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The Inter Oceani
Chicago, Illinois
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THE JSAT1UKAL CONTENT-OS )'rtparsUon it the Aaditorin Ballding for tte Great Assembly Kext Uonta. Members of the National OomaiittM Are AsMoiahedttheApidProgreai Made. Chancre of Candidates for tae Presidential domination Discosead Political Hitters of interest. AT THE AUDITORIUM. Ytrda? afternooB W.

Pack, Xayor Boone, Mil ward Adam, and aeraral other gen-tlemea oallad upon General Powell Clayton, of Arkansas, and Colonel A. XtlOoager, of Ohio, members of ths aub-oommittea of the fiepub-Loaa National Committee, at the Grand Paoifio hotel, and eaoortod them to the Auditorium, where an boar apent looking it over. The building haa bognn to aaaume imposing proportion. Nearly two atories of the outer walla of granite are in plaoe, and now they will rise at the rate of a atory in ten days. By convention time at least four stories of the outer walla will be complete, and it will begin to ahow what it will be.

Of the interior construction, nine tionea of the auditorium part of the building are ut and the rafter in nlace. The flooring of the stage and the body of the house is nearly all laid, and the vaat balooniea are beginning to spread round the walla. Part of the walla will be ooTered completely with draperies of bunting in the National colors, and it is intended that the designs' shall be pretty and Tnotureeoue. DaT and nisht the hall will be lighted with 3,000 incandescent burner, which will tud walla and roof in fanciful designs. The Mayor and Mr.

Peek explained the arranjremenla to tho committee men, who were aurpnaed at the progress of the work ana delighted at the prospecuvs arrange-ments. "But what about the sea ting!" asked General Clarton, "On the main floor will be seats for 5,250 people, including the etaee," replied Mr. Peck. l'l hare in my office the plans of tbe seating for the Republican convention of 1884, and by actual count there were 7.091 seats. On the main floor there were 4,000.

In the first of onr balooniea there will be 1,850 seats, and in the second 600 or 70U A temporary proaoeiuum gallery will be erected, with seats for a thousand. but those I counted as being on the main noor. There will be Terr few seats less than in the last convention, and every seat will be a good cue. from wnich toe proceeding may be Heard. Besides there will be legitimate standing-room for seTeral hundreds.

The National oommittee Las limited the number of persons to 8,000 and more than that number may see and hear in the auditorium. Aa for the building being ready, yon see what we hare done. Do you doubt our ability to finish it?" No one in the party doubted but that the great hall will be ready by June 5. The local sub committee will formally report to the sab-com mittee to-day the progress made in the arrange ments for the National contention and that the $30,000 pledged has been subscribed. DISCUSSING THE SITUATION.

General Powell Clayton, of Arkansaa, and Colonel A. L. Conger, of Ohio, member of the Republican National Committee, and also bers of the seoond aub-committee, arrived in the city yesterday, and are at the Grand Pacific Hotel They expect Colonel EL Clarkson, the Iowa member of the committee and Chairman of the aub-committee, will arrive in the city this morning. The three will have a confer ence with the local committee to-day, and hear the report of the latter. Gen.

Clayton and CoL Conger, in company with Major Boche and other prominent members of the local oommittee, visited the auditorium for a few minutes in the afternoon, but nothing like a careful inspection of the progress of the work was made. The gentlemen will pay the plaoe another visit to-day after the arrival of the Iowa member of the committee. However, the Ark ansae soldier, and the gentleman from the Buckeye State, saw enough of the building to express an opinion. WHKS THEY UTUK3ED TO THX EOTKIi the following dialogue took place: "I think they are getting along very well. don't you.

Colonel?" said General Clayton. "Yea, indeed, I do." the Colonel replied. "They say they will have it so far completed that the convention can be held in it, and -Chicago people generally do what they say they wiU," the General con tinned. I think it is going to be large enough for the purpose. Ton know the instructions of the National committee were that it was not best to have too large an auditorium.

I believe most of the members thought a seating capacity of about 8.000 would be about ncht. It will ha far superior to anything we have ever had before. The audience will be bettor able to hear. the seats are eloeer. Arkansas is going to be pretty well represented, after alL We ll have fourteen delegates and a good many visitors irom down our wav." "Ohio will be represented by 0,000 said the Colonel.

"Oh. well, your people don't live so faraway as mine." the veteran replied. "I hope Arkan sas will be fortunate enough to east her ballot the nominee," he continued. 'When our State oouvention assembled. April 10.

the feel ing seemed to be that it would be best to wait until after some of tbe Northern States had held their conventions before we said much about who ws were for. I don't think ws can hope to furnish any electoral votes. Ton know the tate went Democratic by 19,000 majority at the last He was asked what he thought of Gresham, ana a repiiea; "I THINK GBKSHUf 18 A GOOD alAH. Any of the four prominent candidates. Gresham, Harrison, Allison, or Sherman would suit ma I don't name them in toe order of mi choice, either.

I'll tell you how are down there. The Republicans of Arkansaa are mora interested in Bepublican results than In forecasting the nomination. la our State ooavea- tiou Blaine name received more applause than any other. The mention of Lincoln brought forth enthusiasm, and the same waa true of Sherman" "Xou know who you are going to vote for, be said, turning to Colonel Conger. "Yes.

you bet I do," the Ohio man replied. "Weil, I don't know." tbe old soldier said. Colonel Conger, who was reclining on lounge, ttraighteriedup and said: "I'm going to vote for. John Sherman. Sherman stands in the same attitude to the party, taking Blame out of the'way, that old Tecumseh does to the army, taking Grant out or the way." "I propose to be governed verv much In my vote," tbe Arkansaa gentleman remarked, "by the wisdom of th people in the large Northern ciates, wno are going 10 elect toe tickot lbs delegates fmm these large Northern States know better than we do who can carry then.

When I com in contest wiin mess people ril make tip my mind. As to individual preference, I feel as kindly toward one as us outer or the present candidates Of course I am a Blaine man, but I don't think he a a cauuiuate. BLASTS' OUT OF TBS KICK. oertainTr, so far aa any information ws kave now. Tbe majoritrof our delegates personally 5 refer Blaine.

Ihtre 4 no question about lat He is stronget in Arkansas now than he was lour years agx Th opinion seems to be he did joV, have a fair show last win inevT' aon "mm vu beaten by the enemy, but by.nertain quarters in iu uunin me irienua. "Well, we think Hlertnan will fall into lias with SOO votes." tint in the- colonel. "Knma figure Ha little more than that Blaine baa a great many friends in but I don't think he is a trong as he was befora Sherman's growth has oeeu eternally lucres no. us never wss as strong aa he is to-day. He will have the solid delegation from Ohio.) There i no mistake as to the unanimity of tw delegation.

