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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 44

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 44

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Ladies! ry. pRENCH Bronzes including 'ma riyv late salon subjects. (JA remarkable collection of cn yrfi vc 1 i anxious to have a'H yu-i nan! i. iiurchase some of JKWKI.RY Just come a- Our stiH-k, our irlces and oar 5 Woods will nrovo a revelation to This ni-vor had a jewelry like ours. under a of value at the low-Ipnssihle margin of proflt.

436 VINE ST. trim Klftk Viae. KB(raee. 3. Pt1r Mr.

ln-'if-r. taken an auart u. Jackson. 1 V. o.u".': Par-v Pi u-rl at the txsn, rti-K-V- l.i;, to re.e-- H.a.k was as- xl.ter.

ihe de r' pink rosea pink roses. 1 ''V a th.ater party. Ill pieces personally selected in Paris by Mr. Closson. C.

Every one is a real work of art that Has won words of praise and proval from critical connoisseurs and collectors. Every one is of permanent value, a true treasure that the most fas1 tidious will be proud to own. You must see this exhibit to realise 'now very low the prices are. We can frame your pictures most attractively Cbc Children's Sbop Offers For This Week's Sale ren's New Tailored Goats Regular $10.00 Values, at 7i Side of fine long-wearing English Kersey, with velvet collar and cuffs, th pockets, and trimmed with jit buttons; in Reseda. Navy, Browj and Kid; sizes up to 14.

J7.50 Ssrviceab School Coats ats iereral Various Colors AH Juts 5 .00 ft irt children's wear specialists, and carry a most exclusive assortment cf eve ything pertaining to a child's wardrobe. RACE STREET AND HFTH. ANDREWS BUILDING, FW. If It Is fflffiS Yoa Want SJE THEO. DIETRICH, MRIER.

120 Weut fourth Street. You Can JC 77D Here For 'etler JT JLlJ Less Money. Betl Gef I.aren. Miss- Margaret Burcbenal. Misses for an Margaret Rowe.

1 'h vi Ch" f-Vk Mt-r- Harold rt.i St- 1Vlarod Rob-! Krl and Roh PI and Rob- Kril (xi niarrieU to burg, Misses Rhode and Elsa Van Xess. Miss Plerson and Mrs. George Lee, sister of Dr. Keller, from Indianapolis. Mrs.

E. V. Cherry has arrived from Boston, where she has been spending the summer. She will be the xuest of her daughter. fc0En i nrx-innati visit our'Mrs' c- T' for a fw lreekj before going to her cottage In Florida.

Wali'ul mi ire. Do not wait Mr. and Mrs. Vachel Anderson have been called to' Newport. R.

where their young son William, who Is at schcol, has Just been operated on for appendicitis. The family here have received reassuring telegrams. the party were Mrs. Sherlock, Mrs. 7.

Burton and Mrs. -Max Flelschmann (Tora Serlock). Colonel Max stayed behind, as he was riisy winning prises with his speedy little power boat, the Papoose. In the Hudson River races. The Sherlock party had the pleasure of learning by telegrams en route that he had landed three cups.

They had a great run from A York, and found the roads superb and the autumn scenery along the Catskllls simply magnlfl-cent. They crossed the Hudson at Rhlne-cllff. and It was there the telegrams about the cups awaited them. The only bad roads they struck were in Ohio. The observation is accredited to a New York man that Ohio hail better quit making Presldentsand-do a little roadniaking.

Thty the fSads are IAfl tn remarks 1 Ni hols of New bj. the decalogue. Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. Clarence fr.uwH Aiv later. and Mr. Wil-k will be the 'i Mr. Harold itti Hotel Alms.

M. Nichols, of I r'rulsy and all to be here -v fii--r. Mr. Nl-bile Trom their i tsrvum will ''h-rlen T. I)lek- on tiie lirandln M'Mlly arranged and Mr.

