The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER f, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Mae West Went to Heaven as Little vaudeville with nil acrobatic net, In which she toswd her mate partners about with ensy. grace. But by the time she was 10 years old, Mae West's optimism, eagerness for the spotlight Uml keen eye (or the main chance tad landed her In the "Big Time." the Keith circuit whose nadir lu the Palace. Here Mae West \vns perhaps the Inventor, aiul cerwlnly one (jf U'.e pioneers o] the shimmy. Ahhougn tx>l)i Ilee 1'aliner and GIKIn Gray have been given credit for this great contribution to the art of the dance, Mae Wesi supporters claim they never were any greul shakes, and thai Mae herself brought on the dny when a shimmy was no longer a shin. Mm- West ulways had n c°°d act In vnmlf\llle, and prlilcs herself ttxlay 0:1 tiie fact that 'If llu! b:il- lotn dropped out of tile ^x•xy piny business, .she' could still make good ^s a vaudeville singer and dancer. Shu heljx'd [.everal of her vaudeville nccumpiuii.sus lo niuke i!ood----. among '.hem were lluvry llldnimn, whom slw pevsuaded to ennnye Ms name Ironi Rclcliinan. and Jack Smltli. "The Whispering Uarilom-." Hiu ilie shimmy .soon fulled to .'-hock a theater world thfil was. turning smoothie, nnd Mai 1 West went on to Higher Things. Shi appeared only now and then li •some muslc;il show, but Ilie lich to write U'.ul bioke out nil IhraiiKl hi-r youth In n remarkable abilUj to "ad lib" Hues under all circumstances, nuw broke 1 out in n pin; of her own. It was called, will the de-Unite restraint lljal has nuiikt'd Mm:'s whole 1 cart-ir. "Sox." Sleele Society — Personal I'etly-llolly. Aiinouncnnctu h;is been made of miirrhiti' til Miss Jewell Petty and 13uel tliucl) iic.tiy wiiieli look place August 5 ill Mai tun, Aik.,'Hie llcv. E. K. Mewi-ll iK'iluumxl the ceremony, wliK-h was Xepl a .secret until recently. The bride Is ti'.e daughter of Mr. and Mi*. W. E. I'elty of Dec-ring. She has b.'cn nr.iklnr; her home here with Mr and Mis Hslell 1'el ty for -M vi-rul mouths and was n xipular im inbi-r of Ihe freslnniin is* "I Ki.>'li' high school. She Is sister ol Mis. Douglas (livens of cnntllc Co., of caruthersvllle. Mr. Smith Is tho .son of Mr. «tki Mrs. J, H. Smith of SWele. Ho Is a graduate of Carmhersvllle lilgh school ami-attended the University of Missouri. He Is now In the oil business, operating stations at C'a- rulliersvllle, Cooler and SWele. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will make their home here. Mrs. Ulster unlley of Phoenix, Ariz., who Is visiting relatives here. Is being honored with many lovely social events. Wcilnesday of last week Mrs. N, Johnson and Mrs. Gerald Brooks were hostesses at a bridge party nl Mrs. Jolinsoli's home, eotuplinu'iulng Mrs. Bailey. Out of town j.icsts Included Mrs. J. R. Hutchlnson of Corulhersvllle :md Mrs. Dixie Crawford and Mrs. Ulley li. Jones of Wyihevllk'. ami Mrs. Charley Crawford Jr., for-! homo coming at the Jon«boro or merly ol here, wno now live at Swift. Mrs. Crawford Is the daughter of Mr. find Mrs. uhnrlcy Jenkins. Mrs. Vlrtfliitn Darner of MsUlcn Is the guest of her (laughters, Mrs. M. O. Atwood itrul Miss Faye Corner. Mr. and Mis. William 1'owell ot _ i Memphis .ipt'i-i liusl week-end near Mr. Holly Is the son of Mr. and I Slc«k> with tin 1 hitler's mother, Mrs. ,lra. W. N. llully. pSinileis of Co-jl- ' Holfrrd, ai:<l s:-:tfr. Mre. Hill Oak ur. lie is ;i uuiliKilf ol Cooler liliili \ ley of