Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana on September 21, 1971 · 7
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Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana · 7

Valparaiso, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1971
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TV Listings ; TUESDAY 'I.M p.m. Garfield Goost 4:30 p.m. 11-WTiifi New 4:41 p.m. rilntitonet i.H p.m. B.7 Newi 11 Mister Rogers 22-To Tell the Truth 5:15 p.m. Newi ,5:30 p.m. J-CBS Newi 7 ABC New 91 Dream of .Teannle 11 Anlmali of the Seashore 22 Newi 8:0(1 p.m. l.22.5.7-News 9-Andy Griffith 11 Real Estate 6:30 p.m. 122 Glen Campbell 8 Ironside 7 Mod Squad Dick VanDyke 11 New World', New Math 7:00 p.m. 9 Hogan's Heroes 11 Observing Eye 7:30 p.m. 2,22 Hawaii Five-0 5 Sarge 1 7 Movie: "Congratulations, It's a Boy!" (1971) Bill Bixby, Diane Baker 9 Star Trek 11. Industrial Film Festival ; 8:00 p.irt 11 Thirty Minutes By CYNTIUA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - After all the hectic dial flipping last week as the three networks unreeled their new series, there was the pleasant prospect of getting back to some old Monday night friends. Starting with "Gunsmoke," there were signs of change. Marshal Dillon and friends seemed to be taking an extra week off Matt and Festus had bit parts. Glenn Corbett played an ex-convict committed to kill a former lawman who had wounded and arrested his pris on cellmate. The plot concentrated on the would-be hired killer, his elderly quarry and the latter's young wife. It is unusual for series regulars to remove themselves so completely from the action, but it was not a bad idea. "Gun-smoke" after all these seasons remains good meat-and-po-tatoes television fare. "Here's Lucy" followed on CBS, opening the network's two-hour block of half hour situation comedies. Nothing has changed in the perennially successful Lucille Ball comedy format although her second show of the new season was hardly the comedienne's proudest 30 minutes. It was a bit of nonsense that had Tony Randall posturing around as a health food and exercise freak who persuaded Lucy to climb a mountain. the office in this season's re vised "Doris Day Show" most ly a grumpy boss and Doris who used to be called "Mrs. Martin" is now "Miss Martin." But the situation still appears light and girlishly funny. The story had her and .Billy de Wolfe, who still plays her testy neighbor, arrested for ,a jewelry store burglary. She was not around the office much so Doris' switch to bachelor girl after three seasons as the mother of two was not particu- MYIIKIEU1L By LESTER L OOLEMAX, MJD. Excuses to Keep Puffing MY HUSBAND knows ha Bhould give up tobacco because he has a hacking: cough that keeps tho family awake half the night. lie said he can quit any time he wants to, but his biggest excuse is that he doesn't want to gain weight Do yon always gain weight when you stop smoking? Mrs. S. T, R., Minn. Dear Mrs. R. : Excuses, excuses, ex-cuses! There are hundreds of theno, all 'r 1 1 -r. Dr. Coleman created to avoid coming face to face with the real solution to this arid other problems. Most people who give up tobacco scfin to gain a f''W extra pounds, especially during the first few weeks. Pe. pie who feel deprived tend to find rewards in over-eating and nibbling. Alw, they have a need to reach for something tq substitute for the cigarette. There is another factor that Is not clearly understood but definitely contributes to the problem. It seems that there Is a temporary, but distinct j change in metabolism and po- ' nibly a change in the retention of1 water nhurtly after one stops smoking1,. For those who are wise enough U stop smoking elg-arettno. with or without