They will all be workers in his cause too. We are looking for a good deal of strenrth' in tbe New England States and the Eaat is has many pronounced friend all over the Ban Outaide of Blaine, I think he is unquestionably the strongest man in new iura ana ennayivania, and or tbe candidates named lie can noil aa nunr Votes in Newlork. Conna-ticut, and New Jersey on any other man. Aid ought to be as strong in Indiana a is in Ohio. If he is dominated tners will no doubt about In.

liana's wheeling Into lioefor protection. I b. stsvs uuw Da sxeicsuoa piauorm any 01 Iht THE DAILY OTTETl OCEAN. SfORNETtt. 3IAT 5.

1888-S1XTEEN PAGES. candidate on carry Indiana, REPORT 01" THE COHDITIOS OF 8HEBHAX IS FOPULAB ItlTTTI TITTi HI IT I fTlTAlT I 1 1 I I 1 lo that Stats, because it borders on Ohio, and ha JJ0 1 fl A 1 lUaliaJu DiUli- UeftOa 8 KIWI aUUJ UIVIUM aU UIUIHM tUU 44 $4J ss likely to carry that State as Bun Harrison or rue ham. However, if either Gresham or Ben Harrison is nominated we'll give him 40,000 majority in Ohio." ins conversation took a turn, and General Clayton was asked whether the Republicans in Arkansas got the full benefit of the colored vote. "Oh, no," he replied, "in several counties where we have a verv heavv eolorad vote thev negro tha ballot, and in plaoe of that we gave tna Democrats the negro ballot xou mignt as well acknowledge it, the reconstruction meas ure was a great mistake, wnai wonia navs beeu the result. suDoosinff Coneresi had said every Confederate ta come back to the Union pardoucdT The Democrats would have smau representation in Congress ana a smau elaotoral college, but they would have the full representation they are ed titled to.

Tha Bepubliean party would be in power today. It has turned out that by giving the ballot to the negro it has been the means of his oppression." Ami THIS DtSSSaTATIOH by man who haa had an opportunity to study the Southern situation. Colonel Conger dropped a remark about Sherman's ehanoes in New York, and General Clayton slowly replied. There is only one man who can carry New York, and that ia Jamea G. Blaine." "Yon fonret that Hhermaa baa a rood manv German friends," said the Ohio man.

-wen," no replied, tell you, yon can make op your mind that we have lost tbe German vote. little by little it haa dropped off." "Oh. wall." said the Colonel." in a National eon test yon will find the average intelligent German will vote the Bepublican ticket They like Shermans record on tbe money question. I believe he will be strong man in New York." The general replied. "1 don't believe it will do to say that any of these men will carry New York.

If there ia such a man hs is the man to nominate. Blaine came within 1,000 votes of it, and a great many things that kept him back before are out of the way now. Those people who opposed him before are not going to give the government to the Democrats again? "Long Jones" earns in, and the conversation turned to the merits of ths late State conven- oonveubon. STUDENTS' REPUBLICAN CLUB. One of the largest and most enthusiastic meetings ever held at the Northwestern Uni versity occurred yesterday, tho occasion being the formation of a student' Bepublican club.

The Bepublican element largely predominates in the university, and a milk-and-water demonstration of the Prohibition Club, composed largely of "biba" and "preps," added fuel to the A permanent dob was organized, which sleeted H. Booth President, and B. K. Bhuman Secretary. The first meeting will consist of a mock convention, where the claims of various candidates lor ths Presidency will be presented.

DESIRES DELAY. The friends of the Hon. M. W. Fuller in Washington have been advised that he does not desire an early action of the United States Sen ate on his appointment as.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Xx. Fuller, ss every one knows, haa large interests to settle up before he umes the position of Chief 3 ustice. Besides taking bars of his clients' business hs will havs to put hi own extensive affairs in order, aa when he takes his new plaoe and is sworn ia all of the old matters of work must cease. In ease Mr. Fuller's nomination should bo confirmed at once be would have to be sworn in, and as tho ttupreme Court is in aeasion he would be oblieed to take hold, make assignments of circuits and take on of them himself.

The Supreme Court will probably ad- lourn this wees, and then the full body of Justices will not be together again until next iau. juage Harian ia at present acting aa (Jhier Justice, and has made assignments or circuits. buu hum turn ircu ins uum taiai usnoe bunsaU HavsuU eoouataav lav the -work until Mr. Fuller is confirmed and takes his place, with the full court present Mr. Fuller desires all the delay possible.

UNDER ORDERS FROM WASHINGTON State Senator Henry Seiter, of St Clair County, ia out aa a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor, so James D. Baker aid at the Palmer yesterday. Mr, Baker is the treasurer of St Clair County, and Salter's partner in a banking concern at Lebanon. He ought to know. St Clair is in the Eighteenth Con gresaional District Senator Forman, in the adjoining county of Wasbineton.

wants to run for Congress, and ths two members or tho "Big Four" it is presumed understand each other. It was only a month ago that Senator Seiter wrote a letter in whfch he disclaimed any wish to be nominated for Governor and it ia also said that be rode over to Carlylo. Clinton iounry, to tell ueneral paras so. 1 or many years General parks represented Senator Setter's county in Congress, until hi district waa mads a part of ths Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Districts. The an nouncement of Mr.

Heiter' candidacy will act tbe politician to calculating how the vote of Southern Illinois will bo divided between and General Sparks. 50RTHEEN ILLINOIS CROPS. Gauaa, 111, May 4. Special TtUgramOiA, of which there will be a slightly increased acreage in Jo Daviess County, have been sown under favorable auspioea, and farmers are now busily engaged in preparing ground for corn. There is acaroely a field of winter wheat in this section that does not give promise of a splendid yield.

Tobacco culture in Jo Davie County ia receiving more than ordinary attention this year, and the acreage promise to be considerably increased. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Emma Hopkins hss arranired to receive patents for mental ear at her private residence, 2ui91ndlanaav. All patients to come under tbe direct attsatloaoa airs. Hopkins heraeU.

A limited number win be admitted into tha home for board with treatment. FARRAOUT POST. NO. 002. GKAfiD ABMf of ths Hepublle.

will ftive a literary and musical entertainment ia the ball of tbe post, corner of Honors and Conuress sut, Tbnrsday venln. Alt members of the Grand Army ot the Bapablio are laniea to present. MR. W. M.

SALTER TV'IIX LCCTLRK ON Mstthew Arnold's views of religion before Society for Ethical Culture Sunday morulas' at 11 o'clock, Grand Opera House. Beats tree. THJS RET. T. WITT TAI.MAGK WlLX deliTer his lecture, "Ths Brisht Bids of st tlie Union Park Consregatlonal Cnurcn Tuesdsrevsain but Dr.Tilmme image This was annonneed in alarah.

was preventea comin toubicajio by the creat Kew Tort blizzard T'HK QTJARTKRLT MKKTDtO 4F THB Moral Educational Society wiUb held at the Grano Pacific. Parlor 23. Tuesday at 230 o'clock p. zu. MRS.