Coder. I i As a golden-haired Little Eva, Mae West ofien took ilie piano-wire route lo heaven in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" . . . later, as ft vaudeville acrobat, she was buxom enough to toss her male partners about. . . . All of which was good training 'for lier arrest 'and conviction on charges that her piay "Sex" was indecent. . . Al right is an early picture of Mae West, taken al the time of lier trial seven years ago. 10 Days In Jail Paved Mae's to Fame and Fortune 4 Way that in Ihis period of her fife she used to xaze on the solid proper tions of the Venus of Melos nn< devously wish that some dny sh might embody Ihcu? famous meas urements. But of course Mae Wes is a bit of a ladder. First 1'luy Drlnffs Arrest Some iK'Ople IhouuUt "Sex" was; funny, some IhoiiBhl h vulgar, must of the crhlcs called it eni'Dage, and praclically evi'rybody nc.rml Ihut was a leiTiblc play. Bui for II lonllus Daly's Theater was jaiunicd vith people who wenl lo Hud out. bout "&.-X." Mac West's Hi:,I. play viis a sensation. Tnen sudtlenly sonieuody dls- ovcrcd that "Sex" was immoral. The pallet- pounced on Daly's Tlica- cr, and bnndltKl Ihe luscious Mae nto Hie Black Maria for the trip o court. Despite fervent pleas of ler lawyers thai "Sex" was no more obscene., than "Hamlet" and really soir.cthing like "A Talc of Two Cities," a jury nwiiuled Mac 10 days gn Welfare island and $10,000 worth of priceless publicity. Visiting loyalty seldom go'- IIIOK attention than Mac Wcsi get during her brief sojourn in the "gow 1 at Welfare Island. Interviews, pit lures, inagazlric articles on her ex EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the. child would one day make an even .second of thrw stories on Mae West, tile buxom actress who is re- curves to feminine favor. J BY WII.T.IS THORNTON . ,\. NEA Sen-ice Writer (/'-'NEW YORK.—Tne girl who was -0:put"f7ie"~re<rifglil in~thc theater | ;in place of the spotlight," and the .hour-glass in the place of the stove- poker as-a model for the female form divine, was destined for the theater as inevitably as a hot dog is destined for a bun . . Mae West's mother was a na- .live Parisienr.e. She died a few years ago. Battling Jack West, the pne-time lightweight prize fighter Kho was her father, is now ft I/jng bland chiropractor. Mae grew up In Greenpoint In the far reaches jf darkest Brooklyn. She was one jf those kids [hat every neighborhood knows: she "had talent.' Mae won most of the prizes at !imateur theatrical affairs. Before she was five she was giving I 'performances al church mid club" socials, doing impersonations of 'Eva T.inguay, Eddie Foy, George 'M. Cohan, and the popular idols : 3f ti day which Mae herself now 'lays was not so 9D 44-100 per cent jure ns some like to suppose. She refers you to the Police Gazette Tor 1303. I « » * I The Kid Was Good • The kid was good, all agreed, 'ma soon she went ahead. She got )n as a child actress with Hal Clarendon's Stock Company at the | 'jOtham Theater in Eiisl New York. 3he played child characters in the ;ood old shows like "Litlle Lord Fauntleroy," "Tl>e Moonshiner's • laughter." and "East Lynne." She the little daughter who im"Pather. dear father, com? c with me now," in "Ten Nights Bar Room." | She was the saccharine lavcy '.Wary in "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cab- |)agc Patch." As ihc golden-haired ijillle Eva of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," I Alae was more lhan once wafted up | :o henven