The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
Page 4
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1933 (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS Only olllcc CLASSIFIED viDYERTISING INFORMATION Dally rite per une tor consccu live Insertions: (Five average words to • line) One time pir line 10 1-wo times per line per day 08 Tlirw tlme» per line per day 06c six tunes per line per day .. Ofc Month r«te per Una ••••"•• •"» Ulnlmum charge Me Ads ordered lor three or «U tunes and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bUl made. AH Classified Advertising copy .ubmltted by persons residing outride of the city must be accompanied by cash. Halts may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more tlran ow incorrect m- rfillou o! any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor Irretju- lar Insertlous take the one time rate. Phone 306 ot 307 iMHfsTTE USED CAR BARGAINS llccondilioncd - Guaranteed Heal Values - Convenient fern Sec Them Now—TODAY •3? CHEVROLET CABKIOLET SJ •Si PLYMOUTH COACH .... S; •jz FORD c. c. ricKUi' ..•• s; •31 FOBP COUPE |; '30 CHEVROLET SEDAN ... >; '30 CHEVROLET COUPE .... *' •SO SASH SEDAN » •M FORD TUDOR * '20 PONTIAC "6" COACH : ?9 FORD FORDOK ...... •2» FORD TOURING . = * « •?.6 CHRYSLER "10" KDSTEIl 5 JU Sec Them NOW-TOUAY! Phnne 81V PHILLIPS MOTOR BUSINESS IMIIKCTOEY .FOR SAT,K EXPEliT Tj ••** (Mat and Addlnt Machiiu Uriiairiuj. D. S. Blank- •jiulilp, 116 E. Ruse. Call 16S-J. FOR SAIJJ- l>e, good aiidciur, oinpany. Frlgitalrc-Helio authorized Frigiclnlre nnd Dtlco lisjlvt service. B. A. Miller. nlmne BV—residence 4H ' lluM-11 OB my sl< HL'KKE "(CBlsiered Spcncrr Corallerv Mrs. i. 3, Davis. 1'lionc 121. 20c kO-20 FOR SALE — Four with I) wl. suitable L. (i. Moss ItlyUuville'g cut rate undertaker 10-ck-9-l CLEANB8S. TAILORS Have your suede jackel and olhc Fall cluthrs made new by ou meclal cleaning process. Uniciu ClcaninE Service. Call 111. Hek9-l -1929 Model Vortt Cou- condition. sec Frid N c.w Mead Cluthine Ickll f~8;ifc, 1440 Llw., S75 1 Safe, 600 Lbs., $50 '(Jury) 1'i'i-lccl Condition CO. 5c wa wheel traltei (or any pose. Also 12 foot llfiliUvelBlil toti- boat. Call W. JG9 or 405. L. Craflon n KKAL ESTATE VrTRACTlVK bedroom ness district. Thoue'621-W, MrMiillln. \vo Nicely Furnished Bedroom*. Mrs. Ed Hnrdln, 1017 Walnut. ' FOR REN'}' — house, 508 N. room St. iiirilislK<l ATl'll ACTIVE bedroom (or men close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Cul 65'j-W. Modrrn 3 ruom furnished or an' fiirnlslird aparlim-iils, newly dec orated, gm Rlrby Drug Co. Also store biilidliif adjolnlnj Ro«y The »ler. F. Simon, HO \V. »»vls. Ca 704 25c W)-2 FURNISHED APARTMENT, 30 nougnn, Mrs. A. A. Alien. 7ckl FARMS find Homes, easy payments. Ethel B. Thompson. Ca- riuhersvllle. Mo. 8pkB-8 . you will like our service. CLEANERS. Phone ISO. Uck9-12 fler. IlubbarU Hdw. Co. SPORTING GOODS " s .fOP! I.OOK~ ANO LISTEN'! -10 acres, rcmiscol's rmi'.sl. all in uillivntlon, 35 acres In cotton, mile and half of Cooler, for cnsh 1500.00, and you set (lie rent— of Hie cotton, etc. Net cost to •oil about $1100.00. E M. TKKRV, Bljllicvilk, Ark. I'horc C17 or 34C 5c k t NQUiRE atoiil our Golf Bull Sole —You will bs surprised at tne lOck 9-10 RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO SERVICING •esl Equipped Shop in B'yacv 1AKOI.D SUUBURY — 1'iIOM IMl'LEMENTR WANT LAND—We have buyers to 40's, 80's and larscr tracts. Ca sell 640 tract. Seu THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 29ckl «.. L:'al., Defendant. CORN WANTED MAltll.YN HATCHERY lKilll*T PRICES pnlJ for llrea Inner tubes, Iron, mctak, inag- mines, hlites, cars to wreck. Wol Allan. 