The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1933
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BEFfflEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME VOL. XXX—NO. 148 BlythevUk U»lly, New. Blytbitlll* Oourht. U»d»r. HlytbertU* Het»ld. s.twf. BIATIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS. THUKSOAY. SKPTKMBKU 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS .'£1 SHIPS AND MARINES HASTEN TO CUBA FLASHES TWO BALLOONS MISSING CHICAGO (HI 1 )—A widespread search for two entrants iu the Gordon: Bennett . balloon races was eipeclrd to lie ordered l^diy ff no word was received from the bags, th« only unrs missing nf the seven which took tirT from Curtis Wrielit airport here Sat| urday. The balloons were carrying four men. l.I.OVI) I.ANK II1KS MK.MP11IS (Ul*)—Ulp-il l.:me. 41, president of a SC.OOO.IHW deep water and gas well drilling firm COrUDPFJIIl Will Be Effective Saturday; Johnson's Finn Attacked As Code Violator. WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 (UP)— Bitlnnlnous conl orwrators and the United Mine Workers have agreed with oflkts fpreading (o all rur- . on contracts and are proceeding nt-rs of the globe, died here today. He was a tullre of Houston, Tex. PLEDGE 10 BlpGLE Campaign to Enlist Buyers in Recovery Dnve Will Open Saturday. The campaign Co enlist consumers In support ol ilie Blue Eagle of national recovery will lie launched In BlythevlSle Saturday and will be continued until every resident of the city has been invited to pledge his patronage to business establishments operating under the NRA emblem, ii was announced today by Max B. Reid, chairman of ilie local NRA committee. "I will cooperate in recrnplny- ment by supporting and patronizing employers and workers who are members of NRA," \s the language of the consumer's pledge. While it contains no direct prom- tee noi to buy from business houses not displaying the Blue Eagle, tire intent clearly Is thai signers pledge themselves to confine tlieir purchases to NRA members, leaders In tlw recovery drive say. Signers Get Emblems Signers of the pledge will receive consumers Blue Eagle emblems which they may display on the windows of Ihcir homes or on automobile windshields as symbols of their support of the recovery program. First general distribution of .the consumer emblems will commence here Saturday when a number of local stores will maintain tables at which customers may sign' the pledge and receive the emblems. _:.•-,•>« uvmia a wex^ ue Stores which have not already ar- Ark-Mo Company Lntered the automobile-code. After Hurricane Swept Rio Grande Valley fAKMKN THREATEN STKIKK CIliVKl.ANI) I DP)—Demands iur union leco'niiion and a 25 I er cci't inerpa>e in wages were dmicd loday by the Cleveland Sttt^t K*ilwav cumpanv in tin- face of .-in ultimatum ttiat 2,11)0 unicu larintn would strike at 5 i\. M. tomorrow unless the conditions were met. Wll.l. QUOTE (JOI.U I'KICF. WASHINGTON ll)P) — The treasury - drpartmel I tomorrow will begin quoting a daily price for newly mined gold which pro- duceis are permitted to sell auioad .ind to domestic arts anil induitries. > was announced today. satisfactorily toward an NRA code for the Industry. Administrator Hugh S. Johnson announced today. Rocscvclt Intervenes WASHINGTON. Sept. 7. (UP) — Weeks of wrangling over a bituminous coal code ended today as President Roosevelt intervened nnd drove a bargain with embattled spokesmen for capital and labor on wage and hour provisions. The president Instructed Recovery Administrator Johnson to reconcile a third point of dispute, over unionization, in a code and submit it to mine operators and union leaders today. Objections. Johnson said, would be received up to 6 p!m. tomorrow and the code would be promulgated Saturday. The president also decided the administration policy In the case of Henry Ford, who refused to slsn the automobile code. It, will be simply to await the public's reaction, Johnson announced. The president's^policy of non-aggression in''tN ! .''case. of Ford followed an assertion by Johnson that if Ford was working his emnloves 40 hours a wetjt'' ! ne. wns violating These two picliir?r, were Hie stricken .Texas valley district -just lifter the disastrous, storm which killed nnd Injured hundreds ol persons and completely cut-on-'communication with numerous towns. The.'