The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO crc letu NEWS r f? \ i r~cr ,OUJ ^ Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS . Mrs. mwa u. tvu,jUt.-3 Having Timisuoy jjumwan euia at. country -CIU.U. lliuiaui} 1 Bridge; club meetinB U'llU ^ie..l40/ Vt'vJCII, Tii'iiituiij- owiuact club mcetlils .viol lui;:. re. LI. u!'.-.iut> Women's c!ut> meeting 'nuiei 1 wools, 10 a. m. Lnmvixi luiiim/ association faceting .with MH. lidgsiic ' wniii- tuii, a:Jv p.m. ' ; LiflM ata e ch«. ^irtL Mctli- oauc cnuivii, nreaiitig 'iyKn Mrs. O. w p.m, ' ' ',. lit, in elrarpc, candies and mils were served. Bits oj News Mostly Persona! To Have Club. Mrs. JOD 'j-rieschniau .will ent;r- Injjl IJIG Yojuig-Auiiou* Ut'.dgc c.'ub Friday aiicinojii IU.SICM us naviiis i'iM rciiuar wueKiy party yesterday. Have Krldje Part; Mi>s"s iiir^s Mcllaiiry mid Matir.a Waonourn eiuertaine:! l(i Si{(as van n onflse party Tuesday aii^rr.O'jri at ijie Meiiuiicy nonie. ^IiSi Nina HiuiiL'S won c:uci3 for lijjn s"orc pri/o anrt the cut award, pictures, wens to Miss Barn Piuianc Kvrard. ,.1-ne hosieries emphasized tlie lioljaay colors of red and green '" the £'<uaa, sandwiches, tea and candy served by inc-m, assisted oy mcji mothers Mis A M Wasnbnrn ami Mrs Jomi C Mcriancy. '•. Olfii-Hs Naincd. ' Trie Kwg.i Dnuehfcrs, Sunday school ciws in tit Jimior lieiiarl- mcni, 01 tho Hi's Baiiust cmivch met at 1110,™"cli Monday evening Mith tfteir 'tcicmr Mrs. Alfrcn Caipsmer. to beautify tm> roan jiua elect olBcers for Ihc new year. The 20110 (i<i,; officers wire elected pre°. Jqgti Mary Ann Nabers; \iee prc merit, Jojic Summers; scc- letan, Jo.ppniuo Shlbk'y; treasurer, Jewel Rice. At ihc Uu»e of (lie (Heeling (he .class lud icfrc hmenls. * • • Stniiir K. Y. l>. ti'.s Of County To Meet " - Memocrs of tne senior B.YJ'.U'.'s of Baptist churches in Mississippi county wiil mcei ;ii (he Ltixora 'Baptist church Thursday evening wmri -several luuuircd nic expect- cri to attend. Ine ihcine "Christ Must Reign Hi Farthest Shores" \vill lie earned :but' in 1 a program In which the Rev.. R, A.: Kimbrough, •'(lie Rev II. W. -Gallup- nifd Mrs. Ruel Butlc-r will take part. Ml£-s Alljcp Appelton, of Memphis, was ihc guest of her sisii'i', .Mrs. L. D. chamoliii, and family lor iha Ke\v Year holiday. John Diunctle and Dinrlei 1YII2- ha will leave tomorrow for Ov.cns- boro, Ky.. to join fhdr party of imotogtapheiK of (lie Fox uuulio ot Mempnis, with whom llicy arc eiu- . Eunice" Uiogdon has recovered from several days illnrai from nnluenza. Mtfs liiizabetli jiunietto li«d as her guest lor the holiday her t-ous- in, Miss Catherine Tntiim, of Kennett. Mo. Clever Opening Bid Results in Successful Game Contract Solution to Previous Contract Problem II'.'J. i:. .. .Sti'i-cl.-iry, Aim-rli-.