The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1937
Page 2
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'"PAGE-TWO 3LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) . CO.PRIER TUESDAY, MARCli 30, l<J3f Texas Colonial iwed dumping of metallic juiik ' H o,u s hig 'Administialion Wains Against Evil of * Overbuying" WASHINGTON, D C.—Winning that the failure of the building industry to construct enough small, inexpensive houses to supply the ciemqnd v\i)I icsult In "overbuying" anrt Us Accompanying evils, the 1'ederal Housing Administration reaffirmed' today its endorsement, of the small-house demonstration program iccentlv launched by various elements of the building industry. Administration officmls pointed out that in many cities bulldeis are concentrating on t the constiuc- tlon ot the \norc expensive t> pe of houses>falHnf» to build n •sufficient number of small dwelling unit? Continuance, of such n policy may result other in oveibujliig 01 the postponement of home purchase bv thousands of families \vho are now desirous of owning homes. Too Manj Houses One of the reasons for the seriousness of the icnl estate crnsli of 1930 was the oieipioducttoi of honles In Uio hlglicr-piiccd range-, which found their vvny into the hands of families unable to affoid them, according to the Feiteinl Housing'Admlnlstiation Unless steps me taken to supply the tjppj of houses which the public can afford to buy, this simc situation, moy appear again, ic- sulting in another crash of' serious proportions. It was pointed' o\it that,'while there is mucnoimaus deiriaiid for small houses, builders must, not, fail to build, houses in the more expensUe brackets Concentiallon on ^inexpensive houses to the ev- clusloij of larger houses would seridtelj -.handicap the recovoiy of the building Industry, , Many Tjpcs The building of any one type of house to the exclusion of any ollt- er .Is dangerous' for (ha bulldlnc indiUry.^payicularly m a peilod or ^cxjj&nainj activity • Tlio indus- tijtyijuslobe ready to supply ihouv es lojevery class of buvei, it It Is «v, e-.--T^— J m Now York State the buildup industry has round that concentration on Die medium-priced field to the exclusion of all othei classes Is as misiUIs- fa,ctory as the building of only ex- Pensive houses In tins instance DO per cent of the houses built dui- i«S one year were puced at between $5,000 and SO COO * No Appeal It was 'found Ihat the house? ueio too expensive for the bujer with small means nnd did not appeal to (lie buyer with a laigc income Atony buyers have postponed home ownership because the houses were too expensive, while another group has not bought because the houses were too small Sonic buyers with small incomes have purchased houses which cost more than thcy could affoul to pay simply because they have become convinced that houses co,t- Ing less than $5,000 must be fault} ™m« «,« V some respsct ._, ,«-...,., wvijti,], tst.ll : to buy moie expensive houses nave finally purchased a smallei house because they ha\e been unable to find what thcy wanted Mr. and Mrs. Stevens Improving Their Home A number of BJvlhcuHe houses are being improved by changes Mr t and Mrs C S Stevens have program of Thin pleasing five-room \vooil frame coluniiil collai;?, with flagstone lemice, has been well designed to lit iii!i> a Sun 'Antonio, Tex., ncigliborliuml, whisli ia prinmrJJy n iln'vclounicnt,'. Tli'o conveniently ntvnugccl house was designed anil limit by Mrs. Ksflier O'Hare. The tola! cost ot i'hcs property, iuclmliii); a gurnj;b ami oilier improvements, was $3,200. Tholanil value wnssc! nt SSOO.^Thc Federal Housing lAdfitlnMiatioii insiirc.d.a $3,0j)l) mortgage on Ihq pnnicrly, lu' lie repaid monthly, Inchiiliuj; interest, taME, insurance, anti sen ice charges, of $33,20, over » lierioil of 1.5 years, TUo huusa has an estimated rental .value of. $.15, ' ;. ' FHA Gives Its Approval to t^je Modem btil, Not The Modeunstic V/A$HINOION, D O — In thc classification of types of houses for insured mortgage loans a" distinction Is midc bj the Federal Housing Administration" : between Die modern a'n'ij (lie modernistic house A modem house according to the definition of the Federal Housing Administration, is a dwelling so cbnstri'lctcd as (o af- foul comfoit convenience, ind Ilvibility within cm (am cost range, while the'more or less special design of a so-called modernistic does not paillcuhilv add to '- iiUWj i i : Dwelling designs which are likr-iv lo meet with the measured ippiov-il of Icdcrai Housing Ad- ministialion ippiaiseis, olhei ' "T heing emial aic those which moie neaily contoim lo what is iCgndccl a' the orthodox tvic of house (hat Is the house that Is standard In construction "id does not depiU radically fiom the style of houses hi- Its immediate vicinity. That docs not inein thai, the homes in a nlven pcctlon must all be built - alike after the same pattern and according'to thc .siime architectural plan or ; even of tlio same material In fact even in a newly, improved subdivision of moderately priced nouses it is generally not desirable •> have Idem look as if aii of 'liem hart been made from- the ranis model, as if. carved out with v cookie cutter, but rather U'nt ibcy shall nresrat a harmonious picture of development hi kecpm jvuii- His surroundings. Ultra cf rets in houses which do not lend .