.e pictures, taken near Port babel, northeast of Brownsville, were rushed by auto over almost linpa*l)le roads to Corpus Chrlsti, Ih'en sc'nt to Dallas by plane. In (he above pholo men limy be seen hunilng The lower jilcl lire shows u wrecked, bulldtnu. ranged to maintain such tables may do so by applying to Max B. Reid or J. Mell Brooks. Will Visit Homes Farmers and others living out of the city are particularly invited to sign the pledge cards in local.stores ... .Saturday. -Re'siderile-oi Blyt'hevUle who do not sign Saturday will be reached through a house to house At Noon Today, .'E&l Arkansas Yesterday. < : : The* second noon-hour robbery of a iumber. company, office here irV tvi < tf'day3'^bccurr«l"today.^ -'—• The office /of the Ark-Mo Lum- her '«™pany. 1801 West Main through a house to house . which will stirt Monday. Mi-eel, was entered and itbout $15 - . - 1 removed from the office cash reg- canvass Thus will be nude by the local chap- ... (er of the Gingham Clad and Over- j :sl £ r wh ' ch *** Io " c f "'"•" ailed Workers of America, an or- Yesterday at about the ganizatlon of farm and working t "" e the offlcc of llle meu and women headed by B. P. Walker. This group, said to mini- her several hundred, was formed . here several weeks ago and tsl ca ?" register. pledged to give the fullest possible Ar- karisas Lumber company. 204 North Second street, was entered and nuout seven dollars' taken from the Johnson's Firm Accused NEWARK.-''N:-3j, Sept. 7 (UP) —Lea Fabrics, : ffifc:j ;of which Brig. Geri. -Hugh S.',: Johnson, recovery administrator, is president, is facing a chorgfe-tha^ it is not living!' - r "--- • ,° The allegations were in o letter written on the stationery of the Intern ation nl Carpet Workers Union, Newark, over the signature of Eric Ross, as secretary- treasurer. ROJS said he telegraphed to President Roosevelt, General Johnson, Secretary of Labor Perkins, and the. labor, board -of the NRA, charging that Lea Fabrics. Inc.. Car violated the code by discharging were used to force Herbert Smalley after lie took an support to the recovery program. It has volunteered the services of its members in the house to house canvass. Tne American Legion Auxiliary lias also volunteered to cooperate with the local NRA organization, and it is expected a number of open registers at each of the offices after the doors had been smashed open. Police are without clues as to the identity of tile thieves. Employes of the lumber com- |;tmys have been c!osin» their officer, during the noon hour. Auxiliary members will assist at the NRA tables in local stores Saturday. Blytheville stores and ot!:er business establishments are now almost 100 per cent under the Blue Eagle, open but the right of a few of those dis- I oct ...... 915 playing the emblem to keep it has | rje c ...... 935 not yet been finally approved by I j a n ...... 943 the local check-up committee. Some j Mar ...... 959 differences of opinion in regard to | j,f aj . ' ' .-. ' 973 requirements remain to be ironed '• July ..... 993 New York Cotton active part In union organtpjitlon i work, and by reducing working time from 48 hours to 40 hours without continuing 'pay that would give employes the total they had received for 48 hours. | | Acreage Checks Arrive for Pemiscot Growers Admits Killing ' Man Who Wrote . He Deserved It Revolutionary Leader Pro-j I tests Program Adopted; by Roosevelt. , '••' WASHINGTON, Sept. 