The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1933
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Served by United Press BEHHEVILLE COUKIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMf, ElimON VOL XXX—NO. 149 D»lly, Ne«». Blythertlto Oourtar. vmqr Letter. BlyHMTllte HtralH. ARKANSAS, SKl'TKMUKU 8, 19M SINGLE; COPIES FIVE. CENTS - •"" ' PUT COTTON CROP AT 12,414,000 Observations C. R. B.= For today's lesson the freshman ' class In social economy will ulcasi! tell briefly what is wrong with Die following statement: r i 1 -There Is no good reason why a i property owner should pay for the | education of a child wiicse parent. JW nothing Ward the operation , n i 1 1 ° r lllc schools." Move to reed Hungry, This paragraph is miotcd frum an editorial In tte commercial, ul Pine Revolutionary ' » Army. muff, w f, C re lack of adequate scr.ool ------- j revenue is threatening to fore-. 1 . HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 8. (UP)— ! abandonment ° r ' tlle fret> P»bllcl Cuba's revolutionaiy executive com- nigh school in favor of a tuition GET FIRST CLflE 101! Woman Reports Heaving Signals. From Air In 1 Isolated Section. A Presidential Farewell to Vacation Days KANE, Pa., Sept. 8. (UP)—A ]>os- I bible clue to two Gordon licnncil mittee today form'ally reorganized [ F chool~ We in Illylhevillc, after | race balloons missing since Satur- the nation's mililary command, ar-; some exi>crience with n situation, day was reported today by a wo- ranged to feed the hungry, and declared that danger ot United States Intervention had been avoided. ' of tills kind, can sympathl?? with Pine Bluff and recognise that clr- who said si:e .heard u'hat sounded ifte signals from the air Acting In the name of Ihe execu- , a tuition .school. But the tuition live committee of five. Sergio Carbo plan,- it should be emphatically cumstances there may well justify over a desolate section of northwest announced the appointment of three pi eminent revolt figures, two sergeants ani 'one lieutenant, to command the army and navy. f'ft said there was no danger of United Stales Intervention because the only problems confronting the Cubans were the army and hunger. Tlie army issue, involving the nutting of officers, will be solved, he contended. The officers now can return to service under Sergeant Batista, who is their superior, said. Hull PromlH'S Neutrality WASHINGTON, Sept. 8 IUP> — Secretorv of Stale Hull announced today that a coast guard cutter lia s been ordered to Anlilla. Cuba. where Americans were reiwrted In danger. Hull simultaneously announced stated, is justifiable only by necessity, never by any foolish doubling of the propriety of taxing one man's property for the education of another man's children. oOo Our syslem of free public education is nv&lntalned primarily for the benefit of toclely as a whole rather than for that of the individuals who attend our schools. By no stretch of imagination or logic can it be successfully contended taat we maintain public schools for the benefit of the parents of the chil- dien who attend them. Whatever benefit parents may derive from the education of their children is altogether secondary to the benefit to society in general. The obvious fact thai the complicated social, economic, and political structure in which we live coW not be main- Pennsylvaniq on Monday. Two days later, she said, the signals were repealed from tlu> ground. At Lakehurst. tlie dirigible Macon was ordered to stand by lo be ready for participation In trie hunt for the missing balloons. H was not believed, however, (hat the ship would go out today. Fog and thun- dei'stornis were reported in the starch area. FLASHES SI.CKl'INC SICKNESS TAKHS 12 MOKK S'l'. I.OlIlN— THtlrr additional ilruths In '<lw ii»::l 21 hours .'it, tin- result of (lit rapidly Yiuidlnn slrryin* slrknru, to- iluj liiuu{;lil l» 98 Ilir iniiubri ul faljlllln. (lv«* weeks. \\tif In Ihe last HITS I'OI.ITUJS IN KKI.IKF WASH IN<; TON - Fmldent KLnccvvlt todAy i-jilU'd for a prralrr rrTcrt un the pact uf tlie liubllr In hilrglnic rrllrf tu (lie unrlii)]li>)cU. A( the tame lina- hr HUrnrtl (hit Ilirre arc many ar«t niliiB- llns the rjllrf (jurallou wllli liclllks and Ilieii cumluc lu tin; rtdnal (uvfinmtil "hit In hand" .mklnic trlkf fund*. a policy