure Is thorough and permanent. Here are some voluntary and unsoll- c-lied testimoniiils we have lately received: Mrs. M. C. Hlnkly, 001. Mississippi Sr, Indianapolis, Ind.. says: Have lieon a suiteror from the pain and 'annoyance oC piles for llfleen years, and the;Pyramid I'lle Cure ami Pyramid Pills gave me immediate rclli-f and in a short lime a complete cure. Major Dean of Columbus, Ohio, says I wish to add to the number of certiH c'iites a.s to the benefits derived froi the Pyramid Pile Cure. I snffere from piles for forty years and I'ron itching piles for twenty years and t\v Iwxes oi' -tliu Pyra.ii i id Pile Cure liav ell'c-ctnally cured me. Must ili-ufiffists sell Pyramid I'll Cure c.r w-ill fret It for you'if you iisl i hem -lo. II: is one dollar per iiackajii and i,< put up only by the Pyranii< Dn.ii; Co., Albio-li, ,Mk-li. Manhood Restored. - — — XERVJTAN, the Wonderful jtoniaD Hi)mt)dy,l«Bold with" w rltten ffiinrfiu- tee to euro ail >'crv* ons' Uliw«M> - tiicb an Wutik Memory, Loflpol lira In l*owcr, liond- oclio. .Wnk-cfulntJBfl, Lout Manhood, Jferr* ounnowH, A t r o p U T, EmtHHlons, ViiricocuK . <3«nw«tlT« Orifiina, -^.used by oTcr-cturtlKi. ttlul InillicroUoiiK, or i..o excesniTo u« of tobuo- •o. opium, or BllmulnnU, wliloll ultimately Irwl tc iofljrnmy.Conimraptlonand imuinl.j-. riit.uti In ton- TOllent lo*m to gurry In tlio rest pocket, priced a *Me.or<IIor». Win urury «i ordorwo Klv. » ttca Btiiirnnte* to ci're ok "-Bruno the y , fentbymsUtonny m'sln>»H. Circnlnr froo n onvulonb Adl^om «« V *.*• OIHMI 1C AL OJJ, UflMhrtl. «. i., fUlUurboni Hu. C1I1C1UU. 111. ft. P. K "uliiiK, LOGANSPORT. INC. HEALTH DESTROYING VAPORS, Water impregnated wirh the seeds of malaria, produce Incalculable misery throughout vast portions of the Nortb »and SoutlL American, continents. The most • effective medicinal dcfenee against these producers of physical mischief Is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Wherever the great endemics, chills and fever, bilious, remittent, dumb ague and ague cake are prevalent, the Bitters is alike the chosen preventive and remedy. In Mexico, Guatemala, on the Isthmus of Panama and In South America, no .less than In the United States, it has demonstrated Its superlative efficacy, and has received the commendation of the medical profession. It remedies rheumatic, kidney and stomach .ailments, nervousness aud debility, and counteracts a tendency to premature decay and the troubles attendant upon advancing years. Appetite and the ability to sleep are both aided by it. Use. It with persistence, as It well deserves to be used, and the trial will avail you much. At: Waslfinglwr, Pa., a burglar opeiR'v •Hie s;ifo In Hie law office of John n Mm-dock, s«:urto.ur oidy a small anioiui of chance. Before lea.vJn^ lie pn ovovyllinifr lu order about the safe auc Turned ou iiilie eom.'buMition again. Mr. James Perdue, an old soldier re siding at Monroe, Mich,, was severe!} afflicted with rheumatism but receive* prompt relief, from pain by using Cham berlain's Pain Balm. He says: "A times my back would ache so badly that I could hardly raise up. If I Sad not gotten relief. I would not be here to write these few lines. Chamberlain's Pain Balm has done me a great deal of gool and I feel very thankful for it." For sale by B. F. Kec-sling. • Five ftMiiilks hswe deserted a New- York 'house becaiise they believe It to be •liaimired. Tlxsy refuse to accept the explamvtioui limit a boy in the neighborhood threw -tlic piot'n.res of the ghosts on 'the .windows witlv a tnagiic lantern. It fe stated that since trees have been oxtciusdrely. planted in Southern California th.e raJufall o£ the region has be- 'uonw much more uniform and. favorable t'o agriculture. But there are other parts 'of the State to wMou the sawmills are wljpiiug out flic fon-csts. Children Cry for "'tetter's Castorla. One of tlio effects of the Sloscow'dis- iurtcr, was to suspend rlie publication of several newspapers, owing to many of the ecnmposlitars being among the dead. If it required an annual outlay of $100,000 to insure a family against any serious consequences from an attack of bowel complaint during the year there arc many who would feel it their duty to pay it; that they could not afford to risk their lives, and those of their family for sueh an amount. Any one can get this insurance for 2~> cents, that being the price of a bottle of Chamber-Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In almost every neighborhood some one has died from an attack of bowel '. complaint before .medicine could be