'J (UP)- ; President Roosevelt's - preparation for possible Cuban Intervention moved almost every armed, Amerl- ; cnn vessel on the Atlantic sea- ,. board. -. .' Eight naval destroyers at New- • licit and eight coast -guard - de- royers at Norfolk received orders i , 3duy, the naval croft to home.'j-1 atlons for possible dispatch .to ' uba, the coastguard craft' to', uban waters. The destroyer Over- ; i n was ordered from the Canal ; one to the Isle of Pines! off ;• uba. It the Wand is tranquil i. will proceed to another Cubin V OTt. . ". ! , These orders brought to 30 -the |- | umber of armed American ves- i r els which have received emergency [ rriers since trouble developed this.: cck. The baltlfshlp New Mexico, ! Philadelphia, destroyer Manley, ' ere, and destroyer. James, at j Norfolk, almost alone were With- ! ut orders today looking to'ac-\: Ion In Cuba. ..-' i Flood Menace Con fronts Hurricane Strick en Valley. .; NEW YORK. Sept. 7. (UP)—Cotton closed barely .steady. out. A few concerns have not yet signed the agreement, contending that it would be impossible for them to ablA by it and remain in business. high low 921 901 922 930 947 363 977 942 950 968 fl84 998 close 901 922 930 947 963 977 HAYTI, Mo.—The first of the i long expected cotton acreage re- i tirement checks have been received at the office of. County Extension Agent Amburgey yesterday.! There were 91 (ir-iut $17.000. Additional $8,000 Ready for Distribution to Local Farmers. Spots closed at 920, ort 10. quiet. New Orleans Cotton Pleads Guilty to Theft of Pants He Is Wearing (UP) Oct. , Dec. A plea of guilty in municipal I Jan. court yesterday afternoon almost! Mar. NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 1. —Cotton closed quiet. .open- high low close mad« Roosevelt Main, negro, the founder, or member at least, of a nudist, colony. Roosevelt, who had denied the charge to police, surpri;ed officers by admitting when arraigned that he had stolen a pair of pants. As it happened they were the pants the negro was wearing in court. The court fined Roosevelt $10 and ordered return of the stolen article to tlie owner. Roosevelt was in an embarrassing situation when the owner asked for return of the trousers immediately. The court order was held up until the negro' could disrobe In the comparative privacy of his Jail cell. Marie Key, negress, was fined five dollars for disturbing the peace. Byrd Will Sail Soon on Antarctic Voyage WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (UP) — Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd Polar explorer, announced at the White House today that lie would sail September 25 from Boston fo: a two-year exploration voyage t< the Antarctic. Byrd called to say goodbye I President Roosevelt before depart ing with two ships, the old revu cutter Bear and the upply vessel day illy 909 '929 927 9GO 973 916 938 927 960 980 895 917 925 941 960 897 917 925 941 960 975b Hosing Stock Prices A. T. and T. 126 1-4 Anaconda Copper 16 1-2- Bethlehem Steel ..:.... 37 1-4, Chrysler - 44 1-8 Cities Sen-ice ' 2 7-8 Coca Cola 89 General American Tank 31 1-2 General Electric 23 3-8 General Motors 32 International Harvester 39 1-4 Montgomery Ward 23 3-8 New York Central 46 5-8 Packard ....' 5 Phillips Petroleum 16 1-2 Radio 8'7-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 4 3-8 Standard of N. J 40 3-4 Texas Co. 27 3-3 U. S. Steel 51 1-4 NET\V YORK, Sept.. 7. (UP) — Homicide charges were prepared today against Mrs. Mollle I'rince, 131, who killed her ox-employer, | Charles J. Wolfert, after .lie gave j her a note authorizing the deed. Thirty checks for farmers who| Police held the business card of checks tntillnei inirtv cnecKs lor larmers wnu ronce neiu me rjusmcss earn 01 ,!iave plowed up cotton under nov-l Wolfert, retired Jeweler, found lr The sysfeiii'of-liandllng the dis-i c '" ment contract were received the woman's pDcketboolc. Her lius- ( ._ A ., *i *—j_ „.,_,.