The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1937
Page 6
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' PAGE SIX BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IS PIN 1937 < Ruffing's Holdout No Worly As. Gome? Rctunis to Good Form / 'Ibis is the sixth of i furs about major league training t2mp>, and 1937 pio^ptcls l»Y HARllY GllAYSOS' 11 Sporls IMItor, NI A Srntic ST. PETERSBURG, rii, Maich 23 — The Yankees aie standing' ''pat, and \vh\ shouldn't thej? s They uon the American l^eagni ) ennint by 19'- pitnc-s in lO^C No one; gave Red Huffing, a 20 Came winner lust season, a tumble during: his holdout sice?. The Ohicaed' red-head reduced a $30.- COO demand to $15,000 with-:nil i extra $10tO for his plnch-hltllng. ,Col. Jacob Rupperl lold him lie could .lake, 515,000 or remain on )u« Chicago bowling allejs • The reason for (his Is the apparent complete rctinn to foim ol Vernori Gomez. 'Hie Castlllan y hose pay was whacked fiom ' S20.WO to $14000 this spilng as a , penalty foi h\o pool seasons feeins to have the fast ball that • was his in 1914 With Ihe haul . one has returned the cui ve thai eKniod<"i on a hitter. - Ritht .now; Gomez looks, like a 20-smmc »Innn and ho dccldedh ., weakened mining's holdout post- 1 lion " ..The: Yankees'will stml the sca- f-nn Vvllh the tame 21 men who finished the woild scries last fall. ^Mvill Iloag is none the worse off i for Hie collision with DIMatr«lo 'Which put him In the hospital last Annul, and will be the ipc- ,oi>d cxtia oulfHdw Tlir> olhei "will be Iho redoubtable Roy John- Bon. ' Ernie Ko\ Is a laige ouineldei vhn lilts Ihe ball a mile and a Jmlf wh«n lie hits It and inns like chain lightning He dro\c In 105 jnns for Newaik, nllhough hilling ,cnly .298 in a Double A league His weakness is a cuivc ball, and you can't play wllh Ihe Yankees if von have any kind of a weakness. M"ki>^kj Imprcssiic ; Babe nohlgren may be carried rs a ulilitv fnfieldor Tlie San Francisco lad 1ms played second and third base. Dalilgicn'<; road to Ihe inajois as a first basr-innn has lieen a rocky one Aftci a yeai. In, iftosln'i Jlis \\ri\ Sot otn- chased Junrov Fox\. Then Dahl- pren came in Ihe Yankees with whom T-oidGchrlg'itnsn't im&otfi n game -since : June, -1925. , Frank> Makoskv, a 25-yeai-olc rieht-handei uo from Newark ha tlv] ;inside track tunpng. the new pllMicis because he excelled as n lelief ttorkci with the gears. He >-ai n -fork ball and contiol and i.'i him Joe McCarthy sees anothei Wi'^v Mooie. ' ; \V<"i Goronz Ruffing—he'll be in—Johnny Bioaca Bump Hadlej. Mnkrskv, mt Mnlonp. Johunv Miu-nhv inrt Moiitc Peai.son lo pilch, Mi-Caithy scarcely Is Ijlng awake niehts And with n niiirrieieii' low thai compares onlte favb'-ablv wltli anv in Ihe hMorv of baseball there ppam should be many a soot alon? Ihe mid wheie thn pllclflm: slaff can bos do\vn a hit nnd doctor un tiien wounds without beinu hurl to onv ereal extent The Pitchers' Nightmare Tbe Yankoes' minderers' rmv --MSrts--«Ith Frank Ciosetti, who bears tl .11 at Uic olate and hits n bull a Long way foi a little fellow ' Red Rolfe couldn't! 'null 'n ball when he first joined the Yankee ,trciin° ; hni. thn nnrtmoiith nrodu--.! now h>»- lo all fields with leuible forw H> can bunt a"d dia? and is lieht-^ins goin? to first basi ;Joe DiMnggio is the hitter's hll- ter—does it all well and Is superlative base-runner. Lou Gehrig bunts home runs aeainst the left field fence al• llini'sh his favorite field is right I-ike Gehrig. Bill Dickey look bad tm a ball and then hit th* same kind of pilch oul of the paik. Gepree Selkirk shook, whatever inferiority complex came out o: R;^succeeding Babe Ruth in rishl I and canie on to be one of the Slanding Pal Wiill Five Clubs About. 