Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana on April 23, 1968 · 12
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Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana · 12

Valparaiso, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1968
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V Presenting Views As Public Service - By ROLLIE BERNHART - V-M Political Reporter) Because of the great Interest ia the race for the Second District aeat ia the U. S. House of Representatives being vacated by retirement this year of veteran Congressman Charles A. Halleck, The Vldette-Messenger, as a public service, is presenting thumbnail views on pertinent state and national issues by Republican and Democratic candidates seeking the office. Although all 20 candidates 10 Republican and 10 Democratic were contacted by letter on April 3 with a return deadline of April 12, only 15 deemed the request important enough to submit their answers on such vital Issues as: 1. The Vietnam War. 2. The U. S. Gold and Monetary Crisis. 3. The U. S. Budget. 4. Civil Rights. "t 5. Crime on the streets and elsewhere. 8. Federal participation in the development of the Lake Michigan seaport and National Lakeshore in Indiana. 7. Federal aid to education for colleges, state and private. 8. Agricultural subsidies. Should Help Voters As the 19G8 primary campaign swings Into Its final two weeks of action, expressions by the various candidates on the foregoing issues, which are not numbered in order of importance, should be helpful to voters in deciding on the best possible replacement for the able Congressman from Rensselaer who is completing 11 consecutive terms In Washington Answering the questionnaire Quentln Blachly, Valparaiso; Albert F. Harrigan, Hob art; State Sen. Earl F. Landgrebe, Valparaiso; Ernie Niemeyer, Lowell; O. U. Sulliv an, Lafayette; Thomas L. Thorson, LaPorte, and John C. Wood, RFD 7, Valparaiso. Not forwarding a reply were Joe Weinberg, Knox, Edwin C. Gutweln, Franceiville, and Robert Becker, Rensselaer. Democrats submitting the Adams, LaPorte; John W. Blenke, Valparaiso; Toby Bocanegra, Portage; Joseph Farina, LaPorte; Floyd F. Jacobsen, Crown Point; Ted Savlch, Rensselaer; Failing to send in the query were: James Agee, East Gary, and Edward F. Kelly, Lafayette. Ivan Korunek, Chesterton, sent in a letter but did not follow the form arl nndgrebe Vietnam War I feel that all possible aid to the enemy should be cut off. While we have hope for fruitful negotiations! we must not forget the bitter lessons of Korea. If peace at tempts fail within a reasonable time, we must then rely on the military for strategy for all out victory. US Gold and Monetary Cri sis Confidence in the Amer- r: EARL LANDGREBE lean dollar must be restored at home and abroad. V will sup port any reasonable legislation with this as its US Budget To save the wage earner, housewife and -pensioners from the cruel tax oi lniiauon, ,we must cut gov ernment spending. Let's - face it, at some point we must not only balance the budget, but pay our debts Civil rights I believe In equal rights, opportunity and protection for all Americans. I also believe that law and order must prevail while we. search Jor the solution of the problems Of racial inequalities, Crime in the streets and elsewhere Recent Supreme Court decisions have made it impos sible ' for law enforcement officials to carry out their re sponsibilities. State and local officials and courts must have returned to ' them th nowers necessary to maintain law and order. ' Federal participation in t h e ueveiupmcui ui uie ume micui- gan seaport and National Lake-shore in Northwestern Indiana '-The participation of the corp of Army engineers in the. de velopment oi seaports is traditional. My record indicates I have long advocated the expansion, improvement and development-by the Indiana Department of Conservation of the Indiana Dunes State park. - Federal aid to Education for colleges, state and ' private Federal aid to state colleges is now aa accepted principle. Maintaining the identity and independence of private and par ochial schools and colleges Is ot primary importance. . Agricultural subsidies I believe in the independence of the American farmer ..and gradual withdrawal of government control over agriculture. from the Second District. were, Republicans, State Rep, questionnaire were: Charles J. and Howard M. Sullivan, LaPorte, as outlined in the questionnaire. John C. Wood Viet Nam . Is a symptom which must be treated before the cause. The present course is right if it mrta.. If it does not work and we are forced to resort to fighting again. This could be it may be the proverbial new dawn coming in from a very dark hour. Som European nations seem to learning what America knew in 1776 and then forgot that im Derialism is a liability instead of an asset. We may befinding at last that we can help the whole world most Jby simply minding our own business. Gold and the Monetary cris is: has been recurring period- x.s) 1 1 '6 JOHN C. WOOD Ically since 1810. It comes up at eacn period of panic or depression." The remedy - would seem to be to get off the gold standard permanently, and to try to base the value1 of paper money on consumer, goods instead 6f fire power, production of wealth instead of destruction of wealth. - U.S. Budget: is supposed to be a balance between income and outgo. But a budget to be meaningful must be a balance between production, and what must be invested for future pro duction. Appropriations ,, that would strengthen instead of depleting a budget would provide for conservation coupled with tourism. This could provide countless jobs and small businesses for farmers now destitute. It would get . away from farm subsidies which right now must be maintained and in creased. Civil Rights the right to be protected from, lawlessness. Black and white are coins to have to. work together, shoulder to Shoulder, and arm in -arm, to restore our civil rights. As of nowf and despite the civil rights bill just. -passed,?