procured or. a. physician summoned. One or two doses of this remedy will cure any ordinary case. It never falls. Can you afford to take the risk for so small an amount? For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Mich., May 5, '00. I suffered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous remedies, with no benefit. A friend who had been helped by Dr, Jebb's Rbeumatl- cure persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. The- effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured, me, and by the time I had used the second I was completely cured. I am careful as to what I endorse,'but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On my evidence several severe cases have tried It, and in -every Instance, so far as I know, It has produced a perfect cure. W. F. PARSONS, President Parsons' Business College and Shorthand Institute. Sold on a positive guarantee by B. F. Keesling and Ben Fisher; SHvClvERS^AXD '..DbCTOKS**TAUy TOGETHER. ^ In ills able work out i tied "Lon'gcvj.ty"" published a few years ago. Dr. .John Gardner, of Eiijrtond, predicts that a. 1 vegetable asrcnt will yel.'w found lluft: 'slialil so retard those changes that brlnpr about old api as to prolraip; hniiian life much beyond iis present -liniit. Aei'in^. perhaps, upon tlio impulse produced by -this thought, many eminent physicians have called from tlmn to -tiiine upon tilie Shakers of Mount 1 Lebanon to Inquire of them concern inn 1 tlio secrets) of medicinal plants, in which Niese sincere, simpleminded and <7od-feariufr people are known to be wise and skillful beyond all other men. The Shakers, willingly told what they hud learned, and In return received from their visitors much valuable Information .about disease: which' they at once made practical use of. The most important point was that if a genuine- aud certain remedy cou-ld be found for indigestion and dyspppisiii, and rlje ailments growing out of it. :i long step would be taken In the right direction. Old age, said these physicians, begins in a failure of the digestion, and so do most diseases at any and all periods of life. The resuh of these consultations was the discovery by I he Shakers, of the desired spec!tic, made wholly from IHTI.W ami whose action is magical and worlihy of Jits origin. Where there is distress after eating, heartburn. «ick headache, bad taste in ;lie moiiith. bil.ionsiiow. weakness and weariness, cold li.-iud.< and feel, aversion to food, nervousness, or any other symptom of dyspepsia, the Cordial will prove its curative virtues. Behind i: is the reputation of a people who have never defrauded or deceived their fellow men. In order lo test whether this remedy is adapted to your case, at practically no costs., you may procure a trial bottle for ten cents of almost any druggist. BIRDS THAT CARRY EGGS. PLAN YOTJR SUMMER OUTING NOW—GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THE COAST ' LINE. It only costs !?l;i50 from. Detroit, fin.OT from Toledo, 91S.OO from Cleveland' for the round .trip, including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Send L'e for illustrated pamphlet. Address . A. A. SCIIANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit. Mich. D. & C. SUMMT2R' SERVICE ' TO MACKIN'AC. Their now steel passenger steamers ire'in corn-mission, making four trip's per week between Toledo. Detroit, ckliiflc, Soo, Petoskey, Duluth. If •on arc contemplating a summer outing d 2c st.-un-p for illustrated pamphlet. Vddress A. A. SCIIANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. Dr. Sanwiol FIUniOTc Bennett, .the aticlior of "Tttifi S-wcet By and By," Is a coiinti-y doctor in Riclimond, Wls., a MJttTe town of about 800 Imhabttajits. He se/rvod lihirongli the w-ar a.s Lieutenant Bennett, of. the Fortieth Wisconsin VoliUm'teers. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world foi cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rbeum, fever •ores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and nil skin eruptions and positively cures pllea or no pay required. It to guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or tnoaey refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Xeesling. "Talktng abomt chickens," said tnc rural citizen wJio habitually .exaggerates, "I've gotithe most 'renrarkalile heu iu tho country." "A ' good, layer?" "That's .'her -strong potot. Why, sir," lie sai'd, gettiiig excited as lie talked, "that fowl, sdr. Lays ,lien'<3 eggs as big as •Irailstwics."