The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 4
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(AUK.) COUUIKK NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS ... 0. B. BADCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole Nsttonal Advertising Rcprcscntallvos: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., fJe\v York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sat> Aulosilo, San Francisco, Chicago, St. 1,-ouLs. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second e|<ies 'matter at the |x»t ofllce at Bl.vlhevlllc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES Dy carrier In the city of Ulylhcvillc, 15c per reek or 50.50 per year in Advance. By mall within a radius of 00 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 tor six months, 85c for three months; by mall In postal zones two to sis, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven mid eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Hurting Arkansas Business A local commission ajrenl for one <>!' the V\K oil companies reports that of 23 dealers which he has in Blylhc- villc and vicinity one, place of business is situated just across the stale lines, soils halt us much gasoline as the other 22 lojfeUuT. 01 her wholesalers of gasoline undoubtedly could make similar report:*. The U-cent Arkansas gasoline lax • hiis created such a differential in Arkansas .and ^Missouri gasoline prices that many residents of tins city are saving pennies (about S5 of them to a 10-gnllon tanliful) by buying Iheir Kfts outside tho stale. Tourists, southbound, are gelling into the habit of filling up -just before they enter Arkansas. The. situation is not a good one for Blythevillc business, nor for the ntate of Arkansas. Gasoline purelmses by Arkansas residents in Missouri do not heli/) to build 1 'Arkansas roads. It would be a good thing for Blytbeville, fliid perhaps good business for the slate iiijfhway depurlmenl as well, if recognition could'be given the fact thai lliis is a border city and Hint il is both unfair and unwise to handicap Arkansas business thnt has oul-of-slatc competition only a. i'c\v minutes drive away. by the treaty of Versailles They are not staggered even by the idea that this might plunge their country onto more into war. Tile Communists are all for creating in Germany a nice version of tlic Bolo paradise right near their borders. They, loo, liave a contempt for written treaties. They, too, denounce Iho bunions imposed by "eapitidiilie" countries. lu ordinary times, the appeal of nmdmcn of llic right and of the left would make small impression upon the bulk of Hit; stcutlygoiiig Germans. Hut those, are not ordinary times in Germany. Her business is badly crippled. Her financial burdens are enormous. Her tiixes are slaggerihjr. Her uncm- pbymoji.ti lisls lire, t'lionnoiis. Hc-r middlt! class is being ground between 'tho upper ami the nullier millslon.s. In their despair at condition?, not only the young and thoughtless, but even somo of Ihe .soberer cleim'iiU of tlu- fommunily are (timing either to (ho swastika cross of llitlrr, or tins red banner of the Communists. Kvery election lately has told the same tak>. And this is not only a danger to Germany ilsclf, but it direct menace to the peace' of Kiirope. The Gentian cabinet, the more moderate German press and some of her leading statesmen are asking tin; countries, which won the war, to try to ameliorate the conditions imposed upon their nation. It is not a false cry Ihey are uttering. II is the simple truth. H will lest the statesmanship of tho other big European powers. There is grave danger that Germany may once more reach the exploding point. — Alilioii Hronner. "\VlintV Uiitl stulf you're chop into a guy's ears'.'" ^___: FRIDAY, APR];. 