a chronic hacking cough, the advice is to work hard at a sen-Blh diet to avoid the unt ii' -saury gain In weight. The added weight your husband may gain would now be lost, ' and the contribution to Jus goo! health wUl b f-A i ill .22-C.nnon l funny sid Dragnet U-Jerom, Wallace! Experience A Batik 8 00 pm. 7- Marcus Weiby. M D. 9-Perry Mason 11 Chicago Festival 30 p.m. Z Golddiggers 5 Private Side 11 Costume Fantasy 22-Thls Is Your Life 10:0 p.m. 2,22.5,7,9-News 11 Armchair Travels 10:30 p.m. 2.22-Merv Griffin 5 Johnny Carson 7-Dlck Cavett 9-Movle; "Of Human ( 1963) Kim Novak, Harvev Bondage" Laurence 11-TV College Preview 12 MIDNIGHT 2 News 5 Phil Donahue 7 Howard Miller 12:10 a.m. 2-Movie: "Hell Below Zero" (1954) Alan I.add, Joan Tetzel 12:30 a.m. 9 News , 1:00 a.m. . S Everyman 9 Movie: "River of Fvll" (19641 Barbara Rutting, Harold Leip- nitz 1:30 a.m. 2:05 a.m. 2:30 a.m. 3:24 a.m. 8 News 2 News 9 News 9 News larly noticeable. "My Three Sons" which now follows the Day show is a newcomer in the Monday night lineup. It and "Arnie" which winds up the evening are designed to appeal to young and older audiences and previously appeared in time periods when these groups dominated the audiences. The Fred MacMurray comedy series was in the middle of a three-part story involving a look-alike cousin of father Step hen Douglas, a Scotsman also played by MacMurray. It is a pleasant 6how that might be easy to wander away from ex cept that the opposition on one side is half way through a theatrical movie and, on tie other, half way through a football game. "Arnie," seems to be moving toward broad comedy after a season of poking gentle fun at the business community. Charles Nelson Reilly roared into the picture Monday as "the Giddyap Gourmet," a television chef given to dropping the salami and banging his head on pans. Herschel Bernardi in the title role, had little to do except play straight man to Reilly. Like "My Three Sons," it is a pretty good program but seems to be in the wrong time period. Meeting Scheduled By Portage Exchange Club at 7 a.m. Wednesday at the Portage Holiday Inn, it has been announced by John Hancock, president. At the last club meeting a membership plaque and pin were presented to Ray Lust-garten. Present were Hancock, Lynn Lowe, Harold Riddle, Fred Hull, Jim Jones, Lee Dean, Ralph Boyer and John Lear. Members will sell Mer chant Coupon Books as a fund raising project. measurable. I have been told that there is. a new drug for the cure of alcoholism, but no one seems to know where to find it. Can you help us ? Mrs. T. R., Mass. Dear Mrs. R There is no drug for the cure of alcoholism. There is a drug which in used to lu'lp the alcoholic control his illness. This drug, ant.iibuse, nets in a very strange way. When it is taken with any form of alcohol, even. in. the slightest amount, it makes the person Violently nauseated and .sick. The alcoholic is taught to understand this. When he undertakes this form of treatment, he knows that he must never combine the drug with alcohol. . . Along with, nntabuse must come all Hie other forms of psychological support. The guidance offered by Alcoholics Anonymous is invaluable. Is it true that .