The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX1-NO. 2'1(> BLYTHEVILLE JCOURIER _____ ; THU DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOjmiEA 8T ARKANSAS AND KOIlTllBAfiT MrKSOUIil lilythcville Courier Hlyihovlllp lii'rald BlylhcvUle Daily News Mississippi Valley Lender H ' jYT '" <iVlh f' AUKAN SAS, WRDNKSnAY. JANUAKY 2, IO.V, StNGl.l. COPIES FIVE CENTf. HIS LIFE u's Next ./rain Pit Chief Hauptmann'p Path from Jail (o Courtroom Roosevcll, However, Is bx- peclcd lo ' Curb Too- Draslic Legislation liV KOON'EY lUITCIIKU WASHINGTON—The 7-tli Con- Ercss will provide u grout battleground for the confii.linjj demands of tndustiy and labor. .Tilt .National Industrial Tlecov- ery;>Act nnd the NRA are to be • made permanent. And a question of great Import in the nation's fu- tljre economic history is whether !\T_A is to be machinery of self- government for industry or a form of. government supervision over industry. 'Closely, allied arc the issues rais- 'cd by the demands of labor orgp.n- l?atlonfi for further legislative aid in their ancient fifnt against unemployment and subservience to the employers. The Congress is more pro-labor than most. Left to itself, it would . uass n 30-hour week law and the Wagner bill which would virtually outlay company unions. But Roosevelt holds liio scales and is almost pertain to prevent such extreme action. _ NRA has been in the throes of reorganization -and reorlenlation ; pi-dor has begun to emerge from; its chaos. The -jieiv' National Industrial Recovery Board hns at- Incked and is threatening (o remove two of the sorc-H." weakest NRA spots—priec-fixins; and failure lo enforce compliance with redes. NRA TO GAIN POWER. Although maiu h?\e cotisidTed NRA a dead duct, the adiiilnistra- tlon vill he ible lo show Congress i more eff^tive. ..efficient oi»ain zanon" tliere tlfftn has^ exist 1 *.! a-t j inv tune pieviou^h nnd to obtain fomjieasicmal sanction foi pros tivfillon of wage nnd hour stand itdi and fiir piiicllco pioOilons which would oth.n^ls. Mini h vith c\p_i~U!oi of (he NIRA in June. Nexi iirosidrni of ilio Chicano Ilonrd of Tradn will biv Koberl !'. Ilnylan, 12. sliown horo in a neiv plciUi-(>. llnj-huii now firs! vice president or tlio, nutlnn'a largest Brain exchange, hns lieen Roleclod by (lie noinliiutliii; rom- zl'.Hloe, >vhlf-h is eijuivalent to •ik-'lioii. itoylan hns been a broker in his own iiiimo since Lewis Will Be Parly Whip and Pillman Senate] President Pro-Tern WASHINGTON, Jail. 2. <UP>- Frcsldent Roosevelt will deliver his annual message (o congi jss between noon and 3 p.m. Friday, he said to- dny. WASHINGTON. Jan. '>. <Ul>)_ Senate bsmocrats today rcelect«d Senator Jos.uli T. Robinson of Arkansas, as Majority leader for the T-Hh congress. At an organization meeting intended to acquaint old- members with newly elected senators the Democrats also voted' to continue Senator J. Hamilton Lewis of Illinois in the office of party \vhio. Senator Kev Pittman. of Nevada, was renominated for Use post of President pro-iemporc of the sen- nle. The heavy Democratic majority makes cerlain Pittman's formal election to this position when congress convenes tomorrow. The uresident nro-lcm presides over the'senate In the absence of vice- president ,iohn N. Gamer. Robinson was authorized lo np- |)olnt an assistant, partv leader on special occasions to direct majority activities when he is absent. House Democrats todav selected ncurescnlntJve Joseoh W. Bycns, Tennessee, for speaker of lire nth -.'oneres... / Gyms succeeds the laic Henry