10; mi clably .stimulated wllli (he Increase of enforced leliiue. School builJ- Ings, too, are being erected hi re Oifice Building Garage Planned for Airplanes' 011 »' tlle sai "= J An elevator would then remove | PHILADELPHIA. Penn., lUP) -j!. ht P 1 ". 110 '- 0 llle . 8«rage °n spouse to the "build nok" campaign. So much one Icauis from various ! A " t; u' 1 "^ c " n "i i d' iaiiVl'lnViicicl 'tor ulr-j noor bclcm '' Iu ° r «>r to'iucel varl- spurccs here. Tlic National Bctnc.v| nM ^ Oll lo ,, of tnll otllce u lhkil ,, gs lloiml Association put oil an early |i, as &«„ patented by John Schlm- sprlny drive, ilcinnmllii? that chll-1 tnf i, dren should be "las', to smfee"dur-i iiu'omlns |)!iots would direct hie depression, nfter nwlvlin; re-1 ( || C i r ,,| a | lcs illlo n w . ill(1 tmilu:I iwrls of many proposals to abb:'?-; only t«li vlatc school terms, curtail school' systems anil reduce cither salaries: either side of "tiw"tiiniiei"Viiiis si- or teaching stiills. ice ns wide an<l twice as machine itself. On I In motion by a slsjnnlman would Germany the Explosive Before the World War, Gfvmuny was the heap-of dynamite waiting for the spark which would set it nfV. It was a clangor lo Europe, Iwcausu of iU weak- minded .ami vain and strutting kaiser, because of its huge and wonderful avmy anil because of tlic men who had built il unit wanted to Iry il out. Today, situated in the very heart of Europe, a sorely-tried autl struggling republic, Germany is once more the danger place. "The moikrnlc vmlilieal parties in Germany, who want lo build up their great nation in the freedom of republican institution?, find themselves menaced at Hie same time by the extremists of 1 the right—the Ililler- ilcs—and the extremists of the left— the Communists. The Hitlerites are all for repudiating the burdens imposed upon their country How Fortunate We Are Not until someone \vbo has been devoid of KOinelhinj; which the rest of its have always considered a hirlhrighi, suddenly calls our attention to the wonder of our possession, do we realize liow fortunate we are. Dr. G. II. Moore, who operated on Karl Mussulman, in Philadelphia the other day, did more than open the eyes of the 22-year-old youth who had been born blind. He showed the rest of us, who 'have a habit of looking at things without sec- ing them, just what we are missing. iMtixsclmaii is eager lo start lo see. He has an enchanted world before him. A .strange world, for he didn't know blue from pink when the bandages were removed anil lie saw form and color. He didn't know a sunset from a moonrise or a blond from a brunel. CHURCH EXCUSES = tly W. ISarliamr Almost nil life "I've, heard, (iidn'l even know ihrsc lo'.ks ami J. W. Crabtrce, veteran secretary j force air out at Ihe exact speed of of ihe organization, says there have I die landing plane. When the been "too many" such developments, but that « p c "limy veil tol Bfnlllled vjlh Ihe larger vk'iv t.ii:- en,by