JENNESS MILLKR, OK KEW YORK. will lecture betore the ladles ot All Soul? Church on "Pnyslesl Culture and Proper Dress," with illustrative dress, to-dsy at a p.m. IN CONSKQCENCE OF SKRIOl'S SICK-aess in the family of Mr. B. H.Flck lbs dedication of the new German-Eniclish school bnildin hss been postponed until further aetioev The re-penina of Kick Hchutt's School has also for the same reason been oeierrea until Monasy, jusy 14.

JOSEPH R. BirCHANA-, EsqTwiLX apeak upon "A View from the Labor Sanctum" to-morrow evening, at 8 o'clock, at thsliadiaoa Street Theater. rpHB AlCfUAL MEETIMi OK THK CUI-X cago Bible Society, for election of omcers and other business, will be held to-day, at 4 p. m- in the friends of the causa are invited. will be held later.

IfR. JUIIN RKNRAM l'A next lliursday evening, Tbirty-eeventa at. and Lat Intflr-Laakeu." The lecture The 4p aire rtary niUy LK47TURE at Kt. Jon 1 rc Lena-ley av- en Mrlatt Co Hi be iUuatraassv. i CHICAGO IJIION VETERAN CLUB 1 hold a aiMiolal tufMitili at tliale r.Jnhddnmi No.

106 East Bandolph -et Monday eveuia ate) Dckn. m- for ths nnroosa of takintf action on for th pnrpos of taking action on the death of General MarUa Bsenv, one off th tounders of the club. in THERE WILL A res ItE A MEETrVO OF- THB Blilent uifmbera of. tha MAeiatv nf 1 rm 1m 01 tne ai we cluu-roonia 01 tue Mr rata House, to-dsr st 4:45 p.m. sharp, to take ScUou un, tlie recent desth of ueneral Martin Beam.

A fall attendance is desired. rpHE SURVIVORS OFTHKTHIRTT-KnCTH A and Eisbty-eiKbth Illinois, Tweutr-fourth Wisconsin, snd Twenty-first Michigan Infantry are invited to attend a meeting in club-room 4. Grand Pacific Hotel, at 8 o'clock Monday nisht, to tak th necessary steps for a brigade reunion. THE'THIRD WARD lit PUBLICAN ClI'B will bold its regular meeung at Lincoln Hall, No. Thirty-first itreet, this evening, fcvery mem ber la uivsd to bs praaant.

as busies el intpera-sac will bsiurs lus aissuns. business, April i. UaS. Loans and uverarstu i i U.S. boude to eecure circulation U.

8. bond, od hand i. Other stock and bond 4 Dae from other National I bank $141440747 and 1409.753.43 tnere are the moat white man rat a full v.h.n. -wrin. count, but in the neavy colored counties they I 7M.01S.1 count tha vnta in t.

i. th I Bills of other banks. ITUSiM colored people vote. The pretext is the negroes win ruie uieir vote is counted right. The lte-publican party is pretty badly handicapped ia the South.

We are put in the position by the Democratic party of attempting to put ignorance In office. 11V uuuuhwi a tew Tears aeu vu kits tuv orcmcAoo. AtOhleage, In the Mate e( liuuuis, at tha close ot Fractional paper cor- i.07!.:r uw rener. nickels ana 6.89SM Specie 4.7P9.0H3.0O LKMender notes. lOXOOOAMI Bederaption fund with 11.

e. iivssurer per cent of circulation). 129040 ima irvui u.o. I ic.auir i other thsn 8 per cent redemption njWOM RaAt Capital stork paid nuri'lUB UDV Nf.Wi.MHM.HMMN Undivided profits. Dividends anpsld Individual deposits sub- Ject to eltack Demand certificates ot l.16iflOM Certified Caxhier's checks outstanding 10449946 Tiia In tathitr hanks Due to (Stats banks and aiasa State of Illinois, Cook County, ss.

PVJlNtJMI 8.09,000.49 OmuOUjOU 93,000,000.00 21307432J1 mi jutd Mt i. nenry b. srmonas. easnier 01 in in named bsnk, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the bevt of my knowledae ana haliof. N.

HVMONDM. Cashier. Subscribed sad sworn to belore this 3d day st aur. 1880. Nni Mn Hir.

Rnurr pudiib. Correct Attest BAMULL M. NICKJiBSON, ED- WARD r. LAflTEtNCB. FBAXKLIX D.

OKA If. Directors. BXBOBT OT TBI COSDIT1UK OT THE CHICAGO RATIONAL BUI or Chicago At Ch lease, In the Ktats of Illinois, at the close of OUSlnees, April KKliOL'ltCKa. Loans and uverarsiu v. Donas to secur Hlier bonds line from other Katianal bants BD2VIO Due from Stats baaks and bankers Efe'lienses for clearins- bouee Rllle of other banks Fractional paper currency, nickels and pennies V9.79 Bpecie KOUKIOiMl Iasl-tender notes Brdemption fapd with U.S.

rSHurer I a per cent ot rin-iilationl SMAOO Dne trora V. 8. Treasurer, outer taan per cantre-daiuDtlon fund saarjn on ROJKVMHI two 00 1. 1.682,737.30 Capital stock paid f.tnnooow Burplusfnnd MAiJOttO.OU undivided pro flu tfU.VTH.Id MUouil bant notes onutandlns jmUJM inaiviaaai aepoaiu auo- Ject to check Demand certificates ot 22U00JI Time eartifloatca of deposit 3T.2ft0j0O Certified 1... Cashier's checks out-standing 00833 Due to other National SM.733.M Doe to State banks and baniers 6173.18 State of I.

Hanr M. NkhJi. AT tha aKmw bsnk. do solemnly swesr tbst the above statement ia true, to toe beat mr inowienae and belief. HtXKY H.

NAhH. Ca.hier. Snbaerlbed and sworato before me this 3d day 01 air, jaw. jr. a.

cwbA 1. Correct Attest T. mnrrvTR, J. R. WALSH.

Directors. Checks riaud other cash Exchsuaea for clsarinc- Bibs of other banks Fractional paper currency. nickels and pennies Total 4 State of niinois. Cook County, as. Xotmnr Publle.

S3.172.20 8.12S8JBJ 4 5 siiV.tviJa.7dl.70aiA.A.M 471.441.2 Legal tender 6Ui.Uisi li. a. ailrsr uujumixx) Redemption fund with V. 8. Treasurer (5 per rent ot circulation)- Due irom U.S.