-wmie P00)1'" are mote likely to have accidents than others? Miss V. V.,, Ore. Dear MIsm K.: Many surveys have shown that thei are "accident-prone" personalities, r" Tense, anxious, emotionally upset people undoubtedly are involved hi more uccldents In Uio homo, la. automobiles, and at work. Dr. fVJrtnnn has yr pared ft. MrliU boofeVt entitled, "Wbiit Tom Khoiild Know About (lliiucoina WJ OutararlN." For your copy, im-imI 25 wnU In no'" and lurice, (M-lf-addreswd slumped envelope lo loiter I f 'olenuin, !.!. (Kye booklet I . In rare of this WHpHM-r. l'lease mention ths booklet by Ulle. Tuesday,. Sepf. 2 f, 1971 ' Die CONTRACT BRIDGE By B: Jay Becker (Top sorJ-Ho!dr In Matter' InafvldWI Chomplomhlp Way) East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. V NORTH K74 V863 452 0,1052 WEST EAST 9863 s1052 V KQ5 10 9 7 4 QJ4 K10983 K73 i8, souTn AQJ AJ2 A76 AJ84 , The bidding:: East South West North Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Opening lead queen of diamonds. In notrump contracts It Is customary for the defenders to attack declarer in a suit where they think he is weak. Contracts frequently stand or fall on this principle of exploiting declarer's weaknesses, and here is a hand to illustrate the point West could see no virtue In leading; bis own longest suit, spades, which would have required East to have exceptional strength or length in that suit, so he chose the queen of dia-SModa as Ma opening salvo in Try and -By BENNETT CERF- WTLLIE STARGELL, slugging outfield star of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is living high on the hog these days, but has no trouble recalling how poor he and his family were in his youth. "My ma reminds me, he says, "that I never stopped talking about a 'wish' sandwich, and when she asked me what a 'wish' sandwich was, I explained that that's when you have only two pieces of bread and you wish you had some meat to go in between." New York's junior senator, Jim Buckley, is launch-lng a program that may revolutionize- life In America. His goal is nothing less than domesticating- an animal whose native habitat 1b Alaska: the musk ox. A near-sighed naturalist might have some difficulty deciding whether the be as tie munching grass beside him was a musk ox or a buffalo but his sense of smell would soon solve his problem. You can detect the whiff of a musk ox from a distance of a mile and it ain't Chanel Five country either! And it has a shaggy coat called "qulviut" that rates right up there with vicuna and cashmere. What New York needs today, In short, is more musk oxen, and Senator Buckley's out U) see that they're available! They've Just uncovered 34 descendants of the old woman, who lived in a shoe. The lot of them are living on a shoestring; DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 4. Lav odda L Omani, for example 8. Factory 10. Uncover lL Relative of an imperial 12. Noel 14. Cathedral city 35. Bearing 16. Tie 17. Launch 20. Not related. 23. Bowling allev 5. Postured 6. Kind of party 7. Devoured 8. Bonn 9. Vietnamese holiday U. Sharpening . devices U.Rousseau work 38. Ossum 17. Beyond, 18. Gam-bier's word "24. Savory (4wds.) 26. Katherine Porter , 27. Wobble 28. Laughing sound 29. Thrust - 80. Inner Hebrides Island 81. Make lace 84. Cocktail (2wds.) 88. Church features 39. Italian river 40. Inhibit 41. Latvian m. a ii WMM - - a i 28 W " WWW' 11 II 11 pJTP 14 li Hi 5 WJB DOWN 1. Priest 2. Marsh hen 3. Ostentatious S TA R -H'CLYR.1( i HA". ! H Yoor Do,' Activity Cuhlo H Aeoidincj lo Iin Stars. To develop mfv,age ior Wcrliievlay, read word-. rotrpsporxhnT to numlx.TU 1 A M 19 7fi 45 48 6 " ,TAURUi 0: m. 20 o( your Zodioc birth 1 Mtny .11 'tymm :v Ui'Vt :m'.. i'..,i :; , i In :i jornrttiinfl : h Hiyiita :tv iii J tn Jk'J IVwore 4j I 44 MimI 45 (.lmM!t ' AH la A I Mo AH Krrfyjriie A't i'imj'iu 0 Aik. Wl lor .) I hr 4 I ;! .', I'-d An I Mr.itnct 8 Your . ylcl IOU'17 1 I Kir i 1 lo I )On 14 . mi.ur 16 OH 1 I'ciiijI IS'jjt 0 IrwrbtiOte "J Hupgi 7 Alruid 7i U. 'J' Knf jf, Nmft..t 1 Colored ; v with 1IJ !fi -"A 1- A 13 15 " ?1 y, 54 GEMINI r 2-'5 22 ""cancir H V1-27-29-53J IfO m juirv . t Older V 9 17 25 iA H Z7-78 82 m l, fi-(jliiif !,(( .'-8 lmprriy VIRGO A A AUG. 71 .7iV id Vi J'XyC'0 Ct'jAilverie .Neutral W-7? 