-in llrlrtgi; . (he cxpcrlj who recently in ihe national eliam- plouship loui-namcm o[ the American nrutjio Lemiiic. Iheio i-i no liner .student 01 His (jnriw than WaleiraiJir von Vort:, Ilciv ( ; , dtu'ftx of liniiil in which mini? tin nnnsiiiil enuring hid, which resulted in his plnyins Hie h-.uut at the ni-lv pos- c. o. Mr. and Mrs. Albert l.owcry left nl slbii 1 gome contract, unit tiieji cecoi'd 10 mal;e Ins contract North's norniivl by - Hear A Booh lleviciv The Dcrpnum. fine Arts club met at the Hotel Noble Wednesday morning, Memoers reiponcfcd (o roll cull with current events and the program, was a- review of the book The Folks", by Ruth Sufcow, who B a daughter of » Congreemionnl minister of rmvn. Th,. book, which wai the October ehoige of the Ut- Has 'Watch Parly Mrs. L. E. Tim v.'as hoslW5 to a jouiig people of (he Meth otiist pmircn : for it watch parly Monday n ,g h t. During thc h ° u £ ig the new year canrtv was "id 1935 was welcomed" \Vatrit\s and coffee" were scrvcfi. Ccmplimcnls Jlousejuest 2i»tt L \ Cilt !' Cri " e T>u >»n"oS Kenn -J- ' 'I m!sc 2 u «l of her rous- Ui. ML=S EliMbeth Biiuistu., B ' aS S^sst of honor at a brUbc piny Bnen Saturday evening ' V J,." la un, e S° t3blCS of S 11 " 15 MUs vh f 5 , Blomc m "«on the prize v hat-not ornaments ' Dm'f «l,f H 5 ' W " 1 l<1 Robiuwn's urug f,tor e for rtlrebhincnu. 3I*iiy Attend Dancr. Ther= were 300 gucsu. ?>. n, c ''"S given by lh, K ;! OM h 1 I)OT0 . and Jlrr- old Sudbury, as leaders, furnLJii'd music for the , drawj «w c " „eluded a n.miter or w'-si, (rnm - ' ,. H , -LuKora/linchviUc and Ala- Biraincss Women .Meet. Business and j'rolcssioi I'.'i club met in i],,! ,.' - for a .'departmental , m . ion !'ifc ? Hh;'Uqd'by-wiss co r j k . f,"'. an> J ! ealt l' 'rhai'rman, s causes : as many as 20 ^rnany cases of absentecinm -s us much toss of lime is n p. doriic health cs- MI^ u •Slltcli th Time Mil- Complaint.' .3 CC ypyj, do[ , lOT yesterday [or Diclr Jiome In Clil- cago alwr visiting Dr. and Mrs. Hunter c. Sims. Mrs. C. W. Atllicb and Mrs. 0. P. Moss arc In Memphis today. Mrs, miey u. joncn uiul Mrs. Dixie Crawford are In Memphis today and will spend tonight In Wll- 1011 returning home tomorrow. K. M. Terry jr., will return lu- inoriow lo Columbia, Tciin., where he attends Columbia Military Academy, lifter spending the liolld.iys with' his parents, who will motor /'.lin (o Mc'iii|ihis. Mr. and Mrs, T. K. Kmv. formerly of licre aurt now ut '1'allulnli, L»., been here for Die holidays vis- itlti" ilielv sons. Ted uiul B. King mid fsmllles. Mr. King has already returned but, Mrs. Kliiu will remtiin for a lonncr stay, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hawks and children, 13stellc and Randall, huve returned from Dycwburg nnd other points m Tennessee where limy vln lied during the holidays. E. M.' HiiiTnuin, w. u. llatfieid, George Cnsstdy nnd \V. B. Hagnn are intending lo business in West Memphis. Mrs. C. O, }|ire.«,. who Iws been quite ill, is now much betler. Mr. and Mrs. Juek Hindmiiu and son, j. l-:., of Memphis, sptui, ye-j- laidny with Mr. and Mrs. o. II. Gve'ar. W. T. Brady, of Memphis, attended to business in the city Tucs- rt'uiilcr Steadiiian has returned from'sehncr. Tcmi.. where lie spent tile holidays u« was accompanied home by his mother. Mrs. Mary Emma Rleadninn. who will visit at. Armor?] . -Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Tomllnson and sons. Lcroy, and Jimics Paul, have returned to their home iu Thrc.3 Rivers, Mich., after spsiiilinf Ihe inld-wliiter holidays