of strict neutrality toward i tallied without a high degree of all irolitical factions cm the island. I public cducalion—in fact at times I it appears threatened by the inade- Helena Cooperate Plant ' Will Employ 1,000 Men HELENA, Ark. — West Helena • will have a beer and wine cask plant that will be employing 500 , November 1 at half capacity, -and by January 1, the factory will.,-r»ve 1,000,-men ton ;lts v paTrbll-jfheVi- full cafiaciiv operation gets under way. The announcement was made Thursday by Austin M. Coales; attorney and secretary-treasurer of the newly nrganized Ozark Barrel and Body Corporation, which is taking over the plant of Wood Parts, Inc. bankrupt wood-working corporation. In addition to beer kegs and wine casks, the company plans to manufacture whiskey barrels upon repeal of the Eighteenth amend ment, and will also build bod: parts for automobiles. The company has only three stockholders. They are F. J. Riker president, Mr. Coales, secretary treasurer, and L. A. Williams, o New York City. schools for all. regardless of the amount ,f taxes paid by parents of Hie individual pupils. oOo If free public schools and other essentials of an orderly and enlightened society are to be main- la taed; there must be-adequate pub- lic'revenue. This "money, plainly must come from those who posses-/ the weallh of the country. Now it may very well be true, as it Is often contended, that that part of this wealth which is in the form of real property bears a disproportionate share of the burden. But it is also true that those who own land owe It wits u tanned, rested and happy 1'rc.sldcnt lloosevelt who arrived nl Washington ifter a vacation nt Hyde Pnrk anil a cmira aboard the yacht Nourmnlmi. Here he's shown jiving a nn&l salute to members of the yacht's crrw as he leaves for the While Hmige, accompanied by Kermlt Roosevelt (center) and Vincuic Aslor, owner of (he Nourmahnl. COTTON PRICES SET NUB i Temporary Scriedu' p Pending Memphis Meeting Agreed .on Yesterday. Prices to be paid for cotton by glnncr* throunh Monday, subject to market variation, were set yes- terdav' bv a committee of ginners for the Biythcville lerrltory. The prices will be in force at all pins in th's immediate section and Missouri gins nre expected to follow the schedule announced here, it is understood. Beyond Monday will p«br ablv be,-fixed-in accordance 'with action lo be taken at a mid-south sinners meeting In Memphis that day. The price-fixing agreement is part of the new code entered into by (tinners providing for purchase of cotton on Its gr:'dc and merit. The nrice schedule announced. Crest of Rio Grande Flood Expected Today RIO GRANDE CITY, Tex., Senl. 8 (UP) — Workers patroled the banks of the rising Rio Grande tcday in an effort to avert further hardship to the hurricane damaged lower valley. Crest of the, flood resulting from a 10-inch rain in northern Mexico was due here today. Water started through tlie flood protection systems of two villages last night.- Two hundred residents of tile villages moved to higher ground with their livestock. ! Falls or Leaps from .Window After Quarrel with- His Wife. a peculiar debt to society. The dlf- Including the number of points off ference between the value their the market urice for the various property now has and the value it had when Columbus sei foot on American soil is the product of all the people who have contributed to the building of this country. Take away the people of Blythevillc. most of whom own not a foot of FrlLlSJ DOTH Charles Parkhurst, 'Who Exposed Tammany, Sleep .Walking Victim. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8 (UP) —Ocorgc Sunday. 40, son of the famed evangelist, Billy Sunday, was near death at a hospital today after leaping or falling to tho pavement from apartment. . His fife, the his fourth | floor former M^uryne Local Farmer Arrested for Assault in Kansas Sheriff Clarence Wilson was advised in a letter from a Barton county, Kansas, official that J. W. Anderson, farmer living northeast of Biythevlllc. had bocn arrested In that county on a charge of assault with Intent to kill. The message did nol reveal the Incident lending to Andersen's arrest.