on n'piano wire. There no hint that this innocent greater succc-ss by going theatrically to hell in her own plays. However— Between the acts of the old- fashioned drama, there used to' be little -vaudeville acts called olios. Mae-^dlil-her share of these when the play did.not call for a child i part. She sang songs, and became, what was known in these days n.s a "coon shouter." Mae avers today scnool mill ;-, nuitiUEiT for I Ihe 1'l.uiuis Gin Co., « ror hfiidt-d lj> his dtilKT which owns, | 0]le> nd. opura'.t-s M'Wi'iil urns in thls| „_ '. county. i •• Mr. uud Mrs. llully ure now 111'- I "~~~ ing With Mr. llully's parents ul CiKjlfr but .tit- ]>)iiimlii)>, u homo of • their 0^11 :is soon us tine fan bnlll. Taylnr-Sniilli. A wedding ul uiucli Interest here was that of Miss Francis Taylor nnd I)ew:,[i Siiillh. prrfmitu'd Sunday afti p :nuun in the study cif Ihe Kcv. Uo». pastor of the Methodist clinrch. Tlivlr unly itllciidunt WHS Hoy H. !lal|K;r. Tin: biiile Is Ihi- iliiujlUer ol Mw. Im Tuyjir o! CullonvvctKl I'olnl. he is 11 v ril dualc ul Caiuthersvllle Ki'liuu! nnd of Uraughan's uslntw eolh-KC. Memphis, and has x:cn etii])!oye(L by Ihe Trailers Mer- wrlcnces. "eolor" tor new pliiys. .lid a kw-ll Unit! were hud by all, •specially by M;ie. When the 10 lays were up. the iiut.'.or-produc- r-titar was full of new plays and >lans. 1'uriflrd by this ordeal of punishment for her hisirlonle sins Mae -West was ready now lo y on to- tl'.e triumph lhal was lo make "Dia:uanil 1.11" u nullona lieralnp and Mi's regal (Inure i beacon v r . hope alike for the de. dining co:scl inunslry and the wo man who never could slay on I diet. Announcements have been rccolv- 1-2 [xnnul cliuighU-r of Mr. 1n « Co " phans home Monday at which noted preachers of Hie Cmirch .ot Christ, siwke. /' Hayborn Ovcrlnrf of St. Louis spent last wctlc end wlth-hla parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ovmurf, mid sister, Mrs. Robert Steel*. Mrs. Virginia Melton was taken i the Methodist, hospital al Memr reported resting well. Mrs. Stelln Tin-ley of Oape air- vllle .oills he Barker. i [viin, oi^jm * iiiiv* wi XSM i Molso Clrcen of Canilhers-' rd( , nu ^ ll( , re oll business, and Miss Mtiiy Felly of SI.'. . ,__ _ week end Bnesls ofj Jo Holly nnd Rnbyp • Many Women Benefited Thousands ot women have t*h) Mr. and Mis. DIM Dales of Car-' CAHDUI helped them to overcome mil"in Memphis und that alter continued u« many, of their ailments disappeared «n« Ui Ilelle,' tlrely. TryCardull DniEtUta«UIt. his son. I Mrs.] allcnded the Monday night. William li. York of Ma., Is Ilii 1 Biicst of Clinrles York, and N. John^>n. llnither CJrorKC W. 1> Hoff, lly;-on Weaver. James. I,. Wlillfleld, Cecil rfirl anil Hit: Misses Irene Whltlk-ld, Vullle Casey. Fom l.ce Ondimii, Have] WCIIVIT, and Hn- tlia Mac De lloff ittlended the It's Neu>! Black Satin Pump STAINLESS "Baby Vamp" in Burlesque From the child roles of the stock j Ssmeformula-Saira! -^ >tOT»' company, Mae naturally graduated I price. In original form, \\IVjJ 0 * into burlesque, via a dancing school. I ,„„ ;tvn,,nr,r~r \^ -^ There she earned the name of "The | Baby Vamp." she did a strc'.ch in 11 too... if you prefer. FOR SEVERE COLDS NFXT: A new ftmlntlif Ideal :tp |»»rs, and nliat M:ie Wfsl think it will mran to wamrn. Bennett's in 11 k Is fate — it's prcixirly pasteurized. At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic (Rochc.sUT, Minn.) Ilie health iilflcer, Ur. D. C. I/Kkhend, recently said In n .stall 1 . limit [hroiiRh Hit: press. "We In me health depaitment are concerned about milk from two anulcs, Became It Is the best food oblamable, we wiml to sen u consumed In urent iHinnlltlr-s, and l«- pniisi 1 of the jiosslblhty cil Its sprenillun (ItseaEe, we want to know that our loeni mpply Is produced under all the rohue- mentH ol prothicllon cominci dally possible and Ihut it Ijt pastrurlzrd ho Ih.