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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 5

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 5

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

STOCKS "XS 4, '-t riJrdlj Irrpgnlar. fr4 in WU street again fro vi a i- :1. ar. 1 it tfpi upwaru wneu vl. Th buying of eo from liar rim 1- urdoui tI.y due lo the II.M -a IX .1 nwnmai i- I OW A in i that H-Tnun -eedl tn SiwiKliif the btc rn owtrml Is expected In wk la IM LW rtf at I3.

and It ta In a -t- wlt-i lni(oni ni'gn- mt kr.owmr'ge of th an ol oiiwm fr whli thy be- ilrtttnjr liar foar ta 0 arvif'-r mzrnn inivrvj ow -( r.r!r polata atxrr fh mortim. StrooctO I r-1 In Cjnliaii Parlflc. an.l Waatorn sal 4 tran.actiora Boarbara a X-r U'abash a mora, atrereth 4 in lntan ruaT5- fc.r"i h- ramp, of rwnpany Daa dooh I thK purfv but a IV a4 thr t-lfy. 1 na ca yrvt- t.t uri oi a rr-w w. rt vol rr.Drn ll nunc protaata 0jt f.

I in ir.a".r b.J bn dflnltaly 4 nv aouia Da -rv ih protata rl- -V t.r:?'. iiiuh by M'vrsaa A Co. Ti-' r- r.ot iwn d.flnitoly d-irt fl- In 8tH la coin i F--' -vl ti market for tha oa- fsardlcaa of reported inera of r--t Una and Wabaatt Rimir jnr.laf In ii waita.n. in man mt with Uckiwinna. I i.n falla lo And any- -t haary tranmrilrmf i i fr ha iTmint of Zi r.

Jr and Jud-o WUltain II- fa-i iradrra ar In pooi- a dai abouid cn bo TI Will insist. r-lri fv-ka wara rariy1n ram tkat ir't: hd raquoatad tha rrr.n' i- bar th Now Tork rh, t-hm-a railroad loan. I -M-nt Taft will Inalat "Vfn 'r 'n In ha I loan on ilna la Includad In sr-t New Tork bank- tha amali rommio- f-i. for thy will r. If.

They dlra a mattar of I. jtr Uo ao micht daorlya rrnm-rit of tha rlsht to "i tv i-. ha a-" hrme of tax Ti't. plan of taslnc tha nt 'f r-iTtxria was alao brought nt an advanca In alin nnand'rs ill-. i.Vn.l.

hvrauaa that would T'iiny of corporation on n-t arnlnin. however. tt a ro.inrlna; In order that 5i miisit In every Instance ba 1 hi. iiiin uuiu That no two corpora- 7' ihe'r net eamlnas -irn- niipm. and the arbl- of nw aysfent would rne hi aoma raaea and 0s Adrantaga Apparent.

y-' i. be a wholesale f.f the aerantlea of 'nm-raled aaaeta would ftrt effort would be toorouarhly eatab- ouM be hlahly de- t- a ia ruuid then de- "a) a o--r b- u-t. pret-tal-m the relative pirn ki dealt In oa th tr.r at the cloee. with -r ilenvarwl. Interest are Indularlna; In cn- to brrome of the I Miirk areumtilaterl be e.

'11 pa ration for tha e-a- 4' 1 lrr.lw-tlon la made f- Ar thtt atork would In- i rl.lrimenla nf rnlit fmm t. I r'" Tela rirhtnc!n tendency spite nrnad. Tlie intertnr ror- 'irna to New Tork. and aMitfcn banklnr "td by the estimates. i'e franaactlona of tha hr oae of banktna N.rrwln abroad bas r.tloetion In tha tyman.

rported renewaJ of ela-i ratea were 'j tie da. I'C iharre. asalnet 4-. -r'Ur. r.V.

lar, aharea a -4. a year iid; 4nn.i -k ao and a By New Tork Stock Ex- To 8' r.r a'np -Wsak' Salsa. OPtscs. f'ei-a-iee the member, of the Kew appeared before Commtttea a. tVdiaUilTs Commlttaa In the Chamber of rr.r, a ere more or leas a.

1" rtu'e of the recum- ri rr) made otihile to the hl. 'OMt -e kkl 1 in flBU r. apprmr whl t. a. F.arh 1 hlle tha Iec- loa tha Oor- hanae have ruv.

p. io tie mora in to ouM ru.l t. rules which up. the ezchanae. be exchange.

the rerommendatlona of bidder bK -r- to rernr. any 5 -r V. r' lots, so that tha re amaJler son prir 0, shares y--r wait' for some to aril that "-shar. lot. frorn rf "cn stock for wj a.

etifrcent af this 1 therefor, to dlacouraca sra eet to New Tork Mock od of Trad SaT! ''X otock traaaae-xr tSe trJj '-r they were ht. but. as It tha (rain Co. to bo- STOCKS. OyaKtH i nT.t1fnnnn I A Sagsri ej-ces of Harrinian's Combi-ption Seems Assured.

yk PrMsare StrfBrih Sfiabbla 0rr bine-e Lsaa- srW rs rk. jj-e I or a Lfoiru An. Cm Do pref Am. Car A Fdy Am. 1 mion fjii.

Am. Malt pref A m. InMMmi De rr-f Am. Steel P4y. Am.

8uar. Am. To. Am. Tel.

Tm. Am. Wool Do prmi. Atckim Ail Cnw Am. Una Rait.

bull. lUwl Im tio 9rt. Ptook R. Cm. ru prW On hta.

Aitaa. CHI. Ot. W. La prrt.

Oil A Nortkw. a cm i ojl Cu Im vrmt I.L A Im dm I IM Da IM urn r.i Imeraaeo Mot f-S pref. Im Mr. Mar. I peer Int.

tpar lat Da prof. lat- Hare. loa Caniral Do prf Kaa. inry Soav Do AM Manhaitaa lUrtar ja I Koe. A Nor t-atnae Monk Onl.

l-atAe Mall rXilama Peanarlvmnta AM I- Fleaaine Do I at pref lw Sd praf BWab I a. Do pref SW leiaad rV pe Huabar Do pref pi Paul st L.As r. 4is ay 141 llllV 42 laix.m soxJ rm l. soV (i in NEW YORK STOCK QUOTATIONS. I tmrmtw poMMes, Mitel sad Srok.n.

Broadway. New Tort. a- a- st.e nd Wba. Me warn, tAwtCI'MlCTa. Sajs.

iiil tl l- ft4 ai "ri is US US 65 6-t Tl Tl TJ 4fln M4. 7Tt 1m I li 'H MlV14uill llna. 4i ss (- I0O 1 im I Jim luts Mk' III 1 .,1.7... vH I----- T7W Tirt TTV Tl I in 1 1M 2J wis. Si roapte'a (Mi nrw lead urrrE.

4Il I41S Ni Mki I aas -V mm. im'im im. la. I ui fi laa. van Iimu i.i j.

Ja n1 (. I 4 19 a. Illlaaia I'M ral 14T ta 14 7x14a 'l7 l-Xo. 11 i mi I 41 "4j I'ol 4-N. 4 I Do tr-f 1.