- Partial confirmation, at least, of Anderson's statement to the county prosecutor In Kansas that lie lived near Blythevllle was found In the records of the assessor here which show property in the Hickman section to be owned by a J. W. Anderson. KILLS TIIRKE, SUICIDKH UKIFAST, M*.—AdrUll JOIIM, nirnUlly drra'n|rd, run amuck *lth two EhotKmu In the biui- IKV; district here Dili afternoon, killing three rhcn, wcundlnc »n- other, ptrh.ipi f«l»Hy, and (lien commllllur mkldr. Btildn Junes himself, lliote kllkd were Herbert Kills. 05. insurance nun; W. W. Hlilsdell, 75. and Raymond Blukdell, 4U. his NOII. I'AYS FOK AMBUSH MURDKIt It.MEIGH, N. C.—North Carolina today electrocuted ttryant Stone, 45 ye»r old firmer, who M convicted of iliylni his son In-law, W»yr,e Norman, from am- t.Oi. THCTIFF ATLANTIC CITY, Sept. 8 (UP) grades follows: • . —Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst, flghtm« Strict low middling, 7-3's. ofi \ preacher and reformer who shock- 110; 15-16's. off 95; 31-32's off 85;;ed the country in tlie nineties inch, off 50: inch and 1-32. off 25; one and 1-16. even. Low middling, 7-8's, off 160; 15-16's, off 145; 3t-32's. off 135: IIIUSl, Ul UJiUIU VM11 nul. u. luvv Ul . J 1 *JO property, and the land on which I one .In* of ».inch: and 1-32. Closing Stock Prices A. T. nad T 127 1-4 Anaconda Copper — n Bethlehem Steel 38 1-8 Chrysler '... - 49 3-8 Cities Service 27-8 Coca Cola 88 1-2 General American Tank 37 Genera! Electric '. 23 1-4 General Motors —.. 32 Montgomery Ward ... 23 3-8, New Yortc Central ... 46 1-2 Packard 5 Phillips Petroleum ... 16 1-2 Radio a 3 - 4 Simmons Beds 24 St. Louis-San Francisco 41-2 Standard of N. J 4» 1-2 Texas Co 27 5 ' 8 U. S. Steel 51 5-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 8 (UP) — Cotton easy. open high low close Oct 900 913 881 881 Dec 922 934 903 603 Jim 927 942 910 910 Mar 942 950 927 927 May 957 976 944 944 Jill 973 991 960 962 Spots closed quiet at 900. off 20. this city is built could be sold only for what it would be worth as farm hand. Take away the people of the United States" and land here would be worth exactly nothing. The tax on land is simply a return to society on wealth created by society," Free public education plays an important part in creating and maintaining the value of property an- It is therefore just that property be taxed for the maintenance of schools. oOo "Real prosperity exists in that country that produces the largest amount of goods and services at the lowest cost prices, and so distributes those gocds and services , among the whole population until I everyone has the ordinary com:- forls and luxuries of life and can earn enough at honest work to maintain this standard of living." j That, writes Dr. Ivan Wright. | professor of economics at the University of Illinois, in the Illinois Journal of commerce, is what we are seeking. We have solved half the problem. We have learned how to produce large amounts of goods at low cost prices. We have not learned how to use them. And until we do we will not achieve real prosperity. The solution of this problem of effective distribution of the gcods we have learned to produce, it need off 75; inch and 1-1C, off 50. middling deciding that rio cotton of middling grade with blistering denunciations of vice and Tammany Hall, was kill cd today while walking in -his sleep. He walked out of his bedroom i in the home of a relative nnd Relchard, Hollywood- dancer, al r legedly told -'police she heard a rash of brok'en glass In another oom after Sunday struck her 1 and rdered his mother from the apait- nent. fj Sunday, conscious for a moment, whispered that he fell. through the vinrfow while watering- a fern. Physicians held slight hope for lis recovery. He suffered a compound fracture of the right thigh, double fracture of the Jaw, and oilier injuries. Mrs. Sunday was treated at the lospital tor a broken finger. Her eye was blackened. She said that her husband wns suffering from a nervous break- No price was set for cotton, the committee would be ginned in days. the next few passed through onto the roof open window a porch from Would Designate Osceoia County Relief Center which he fell to the ground. Dr. Parkhurst was 81. feeble but j Mill possessing a sharp tongue I The oratory from his pulpit In the nineties broke Tammany Hall's g'rip on New York city, cxii an alliance between organized and politics, and launched a re movement that extended form Formal designation of Osceolaj from one end of the country' headquarters for the relief pro- 1 the other. 