Tressurer, other thaaa per cent redemption Cnrrent expenses and tare Premiums Exchange for Clearing- Bills of ether Fractional paper currency. i Total XaVoUUjUV nickels, and 1405.28 174.1B3JS0 Legsl-tender notes. Bedemptloa fund with U.S. Tressurer (5 percent of 9,25040 i.iann.i 1 1 Wo, Capital stock paid in Surplus Undivided profits National bank IndividnaUdepoaita sub-ect4o check 825549043 Demand oeruncatea ox Certified checks Cashler'a checks outstanding Dne to other national Due to Stat banka and bankers y.MM.-...f.M 47.494.45 51.284iid 846240 349.417.60 206.255 JM AlcJiAiXX. BKPOBT OF THX COjrDCTTOH TEat COIUHEITAL KATIOIAL BAH or cmcAoo.

tha Stats of Illinois, at ths close of ensinrea, apni nu. ivaa. Leans and (werdraiu lt.V47.4i. V. s.bonas to secare eircuiauon so.U'NUM uuier HM-sa aoaaa ana mtjUMAv ante 1 roam, nauonai banks Due Irom State banks and 124.78747 Besl estste, fnrnirars and Current expeunea and taxes paid Premiums J4je.aa Ol.Z53.10 10AXKjUU aJ73S49 .29040 800 00 Capital stock bald t24no.000on Surplus fund Indtvided profits 133.9fi7.77 National bank notes i5jHiji Dividends loV40 naiviauai ueposiia auo- Jert to check Demand certificates of 4S7.2S5JW Srtitted checks ahier's ebecka out- 11S49L0 Due to other National JOVShWIZAQ Due to State banks aud 656,156.14 88485,82341 Douglass Hon.

Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemuly swear that the above atatement is true, to the best of my knowledge snd belief. (Signed I DOUULAHS HOlfT. Cashier. BuliacnbeO snd rworn to belore me this 4th day Of May, 1888. (Signed) BEN 8.

MAYER, Notary Public. Corraet Attestr AS I'M A vis sr-uitcw fvaA a Directors. WiSTEBBolAM. T. WHEKJ.rit, MPOBT 'OT THB OOOTTTIOH OF THE ATLAS NATIONAL BANK or csxcaoo.

At Chicago, in the Huteot Illinois, at th close of baaluena. April 1888. IltSoCltCEti. Loan and t2.4JlJ542.67 OverdratU aM4.18 V. 8.

bonds to secure Other slocks snd bonds. 2834747 Due from other National 611942141 Due from State bankasand 23744147 2041248 11.700 jUU 826465.71 43,70547343 870040040 75.ISSMNJ 70.75H41 AoAXMaJO (41441440 83,70607343 Dtau9 oi imuuia, vuua uwdit, pa. F. P. Wilhon.

Cashier of the above named bank. dosoMxonJCyawear that the above statement is true to ui jneat ot mj anowieage ana neiiet. F. P. WILHOIf.

Bnbseribea aad sworn to before me this 4th day ot aiag, cKapw nm. s. iiLwinuA, Notarr Public J.H,DWnJHT. J. McMULLHf, X.

ja trt r-. ci Tj cry. raCIllIAILSTEA5IERS turn 1 I HP Company's fleet, 75 steamers, 7 Milk. Ia New fork esrvioe. five new exprev sreraeu, unexcelled In dimensions, speed, and elejuncei Lelta 'Tft Tlir Kew York every saiurasv ana arrive tiia.

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W. eoosia, assistant Cashier. TftnrrnrfTTi.ifrrrtiT in minim rtiiTi Booksry Buildlna. corner LaSalle as4 Adam at. CAPITAX.

AND BtmPLUS. TECST FUND, tWjOOOflOO. Ths Treat Fund consists of M. 4iereent Bond and other securities exreedins trjfnkljmm is value, which are held by tnuteea aud pledged by the stockholders ss additional secant' for all oblif a-ttoaa of tha bank. BEPOBT OT THB COltDITI0 OT THB or csxcAooi.

AtChlcaacln the sute of Illinois, at the close of susineas. Apnj Leaas and dlscounU Overdrafts V. a. bonds to aacura eircuiauon. a per U.S.

bonds to secure deposits. 4 per VJ. 8. bonds on band, 4 Due from ether Jiatlonal banks Due from State baaka an4 DWiimi Check and other cash Eiohsnges for elearin- mjwu Bills of other iTraetionsl paper rnr- ency, nickels, and Specie Legal tender notes V. S.

eertificatos of da- poait lor leaal-tentersu. Bedemption fund with D. n. lri'sHurer percent of circulation Capital stork paid amoo.iT M1240 I' M.4S 124-860 XX) Su-i'JOjCiO 14040040 40040 YiRnlrri'iiC Capital stock paid rurpius tuna. naivlded profits Ksttonsl bsnk notes Individual deposits sub- Ject to check Dvinand certificates of de- posit Cartifisd checks.

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Treasurer, other than 5 per cent redemption und. Burpiuaiuna Undivided pro flu National bank notes outstanding. Individual deposits aub-Jeat to chec 83405.15846 uemana oeruncatea 01 os- iriMi t'ertitted checks. Cashier's cbackaoutatacd- Inn Due to other NsUoaal Due to Suto'banka'and cankers Dtvldewd wnpald 23741444 5ON03847 tS60.U4JS State of uVnoYsConnty orCoo. 90040040 BOOOOOO 6O0 JM 40LS36J1 g4d.517.ll 0300)0000 O.IH)J0 V1.775JJ 146845447 i iuii sail a State of Illinois.

Cook County, aa. I. George Riant, President ot the snovenanied bank, do solemnly swear that tha above ataaptnant ia true, to tha best of my knowledge snd eeliet. uAURa UHGES. President.

Subserlned and swora to before me this 3d day ot May. 188, WILUAlf H. PlITNET. KoUry Public. Corrret Attest: af KTRTViN KL uivo.

HAM. V. F.DfMMZB, Directors. OF THB CONDITIO" OF TUB COSmCIAL HATIOHAL BASK or cmcu.00. AtChieags, In the State of Illinois, st the does of onaines, apni mi, ioea.

KLoOCKCES. Leans sna OverdratU U.S. bonds to secure circulation Other stocks, bonds, and Dus from other National banka 8577,156.72 Dus from Stats baaks aad 96 .858 .37 Real ita te Taxes Checks and other cash items Exchsuges lor clearinghouse Bills ot other banks Fractional papercurreacy, xttrkelsand Specie Legal-tender 48440 90S Jm ft.6tiX.75 no.omiMi 8.4 50 JUO L786.75441 125040 440040 .140000000 atRMNiooe aiAHMAW 6416405.70 VIOXW John B. Meyer, Cashier of the above nsraed bank.dosolemnlyswsrthstthesbove statement 1 true, to the beat ol say knowledge and beltet. JHU.N B.

