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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 48

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 48

Cincinnati, Ohio
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4 sHcnoN ronH. SPECIAL Miss May Sutton, the tennis champion, gave an exhibition -on the Onwentsia courts the other day of how a lady should play tennis. There was quite a large gallery, including a number of people from Chicago, who watched with interest the plays of Miss Sutton. The. champion's curly brown hair was tied with a toroad red ribbon.

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bride uncle Persian rug; Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Noyes. of Chicago, a gilt jewel casket- Mr.

M. S. Kemmerer. a diamond bracelet. A traveling clock of blue enamel and aleba-ita set with diamonds, came from Mr and Mrs.

Edward Trick, of Paris, and nperb gifts from the Vice President and several members of the Cabinet and members of the legations. The wedding gown which Miss Elsie Curtis wore was of white satin but showed In every line the charming individuality which his made Its wearer one of the most popular girls in Washington, as well as one of the cleverest. The. gown suggested the prineesse model, with loifg. round train.

Both front and back were draped In several scarfs of exquisite Umerlck lace, selected by this much-traveled brida on a visit to Ireland a vear ago. The scarfs, which appeared to be something more than half a vard In width, were draped across tne shoulders, producing the much-desired kerchief effect, then opened smoothly to a form panel on either side of the front of the skirt. At the back, where the gown closed diagonally, the lace fitted smoothly until well below the waistline, then fell In long sash ends to the ground. The Dutch neck was made with a slight tucker of the same lace, as also were the sleeves, whlcn were gathered on the upper arm. the two edges of -the shamrock-worked lace coming together from the lace-draped shoulder to the top of the.

long gloves, which came slightly above the elbow. In Holy Family Church. Price Hill. Miss Anna Agnes Walsh, of Grand avenue, and Mr. Richard A.

Ryan, son of the late Matthew Ryan, of Avondale. were married Wednesday morning. The ceremony was performed by the rector. Rev. Father A.

E. Drurner. The bride was educated at Notre Dame Academy and Is a young woman of many graces and attainments. The groom, a St. Xavier Cillege man.

Is prominent In iai And husiness circles. The honeymoon will be spent In Michigan, and on their return Mr. and Mrs. Ryan will be at home at 415 Grand avenue. Mrs.

W. P. Hulbert is enjoying having her grandson. William Hulbert. and his wife with her for the winter.

They have Just returned from Louisville, where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Tyler (Bessie Hulbert) for the week end. Miss Caroline Hulbert Is growing up to be a very handsome young woman very like her mother. Nos.

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A better game was put UD for Miss Sutton at th e.lju and Bridle, and, indeed, tennis has been me wnoic go at this fashionable town club. The girls had a tennis tournament. In which Mrs. Harold O. Crane and Mrs.

Herbert Gait won over all competitors, and finally plaved each ihr araaic t- dark Mrs. Gait, in a boyish short white linen suit, wun Hair braided tight around her small head, defeated her equally pretty blond cousin. Mrs. Crane. hn waa in and white.

Last Sunday the married folk iiou tennis tournament. Mr. and Mrs, H. O. Crane were the winners.

Miss Ethel Rogers, daughter of Mr. P. Rogers, dean of the Cincinnati Law o-nooi, was married last night to Mr. ivimocn Turner, of Terre Haute The grOOm is a COlllMr man an.4 L. L.

Turner. The bride, a tall, statelv ariri of the Gtoson type, wore a magnificent row, made with a collarlesi neck, yoke and mifvm i There was a pointed bodice of crystal and ana emoroiaery, and a gracefully draped skirt made with a long court train, reminding one of an old picture. The veil of tulle "ou exquisite orange blossoms. She carried a shower bouquet of valley lilies and bride's mm Th M4. tended by her sister.

Miss Norlne. in a ki'wu oi sneu pina satin and chiffon of low corsage drapery held in place reams oi pint rosea, and she had a snower bouquet of Klltarney roses. Her later, jvamryn. as flower girl, wore a dainty white lace nlvn with nlnb aW carried a basket of rosebuds and petals we sirewea in tne bride path. The bride's mother wore a gown of silver gray satin with rare lace and silver embroidery.

Immediatelv nrtrakriino. B. F. Miller, of Terre. Haute, rendered most "na irom 1 ne creation.

Mendelssshn's wedding march Was played by an orchestra concealed behind he palms The bridal pajty descended the stairs, ithe bride on the arm of her father, preceded by Miss Norlne Rogers, the maid of honor, and little Miss Kathryn Rogers, the flower girl, and were met by the groom, Mr. Win-loch Marshall Turner, attended by his brother. Mr. J. Lee Turner.

The bridal party took their places In an alcove window which had been transformed Into an arbor of ferns, and smilax, with masses of pink and white chrysanthemums. The ceremony was-performed, by Rev. Mr. Fortune, of the Walnut Hills Christian Church, assisted oy Rev. T.

J. Clark, of Albion, 111., an uncle of the bride. The colos. scheme throughout the house was In white and pink, the bridal table hav-ina a rreat center niw nf nini, trm. IJTTJ roses.

Covers were laid for forty at the onae taoie. The wedding presents were unusually handsome. The br-Me and groom left for the East, and will spend some time in New York and Washington. D. C.

and will sail for the Bermudas, and -will be at home in Terre Haute after February The out-of-town guests at the wedding were Mr. L. L. Turner, father of the groom. Terre Haute, and the following from terre liaute, and Mrs.

Robert E. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. C.

M. Turner. Miss Jaaet Turner, Miss Lyle Turner. Mr. Marshall Turner; Mr: Jay Le Turner, Kansas City, Mr.

and Mrs. W. M. Leonard. Lincoln, Mr.

and Mrs. E. S. Pitts-ford. Indianapolis.