6;-am in Mississippi county. ex-J ------ l:ected following a joint meeting!- „ . . last night of the county re-cm- Ketracts tOntCSSlOn poyment and relief committees nt which the innltcr was discussed. k nol expected to result in any material change in the present set-up. ncmoval lo Osceoia severnl vtefcs ago of the accounting office, of Campbell Stabbin KENNETT. Mo.—Ralph Powcl 24, formerly of Kcnnett, who Is to ing held in jail here along with 21 year-old Pansy Riddle, of Camp down brought on by verses. financial re- Will Not Permit Manufac turer to Defy Govern menLSayti Market Is Down About $1 Per Bale From Yesterday's Close. NEW YORK, Sept. 8.-Cotl6n closed today ut a loss of abDilt Jl per bale from yesterday's prices following an agriculture department estimate thai the crop would Wlal 1'2.414.000 bales. '• . Effect of the estimate, which was somewhat hlgt;er than must private .• stlmates, was offset somewhat -by - :ie general belief that weather Ince September 1, the date.-pp. which the estimate Is based, has., been unfavorable to the crop.' ".••"..•;• WASHINGTON, Sept. 8. (UP)"— I Tlie agriculture department today . stlmatcd 1933 cotton production,*'^ 2,414,000 bales, compared to IS.obl!,'-'' 000 bales last year. Last month's estimate for 1933 was 12,314,000 idles. At the same time tlie census bu- : rer.n reported that 1,394,220 ru'n- ilng bales of cotton had been ginned from the 1933 crop prior-lo September I, compared with 805;100 for Ihe corresponding date In 1932, and 565.753 for 1931. A ;:';;. Cotlon crop 'condition as of September 1 was placed at per.cent of normal, compared to a 56.6 ^con- dltlon as of September 1 lait year: Acres for harvest were placed 'at 30.030,000. : - .'•... . Tlie department estimated the '.-'] ylekl ol lint cotton per. acre tor harvest at 197.8 pounds, compared with 173.3 pounds last year. The department estimated 1933 production for Arkansas at J;I33,000 ; bales, compared to . 1,321,000 - bales .;• last year...Yield per; tcre'for Ar--, .:| v«itHfl wtf : plwtd.'i^ 210;-pounds compared to 111 pounds list year. .This year's production "for •Mla->:-,l 0. S.MH HtPM rai n BILBO Air Vovage to Italy Hinted After Mystery Flight Claims fclOO.OOO Alienation Suit the Conspiracy. HOLLYWOOD. Gal., Sept. 8 (UP)—A fight to introduce sensational chnrees that Alfred C. Read Jr., and his former wife con- snired lo wrlne damages from Claire Windsor Impended lodav as trial of Mrs. Read's $100,000 allen T ntlon of affections suit against the film actress was resumed in superior court. The charges were bound together in a supplementary answer Miss WASHINGTON, Sept 8. (UP)— Administrator Hugh S. Johnson . said today that he had not wen i enough Indication of .violation to •start . an Inquisitorial process I against Henry Ford. Johnson Bald, -however, that In ease of an outright violation "we would have to have a showdown." Q{ j "I could not allow a man as big j as Ford to stand out and defy this • I government," Johnson said. by Navy Planes. NORFOLK .Va.. Sept. 8, (UP) — Mysterious flight of six navy planes from here late yesterday gave rise today lo reports from a reliable source that the Incident was the forerunner ot a possible flight to Italy to repay the recent visit • —'"-.•<;' •"Wir'WT " *»J**.^*^«fcvi-rvv-T±T^ compared. tc?30T;000 baleis last year.' the Missouri yield per. acre was'' placed al 300' pounds compared "fa . • | 362. pounds last year. ' '• — •, Many Hurt M Chicago - : Street Cars ColKde Most Atree Ucon Code WASHINGTON. Sept. 8 (UP)— Coal operators and union leaders urrr given to understand bv Recovery Administrator Hugh S. that the bituminous coal code drafted by the government wns going to be tlw law of not de- Windsor's counsel souelil to file with the court. A ruling the Industry. He warned that he tolerate argument on would minor tails. Johnson said suggestions tor thei reasonable modifications code would be received motion was scheduled for today. Attorneys fnr the blond film I star accused the Heads of plotting | "«""; of the up to I! m. tomorrow, and considered at public hearing Monday afler- Dut lie closed the door to CHICAGO, Sept. 8. (UP)—N teen persons were Injured seriously and scores of others suffered severe cuts and brutses wfien two streetcars collided at a street intersection on tlie north side here today.