with Mr. and Mrs. v. K. Tomlincon. Mrj. Sptirgcon Paltcrsoii Is til from inllnenta at thc home of her mother, Mrs. w. T. Oboist. Miis Uobbin t/:e King, who has bUi-n nt Dr. nr-nry a. Hill's clinic 111 Memplils for four weeks where she underwent an operation VKICIIUSS or arihriiis of the knee, was brought lionii; yesterday. She Is now able lo walk with a brace. Joe Evrard. who underwent a mastoid-operation at the Memphis Baptist hospital, will be brought lioinii tomorrow. His inllier,- Marcus Eviunl. i-ctunml tills tnoriiin? but his mother remained with hini. FUvsidun:; now bolievr llmt .los. who has undergone tlivct operations of this land, will soon uc enlirslv well. Robert K. Ue King, who has b;cn qi:ilc ill for sever* 1 weeks, in slowly improving, Spiirjeon pnltc-rson left yesterday for clnca s o to attend to business until ihc last of (lie week. Mr. nnd Mrs. .lor Oir iind cliil- aren. .Jw mid iMtrlclu. \\en- d-- Uyccl in ivinniiji s In thdr liomc in Uollffn siiilion. Texas, bnaiisl of Ite jlIncAs of the ehiiiircn who have iatUicnzii. They arr -,| n>e home of Mn orr':.' pitu-iil;.. Mr mrt Mrs, K. I. Haley. Murray smart, so'ii of Mr -md Mrs. Murray Smart, i-cctivccrd from an illness ol innunwa Miss Olarit-c Krnncily tias'vcliirn- ed Iron, st. i aa & u .| 1( , rc s , u , wac of Mr. «ucl Mrs claiul- l)e one feared heart a no *Q3S- 3 VQJ7 * 7 s y * Kit -I V A n o -i: 4 AQ •& K S S 4 A .T C 2 V K J 0 •j> S G--I 1^1 10 0 5 2 tie.—N. uiul S. vul. .Vortli Knsl 1 N'. T. ^ & 2 X. T. Pus, . i'asti .Pass OlicniiiK leail—$ J. ; I'.-ibt; tnii»|i rcfponsc by In's partner, am! lie knew the opening, lead must be made up to his hniid. Eouth's free bid of two spades after Knsi's diiimond overcal] wns cncoiii-OElns mid von Zcdl-u-llz icnscci Hint nothing could bn saip- tlicir BiiMls Monday Mr. and Mrs. II. c, Ooukc Jr., of Curiith- cvsvlllc. Before ihclr inarriHgc ChrlslniBB day Mrs. Cookc was Miss ifallle SlcHancy, of Kennett, Miss Evelyn Biggurl and Ben Burns rried STIiKLE. Mo.-AkuuL lilty friends attended the wedding of Mire Kvt- ^",v, UI ? S " rt nllti UB " "'"'"* ^ th '<! MethoilLst church at 4 p.m. Monday. The .double ring ceremony wns performed by thc Rev. H. L Wagner, pastor ol thu Cooler Methodist church. Miss Foru b=e Alosandcr. of si. 3'iis. wus moid of honor, and Harold steele wns best man. The bride wore ,i brown crcps dress with moire trnmntng and brown acces-j and u shoulder corsage. Miss Alexander wore a green crepe drew .vnh black accessories. i The wedding n )us | c was given by illss Imogeuc Miuining. who sang •1 Lave YOU Truly" us an opcnln° number, and Mrs. N. Johnson who ' "ie wedding march. ' Today's Contract 1'robkm II your contract in Soull) position wero (lireo 'no trump and you got a heart opoii'lnc, would you bo Biitlsned with imiltiiif lust three or four? ' ,T, AJ 3 Kolullon In., nest Iseue, Sunlight Brings Out Footli WEDDNESPAY, JANUARY 2, cd by showing his heiirl. suit. TIic I'lay fast opened with Ui 0 jack of diir- incr.ds, \vhich North won wltii tin: queen. North tlujn played three icumls of lienrts. West winning- the third round with the ejucen. West knocked out North's ace of diamond:; and