* bv J. F. Critz. county aKricultural hand. Harrv Prince, accomnanlec mirseriient of these fi be considered a trifle labored byl 'unds might' bv J - E - Criu - count y agricultural band, Harry Prl labored byl•'J"ent. yesterday afternoon from her (o the police 'rince, accompanied the station where she ordinary business man The' Wn?hlnzlon. brlneiivg tlie total re-', confessed the killing. Scrlbled on . „,..„.. .. ..v,,,.^ ,1* . checks are not mailed out to the' celvctl to from this point but instead The , the n-11 deserve U. 1'rt.jctJii liuiu «iua wviJin. unv JIUM.VUU • . • • , , - ,-- ^ they are notified by Mr. Amburgey alely , $8 - 000 hrln B'ng tnc ™" lc( ° f i The young »•! to dome to his office where they;?'^ «;•«?, l ° ??|?™i5?. Bteljr I '«"> .. OTOte th . c "Go ahead, C. Wolfert." •Ife told police Wol- thc dealh note after sign a register. Sometimes a check Is made out to two or more Interested parties, requiring the presence of nil concerned. This register is later sent to Washington where signatures are compared with check endorsements to see that everything Is regular. Checks made, to fanners having government loans must pass through the hands of F. E. Smeler, of farm loans In this county, and be countersigned by him. . 'frji>) r tfew rises in the Rio Grande af ter a 10-Inch rain In the San Jua valley of northern Mexico threat ehed the hurricane »wept Ipwe Rip Grande valley , today. | .The eortrrirne'rit'weather burea at Rome, Tox., warned rcsld.eiv from lowlands,, The Rio: Oranc yvos up 16 feet there and rlslr at, tlie rate of 6 Indies an hour Howard Bonham, mid-west Re Cross official, announced an In complete 'survey of the storm are showed: 24 dead, 100 seriously In •jured, 400 with minor hurts, 3.7i destitute families, 400 homes : de strov«"d. and 6,000 homes damage The figures did not Include cas altles on the Mexican side the river where the hurricane equally severe. . ' "Beginning today the Red Cross HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 7. (UP)— ; )lsorders in Cuba, were vigorously.! ought by the new revolutionary K- ]• glrne today as U;e concentration of ', .1 Jnlled States warships und nis- ' | Inc3 toward Havana spur red: grave ; 'ear of intervention. ..-'•• Outbreaks, seizure of sugar cen- • trals, some of them American own- J ed, scattered klllln|S,.and a threat,] against al least one American cltl- zen, caused the revolutionists, Mil '• insecure In the saddle to fljhf hard : *' against further incidents that might ! : bring u. 3. •urine's. adiore. ' .••"•'' Depteng' '•«. S. • Action . . , -. Pearlnj such K-itep-and'-lioplng.'•'," to prevent Intervention, Dr. Ramon j. San Martin^ ledalng member 'of the ; governing commission of five, said. Enforcement Campaign I Is assuming full responsibility, for 1 ° ' *ha clirtarArr " TlnnVlaTM cnlfl W» nl ii i " i j the sufferers," Bonham said. He Planned by Local and : announced serum was en route by Q lf\lC [airplane for prevention of diseases otate i'' Law enforcement officers Joined today in a campaign to require drivers of wagons and similar vehicles to display lights for night travel. Statements were Issued by Sher- transmitted by contaminated water. Levee District Seeks Public Works Money LITTLE ROCK.— The application . Iff Clarence H. Wilson and Francis] O f the St. Francis Levee District $40.000 according to Mr. Critz. i s | le threatened him with a pen- Some 1,600 checks remain to be ^nite unless lie ceased his advances rent to farmers in the Chicka- 5n( , thcn - sta t,bed him 13 limes. rawba district of Mississippi coim-j iv. They represent more, than' S300.000 yet to be paid to fanners; of this district as compensation' for that part of their cotton crop which has been plowed under. In addition to the cash settlement Willy Lee Jett Dies at Local Hospital Willy I«e Jett, 27, of Armorel died at 10:30 o'clock last night at the Blytheville hospital. numbers of 600.000 and over. Chicago Wheat open high Sept. 84 5-8 84 5-8 low close 83 83 1-8 Dec. 88 1-4 88 3-8 86 5-8 86 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close