—Washington W.hen we consider that the Intestines are about five times as long as the body, we can realize the Intense suffering, experienced when they become Inflamed. DeWltt's Colic and Cholera Cure subdues inflammation at once and completely removes the difficulty.—Jno. M. Johnston. Tommy (surpnlbed)—Wtoy, papa, 1 BhKmght tWit one spoon-fid of sugar was always ouoii'gih for my coffee? lorn- .niy's Papa—TM's is a restaurant, my son; take all the sugar you want—London Tit-Bite. It would be hard to convince a man suffering from bilious colic that his agony is due,to a mlscrobe with an un- pronouncable name. But one dose of DeWltt's Colic and.Cholera Cure will convince him of Its power to afford In- •totnt relief. It kills pain.—John M.John- «ton. N ERVOUS Troubles are duo to impoverished blood. Hood'i Sar- wiparilla is tho One True Blood _Pnrifier and NERVE TONIC. .Mothers will find Chamberlain' Cough Remedy especially valuable fo croup and whooping cough. It wll give prompt relief amd Is safe and pleas ant We have sold It for several year and It has never foiled- to give the .moa perfect satisfaction. G. W. Richards Duquesne, Pa. Sold by B. F. Keesllng druggist. •••-.. It Is convenient for housekeepers to know that one quart of \vfoeat flour Is almost exactly a pound. " Paee the good word along the' line. Pllee can be quickly cured without on operation by simply applying DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. Johnston. THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS LIFE. Mr: G. Caillouette, druggist, Bcaver- Tille, III,, says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe iny life. Was taken 'with, la. grippe and tried all nlie.physi- cians for.miles, about, but of no avail and was given up mid .told I could not live. Having'Dr. King's New Discovery in ray store I sent, for a bottle and began 1 its use and 'from the first /lose .began, to .get better, and after'using tlii-ee .bottles was up and about again. It is worth its weight In gold.' We won't keep store or -house without It." Get a free trial' at B. F. Kecsllng's drug store. •"' ' ' ' ' " ' ••• SUFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM We have obtained the agency for a omedy for rheumatism which' has had emarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing •our money. We invite you to call at ur srare and let us tell you about It. B. P. KEESLING, Druggist Curtis Harrison, a Montana hunter, killed 'fh-ree beams in- MIC Big Hole country there the olihcr dtly. One of tho auDniate was a Wa.ck bea-r, one a grizzly and the tbii-d- a silver-tip bear. The UWe of the grizzly was saJd to be. as lairge as tihtit of an ordiiuvry cow and the carcass Avelghcd over 500 ])ouii(ls. SOMETHJXG TO KNOW. It may be worth something to know that the very best Medicine for restoring tu« tired out nervous system to a hearthy vigor is Electric Bitters. This medicine Is purely vegetable, acts by giving tone to the nerve centres in (lie sitomach; gently stimulates the Liver and Kidneys, and aids these organs In throwing off iin.purities in the blood. Electric Bitters improves tlio appetite, aids digestion, and is pronounced by those who have tried it as the very best blood purifier, and nerve tonic. Try it Sold for 50c or .«1.00 per bottle at B. F. Kcesling's drug -store. We are anxious to do. a little good 'In this world and can think of no pleasanter or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Cough Cure as a preventive of pneumonia, consumption and other serious long troubles that follow neglected colds.—Jno. M. Johnston.. "Pop, what do you mean by a 'well- known snan?" -"A well-known man, ffij-son, fe one to the crowd about whom ivei-ybody asks -who he is."—Yonkers Statesman. j Pass" the good word. along.' the line. Piles can be quickly cured without an operation by simply applying DeWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. Johnston. Subscribe for the Journal Small In size, but great In results. DeWitt's Llittle Early Risers act gently but thoroughly, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia and:, constipation. Small pill, safe plU, best pill. "'-: -. "Wake tip; Jacob, day ta breaking!" 10 said DeWJtt's Little Early RIger to the man who had taken them'to arouse bit sluggish liver.