Mrs. Edward Chester Barnard. Washington. D. C.

Mr and Mrs. B. V. Miller, Rushrille. Dr.

T. M. Koon, Grand Rapids. Mrs. Ray Blatchley.

Champaign. Rev. T. J. Clark.

Albion. Mr. and Mrs. J. Floyd New by, Knlghtatown.

Mlsa Almani. Br be. Ft. Wayne, Miss Oeraldlne Rlmbower. Ft.

Wayne. Miss Edith Alexander, Anderson, Miss Ruth Kelt-ner. Anderson, Miss Frances Mnrphy, Bloomington, Miss Marjorte Bradfuta, Bloomington. the following from Indianapolis. Miss Mary Baker, Mr.

Willis N. Coval. Mr. Wm. Elliott, and from Cleveland.

Ohio, Mlsa Flora Sayle. Mr. Chester Sayle. Mr. Alfred Bruoii; Mis Euretta Bnlster.


asa-asasaa asssa-aa-s-a-sassas 'SSSSSHSSSr- Dr. James Stanton. Logansport, Mr. James McKinley, Bed bird, Ind. The news received In this city late Friday night of the death of Miss Clara E.

Nourse. In Berkeley, CaL. was received with profound regret by her hosts of old friends and pupils In Cincinnati and vicinity. 8he was in her seventy-eighth rear. The day previ- I ous to her death she had a stroke of apo-I plexy.

from which she never regained con sciousness. Miss Nourse was a native of Maine, but removed to Cincinnati as a very young woman in lfHM. and established a private school here for girls, which was successfully conducted until 11)01. Her rare Intel I lectual gifts, combined with the most an her a leading position among the edu.a-ors of the city, and qualified her for a breadth of Influence which few women have enjoyed. a ..,.11.

mnmhArl The AUIUIIK II ,7 1 puyiio Nnost influential families of this city. Mias Herron. who Is now Mrs. William II. Tatt, the first lady of the land; also, the Mlss-o: Herron, Mrs.

Taffs sisters; Mrs. Charles Anderson. Mrs. Moore, basco, the Misses Sherlock, Mrs. Howard Mrs.

Kufus Smith. Mrs. Joseph Neave, Mrs. Arthur Epe, Mrs. Olen Groes-beck.

Mrs. Joseph Wllshire, Helene Zimmerman (now the Duchess of Manches: ten; the Misses Mary and Isabel NetT. of Mt. Auburn: Mrs. Kilbrenth ami Mrs.

Edwin Gardner (daughters of Dr. and Mrs. John A. Murphy) and many others. Among Miss Nourse's personal friends were many prominent men of letters.

William Dean- Howells, George S. HolUfrd and many others. Much of Miss Nourse's time for the past few years was spent In traveling abroad and in this country, Cincinnati still being her home. Miss Nourse was a woman of broad syra- I pathies and of practical trnarity. white silk.

The Knights of the Round Table presented the groom with a "round" solid mahogany table. Among the many courtesies extended to the Cllngman-Core bridal party the handsome dinner given by Miss Mary and Miss Luella Latta, of Ludlow, was most notable. The fair young hostesses entertained for the first time in their lovely-new Tiome. Sixteen guests surrounded the beautifully appointed" table. Everything in the way of decorations had a golden tinge.

The place cards were wedding bells. During the October Horse Show In Seattle society doings were on a grand stale. From late rllnnliia-s Mr. and Mrs. William Pitt vanced methods of teaching, procured for Trimble, formerly Miss Cunnle Ford, of Mrs.

Henry Pro- have returned from a trip abroad and are During last summer Miss Nourse werst to California to be with her only surviving relatives, an aged sister, and her niece. Miss Ethel Nourse. who conveyed the sad news by telegram to several friends In this city. Invitations have been sent out for th-j marriage of Miss Marguerite Hopple Hickman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

John B. Hickman, and Mr. Joseph Stanley Durrell. of Mt. Auburn.

The ceremony will take place at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Observatory road. Wednesday evening. November lO. The bride will be 'attended by her sister.

Miss Harriet Hickman, as malJ of honor, and Mr. E. Durrell, cousin of the groom, will be best man. The maids will be Miss Marguerite Cox, Mis Ella Sorln, Miss Ethel Durrell and Ml S3 Ruth Glascock. The ushers will he Mr.

Howard Hopple. Mr. Warren E. Dr. Edward If.

Moss and Mr. Harland Kane, of Xenla. A number of handsome affairs will be given In honor of the bridal party. Mr. R.

Gordon Carew has returned from a two weeks' visit to New York. Mrs. Frederick J. Flarh. Observatory road, will have as her guest this week Miss Gladys Little, of St.

Louis. Handsomely engraved cards have been Issued by Mr. George H. Lapham, bidding relatives and Intlmat friends to the marriage of his daughter. Miss Elizabeth Castner.

Mr. Charles Richard Sprague. of Chicago. The wedding will take place at 6 o'clock. October 27.

at the St. Nicholas. Cards Inclosed read: "At home after December 1 at 6T1 Hinman avenue. Evanston. 111." Rev.

Nelson, rector of Christ Church, will ner- form the ceremony. The bride's father was Covington, entertained many distinguished folk. In the saddle ponies' exhibit their son. Ford Trimble, ased JO, took the first prize, and in the steeple chase for ponies he won the second. At tho matinee performance Mary Barlow Trimble, gave an especially good performance on her pony.

Til nml Uta CVnlr fvea rirl mjtr Varilr the guest.if 'of Mrs. Bradford Shlnkle, of Mr. and Mrs. McDowell Bent, of Covington, aro enjoying a short Southern trip. Tne past week they were In Jacksonville.