the treat majority o! bo:irdi> of education In the nation." "Tax dodgers and tax objectors liave been mnkhig life a for the boards." CrulHU-e says. -J3ui the boards generally have re.illMd that H is as ImixirtaiU to sustain school wages and salaries as any others, aside from the viu! im- Poitance of inahiiamliu: n;-! if- Ikk-ncy anil c:lirviny out u'.ir duty to the children. There me £00,000 touchers In Ihe country, teaching 7.COO.COO school children, and iMr ivcrugc salary is SUtil a year." .SiuiLi- Stall's t'ut 'Iliere havr been exceptions .such is hi nerhley, Midi., ivhciv a .eaching stall of M w»b t(\luc;d It abou: JO, accoidini; lo ii'iwrls here. flic Noith Curulina U'siil.iiure repealed a fiiiu!:i!!iciitiil law fijr school lax niouey. The teiKli-nry Co in- ihe size of classes Is satd to have been strong iU'.tl even in I). C., u number of leathers have been released. IJank failures have hit certain school systems seriously; several millions of school funds '.vent blooey, lo:- instance, In u lull- lire at AsliL-ville, N. C. Teachers complain that Georgia owes her public schcols nearly four millions of unappropriated doilnns. fti luany Mj.ssi^sippi comillrs, teachers and siiperlnteiidents have been unable to act their school warrants cashed. The proposal to reduce th-j length of the school lorni has been ous conditions of wind direction, | the tunnel would lie movable. BAD NAUHEIM. (UP)-A post card mailed by n soldier on tho western front on July IB, 1014, has just been delivered here, A nolc attached by Lausanne, Switzerland, postal officials, explained (hut U hud lain among a stack of ntwspa- peti for nearly 16 years. , . Iliat Cl)iirclji5 ivcre .supixwd lojit was ciiiffc n UK out of mj' ivuy. i.'iuler ocrvkc tn iicnpif. 1 fmnlly i ami 1! coitr, inuiii-y to run n'c:ir. I joined urn! I must say 1 was very j liret tho'-Ujht 1 would i-efuw und much disappointed. Of course. 1 then tlicy told nv thai they v,m- might not have understood, inirt mifiit have expected loo much, but n!tl folks, and I uen. li'.it. 1 don'i why people when they get old service cevlatnly iu?.ms help. Tlic Hiot Sunday I was there nf- yoi! can hardly blame n perstm want lo RU to church nnd if they whcn they are led to believe they I arc Ixmml lo no Ihey slumlil live lire lo set help from a ihlni; iiciutnr the jh'irch so ii;cy ran will!:. Ihey show ^ihcy expected help) fur j After this (rip t could nu'. ao to ''''"• " ' church regular and u - hiMi 1 did go I walked. So tlmt cliiuluat.Hl tak- tcr 1 li.iil joined tisc Preacher :uiid I"!', som; one with me. and I saved in sn niatiy u'oic!s lliat he watiLxi • .'onifthln^ on i;as, though not Dili- Chinch to develop Illlo an i:i-1 very much for yon have to put stitulioii of leal service lo tin-{something In the collection p'.H'.c. O talked '.n a friend of mln; and hn said that lie believed In asid practiced tithlni;. I asked \vhat lie n papulae oiip; 11 Lias been propDs cil in .S'orlh Carolina to cut It trc:u elyht lo six mciilhs. SiipcriiUcndcnl uf Schools U. S. Hicks of Caspar, \Vyo., canvassed superintendents In cities ol more [him 15.IXW population and •JOS who ivphKl only woiildii'l fallow ihe said tiiry name salary Coim:ni;>tty. I hud only teen In n .'