4XJ 4IX. 41 Ma. Pae Sc Kal. M.S. lat pi I Do 24 pnt.

24 Kal. Knaatail's S4 Kaahnua. Otp.J I Vj. raj. I Da praf Hx 44 OTX1 S7X 1X 4X 44x; -S TJX lX 14 144 ros SlV 41X 7 X' 04 41X' 42 I 42 l-ax'iox, 1SC4A laix'lSlX SOX' Xt uxijat iai l.izx I Iel4i I- 1 aaxl PARDON Olaagow.

Ky, Jena IS The opening up of ld mln. 1-will begin s-xt weak. A 'JB? has been formed of local A Urge quantity of Had bss slrsady taken from the mlas. TOO loo 1W 33700 100 "iio JO 4An llw no 7. auo 1HM uuu a sou S4 lai IX' 1X1 l.l ajal ion loo 4a 124 I USX Sllun I I KM, Mk on 1-X HIX Vx iiox.l-X, 4 4 I SIX 4 B2S S.1X S2X! MX1 1X l.

IM, 13H, IWV 1 B3 i ai 1IX IIH1I lll IIS I "TO 7'" 1.1 lla 4a) Bon IT.n 7' X. ltn ewX1 I 7on SAX sX 2U 1MX Has. aim too To the Indian Refinery For Pollution or Elkhorn Creek Granted Bj Governor la Recognition of Company's Efforts To Abate Nuisance, But Fine Is Not Remitted. rsci.t. ptar.Tca to tsb saociaaa.

Frankfort. June. A. Asaertintr that the Siarmo Ane asaesaed sarainst tha Indian Reftnlas; Company of Georgetown for ihe pollution of Elkhorn Creek wltn' tha rafuai oil from Its plant la sufficient to cause the company to taka every step possible to remedy the evil. Governor 'lllavn to-dAy pardoned the pending Indictment la tha Franklin Circuit Court agalnat the company.

He refosed. however, to remit tha state's part of tba which amount to nearly f-LBOO. Id riving his reasons for refuslna; to remit the state's part of tha fine and In pardoning tha pending indictments. Governor Wllleon says that this la tha lamest Ana ever Impost A up a company for such an offense In this state. His reasons follow: "Elkhorn Creek, a natural mrr toum and running throng a beautiful country, runs from Georgetown 'on through Scott County and Franklin County to tha Kentucky River, below Frankfort, and until this refinery waa established was In its natural condition, a beautiful stream flowing through this rich Ciuniry and sto-ked with Ash and used by.

the large herd" of stock on the farms adjacent lo tha stream. "Soon after tha location of tha refinery and tha beginning of operations. It developed that very great of oil-bearing rrfuee from the refinery Aowad Into tha at roam and changed Its character and made large deposits of keroeene refuee and slime, which waa deposited alo.i tha rTvek. and la times of high water overflowed and waa left 'on tba adjacent Uw lands, and there can ba no question that It made tha water unfit to drink at certain times la tha year. Injured stock In tha fields where the res blue was left, was Injurioul to tha Ash In the stream, and mad tba stream much leas benefV-lal to all those who owned property It a hank, and tba original Indictment waa btou chl and proae rated by tba Common aea.tb a Attorney with very great lot taa purpoee putting an and to this nuisance and Injury, and while there were many plan there waa very little doee to abate tba nuisance until this large An Imposed, but since It wss Imposed foe refining company baa bean diligent, and spent a good deal of work, money and time In devising arrangements to put an end to th Injur lo tae am and the' adjacent Undo, and I eft r.s In this direction are entitled lo recognitl.m.

At lna sajno term at which tha IKUMi fin was Imposed two additional Indictments were secured. wMlch war pending undetermined. Th argument that a great enterprise Ilka this, furs lading customers and market to th tnerehaats and fanner of the VpCtnUy and locating valuable property sbject to taaatlon. anl furnishing employment for graai many useful that It should not be dlacoaraged by piosicatlain and tba Imposition of Ane. la an Important on and has had It proper weight with me.

-On th other band, the people oa th bank of Elkhorn, who are aome distance from lb refinery, are entitled to their trop-rty rights In th us of tel strains unpolluted, and tns benefit thsl come to tn Georgetown peopi canno mama gwu them their looses from tba enterprise or de prive them of their propenr no lo tno of an unpolluted si ream. There Is no question that the company waa guilty of ha ii fT 1 1 e. IOC VBlcn wm. unt. ana in.

Court suets In ad tha verdict, and the Court af Appeal affirmed th Judament. and. for the Uovernor. tn tio th question that th company waa gnllty of th offense and that tna verdict right and ehould be upheld The commonwealth sustained th coat and labor ot th pros.rtitton, tha Um of It Court, It officers and the cttlaens a witness. and lorors st th xVns of th commoowoajtn, AO were pec as aery lo Impose this punishment for this wtolatloo of th.

taw aad of tba rights of tbos who Ires on the stream, and while tha fin Is large one. the offense wss sr-at. and the 'ht Court of th stAt ha opheld the fin. The fact that th greater portion of the fine ha bee. paid to th prosecuting officers la no rea-aon for remitting Oi commonwealth part of the fine, for the eornmonwaalthacted for th reope.

oa thl stresm and Produced tha witnesses and called upon tiseo. ss grand Jurors snd Jurors In th. and ism not Inci.nedt, remit th. Ith part oi St. B.

I Da araf I I Soutbara Do Drr I 7S ax Bouthara 1JOW Sloaa fU.Aald..ri 1 1. TOJ. Hi. at Third In. tT St.

LAW Da prf Tana. Am. Da allta- halm. Do Amal. m'-t'M Da prof as, tf.

a r. ca CbflKT BOS Lnwa raeins. Do lo baa- Do Brr-t a Ckai Ptpa Do prr V. S. Slaal Co.

Do pnt Va. Cmr Chota. Wabaab Do Drrf W. tTTL W. Marrland Waat'fh'o Eiae.

Wla. Antral Do pnt w. u. Do lat 1S 14H "a MS 4 Hal 123 Vi4! Do prof iiitx.ii'x la. Cot.

7Xl 'X am. Lm. Am. Malt Do prof 11I.11K MX THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1909. 6 12 1 TWl S4V IMkl 14H 4H 7aj x4 61 ai4) 7 a oa 4N W1 16 4S, BO 7 i lHat See I SX M4.

II Do a nt Pump ..1 Xi Do Rber Do let praf I S7X. St.L. I lo pref I STOCKS. Loajja-M'CTap'SaM I I I FACTS AND FANCIES. oi oX DUSl 14X IS as' Z2 1 74 4- Do 3d I I I I- Total ami M.J0 aaai-aa.

Closing Quotations. STOCKS: I Bid. Aaa. loaJ za Mil (OK. 3 1S 4l MM WO aiwio Ton) i40 07' 22u6 300 STOCKS.

Bid 43X1 44 lUova Coalratl I Sux MXi Do pr.f.... So4! l.vxi laVK- SoaUvl 4x I Do 1JX 1X1 Sl, 1 1 -oi Jo wl. jt.i iiy 4x MX, Do pref TJxl '4 Ha'Mi TV, T4I4 Sat. nam.ll 7 I liw imj pr.r... LSabL Ltfatf.