Pacific Fir, for Little .America., his: Sept. .41 1-2 47 3-4 46 5-8'-46 5-8 old base on the Antarct!e;!ce. I Dec. 53 53 51 3-4'51 7-8 ._ _.,_.._ . fast completing IU tremendous Funeral sen-ices were held this [task of issuing the checks. Checks afternoon at the home of a. sister, received Agust 20 bore serial mim- *Trs. Riddcr, with the Rev. Mr. bers between 600 and 100 while iuthcrland officiating. Interment'checks which arrived yesterday had was made at a Leachvllle cemetery. The deceased Is survived by his widow four children and a brother, the Rev. H. W. Jett of Yell- vllle, Ark, Lewis Infant Dies Donntd Lewis, eight months old son of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Lewis died at 2:30 o'clock yesterday mor- nlne at the family "home below Dell. Funeral sen-ices were held at Huey Long Wanted as Stage Attraction NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 7 (UP)— fanners Senator Huey P. Long, recovering al his home here from a black eye received'in a New York club, todav Ignored an offer to appear at trje Roxy theatre In New York in as a counter attraction to the appearance of Amy Semple McPher- If serial numbers of the. checks j son Hutton at a competing thea- receivcd here August 30 and yes- \ tre. The xinefish was reported terday can be used as the basis i "not at home" to newspapermen for expectation the government Is j who sought to interview him about on government cotton. No checks >iave yet been received In the Osceola district of the county according to reports. Some checks have been received Pemiscot. county. Mo. Carpenter, deputy revenue commissioner, warning wagon drivers to equip their vehicles with lights and reflectors. A like statement was Issued some time ago by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham. ' With the advent of the cotton i ginning season wagon traffic becomes a serious problem for law for a loan of ttOO.OOO to purchase right-of-way for levee improvements along the Mississippi river was submitted to the state Advisory Board of the Public Works Administration yesterday. H. N. Pharr, engineer, J. A. Shaver, attorney, and other representatives of the district who con- enforcement officers because of j ferred with the board yesterday the large number of wagons which! said they expect to Issue bonds travel the highways at night I amounting to »500.000 which will without llghfs. State laws require wagon drlv- t{ be purchased by the government er s to have their vehicles lighted. Because of the burden which even the smallest possible costs Impose application Is approved. Hayley M. Bennett, secretary of the board, said. Representatives of the levee district had previously the outbreaks were btlng prompUH ; |. : quelled. He referred to them asia'; heritage, from previous .reglrrrta,"_'j: • arising frorn economic distress;"^ .",). Regarding inlerventton, , he de-,, i dared.all Cuba asked was fair pl»V" 1 and a chance to draw up a .'new' 1 1. constitution'of Its own, not one die? .•; tated by the United States. The ; presence of the American warshipY : , here will render "the whole task,of • the regime more difficult,,he"said. :..: "Have we been, pre-Judged ^and :' found guilty?" he asked in a sf|^|- / ment to the United Press. "Must.tie '.. first truly' Cuban government this ; country has had succumb to Intufl^ '• dation? This Is hardly in accord with President Roosevelt's good ' neighbor policy that all Latin*' : America recently applauded'." "*" : Pemiscot Boys Win Honors at C.M.T.C. Encampment j HAYTI, Mo. — Four Pemiscot ' County boys, have returned f??lp i the Citizen's Military Training ' Camp at Jefferson Barracks with high honors. Fred Henley of Caruthersville, a fourth year studenj at the camp, wos awarded broaz* medals for ctllzenshlp and leader-" ship, being the highest ranked student for these honors In hls'com> : pany. He also received a trophy cup, given by the American Legion Post No. 115 of