T. Ftaincy. Illinois, and will be foi-mei-lv inducted nt opening of :oii°ress lomorow. His election was n formality , nl - Ihe opening of the caucus of the r 0 ir c 't 323 Democratic members as his Ol OPUin<Z , Season onlv - .powerful' opponents'; fiebre- s-enlatives William Bankhead ••"Alabama, and Sam Rn.vbi.rn, Texas. wlMidrcw several weeks'ago. Every; Indication pointed lo Huey Plans Receivership for City of New Orleans NKW OHLKANS. Jan, a '(UP)-- A'nliin to tlii'6w Nnv Orleans Into victim) rccelvr'r.shlii wns revealed ty RsnaloV Hucy I'. Long today. The Kcimtor cl.'ftared (lint As- -Isuinl Attorney General; Oroide. • Wnll«.i> would ,.;eek nn Injunction in civil court within a- lew days to pri-Vont repayment,nf city loans and to stop Ihe administration of Mayor T. Scnimc ., Wnlinsley finm comrnctlni! n«iv mans. 8EBTf ITUBE Roosevcll Wants to Know if FWA Loans in That Stale Will Be Paid' Adjoining the cpntnry.-old Hunteidon coiuih comll'oi and steel county jail, where Bruno Hnuptmiinn ^'beeii' ! ,wnlling'Tim| 0 "no fJ was c'ico'tal I n room this moving Blo i, g ' the (rail indicated by the dotl.d' the lop corridor of 11,, jail through a door that onens into Ihn'• miim,™™ u™ir .. „,. „„,,, , , , '; u " llDr ol mf J a ». At- the tight he Is pictured ns he rntcied ____ -..___, -_._..._, %J ,i, v , 1V j j iiiuiv.ui tu uy [IiL 1 UOLl' thi-ough a onor that opens. Into the courthouse itself, the courtroom during a pre-trial imirinsf. Yon 11115 anticipate with \nlnal certainty .that Ihe new Coimeio will ans\ cr the demand of mans business Interests for ]"&, goi ernmenl Int"rfei»nce with a law which n-lll : provide at. least n? much M"ral supervision ns Ihp present NIRA. The nclual administration attitude Is that unrcstulafcd self- povcruincnt. of industry would' simply mean industrial chaos. Legislation will .follow the lines of administration policy. Industries which sought the privilege of n v hi9! prices nnU:cqntronm°r pro; ductlon in return for 'Acceptance.of minimum wage and mnximimi hour standards.; have found the «oiii" rouaher of late. . Tlie administration has learned thnt it miist.trj- to protect the consumer as well as the laborer unless •inch artificial methods and "resultant bilher prices are to choke off recovery. ROOSEVELT TO USE WHIP It has become startlingly clear Uiat Iloosevclt means to keeo a whip-hand over industry and to crack his iiMu when he" considers it. necessary. Industries which accepted codes have had tbore codes changed by the urcsident after periods o[ operation- convinced offi- parls of Say Memphis Dealers MEMPHIS. Jan. 2 (UP).— De- inand;for farm mules hna [litibled over last season, the demnnd Is iii- cieishv slcadlh and mav cause a shoitafe mid sale of farm crulonicnt hns mcieased at least 2» pei cent n United 'Press 'survey e *"iled today The outrkenlng demand and "lies ^cie noted as farmeis started orem allons fnr sm-ii!» p'i>w- iii" about bK weeL 1 ; liciiec. They • nf\ r*f<.fl j imeis have more available cish and arc in better spirit-'; thhn since 1929. Reflects Beder Conditions Much belter farm prices under the s'ai-iotis government crop reduction an.] farm flnnncln? efforts in 1934, a.''slinrtnee of rood -'"cl: and cnniiMiimt due lo con- •rvatlve liiivliie through the lean lectlou by.thn cnuc us of Dnnlc as majority, noor lenrtei-. lchcnd vera of 1,0.11. '32 and a <;cncitillv better outlook r'or business m-ompted the nptnni, leaders Mule dealers liere reputertlv f'c rforld's largest market — nnd tlcnlers in Die principal Tannin? :iions of t)>e south nnd middle west, retorted