|.toisel.ycs lo the symmetrical ic- lationsliiu of the structiive in the "•-•"-g area add little, if 'o its value 1 ' from thc squlpmciit.. Is .this reasonable? '.''•' A. It inusl. be remembered,- in'rc- ard lo such '•equipment, thatrtlie' nrst cost Is rarely/ jf 'ever^the In'st "° ' — i thing which is partlcularh liue of equipment which contains moving paits Consetjuently vvo'n Bhoosmg equipment, the Items of repair operating cost and the probable length of service befoie -eplacement must be considered Q I have a one and a half-stort house without going to the ex me of Insulating ho« can I nakc the seconct-flooi space more coo! in tlic:Suiiiiner? A Provide lirge loincrs m each "ible end of the roof (o circulate the ih In the space between the celling and the roof on hip icofb provide louvei dormeis The Jon veis should be built is high as pos- I iin going to bui(d nncl rant mv living room to bcv-lust i lent What no the nitim etc- nents to be consldeied in its de Adaptability Is First Requirement in Home. f or Appliances Urged Beauts of aichUccturp nnd ex-1 'considerable thought should be •""•-" of comiriictiqa will not | gtvcn to the placing of outlets for cc Hence make up for doors in the wrong ' fixtures in buililin places, darkness where (licit- Electric outlets a new home' arc not expensive .Dould be licht, and the thousand to install at the time of con- other details t,iiat make living • struclion. but aro very expensive V easant and attractive. No home j to ,,rtd vvlthnuL damage lo the : suitnbl; if It is not designed for )r easily adapted to Hie needs of the familv living in it. . nttciition to the livn-1 oibtj of a home is yiven to those , i •• r bujcia, vvell crnstructed imdci the terms of srortc 1. - * ____ ,V,« TT __ 1 ____ . .» ____ • ..... . L b Is Addition to. Home A porch or terrace is a valuable adjunct to the new or inodcrn- i/ed house.' . The opportunity of spending Mine. In the open ! air, or serving' meal's but of 'doors. Is too pleasant and healthful' to be neglected/ This.'t; a .consideration when a neiv home (s pinnncd. Homes may T be financed: under the terms of In Inspecting a home that is to'the Insured Mortgage system of 1 fintuiccd limlcr tlic Insured tl' B rVUoral Housing Ad'minislra- _ after its completion, sufficiency of outlets adds 6>'c >y to convenicnco. of marketability even Ihoiijh- '.their liislaUation may hnvc materially increased the cost rOi Ihe building. . rinernljv ' si'ir.1,. houses am <•* designed, and constructed JQ meet the special.'taste of ', 1 thcy are often locntjd. in areas where thrre u -° dec<i or b "»'lins rcstnc ns. Home buyers generally 11D leluctant to accept many of ih ..-Jew- angled touches that are be ;.nn introduced into this type o house. The average-.buyer prefds to acqi.rc the character of cquip- .iiicnl. and construction which ha .proven their worth ' ° .Pflrtlcuiarly in low-cust homes tandard equipment ; is called to as well as standard construction ami, as a rule, the ultra modern islic is av-cjdcd in both instances. The dming-living room combination has much In its favor arid offers many advantages- but 'i space allows, a separate dining room adds much to family life' .. ,_ .. —- -- — ••—• b"s>- System, the Federal tiim. the Federal Housing Adminislra-1 nousini; Administration considers - - ' (he adequacy of electric outlets. I Read courier News Want Ad.