128 U. Main. Phono 116. 8-ck-O-B WANTED UAUS. rlctin nml tree from but ins. Call 30ii, Courier News. -1 . The delendcnts H. L Slierrli-k nd wlfu Odelle sherrlck arc warn- d to appear wllliln Ihlrly days In lie court mimed In the canllim icrcol n»<l nnswcr tlie of tl;e pliilnllll. Coniinn illillne nnd Uian A»ux:!allon. P.itcd tills 30 dny o( AUB. 103'J. II. S. >t T. R. L. OA1NHS, Clerk. Negro Pastor Ran Church 32 Years Without P»y -•• ........ OAK m,Ul-T3,' Mi'". lUI'J-K linu.lnlnt - w «s W yctns ul;o llnil-lhc Rev. O. inwciiUhl].;. UunnlsWn. N'wo minister, »r- lived In tills Island hiitnlet from Jiiinnica. West liuUi'.s, uuil eslab- lishrd Hit Bradley Memorial Church. i bliuv th:il Itmc he bus received B-31-11-2,1 not one penny salary. Nevcr- ' free will :o»erlngs an* otber donations have enabled hhn not only lo support hlnustlf, but ID iHirchnsci Ihe biilldlng which now houses Hie church. . ; Reccully Islanders made Pastor Dimulslon-honor 6«est at a town cckbrallon. The courtstonc or the original t; 8 Capitol building was laid by 1| President Washington, Sept. 18, f-l 11 W. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ONE or two rooms on North Itaikoad street, suitable for cotton ufficca. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier News Sim aye loom, must bo wiilerii uncl ri'Lisoiniblc. Mrs. Norrls, ihiiiic 30tf or 'i74-g. 4x-tl •IANO (or lAilhernn School. Kcv. II. J. Kleludlc-nsL, |)lioue H49-J. 7ckl2, Attractive bedrooms for young nwn 518 W. Main. Call 300. llkkB-16 Mrrhuilc'x carage and liulldlns suitable for jraln. co»l or beer toniitc. Frisco s«lne. Stembcri Collon Co. Call 24. 16c-kl8 J.KdAl- NOT1CKS WAKNINti OHDKU IN TI1K CHANCERY COURT OF ClllOKASAWBA D I S T II1 C T, MiSSlSSiri'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ci-imnanvrealth Iliilldlng & ! Assoclnllon. Plalnlllt, vs. No. 55555 SAT5, MADAM-—THIS' \& THE ..._ST T?EMMXKA&\.t UAVE -3EKM IN KV TVvJENTY- 6EVEM YEARS A,9 A. PE-'V FA.NCIER.--GOM-ZALES \f> H IS NA.ME - - A-SID, rA/xP.K. VOU, \JkJiTH EACH PA.-RV5.0T, 1 GIME TEM EI.OCUTIOM LESSONS IM AMD ITALIAN. FOK RENT BEDROOM close in. Kirs. E. nrowne. phone 510. ItkB J. FRONT BEDROOM 1037 W. Walnut. iii lies. Carloau tt Wajsons Cict (Mir Prices First ISyrum Troducc t'o. Across From Post Oflicc 21c k3-21 wlll\ heat, Mrs. O. S. 5ckl2. FRONT BEDROOM with hr-al. ticnllcmen iivcfcrrcil. 1037 W. Waliiul. Mrs. G. S. !Wmre. 5c Kii MJRNISKED Aparlini-irt \villi bath. BATTBRIES ! 114 West Ash. Mrs NEW FORD BA1TERIES Hcntal-ncchareing-RepairinB 771 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24ck9-24 Fur Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 Ben Clune 31c kD-31 S 80 •AKGEST* STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. LoiiU Also Auto Glasw — Plionc 6fl JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. "THii NEW FOUD V-S- RING OF THE ROAD" Blythcville, Ark. Opposile Hospital c AUTOMOTIVE Doslia 31c k II BURNISHED Bedroom, preferably for mnn, furnace heat. 514 Main, •hone 08. 