-, civil rights is becoming a term foi playing black people and white people against each other as a gimmick to gain political power, on the part of a very few. Federal Aid to Education-People need to be educated, rather .than trained, like 'a bullet to be aimed. Federal aid to colleges state and private, can be made to help all of us, only ji it can be applied to all who are seeking learning, rather than to r lr7 Quoniin Blaclily Vietnam: we must deter mine if it is both feasible and desirable to maintain the extensive deployment of both troops and money as it now stands. We must rapidly extri cate ourselves from Vietnam, preferably through an honorable peace at the conference table; if not, then by militarily convincing North Vietnam they cannot continue the war. Gold and Monetary Crisis: we must reduce government QUENTIN, BLACHLY . spending abroad. This will re quire evaluation and reduction of our foreign aid programs as well as giving consideration to reducing the number of troops stationed overseas. In addition, we must curtail the inflation of the dollar brought on by ever increasing deficit spending at home. U.S. Budget: it is my imon that the federal bu is a major contributory actor in .tne present monetary crisis facing this country We must immediately cur tail government spending and then make thorough analysis of government programs to eliminate or reduce those that are unnecessary or failing to produce results. Civil Rights: - I believe that every American should have the guaranteed right to equal Opportunity. I do not be lieve however, that we can eliminate all prejudice inrougn legislation, l believe ore can be accomplished in eliminating the ills of our so ciety by the encouragement of private business and organiza tions to enter into the arena of urbanization problems. Crime in the Streets and Elsewhere: the tendency of the administraiton to accept civil disobedience and to react slowly to violence in the past has brought about a feeling in some people that the law can be ignored. Crime and vio lence must be met with" rapid, capable law enforcement. We must insist that grievances be settled in the courts and legislatures and not in the streets. This nation has been made great by the peaceful accent ance or peaceful and orderly change of statuatory and case law. Seaport and National Lake- shore: the federal government should participate in the development of the Lake Michigan seaport to the extent that Indiana should be reimbursed by the federal government for the state funding -of the port already made by the State of Indiana. If, in fact, the federal government intends the develop ment oi a national lakeshore .park, then appropriations should be immediately made for the development of the park, or the thought of the park should be abandoned. federal Aid to Education:- The rising costs of education today make, it imperative that help be provided to higher ed-ucatlonal institutions. I believe that greater incentives must be provided to private citi zens and corporations to edu cation. I refer to such things as tax deductions for tuition, greater tax savings for the contributions of individuals. and more encouragement of private scholarship funds. I feel federal funds where need ed should be available on a grant-in-aid" basis to -.avoid government control of education. Agriculraral Subsidies: I would support those agricultural policies which would cive farmers a fair return on their investment . . - I would support. foreign agricultural policy that would strengthen American sericul ture and not Weaken it. We must find a way to 'develop overseas markets in order, t o utilize the full capabilities--of the American agricultural production system, in such a way that will benefit the farmer as well as the consumer. We must have an agricultural department that understand, s the needs of the, far-mer rather than just a political bureaucracy. the few who are seeking credit for learning in order .establish authoritarianism- to gain power, . -z r-- Altai tV I'nmpn Vietnam War: My observations are that non-communists asian governments are looking for solutions that work. Asians must begin to- realize that they must form coalition framework for their mutual security. We must now push in mat direction so mat we may move our troops out of Vietnam. People outside of adminis tration circles in Vietnam have told me that this is a feasible and desirable plan. Let us en courage asian initiative to prepare and defend themselves hereafter. Gold: there has been an overseas run on Fort Knox and gold. The question we are concerned with, of course is this: "Is it possible that a time may come when Fort Knox will stand empty?" What is the answer then? Re store confidence in the dollar. Show foreigners our ability to put our fiscal house in order-to hold the line against inflationary pressure at home. We must return to fiscal sanity. mere are certain progr; and activities we must d o without as long as the w a r