Sherlock tipped off the bad roads and bad Inns aad road houses with a double cross, and saved them many ind'ges-tlons. Colonel Max Flelschmann arrived home on Thursday, bringing his trophies and a good claim on the Lahm Cup, as he had a very busy Colonel and Mrs. Fleiscbmann gave a dinner on Thursday night at the Clifton home, at which there was a very Jolly family te- union. Mrs. Giles Mitchell has returned from a summer tour of Europe and has opened her very pleasant house.

In Vernonvllle. She spent two month in Paris end made a delightful tour of Switserland and the Mt Wane region, lingering long at Chamouni. In the Savoy Alps. Luckily the weather was perfect and the view of the -vslley and the mer de glace presented a sublimi'y unsurpassed, especlal'y- at sunset, when the vhnlA flashine- with et diamond light. Mr.

and Mrs. Edward S. Ebberts were in Paris at the same time that Mrs. Mitchell was there, and Mrs. Ebberts gave a handsome luncheon of 14 covers at Mile, de Korsack's pleasant home, In the Rue Gounod.

Mrs. Milo U. Dudds and Miss Helen, after a. year and a half in Europe, are once more at their pleasant quarters at the Alexandra. The marriage of Miss Rebecca Anderson, only daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Nelson Perin, third son of Mrs. Nelson Perin. of Baltimore, and grandson of the late OUver Perin, of in- 26.

Is clnnatl, celebrated last week tn New v.k kM. VIm 'n iv- them was Andurson for. years. The Nelson Perins i- nd the Davta Andersons have beautiful on T'i oi aummer nomea aojoimng ax wirea rmi.

"Jit'm, home th and the young people have grown 17 and 1 "oodrteb. ot gether. th -luncheon wa. Up to- tt GoodrTv. or a mldday The.

marriage of Dr W. H. Btrletmann. are tlH th ettr. LilUn Llehhart jre- 1 great trees terdav mornina- at lO o'clock Interesting yttoa, of th, r4 nd gold, to a wide circle or-friends on.

both sides of 1 fM wre ptnk the river. The ceremony was performed Vw We 1 the prettT Rev- Jon Horat. who had baptaed rs bl Uie bride, at the family residence In Tenth raw. ni wrre Miss street. Covington, only the immediate fainl-" Miss Mc Ue- being present.

The- bride -was given JK QUI ATI, SUNDAY; OGTOBEK In -tnarrlasre bv her ftrnihair Vr the mt i month in V.rfmnt' end im tt- Uebhart, of Chicago, and 'wore a stunning," peeled, home Jovember' L. Madame gown of pastel tinted liroadcloth. with bat nd cloves to match. 'Miss Llebhart is very and her work at she Art Academy in metal has been warmly praised. She the daughter of the late.

Henry Lieb-hartD. well known In his day as one of the leaders In literary work in- the Ger man Episcopal Church. Dr. Streltmann la. "-The arilsUc program for the entertain ment to be given under the auspices "Of the Cincinnati Woman's Club' House Company turns on Monday from Montclalr.

where she has been the guest of J. Grant. good fortune to enjoy the friendship of and to be associated wHh Clara Schumann and Anton Itubenstein, as well as Brahms. Clarence is a Cincinnati artist who has won great honor in Europe, where be has studied since Ix-yhood, and his progress; has been watched with pride and pleasure. He has been the pianist H.liVlnr Tr4r nf Han-lln Le'BoutUlier is-a member of the household of -her devoted Mrs- O'Connell.

and; maintains a keen interest in affairs of state and church. Mr. and C.vVV.HaBson are at the Burnet. 5 where Mrs. is recovering from her recent Illness, areatlv to the Joy the sen of the late George Scrietmann.

of of her many -Mr. and Mrs. Hanson mis city, and steped Into the arena. of medicine admirably equipped- for After three weeks spent In AsheviHe. and Strietmonn will he charmingly domiciled In Clifton, expect-, to.

go to their by the sea on the Florida. East Coast, near- Dayton a. who bare been. Irving, sinfe their marriage in the -have- returned to Cincinnati and. will spend the winter with Mr.