Florida. The distinguished social event in Covington last Wednesday was the celebration of Mrs. A. J. Whlpps's ninetieth b'rthday at her fine old mansion.

It Is not the privilege of many to attain the age of a nonagenarian, especially as Longfellow places it. to "reach the evening of life with faculties wondrously retained." The IvJstess, petite and gentle in manner, received the large assemblage of guests with evident pleasure. Palms, ferns and white chrlsanthe-mums were the special decorations in the spacious apartments. The fine portrait of the hostess's late husband. Major A.

J. Vy'hipps. was placed on a neat pedestal garlanded with smilax near the receiving line of the following persons: The hostess, gowned in black silk, with a touch of lace at the throat, carried white chrysanthe-mus, selected from gorgeous offerings of flowers; Mrs. Walton, sister of Mrs. Whlpps.

gowned In black silk: Miss Walton, white and black silk, effective garniture of lace: Mrs. Manlove. niece of Major Whlpps. a rich rose-colored messallne and lace. The table decorations In the dining room were an oblong design of meteor roses, and rose-colon shades capped the waxea lights.

The aids were kinswomen or close friends, and graced the occasion beautifully gown. Mrs. Victor. Mrs. Lungmore.

Mrs. Lou Johnson. Mrs. Ida Foster. Mrs.

Thomas Porter. Miss Alice Worthlngton Mrs. Tyler, of Gennantown. a relative of Pres- id-nt Tyler, gowned In blacff and white sk: h-r daughter. Mrs.

J. T. Brown, of St- Louis, handsomely gowned in rose-colored brocade and point lace. Mrs. gave a special Invitation to her neighbor, who is.

a nonago-narian, Mrs. Taney, who received many kindly, attentions. Her daughter. Miss Mary Florence Taney, stood by her chair gowned In rose-colored moussellne sole and lace. Another also neighbor, was Mr.

Bowren. father of Mrs. Jessie Bowren Caldwell, one of Kentucky's singers. Among the guests from a distance was Mrs. toward Cutter' nee Flsk).

of Elgin, I1L 8h was gowned in an elegant champagne-col ored chiffon cloth, and wore a stunning becoming hat. Mrs. W. W. Trimble was regal, wearing an elegant white satin, cm for many years-rf banker of New York City, broidered.

and rare jewels. Mrs. James C. For the past seven years the family has re sided on Walnut Hills. The wedding of Rev.

Charles Clingman. rector of St. Paul's P. E. Church, Newport, and Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. William F. Core, of Ft. Thomas, last Thursday evening awakened unusual Interest In tbe social and religious world. It Is rare that a rector is married In the church whose congregation has called him.

The beautiful church, with many memorial windows' of prominent cltisens. has been the scene of many distinguished nuptials. It was embowered with sacred Easter lilies and emblematic palnu. Mrs. Curtis Taylors gifts as an organist thrilled the large audience gathered to witness the ceremony.

The bridal pathway was defined by tho ushers Rev. Maxwell Long. Rev. Clinton S. Quin.

Messrs. Henry Merkle and Talbot Owen. The maids, a lot of splendid-looking girls Misses Marjorle Core, Grace Blue and Mary B. Latta were gowned in white messallne, with embroidered panels, and they received a full share ofcompli-ments. Mrs.

Henry Merkle, matron of honor, wore her elegant bridal robe of white satin. Ruth Sorgel, maid of honor, wae a pronounced beauty In white satin. The maids all carried Easter lilies. The bride entered with her father. She Is a typical brunet.

and In style of beauty has been regarded very like Maxlne Elliot. She wore an elegant gown tf white brocade, adorned with pearl trimmings. A tulle veil fell In ample folds, fastened on her shapely head with a chaplet of orange blossoms. At the altar she was met by the groom and best man. Rev.

Mr. Barnwell. The ceremony was performed by Right Rev. Bishop Burton. A reception was held later at the bride's parents' home.

The table decorations were pink. The ring in the bride's cake was found by Miss Stirgel. who also caught th bridal bouquet. The thimble was "perched" on a piece of cake, but It was ignored by the guests. Mr.

Long secured the pence. The bride's mother was gowned In white satin. The groom's mother wore black and Ernst was one of the most beautiful women, garbed In faultless style. Mrs. Fred Wolcott was strikinalr handsome In gown with white silk corsage embroidered with touches of blue and gold luce earf with silver effects.

Mrs. Owen Carpenter wore an exquisite white embroidered net over silk, with coral and diamond orna merits. Mrs. Shelley Rouse, always a toast on account of her wit and pleasantries. wore a gown of white and heliotrope silk, with' effective garniture.

Mrs. Will Corry was decidedly handsome in a white lace gown: Mrs. Claude Black, of Avondale, wore pink silk and Valenciennes lace; Mrs. William Hind wore wine-colored silk and lace, and Mrs. Hlghton blue satin and rare lace.

A number of men felt it a privilege to pay their respect, and formed a large part of 130 guests. Master Charles Francis Mil ler, aged 6 years, wore bis colonial suit of blue satin and silver. His gallantries were applauded. Mr. and' Mrs.

Stuart, of Fern-bank, were among tbe honored guests. The charm of a home wedding was beau tifully carried out when Miss Mayme, daughter, of and Mrs. Charles Willis, of Newport, and Dr. Rupert Hill Langdale, of Calcutta. India, plighted their troth list Tuesday evening.

The house was redolent with roses and choice blooms. Formulated with palms and ferns was an Improvised altar in the bay window of the drawing room. The bride entered with her father and the groom, and officiating pastor. Rev. IMr.

Koch, awaited them. Miss Viola Langdale played the wedding march. The at tractive young bride wore a white satin Princess. trimmings were ar tistically arranged and a pearl bandJau graced her head. She carried bride's roses tied with smilax, which fell to the hem of her gown.