5c M STORE BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures lor meat and groceries, C40 S. Laice See Dr. J. A. Saliba. Wcktf FAITH. Harold Steinberg Manajcr No wonder distriiiiinallni! planters have faith in Ihe Sir-niterB name no wnnder that cotton buyers have confidence In Sternbcre samples....thrrv knowo;irweights arc accurme. nur BlnnliiR mcllioils snfc — they also know that lor years we have offered n friendly, helpful service to nil vvho come this way. GiN BOOTS WHAT'S WIU.IE WHAT ABOUT THAT MOVIE STUtMO THAT WANTS TO HIM UP POR A IN TA\-KH"V 9 TO? Martin RUSSELL ANDERSON* In charge Chrysler Garace Work Guaranteed on any make car Nrw Van Norman Boring Machine Phone 888. 25ck9-25 k Anto Glass All Kinds Installed Tins Ark-Mo I.umlwr Cn. 10-ck-9-10 Red's Tlace—118 E. Main Call 308 for Anlo Painting Body and Fender Service Formerly vilh Shousc-LIltlc Co 26p-kO-2t troora WVUAt'A ut , COUV.DWT EMEU WWHOUT WE. vvvrto VJUtUt At Wf^'i GOH4G NOTICE Instructions liavc uecn vccnivcd to rcriuirc 'ill Jvohiclcs operating fit night lo be con-cclly ligSitevl. The law is for thu pinlcctioii of ull llic people. Operating' without- lifhlK is more dangoroiB to the occupants of the un-tijrlUcd vehicles than to others. TAKE NOTICE THAT ALL DRIVERS 01'' UN-LIGHTED VEHICLES WILL BE AHRKSL- ED AND TAKEN TO. COURT ON AND A!'IKK FRIDAY, SEPT. 8th. A vehicle can be lighted at :i small expense. If you don't do it, the rc=pons;bl!ity hes with you. Frances M. Carpenter Highway Patrolman. | WASH TUBBS toSK V-.O E*SV GLANCE .... , /INTO 1MB CRUMBLING CA8IU. A HASTY EXIT UAT.VE. DROWEO DOW« 10 •»«& By Cran NOTICE The law rc<iuircs the following iij;hts: On automobiles and trucks, two head lights and one red rear light. On bicycles and motorcycles one head light and one rear light or-reflector.' On all wagons and other vehicles, on? white light, in front and 9110 red rear light visible, under ordinary conditions, five hundred feel away. All iiei-sons arc warned that nil-lighted vehicles arc dangerous to the occupant* of the vehicles and to thn other traffic. HeginmiiR Krmay, Sept. 8th, all persons operating vehicles without correct lights will .be arrested. A wagon can be provided with correct lights for about sixty cents. The matter is in the hands of the owners. If you are arrested, without lights, don't blame the officer. OISCOVEEV, TO -SE6 HO MORE. . 6VEMTHS * I FloOPBOftRDS AR6 TORfJ FRECKI-KS AND HIS FR1BNDS HE& AT \ YHAH-V*. 6EE-1 JlftT WISH CfcME IM \ WE. COULD F1MO OUT NOW f> OMWE. ^WHO DID 1MCT 1O 1 / ( ^ERHOOU )s^ POODLE! ^J Clarence H. Wilson Sherif. CML. FBECKLE'i RE.C1WE6 THE, 5HOCKIM6 WEN: 1HAT POODLE HAS BEEN POI60NEJ3 f^tD LEAVE.5 FSECKieS frND 60E& o^j HOME! SJttSJsJssr \ rs,f^s|. BSfSiYss'K hsp-»? fr6E5 5IMCE \V LET Hl(/ RIGHT r V WE 3(W ^^ BE OUT PE - ETTV AWVf X L ^1M! •^^R ^•.y .f. ---" : -~:i :i t; i .V- GEE POODLr:~VGUPe.&OlNGTO GET WE1U AREMTTXDU? 5UR5!-' ,~VOU ARE- BOY ? WHOEVER WOULOU DO SUCH EMOU6H \B D , TO WALK UNDER /^ R&HWORM,y= 0>1 &TIU&, WEMJ1M& ^ SILK. ., HW,TABOOT! i SUPPOSE. WE:LL • ' 310 THI5'— BUT I'M ' &01U& TO T-WTO,

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