MEV'Eil Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to belore me this 3d day ofMay.lbbd. WILOaM KETES. Kotary Puhlie, Correct-Atteet HJEXKT FIELD, AU iOU OuWLES. OIOUN W.

PUTTEB, Directors. BEPOKT OT THB COSW11U! OF THB Fort Dearborn Rational Bani orcmcAoo. At Chicago, in tne Hute of Illinois, at th do of buainewi April 30, 1888. Resources. Loans and 81483.14.2? Overdrafts mm 65.1.35 H.

bonds to secure BOjssoiO U.S. bond on hand 1xs.UiO Other stocks, bonds, and 44OU.00 Due from other Kattonai banks Due from Stale banka and 4548540 Beal estate, furniture, aad fixtures. 8484.20 Premiums 13.4iW4U Checks and other cash items 140043 Exchanges for clearing- house 37.137.10 fills of other bsnks. recti onal paper currency. nickela.andneaajea.M 14748 Specie mmmm 454M4.30 Legal-tender notes atedeinption tuna wltn UJ4.

iressureria per cent ox 2.35040 40038043 $1388410.78 Capital stock psld $50040040 i buividea 3Xitijn National bank notes 4540040 Individual deuoalta anb- jecttocheck $533,72844 Demand certificates of de- 139430 20 Certified cheeka. 154749 Cahler'a checks outstand- in-. 39.78245 Due to other National Dne to State banks and nanaars isdoiati Notes snd bills redlsoeuntad State of iil'ln'o'ii flAnntv. aa. Total.

LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid ia 4 nurpins tuna Undivided profit Individual depoaita subject to check $724406mW Demand certificatea of 15416.70 Certified checks 36U3441 Cashier' check outstand- Dueloother'stVonaibVnk m. Am to btata banks ana 191.723,17 95S4134 838,01748 I. RMitlniir 1taltAn nt fft, bank, do solemnly swear that the above eta te meat is true, to me oeat or my knowledge end belief. ettaluiiH WALXUN.

Cashier. -SnblCrinsd and Sworn to before ma thla 4th da ef May, 1888. JIUUS A.HAMAWJI PUbUO. Correct A tteat: A.H. Hlf H.

1L KL B3BBARD, Directors. BZPOBT OT THB OOSUIllU.t OT THB IMEEICAI EXCHASGE K1TI0SAL Bin. CT CHICAGO, At Chicago, in the Stet of Illinois, at the loa ef bnalnesM, April 30, 1888. Loans and discounts LTOIUISI tJ. 8.

bonds to secure U.S. bonds oa Other stocks, bonds, and Dne from other National $13(141443 Due from Stats banks aad 8740246 Beal estate, furniture, and Current expenses and taxes Premiums paid. Exchange for clearing. boose .....4 97477.75 Bills of other bsnks )UJSMIMQ Fractional psper enrrency, nickels, snd 48.27 Specie m. Legal-tender i374NJ0aKI Redemption fnnd with TJ.

8. Treaa- urer6 percent of 17.1!1 80,01 s)j(M) 104.71 K)O0 W.7(MU8 173,021.89 80,76040 48248Url 2.25040 $3463,700.43 m41400400.00 AONMIJS) 101030 140130448 Total. 42.663.700 A9 state of illlnola, ooog county, ss. 1. A.

1. Dewsr. Oaahlar of tbe- Above-named bank, do aolemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the uet at uy knowledge and belief. IHia-nedl I A. L.

SKWiA Cashier. Bnbseribed and sworn to before ma this 3d daf Sf May; 1888. (Uigned) AJITHUR TOWEB. Notarr Pniilld. Correct Attest: G.

F. BlSSELL, A. N. I'OUXi. D.

B. wilt, uirectors. FAIR CARAMELS, Only 26 cts. lb. KMU.kiuuvilVmctziSA.

BEPOPT OT THB OOKDmOB OT THB HATIOHAL BAKK OF ILLGOIS atChleaco.ln the State of Illinois st the close of bualaess. April 30. lose 1 BESOUBCES. Loses and Overdrafts, secured and 8.77B.!il V.S.Bondao secure elrealauoa.4'a.. TJ.

8. bonds on hand, at Other stocks and bond at ante irom ouerAauonai Due from Stats banks and for Bills of other Irsctlonsl paper ceata Specie Let al-tsader notes, V. S. certificates of deposit for legal Do to ether bask Due to State Rational banka and Undivided a 8735,215.71 10541648 81840448- S17JM640 43804OV40 10040044 Bedemptloa fund with TJ. S.

Treasurer (a per cent ox circaiauon; T0UI- CaplUl stock paid eurnius luaa lindlvlded roots National bank Botes Pividsnds Indlvidnsl deposite sub- jeot to 848956244 Demand certiAcaU of 408,805.81) Certified checks 118418.40 Csahiers check out- a landing 219,227.18 81.127.74147 455. 255 48 M. bond to secure clrculstlon s. 4 per cent bonds en hand, par value outer jiauonsi S7Z.13S.43 4L39S48 Beat aarata, forntrsra. and Current expenses and taxes paid.

Premiums paid Checks an othereaan 6.419.'i4 Pi lis of other banka tjMOMt Fractional paper carreacy. nickels. and 8444 Specie. 7.4O0JH) Legsl-tender notes tujMOW ItedempUoa fund with V. 8.

Treaaurer (5 percent of eircuiauon) 348040 National bsnk notes ladivtdnal deposits subject to check S0473O7 Demand certificates of deposit 3,14748 Time osrtincatesol lKiSjUO t'ertified checks 812iW Due toother NaUoaal a5X5.14 Ime to State baaka aad banker 9346148 Bills payable Total. State of Illlnola. Cook Count, aa. Capital stock paid la A. 8 asmed bank, do auk St.

3.25040 Hurjwua luna Undivided profitt MMM, National bauk notes Individual deposit subject to eheek Demand eertiacate of da- V29Xn Certified ohack ootstand- lug 34143 Tme to other National banks. B.78140 Due to Stet bank and DSD 7o.ivojar A OIBll. a aaoe Btata of Illinois, Cook County, sa. I. jonn il.

jnouay, uasnier iei 100.800.00 ieMUOlO 177734145 250 883039748 814O04O040 aisijsstjisj 4470X1 88740 8J81412-77 148240748 ToUl. 884309746 State of Illlnola County of Cook, as. William A. Hammond, oaabiar of the above-named bsnk, do solemnly swesr that the above Kitsmantia true to the best of my knowledge and lief. WILLI AM A.

HAMMOND. Cash ler. fubseiibed sad sworn to before me this 3d day May. 188-4. ARNOLD HEAP.

Notarv public. Correct Attest: WILLIAM U. PAGE. WIIAJAM H. BKADLEY.