One of the most touching and beautiful features of the impressive cere mony was when the niece of the bride. Willie May Willis, the lovely Mule daughter of her brother, carried the ring on a saUn pillow and offered the same most grace- v. fully. She was a picture In a white frock of lace. After congratulations a was served in courses.

After a visit to the groom's brother. Rev. Langdale, of Boston, they will sail from New York, visiting Algiers, Tunis, Morocco. Naples, Rome and the Ho Land. They will be at home in February.

The bride's mother was gowned in rich black lace; the groom's mother wore pearl gray silk, with garniture of real lace. The bride's slster-ln-iaw, Mrs. William Wil la, wore a becoming gown of black lace. The gifts were numerous and handsome. Miss Inez Goodwin, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. E. P. Goodwin, of Covington, after a pleasant- visit to Huntington, W. Is welcomed home accompanied by Miss Hyatt, of Huntington.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Collis (formerly Elisabeth Slmrall) have decided to remove- to St. Louis, much to the regret of their many friends. Mr.

and Mrs. Howard Clifford Johnson fnee Park) have returned from their bridal trip, and for' the present are with Mrs. Johnson's parents, at The Oaks, Latonla. Mrs. Charles Volge, of Ft.

Thomas, gave a reception and rausicale in compliment to Miss Helen Morris, bride elect of Dr. Howard Flshbach. of Newport. The soloists were the charming bride elect; Mrs. Spiegel, of Hyde Park, and Mrs.

Charlotte Cala-han Ness. Mrs. Lou Moore, of Cincinnati, will entertain in compliment to Miss Morris on November KJ. Mrs. Tunis Ross, of Covington, gave an artistic luncheon in compliment to her guest, Mrs.

Ross, of Eransvllle, last Thursday. Mrs. John B- of the Arthur, had a most enjoyable visit from her niece, Mrs. WUHs Stutson, who came with her husband and pretty little daughter Elisabeth In their touring car from Washington C. H.

Mrs. John D. Park, of Oakwood, Latonla, will bavo for her guest this winter her sister. Mrs. Susan M.

Scovlll, of Chicago, Illinois. A sacred concert will be given at the Hyde Park Town Hall Auditorium this evening at 7:45 o'clock, under the auspices of the Hyde Park M. E. Church, preceded by a short address by Rev. Dr.

C. W. Blodgett. The following well-known vocalists will render a fine program: Messrs. David Seneff.

Geoige M. Buchanan. F. B. Spangler.

T. Bosley and J. Morris, and Mesdaines J. E. Boyd.

A. L. Brown, D. E. Klncald and T.

Bosley. and Misses Kate and Leonora Anbury and Marie Wldmtyer. Miss Luella Scheiffele wlil be the accompanist. Congressman and Mrs. Herman P.

Goebcl will leave early In November for Washington, where they have taken a bouse for the winter. Mr. Zerah Getchell and Sarah Dillahunty Lester, who were married at New Orleans, November u. 183'J. will ce.ebrate their golden wedding next Friday week at their residence.

1329 Locust street. Walnut Hills. They came to Cincinnati In November. 1805, and have been prominent in business and church work ever since. Mr.

Getchell is Just closing his fortieth year of Sunday school work- The children were three sons and two daughters Hathon Getchell, of St. Joseph, Marcus, of Seattle, Warren Lincoln, deceased; Mrs. Fred W. Shafer. and Mrs.

William A. Bishop, of Savannah, Ga. There are ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. All the children and three grandchildren will be present for the golden wedding. No Invitations will be sent out.

but Mr. and Mrs. Getchell will be pleased to welcome their friends -on Friday, November 5. from 8 to. 10.

A wedding breakfast will be served at 1 p. rotor the melibers of the family. Mrs. Oscar L. Graeser, of Mt.

Auburn, entertained with cards in honor of her guest. Mrs. Win. Truesdale, of Peoria, Thursday at her home, on Burnet avenue. The following guests were present: Mrs.

C. C. Agin, Mrs. G. B.

Alms, Mrs. Wm. Bonte, Mrs. A. Brown.

Mrs. Downey. Mrs. Graf, Mrs. Greenfelder.

Mrs. A. F. Graeser. Mrs.

O. J. GraeMr. Mrs. Hy Kuneklaeh.

Mrs. L. F. Hobart. Mrs.

A. J. Kaiser. Mrs. A.

F. Knight. Mrs. Jas. Lafley.

Mrs. M. Long' r.eckcr, Mrs. C. Leslie, Mrs.

L. Uppert, Mrs. J. W. Montgomery.

Mrs. Jesse lie-Arthur, Mrs. H. Wm. Meier.

Mrs. R. Navarre. Mrs. C.

Newton. Mrs. II. Ogborn. Mrs.

Wm. Pfau. Mrs. F. Pfaff, Mrs.

Pape, Mrs. PfefTer. Mrs. T. Ryan, Mrs.

C. Steele, Mrs, H. Schwarx, Mrs. A. Singer, Mrs.

Ed Setter, Mrs. L. Schmidt. Mrs. Wm.

Truesdale, Misses Elma Agin, Corine Greenfelder. Lydia Graeser. Emlile Graeser. Clara Graeser. Edna Funklach.

Viola Pfaff, Mrs. Tilghman, Mrs. Dr. Struble, Mrs. Thompson.

Mrs. Tieberman. Mrs. Towsley. Mrs Weldner and Mrs.

Gels. The Southern Association of C.cM-n. will hold a convention In Cincinnati mis week. The sessions will continue from Tuesday, the 26th. to Saturday, inclusive.