St. Louis'to' the most soldierly student of the 600 In the camp. ' ' Kelly Sanders of Holland also drew a medal for dependability and leadership. W. F. Moore of this city won honors In the track and-field ine«t which marked the close of the camp. --^ • In state cases it is understood | "'«<» an application "Withe Re- that Municipal Judge Cunningham construction Finance Corporal on and Sheriff Wilson have arrived for a loan of 1500,000 before the loans was at an understanding whereby first I administration of such l offense, violations of the light trnsferred . the theatre offer. three o'clock yesterday afternoon at Manila with the Rev. Mr Flowers officiating. Interment was made at Manila. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. Japanese Army Unit Will Quit Manchuria TOKYO. Sept. 7. (UP)—Emperor Hlrohlto today sanctioned withdrawal of the sixth division of the Imperial army from Manchuria, it was officially announced. The sixth division' will return to Japan. It will not be replaced, The sixth participated tn the Jehol province campaign. Announcement of the recall was made after the emperor received Prince Kanln, chief of the general staff, and was taken to indlcalc that present MtnchurU is I ex peeled to continue,- Viscount Gray, British ~^ War Statesman, Dies ALNWICK, England. Sept. 7 (UP)—Viscount Gray of Fallodon, Oreat Britain's foreign minister I during,the years from 1905 to 1916, and one of the handful of statesmen whose policies shaped the events that led to the world war, died today at Fallodon, Ills estate. He was 71. He died after a courageous eleven day fight against hopeless Illness He had been unconscious for 64 hours, without food, and amazed physicians by his strength. TAYLOR, Texp.s. (UP) — Thousands o'f young English sparrows were found drowned under the larger shade trees In Taylor after a recent downpour of 3.39 Inches, i offei . statute, who have not been Involv- led in accidents, may be brought Into the-city division of court and assessed small fines with no costs added. Of course defendants who deny violation may be tried In the countv division which will mean added costs. Sheriff Wilson declares however his office will waive costs In uncontested cases during the educational campaign. Extortionist Threatens to Bomb Cardinal's Home the Public Mr. Bennett said. Jewish Committee Chambiins to Rebuild Mr. and Mrs. W. D. ChambUn Jr., whose home was destroyed by fire six weeks ago, will rebuild their residence. The contract has been I let to c. M. Baxter who will begin work early In October. The house Is to be like the for- Favors Nazi Boycott^" home ««*' to mlnor ARDMORE, Pa., Sept. 7 (UP) — Police today sought a "man with a scar on his nose" on charges of threatening to bomb the- residence of Dennis, Cardinal Dougherty, unless the head of the diocese of Philadelphia paid him tSO.OOO. Identification of the man, described by police as a maniac, w»s made by Thomas Frederick,' a GENEVA, Sept. 7. (UP)—The executive committee of the Jewish conference decided tcday In favor of an official boycott on German , goods. I The meeting was an outgrowth at the world congress at Prague, which refrained from taking any action on alleged oppression of German Jews by tlie Nazi government. Nine Communists Face Death Under Nazi Ax DUSSELDORF, Germany, Sept. 7. (UP)—Nine communists today- were sentenced to be beheaded for killing Kurt Htlmer, a Nazi.storm servant »t the cardinal's home, trooper, on June JO, :hange9. Cafe Men to Meet The Blytheville Hotel and'Rej r taurant Owners' Association will have a meeting tonight, 8 o'clock, at the Hotel Noble, Room 108. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Fair tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to^,. night an.d Friday. The maximum temperature here yesterday 1 - 'Wis '92, minimum 67, clear, according : to Samuel F. Norris, official wtrtiwr otatrm. ,

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