25 Candida les Working Out Under Assistant Coach Puckett James "Ace" I'uckclt, assistant coach, Is directing the activities of some 25 aspirants for Uic Dlylhc- vilte high school track (cam in workouts at Haley Field. Head Coach Carney G. Laslie is expected to return alxnil 1(15 last- of this week to again assume charge after ft leave of absence to help conduct annual spring football practice nt Virginia Military In- slilulc, Lexington, where h? Incomes an assistant coach within a short lime. 'I'jicre Is every Indication that the 'district track meet will be held under the floodlights this year, Instead of in the daytime as In the past. Among those who arc out for the track squad are: v Walker. Roberts. II. Bunco, jr niinch, Mosley. liickerstaff. Jenkins. Burton, justice, Chillis, Ue- sharse, Hood. Meredith, Alley. D. Warrinston. Go:luin. C. Moody. G Moody. L. smith, Harbert aml'Kln- nln»liam. Several others are also lakin? l>art In the activities including one or t'.vo who are not eligible but are going, through the conditioning program. Long, Tall Drink BY MAX NliA Service Sjiorls Writer ihe Kcnlitcks Delby nomlna lions are how oul so thnl for Ihe fltst lime It is possible'to know- Just what-sort-of ncld will pvoba- bli to postwaid in cailj Mas AnnouncLinent of the nomlncus' must. Inevitably.'• bring to mind memories of other Derbies: nnd qlher ; years.»It must also be the beginning of hope and dc-spalr for I iiiiny an owner wlio will sco the tragic failure of his horse lo live J]> lo stake horse class. Derby nominees 'come and go, and most of Ihein can boast 1 no more than lhat ''(hey were cnter- d in: the Derby." „ Hcndlne the list of nominations '01 this year's classic Is tlie name )f If. C. Applcgate. He'll be Iry- ing willi Chlgrc, a chestnut Bcld- lii|f..-.liy . Peter Hastlngs-Twllisht Maiden. , The name Applegale brings'back cmortcs of one-of---the. •'-• most 1 ipeib of, : Derby winners. H Was ore ihan 20 years ago lhat-lie iturcd Ihe great gelding,. Old osebud. and it ran lo a Derby •cord'\vhlch siood until Twenty rand came thundering down the retch to slash nearly two sec- ids from (lie record. Old Rosebud had been a clmm- :on at two, He wns one of tlic ew juvenile greats lo' live up ! to s promise at three.' Kclalions "of Sir Galahad III Down the linc k of this year's omlnaltons, comes Rlparlim, a ilter-than-ordinary sou of sir Galahad III. And then comes ucky Pledge, a full sister of the nmortal Gnllsinl Vox. You'll vc- lember how the son of Sir Galand-III and Marguerite, by Celt, alloped to victory. That was the ear Lord Derby came to America ' nd taught' us to say "Daliby." Privileged is there, nnd down a ttlc farther is Fairy Hill, already 'Inner of the Simla Anita Derby nd some 50 grand in shekels I hen there is War Admiral, ne of the best sons of Man o'War o come along for several years fany people thought this horse ould have trimmed Pompoon, and ertainly \he Is about as fast ns iorses ever are. At leasl, he Is rive Yankees who hit in 100 run: or^more in 1936. SelUik flics tc first, base. Jake Powell is n streaky hittc Jv^lib at any time is likely to m on a rampage such as Ihe one h. enjoyed in the world series, wher he made 10 hits. Roy Johnson is a relentless left hand hitter who drives in man hmkers ,"Tony LazMri Is one of th smartest plajers in the game bot at the nlale and in the Held ,\Wilh Iron Horse Gehrig nnd th inspirational DiMaggio pacln? tf Yankees,, there again appears be daylight beUeen them and s other clubs in the American League. Naturally, the Yankees will have (o remain Intact, but so will tlie IMroit Ti?ers If the Ruppcrt Rifles are not to again roar along In September. The "photographers-jiisl couldn't legist lakhiR this picture—and, of course, calling it "The Long nnd