GEOBGE SCHNEIDER. Directors. BZPOBT OT THX COKDITIOB OF THB DIED STATES NATIONAL BAH or csxcaoo. Aicaieace, la the Mate ef Illinois, at tbe close bastnens April 1So8. HESUUllClvli.

Lean and 49 St I vin iron Due from bankers. Mate 'baaka aad 9j0533 MMSSiiSI 4V4OU40 884AS45 6.W.'Jisl 144.3.75 51.13348 Total. LIABZLTllBS. -Capital stock paid 14.41M.10 44.1AIU.UO 145429.21 154O0JK1 34202241 mate or Illinois, uooa vounty. as.

Jsmes M. Starbuck.Caahler of tha above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true, to ths best of my knowledge snd belief. JAMES M.HTAkBlX.'K. trashier. Snbaerlbed and sworn to baton aie this 3d day ox aaay, atwt.

ft I Wotmev Pnhlla Correct Attert- DWIoaiN. AMOti H. WOODBlTr, JOSEPH K. JACK80N. Directors.

BZPOBT OT THB CO.tuii.iOX 07 TEE UHCOLH IAT10HAL BAIZ or CBJCAOO. At Chicago, lath State of Illinois, at the eloee ot bosineas, April 1888. Ktauii Lean and Siaeo KCES. UveraralU TJ. 8, bonds to seeare I rralati on.

Due from other NaUoaal baaks Dne fmm Stat baaka and 1LU6843 Beal estate, furniture. and Current eipanMs sad taxes Premiams paid. Check and other cash "M.5 Exchangra for clearing-house. 13.wM.14 BilU ot other banks UnUUM Fractional paper rarraacy, aicksla, and 76 44 Specie 89,738.70 Legal-tender nntea ltMMttD Bolemption fund with u. 8.

Treaaurer IS per eeat of 3.25040 pMBimk Capita! stock paid la Undivided pronts NsUonsl bank notes outataod tag Individual depoaita suwect to check 4162.7952 Demand certificates of de- 9.154.73 Certified check fU7o.20 Caahier's checks outetanding Due to other National 12JOU.41 Due to Stats banka ana bans-e re. 34.43143 240545 6.193.17 744aH43 444X200-83 .420040000 941.75 348746 187,71847 Richard L. Dskla. Cash ler of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true, to tbe best ol aay Knowledge and be net. hajuji.

ueenier. Snbserlned and sworn to before me this 4th day of May, 188. 8. D. ATTRUXiK, Notary Public.

Correct Attest iV.C PRICE. H. F. VEHME1EB, EDWARD HAMMETT. Directors.

BZPOBT OF THB O0MJ111US OF THE PARK NATIONAL BANK or CHICAGO At Chicago, ia ths but ot Illinois, at tbe eloee ef ouaineas, atouusv. apru JO. xooa. KKSUL'RCES. Loans and dlaeoanta $50944243 mm.m o.a i U.S.

bonds to secure clrculaUon.M...... SujAWaM Doe from other National $1X79940 Dus irom Wat baaks aad una Beat estate, furniture, aad fixtures-Current sxpeniias aad taaea Premiums paid Checks snd other esah items Excbsnge lor Bills of other banks Fractional paper currency, nickels, aad pennies MMMMM Legsl-tendsr Bedemptloa fand with C. 8. Treasurer I per oeas ox 24.2P5-59 7343 3343U OU 04MM40 14.41748 84NJ6.43 10AKH.77 12.41KI49 137400.13 $742483.48 $20040040 U.OKJ.0O 15 6-'1JX AMNMaK) 475.76143 .8741333.43 of the above- mnlv swesr that tha above Lenient is true, to ua Dei oi my Knowledge ana lief. JOHS H.

McOAY. Cashier. Hubscribedand sworn to before me this 4t)i dayot lay. 1888. FRED C.

BLIJL. Notary Pnblie Correct Attest: GEO F. BXiJUUEU. CP. PARKED, CHARLES H.

TIBHEITS, Directors. XTpyewrltsr Ileadqnarters Vt44 LaSalle St. Chicago, CL M. tiTeaTIssotM rili tag Mav MTtf m4 avty iMks. TtM burt AW waiia, ttt try low pf rrtrSa AW lAtHI.S8 KjTD, kaf-aWl, tbOjrht Utd oltsUaf Jf meti TypM8riif lWppUtM mttaCittxlsy11asW eafftd Mt.jV -OjUtM i sa4aw3BaxaS8f AT.

47 La St. HTTPTUBE MtrjJi aaantrtU UciU I OuiiruiteMth tsnlr om la tlto worid irriperating rTavsiesfo 4V Irvaaftre Ji(Jf rrmPftmU Durable. Wy to Comfort a bl -vnd r.TctlTe ATaid fraudi. jiaa' Ocnrfda -Dd Ftairt fnrparBrhitBfc 1 441 ST 11 ilT 141 Bat- till Jl 1 LAI H. Ca Imm, iaVaMTOIs lat AeAe AVi CoiMCa.

Hi Tortnrtmi Iron Room. Bands or Antlone Meth ods No uriam 1 netmt orrtrdgonfii'r ouJt) at auscutciig Sucuuucai.j tyyuon te jasiiua. BEPOBT OF THB COMDITIOB OT THB I3EBCHAHIS' HATIOHAL BAKK or cmcAoo. At Chicago, fa the Stat of Illinois, at ths alee Of business. April 1488.

Loans and discounts. 8J8418409.78 V. B. bonds to aaeura'cYreaiaUoaC ai par. IT.

s. bonds on hand, at (,M. Other stock and bonds Dne from other Kattonai banks 8082,77948 Due from Stats banks aad banners- Beal estate, bsnk leg- bouse, and safs deposit fi.VJ.'V. Other real esUte 10.74345 Exchanges for clearing- bouse Bills of other Fractions 1 psper cur- rency, nickels, and pen nies pec ia idi Vlded nmlti todtvldusl tact to rb.c ai wian i Demand certificates of Certihed Caahier's efcecka out- aunding Due to other Xetlonal 850.72347 4U40140 934.71 JJ72437J0 Legal tender notes xteaemptionfund wlta U. 8.

Treasurer 16 per eeat of Rlmilitinnl. eeflfliM Due from U. 8. Treaaurer, ouier man a oar ant n. depUoa 840040' ToUUm.

CaplUl stock paid la. ouroins inna 89.870.47 16006.70 90,454.71 8,48643747 Due to Stat banks and. 2.695.777.27 State of Illlnola. Cook County, aa. Other stocks, bonds, and Due from National banks.