Do arbouaa C. I 'X IX IX Kara. SIX! SlX iN. J. (oniralcXas ,3 lumber manufacture from Mississippi.

Louisiana. Arkansas. Mlnoiirl and Ten nm- In Memphis on Jan 2l to discuss the eomll tlons prevailing with regard to low grades of "gum lumber." and Informally agree as to a c-jrtal'm ent of proiuction. The committee representing holder of th 4 per rent refunding mortgage bond of th Metropolitan Street Railway Company. New Tork.

has Issued circular to bondholders which ssys that, after careful examination th committee- ha found that under existing conditions tba company la not able to earn th Interest charge on either th 4 or th per cent bonds. Da prof 11" T. Ceairau ,1.104 luv. aa. at my.i il- waati ax a.

IJ4X 1U iNrtb. PXf. Am Too. pr oortb Amar.i aix -'X, Am. 1 14 IX Waat Am.

Wool S4Xi Mall I Do prf. fopt'a Oa. Illax 114 Atl C. Line. 141 rM-I Uteri, 42 42 Malt Ohio.

1ITX117X DO prat. 14 iota, ateai. 2., IU1I. ttprtnea. 4Sx 1 Do prof .1 noX' 1" ...122 1 praf.

US Do cia. lXein. liix 12 ip- 1. A Cam. foalbeti J2 t2X I a praf KMi lx Chea O.

7, 19 Chi Altea. 7X Do pref 1-1 Chta. OL W. tV. Do pref JX Nnr I7IJ A at lu I.Teaa.

toppen fjel A 1 m. 'AAA a.t t'ta Ci.i.i 1 AO I D. Rio 4X. 4X t'n. Paeilir.

Da prof I pref S', I Do pref. Crve Do let pref, Do 2-1 pref. I 24l 4X a I Pee' 4jx 4.1 Jr. s. r.

Oea. riertrtf loo ina 2 3t- M.tire etfi 7' 7 I rtara. at I Do praf Pa Pipe' S. SI. Co.

Do pref fa-e Heetiritiea' x' Car Ch in. Central. Wahaab (pterbiiro Mat. lXl K'xl Do Do pref 7X bit Mar. 'I TX 7x Marriaad DO 1W I'Weat.

Elee bit I I 4.1V lot. dlna I5IW.1A1X Io IM aeef. kl i Do 24 Pf 7 I P4 Do pref Utoclt 1 ii 1VX 1WI 3Xi "Si ow- sax' 114 llX I'l Paul lii- aj PruW; 4Vta. 4-s Ml L. A PI I latM.

1 aX loto. r. a 4JXj 4'JVniik. -x, Cb. Soatfc.t Ul S7X.

tw. let peer; i 1 v. 5-maiB Doi prat. iaa. imi Ilea MIX rU.

HbefTl.ld. exaa VI 21 i hf-d Ar. 17 a 27X 4M. ax BOX 1KIX liX inxd24 M'; f4 21X 22 47 7X lS 1J B.IX Wla. ITU 1 7 I an II orer 23 I 23 Int.

a4 aa', Do 3d pref.l 11 I It Do pref I Th crop report af the Inlster of Agriculture of Budapest, taaed upon advc.s received up to June 15. eatlmalad th yield of Hungarian wheat thl year at S3.4 metric hundred weights, as compared to 4L4jn.00O last year. White It la believed certain that th 14-rectora of the Vlrglnta-Carollsa Chemical Company will place the common stock on dividend basis at their meeting In July, th eiact rat ha not been determine It la roughly estimated that the earnings for the fiscal year will ba some thing ovsr 3 per cent. Tea per cent advance ll wage are announced by tha Harrlshurg iPrnn.) P4M Handing Works, and the Warwlch Iron snd Steel Company, of Pottstown, et-fectlv July I. At a meeting yesterday at Manchester.

England, of th master spinners A merle an cotton, av-resolution was aaaed unanimously 1a favor of reducing th production of yarn by atopptng th mil la Saturday aad Monday between July 10 and September Ti. Directors of the Toungstown Sheet and Tube Company hare declared the regular quarterlji dividend of 2, per cent, payable July-1. JThy alao declared a stock dil-dendj of payable to all th stock of record Jon IS. 1 Directors of th L'nlted States Fishing Company hare declared th regular quarterly dividends of 1 per cent on' the preferred stock and I per cent on tha common stock, both dividends payable July 1 to stock of ecortl Jun 21. Directors of the pnlladelph a Cora any have declared tha regular dividend of lk per rent on the common stock, paysble August 2.

to stock of record July Th regular quarterly 1. jier cent of the Jollet and Chicago Railway, guarantead by the Chicago and Alton. Is payabl July 0. BUSItlESS. Big Deal -in Scrap Iron Moeb Discussed Featore of the Market.

Steel Rail Orders Aggregate 700,000 Tons. Prodnceri tid Sellers Capper Not Disturbed 67 Weakiess of the MetsJ Abrstd. 41, BssrsTca New Tork. Jun Thar Is a little busi ness doing tn pig Iron, but tha trad bar Is Interested by report of a very Urge dear In scrap steal. Max Solornaa.

dewier In scrap, who bas heretofore been Identified mostly with Independent steel concerns. Is credited with bavins nicked up within a few day all tha steal scrap available In th Chicago district. This accumulation Is said to amount to about TO.000 tons. feature of this transaction, much discussed. la th statement that the metal will ail ba shipped to the Gary plant of th United Btatee Steel Corporation, where It bad been supposed that Soloman bad Intended shipping th scrap to Pittsburg.

In pig Iron ha principal feature Is a continued activ demand for low gradea of foundry and forgo Iron to take th place of scrap, which In this market 1 held at price higher than melter wiah to Pip work bare been heavy buyer of low-grade Iron In Ohio and th South, and there Is Mill an urgent demand from this quarter. Th demand for steal In different lines continue unabated, and It la estimated that th Inquiries now In th market for steel rails, structural steel and la lea aggregate doe to Tun.uuo tons. In some grade of steel IM mills sr so far behind on deliveries that they are refusing business sacept-Ing for delivery In th far fuvur. While thl congeal ton of business exists In aome departments other Usee ar quiet, and thus tha fact that the steel mills are still operating on th whole st a rat as low aa SO to S3 per cent of capacity la accounted for. Th L'nlted Slate Steel Corporation will blow In additional furnace within th next two weeks aa a result of the heavy rails received.

These order ar now sufficient to g-jarantee steady operation of. tha rail mills for some time to come, and the new equipment order being booked by th car manufacturing companies will mean greater activity In niatea. Samuel Mather, of the Arm of Plckanda. Mather A of Cleveland, la In tbi city and to-day he aid: 1 "I am glad to be able to say that th business situation, from our I standpoinr, baa Improved greatly, and that the outlook for bualneea for th remainder of th yar la very bright." The large producers snd sellers of copper here seem quit undisturbed by th weakness which th mtai bt shown on th Lon Jon Metal Kxchanje, and alao In the sale of small lota by set-on hand In this market. They adroit that small business la going forward her aa low as 13 Wc.

but In. 1st that they hare no August coppr for sale under U4c. Of course, they dn not dispute tha sympithy between this market and the Lord in market, and aie willing to allow that In the event of any further material decline abroad our market will have to yield, else the' foreigners will begin to sell topper here. But tno o'g seller do not seem to fear that th decline abroad will go far. Th American Woolen Company ha not yet made It official announcement of price on men's a ear for the spring of 1910, but thin fact Is- Sot preventing a large bual neea In serges.

