The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY U, 10M BLYTHEVILL1! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVK MOSCOW WOULD LIKE THEM BACK: Foiir <rf nine Russian sailon who cboae asylum In the V. 8. rather than return are toasted by U. S..Navy sailor Lee Barnei (second from left). Since then, the Russians have been approached In New York with attempts to woo them back. New Commie Spy Ring Blankets Free World" Its Aim: to Sweet-Talk Red Escapees Back to Kremlin By LEON DENNEN NBA Special Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — Existence of a new Red spy ring blanketing the free world, the U. S. included, is reported by escapees from Russia reaching this country. Disguised as "Committee for the Return Homeland," the ring maintains its headquarters in East Berlin. It is headed by Soviet Maj. Gen. Nikolai Mikhailov who was brought out of obscurity by Moscow's secret police, after having been captured by the Germans In 1941. Details of Moscow's latest efforts to undermine the democracies were revealed by Gregory P. Klimov, a leader of the anti-Soviet defectors, in an interview with NBA Service at the offices of the American Friends of Russian Freedom. * * • "Since the end of the war Moscow has spared no energy to terrorize Soviet escapees," Klimov said. "But in recent, months, the Kremlin's secret police, using sweet words and making lavish promises, has launched a new campaign to lure fugitives' into its espionage apparatus." A slight bald-headed man wearing horn-rimmed spectacles, 37- year-old Klimov is one,of the most wanted men in Russia. He was a major In the Red Army when he . defected in 1948 to head the Central Association of Postwar Refugees from the Soviet Union. Since then Klimov and his associates have been engaged in a bitter, often bloody duel for the "soul of the'Soviet man." Twice in recent months Moscow's agents attempted to kill the anti-Red leader. They also ransacked the files of his Munich headquarters in an effort to get addresses of Russian refugees * * * The Kremlin's new spy ring, according to Klimov, prints a newspaper in East Germany which is •reaching former Soviet citizens all over the world, including the U.S. ing letters—clearly dictated by the secret police—urging them to return to Russia. "We miss you and yearn for you," the letters declare: "Please come back quickly to those who love you." The process -of softening-up by propaganda is often followed by personal visits from Soviet agents, who play on the refugee's homesickness .and make rosy promises. Last November, Klimov related, nine Russian seamen who have won asylum here attended a refugee ball in New York's St. Nicholas Arena and a stranger handed them a large parcel. • * * The parcel contained letters and photographs from the salors' parents and girl friends. In addition, the secretary ol their .Young Communist organization in Odessa had written to inform the seamen they had nothing to fear Irom their "mistake" if they came home. The sailors considered the letters as faked and it was Kh'rnov's view that the parcel reached "this country in a Soviet diplomatic pouch. On another occasion two of the sailors, while .walking on 42nd Street in New York, were followed by a Russian-speaking Negro who attempted more persuasion. Both incidents are now under FBI investigation. None of the refugees who return to Russia is permitted to go home, Klimov said. Instead they are forced to go to an espionage school in Potsdam, Soviet-controlled Germany, and are subsequently sent back West as spies. Two of these spies recently turned up in Klimov's Munich headquarters with a plea for help. 'We are here to spy on you, Mr- Many exiles have also been recelv- Klimov," they said, "please advise Army Sergeant Held for Rape Of 9-Year-Old Missouri Girl NBWBURO, Mo. Wl—Prosecuting Atty. Jay White of Phelps County says warrants charging rape and kidnaping will be issued • today agninnst nn Army sergeant accused of forcing a 9-year-old Newburg girl into his car and raping her on a lonely country road. State police said Sgt. Harvey M. Johnson, 28, a chunky brown-haired father of a 6-month-old daughter told them after his capture last night, "I'm sick and in a mess." , Officers said Johnson neither admitted nor denied raping the girl Rare Rubber Check WACO, Tex. I/PI — After 21 years as county clerk and three years before that as deputy clerk, Floyd Mitchell received his first hot check in payment of a marriage license fee. The bank returned the S2.50 check marked "Can't locate this account." Mitchell telephoned the address given on the check and no'oody answered. OLD FASHIONED REVIVAL Cam hew EruiielUt Ota Wool- Mr MCh nljht »t ihe Full Ooipcl T»b«m«cl«, Mllj Mid Vln« StttOti. »t »••>» P.". wlth MI* ipe«l»l m«l«. and had made no statement. The 200-pound