HulbertlB grandmother, Mrs. W. P. in on Novembers at the -residence of Mr. Matthew -Addy.

"An With Mr. and James Gates and Miss Clara Shelley and Keats," has-been arranged. Gates, who spent last summer at the Alta-and wU be presented' by Warren have returned to their winter quar-Rltchey, Misa Helen and Mr. Paul tors at the Burnet House. Bliss.

A llmfted number of tickets will be sold, -and the proceeds applied -to the equipment of the beautiful, auditorium -of the new clubhouse. .1 Miss Eleanors Grant and her father, Jtr. Edward S. Grant, are in Chicago, where Mr. Grant la in attendance on the Packers Convention.

Miss. Grant has two -brothers In business in Chicago, who-wiil help to make her visit a. gay one. Mrs. Frank Perin has.

returned from New fork, leaving her daughter, Misa Frances, at one of- the fashionable boarding schools. Mrs. Is' already looking forward to the. holidays', which will bring the college boys and boarding-school girls Home again. Mr.

'and Mrs. M- Morris White, are home- after a very -pleasant summer Mrs. Grant re- Watch- Hill. 'Rhode-Island, where they en Miss Anne Sherlock has returned from Cobourg, Canada, where she spent a delightful summer with Miss Grace Miller, who has a fine old place there. Miss Miller came directly to Cincinnati 'and Miss Sherlock tarried at Buffalo to visit old joyed having Mr.

and Mrs. -Clarence Price with them 'a part of the time. Later they visited the Prices at their- "farm." a beautiful country place -near Tuxedo. friends, who have a lovely home there. I many years.

Mr. Thorns Molonni there is ideal, and the Darks cn- I here by settlement of Mi circle the city with a broad r.bbon greensward and noble trees and roads that the old Roman builders would hall with delight. Miss Sherlock was greatly feted and spent much of thq time motoring. Mr. Robert Thorns and Miss Roberta 1 ft last week for England, where they will Join Mrs.

Thorns who has spent the aam-mer. Later In the season they will go on to Paris, where they have lived for Mrs. J. K. C.

Kohl sunt Albert KLrtn- pendorf. Mrs. Chas. Kuhn. Mrs.

Simon Kuhn. Mrs. Hugo Kupferschmidt. Mrs. M.

A-rcua, Maxwell, Mrs. Leopold Markbrelt, Mrs. Henry Plogstedt, Mrs. Carl Prltz. Miss Emma Roedter, Mrs.

Seymour Samuels, Mrs. Frank Selnshel-mer. Mrs. Slgmar Stark, Alice Sterne, Mrs. A.

W. Symmes. Mrs. Cnas. Taft, Mrs.

Joseph Wllby, Mrs. David tVorkum, Mrs. Clifford Wright. to the arctic regions with Dr. and Mrs Holmes and the Max Flelschmann makli other journeys seem very commonplace.

Judge and Mrs. Rufus B. Smi'h and their family are home from Uaxm Rocks, where they spent an agreeable rummer. Mr. Jamison, who m-ent on to New Vork to meet Mrs.

Charles Dodd and. his n'ece Miss Natalie, returned with Mrs. Dodd on Friday. Miss Dodd is paying a few visits In the East and will be home this week. Mr.

and Mrs. Gordon. Taylor have returned from a very pleasant vis't to Philadelphia, where Taylor -was occupied with the a IT airs of the great paint men of the country. General John J. O'Connell.

(re tired, formerly, of Cincinnati, has taken a Mr. John Sherlock' had a great mo'or handsome suite at the Wyoming, Connect i i run from New York in his big machine. In icut avenue. Washington, D. C.

s. i (Margaret Le Boutllller) and Miss Lilian O'Connell have been spend ng L'tah detained Pet Thorn's estate, which, fortunately, -was arranged without litigation. One of the' most ambitious reading programs of the season is announced for the evening of October 20. Wednesday next, by Very great interest rs attached to the se- Droete Elliott, of the Elliott School ries of four chamber concerts which are to UI -xP ession. JSUlott will nave tne be given at Memorial Hall this winter by advantage of a splendid lint of patronesses, three distinguished artists, the Heermann- i besides the assistance of three well-known Trio.