lasts. The U.S. Budget: The "New Economics" Urges budget surpluses when our man- A.F. HARRIGAN power and other resources are overly scarce and prices i n general rise on a board front. Yet for 31 out of the past 37 years we have had a U.S. treasury deficit. Generally since World War II we have had rising employment, rising output, and rising prices. Un-der the "New. Economics" theory we should have budget surpluses most of the time instead we have deficits most of the time. Civil . Rights:,, an equal share of America's goods will not be forthcoming from -marching substituting work for marching will be helpful Negroes are advised to upgrade their skills and- deliver more to their employers. The -negro does not get an "Equal Share Of America's Goods" because he is not producing an equal share proportionately. The unfortunate thing today is that a Negro leader could say that the Negro should seek education, skills, and should work a little, harder that the white and it would be accepted. Crime: we must wage a total realistic war against the soaring crime that imperils our nations very survival. Early in March, an FBI- report showed 16-percent increase in serious crimes in our country in 1967. Public apathy and o fficial softness and neglect have permitted this cancer to grow. If we don't get surgery soon, it may be too late. The Democrat Supreme court has-'-vir-tually disarmed our police. A Democrat dominated Congress has dawdled over anti-crime bills that are urgently needed. We must have strong, quick remedial action by both citizens and government. Park And Seaport: My past record will show that I opposed the national lakeshore park in northwest Indiana.' I felt that we had a wonderful state park here that was more than" adequate for the needs of our Indiana people. Now the additional area required for a national park' has taken away some of o u r trememdous growth potential in this area. The Lake Michigan seaport is something that any one in thq country should see as a great boon to the entire area. It would bring industry, jobs, transportation, growth, prosperity to our area. I am unequivocally for the port -Federal Aid To Education: I would seriously recommend proposed bill H.R, 308 to give states a rebate of up to 5 per cent . spent lor education. A special formula would provide increased funds to states with the highest education budgets. We most certainly today need Federal aid to education for colleges, both state and private. Agriculture:" Some peeple seem determined to put farmers into a position, ever so gradually, where "Thejr-virtual-ly turn themselves over to the government, the reward being freedom from poverty and fear -r, but also from decision- t ! I iik O.U. Sufcn Vietnam War We must bring our military fighting men home from Vietnam as soon 'as we can do to with honor. To do this we must, in my opinion, make major change in the conduct of the war. We cannot continue in the same manner we are presently pursuing In Vietnam. If we are to bring the men home with honor, we must fight to win. This does not mean the invasion and occupation of North Vietnam. It does mean taking the steps necessary to cut off the 100 percent flow of militr ary hardware- from outside the country. U. S. Gold and Monetary Crisis The one certain answer to the gold and monetary crisis is to return the government of the United States to a program of sound fiscal policies, based on stringent budget controls and a determination to eliminate all unnecessary avoidable and postponable expenses until such time as the Vietnam situation has been resolved. U. S. Budget Very much the same answer as indicated for golf and monetary crisis would apply. We might add that we feel a tremendous savings could be affected if we were to do for the people of this country and the world only 0. U. SULLIVAN those things which they cannotK THOMAS L. THORSON i i . . .. - possioiy ana adequately ao tor themselves. This would require a determination to take no steps to assist in any way un- til we were satisfied that every avenue of self-help had been exhausted. Civil Rights - We feel that equality in every aspect of our national life should apply to all citizens, regardless of race, creed or economic position, that necessary laws to assure this are required, but that civil rignts, in the final analy-sis, cannot be legislated. They must oe taugnt in our schools, in our synagogues and in our churches. Only when the hearts of our people have accepted true civil rights will we see actual equality ln-fhis country. Crime in the Streets and Elsewhere Civil disobedience leads to criminal disobedience, I see a trend toward the per secution of the majority to protect certain technical legal ngnts tne Criminal minority, i Deueve individual concern and the wllingness to participate in the apprehension of criminals and their immediate and proper .prosecution is a first requirement A return to a sense of moral values is an other requirement. Federal Participation in the Development of the Lake Michigan Seaport and National Lakeshore In Northwestern Indiana . This auestion is . so controversial as to require more study than I have been aw to give it up to this time. Briefly, I favor adequate areas for development of (1) industrial complex, (2) fine home, subdivisions, and (3) an enlarged Dunes Park. The park might be federal or stated or a cooperative effort between the two. My position will be much firmer after I have had time to learn more about all of the factors Involved in the