.hort time when they bccau to a^k ins to do tilings, help in this, that What this counlry needs more tlinn a i;u3«l llvc-cei'.t fii;ar is a louulain IK.'II (hat's go'Jd to the lust iliop. am! l-o oher, and it, looked f.i :ii.'I nn-ant by llllilnj; und nfter it was like Ihey wv:c i;oiiif to Inyc up nil i explnlncd I should have kucwn. my lime, especially «n Simrlny. I ]!ia I don't s:p how anyone can Nov.' here Is a sample of what they | liihc. and have aiiythlu;; left. 1 nsked of nr... 1 have o very mce Ihhih it is liu'lci' lo just Give xvhcu i;", "-'" '" C »» el »"io.vment ne- car that 1 bomjht with my own | you feel like it. Thai doesn't Imvr, c'i'ri is...... inomy. and tlwy \vtiutcil U-.L to; j-;ieli a ini-hsllic sound as scum; ,.,, ,' , : ' s !l!1 "'^"'Plaj'iii'Ul drive by and pick up some prjuK!; r.-.idr- l.:n unr cml of erne's income. ,"° . " ;:s ."'r" 1 '° l(:<!lv :' i m ™^ nnd tnko tlsein to church. Now I' or tlthh'.E'ns thvy call H. : aUeiilicii, it is iiolnted out by \V. schedule :iml b:Hlset for next year. Fourteen others said tl^y follow in p.irl. , Earlier this year, it appears thousands of school tc.ichers were frightened i;y proposals to ellml- n,jp «-iirryi:ijj Ailiills lirturi) lo Sthoul /Vdults, according to rcpnrls a! the National Gducalibii Association, have bL-<n pouring uac!: into school espocially nlyht and vocational .schools— in tlic unemployment Victims of Otoscleiopis Can Hear Bcttoi' Over Telephone nv i>ii. sioititis Fisiiisi;iN ttlitor, Ji:u I uf the Ami'iii-.iu AI>-illriil A>Miri:illnn, and o! lly- ft-ia, tin' IK'allli MiiKazlitr norothy thinks thnt Welsh rnrcbll refer;; to some new held in the bunny huit. '1'he fcllcnv who kibitzes at iinn^riims, remarks Hie ollico sage. Is too smart for v. uuls. "1'ull yii-.i:- paunches," us (he iiyimmlum !n- slruclur Miii to his clnss of business men. tuxic.illun from the final Ir.ii't. ilu' lack of sorro pon.ui!. fcrnl ^llb.>lallc.c, seine dis- oiirei- of the plalKis of Internal se_ (ho disease call-l erclicn. some moitlllcalion of the c;l o'.use'.ero.iis liii?; aff.-cled tt» hu-• circtiliuscsi, or foiuv other factor man beiiv; ie.r many ycara. i v.-h:i-:i insist 1 .> the incltir.s factor - in till:: c<.n<i,t inn. Ihe small tones I 1 '- 11 ™:''-" 0 ' 1 tt ' :t!l ll:e I'ereilitnry ir.uilu'd in lioaiirp bccinie i.n-kcd! cr "' B ' Jl bv chiim;is which take p!:«.: ::i the-- As.,cc:atcd v.-ith the difficulty of (issue.-; so that the person af!\vtcil; '•"'•'rill;,', there takes place no! iii- camwl hear well. e:aept uvi-r the: f'Ciinci-.ilv roni? ncrvc.«<i rtevclop- teleplion^ or with a heaiin-; d.'vice. I'•''''•'- due t^i Ihn strain on ihci The reason he hcava well '.i:idcr| l. 1 ;' 1 '™'.'. 3 ..^ the laltri clvcumstaiiri 1 Is the fnct' ;G. Care. Hie nsslstunt director of Hie- associiitiun's research division. "Many children me holding jobs while their falhcrs cnn't cct any." Cnrr says, "but if all children halve en the ages of five and 17 were put inlo the schools ihere would be about 2.000.000 Jobs rele.iscd for adults. That would menu cinploy- I4iis(ro-intrs- mem for about 80,000 more teachers." OUT OUR WAY By Williams AIHl.KX'1'lXA I)K(.,'I..\:tE:S WAI! _.. . ...... On April 10, 1917, the Ar^cnihm and nlso occasion-! Rovcriiiiiciil lssi:ed n declaration the litTid. \vhistiiiig.annoimcliig that it supported t:n> tiiiit iii I!'. 1 ',"foiitiiVi'"n' he'cHiiii'i"-' '" tl ' 1 ' tl!lvs ' '''"•"ICES, and nausea,] i:os:tlnn of tl-.e United States In ton of .'Oiind tliroiiu)) b.n:c- Is; the c<uuliti-j;i oven improved while conduction bv air' '! ;t '"; * eri °V b t! !'