80-HV VideHe - Mewenger Valparaiso, lni 7 the hope of hitting partner's long suit. East endorsed the lead wholeheartedly by signaling with the eight and then overtook the Jack with the king when West continued the suit. Declarer ducked for the second time and East realizing that his side had now milked the suit dry and that there could be no advantage In a third diamond lead shifted his attention to hearts. He was hoping in this way to reciprocate West's effort to establish partner's suit South thus found himself under attack from, a new quarter when East shifted to the ten of hearts at trick three. Declarer did as well as he could when he playdd the deuce on the ten, West following low, and then won the heart continuation with the ace. South now crossed to dummy with a spade, led the ten of clubs and finessed, but West won with the king and cashed the king of hearts to put the contract down one. The hand illustrates some what dramatically the enormous benefits that can flow from trying to develop the combined assets of the partnership rather than the assets of one defender only. It confirms once more that bridge in a partnership game. Stop Me 19. Mailer's "The Park" 20 "Beehive State" 21. Nobody 22. Resiliency 23. Recent Yesterdsjr's Ajuwer 25. Red grape. 29. Card game SO. Alt 31. Sundered 32. Distaff kin 33. Gait 34. Thick roll 35. Make haste 36. Ending for novel or real 37. Mlneo GAX12K0 )IJAN- LIBRA OCT. 77 1 3 10 12247- 31-60 75 v, sign. 6 rifVtrirrH ( I Anil 1.4 A (, t JiiWI ('. Hi 6 Men 1 6S I;llul 6V Proixrt V0 Of inn 71 I ief tenced 7?()r 1 i liiof 14 Cnkn 75 fvVjvr 'II, tri'llvliliJult y'Affjurni SCORPIO ocr. , eft '.J 18 26-34-41 4 57 65 79-8 SAGITTARIUS DlC. W-43 55 59? kl -70 8190' CAPRICORN DIC JAM. I. J 78 A wet 7 t'j SOOKira bi Wiv YuiMKlf 7. 8-38-39 k46881 86j AQUARIUS JAN. 70 i. ') For I R(A k laTs s e $ S I N EH A SiSUJJIA dA LRiENEHN i p aiA-lijERMlSUAT u.nh1tJht1a$te s t ewm h aju 0 p d TOMMay'REpta a n oHp Rtor l l t r i.pmEPBysEP p.aNiielIleno ', (. imtrrivr!iy h4 I irmly Ji . jomtblrg 6 Morirwr Envirrrif 9i) O'c it 4 21 30-44 H-62 74 PliCIS 70 32 40 51 hi 13 85 811 THE LITTLE WOMAN if ' ft 1 .'7X-'a1.J fir- ! " " , Imm Km " - Km, F1UI Sr.d.c.1 Ik.. T;i. WlU iWkU NMY4. I 'JElmily, are these meat balls or goli balls?" LAFF - "Well, not a dropout, exactly actually mora like a kickouti" JACKSON TWINS MICKEY MOUSE 1 HENRY REDEYE MUG(;S & SKEETEK MICKEY I INN f "-1 1 !LL CEALLV A MIRACLE: . . JMI. OfO lDMAHC N I Hf? .IKTNT TFN WNifTP 1 PC IT IS A WARM DAY, Ii I I I II'" f"f I ' . TO TAE opF r77 NO ONE IN 11 NO ONE IN C , I SHOES YOU J V - BABE FEET BARE FEET C 'V ' llV VWV 0 WV PE,Rl.IZE? PERMITTEES JLJ j A J A IpVP HOV X think iVe found " I V TV i y7 AiAMJT vmi-it GCtzoue. rosz your aIwre,,, Laf,smkusS C- SSaV SSSl iA (Slllwo VumEAlRlV 1 -T""" .1 I HOWS YkiNDA SIjOW HE WAS BEAT Up I but I KI) M T CAiT HOLD IT ; --v WELL, I CURE SON COtMH' I 50WETMIr4 AWFUL I JUST f Ji'T vrVl r tMLI7E WE'RE FPOMTHP SHERIFF'S AJWT 60r ALONG? CAME f ROM Tf HOSPITAL 7 r wtAM V PLPARTMfNT, AAK. RAYKTR WOTHIW' TO) , AW I TRILTJ MV &6ST TO J ifTa ?dn rr TilrtiTjJ AND you ARE UNDER MO J HIDE SO ) TjA Sr.CHCti? HIM UPf ZS T 1 Acrl OBLIGATION TO TALK TO lfeCOME ON IN -7OQ rP '---. 7" v.. fVSt-- reiM Mil :-::l.. ..Mli,,.Mff Ml . ; A - DAY Kit, Failaiu SyiJic! he, 1971. VorU rifUl tm , . i.:J -A ' i "- -Tll- , . L . ' y ........ , rn wi ' ; KintFwrw Sth4I-j. Inc. II.Jtrldi tr--' j , "That didn't help all you fromSOdripsaminutotolOdiirta .vA " i LAUGH -Watch it now 1 Girls like did was chanre tha drfn TIME V,"' to kiss football players. HE JUST SPENT TEN MINUTES I fcU-irsfci Alb MLW yme MY AUJCH HE'P HISSED MB t i.,Tjmam t fhja"7V j

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