controver sy. Federal Aid to Education for Colleges State and Private My feeling is that all such aid should be channeled through one agency. There are now over 100 agencies, contract di visions, departments and other units of federal government dealing with our institutions of higher learning. ' I feel further that much of the aid to hese-institutions could be channeled through the departments of education of the various states, without making and from responsibilities of freedom itself. The farmer knows what his needs and aspirations are To date, the Democrats areUing the farmer what he needs. Fortunately the farmer has learned that "they know not what they Let us "Free-Up" the farmer and let him do the job he is capable of doing! Tiicrseh Viet Nam The peace of the world depends upon American firmness in the face of aggression. This fantastically expensive war ought to be ended with honor and without surrender. The present offer to talk from Hanoi is a hopeful sign but it ought to be taken with a grain of salt The offer may simply be a way of playing for time to resupply on the part of the Communists. Gold and Monetary Crisis What is most important in keeping the dollar sound is expand ing American productivity not gold. Our large overseas ex penditures inevitably produce pressure on our gold supply, but sound management can prevent serious problems. Budget The federal budget can be substantially reduced in proportion to Gross National Product by devising a system of direct grants to states and localities. This would reduce costs which are purely the result of waste and self-perpetuation on the part of the federal bureaucracy. Civil Rights Steps shoud be taken to insure equal opportunities for all American citizens. There is dange, however, in supposing that federal legislation can do more than make the solving of problems possible. We have seen the results of promises which, no government but only the. .people involved can -.fulfil. Private enterprise and local self-reliance can do what no increase in bureaucrat ic hand-outs can accomplish. Crime A strong stand must be taken against crime wheth er engaged in by individuals or mobs. This means enforcing respect for the law and providing police with the most modern tools available consistent with constitutional guarantees of in dividual freedom. Seaport and Lakeshore In d us trial growth, conservation and recreation are all desirable objectives for Northwestern Indiana but not at the expense oi expropriating private property. Federal aid would be de sirable providing that the im portant decisions remained in 4ocal hands. The next Congress man should be from the northern part of the district where the problems are. Northern res idents should unite behind the candidate from the North with the best chance of winning. Aid to Colleges - Education and particularly higher education, is one of our most important national resources. Feder al aid to both private and pub lic universities has been a necessity and probably will con tinue to be one for some tune. There is great danger, howev er, in federal money turning our universities into giant unmanageable and impersonal factories. Federal money must not mean federal controL A Congressman who understands higher education is a necessity for the Second District with its great universities. Agriculture The objective must be to maintain farm prices so as to keep the family farm in business. Farmers must be able to make a profit if they are enicient producers. A greater effort must be made to encourage more small industri es to move into rural areas Rural children should have an equal opportunity for high qual ity education. strings attached, at a greater savings to all parties involved a savings in money, in com munications, in report prepara tion and other red tape. Agricultural Subsidies We must seek solutions that will allow the farmer to make a profit - not just more money. In the . long term, we should seek to return agriculture to the free market Please note I said 'long term'. Subsidies should be arranged with this ultimate objective in mind and the farm organizations themselves should be consulted. Finally, a majority vote on the part of farmers would be con sidered sufficient toward neree. ment on the part of U'. farm Republican Candidates trim fcioyer Vietnam I believe since this is a civil-type war in Vietnam, that the South Vietnamese should be more actively involv- ERNIE NIEMEYER ed and should be more definite on what their desires are. I believe we ought to help get some type of honorable settlement of the direct fighting as far as our forces are concerned and then get out of Vietnam. Gold and Monetary crisis! I believe the root of the problem of the Gold Standard and the loss of the value of the dollar stems from the fact that we have too much of our currency going out of the country in comparison" to what is coming back into our economy. One helpful solution would be to bring the Vietnam conflict to a quick end. US Budget: the deficit would also tie into the outflow of our gold and currency and also the tremendous expense of the Vietnam conflictUntil we can start getting a more balanced budget and getting our dollar on a sounder basis, we are going to continue inflating the dollar and escalating our budget. Civil Rights: I am definitely of the opinion that there are inequities in our social standards and racial relations. But we cannot solve them by dem-, onstrating and destroying prop erty. We need new leadership in the