Their headquarters will be at the Sinton. The committee of prominent Cinclnnatlans who form an auxiliary to the Dean ot Women of the University and to the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, include: Mrs. Lee A. Ault, Mrs. Lars Anderson.

Mrs. William P. Burris, Mrs. McLean Blair. Miss Ella Ball.

Mrs. J. M. Campbell, Mrs. Charles W.

Dabney. Mrs. F. B. Dyer.

Miss Fannie Field, Mrs. Charles Flelsch-man, Mrs. Joseph H. Feemstcr. Mrs.

Albert Frledlander. Mrs. Fred A. Geler. Mrs.

T. L. A. Greve. Mrs.

Telfdrd Groes-beck. Mrs. T. W. Graydon.

Mrs. Adam Gray, Mrs. W. Austin Goodman. Mrs.

Jud- son Harmon. Mrs. Joseph E. Hurry, Mrs. vvsixer kt.

Han. jirs. Robert Hosea. Mrs. N.

D. C. Hodges, Mrs Jerome B. Howard Mrs. Howard Holllster.

Mrs. Andrew Hickenlooper. Mrs. P. H.

Hartmann. Mrs. John R. Holmes, Mrs. Harriet E.

Hodge, Mrs. a. E. Hulls, Mrs. Morris Joseph.

Mrs. Herbert Jenny, Miss Helm F. Kendrlck. Mrs. K.

Kohler. Mrs. Charles H. Kellogg, Miss Annie Laws. Mrs.

Ben Lowensteln, Mrs. Leopold Markbrelt, Mrs. W. B. Melish, Mrs.

inane Miner, Mrs. Lawrence Maxwell. nrs. nuy nation. Mrs.

f. v. -N. Myerra Mrs. frank Minor.

Mrs. Frank H. Nelson, Mrs. Eliot Pendleton, Mrs. L.

F. Phlpps. Mrs. j. u.

Porter, Mrs. Hiram Peck, Mrs. J. H. Perkms, Mrs.

Casper H. Rowe. Mrs. Edward Sargent. Miss Lillian Stone.

Mrs. Max Senior, Miss Mary S. Smith. Mrs. Juason sage.

Mrs. Bigmar stark. Mrs B. Stanwood, Mrs. Murray Shipley, Mrs.

George A. Thayer, Mrs. Peter Thompson. Mrs. Alexander Thompson.

Mrs. William J. Taylor, Miss Thompson. Mrs. William Dal ton Warren, Mrs.

Clifford B. Wright. Mrs. Morris White. Miss Eugenia M.

Werk and Mrs, D. D. Woodman see. internal Revenue Collector and Mrs. Bern-hard Bettmann (nee Matilda Wald) will od Tuesday celebrate the fiftieth annlversary of.

their marriage, which occurred in this city on October 1, 1859. the late Rev. Dr. Max Llllenthal officiating. The celebration will take place at the Sinton Hotel, where at noon a reception will be held and a luncheon served at 1 p.m..

and another reception in the evening, with dinner at 8 o'clock. A large nuznbet of invitations have been Issued. They have particularly requested that their friends send neither presents nor flowers. Mr. Bettmann was born in Weldnitx, Bavaria, August 2, 1KU, where he receive! his early At the age of 10 he came to Cincinnati, which has been bis home ever since.

For many years he was prominent in commercial circles, from he retired a few years ago. He was for a long time a resident of the Seventeenth Ward, where he power in politics, giving particular attention to public school matters, and from which he served aa a member on the Board of Education from I8R5 to 1807. when he retired on account of his removal to Avondale. Shortly therea'ter he was appointed Internal Revenue Collector and with the exception of about two yeara! when he and Mrs. Bettmann made an ex, tended tour of Europe, he haa held the office ever since.

He was Worshipful Master of Hanselma-Lodge, F. and A. M. from 1864 to lmty jj" translated the ritual of that organisation Into German, which is still being used. Mr Bettmann was President of the Bene Tes-hurum congregation, for years and has beea- samasg am GO its Treasurer since 18S4, and is a member of the Board of Directors.

He was a member of the band led by the late Rabbi Isaac M. Wise in the founding reform Judaism in this country, and as sisted In the establishment oi tne nrui" Union College In 1875. He was also the President of the United Jewish Charities during the first six years of Its existence. Mr. Bettmann is possessed ot a fine literary taste and is considerable of a writer In both prose aid poetry, most of which has received high recognition in literary circles.

Of their union seven children were born, of wheh the folloyig are living: Morris L. Bettmann, Dr. Henry Bettmann. Edgar Bettmann and Miss Florence Bettmann. Mr.

and Mrs. Bettmann and their daughter make their home In the Hotel Alms. A delightful all-day meeting of the Woman's Guild of the Mission of the Redeemer was held last Wednesday at the home of, Mrs. Davidson, on the Linwood road. Preparations are being made for a sale and supper to be held in November.

Those present were Mrs. Duncan. Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Hood.

Mrs. Francis. Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Maund, Mrs.

Downer. Miss Ray, Mrs. Spalding and Mrs. Proctor. The Ladles of Klotter Hive, 287, will give a coffee for the benefit of the L.

O. T. M. Hospital and Home Fund October 20, at 21'JU Central avenue. "Mrs.

J. S. Caldwell gave a dinner party tit a I lli V.r an aflapflAAfl tit Mr. and Mr. William Cheney Kills enter, tained with card Friday evening ce bration of their fifth wedding annlversa The guests were Mr.

and Mrs. James Albert Green. Mr. and Mrs. E.

E. Gal breath Mr and Mra. C. Foedica. Mr.

and Mrs. Robert H. Hosea, Mr. and Mrs. Robert hi 1 if mm LEMAIRE PARIS Opera and Field Glasses THE BEST IN THE WORLD Vmi 6s Uaaad Stua Amy sad Nn, Tho Young Ladles' Circle, of Evanston.

will entertain with a euchre at St. Mark's Hall, Duckcreek road, on Tuesday evening, October 20, at 8 p. m. Mr. and Mra A.