in nracticallv cverv ii'sMnce that demand wns t'.vice as erpnt. as nt, this time last year. Prices have nnt. incrrasi'l com- "iciiMirate with demand but. have increased nn aycraac of about 25 :r:'' cent, the survey showed. "The demand is exiwcted to in- '•rasc unlil )qto in Msircli. whi-n workiifg out in Ihe public interest i m - mannscr of a large Memphis com- Thus, (h? 35-hour «- ec |c „ • Posed 0 ;i the cotton earpient Irv and fts 'chief coeli> .'aulhoritv of- iicinls w e re summarily removed <«ien (hcv lielocd ov?anl7.e a court n<!i>l n»a!nst the order:' price-fix- ! i ]"8 nns just been thrown out of I' (lie lumber cod- by thp NLRB. AIK) |i Roosevcll has just promised to 1m-'r J»sc a ccdo on th« recaleltnnf "i egrauh industry. ,.." i o7a <i Sn™L,c^ ,^r^ m Inward federal suncrvkin 'J . • ''' nctnrs I<?-v)liw. 1ms increased dmlry which Coil»' re V, " „, _|"T i fvom ln "> 1™ ncr cent In demand, rather tlian abort " i ftr an nvernec of nt/wl 25 ner Roosevelt and Can»r»« ,,^i™"' " 1P ™ n '*? showed. remained nrsc'lcally .nan}', snH (odav. SJiorla»e Is Likely Wa»Boner nnd dealers in other • c "cilnn.s Bvu»<;ted prices (o con- Increiuin; - ns (he demand se.s. iv ci>ni»rs. • includine Binn- Mfthnhls, Knowilie and Tcnn., reported they were fared with a shortage of eniilnmcnt .with small 'i )!U . c re'Liri^^ion^r™;^^-'-' In leg is- In Industrial disputes. Iflliiiff collective Inrsahiin, and Wl'er rights for labor. Congress drasilp |jn vs from March, when ' , llicv were raised fi-on'i 5 lo 10 per rent under the NRA code. •Japanese Cameraman ' Freed by Authorities "Every Mnn a ' King" Set cm. Overhauliricr of Purification System' Follows Pump Installations Cmnnletc overhauling of the hl nnt eouiomcnt of'the Blyihnville Water comoanv is now Hearing •ompMion, havina been underway for atioiil. two months since the new comoanv wa.s fpnned by R. K. Johminn. of Oklxbomn City, after purchase of the plant nnd """Inini-nt, Ihroueh a federal court l 'n!c from n receiver for the As- —••'"ted Utilities. Tn-o new numos. one having n -inacilr of lOOO unllnns per inin- "fe. nnd anni.her hnvina a capacity "! 750 pallons per minute, have been added to the plant cnuip- ment since the new management 'sinned control. The pl.wt.'s piirincslion system Is now belnp ovcrlnuled. When "<c procpss hns bwn cnmn'ctert "S tons of new snnd. 50 tons of \n\v ernvnl and 38 tons. of new :"kc will have siinnlahtcd old sand, »r<ivcl and coke In Hie plant. Tlie' •vatw is DijinDnd from the wells 'o the purification beds where it '5 fiwcrl downward (hrnu»'i one bed of coke and Howard tlirou"h >nothor. Then it is sent throtieh wds of sand and gravel into n '»r°c reservoir from which it is "limped into nn elevated tank before boine turned into the city's In lulrfitlon to the re-bed-Hng of •» ptn-iTicnfion plant nnd the nd- I'iin of the new nutnas. old "itilpment of (he plant lias been thoroughly cleaned, rebuilt, nnd to Music by Louisiana's Kirigfish. NEW. ORLEANS. Jan. a. <UP)Huey p. Loni; joini'd'thr ranks of Amcrlcnii niiKlc composers with publication .(aday of n'song eiitltifd, after .his:book of '[lie same numb'. "Every'Man 'a- Khlg."•": •••"'.'_ And':just .to orove that it Is n good so ni;'and: Ilia I, he is a er of the nrsf rank'the Kiiignsh I hummed the didy to ne\vsmcn'~who caught him in .bed at Ihe Roosevelt Hotel thus morning. Tlte -words of the song follow: "Why weep or• slumber, Am?rica, land of the brave and true— "With-castles, clothlnj nnd food for .nil. all b'lonis to von." And the ohonis goes: "Every man a king, cverv man n I"?, for you can bs a niillianaive. "But there's something belonging to others, ihcrc's enough for all' all ueople lo share— "Wlien it's sunny June and December, too, or in winter time or spring— "There'll be iwacc, peace witiiout ST. PETERSBUno, ''.pin., .Jan 2. (OP)—Yosiiito \rnlsiida, Japanese; ~i--vL nav . !