White House and in t h e Congress. Crime in the streets and Civil Disobedience: Until we get respect for law and order and recognize the duties of our law enforcement officials and leaders there will be a continuation of this social sickness. We have got to quit pacifying this problem and take a much more stern attitude as a society and a Nation. Legislation can not be derived " by demonstrating and threatening other elements of our society. Federal participation in the development of the Lake Michigan Seaport and National Lake shore in Northwest Indiana: Since there has been a plan set down between the government and the industrial development area, 1 would hope that it be recognized and followed. Being In business in the Northern Inf iana area I naturally agree with the industrial development since it does put more people to work and helps relieve some of our tax load. I believe we can continue with both devleop-ments to the satisfaction of the people of the area. Federal Aid to. Education for colleges, both state and private, is going to be a continued necessity, I don't believe, though, at this time we can afford to over expend ourself into large amounts of this" type of expenditures.. The country definitely must get on a more sound fiscal policy to afford' involvement although, to me this would be a first priority in future financial assistance. Agricultural Subsidies hav probably created more lnecmi- . - 1 , --V.': l! f ties-in the US lto'Z?Zteb e McCarthy Stops At LaPorte By EUGENE J. CADOU LA PORTE, Ind. (UPI)-Sen. Eugene McCarthy strolled down LaParte's main street Joday; shaking hands" nd seeking sup port in his Indiana presidential preference primary campaign. McCarthy was greeted by about 3rrt'prsons,T' 'mostly adults, when be drove up to his campaign headquarters here after earlier stops at a Purdue regional campus and Michigan uty. At Michigan City, he said be hopes to get 25 per cent of the votes cast in the Indiana Demo cratic primary May 7 "but I we tor more." i Who Will Branigin Support? By EUGENE J. CADOU INDIANAPOLIS ( U P I ) Governor Branigin wouia not turn down the Democratic nomination for vice-president, a number of Hoosier party leaders are saying these days. With practically all presidential possibilities listed as liberal, nomination of a conservatve like Branigin would appeal to Republican and independent voters, according to these poli-ticos. ' In iact, Branigin showed this power when he garnered thousands of these votes as he ran for governor in 1964. That is how he finished ahead of the two other major Democratic nominees, President Johnson and Sen. Vance Hartke. The writer has just chatted with a former Republican governor of Indiana, who said: "I sure wish I could vote for Roger, but if I tried to switch over, I'd get caught." He referred to Branigin's favorite-son candidacy in the Hoosier . Democratic primary on May 7 n which his rivals are New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Minnesota Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy. Branigin Is Silent Branigin refuses to discuss his vice - presidential status and keeps on saying he is a bona-fide aspirant for president, although he is old enough to draw social security checks. Few persons have run for presi- uent wnen uiey are past their mid-60s. On the other hand, you can work about as hard as you wish in the vice-presidential job with little of the man-killing pressure suffered by a president in this atomic age. If Branigin captures the Indiana presidential primary, he probably will control most of the 63 Indiana votes in the national convention, even after they vote for him on the first ballot, as the primary law provides. These votes would have gone to President Johnson, had he not bowed out. The Hoosier party chiefs are wondering whether Branigin will support Vice-President' Hubert H. Humphrey, who seems to be a .certain presidential bidder, especially since the Arizona Democratic state convention gave him stmnu r e "veaw uaA- ig. , - In only two weeks, the Hoo-siers will register presidential' choices. - ' . Campaign A "Love-In" The Democratic campaign to date has resembled invfl.i whu au a candidates refrain- "is irora saying harsh words about each other. It is likely however, that the fur may fly jtaring - this short remaining The Kennedy- and McCarthy lieutenants are contending that it is undemqpratic to five Brani-' gin a blank check f- tional convention nrhiio u- Braniginites claim that the gov- ers1 'who shouldn't invade Hoo-sierdom. w mexrVice'President Richer, m h PPosed In tosMay7fracaS,.andhisvote will suffer for that reason. His friends hope that his Hoosier appearance next week" will add a bit of lest to allav th lican doldrums. of Agriculture than program But until the farmer stability, subsidies are definite-iL? must be re-as- "too iue neea is the most McCarthy had a cup of coffee with several local supporters in his campaign headquarters and then went on a hand-shaking tour down the street, stopping at several business establishments Including a restaurant during the lunch hour rush. He told one questioner his chances were "getting better in' every state primary." McCarthy signed numerous autographs,', smiled at backers carrying signs saying "We Need McCarthy" and "McCarthy, the Integrity, the Courage, the Har mony, the Man." McCarthy then headed for Val paraiso, last stop on his four-hour swing through . the- northwestern corner of tte state.

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