Th plain and fancy equally popular, and tna pressurs several large clothiers has stimulated trad- Ing In agencies up to a coup day ago, had no Intention of accepting business until some detinlt Information concerning the ba. of values that would be named toy tha largest of the woolen goods manufacturer, th American Woolen Company, was obtainable. It waa said there wss never keener Interest displayed In vance ot an opening In men' wear. Among tba buyer from Ohio and adjacent dlstrtc. recently arrived In New York are: Wdlf and M.

Wolf, of H. Wolf tt Sons, and M. Mocb. of Moch, Herman Jk Cln dnnatl: P. J.

DoX of the Wllllai Kodgers Company; H. C. Grave, of J. K. YY axeman's Sons.

Cleveland; I. suisbacner, Kteubenville. Ohio: E. M. Wright, of Carter Dry Gooda Company; W.

Sale, of th W. Sale Manufacturing Company; A. Fhaftr. of th Stewart Dry Goods Com pany. oulsville.

Ky W. H. Cox. of the Cox Hat Company. Bristol, White, of Wheeling, W.

Vs. MASKED IN CS EASE In tbs Whole! snd Bet 11 XMstrlbo tion of Gooda. NVw Tork. June is. R.

o. Dun at Co. se have been asked to meet In conference Weekly Review of Trsd to-morrow will The advance recently made on tnlustriaj activity and business contldtnc Is fully main lined. Krom the leading cities com advice of wider wrfoleaale and retail s- tributlon. larger emnluyment of labor, ad dllional work for infractor and builder.

Increased demand for manufacturing mi teriala. satisfactory advance fall sales. Broadening of demanl from th railroads haa become a (feature In th market for Iron and ateel. and th development strengthens the general feeling of optimism regarding the future outlook. Order for ouinment from the transporting companies A Dlrectr of 'the American Can Company, miT9mar comprlss liberal tonnage and fur-says there will be no Increase dividends tbar buslne-s will on th preferred stock until the prospective piacwj.

Construction work la stlU under-posttpon of sammer autumn fruit and with considerable vigor, the erection vegetable crops can be mor clearly defined. MW KrVigaa and building calling for a Th County Commissioner yesterday refused th CI 1 1 sens' National Bank to rffer per cent Cincinnati bonds as security for the S4nn.rm deposit of county fund which will be made In th Cltlsen Bank In the near future. Th board ruled on th advice of legal counsel that It had no right to accept bonds of a city within th county as security for county fund. Th bank furnish other security. IaA-TTJO PULNT SOLD.

tract 41. BtarsTcfc ill asorass. Norwalk. Ohio. Jun IS.

Th plant of th Lanlng Company, on of th largest printing stablishmanU In th a lat. which has good tonnags of material and extension and Improvements Ire constantly being mad. Reports also lndlcat a slight har den'ng of quotation made by fabricators. Activity continue In th pig Iron division at firmly "held price, sale reaching sub stantial dimensions. In the primary dry goods market future are universally higher than current quota tions and th market generally ahjw strengthening tone.

Red Sea buyers still declln to operate at prices asked and al though additional business baa been re reived from India, sellers of th line mo.t In demand hav temporarily withdrawn their goods from sale, a far as that market Is concerned. Th print cloth situation Is as strong ss ever and some good sales 14 months, was at private aale WkJ convertible- hav afternoon for l2S.Oon. th upeet price fixed "Tf" by th iourt at th time th sal was al lowed, a roup) of weeks ago. The proper ty was bid hi by Ford H. Lanlng.

son of ex Congis mil Lanlng. the latter being the organiser and moving spirit of the concern lo th Urn of Its financial difficulty. Th sal Is th first step la th reorganisation of the company. arc4L 1 1117 at a mi SALES 07 BONDS. kigheet poirt to tss axociaxa.

"sJjhough tber msrATr at a Bucyrua. Ohio. Jun IS. Th $13,000 la-u of five per cent six to ten years Liberty Township road bond. offered to-day, received th following premium bids: Bucyrua City Bank.

40: Season good Mayer. Cincinnati. $728; Otis tt Hough, Cleveland. $MT SO: Second National Bank. Bucyrus.

SMI0 40; Farmers Exchange Bank. New Washington. 873: Frank Freesa, Tiro. SO. Owing to an Injunction th bonds war not swarded, but It is thought they will be early to July.

DAMAGES. SEDUCED. ar rt at. Star 4 re to tss sxqciaxa. Athens.

Jun 18 la reviewing th t'jrwino damage suit sgainat the Luhrlg CoeJ Cbmpany. of Cincinnati, tn which th Jury Seisail damage at $13,000. Judge Wood stated tha amount waa excessive and placed It a with Interest. Counsel for plaintiff accepted, but defendant excepted, snd It will probably go to th Circuit Court. KEFrrUCXXAN HOUOSED.

van ai. BUS4T to aw rasa. Lexington. Ky, Jun 18. M- A- 800 veil.

Director of th Stat Experiment Station here, kaa been appointed by th Ayrshire Breads Aasnciatlon of th United States. Canada and Scotland one of a committee of four who ar to decide upon a standard seal of points by which Ayrshirs cat Ua Are to be Judged. Print ar moving freely and Jobber ar anticipating their wants In view of th prebabM advance next month. In th woolen goods division the market for ebeaper grades men's wear haa been opened, while serges ar to be opened next weak. Th volume of buslneag In pa-ker hide at Chicago continue to be fair.

Foreign dry bide were well cleaned up recently alight general decline from th reached a while ago. and al-. hav sine been further ar rival th tendency of the dry bid market I firmer. Trad la sol leather la good at full prices; with extensive deliveries now being mad oa both old and new contracts. Oak sol la stronger, with heavy leather closely sold up tn sU tannages.

FTJSTHEa GAINS Apparsnt in Expansion of Xndtis-trlai Operations. New Tork. Juno IS. Brad street's to-morrow will say: The tendency ts still toward improvement, th general crop situation, manufacturing ttiduetry and booking for fall ahowlng further gains, but trregulnriti of weather still retard th fullest deveolpment of retail trade, and thereby affect reordet bualneae With Jo boars. In Industrial Unas th tendency Is towxrj further sxpantlon of operations.