sergeant, stationed at nearby Ft. Leonard Wood, offered no resistance when captured. The girl was in his parked car. . Police said the girl, identified as Nornm Jean Phelps, was taken to Pheips County Hospital at Rolla, where an examination established that she had been raped. Witnesses reported Norma was with another girl when a man grabbed her and forced her into his car. The other girl fled. GREGORY KLIMOV: A bitter duel for "soul of Soviet man." us what to do." To counteract Moscow's propaganda and espionage, Klimov's Central Association of Post-war Refugees maintains its own school in Munich for training underground workers. This school enables the anti-Communist Russians to keep contact with their friends behind the Iron Curtain and ateo train Red Army officers and soldiers who escape West. Frequently, as soon as a Red Army officer or soldier finds asylum in the West he broadcasts appeals to his friends who remained behind and also writes leaflets and other anti-Red propaganda material, which is dispatched behind the Iron Curtain through German underground channels. Klimov is convinced that the men in the Kremlin fear pro-democratic propaganda even more than the H-bomb. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger Thousands of couples ate wcaVt, worn-out, ei- hausted just because body lacks iron. For new younger feeling after 40, try Ostrex Tonic tablets. Contain iron for pep; supplement .loses vitamins BI and B-. 7-day gcl-ac- ituainted" sire costs little. Or get Economy *ize and save 51.45. At all druggists. Paint Closeout Many Types And Colors i Price Hubbard Hardware Found Only at Whitsitt's A qvest for Gttt FntilM t* Simplicity I 95 16 Here, the fabric—spot-rcilsUnt Imperial rayon faille—*nct tht icvercly simple line* 1 work to* tether to five you a fasclnattnf costume. The mandarin-tit collar 1) lined In contrasting fabric and the Skirt features our patented cut-out front. Black or Navy SUM 8-18. it's Whitsitt': '. Because you Ilk* Smart Thingi Why Do Horses Chew Wood? Expert Says He's in Dark By WAYNE HABBERT DAVIS, Calif. UPi — Prof. Carroll E. Howell said today he doesn't think sawing between the front teeth of horses will stop them from chewing wood. Nor does he believe ' feeding them salt will do it. He once fed horses up to 1% pounds a day and they still chewed on fence posts and mangers. The University of California animal husbandry professor has received a good stack of mail since he lectured on why horses chew wood, and — as he admitted at a farm and home conference last month — "we don't know exactly yet." He figures maybe they're just bored. - Sugge'stions have come all the way from Devonshire, England. But sitting at his desk behind a glass door lettered "Horses," the professor just shook his head and said: "I don't think there's one that I haven't already tried." He hasn't tried sawing, between teeth. He Won't either, because he is sure that would make a horse's mouth so sore he couldn't even chew oats. A Sacramento man wrote that his father use dto saw between a horse's-teeth with a fine saw and "that used to .stop them." A similar suggestion came from Windsor, Ont. The advice from Devon said horses chew wood because "to their delight it tastes salty, so they go on chewing In the 'hopes that they will find some more salt." "No doubt the acid in redwood is what the horse is after to kill worms," wrote a man from Santa Paula, Calif. "A certain amount of sifted wood ashes" added to a horse's food will stop chewing, the professor was told from Viroqua, Wls. The Port"horses have too much leisure since machines have taken over much of their burden" and observed that: "A lot of people spend their Increased leisure with an equal lack of purpose." James Mason Recuperating HOLLYWOOD (ff)—British actor James Mason is recovering from a bout with virus pneumonia. His wife, Pamela, said Mason has been ill 10 days but was up and about'for the first time. He expects to be well enough to leave the house by the end of the week. Mrs. Mason said her husband preferred to remain in their home rather than heed his doctor's advice to enter a hospital. Power Line, Mud Save Man's Life AMARILLO, Tex. (#) — Doctors credited a power line and soft mud with saving the life of a construction worker who fell more than 100 feet from the top of the Petroleum Building in downtown Amarillo. Paul Martinez, 32, .was hospitalized for a compound fracture of his right leg, a cut ankle- and shock. He struck a power line about 70 feet down which softened his fall into an alley of mud. Friends (?) Take Over While Man Is In Jail LOS ANGELES Wl — While Mc- ^arry was in jail, police said five of his friends invited themselves over for a barbecued pigeon dinner — McGarry's pigeons. ; 'They were my special birds, I was trying to breed a different colored pigeon," complained