Short o( It," when Gilbert (Tiny) rteichert, 8 feet 1 inch House o£ David basketball plnyer, -cjimc to Winchester', Term., for a game, and Shorty, Baggell, •! feet 8 inches, at- lenclcd as u spectator. iThal's licichcrt on Uie left, of course. f'vcnty Grand was first and Mate third? Col. E. R. Bradley Is well represented. In fact, he's ready to tell all listeners that he is going lo win his fifth Derby—and his last. As to that no one can sa,v. The "kunncl" always has a strong Derby hand, and if each day brings him unpleasantly closer to four score, he doesn't look that old, and may last to win 11 couple more Derbies. His two. entries are Billionaire and Brooklyn, and it is the latlcr which Uic wily yenlleman from Idle Hour is tou'tlns;. Brooklyn is n son of Blue Larkspur, the Colonel's grealest horse, and Billionaire is a full brother to the Derby winner, Broker's Tip. The entry appears lo be plenty potent, All told there arc 103 entries, But by post time sonic 85 of them will have decided (hat the $500 starting fee had belter stay in the pocketbook and the ucrfr hopeful in the stall. HORSE THIEF MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1937 Oklahoma Wrestler 'Will Try To Start Winning Streak Again Greyhound, famous trotter, caught In the act of trying to sneak oft with a box of sugar ncjiv his stall at his winter Uainint' qunrK-rs in Seminole Parl:, Kla Driver, ill. Gives Tips PUEBLO. Colo. (UP) — If you want lo avoid collisions "keep your feet near, the brakes," is the advice of Frank licnham, 91, who has driven an automobile 100,000 miles without an accident. Benham is tin; oldest licensed driver In Colorado. He came to Colorado in an ox-drawn prairie .schooner. Will Hold Annual 4-H Civil) Tourney .At Etowili Friday; The annual 4-H club boys and fih'ls bnskelball tournament will be licld ; at Etowah Friday. , April 2, it was announced loday. Play will begin Friday morning and Ihe finals will be held Friday night wjth , the.. |o.v> of a sfnob; game ellmlmittng ! conlcsling teams. Pairings -have hot yet been announced bul m boys' teams and H 'Bills' teams are cxpecled lo lake part in the tourney. Clubs expeclcd to enter learns in both divisions of play me: Yarbro; Half Moon, Wliltton, Hatcher. Lost Cane, Manila. u«l Line. Kelscr, Stlllman, Etowah, Promised Land, Brown and Black Water. Rocky will have a team In' tlic boys' competition and Lone Oak In. the girls' competition. 111 the process of manufacture, shoes go through ISO different operations. WRESTLING Every Monday Niglil 8 P.M. PAT O'DOWDY - CHIEF MTTLE M'OI-K RAUL LOPE/. vs. JACK KARNE1T American Legion Stadium \hcn he wanls to Pompoon and Macdic are lined' ip side by side, an<l Ihey are Josely followed by court Scandal Pompoon was voted the best two- , •car-old of last year. But many ! bought that Macdic could have aken him. The latter won more! lakes at Saratoga than any horse In its history. But Court Scandal D. P. U1 FIRST YEAR SEED D. P. L.-11 PEDIGREED SEED SEED CORN — COW PEAS — SOY BEANS FOR HEST PRICES SEE ^ < ,O.O.HftRDAWAY&CO. I £ e and half a dozen others whipped \\ him In the Flamingo - Stakes at Hialeah, which Court Scandal jl SIilk>- Way Well Ucprcscnied Tlie Milky Way Farms of Mrs. Ethel Mars have plenty of entries —Case Ace. the bulwark of ihc stable; Military, Murph. Reaping Reward, and Jaw Breaker. * Military is a son of St. Germans, the sire of Twenty Grand, and Is out of Kilashandra, the dam of Mate. Do you remember the sensational Derby in which Caro'.inas L'ke Baseball i CHICAGO —Roger • Peckinpaugh and Lew.IVinscca, ^ho have toured the "South with their American league movie, say that North and South -.Carol'jsa have the Interest In baseball, WATCH FOR JUMBO NowContracting Bean Acreage for Spring Crop BLYTHEVILLECANNING Read Courier News Want Art< Announcements Tbe Courier News lint Been no nortzed to announce the follow- up candidates for Blvthi-vllle niu- ilclpsl offices, to be elected on \hrll B: — For Mayor ; MARION WILLIAMS : W. W. H DLL! PETER G. H. GRBAR ; I'or Alderman, First \Vanl ..'