. ul ! f u VlV: '-' Ku ~ j lined lo the disorder uf hearing i alone. I'orlun.ili'ly lira: in? di-vices reference to Germany. The declaraion wns made known In the public through bulletins iwsfed throughout nuonns Aires, anil cau:od a grrnt sensation. Kn- IhMiinstic crowds marched ihrou':h price of ordinary gasoline QRAVU'Y Kom 60.6° < 0 714° TO MATCH WEATHER T- GOT A BCOK TO flCAO \ . \ ~ff\~ CoRMtV-f ^o^it AM I I i 1 OUT, GO HOO CM COt-1!:. J. .\ &OOO GOSv-L'.Vl ) Thi' S GOME. AM' oowe V PASSI '. \T •" 20 FAR \iiH-rn.iu led-, iiu. streets, and the university stu- )-! nitnos Airc3 on A , ir i| braii:! b -. since there conditions HOME.- I. GOT HEAD. sover , u 1)cl , ons were killed Iwlorc I The clay Argentine dcciarrd . Cliilc Issued an blitlcmcul that slic would rcnintn 114 h 4i WASHINGTON fel FT LETTER l!Y I!Ol>Ni:V illK•" I M:,\ Scrvi.r \Vr... ! WASHISCTON. "•! !i 1 \u-.Kini; a U.'.ll: 1 .: i •;>' \ irine, aloii;! general imcs lo tl'.c Lliiraln memorial at in. niter of vrmii; ii.\-.p|.. .1 n liavc h;«l lo give U)> i'j-;\ ; ;i.; i c=i.r:-os. A::.l (hero .-- niKi'u.'.i u.;ai!xr of ;r s i couldn't go ti school on cn!d il.i tiny no shoc>. Hill 1V.\ »ud;rls Slaslu-i One the hand. It i> c iv.i.i not Imrt. 't'hr, ::ls to .«i,if.h scl-.ovi IM IM' m.ileriali.'cd in i i;: siren! nujrri'.y of cafes ar.d tr-i, .. IK-V CPU! uf i!u:.-c buii;;el\ li.iv: Tilt 1 scurcity o[ jr!i;s \-i ',o ;:;o;i r.jjiiy children i:-. S-:I:K\ o; wi:o oll'erAi-c ivould have kit. .1. .An'Jll- eaiKMf.o:i Ins 'ooen apprc- Me AP.S" Too T PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's, '.argcst producers o/ natural uigl>. gravity gasoline Stro.wiri;iiMi Mcmci:ii:il Fund lifHLIK. lUI 1 )— I-'uiuls Icr llic SUc.scmann memprlnl ;V. M.iiiv.: . ant! - 1 III otbor pl.iivs teachers lovr '.i-.pil H liopeil to have the to srivi- ni' pay. Occ.isi:'!:-..:iy fo.idy tor dcdicr.llcn by May 10. s 1 v..v4:s have" bcrn iu\-:.'.i;'- ' Klrrscmntin's birtiiduy. Tlio inc- cd or tp.ich:;.'," stalls reduce;). .\r, raorial will kc In the firrin of .1 hijjton, altiioush much smaller. t'yjjcwnters - - - A till ing Muchi'.v:-? Kuntals — Uthlions- -Carhnii — Adding Machine Rolls Co. Typo.wriler Depl. Phone 10 i:vcry penny which you iuy fot gas buys mure mileage, more pep, a,iii smooiliRt running, when you fill up with 1'liilliiis w, . . . t| lc greater gasolwc. iiiat is r. h:o,-i« cirii:j. Am 1 , wc expect that many \viii ;iouh: it. We th.-fsfy.-B proiluco :\ gasoline so S'Jiti that ;he vcf/ :',tsc tr.akfnl will prove Phillips 06 -n,ality. The nee ,-esu.: is ;hn;, to our knowledge, no inoiorist \\-\ic, has ;ricii it once has ever failed to come back fos more. ' They actually }ccl tlic dil-if ;ncc. Every mile (hey itavti proves the money-saving value i.f CON- rriOLLTO VOLATH.,-:T, ti, c Phiiii ps principle •.vliich ,ii.ikc.s each ^.liior. you buy mntch your;^.- .H tlit time you buy it. And Phillips 66 year ':;:u:ii: ^vi'^j,i; m , »((.,•,» ,„ 7 Ii ,|0 ) is a i w . lys h!ghcr tcs:, ,-iihvi-s. /»t IK, increase in price. ,t .V.-J.-r;.-, ,.„),-;;. ;;, y (lur p,,,-^ ,,, g^p ^ fa ,i c ;a. i : ilU,p yi , n r wn k. Pay •«<••> high lest. Then drive )Mn;incc guaranteed by the Phillips organization. ; .\r.-,l lll.n.k i, i\;:a ioi l!l1 a-i\-.iy Also £thy! Of Cl

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