B. Klonne have just returned from an extended honeymon trip through the East, and ase now at home at 747 Kenyon avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Koch, of 119 Corwlne street, celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Friday evening.

October 15, at Central Turner Hall. About 70 guests were present. Among them were Messrs. and Mesdames H. Stange.

V. Stange, L. hardt. C. Kramer, L.

Klopp. C. Klopp. J. Kramer.

F. Wlllig. E. Theiss. F.

Zlropel- man. E. Nummlch and G. Fults. Mesdames .1 Ralph Caldwell.

Robert Reynolds, William Bohm, Doepke. William H. Burtner, and waiter Geler. Lohmeyer. TRADE! KARrO i i nnori, ntory.

tMnitn. Hrji-Vniin. nvueii. vieier. jn-rvin, I -It.

Rylanii. Kiefer. Hrm-nmu. Wriun sou. nennever, ivoi-Iilt 1 were Misses Lillian vuihiiiui, j.uiit i-icer.

1 vl) WMIII nuu lurence liuiwcil. win oe given 27, at the Hotel Aim, i'vm ihK Re sponse aireaay receive tli- l.uii's ested In making it a inenis are: -Mrs. r- -M. Li- I v.K. Mrs.

HP: ry enstrup. ur. Ann'ki i arVv. M- a J-. liau.

Airs. J. J. I Hammer, W. Hammer, E.

Koch. H. Koch, Mackentepe and J. M. Felix.

At Schneider, J. Kistner. O. Ehr- Mr. ana Mrs.

1-rank H. i-rn. i Ashland. who are natl. will entertain :ll.r.-T Trrjr.Jar L.

Wielert 1C Bchucbardt and H. Jessup. I evening at the Uiio-i U- JVr.i 1- i nrt Misses Olga Koch. Edna Stange, Norma tary to their ti. X.n tne meater.

inc r.n- 1 hi. i.irti..!,.- Wielert. Lottie Wielert. Edna Schuchardt, Mrs. David, who will spend the winter in Havana, and Mrs.

Evans, who has Just returned from a lengthy trip abroad. The guests included Mrs. Stoughton. Mrs. James Dlckerson.

Mrs. Burkhart, Miss Riley, Mrs. E. De Forest, Mrs. Dickson.

Mrs. Albert Mrs. Axllne and Mrs. Bert Williamson. The ladies of the Pastor's Aid will give their monthly coffee at the Price JIM Baptist Church Wednesday, at p.

m. A short program will be rendered. Mrs. Glib and Mrs. Flinchpaugh are hostesses.

Miss Jessie Monroe, of Clsne. 111., haa returned home after a pieasant visit with Miss Abel, of Beresford avenue. Walnut Hills. A delightful evening waa at the home of Mlsa Edith FauUe Wednesday evening. October 20.

in honor of Miss Lillian Cohn, of Hlllsboro. Ohio. A dainty luncheon was served to the following: Misses Lillian Cohn. Stella Hlmmelrelch, C'ara Bamberger and Stella Isaac, and Messrs. Sidney Newman, Max Levy.

Herbert Bamberger and Abe and Ous Isaac. Miss Ruth Rader. of Norwood, entertained Saturday evening with a dinner. The guests were Misses Bertha Rader. Jeannette Crelghton.

Florence Meyer. Marie Soelter, Evelyn Benedict. Mabel Hutchlns. Josephine Heheman and Ruth Rader; Messrs. Harvey Kaiser.

8am Hall. Arnold Mensell. Arthur Troatman, Irvin Smith. George Craman, Bob Creichton and Walter Btainer. A very delightful house warming waa tendered Mrs.

L. B. Sachs Saturday by her Wednesday Afternoon Club at her new home. No. 620 till 11 to street.

Avondale. Among those present were Mesdames Rose Levy, E. Abeil. Bertha Zlelonka. Bom roe r-fleld.

Ike Baer. H. M. Bernstein, S. Battler, J.

Simmons and Fred Ullmann. At the home of Miss Julia Jordan on October 15 a shower was given to Mlsa Anna Jansen. Those present were Misses Anna Jansen. Louise Lee, Mayme Maher. Mary O'Connell, Emma Toelber, Mayme and Anna SMdksel.

Theresa and Joslo Formes, Florence Harding, Alma Horn, Julia Jordan, Mr. A. Asch and Mr. and Mrs. Jordan.

A charming birthday party waa given last Saturday at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. M. Fernberg, of Armory avenue, in honor of their only daughter. Mlsa Char'otte.

Those present were Misses Belle Oa ry. Hazel Joseph, Hilda Ktlsen. Rennette Cohn, Marian Cohn, Ruth Davison of Greenville, Mlsa, TUlle Joseph. Re be Kluber, Alma Liebcrman. Lillian Stern.

Jennie Adrian. Lottie Wolfhurat, MtssWodke, Miss Lottie Fernberg and the Misses Cora and Lala Werthhetmer, and Messrs. Charier Hoff- meister, Elmer Schlemmer, Dave Joseph, Aaron MJncovsky, Oscar Roth, Nathan Hlrsbberg. Joseph Friedlander, Walter Dora. Charlea Wlntera.

Ben Raffalby, Jake Sch Iking. Will Greenberg. Louis and Melville Fernberg and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Joseph.

Mrs. Frank Morris entertained the following guests for dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. William Payne and son Walter. Mr.

and Mrs. George Mentel and Mr. Walter Schuh and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wiley and daughter Violet.