• J. L. GUARD (full term) E. F. FRY (short tcrai) ;. JESSE WHITE (short term) '': For Alderman, Second Ward FLOYD A.-WHITE;';. .JOHN C. McHANEY. - JR.i' v For Alclernian, Third Ward • DAMON McLEOD : ESTER LUNSFORD W. L. HORNER Oberlhi ClinnMs Kisc OHERUN, o. 'UP)—Thirty-one graduates of Obsrlin College are listed in (he 1937 edition o 'Chemical Wlio's Who." . ' streak of, 107 consecutive liiu'mnlis t\ before Clifford downed him. by-y cracking his broken nose, Buriny explained afterwards that he did not intend to hit him In the face, but the Oklahoma A & M nhnn- iiux turned after lie had 11 forearm blow started. r : Amateur boxers will open the .show at a p. in, Mike Meroney will referee, : Determined to jump back into he winning column after a dc"eat by Bunny' Clifford, Patrick O'Dowcly, Sacramcnlo. Calif., lead- ng claimant to the world's middleweight wrestling crown, mcel-s Chief Litlle Wolf, full bloodi»' faklma Indian ' from Tacomit, Wash,, hi the main event of the American Legion card, tonight at the Legion lull. In the semi-final Raul Lopez, Mexican, clashes with- Jack liar- nett, Cape Glrardcau, Mo., flash. Both falls are to be ninety minutes or less, two best falls out of three. 6'Dowdy ran up a winning In 7001 British road accidents, 7202 deaths resulted. Pedestrians were "the sole or contributory cause" In 50 per ceni of the cases. 1). & I'. ),. NO. 11 PLANTING SHRI) (A 1'iire .Strain) Original seed obtained' direct from the breeder and planlM by us for two years. No oilier rollon planted nr ginned oh Iliis farm. Reasonably priced In even weight 100 Ib. bags. Special pilcis on carlofs. Inquire !•'. A. Rogers, Manager, CLKAH LAKE FARM Route 'I, Box 81, Blytlieville. I'hojie 1SOU-F11 Nnw Located at 101 Nort: ; s«und ADDING MACHINE & TYPtWRITER SERVICE-BUREAU t»ON PDWAKDS. Proprietor All makra of Kebulll Typewriiers, AdJIns Maffimw >n« Calculators—Repairing—Parts—UfblJons BEER CIVES ME PEP ANDVM ft TO MAKE THE GRM>E,"SAY$ CRAPID JIM W LET BAP WEATHER TAKE YOU OVER BOMP5- STEP UP AND PEP UP < ITH FALJTAFF WINTER BEE the original BEER in Bottles / •*$? For Pep and Cheer, It's the Beer of the Year!?} EverywhcreFalstalTWiuterBeergetsthecaH. Forpep.for , sparkle, for cheer—there are no two ways about it—Falstaff \VinterBeerhaswhatittakestowiayou.Andwhataflavor! • Try it today! Keep a supply in your home. Order by case ,' , .-from, .your dealer or take home a handy six-bottle bag./ijl 'pAlSTAFr DRE\\1NO COIIP.;;ST. LOUIS -OMAHA-NEW ORtEANS •>?': ' • The Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art SHIFT TO THRIFT Mow is the season when drapes come clown, rugs come up, and porch and lawn furnitpre emerges in springtime spledov from cellar and attic. House-:cleaning- days are days of change and renewal — and an ideal time to acquire iVright ne\v habits along with bright new furnishings. It's a good time to shift to thrift! The first step is easy — read, carefully, the adver : Using in this newspaper. Bargain news on inside pages you'll find as exciting, as stimulating, as front-page stories. Thrifty shoppers, adept in getting 'lull value from each dollar spent, know that the best goods are always advertised— because best goods make the best advertisements! They read—and reap! So put on your Spring thrift campaign . . . now. We'll do oursharc — by printing newsy, helpful, interesting advertisements of things you need at prices you

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