Numerous early cut In wage hav been restored and employment la mor widely diffused. The building trade probably lead la volume of activity, but there ar still complaints that himber la not selling a freely as expect Th Iron and ateel Industry maintain pre-viou activity, though operations ar sUll 0rmL roada ar buying mo Good reports com from tha WEATHER el Conditions st Various Points la tbs TJnltsd SUtea. Tha following gable shows th ststs of th weather at-th place mentioned, as reported by th Weather Bureau at o'clock last night, ninetieth meridian timet run or OBSSaVaTM. Abilene Atlanta frialtlmoro march Buffalo txiro Calgary Charlotte Chattanooga Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Corpus Chrlstl Dsvenport Denver Doda-e Dubuque Dulotb Paso Oal-rartoq Orma Maptda Havre Helena Hurr-a Indians sol Is Jacbanevtlle Kaaaaa City Unov Utile Rock Lotusvtlle Memphis Montaoroenr NasbvUle Orleans New Tor Norfolk North Pmtle Okiabatna Omaha Parkeraberg pnilad.rptun Pliiebum ippuw Ou'Appelle Rapid city St. Lpoule ft.

paal Kaa Antonio Santa Pe avepoet Spnsrnald. III. Sprlnsnetd. bio. Vlck.bur so ii 4 I SB.

In. T4 5l. S. w. tv.

N.sV kw E. MB. S.W. X. "rf w.

F. eE. S.W. 8.K. NB.

W. ft. J. s. FX N.B.

B. W. S.W. N.B. at e.

K. a. N.B. K. XV bvk.

s. SB. B. TO N. TS X.

4 S. E. W. 8. E.

K. a B. N. N. T4 IM.

W. MEN AND MATTERS. ill Pt.Cdy Pt.Cdy Clear (near Clear k-Aar. Pt.i--oy iPt.Cdy Pt-Cdr a pi car fClear Clear 0 Clear Clear Pt-Cdy .01 pt.Tdy a pi. crey Iciaar (cloudy Pt l) PtCd.

Tr.icioasy a Icioody IReln rooudr ICVoody .03 Cloudy 0 Clear 1 Car (Cloudy Clear Cloudy I Clear .1 Cloudy Iciaar ICIoudy 0 Iciaar Clear a Clear Tr Cloudy IClaar a Pt.r-dr pt fdy Clear ipt.cdy .09 -RlB ICIear 1 pt. Cdy Ipt.Cdy Clear (Clear cotton consumption for th season la murn larger than a year ago. Th leather trades. Including boots and shoes, not a continuance of activity. The Western coal trals Is looking up.

Business failure In th l'nlted states tor ha ween ending with July IT war 213. against 197 last week. 254 la th Ilk week In lbtst. 10 In 1007. 17S In 1006.

and 137 In 19KL Business failures for th week In Canada number 2ft. against 29 last week, and 23 In he sam week In IMeV Wheat. Including flour exports, from th 'nlted State and Canada for tha week ending June IT aggregate 1.CM3.SUO buss, against 1.MT.1M last week and 3.410.944 thl week laat year. I For tha Bl weeks ending June IT last year export ar lfia.94..VO bush, against 7XV.211 In tha corresponding period last year. Com exports for th week 4XB-0 bush, against 14.314 last week and an.011 In 190T.

For the SI week ending Jun IT corn exports are 29.n33.nK3 bush, sgainat 44. 200. 778 laat year. TUKSACZ ST AS TED. rsci.t.

Disr.rra vo seutiss. darkavilla, Jun 11 Th Red er Iron Company yesterday afternoon bl In" the Helen Iron furnace, which has been Idle sine March. 1. Th company employs ion men at th furnace and at least 20O at or mine snd rock quarry. About 20 of th local whisky men who st tended th Atlantic City convention returned to-day.

very much pleeaed with tha meeting. Among them wea W. N. Hobart who I Chairman of the Protrctlv Bureau of th National Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association. He says that th prohibition wave ha reached It crest, and that th public I beginning to study Its effect In stead of blindly adopting It.

This chajiga of sentiment has won some big "wet" vic tories recently. Th next issu of Th Cincinnati Mags sin, which I being published to boost Ctn-rlim stl by th Industrial Bureau, win be devoted to th local shoe It will appwkr In about a week or days. This win be th third lasus of th llttl mags- sine, Th West snd Southern Life Insurance Company haa ado tad th "mor daylight' plan, and It offices now open at a. in. and close at 3:30 p.

This I th first Cincin nati bous to sdopt th a 1-w system. Th annual ouUng'bf the Cincinnati Furniture xchang will be held at Glen Park to-day. The program contalna tn lusements snd special features for enjoyment from th time th member board the boat until they leave It. near midnight, A baseball gam between th manufacturers snd th supply men will be th Mr feature of th cullng. Visitors cn Chang yesterday were: F.

P. Hit. Ripley. Ohio; J. R.

William. Fal mouth. J. M. Moran.

J. Duncan, St. Pari Ohio; J. W. Dunn.

New Tork. Dr. Rupert Langdale. son of Mr. and Mr.

R. H. Langdale. arrived last night at th bom of his parent. In th Alexandria, after having been In business In India for seven yes Hs greeted at th train by a number of friends, who gave a dinner In bis honor Immediately upon his arrival.

Horace p. Kelly. Key West cigar manu facturer, la registered at the St. Nicholas, fa O. H.

Jants. formerly of this city, now president or the American Wringer Com l-any. New Tork. read a paper against yn-dlcat buying at the recent convention of hardware Jobbers snd manufacturers st Pittsburg. 1 LTTDIAITA CHASTESS.

rOCTAL DIWATCI TO TSS BSqCIBSS. Indianapolis. Ind, Jun. 1 1 Th. fallowing articles of Incorporatloa were filed here to day: The Valparaiao Printing Company.

Valpa raiso; capital stock. to publish a nsws- paper and do a general printing business: di rectors. F. L. APPlegata.

1. W. Appiegate aad -Arthur w. Cowdrey. The B.

W. Smith Com pen r. Moatpeller; 1 aa.ipi aeteraooiie aeelera? Inntr. porau a. IJ.

-ry ao. X. MeaU Chart. McCaeler. B.

W. Smltb aad T. J. DrleeolL Tba tataraatloaal Art nt in 1 capital stock. $.10,000: china Imports aa4 oeeorarors: incorporaior.

wiinam T. Kaataa, Alfred Ksates aad C. H. Marker. Th.

Union Patent Tile Com pane. West Col lege corner: cspiiai sloes. aAveuo, maaufae tarers of remfat tile; directors, William Pulta. John D. Pulta, Murray Bake aad Aa drew J.

Shepard. Dekalb PuaL Light and Power Oomnanv Warn. notice of of caMlal atoeh from aion.oio ta a40n.oun- also aotlco ar ehun hb 1 rv.1 ana apignt vom-panjr; Charles H. Prlna, Bocrstary.

PETITIOU IS BAlfRTJPTCT. sis Dir atcw to Tna asotrtaxa. Brtstol. Jun Judg Ban ford. of th Federal of tb District of Eastern Tennessee, hss permitted th filing of petition to declare th Embre Iron Works, at Erobreevllle, near Johnson City.

a bankrupt- Tbs property ts owned by a New Tork company. Th company's onsets. Including 40.000 acres of mineral lands Id Greens and Washington Counties, Tennessee, ar estimated at $100,000. Its liabilities. Including a bonded Indebtedness of $100,000, ar tl mated at Ia ac cordance with general creditors' bill, receivers were appointed for th property scms tlm ago.