Mr. and Mrs. George Weber, of 1932 State left Friday for New York City to visit ner sister, air, wuuam Schults. Mr. and Mr.

Dan Branlataa entertained the North Pole Euchre Club at the'r home. oak avenue, price Hill, Sunday, October 17. Those who participated In the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Scheid.

Mr. and Mrs. Brueggemeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Hersog, Ml Flora Rennekamp, Mlsa Loretta Rrwie u. jr. xjoo ieaey and Mr. and nrs. Aviiii xiranigan. The following card has been 11.

and Mrs. George Kinney request the honor of your presence at the raarrla daughter, Edna, and Mr. u.n Webb, on the evening of Wednesday Octo- wvo.rf prebrtn Church, Wyoming, Ohio. The William 11. Lvtle -VaiW Uchr? tW evening, aranr.tre.ta Elm and Miss Emma Hirmm haa after having been the guest of Mr end Charles Levy.

of Salem. Ohio wSo were formerly residents of Cincinnati Mr. and Mrs. E. Miller, of 1354 Burdett venue.

Walnut Hill, announce? h- ,1 Freda- Mlthoefer, A. Nagel. E. Mlthoefer. A.

Neuber. L. Stange, Ada Rennard, A. Gentahelmer, H. Koch and L.

Klopp( and Messrs. J. A. G. Dinkelaker, W.

Schuchardt, C. Kramer, O. Koch, W. Ford, G. Dillmger.

P. Klopp, Felix. C. Felix, J. Neuber.

L. Weber, C. Snyder, F. Stanley and G. Tate.

Last Saturday evening a party was tendered Miss Clara Efker at her home. II it Airs. tiaum a tk tlon in honor or her ilnri v-day on Thursday. vl. Tin- ing were present: Mr aril Mrs.

Delaney. Mr. and Mrs. I-nn IV-y. )fc and Mrs.

John Mullen. JI- lln J. A. Rheiu. Mr.

and Wuii Feeley; Mr. and Mrs. MW-riai-1 1. and Mrs. E.

S. Sears, Mr. i Mrs. Will Desmond. Mrs.

Mary Keeley, M.istrrs tit West Sixth street. Among those present ford Baum. Claytuii Haum. Uaaa, were: Misses Clara. Anna, Roae and Hen- Mr.

George Rhein. 1 itan.jra H- rietta Efker. Pauline Meier, Lottie Wlllen, i len and Inez Feeley and Matu-r l.rOy Clara Kipper. Laura Chartnichlal. Florence 1 laney.

Hayea, Anna and TUlle Beniah, Kate Boh-nekamp and Florence Bagenhard; Messrs. Jde Mlddendorf. Leo Flesch, Howard Moon, Geo. P. Espelage.

Joe and Harry Schoett- A pleasant party was Mis? AWi Riestenberg on Saturday jt Grand and Glenway aw-nj-. Frier HU mer. Oscar Schrampe. Clyde Stlckney. i Those present were Mi-m l-.

Bert RIghthouse, Robert Charmlchial, Joe Frletsch, Irene BabinKt-m. rxi Bruckman. Carl Helnrich. Phil. Phillips Meloney Volght.

Kat. and Walter Stratton 1 man. Clara Schneider. Al vania celebrated at the bride's home on Wayland Mr. and Jacob Eppsteln entertained 25 relatives with a six-o'clock dinner Sunday evening.

October 17, In honor of their silver wedding anniversary at their home No. 3113 Lincoln Avondale. Miss Louise Agnes Garfunkle. the little daugbtefNof Dr. J.

H. Garfunkle. of Clifton, celebrated her eight birthday anniversary October 20. A dainty reception took place from 4 to 5 p. and the following playmates were entertained with games by Mrs.

Garfunkle: Virginia Bowdle, Jane Peck, Louis Grant, Gladys Bruns. Evelyn Partymlller. Mary McEvllly. Marion Stier, Frederick Wlndlsch and Robert Pfleser. The Entre Nous Club gave it first dance of tbe season Friday, October 1-1.

at the trothal of their daughter. Alma, to Dr. Mor- Hyde Park Town Hall. Attending were "iu, ui Qia xiurmand avenue. I MLUea jones, uuttennoerer, 1-101- uater, oaiwert, smitn.

I'eppatra. bauBnourn, Muellar. Turner, Mageer. Strickland. Tisch-ler.

Titus. Dohrtnan, Ditto. Hohneck, Hertwig. Philan. Huelsman.

Tresise. Wed-menn. Cloude. Poe. Wilhelmy.

Wilson, Gomien. Brenner. Harte, Hutchlns, Bilcott, D' Armour. Pahren. Xavaro, Leln- Irufer.

Jennr. Gruner. Lannsen. rope and Mrs Claude Black. Mr.

and Mra John' Johnson. Martin, Thllly, Silcott. Bardes. Mrs' Oaear. Mr Moran.

Flaeac, Metsgar. Doppe. Ixikauf. A- J- Conroy. Mr.

and Mrs. Jokers, Rutepohler. Myers, Murphy. ClaudeRenlock. Mr.

and Mrs. Daniel L. I Vaughn, and Messrs. Caveu. Wlrth.

S. Robb. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pager Mr Jones.

Meier. Shearer, McGlaughlln. Wae-and Mra. Louis K. DeBua.

Mr a I 1 -ara. iinimu luehead. MulvihIII. John W. Mackelfreeh.

Mr mnA Hooe, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tarbill.

Mr. and Mrs. Allison Bishopric. Mra. William Burtner.

Misses Ethel Pan. hrtii. JT dick. MaVel Champion, Lillian Ellis. Humphreys, Barnett.

tow, ooac, Hertwig. Coffin, Montgomery. 8trauss. Letzler. Vamee, cloude.