> , 1 c!Ilcer . wno was arjreste-J wliUs' I released today by Immigration of- Nfalsiidn immediately left for New York, planning lo report to his country's embassy In Wnsliliigton en route. REVOLT .OVER 7-A The present situation foect to collecHv" bav^i Will Guarantee Austrian Independence ROME. Italv, Jan. 2 (UP) •Premier Benito Muwolinl nnil For- according to Jesse Kins, formerlr of Jonwboro. who Is fn charge ot the work. end. Rvery nr a ren "With every man a kingi-sver a friend Heads Jap's Fleets Relalions Board- li in lurn is sometimes in conflict'even Rcoscvoll. however, isn'i disposed to make much chaii^o in (h™ .present, labor relations s"l-nn He doesn't a-nnt cither capltnl or" Inbo- lo bo given "too much advantage " But Senator Wanner of New (Continued On Page Three) of France hnvr n-zrcrd lo cimrnivc (lie iiifl»pendei!ce of Austria, with the [ulhsronoc of Yugoslavia and n"! Itnlv. mllllnry, truce i., was . Kmr <** «»«, Southwest Teams To Ptay Intersectiona! Games - • - - ~,• *,^»iijuij. Ark.i Jan. 2. <VPI— Southwest conference foot- K3!| tennis will participate in (hej Texas centennial celebration in 193G uv etich olayin.? an Interscclional 1 ie at Dal!a.s, It xvas learned hero j to:ly. i N. Blackvvcll. of Dallas, rep-' gr.iltirc of resentin ? tfcc Texas centennial as- invia after the soclatlon. said a conference ml- niirt eeonomlc may be passed allowing the learns WASHINGTON, ,J,in. 2 (UP) — Scnalor illncy p. Long's Louisiana regime hns drawn the personal attention of President Roosevelt as regards Us effect, on 1'WA loans «nd grunts, it wn,? rcvenled to- Tiie pi'osldeiil.'s Inlercst In the Louisiana situation wns Indicated in a lelter to Oov. O. K, Allen, one of the i3 which the White House dlspnlcliDd to slate execit- llvcs urging action lo co-ordinate Dielr.nctlvllles with tlie I93S federal PWA program. Mr. Roosevelt asked Allen lor a "clear and unequivocal enunciation" of Loulsjann's pollcv r.-sard iny payment of debls. The question arose from passage by (he slate legislature reconlly nl Long's behest of a dahl moratorium lav,'. I" all other respects Mr. fioosc- velfs lelter to Allen was similar to those sent the rest of the governors. . ,• ' . ' Allen Tells W Ltllm. •• CLEl'S BEPUII Three Ypungslers Found Unconscious' From Gar- 1 bon Monoxide Gas ; Three children ntnwly escaped death-yesterday when tlioy became 'unconscious from 'carbon' inoiiox- ,!de , fumes 'while- lef[ in n- closed ' car for a few minutes. ' Phillips. 3.. sons'of'Mr. and'Mrs. J, B. Phillips, and their cousin, Afnrjorie Phillips. 4, were found ""conscious by Mrs. Phll'lips 'when oticceeds Elliott Sartain as shc rcturnc<1 lo me car. parked A . - „, . ...^ I near ihe Shonse-LIUlc Motor com- Assistant in Blytheville Office ; " ' Mrs., Elizabeth Blylhe Roddy has been named deputy circuit court clerk as assistant Ip Addlson Smith, chief depulv of Htnjh Craig, in (h? office at the courthouse here. Mrs. Roddy succeeds Elliott Sar-. lain, who has been deputy clerk for o year or more. Mrs. Roddy served several years as deputy clerk un.