Due from State bsnks and oaaaera rz.ST7.ra) Beal estate, furniture, and fixtures Current expenses and taxes Check and othereaah items tlOMMM Exchangee lor clearinghouse 6.954.84 BilU of other bsnks 6740X00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, and pennies- 14041 Specie 1C6.1O4.50 Legsl-tender notes. 13Ua)uujU0 Redemption fund with U.S. Tressurer (A per cent of 2.250 O0 Capttel stock paid ia eurpma xnna Undivided profits National bsnk notes Individual deposits subject to check 8770475.74 Demand certificates ol deposit. SA42240 Certified checks 7M3J4 Cashier's checks 500.72043 Premium on 80U46 '6040000 80,160 iMI 85tUU040 1438436-28 135,74345 346(445548 nsoofloooo iposits snb- 4342946047 v7joa7 10442.22649 John Nee ly. Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear thattbe above statement Is true to the best of niy knowledge and belief.

ju. v. ui.i, uasnier. 8nbscrlbed and sworn to belore ate this 4th day of May. 1888.

CH AS. C. REKD. Notarr Pnblle. rA ni JM-.

tj i a DunuN a. navawwi, uuijiii S. JU.A1H. ill rec lore. BEPOBT OF THB COBDITIOH OT THE HOME NATIONAL BANK orcmcAGo.

At Chicago, ia the State of Illinois, at th el ef bnslneaa. April 1888: Loans sad dlscounU irveraraits U.S. bonds to secure circulation $063,802 48 60jk0ji0 44044 2.25l.00 84973 873.42041 61414.715A8 $25040040 IISJJSSIXS) lexftHSJiS 17130X10 141SJW1.21 34Hi5 State of Illinois. Cook County, as. H.

H. Henke. cashier of the above-named bank, do solemuly swear that tbe above statement is true. to tne peetot any suowieoge ana nenei. H.

H. KKNKn Caahier. Subscribed and gwora to before me this 3d day ox auy, aaao. livt Correct Attest: J.


Directors- Notary Public. a- u. BEPOBT OF THB CONDI XIOS OT THB JUL- UETROPOUTAS RATIONAL BM or Chicago. At Chicago, la the State of Illinois, at the cleeeof Baaioeaa. Apni ukjs.

Loans and discounts ..45477.1 f9-V7 2.b7043 U.S. bonds to auMMisj otherjbonda Due from other Nstlonal banks. mS8JU Due from Stat bank aad 163404-49 Checks and other, cash i items 13683 Exchangee for clearing- boutie Bills of other banka. tUSHHJM Fractional paper currency, nickels, and pen- 1.43.21 Specie f49JiMi)0 Legal-tender notes 7V94064U Brdemption fund with U. 8.

Tressurer (6 percent of 345040 3425.738.78 Total Vivj 47455.80448 Capital stock paid in. $50040040 Kurpiusiuna Undivided V7.3til.43 National bank Botes outstanding individual oeposita suo-Jectto check ,.44312.722.44 Demand certificates of 109,78245 Certified check 11441448 Cashler'a checks outstanding 5403.78 Due to other National banks. 95332840 Due to State banka and bankers 1.187.587.80 7.183.23945 MMMMM.47466404AI8 cnaie 01 jjiinoia. uwi twsoir, a. I.

William D. Preatoa. cashier of th above asmed bank, do aolemnly swear that tbe above state. ment is true, to ui oeas ot my knowledge aad eiiet. WILLIAM D.PRnrniTf.MF Snbaerlbed andawura to before mr this 3d da 01 stay, jobs.

a. r. jM-HutjMM. itniarv i-tiiiiir. CoiTeetAttest: XD8OX KEITH, AUTUUit OKB, r.4 tirectore.

BEPOBT OT THB C0BDTH0B OT THB HATIOHAL BAEK OF AHEBICt At Chicago, in th Stet of tllifioi. at th close of uainess, April mi, issa. R8ULKCH. Loans and dlacounte ......63408 93 09 Uverdrafta 6tHisi U.S. bonds to aacura circolstion.

60xhmn Other stocka. bonds, and tnortaaa-ea 1.JMUJW IMia 1 rem outer nauonat banks SHlAlMl Due from Stat banka aad o.wm Premiums paid. Checks and ether cash Exchangee for clearing- Bill of othr bsnks Fractional paper cur rency, aicaeia, ana pen- Specie Legsl-tender notes, tteaemption tuna witn 11. tressurer ia per cent ot $349943 87.43946 124.1S9AHJ 419.4 rm670.V 879.186AH 3.25040 406.502.13 1DAMHM 1.17744(441 T0tl.MMM,M...M...M.....MMM.,..a5.452.73241 Capital stork paid HnrulllB fund Undivided profits l.UUiTiuou v.u THia to LI tar ikatlakal 1 1 I .1 .1 1 National bank note lliviaeuas Individual deposite sub- itct to check Demand certificates dmtoalX Certified cheeka. 8U2049748 T1849046 4o4U44i iimii Mt Due to Bute baaka and yujj.bjw yo.tcujiA 12040 4.179430.17 Sn a.1 State of Illinois.

Cook County, aa. 1. tdwaro thro p. uanliier ot tns sdov named bank, de solemnly swear that tha above atatemaat Is true, to the bast ot my knowledge snd belief. tuwAKD B.UAiHHOi, cashier.

Subscribed and sworn to before ins this 3d day et May. jj srTRErT. JTotarv Pnblie: Correct-AfteKt: ISAAC O. LOMBARIK MOKTONP. BlI.U CLARENCE BUCKINGHAM.

Pirectora. PLEASANT YALLEY Picnic Grounds. Partloa desiring to eecuro picnic trounclo should not close their contract before aee Ins Pleasant Valley Plcnio rounds, situated on tne lVtonon Houte, at the south end of Cedar Lalco. For full information caJlon oraddroaa FRANK J. REED, P.

A 73 8. Clark et. Ifffl a ve adjuitting a Trass the rupture After wearing tbe Parker ltetentlvw Truss for 3 years I una em entirely cured, not btvins worn the Trass for sr or more. My ls7Ryesrs. Prrvionsto your had great dimcnity in retaining TflilUlH n.

tv. Tni.nea of ST1 kinds. Uaatia htotiklluia. Inatnt. h.

h. Parser, Frtiident ef Traia Co. 53 butt st, Chicaaa, IX Kt3OBT OT THB O0KDTTI0B OT THE UNION NATIONAL BANS or CHICAGO. AtChieaga. 14 the state oi lumuia.

at th close ef Ousiaeaa. twna aiiribiooo kkBOLBcLa. Loans snd dlaeoante 86,741. 1" I IS Overdraita United Stetes bonds to seenrs circala- TJni te 8U tes Von ds to 'area redsposi United Mates bond on hand Other tocrs bonds, and Due from State banka and Dangers jw.wa-si Beat estate, furniture sad Premiums oald Ei-hanaat fop elaarlnav noase Bills of other banks taJ17AH) Fractional papercurreacy, 9.81241 Specie mmm1401.5J'O Legal tender notes 1MJMJM United states eertiflcaus -1 ot deposit lor legal tea- aww Bodemptlonfund with Tj4. xreaaurer IS par eant ox biLui.Mun awaow.ww Due from V.