F. Jonea, Metcalfe. Tw.ns.ltv. Brock. A dan.

Kistner. Connor, Cullen. Corwin. Tuke, Wilson. I Ida James.

Amelia -i-'Iia Mr. Mark L. Patek. of Milwaukee, la berg, Messrs. Peter iie.i-Tr-a: visiting her Parents.

Judge and Mrs. Shro- Theodore Harry tor der. Park avenue. Walnut Hills. i way.

Weldom U.u -V bert Nolan. John Elchr. A i.l.r-- A party was last week tendered Miss berg and Mr. uml Mr-. H.

HI- Jessie Brewerton in honor of her four- teenth birthday anniversary at her home, 531 Laurel street. Those present -were: LUVIJMUU: Era China. Anna China. Ethel Stacy. Ly- Misses Malayan.

dla Clary, Glaydea Snyder, Edith admired (ufi Mrs A. Clifford King. Joe Peters. Glenn Stor- ton. have returned ling.

Frank Kaufman. Edwin Levy, George Uit Friday sirs. Frat.k 'ft Krusie. John Chinn. Raymond Culter, In compliment Mrs.

Tr.r. i 1 ii- Charlie Deal, 8tanly Poor, Erwin Cockram Mrs. Thomas. uf vay.w s. and George Brewerton.

Mr. Sadler, of New Orleans. rr A party was tendered Miss Marie Cook Mr. and Mr. ii.h: Tuesday, Oct.

19, at her home, at Hyde Mrs. A. K. Campbell i.a. -L Park.

Those present were: Miss 8usle Fannie Martin, of Stanley, Julia Robinson, Caroa Woods, 51 m. jam.i sr! Ada Rltter, Ann Jones, Dorothy Elchler, have returned fn.m tii. -r France Jones, Marie Dresher, Alice Mlchle, 1 Mrs. Georn Hill at-n t-; Mj Marie Cook and Helan Cook. 1 lnr which was held in ii I lm Mary MrVeirl.

Mr. and Mra. Mile Morten win celebrate fa" their golden wedding October .10, at their WKere the mother n. -i- home. Section street, MadlsonVille, i Miss Linda culium m-ltK hr Hnn.l with her with a family dinner at noon.

daughter. Lob. Aneeles. i'Bl. tVeat Virginia Mrs.

Jt hn T. l'--nv-- vlsltins Mrs. T. I'. Mrs.

J. Lucy vention in Krankr.irt Th Ladles Veterans will lum-n at the a- m. to li p. M1a Frun. ea cousin.

AK'-'e-' M'" Mrs. Ir visiting lier if Mrs. B. u-her dauirhi-r. '-burs, haa r.,-': Mra. i.t) i i.rn- i 'e1 rletta Hunt home on Mrs. made a brief Burton Mis John' OI: entertained at H. The out of t'n. M' avenue Saturday.

October 16. The bride 1 waa attended by Miss Mary Ubrey as maid or honor and Miss Lavone Snider and Miss Annie Lee Dawson aa bridesmaids. Mr. Keith. Ubrey, brother of the groom, was best man.

An elaborate wedding supper was served at the Gibson House, after which the coupfe left lor an Eastern trip. Mr. and Mrs. C. E.

Hochatedler and her mother. Mra. Ann Buchanan, formerly of Cincinnati. are delightfully located In thelr new home In St. Louis, Mo.

Mra. John Carrie, of l-i-m with Mra. rar. wta th a entie Mrs. Anna 1 11- lait weel.

-I l.e of Mr. kii; Mrs Mrt will spend the Mrs. issue, lnvita'i of hr -i!" -Mrs. Anna a i "Sa 1 i vJsJ- vraL I. Miss jtveiyn I'rai.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamea N. Ramsey, of 3C17 1 inK her aunt. Mrs jain-n Bevis avenue, Evanston, entertained Dr.

1 Mr. nd Mn. Theo.i n. and Mrs. Edward C.

Neville, of Seattle. Oklahoma. -n-r Dr. Frank A. Neville, of Meredosla, Bntiy located!" 111., and Dr.

Lemuel H. Neville, of Coopers- llac. town. 111., during the past week. October is i Mie; iw: 1 I and Mrs.

Harry a Miss Irene O'Donnell. of Clifton, has turned home, having spent a pleasant two weeks' vacation in New York City visiting Misa Clartbel Clements, formerly of Dayton, Ohio, and Mia Marion A. Dean, formerly of this city. Mrs. John.

A. Rhein celebrated her fiftieth birthday at her home at Durrell ave nue. Walnut Hills. The table was decorated with green leavea and flowers. The following were present: Mr.

and Mrs. George W. Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W.

Baum. Mr. and Mrs. J. A.

Rhein, Mra Frank Elllg, Mrs. Jack Elllg. Mrs. Kiehl. Mrs.

Lange, Mra E- 8. Sears. Master Russell Buescher. Master Arthur Baum, Miss Nora Frey, Mr. George W.

Rheln. Mr. and Mrs. C. Palmer, Mrs.

Buescher. Miss Emma Elllg. Miss Stella Vogel. Mra Wm. VogeL Mrs.

Albert Diets, Miss Alma Diets, Mr. Wm. Dietx. Master Clifford Baum and Master Clayton Baum. The marriage of Miss Edna Marie West-Held, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. S. J. West-field, and Mr. Hoyt I'brey.

of Boston, was I vlait to Ijineainer, Mrs. Charlea 1- EELANGIB I FREE HtfT.T.'''" ray Hal' Baa so w.ter "a aad I- r-'r mail 13 oil as pore P1" ha 1 man ,1. Kol I. ...11 1 'en mDBII-l nan s- OlO'inn "hsTr a. aamri m- Simmon.


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