WORSTED MILLS MEEGES. arsciAL DtaraTT re Tea apgnixx. Loulavtlle. Ky, Jun 18 Authorities In bualneea circle of thl city declare that tha Bradford Worsted Spinning Company, of thl city. I contemplating taking over tb plsnt of th Hop Worsted Mills snd that tba deal will be successfully closed within few days.

Th aum of $-X 10.000 I said to bar been offered for th Hop mill, at which price tt ta believed th transfer will be wind. Th Hop mill ta on of th largest It kind In thl section. CTATTiT BEJXCTED, arariAX OiarsTC to tss sxqciass. Napoleon. Ohio, Jun 18 Tb $107,000 claim of th Obi German Insuranc Com pany waa turned down by Assignee Dono van, of tb defunct Cltlsen State Bank, to day.

Tb claim include sn check, a checking account and proceeds of a laal mortgag and 85.0OU draft collected. but not accounted for. Suit will be begun for th full amount. The defense probably worsted -nisaufActurlng line and Southern will bs thst tbs accounts ar fictitious. EXPORTS Show Big Falling Off, Doe In Part To the Lower Price of the Commodities, sractAt.

mararc to ras ssotnaxB. Washington. June 14 It Is now apparent I that the exporta from th United State In th fiscal year which and with the present month will fall materially below thos of 1908 snd 1907. and lightly below thos of 190S, Th total value of domestic merchan dise exported In 1908 was II. 833,000,000.

in I 1007 $1,854,000,000. and lfl 1908 $1,718,000,000, the figures being tn round terms. Th 11 months figures of th Bureau of Statis tics. Just mad public, lndlcat that th I domeatlo exports for the full fiscal year I 000 In her imports; Mexico, for the eight months ending with February. 1909.

a fall of $-t. OtiO.OOO. and Cuba, for th 12 months ending with December. 1908. a fall of OOO.OiiO In her Import.

Th principal article In which th falling off In our own exports occur- are cotton, corn, wheat, meats, msnufacture of Iron and steel, manufactures of copper and manufactures of wood. for the 11 months ending with May. 11 -a. shows a fall of about In the value compared wrfh th corresponding months of tb pro-ceding year. This fall la entirely due to lower prices, th quantity of cotton exported In th 11 month ending with May being 824.000.000 pounds more than In the corresponding months of th preceding year.

while th valu fell practically $20,000,000 below that of tb much smaller quantity of th last year. Iiy wheat th fall In the value exported Is Hour snd corn $9,000. OuO for th 11 month ending with May 1909, compared with th corresponding month of th preceding year. In these latter, article price rule higher In 1009 than In 19H8, and th fall I therefor due solely to th reduction tn quantity export ed In beef cattle the value of exports In a An i i lie Ane value 01 esporis in drop ot about and car and car riage a fall of $3,000,000. These reduc tions, especially In manufacture of Iron and steel and copper, are du In part to lower prices: though In many case th quantities also show a decline, as a result of tb general decrease In Importations In all parts of th world.

In round terms It may be said that of th approximately $200,000,000 of reduction In export from th United State which will be shown by the trade figure of th fiscal year 1900 eomnared with 1908. about too. Although wheat has declined. Including yesterday's drop. 17Vic a bush In the local market during th past 10 day, a corre sponding decrease In th price of flour baa not yet bean posted on th Chamber of! Bonnett, St.

Louis: J. P. Carter, J. P. Ca.

hm. "Peoria. I1L; B. F. Klein.

Ben May. Cincinnati. Tb office remain at Cincinnati. One of the pleasant things of tb smoker was a presentation by th representative association to Mr. Paul Julius Gelsler, Secretary, of a magnificent silver loving cup.

WASTS HOSE MOSEY. County Auditor Richardson yesterday asked th Board of County Commissioners for sn additional alio nine of $11,073 to cover tb cost of the quadrennial appraise ment, which will be mad next year. Th board took tb matter under consideration. North Michigan Through 1900 will be nearly $200,000,000 below th sv-l OHIO UTCOSPOBATIONS erag of 1906 and 1907, and perhaps I a tctai. maraT to ras anQutmaa.

OOO.onO below those of 1908. I Corumbua. Ohio, June IS -These chartata were Th causes of this marked decline in me I arantsd to-day export trad of th United States ar pr c- I Monareb Ooalm Com oany. Cincinnati tlcally tbose which hsvs produced similar I as i. Conn, chaflea F.

Willis a. M. I conditions In other part of the world a I Richmond. Jr a7. Boyce.

Flo nee Weeks reduction in tn general aemana xor i aso.ouo. hand Is and a material reduction In th I p-oduclne oil CO oarrr. tocaat.r: J. T. rice a of certain at tha more lmnortant I wi a m.

wr.i-itta Cn la- art Ic Is That th World's mar-T eapitai. $150,000. kets are taking- lass nroduce In 1908-9 than I The Ideal Record Cbtnpaay. Clavsiana: Jeo Im lonr-a 1. rw, tba fleures I H.

Schoen. Fred W. Green. D. D.

Hurlbut, O. pubtlahed from month to month by th Bu-1 tT vIh. Amelia: of Statistics of th Department of I H. Blackours, J. R.

Hicks. i F. Armacost, 1 1 4 Hltnb Haetoai capital. lAwn viniitj.i c. sou Lawr.

4 in hmiiw 1 rv.mnanv. of our largest customer, th United King-1 r. Flortoa. A- dom. for ezamnle, were in tn 10 niontna johaston.

use Marsnaii. J. n. ii 41.. hi.

ttftnu miimim ilnwiltal.e3A.000. i -urwn. vasfaT va 1 n-s cuitv-r-vouiiig uiuuvug vs. i cneTvlatit4 Mo, wieetrla Car Com pan Jnh. IJalee I JflltT.

A. A). raced lna year: and our own export to Onfflth. J. P.

Mason. A. O. Mason capital. tbsvt country in the sam period of Um I I crreisnd fell SCS.0lk0.OOa Canada, shows for th 11 1 Ham C.

Oravea Hush C. Laughlln, C. F. month ending with February. 1008.

a falllMiesr. E. J. Chamey. M.

M. Mdugblln; rmww r-le blaWit At figure of exports to that country show a I niM Rnbert M. Andrew a. douI fall of Sll.OU0.000 In th 10 month and-1 Wele. S.

P. Andrews. F. D. Worthlngtoo; oap- Ing April.

19110. Germany show a company Clerohuid: M- iai, 01 in miiisrii iuv 1 gar J. Hahn. Isaac Rice, J. M.

luoa. A. 4. ruce mUiiIpp ion mnaeAp1 with I inltal MM otlft. Ik, nf tOtVT a fall of X1AV, I TM nimi l.l,.r y--- pr--p 1 hm.

mKp .,1. pppp and William Wl 000.OU0 In her Import In th 11 months I Soeneer. Cbarlee A. Spring: capital. ending with February.