8. Treasurer. oiner tnan pet eeat re- dsautieaiiui4M-MMM 64004 ti 3287,158 capital stock paid ia Hiirrtliia fnait Surplus Undivided National bank note outstanding iiTinrnni nnnain Individual depoaita sub- jeca to xo.7jiajejs Demand certificates of denoalt A1.91g.aO art! fled 944863 ahier's checks out- standing 09,157.77 United States Due to other National beak Due to Stat baaka aad riVi'J Due to btata banks and bank- B0VW1 00 2o 4AilJJl $29O20 82400000.00 a imincf 43 JM 8.14748848 I. William C.Oakley, Cashier of th sbove-nanisd solemnly swear that the above state men. -is true, to tne beat nf my knowledge and belief.

wu.LJAJt U. itisiw. HUDgrrtfjed and awom to b.fnre me this third dsy of May. 180. A.

W. MARTIN. Notary Public. Correct Attest: R. CUMMTNGs.

JOH3 H. BAKKEH. DAVID EELLEV. Directors BEPOBT OF THX C05W1IUS OF THE DROVERS NATIONAL BANK or xrxion stock tLake, ta the State of Illinois. Conk County, at in close pi oniiw, apru av, jsw.

Loan and dlscoaata 4538 "T2 V. S. bonds 10 secure circnlatioa soAsju Du rata approved reserve' saenta wimrjaAn Due Irons ether National baaka ITitSOjn Due fmm State banka and baakera 449S.48 inn.Tjn Real estate, furniture, and fiituree. l'isuM Current expenaes and taxes llvtn Premima paid TtajuaJO Cnerka and other cash itema 304I9J9 Bills of others eauke 64W4M Fractional paper currency, aickals aad peaaieaMMM. 134.18 Specie mmmmm.

12-378JIO i uegai-tenaeraote iijmuim Bedemptloa fand with C. 8. i rraanrar fa tier cent ox 345040 Total. ViVWrs" Capital Stock paid la surplus (una Undivided profits National bank notes Individual dgposit subject to check $21340548 Demand certificates ot de- poeis rsiwiojw Caahier's rherks outetanding. Due to other National 1PJ43648 684TL47 iMM.42S0400.00 17a7J7 45MMiMj 14.133 AO 5Q547945 State of rfltnols.

Cool Connty. Sa. I. W. H.

Brintnall. Cashier of ths above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true, to the best of my knowledre and beliet. W. H. BKINTNAU-Caahier.

Snbaerlbed aad sworn to betora me Oils 4th day ot May. 18a8. GEOKUE M. BENEDICT. Notary Public.


Director. BEPOBT OF THB C03DITIOW OF 1 THE KAHOSAL LITE STOCK. BAH Or CHICAGO. Located atLsks. laths State of Illinois, at th elo- i 01 oasin-a.

Aisr.i Kh3n 1UKH. Loa and threnlrefta. secured and ansecured V. 8. bonds to secure circulation.

Due from approved reserve Due from other National buki, Cnrteut exaensea aad taxes ptli-. Premiums paid m.m-.m.m Etchanges for Bills ef other banks Fractional paper currency, aicksla, a od ca Bedemptton fund with U.S. Treaaurer (5 per cent of Total. Y.I'iUff.rfiKsl" Beal Cnrrent expenses and taxes Premiuxna tsid. Checks aad otner casa items.

Exchangee for clearinghouse Bills of ether Frsetionsl neper cap. reury, nickels, aad pennies Legal-tender notes V. 8. rerttneatee of deposit for legal tender Bcdemptioa fnnd with TJ. Treasurer (a per cent ot ...41.4914908 $140141 442741 4 Blai) TT44 527.40011 8S40ai 4040040 t-25040 atU a I'DUITIUCU National bank note outstanding.

Dividends unpaid tndlvidaal deposits sub- Ject to check $147145745 Demand certificates of da- JlOlt. 16472.01 Certified B413J2 Cashier' chock out standing oejT.iS Due to other Xatienal immVi.m rteu mi 180.71849 Munojoi M.WJJ 441413t 2.4.;i.l7 13 17.4:1547 VSAUtJiM 241201 Si.tlj.1 GUJUWMt 2.230 iXJ Can! tsl stock ns Id ia im Undivided pronta Individual deposits subject tn Demand certifies lea of Due to other National baaks Da to Slat baaka and banka re A.105.1l) State of Illinois. County of Cook. as. 1.

Roewell Z. Herrick. cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true to th best of my knowledge snd belief. HOSWELL Z. HERIUCK.

Cashier. f4nbcrlbed aad wora to before me this 4th day efMay.lSoo. ERNES F- BAKER, Note rv Pub lie. Correct Attest: FXHEB WASHULUN. JOBS' HOUUH.

IRU8 COT. Directora. BZPOBT OT THX CONDI 1108 OT TEEEEE4 LEATHER KITIOUL BAH OT CHICAGO. AtCaleag, 1 tb tttate Illinois, at th Close bnainem 1X38. lXESltCES, Loan and discounts m.

V. S. bond to secure circulation TJ. 8. bonds on hand iJAJOM Other stock, bonds, and mortgages at coat, Due from other Xalional bank Dna fmm State banka and $5446648 bankers.

1345244 68rst.8 34702i Capital stock paid in- Murpius tuna $30000000 eHi.omi.0O 46.ISNUI0 4oXJ.tM 144643149 10Wl.u.lMIHUl,HMlil,HrtHW4iiWIMtlV State of Illinois. Cook County, sa. Charles F. Orey Presides! of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that ths above statement IS true, to tue uestosmy anowiedce ana vhas. r.

UHti. President. Rnbarrfbad And sworn to before ma thla Sddasaf May. nusAitu ivuM. niiins.

Correct Arte t- UVXi. C. UKXTOJ4. HDi.H A. WHITE, C.


chicaco. OXB AGEXT, KFKCHAXT, Wanted la every tows for FREE A 3-foot French il sea. Oval Front, Mrkel or CberryClgsr Show Case. Merchants only. Addrets atones.

R. W.TA"SILL A 65 tste st Cliii-ano eh Sleyaat ty tea. ti horv. eat hoi ice. Least Jm a- 1 ev, euuloosrj ruse Eneraving.

S. 0. Chug a Cxi ra. 163 Soulk Clark Cblca; Onfjnltatlott trv -1 v(( iiant. i vsjiav kfnu 4 Curvuio.

aq a $LC I i U1..

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