« t!on TERRY ABSTRACT '& REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & loans E. Rr. Terry, 'rrc's. *nd Mgf. Phone 617 Blythcfuip, Ark. II » w tC .'i en " nd ba "'foom and v. i !? c sllwmer oak floors will re Hid anc! a heating plant Install- Tho windows of tic kilthon ^ero changed so as to have n window ,over the tink cabinet-; were built on each tide and the room redecorated Modern bath figures arc being I put in the bathroom and a tlcJtl was put into a comer of the room Mrv G S Barnis is IMVIIV her ! house repamtcd and minor improvements made -rf^ 6 ' °, M Gray ha5 "dccorat' r kitchen aftei rearranging ARISTOCRAT Two-way Door i A double-suing door, fitted vv.tbj Wngcs which allow it to open I from either 51(10 is one of ihcl gieatcst conveniences in tlic Kitchen u thould te the dooi Hhicli leads from kitchen to din- fag room LWHOVB 1'UUK PROPERTY NOW Well help you secure a FHA loan. {- •' Wall 1'aycr Paints - Varnishes i Auto & Window Plate n Glass .BLY.THEYILLB PAINT and "WALLPAPER CO. Glcncoc Bldg. ', Phone 8SO MAGIC VOICE And a real aristocrat it is loo! A radio thai belongs in Iho finest homes in Amotica, because i! brings with it a heritage of qualify and character found in no olher radio. Aradioot impressive beauty! A radio of amazing performance! A IS-tube superheterodyne-gels foreign and domestic programs- police, aviaiion and amaleur calls. .Easy Terms Olhct RCA Victor models libm S20.00 nd clean' fill, -i now- want to build i home, can I build on top of this A. it Is advisable to build upon olid earth, 'hence you should have" •our cellar, dug and extend your oundation welV'dqwn to solid bear-' .- If a 1 cellar is'not'conUni-' lated, it 'is '' possible (o'level the' 11. and, pour a reinforced concrete' lat'properly designed •'and con- TOl. the house upon tills mat. To onsult a' competent architect or nglncer on such a particular prob-' eni is adyisable. • ••:-.- Q. My hcjine. Is only 15 years old, md It has been necessary for me;to' 'eplace some 'of my ••••'• - " given a favored 'locations- to- cx- ,.osure to sunlight and attractive views, and It should be conveniently accessible lo other roqiiis. Q- I want lo build and '.laves two lols in inlnd: one is • on a major "thoroughfare aiiB the othci; T-n- side : street-.' ; Wiiich slioulci'-i A'.". Your choice should ue tnc pronert'j;;''on 'the'sWe 'street lilher tha!i : llie on6 on a inajor ihor- oujjhfare' where there : is heavy itrnffic,' inore 'nouse "and danger, 'and;'less prlvijcy'.' ' '' : ' • • Closet \|i[ith Built-in Equipment Is Handy Houses built for a famly of. torn- 'or five persons should have a storage 'closet containing built- •' In-drawers, boot racks, hat com-'. partments, hangers for coats, ami's' containers for rubbers, galoshes,, etc, Attics, if not too-low. may be'' used for storage space also.' Wa-' terproofqd, cellars, If '• they: are veil-,.""Sted by. 'one or" iwo windows,'.-, will serve for storage'space for 1 ' trunks; suitcases, etc. •'. ; ' ; Kfi-C|!roof .Shelves ' 1'WJicn cupboards are."over the 'cooking range,' 'a sheet of asbestos should be placed on' the under side" of the cupboard, to prevent over- : heating of the wood. v livmg room, ^s co of tlle fami| y st roow '" Hie A Thc should be >,„„ TI "'" '"is"<, room in tnc house Its size will vaiy with the ize of thp house the size ind -iicuyistaiice^of Uie family group EtFCTKIC * WELDING AT BEST PRIOE3 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE IB A MONTH is paying for this home One lusuied i^Ioitg:<i?e is the only mtlebt ctfness It is jjeing paid off ovei a peiiod ofj 20 yc.ub — a teim which makes possible the lo\v monthh paMiients (no moie than lent) E<ich pauncul nvcluiles {axes, interest, insiuance, and a poition of the The home o\vnci'h down payment was about §500 He now makes but one paj ment a month, winch coveis eveij thing — including i eduction of the moitgage Thete aie no 'Wins' 1101 am need foi tefiiiancing Inquiries Will Be Gncn Courteous Atknlion THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. "PHOUE 10 ti«,ilsiMtii>i«- eir ar« 5 toni <onUoT pipet. Sound Rs»!nj ikiousd tkli >!l»tty conldo' '»'•« "II ncchanlcol gnalll,- B»o:n - it IrapotJ.'TKc proitam reaehei YOU OS llie mlcropKone II. TMl 15 flCA Mela) Tubes.. . . Super Fidelity 12" Dynamic Speaker . .. Selector Dial .. , ; Phonograph Connection. Built-in Antenna * Coupler, Every worthwhile radio feature Phone 2,' .1. W. Atlanis, JIg r . Alain & 2ml %ie is Aere ---; Don't miss : this Just : • •" t- '•: ' /v _. -..-;.' •;, .. • •-:>. , , •• Special Nciy Patterns — now otijSule at Bar.guiiL Prices! Fash'ipn ia interior decorating favors-:>yallpaper v . . .and thft new designs justify thc choice ,of paper.for your most attractive rooms. \Ve have new. patterns for every room 'in the house . ,. . new colors to com- plernent every co.lo.r scheme ... new designs for period'and modern rooms. Many designs arc washabje. and all are priced reasonably. BUYPAiNTNOWi Paint Prices Are Advancing, Effective ••••••'•;' r<: '. :.AW,5. ' "••.;: " : - • - Whal you buy {vbrii us before April i Oth, wil! lie.' charged at. the old price, llic same you \yould have paid a year ago. Buy no\y'and save the difference! Come in or phone-IOC — Let us : estimate yo.ur re,quh:ejnients 'Phone. 100:

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