North played his two Btod hearts, East discarded 'two chits urid West a spudo. Von Zedlwitz now counted Eas» for a spade singleton and took Ihe spade thiesse thc right way, making lour heart tricks, two diamond tricte, and three spade mete for ;>' lop on Hie bonrd. Of course, u club opening would linvc set- (ho contract and von Zcdlwilr, would have been up against a club opening if he liad bid His heart suit, to begin wlUi By keeping his Jive-curd heart _ ill tinilar coi-er. he completely hici the distribution. of his hand ami yet. got, n correct count on the hand of his opponent in the East position. (Copyright, 1834. NBA Service, Inc.) Board of Trade Head Finds Lncouragetnent in Agri- cuiliival Improvement PBTER B. CAUEV . Chicago IJoard of Trade, OII1CAGO. (UP)r-More dollars •c-jingling ii ( (he pockets of the ( American farmers thiin any time i m several years. I This j., reflcacd in ,, P 0 ^? 1 ' Lineli of buslncig tiiat ten to the farmer arc reporting in- ..creaswl volume, Sucli increases mean more cmploymeiH—a paru- imount nUI (o economic recovery .] Fnvm income, to be exact, is oiiu • billion dollars grealcr than thc prcwllng year. 'ni c total income is placed at seven billion dollars ! by the government. >riie extra billion, at ihis 5 i aec 0( rccovcry should prove «„ immense incentive in the <lrivc back to normal tlmoB. -Mensurcd In buying power at current price levels, its importance, is somewhat arresting. Farmers I'ay l)M s I Thousands oi lndebte<l farmers fiayc been able to meet their obli- gallons. Dotii farmer and mortgage holder arc heartened by the origin my of hope now ponetrathig ho gloom of depression. That the iwrn has come for the farmer is shown i,, sales of man oMKr nrms equipment houses, wholesalers anil Willie Stevens III to get under beaming- sub-tropic. suns is illustra Er , in Ihe Broadway 'manner. retailers. , ani The rather definite signs Grain anil cotton prices arc hMi- «r- The return from butter and eggs, higlily important farm items, is well sbovc that of a year ago. uvc stock prices arc sufetan- above last year, nnd returns larger In dollars than lost year, just winter or last sprin^ Forced lifiiiidiitwii of livestock on account ol feed shortage m & m r , lture suortages of npaUi. This should ornig a long-time proipority for siibstantinl -livestock fanners Of course, farmer income has "ecu aided by benefit payment ram (he government but eveii side from this thr> fact i-ema vnllcy of s air , In spite' of tut drought 8 rain I farmers have fared rather well llie price of December wheat 01 December 1, 1934, was $1 compar- with m cents the same d av a with «°j «° r " 92!i reljls ™n'P*red with 44 1-8; oats 54 compared with n irlA?' C ^ ! com P R1 « wHIl 53; t0mparfdwilh3li ' icel "s pared with 420. Wheat prices have been held ri 0 ™ anfPrt r° Untry b> ' thc s tangled foreign situation f llcr Slir!illis ,,s a climax ' rancr- to the ° Prrssuro . lo< •^«^«a^ r^^L?^.^ Wheat J'f n of poo] price 4 - OKI' prices eri «imply became D , c Jc shortage (-hat ex ts o t coinbnied ero M of wheat, corn ?nd io«s this year were little lavev than a normal corn crop. The short o of cereals ln general cannot be number ol ihc basketball team -or tin- j, itS |. y:nr S | H . IlU5 be;!11 -mployed in Ihe ollli:e of Attorney 'ay V,'. Harper. 