—Jno! M. Johnston. Children Cry Tor Pitcher'* C»~*orla, Bun ten Hare a Hard Tlmo Gcttlnif Hpcc- Imcnn from tho AtbatroHH. • Seine tiBio ago n. small party of explorers landed,on or.c of Uie apparently barren islands just on the borders ot the Antarctic regions and found it inhabited by a remarkable colony of birds tliat ranged from large. Mother Oircy- like birds to penguins ot all kinds and degrees. The island-was Ja.irly covered with the feathered inhabitants, and as the boat ran onto a rock th.it apparently afforded a landing the birds, instead of moving away, seemed determined to resent the intrusion and stood their ground, viciously' attacking 1 the men, who, though, they knocki-d the birds aside witli clubs and oars, made no appreciable inroad on their numbers. The party then formed a compact body, and. armed with botithnoks to push the shrieking throng a.side, moved up whot was apparently a .street, here and there dotted with singular stool-like objects about three feet in width, larger at the top. These w.ere the nests of the albatross, and, us the men were especiaJly desirous of obtaining a set of the eggs, they observed the nests very cnrefuJJy, but in every instance the bird when approached shuffled clumsily away and no eggs were found, though the birds were supposed to be sitting upon them. Finally a nest was found containingan egg, but just as the men drew nenr the bird alighted and took her place upon it, eying them with suspicion ant] uttering a curious, half-hissing sound, Tlicy watched her for a. few moments and then forced her from the nest, when, to their amazement, the egg had been swallowed up. The nest was examined closely and finally torn apart, the men thinking that possibly the egg might have slipped into it in some mysterious way, but without success. Finally one of the party attempted to catch an albatross, nn<l while he was following the bird in a ludicrous chase over (the stubble an egg suddenly appeared, dropped by the cunning bird, which had all the time bee:] carrying it, not under her wing, as she is supposed to-do atsea, by superstitious sailors, but in a peculiar sack in the skin provided by nature for this very purpose. The albatross is famed for its powers of flight-, following vessels hundreds of miles, yet when nesting ii apparently forgets that it has .wings, as it ca^i be hand-led and ptished-.about in the nest, making no attempt to fly or move unless driven nway by blows. This may be due to the fact that the egg- is held in the curious sack and the bird instinctively knows that it cannot fly off with it, so resists. This sly bird is called the mollyrnauk, and its cousin, the great albatross, has a similar habit, the egg, which is five inches in length, almost as large as that of a swan, being hcM in a perfect incubating pouch. On Marion island the explorers found the great king penguin, n bird which stands half as high as a, man, with its bill pointing directly upward instead of out, 05 with other birds. As they landed and approached the singular creatures, which had been standing about, they hopped away slowly, but not an egg could, be found,,a set of which was the object of th-i visit. The birds had a peculiar movement. Instead of walking, and moving one foot after the other, or alternately, they held them closely together and hopped. This cxcite<l the laughter of the men, who finally toppled u bird over, whereupon the- much-desired egg rolled out upon the sand. The king penguin was Jiiso an. egg carrier, notonly holding it .while.standing still, but carrying the big egg nbo.ut with it by placing it in a pouch for the purpose, holding it in with the broad webbed feet that arc kept closely together. ;This explained the curious, hopping-motion of the birds, ns they could not move their feet without dropping, the egg, but the moment it was forced to give up the prize it ran away, using both feet after the manner of ordinary birds. This remarkable habit does away with the necessity of a nest, as the bird carries its egg with it as it moves about. In these instances the, birds rarely transport the egg to o great distance. If undisturbed they probably remain about a certain locality, but there are birds which have been known to transport thnir eggs from one place to another, literally flying away .with them. When Audubon first heard this story of the nighthawk called ChuckwillV; widow he thought it a story of the ne- groes. Some insisted that the bird carried the egg away under its wing, others that it rolled the egg over the ground. To determine the truth Audubou concealed himself in the woods near a nest, having first bandied the eggs, and waited to.EEC-what the old bird would do. The first bird to arrive appeared very dejectea;at:thc .discovery that the secret home had.been found, ruffling up its feathers and uttering a moaning cr> just audible to the.listener. Then .the mate arrived, and after various movements indicative of alarm