-U wr tan guarantee It ftafc." Ti'leiihonc Nn. V'l Bennett's Dairy Trend) Htrt $3.45 A Novolty rump. Brown j Kill' and Suwlc cnnihln- ' I'll. . l-'renth Heel. $2.95 Also in lilack in a few dnys. . Arch Kupimrl TicH Klat'k (ir l!ruwn Kill. Ncally I'c'rforati'd. Cti- liiin Heels. $3.95 Kid Ties Cuban Hcvl. $2.95 0. f. Ganske "Tin- Shoe M«n" Gly-Cas Did Him Mor^ Good Than All Others Mr. Hurst Had Lost Faith In AH Medicines —Until He Tried the New (ily- C:is; Now Enjoys Good Health Again Many hundreds' of blythcville residents an<l people throughout this entile section are now taking Gly-Cas, the ninaziiiL; com- liinnlions of natures puresl and powerful medical properties, ami How.... do you Sleep ^ Jt on Hot Nights 5**- Make this \$ Beautyrest Test Get Rid of MM. F. HURST many arc frankly saying Banish Chill* and Fever! To connnrr Malaria, you must do wo things, tl) Destroy the in- ei.:.oii l-i'llio Wcc-d. (2) Build up IIP -hloo'J to overcome Ihc cflccts ind to fortify ajalnst further at- *cfc. There Is ore medicine that ICC-M these two things and that Is Jrcve's Taslclcs-, Chill Tonic! The nstcless nulniiie in Grove's Tnstc- css chill"Tonic destroys the ma- arHl Infection ii. the blood while he iron builds up the blood. Thou- lantls of people have conquered vlnlaYta-1 with the- aid of Grove's rns:eless Chill Tonic. In addition | 'o being a noted remedy for Maaria, it Is also an excellent tonic •if general use. Orove's Tasteless )lilll Tonic Is pleasant to take and Yitnlns 'lothing harmful. -Even ..;,drcn like it and they can tafce RTifely.' For sale by all stores. -Adv. they have ni-ver before hart .any rncdicine' to act so suiprisin'gly upon the system. Blythevllle residents by ihc scores continue to publicly endorse Gly-Cas and praise It ns ;hcy have never praised anything tetorc. Read what Mr. F. M- Hurst. 520 North Ninlh St., Bly- thtville. well known retired farmer who has lived here a number f.f years, snid recently: "Gly-Cas is the only medicine I have ever laken that gives the U is supposed lo give," lie said, "t had lost failh in ill medicines bul was finally persuaded lo try Ihis new herbal remedy as so many ixx>ple were praising it here. And was I surprised when It began to give me from the very first. Why it was no time until my stomach and bowels were regulated, was (reed of years of suffering from l.-.mbago. Now I get around with ease, stoop over and do as I like ich I could never do before Mv vvlfe got wonderful relief from Gly-Cas too. and we both Join In praising Gly-Cas for the re :narkable results it gives—even In cases where other remedies fal to have any effect." Gly-Cas is sold by Klrby Bros. Drug Co., Main at Broadway, and by all leading drug stores in sur- lotmding towns. — Adv WARNING It Is.danscrims for liwxptrlencnl men to nil >«ur prtscrliillona. AI.I< prescriptions ai tilled at KIRBY'S by KEUISTKKKU MEN ONLY. Uon't l^: misled by iiropa^.-iiiila that nur prices im presttlpUtmK arc hlfh. COM- 1'AKK PRICKS. We cuiiranlre tlic lit-st prices In tuwn—V1.US SAFETV. ASK YOIJH DOCTOR. ' "• " :"' ! 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