1909, compared wltn 1 aa.000. 1 I The Ashtabula Street Railway Cot npeny. Ash u.e nin-imioini "i I tabula: utcreaas of capllal from SO.OOO to year. 1 (low a tor coe tore DwniuiinMODQL ending with March. I WW.

a rail of lo.oio.- LAITD IS SAVED. SraCIAt, DtSPAT TS TSB BHQVISBS. Frankfort, Ky, Juns 18 Th Loulsvin land Nashville Railroad and Louisville Property Company retain control of af eral thousand acre of land by a decision the Court of Appeals to-dsy In holding that title to th land did not revert to th tat. Th state sought to escheat the property on th ground that It was necessary to the conduct of Its business as railroad- Under th Kentucky constitu tion a railroad cannot own land except for th conduct of It business In Immediate use. Escheats go to the school fund.

STJMJrTEB Healing Springs Healing Springs Va. Otm-iis Jnno lBth. closes October 1st. the 11 month, ending with May. 1009.

fell BIiahtfnlly cool In summer. Fot JMun- $ below those of last year, while phle or Information, aaare tiijvy- resh beef shows a sU of fresh ARIT-McCLIXTIC, ManT. Healing snd pickled pork $9,000,000. and lard Springs, Vs. oou, thee reductions being due In sU cases to smaller qSiantitles actually sent out of th country, the prices being In 1908-9 quits as high as in 1907-8.

Manufacture of Iron and steel, copper and wood alao show a falling off. Iron and steel show a drop of copper drop of $21,000,000, lumbar and timber 000.000 will be found In foodstuff, over COOLEST HOTEL IN a. "ril B.e- HiYTW, IM mAAM I a aaa I I "i maouiaciurea. aua a oou 1 iaiw lml Ha II Jiff Ts 000 In cotton: and that tha general cause Yir7 IN Tj lff f. articles, snd a general reduction In Import ing power by the principal countries to which our merchandise Is distributed.

WHEAT Has Declined 17 1-2 Cents a Bushel Here In Ten Days Flour Prices, However, Are Uncbaoged. StlOVGREST INN Marblehead, Mass. New' hotel. Modern con. tract nswiy hard-wood floors, baths, alec trio lights.

Cuisine nnsurpaased. Highest ele vation, charming piasaa aw. aojkp da harbor landing. Fishing, bathing, boating. Pa der-Klaaee rare, this ssassa Pr Ideal Tart's Mam bens near by.

Send lor Illustrated booklet. PI-AZA HOTEL A. SUMMER GAP-DEN AND TER.RACB nttD STvnrr MAKAanta Drarc-Ton BOSTON HOTEL VENDOME COXMONWKAXTM AVKNtTM I XMetlnga lebed for Its 'clientage, appolnt-maata aad location. Equally attractive to permanant and traastsnt gussuv Perfect qalet. AA i- H.

GRKKNI.KAP CO. Summer Hotel. Whits Mountalaa XIW PROPILB HOUBB and Greenbrier Whits Sulphur Springs WEST VWOUI1A. i fThs -OH Whits' Sulphur.) Season. June IS to Sapt.

lo. Famous for its suipnur Hatha. Wp4. lmorovsments. with private hatha Commerce by th Flour Quotations Com-I Parm an.nt A -trus, is ts za wsek.

mitiew. ii i unaeratood. However, that the I ty writ, iot ttooaiet. Aaar w- OBO. MILLS.

Manager. aw. e-. avaaww xe WTSa, OU wXam. UUaiSS.

ne is mtrtcttMl to a mlnlxnum. du to thI TjnrTf I YNN flOTFI V. to Ii" th" wh'at Moanlaln Lake Park, McL Now OPEN. Modem conveniences, casino. Winter patent Hour, the blab ersde Is I with swim lag pool, bowling Hers and pool hwi ii.h..

at ao ri a oarr ei, wher It wss put early this month when th pries of wheat was $1 83 a bush, which Is on half ce-it under the extreme high ptic of wheat In thl market. Testerdsy two cars of "sample" wheat, aald to resile up to th grade of No. war sold la ew Iaai ma-Wa. a. a.

pew, i. I aa ciAir baatlna. KID. i 'P or booklst. ate tsqaest.

CHARLES V. MCRrHI. sat musts. add! L. B.

LIST Proprietor. Waumbek and Cottages, woa waa rA-ta-hAd family eottages. ss "sampls" In order to prevent a no-1 airtJd? with servtee. Psrtlca-ri lent drop In th prim. It having sold th day previous at $1 BL One car of No.

2 wss chalked up ytrday at $1 30. Millers use between four and five bushels of wheat to th barrel of flour, but figuring on rour pusneia tn drop in wheat In week her la equal to'lOe on thar barrel. R. porta from all part of th country how th Wheat crop to be in almost bump- condition. At 8L Louis old wheat reached $1 88 a bush, and It ta now down to about $1 40.

which to a drop of 3Sa a bushel. Southwestern millers In convention at Hutchesoa, Kan-, yesterday eetlm ate Kan sas wheat crop alone will exceed 00.000.000 bush. A dispatch received here yesterday from St, Louis read: Red wheat la offered In th pit here at $1 13V, for shipment th first half of July. It ts 1908 over again, a falhir of crop on May 23 and 402.000.000 bunbol crop on July ia" 4 i rUQEI MADE PEESTDEST. Cincinnati members of th National As sociation of Win and Spirit Representa tive bay returned from th convention at Atlantic City.

The oncers elected were: Ignatius KugeL Cincinnati. President: P. Certer. Peoria, First Vic President; Jacob Cohn. Second Vic Presi dent: Julius Freiberg, Cincinnati, Third Vic President; Paul Julius Oelslerr Cincinnati.

Secretary; Charles Blomberg. Treasurer. Executive Commit tee: Leo Kugel, Alcorn Moss. Cincinnati, Ohio; K- J. Tblele.

Chicago; L. U. Weller, Pittsburg: 8. R. Jelllnek.

Peoria; F. P. funs, It. aa the M.aalslas. SEASON.

JUNE UNTIL OCTOBER. Warm Sulphur Springs, Bali CoYjl, la sow eten for russts. ddrsss MRS. JOHN For circulars and Ia kLBASM. War Sortners.

Bath Ca. Ta. BROOKSIDE INN AND COTTAGES. Altitude t.OOO feat. Send for inustr tad booklet of the most Idea-! mountain resort In America, J.

KIRKPATRICK. Brookslde. West THE LOU EL LA Under srlglaal At- near beaeh aad all muaemantA Low June ratea. B. GROOGAN.

ATXJL1TTX0 jr. J. Atlantic City, N. Tie Grealest Resort in lit Worli I sn ideal spot to spend the summer vacation. This seaside metropolis offers every diversion and every comfort known to seashore life.

Hotel Dennis, Situated directly on the ocean front, surrounded by Us own spacious lawn, which joins th beach and boardwalk. Most liberally appointed and liberally conducted hotel on tb New Jersey -coast. Walter J. Driiby. GALEN HALL HOTEL AND SANATORIUM ATLANTIC CITT.

NEW, JESSE An Id place for a long or snort stay. Stons. brick and stesl building. Rooms aa suit with hot aad cold sea, water In private baths- Over TO form of Toole and Curative Baths sad Treat ants with trained attendants. Kaa Wa ter used la alt Hyartatie -rroatmenta w.