-l>r previous administrations . , PI-Gov. O. K. Alleti feWlcci'to- day .that lie had received two icuers iiom p Ii'fgarrilrij reeeh latlon. "The nrat leller. was received December Hi,"..said Allen,' "mid'it requested changes In the LoiilsloiiH 'aw to conform with federal leg- lElnlloii housing program. the - national ' The children were revived- by severely striking their bodies and administering other first nld and apparently liave no 111 effects except thnt (hey are slightly ill from breathing the carbon monoxide. Stamps Out Theft While Jn|«m firmly ilcni^i;,! new deal on naval partly :iiil n Croat sea power i-ncr k.,-.:i, . tin! island cniDii-e has uani!,: a new coininaiuler-in-clilei' of lier combined (lecis. l|ri Is Vice Admiral Sankicbi TakaUn.-bl. • aiiovo, who Eiicceeda AJmii.'.l N. Sucisiigo, at tbe lime Mr. Sartain becauv deputy. I Mrs. Roddv wis nnmsrt denutv h?re by Mr. smith under the compromise agreement effected bsiwi-u Ih Inllr on.-! Mr. Craitr. resulting in the dismissal of n suit brought by Sinfth contesting Cral-j's nomi-; nation n s the D5mo;;ralio candidate for the ofncp. Under terms of Ihe agreement ,\tr. SniHb was civen the chief djiyityshin here und Ihe prlvlirge of naming his 011:1 nssW- anl. | Mr, Craig, ivho was chief deputy nt Osceola for R. L. Gainss. out- *oin<t clerk, will continue in ucr- sonal charae of tl'e Osc«ola nfflc; I His assistant tbere Is Miss Geraf- I dine LLston, who ha s b?™ m (| ]c ' office for several years. Miss Posa Hardv Named To Education Committee LITTLE ROCK, Jan, 2 (UP)—' Coiiunittcenicn nppoin'cd todav by Presidsnt Harvey H. Halev of (he Arkansas Education assnciation to serve diu-lni 1!IS5 inrludert: Dr. Fred Keller, Jonesbovo. nnd Miss Rasa M. Hardy, Blythsville. ns members of dip ways mid means onmnilltce. Travels 1S.OOO Miles lo Classes " COLUMBIA. Mo. (UPI _ Kfll- nelli Sanfonl, Jmirnalism Sebnol student, (ravels Ifl.oon m i],^- „ y«, r lo attend chsses at the University of Missouri. His home i>; in Mtx- "Thc legislature wns, iii' special session," explained the governor, "and the president's amendments were rushed to Ihe flcor. of Hie senate nnd attached to' n bill 'vhlch subsequently passed." The president's second letler was received December 22. If requested further changes in the laws, Allen said. "1 think our Jans already poll- form," he declared, "but 1 am go- !nj to ns!; the attorney general o Investigate before answering the president." Negro in Hospital With Bullet Wound Preston shepherd, negro, is in he mythsvllle hospital in a crit- cal condition from a bullet wound •nfllctcd last night. his assailant. Shepherd wns shot once, the bullet entering the abdomen, nc- rording to reports. New 1 Jeisey Packed (01 Opening Kidnap-Murdcr Trial -FLEMING-JON, N J, Jan' 'UP)—-Hio Ji ry for the murder of Bruno Richard Haiiftmnnn *»•«being complelM with umn/lng sp^ed| At a p,m, j v seemed likely that 1 ' ; before nlfihifsli 12 men and v.ome'nf'>-> would be found acceptable both to^ ' the pi-osccultop and to the alls * .layer of • Charles A Lindbergh jr *•-, Nino juroj? of whom three arc*' VOIIIMI, «-ero <*aled ftltlUn nn hour nfter court convened for the afternoon session mid defense and piose- cullon lawyers weie making rnpld decisions as the talesmen were brought forward one by one. Charles Walton si , machinist was the Ilvst Jin or accepted. He will be foreman of tlin jurj Jilstlce Tienslmrd at noon oir iler?