each bird took an egg in its capacious mouth and flew softly,away. - • Le Voillant, the French naturalist, observed- the';;collared, goatsucker .of'the Cape of Good Hope carrying off its eggs in the same manner—a comparatively easy feat,,as thfi.mouth'of nil thesc'birdu is very capacious, a veritable trap when They Alt Back " There are fads ' In medicine as well as in other things," said a busy drugpiat, " but the most remarkable thing about Hood's Sarsa-. par ilia is that customers who try other remedies all com'o back to Hood's, and this is why the enormous sales of thin great medicine ••• keep up and continue the • ^^ whole year tound, steady B \J us a clock. "Why i» it?" "O, simply because Hood's Sareaparllla baa more real curative merit than any medicine I ever sold." 1 Tills is ot daily occurrence In almost every drug store. Hood's SanapatilU .bits cured more sickness, and'made more. Hirppinees through restoration to boilth than'any other medicine. ' "'•;.- ••:.'• Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the standard—tbe One True Blood Purlfier.' n.,, are the only pills to tako PlIlS wltli Hood's Sarsaparilla, REV. S. P. KI.OTZ, PASTOR O. B. CHURCH. Waterloo, Ind.. Sept 8, 1896. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afllicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally T bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep-/ sin and found that it benefitted tue.-" am convinced that it. will do what It Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For-sale by.B. F. Keesllng. . . Graham &MortoiH TRANSPORTATION CO. CWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIIV WAY AT ST. JOSEPH. . Beginning May 25th and continuing antll about Sept. 30th the steamers of this line will make two trips each way l»lly between St. Joseph and Chicago, »n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. and : 10:30 p. IE., daily, including Sunday. L«ave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m., daily, Including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Mllwankee, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday ind Friday evenings. The equipment of this line Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago ind City of Milwaukee (the largest and dnest west of Detroit); and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with all Vandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Vandalia Line stations. Chicago dock 'cot of Wabash nvenxie. J. H. GRAHAM, Prcs., Benton Harbor, Mlcb. the jaws- are opened for the various in-: sects tipon which they feed in the dusk between day and night. Many birds carry ,tbeir young^ short' distances, • as the' woodcock, which has been ' seen bearing,off;,a. little .one- between its claws, .while it is well'known that the wood duck carries its youngdown from the nest in trees to water, using;her bill' for the purpose —Philadelphia Times': - .-- i ; •; -• :—-—. . .. '." ;• „• :.; . ,.' t . „,. !>".,, ; NmturmUilitlon.In Europe.. '. ; ,.„,, .', ',In .all; countries, in .Europe a .man ,is. not permitted to become naturalize^, unless he can show that he. is both re- Rpcctable and moral; that he has resided In the land of his adoption a certain number of years; and that he is ready to renounce the country of his birth, hia native land.—Chicago Inter Ocean. REMEDY. PHELPS' COUGH, COLD AXD CROUP CURE. • Offlco or "Klnssflsber Tlraca.' " Klnsnehcr, Okla., Deo. 12, '9J. : GMtlemes:—I believe 1 -It my duty to -. write you a line In repard to tho bene-: ficlal effects of Phelps 1 "Four C Remedy"•"• ' EO far as I am personally concerned. A week ago last Thursday, I was taken with a severe attack of la Krippe and Jn a abort ~'\ time became so. hoarse I could no 1 ! Kpeak 1 '. .'<., above a whisper. Tlie niRht previous 1 liati. couched nearly the entire night; Junt before retiring 1 I took a teonpoonful, ana slept the entire nlpht as sweetly as ever- ~-.--. I did in my life, not coushlnB. once. I. v ."was entirely relieved before taking on« -i'. •' bottle. Phelps' Couffh,, Cold and Croup-^.-ja Cure should be-In every household In tha.•"'•••••'] land. I send you- this -wholly unsolicited.:'"'."! by anyone, for you-are benefactors, of the 1 ,-, race In plvlnjf it the antidote for some of ." tho worst afflictions to~whlch'U la heir. , •. Ve .. . 'cough ANTAL-iViiDY I These tiny Capmlti are i >to Balsam uf Copaiba, •Cnbebs or Injections and I 'l^flRP tW ift ITAffDC ^UUIilj Iff. 4o ttUUnO the same diseases vriti inconvenience. Sold ty an druggiitsA

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