The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1956
Page 2
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FAMTWO (AMCJ IXJVKIER TUWDAT, fBWUAKY «, MW Ov«r$eat with BILLY GRAHAM By George Burnham (Ch»IUnooj» News-Free PrtM Writer) TAIPEI, Formosa — "We have tried everything the devil has to offer and found they don't hold water. 1 " The metaphors may be a little mixed up, but the woman doing the talking didn't seem to be. She was Madame Chiang Kai-shek, one of the world's most talented and beautiful women. The setting was ideal for polite chit-chat, but the chit-chat turned into a theological discussion. Sit- ting across the table from Madame Chiang at the presidential palace was her husband, the Generalissimo, once ruler of the biggest nation on earth. He lost some of his world popu- j Urity when he committed the "great sin" of being opposed to Communism. U. S. Ambassador Karl L. Bankin was at one end of the table and his wife at the other. On each side of Madame Chiang was Billy Graham and Cliff Bar- jwi'g his mnsir director. A few other guests were present, including Dr. Prank Graham, founder of Christian College in Formosa, and Dr. Robert Pierce, head of World Vision. CHINESE FOOD was being served and for a few minutes there was: a hum of conversation among the guests. Then Madame Chiang began asking questions. Most of her questions were directed at Billy Graham. The hum faded as everyone strained to hear the conversation between two of the world's most famous people. One of the first things she asked wafe, "Are people saved who make a decision for Christ and then backslide?" Billy answered, "If the decision was genuine I believe the Bible teaches they are saved, but if p person has sincerely received. Christ into his heart he isn't going to stay a backslider long. He will be so miserable that he will ask God's forgiveness and resume living like a Christian. Some people who thin* confessing Christ gives them license to sin are just kidding themselves. They have never been saved." Madame Chiang has stated she was an intellectual Christian. For many years she believed in God with her head but not her heart. It wa* only in recent years, she said, thftt she experienced Christ in a real way and began to grow. The Generalissimo took little part in the conversation. He doesn't speak English His face brightened occasionally when Dr. Frank Graham, a gifted linguist, or his wife would interpret a choice bit. Only an outstanding diplomat could have sat there looking pleasant while listening lo words he couldn't understand. * • • THE NEXT question Madame Chiang asked was this: "What about people who have never heard of Christ? When they die will they so to hell?" One person at the table replied immediately: "They are lost." Madame Chiang countered, "I don't believe that." Billy said: "I don't believe any man can set himself up as a judge and say whether these people are lost or saved. I think that rests in the providence of Almighty God, a Goi who is holy, pure and righteous. I do believe that the Spirit of God deals directly with some people who have never heard His message. Jungle savages have been found worshipping Christ who have never seen a Bible or listened to a preacher." , One couldn't help but marvel at the nature of the conversation around the dinner table of Nationalist China's Number One family. All of the talk was about God, Hie Bible and Jesus Christ. After the guests left the table and retired to the drawing room Generalissimo answered a few questions through an interpreter. A faithful reader of the Bible, he said his favorite passage was the 23rd Psalm, He said that it was his dream to lead his people back to the mainland of China. In reply to the question as to what would be his Number One prayer request to the Christians of the world, he said he would ask that people would be willing not only to pray about stopping Communism but to do something about it when they have finished praying. Elephant Brings Trainer Ticket NEW TORK IB—An animal train- •r from *• wide open spaces of Text* WM tagged with a ticket whan he took his two-ton pet elephant for a stroll on a crowded ManhaMfto s*re#t. "WouM you walk ftie elephant en tht Mdewalk of your home town?" ftsteed Patrolman Samuel Sftpan. "•we," MM Mack MacOonald of Harlingal, Tex. "Well," said Sapan, "this is the big league. Elephants and pedestrians don't mix in this town." MicDonaM, 56, and his 8-year-old tlephant Opal were taking ,a turn oa 53rd street between Broadway »nd 8tti Street. Here for > TV show, MacDonald faces an appearance in Lower Manhattan Magistrate's Court next Things too Good In Jailhouse? LOS ANGELES Ul — Things are *o good in the Los Angeles City Jail that one of the "guests," a former Chicago janitor, doesn't want out. 'I prefer not to have probation at this time," Joe Vesely wrote Judge Joseph L. Call. Veseiy says he has a $25,000 bank account. "I am treated right here. I have good food, good clothing, shave and shower once a week, and don't h&ve to pay rent. On the outside I'd be paying hotel and meal bills." Vesely was arrested Jan. 13 and convicted of defrauding an innkeeper by refusing to pay a S4.02 long dltsance telephone call to Chicago. As to his bank account, Vesely said: "I'm just hanging onto that until the stock market goes down, tLen I'll buy some stocks." Judge Call will decide what to do about Vesely's case next Friday. Friday on a charge of obstructing a public sidewalk. MOX THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. Tht Finest in Cinemascope Presented in Hlgh-Fidelity Optical Sound! TONIGHT IS BARGAIN NIGHT! Tuesday — Feb. 21 Admission lOc and 20c Double Feature Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35« At AH TinM TUBS., WED. & THURS. » lUMMMM t*OM HKU Mm Tw» CariaoM — AND — BIG LIFTER—The HX-17, largest helicopter ever built, lifts an Air Force trailer van weighing 7800 pounds. It is believed to be the heaviest load ever lifted by a helicopter. The big lift was made during tests of the craft at Culver City. Calif. Capable of carry- Ing loads oi at least 10 tons, the HX-17 was made lor the Air Force by the aircraft division of Hughes Tool Co. in Culver City. It is a pressure-jet, single-rotor helicopter. Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes..,Relief Lasts for Hours! New York. N. Y. (Special)-The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients is now available to asthma sufferers without prescription. 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