'the Rroo m is the son of Mr. ami Ira- E. P Hums, of Steclc. He ins been employed al steelo Union Din .since hlr. E raduntloii from otcclo hlgli school. i^;« «iW,,'»:ss i^zjixs ;?SrS: llall-Jlllis murder trial nearly u decade ago, wns reported to be torioimly 111 at Mrs. Mills' homo iu New Brunavvlok, N. J. Following thc wedding u supper was served-at the home ot the grooms imrrnls l u the members of •<• veddun; party, folluwing which v. aiui Mrs. Burns left lor M short loneymoon in Memphis Miss Mutt-! McKay 1,11:. ,, ot ii. toj,- at. I-Oiiij, lo i, t with hrr moth"]Mrs. H. McKay, who is uiulen'O- {"(! nil oiwraliwi today n( . u nm .. s lioipilal. H,- s . M , Kily . uhl , , ms c , ole ! nan urei;s cach ^« b to have ft periodic hcVtli tlpn on each birthday.' 'In mis way «-c can remember wlien'it was ),CM, Whiie physical e.\-nml"a- tioii i, ,,o guarantee of fuluic lite una JieaUli, ft is an Intelligent guidance that mas- avoid discomtoiti 3 I, ,'f, 1 ' us galn mr «=<"iO!"lo se- Attcr a short bjs.ness session, , nah i.l.i J. o. Bainrs, ciu'o Mr*.,Harold rom|il'wm! of Canil'li- VranciE Adams, u sturli-m -.« <i >n •Jnivcrsity o[ Illinois pa pi, left yesterday r.ftcr at Chama visit Jj, . with Dr. -and Mrs. 1. and family. Miss Mildred Moore, who attends Southeast Miiisomi Tcni-licrs rol- t Cape Glrarciean. Mo, re- l lo Ediool .VKilrrriay Her mollii-r.. Mra., L. U. Moore. MIM Mary Spam Usrcy aiut Miss Mar- gurcl. fSIuivcr nrotolcd up w!!li lier Dr. and Mrs, L. H. Moore hart » Doses ©S i-oosens «« FoTpId otj o- Rast Baby Dies liol.-t.'it Salon nast, ll-month.-,- )W son i,[ Mr. ami Mrs. liobert Must, died 511 u:30 o'clock last iu:hl at IVii- i;, m n y hc1l)e t .Uinimni. ii,, Ls SU |. vivul by ), ls and his grnndmathcr.' Mrs. V\ Ii. I'eery. >'i:ncr,il services were hrld al :i (•lock (hi;, iitimioon at the home il.i tin: R,-v. M] . Muiilgon nciatmj, inicnneiit. was . Maple Cimve cemetery. Thc oi:b UiKlriliilriii^ cotiipntiy" vnu, iu I-HKL- of fnncr.i| iirranmiieais -Reedy Infant Dies Tlic infant .son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Hredy died at H:\SO o'clock last night at the family home in the Norm Sawba community. Funeral services were held al 2:30 o clock nils afternoon at the North Biiwta ccmelevy. «l\cre Interment. WHS made. The Cobb Undcrtakiii;; company S In charge of funeral 'arrangements. Helping millions to iND COLDS SOONER siliialion. enough to mecl the :»blc crop exerts feel that , — of over-production in wliest has been passed and that a cycle of.short o r normal wheat crow h^ entered, ff-truc, this would i,1r r ±"' "f.P^P^ ,H I -' pry uld bo doubly assured if WG early out our hope of restoring forelsn nrkcls for. American «,rph ls , ma " Read Courier Want Ads. CHOQUIGNOLK OIL .GIMKANTEED WAVES §1 Up - - : None Belter Finger >Vavc /- - 25c Barret Beauly Si>op Last House on No. 5l.' J bio. I. leltc. Notes Cliiirle-. iMooic, yar- :tl: Jcv/cll, Bin- Women S Rundown i', . ..