Ia iuuku, un i HIT. Laaa.I-RAI. SFiAlT.GS CPIN ALL TBS TEAR ROUNIX It latk. cur Kh.aa.Al... Write for IIL Booklet te F.

R. Es.imaa, Caaakat mi Mb 1 rains Will run dauly on and after luce 27 (advance through service iTltMrlave anl TTelrl.ara twa.Mm liawa at A aaa. PsntlCvltlflnln But Ctlfflr To the Lighter Demand n-liTJ Abroad Other Countries Had ioaaa wuu mam.x retoskey, Harbor op rings, Iraverse Vetty, iNorthport and cool resorts LJ L. ivi nuui itiiuiigao itiUXTj biim 11 uuu i uieuigiug vans. Ieave Cincinnati p.

m. and at aa. I Full particular about Tourist Special Fare and Illustrated describing th resorts free upon renueet. Address Geo, W. Weedon.

General Paaaenger Agent, Cincinnati. O. i Steamship tickets Letters of Credit Travelers' Cheques Conducted Tours JlTLaSjfoTIONflL BrfNK JXext to the Postofflce, on WALNUT Street. STEAMSHIPS. A Wonderful Opportunity to.

rtslt the conn tries of South America Snparb -scenery, magnificent cities, including the glaciers and fjords in the Straits of Magellan, to the modern city of Buenos Aires Offered in the cruise of the 8. 8. BLUECHER, leaving- New York January 22, 1910 last 81 days and costs from SJ350 upward. Hamburg-AmericanLine 41-45 Droadvay. N.

Y. First National Bank; Western Oanau Bank; Atlas National Bank; Germ an National Bank; Brighton German Bank: 8. Kuhri Sons; Flfth-ThlrJ National Beak. T.JBarmaa TOO Miles In Atlantic Ocean. VtBTURN TICKETS 828 to SM the n.w Twin Screw steamship "UKRMTJ-dlaa" (SSOS Toae In forty-five bourt Temperature cooler than at th.

Middle Atlantic Coast resorts. Good Ashing, sea bathing, sailing and bicycling. 1 Bermuda Is now In all its iloral glory, whol. hedges of flowers In bloom. HIDHl'MMEB trips via Halifax.

N. H-, most delightful cruise of Magniflcen scenorjr Northumberlsnd ptrsit. ouir ana River St. and tar-famed Sag eeavy River.

8. 8. Trinidad. -from New Tork July 10 and 24, August 7 and 21. 10 A.

M. Returning from Quebec 10th and SOth July. 18th aad 27th August, at 6 P. M. For lllustratsd pamphlets snd rat.

A address 1 A. BL OUTKRBRIIXiE A CO. Agts. Quebae S. S.

Co, 29 Broadway. N. T. ARTHT7R AHEHN. Secretary.

Quebec. Canada, ar First National Bank. Cincinnati. Ol First National Bank I 1 Cor. Fimrtli aad Wilnit.

AGENT I For All Principal Stsanshlp Unas. UualtsQw.CkaikiLttlariCnIiL Cincinnati Representative of THOMAS COOK SOU. Canadian Pacific ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS Service and Quickest Time. Steamer "Montsagls Afford One-Cabin Service. TO JAPAN AND CHINA npress of Japan July 14.

1B09 Empress of August 4. 1809 TO HONOLULU AND AUSTRALIA Aorangi IS. loa Marama Auguat 13. 1909 For fares and cabin accommodatlona apply A. J.

BLAISDKLL. Gene al Agent, 18 K. Fourth SL. A Claelauaatl. O- Or Any Stsamahlp 'Agent.

FRENCH LINE CAUnpagnie Gerierale Tr-artsat Untique IMreet LI bp. te Havre, faru (Fra an). Sailing vsry Thursday at 10 M. From Pier 48. North River.

Foot Morton SV, New Tork. Tat 8a 17 La Savole July La Lorraine. June 4 I La Tenralae. July IS La ill. a Bretagae.

July 2S lwln-Screw Steamers. EXTRA SAILING. a CHICAGO July Second snd third claas only. First KLIlonal Bank. cor.

4th and Walnut eta. The Atlas National Bank. Tli. Gerrasn Nsttonal Bank. Western German Bank.

The Ifth-Thlrd NaUonal Bank of Cincinnati, Canadian Pacific LESS THAN FOUR DAYS AT SEA Weekly Sailing: Between Montreal Quebec and UverpooL' Two days en the boaotltul St. Lawrenee -River and the shortsst ocean route to Europe. -Nothing better oa the Atlantis than our Em- presses. Wlrslses.on all stsamsrs First claas gSSt asesag IMi oe eiase cabtn am any ticast ag.nt. or- write for Bailing.

Bias ana booklet. J. BLAI8DELL. a. IJ E.

Fourth SL. viaetnasa. onie. ARGENTINE All MpnffltaM Pg-wwM hr ftkflf Luftrs Mmw mm Vast rsaxurw Stem.mMa (tm LAMPORT HOLT LINE SAlMiir ft a New Tort nil ax aacH Mala, IS BATS TO BIO JAXKIKO 23 BAYS TO BCTM AT RES Par IIBII. etc.

ap.l loci Hcka ar BtTSK DANIELS. Ccse 1 As HIFiassn Iiikaan.Wewnh AUSTRO-ARIERICAN LIIVP A 44 miTmiM vn inmrin AJ Th and Fast Twta Screw Steamer MARTHA. 'WASHINGTON SAILS JOB tSD AT ONE P. M. I or Kapleo.

Patra. aad Trieet. Making Calls at 1 Ass. ca aad Gibraltar. A Few 8a4aoa Berths Are Still A Other Balling.

July 7th aad tlst. FBKLP8 BROS. CO, Geaeral Agent. 17 Battery Place. N.

T. City. AtlCIIOI. LlfJE GLASGOW ami LONDONDERRY SalAlaaT fra New Tork every Sataxda New Twin-Screw Steamships. SALOOX.

NTJII TO S12S. SRCOND CABIN. S4XJI TO 88. THIRD CLASS, S-TJM AMD S38.T8. For Dew tlluetrsted book of tour a and Inform.

tie apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, New Tork. er FIRST NAT. BANK aad ether local ag.nts. 1 1 CLARK'S CRUISES AROUND THE WORLD By 8. Cleveland.

18.000 tons. brand-new, Oct. 18. '09. from N.

T- and Feb. '10, from Frisco. 8M aad p- 11th Asaanl orieat CiaMs. Fsb. B.

MO, 8490 p. by Lloyd 8. S. "Grosser art a erst." rj dsys, tncluding 24 days Egypt and Palestine. PRANK C.

CLARK. Times Bids, Naw Tork Plrat National Bank. Cincinnati. NATURAL BRIDGE, KY. RETURX "i AND AXD Cunday.

Juno 20th Via LAN. (Ky. Division). Special tram leaves from Pourth. Street Station TO a.

stoppiag at Covington, Latonla, Betler. almouth. Berry. Cynthlaae, Parla and Winchester. Grand mountain senary, boating aad Ssblng.

Tickets en sale at depots er City Ticket Office. Fourth aad Vine Sistoa Hotel..

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