Frank McGarry from his jail where he is serving a 90-day misdemeanor sentence. The five so-called friends were booked on suspicion of burglary. They denied stealing the birds. Buffalo Project Grows too Big ST. LOUIS (J)—Fifteen years ag Marion J. L. Lambert, St. Louis business executive and sportsman, started a one-man crusade to save the buffalo—the "vanishing bison". He purchased a bull and two cows and turned them loose on his 5,000- acre game preserve near Land Olakes, Wis. Fifty bison have been born in the past 15 years and 20 calves are ready for delivery soon. The herd has become a hazard and a nuisance and bills are running high. He has considered every solution. Meat packers, zoos, conservation commissions won't buy them. The State of Wisconsin doesn't like his proposal of simply turning them loose. He has ruled out slaughtering them. Right now, he admits, he is buffaloed. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Kat. talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of insecure false teeth dropping, slipping or wobbling, PASTEETH holds plates firmer and more comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Doesn't cause nausea. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTKTH *4 tax druE counter. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 In Step With Spring at Whitsitt's The costume look of ti-to-toe fashion! Full length coat of Worstrella, a tissue-weight wool, adopts the Mandarin manner ... its splinter-sli msilhouette side- slashed to reveal a printed Surette lining. Glossy Surette blouse is color-coordinated . . . and tapered skirt is blessed with self-belt and pockets. Black, navy, moss, geranium, beige or blue. Sizes 7 to 17. Found Only at Whitsitt's it's Whitsitt's "Btcauft You Lik* Smart Thingi" Couple Has 6th Set of Twins JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. P. J. Arquette, 38, has given birth her sixth set of twins—her 18th and 19th youngsters—and her husband says he has "about run out of names." 'I think I will just begin call-" nig them One, Two, Three, et cetera," said Arquette, a scliool janitor. Father Dies At Wedding Of Daughter HADDON HEIGHTS, N. J. W — Edwin C. Spencer, 61, of Audubon, N. J., died of a heart attack a tew minutes after giving his daughter's hand in marriage. Death came to Spencer, sitting in a pew with his wife, as the marriage was drawing to a close Saturday in Haddon Heights Baptist Church, The Rev. Kenneth W. Masteller, who performed the marriage, said that about 100 guests attended a reception after the ceremony at tiie insistence of Mrs. Spencer. "He would have wanted it this way," the pastor quoted Mrs. Spencer as sayin?. MRS. B. WILLIAMS, Denver, Colo., says: "We've used St. Joseph Aspirin For Children for years. I'm sure of exact dosage anil my rhilrtren- like its orange flavor." SI. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Public Kiss Brings Arrest TAIPEI, Formosa W—A married couple who kissed each other In t crowded bus depot at Keelung, th» seaport of Taipei, were taken to n police station for questioning. Kissing in public, said the po» lice, is an offense against morality. "Stuff and nonsense," protetsed Li Kuo-chu. "Kissing your own wife, whether in public or private, is not an offense against anything or any^ body," Mrs. Li intervened. "He is drunk. I'll take him horn* and, when he is sober, ht will come back and apologize." The police let them go. Lasting Relief for PILE PAINs CLINIC-TESTED Thornton-Minor Ointnmil You feel soothing comfort *Q fut, too* That's because Thornton-Minor Ointment is a complete formula with fwt- actine, long-lasting special inffndtmta to check itching, burning, pain and help reduce Broiling. Ointmant or fop* pository form, only 31.00. Ask for H at any drug store but insist on («•» Ino Thornton-Minor OiatmtaL RARE MOUNTAIN COFFEE! This is what puts the distinctive flavor in Folger's...a flavor you'll find unusually rich and tangy, never flat, never bitter . Coffee experts agree—the richest, most flavorful coffees are grown in remote mountain regions where nature provides an abundance of fertile volcanic soil, year-round sunlight, and warm tropic rain. These are choice Mountain-Grown coffees, conceded to have the rarest tang and most satisfying flavor of any coffee known. These are the coffees Folger's selects and blends in their unique way... the coffees that give Folger's its rare fragrance, clear amber color and distinctively better flavor—unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Try Mountain-Grown Folger's tomorrow! We think once you've tasted Folger's you'll never be satisfied with any other brand. Folger's Coffee ...mountain-grown SO MUCH RICHER IN FLAVOR YOU ARE UROED TO USE X ttSS THAU WITH LESSER FUYO*EO MANOM

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