(t two women nnd a mnn sUom I"-as deputies to guard the Juror* nt meals. . Hanptmnnn left the court uhder heavy guard As he walled to the bridge of slglis conncctlii". the courthouse and Jut] lie stole a glance lownrd his wife n,o crowd was so dense thRl nelthei saw the other Colons) Lindbergh did not look at Kauptmaiin, and the prisoner who is charged with the murdsi of the aviator's yin, did not look nt IJndbergh. Hnuptmann, a drab and cringing figure,. was (lie least imm-csshc in nil the spectacular setting of a \m- mari drama that had b°en 30 mouths-In the making His shack- ws. w-cMlmok ffom his hands as he entered court He hod no soon- .f 1 ;. '.?. ken .'. , hu w»l '''an Colon"! lall aJiU,6.nlJlng, • . ,. oa' down the aisle and took a seat within the lawyers' enclosure i While the taleamon wre BJISOTI- ing to thelrtub(& as the cler 1 -: i«led. the .roll Anna (Hiuplniann, the loyal wife pC the defendant, \vho*In- slsted Oior husband corld not ba guilty, of'His most lion ifj Ing crime of-the pge, sot fai removed from Iho • prisoner and craned her neck lo .smile 'nt-hlm -Not Kaiipfmann'E Prink \ W^ YORK, Jan 1 ^P) — The nngerprints of Bruno Hauptmann were not among those found on the ladrtei used hi the kid- naping of the Lhidbsigh t , ciimmolo.lst, appeared In" municipal court a "'"«sni jouitij by the adniinlstr4- .inmbcr of times, is lielng sought tor o f Hie estate of P. Vojlcs,'nfs K tils ns^niioT.i widow, J. R, Vest and E c Dill in •hlch a total of $33000 j, soii^ht The action k ba^ej on a n 'a c cl- ,,.,,v,, wttui/cu in uctooer ° nenr Dyess colony-'whcn a 'truck occurred In an alley near the hos Coats Are Missing at Close of Armory Dance A number of coals and other articles of apparel ivere losl. stolen, or taken by mistake In a general checkroom confusion at the close of a dance nt the annorv hall last night. The dance wns well attended nnd I the unusually large crowd ovcrtaxsd ' the facilities of check room em-; nioyos, according to reports. At' least one fur coat was reported missing in the mlxup. Mrs, John Long Seeks Homes for Three Boys Negligence OB the part of Davis' driver is al!o~,H ^ the cause of the accld.nt Claude ''p. Cooper, BJjthevllie attorney, and Taylor and Taylor Os- «ola la«- firm, represent the pialri- Refunding Board'to Pay ; Interest On Road Bonds LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 2. (UP)- Paymenl of $650.000 Interest on all slate road improvement district bonds was voted today by the bind refunding board. Refunding of city certificates 02- ing taken over by the board was to be discussed at an afternoon sas- Iston. WEATHER To Study Leisure to ° three '°""- nr.., offered at W hltmni, 7 CM™ L*< ed h i m ' , S " B callcri P"" 00 r " dio : tern Preside! Rudol F A Clemen M 1 "" 1 * lllat . ca , ughl , lwo - m811 rob - annoiinpn! ' Clemen D i ng the dealer ot ?40,000 in announced. . , , tami)a , LOI'K has' 1 >or an o»e o car " or hen !' Any *.«. coring ^1^ more :de(alls lnfl> ' Bet ln U]uch wlth Mrs ' ] L ^' wh ° Jhos placed a nurabcr ol children during the past several 'months. ' ' Arkansas-FaTTnd warmer to- fa!r ™* -»• ' ' Me '"P llls «»« victnlty-Mr and " 8 ™" ^^ «* ' - T|1D nl »tlmum temperature hero ^^ny was 52, .minimum 30, clear, according to 'Samuel. F Norris, oHlslal weather Dr. E. II, Hudson ld loday. Dr. Httdion, ^ho develop-d several-hundred pi hits on the laddei by .chemical means after New Jer- ssy state c««ee had failed by tho powder method, said -~ "It Is niy deniiltte nnderstand- Inj that Hnuptmann s fingei prhil? were not on the ladder ' Seek'$33,00€ for Death'' and Injuries in Accident O. W. Da\ls local tracker, has .....,,.„ ,,« l M, S m. been named defendant m a suit Biibber Clayton, negro, who has fllcd In circuit court here and appeared in municipal court a orottght Jointlj by the admiiilslri

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