„..., ««h nerves fraycil, bjckachf, or periodic pauis, you is ctl l a I'icrcc's F.ivnrilc WcscripliiMi. Rend what Mrs. ji '/•»• wjiat Mrs. C. A fit ' C 'li-triiw of S3') X. v f I <-<V ° 11 iv o Avc., Tulsa, ^W£™^% S^VO/T'r^H: g|g^i||§5SiSfi ;a and license businesses, 'professions, mobiles, doers, street taxes erypne ol'l'ice, promptl j keLs lost through (he price-pegging experiment of Ihc laU? parm Board This experiment brought retaliatory measures by Prance and oilier countries through the raising of tariffs and like stejis harmful to wheat growers of this country. Up to tlisit time private trade had always distributed thc American wheat surplus cxpeditlously and al good price levels, political tampering with markets always proves disastrous- !o (he farmer For that reason,the incoming Congress should give intensive study to any new measures having influ- n-'fJ 0 .! 1 " 30 " " 1G '"'Jdimery for dls. tribuUng gram. Receipts and shipments O f flour flour Wheat Corn Oats Rye Bnrlcy Flour Wheat Com . Oats Barley and grain, January i:to December 1,. 1834,. compared with same pj- riod last year, are as follows' Receipts 1934 ' 193H . 8,280,000 Bbls. 8,256,000 irowS' 1 23,398,000 Bu. 13973000 (irown « 1 52.064,000 Bu. 88,928,000 )3,751,0»OBu. ZO.-IOG.OOO . 8,514,000 Bu. 0,633,000 . 9,714,000 Bu. 8,2«,000 Ship me nts 1934 1933 . 5,621,000 Bbls. 4.M9UOO 17,393,000 Bu. 15,493 000 38.108,000 Bu. 49,347000 12,515,000 Bu. 16,Q1C,000 • 1544,000 Bu. 1,584000 2,093,000 Bu 1,350,000 On Aug. 14, 1932, a snake caused 100 deaths near Kolhapur, India; the snake emwled from a floating log to n boat, which was upset in panic and 100 persons-were CREOMULSrOfl C 0,U CHS FOR 10 DAYS WliIWILL SLAUGHTER PRICES COATS-HALF PRICE Es£°ro vr bSh COAIS AT HALK SELL AT 912.75 to $.19.75;. Oiie Group'Evening : a iicl Dinner Dresses *** .. .. . $8.75 to 412.75 Values $4.95 and $5.95 . One' Group $6,90 to $12.75 Dresses M.95 $6.90 $7.75 Wool Dresses One group 51.95 to $6.80 Wool Dresses reduced lo ?2.95 and M.S5. Bring a friend and get. your choice of one more dress for only k New Spring Dresses' : A new shipment of Spring Dresses, ?12.75 to §14.75 values, January Clearance Sale $195 and $10,75 •Small Alteration C'hiirge JUST AUKIVED, 1VEW SJJjraiiNT SPRING .SWAGCliK SUITS - r - TO BE ON bALL, DUKING THIS CI.KAItANCE: i . January . Silk 'Clearance Sale GLOVES MUJ^IINERY I 88cand$].B9 Si.48 lo $355 Kid Glovo. January Clearance Sale Kelts and Mclallics,- $1.!18 to ».. Two big groups CLEARANCE SALE OF ALL FALL"SHOES Yilaliiy Health Shoes $5 and $6.75 ^fitality, Shoes In kid leathers and kid anct crushed Rid combliialions, Tie*, Blrap>s «nd Piiin!», browns, biarto and blues. Bia?-s from 4 .lo 10, AAAA lo C, for 10 days only $4,45 and $4.95 All auedeo und broken siw-s in VUulilv Heallli ShM.5, !lini|B, straps and 'lies $2.95 and $3.45 Vanily'Maid Shoes S4.50 and S5.M Vanity M,J { I Slices, Tics and rumps, brown and blacLs. Sizes from 3 lo 9, widths <\AA to c, at All -Patent, Brown Kid and Satin Pumps, $5 "lid S6 shoes, ri-al values. Mo-sl all sliswi and widths al 1.95 NEW ECONOMY SHOP Ingram Uldg. LMione ALL .SALES CASH - - NO EXCHAJS'GliS • • NO UEFUNUS

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