— The nineteen seriously injured were taken to hospitals while scores of others were treated at the scene. Doctors and ambulances were rushed to the scene. °-~~ The Impact of the cars was heajd for more than a mile. ' : -~*~ Several neighborhood, doctors assisted In first aid treatment and a drug store at the corner'.was turned into an emergency hospital. star «« us «» \"«" m « s °' S" 11 "| further attempts to delay promul- to split whatevei Judgment 'hei the code bv wrangling voune Oakland society matron ob-I ^t on of th <,^ W « ' youne Oakland society lalned as a phase of eventual -reconciliation. The charges were uttered In the absence of the jury which only a few :minutes Wore duly men. friendly terms with other. and said that if agreement was not reached he would impose the code arbitrarily. The code establishes a new basis .of employer and worker relations, tnd eliminates destructive practices. iollowiiK appointment of Tom Me- bell, has repudiated his confession the Balbo nlr expedition. v of that city as disbursing that he killed Benno Michel jr., The report gained some weight In ' . - • ------ -- "-- of G'enr.Miv'lle, wr.o died about 2 1 view of the denial of -- • -- Standley, chief of naval operations, Washington, that the night yesterday had aifv bearing on the present tjfTicer, concentrated most of the office work of the relief program r.t Osceoia. Mrs. llawler. slate case work supervisor, G.'ccola as a.m. from stab wounds. Murder charges have been filed against Powell and Miss Riddle, with whom urged designation oflhc made his home in Campbell. relief headquarters at scarcely be said, will never be found tlirough any program for creating _. _ ,_ j LIUUUgll Ully ^IVfilulll 4\^k v,t.aL.I,|. l\€W Orleans (/OllOJll an artificial scarcity of goods. Sue! NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 8 (UP) — Cotton Oct . Dec . Jan . Mar . closed easy. open high low clow ... 8S8 908 878 878 .. 910 931 899 899 922 936 951 985 338 915 985 907 925 943 956 901 925 943 957 Spots closed slcacly at 868, off Chicago Wheat a program may bring apparent temporary benefits, may even be necessary to meet emergencies such is that in which some branches of production now find themselves, but In the long run its only effect can be to interfere with consumption and thus compound the evil it seeks to cure. Liepzig Fair Will Not Ban Jews Sept Dec LEIPZIG. (UP)—Recurring re- close \V°!ls to the contrary, Jews will be allowed to participate in every v Chicago Corn close Sept Dec open high low 463-4 47 453-4 463-41 be Interferred with al 51 3-8 51 7-8 60 1-8 51 7-8 lion. The direction ot the Fair, emphasizing its international character, recently announced that no Jewish exhibitor or buyer would the exposl jast night's meeting. The committee members were not agreed as lo the desirability of this but voted lo leave the matter in the hands of Ihr stale'relief author- Hies. The change would have no af- lecl upo" I'" 1 loca ' registration cffice. : ive Stores to Issue Consumer Blue Eagles Cards for the use of consumers in pledging their support to he MR A program will be available tomorrow at five Blythe- villc slores. nnd possibly at others. Stores which have arranged lo receive the pledge? and is .•lie Blue Eagle emblems lo con sumers arc the J. C. Penney Co O. C. BJrues Grocery, Aaroi Hos;n!hals. Jack Applcbaum and the Famous Store. Other storei desiring to hon die the pled?e cards and dts tribute the emblems may ar range lo do so by calling Ma 1). Ueid. N,UA chairman At the.jail Thursday nftemcon. Powell, wr.o is a son of Mrs. A. J. Mcore of this city, said that h? told Sheriff Donaldson and Prosecuting Attorney Ford Tuesday naval burcai that 1« killed Michel, only nfler have flown the sheriff had asked him if he takeoff, was going lo hide behind Miss Riddle's skirls and let her take the blame for tlie crime. Powell stated that he did not know about the crime until Miss Riddle told him about It Tuesday. and that his original story that he stabbed Michel to death wns made in an effort to protect her Cuban crisis. Secrecy wns maintained at the naval air base here, but it was considered significant that Hear Admiral Ernest .1. King, chief of the naval bureau of aeronautics, shotilt here lo vvilness the Warrants Issued for Eleven Bee r Retailers Warrants for arrest of U teer retailers who have failed to pay the S15 city privilege license for handling the 3.2 per cent drink were Issued out of municipal court Noisy Tourists Caused Closing of Cathedral LORIENT, France. (UP) — Tlie Cathedral of Vannes <vas closed to tourists by Ctunolne. Buleon, high- priest of that church, because of the noise of visitors. "A cathedral Is not a railway station, but a place for prayer," Chai nolne Buleon declared in forbidding Three Flyers Musing Over Lake Michigan I CHICAGO. Sept. 8 (UP)-Coast guard patrol boats and several airplanes searched Lake Michigan today for H. W. Manning, parachute lumper, and two companions, one ;i woman, missing for more lhan 40 hours on a flight across the lake from South Bend, Ind. Manning and his companions were flying in an autogyro. Fear that the plane, bucking a stiff headwind, had exhausted Us fuel supply and fallen UUo the water was expressed by airmen, Shark Fin Soup Demand Sign Slump on Wane BOSTON tUP)-Onc Indication of a 'receding depression l< a renewed demand for shark fin soup In Boston's Chinatown. The delight of Oriental epicure.?, this soup hns for sometime been a virtually forbidden dish, because, orcneriv made it c<wts more than a full course American dinner, and Chinese feeling the nlnch of hard times had to satisfy themselves with bird's nest, or some thing equally economical. Reputedly the prize shark fin soup maker of Boston is the vet eran chef. Jim Eng. Shark fins i his afternoon. Records disclose Ihal 10 re-1 entrance. "Tourisls got so they ran Ullers have already paid Ihe H-1 through the cathedral singing and cense established by the city] laughing and Interfered with orop- councll a short time a<o. \ cr meditation of the faithful." H Is understood that where' payment of the license Is forthcoming Immediately that no costs Walk Fifteen Miles to 'Their Own Wedding MARKED TREE, Ark. — When two people really want to get married walking fifteen .miles 'to-"a justice of the peace doesn't ,rna{- tcr in the least. Miss Robbie Seegraves, 28, and :B. H. Norman, 48, who live „ in Cross county in tlie Boat Run community south of here, walked to Nfarkcd Tree to be marrted.'' i n\e ceremony was solemnized .by Squire J. C. McCroy in his offlc* in the bank building. The bridfl is a full blood Indian. , Tlie couple explained to the Judge thai there was no preacher that could marry them down where they lived. They did riot .have any way to get lo Marked Tree but by walking so they started^ out. on foot. After the ceremony, the bride and groom started their walk back home. will be assessed ajaiust retailers who have not paid the license fee, and the warrants will be ^tipped. Sportsmen Find Doves Plentiful This Year A number of sportsmen in this county are hunting doves follow-1 ing the opening of the season, September 1. This year the bird is plentiful In surrounding fields and many families are feasting off of Uiem v The fowl, when cooked, cured by an expert, are bofled 10 tastes very much like quail, hours. A grass-like substance is License for hunting dove sell for the result. To this Is added chick- *1.10. en, or lobster More hours of boll-' The squirrel season will open in ing, other -Ingredients are added, Mississippi comity October I. No and your shark fin soup Is ready license Is required to hunt squlr- to serve. 3-Line Classified Ad Publish ed Four Days ¥or Only 72 cents— Why not run that ad to Buy, Sell or Exchange?; Phone 306 Shank Enters Not Guilty Plea in Poison Deaths BENTON. Ark., Sept. 8 (UP)— Mark H. Shank, former Akron, p., nltorney, entered a plea of .not (,u(lty today to Indictments -in. connection with the poisoning o[ four members of the Alvin Colley fr.mlly. ' .Shank's trial was set for November 27. He was detained wlth- cnt bond. Two lawyers appointed by the m.rt will represent Shank. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Saturday. The maximum temperature h*re yesterday was 94, minimum 67, idear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, offkUl w«th«r ^otaerrw, ...

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