Mr. Heermann is the musical artletSi Messrs. Albert Victor Concertmelster of the Cincinnati Symphony ouixg. pianist: Stan.ey Baughman. bary-Orcheatra.

whose knowledge of chamber tone' Worths Faulkner, tenor. All music. is He has had the rare wlu "PPear to the accompanying music and incidental solos demanded by the xnelologues. "Aux Italiens," poem by Meredith, music from the beautiful Trova-tore" of and "Magdalena," a rarely given musical reading pcem by Waller, music by Max Helnrlch. The kUter has never been given In Cincinnati, and is a of the famous ravorite numoer or jjavid mspnem.

xn distinc-! Pironesses are diesaames jonn un unyi u- h.rf Mills. George E. M1.1S. Dr. J.

here' and' abroad and has won unstinted Jwallader Alfred H. Singer. Lester Blair, praise from press and public wherever he EPageJudgeDayid Davis. H. K.

has appeared 1 Cellarius. John Tidbail, Orris P. Cobb. How- 'The interest which this series of n-! LJustls Albert 1 Montlusln. Harold w.

i i 4.ii W. tk. Rliand. William M. Fridman.

Charles L. list of nitronenei. Thev are Mrs. Samuel Burgoyne, Ach. Mrs.

Matthew AUdy. Miss Bertha Raur. Mrs. Henry X. Beckman, Mrs.

Chss. Walter Bell. Mrs. W. I.

Breed. Mrs. Chaa. Bosworth. Mrs.

Albert CliatflelJ, Mrs. C.ln- ton Crane, Mrs. Henry Cleneay. Mrs. Dev- A.

Percy Hooe and W. S. Cad- man. St. Ursula's Day, October 21, will be celebrated at Brovcn Counly Convent In the usual gala tashlon.

An op.retut will tre given by the. "Mistress Mary's -Tf- 4 'hnrlM rm (Znr and Dittmann. Mrs. Adolph Dreyer, Miss Cora catthy. and fu of graceful humor.

A num-Dow. Mrs. J. Walter Freiberg, Mrs. Albert- ber of Kuests are exi-e ted.

Freiberg. Mrs. J. B. Frenkel, Mrs.

Alfred' Dtnver Williams of the Frledlandex. Mrs. Adolph Hahn. Mrs. A.

p. Class of 'go. spent the week end at ihe Henel. Mrs. E.

S. Heine. Helen Hln-1 convent, with her son Denver. She gsve a kle. Mrs.

C. K. Ho'mes. -Jr. J.

T. Homsn. dinner at the boartlng ho' se for her Mr. it Joi.n Mr. M.url Joh.

daughter. Miss Louise Uiams. Miss KaOi- Mrs. Adolph Klein. Mrs.

Rudclph rtn Garrlgan, of Chicago, and Miss Flor- Recent visitors at the co.tvtnt wire Mr. Wi.llam Stielton. Mr. David Rubin, of Cleve.and.

Ohl: Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ba'rd.

South Charleston, O.iio; Mr. K. J. 8 all, Hyde Park Ohio; Mrs. James Carfoll, O-lumbus.

lo; Mr. and M.S. Harry Venne-maa. ulsv 1 e. Mrs.

Mary B. Clay. Paris. Mrs. Florence L'Hommedieu, Covington, Miss L'Hommed eu.

Mrs Guy V. Wll.lams, Mrs. CharUs Mr. B. Aukus ln.

of Porjmouth, Ohio; rr unim Dr. ana oution ana son, nw hls flve-thousand-mlle motor jauot in Eu 1 Ohio: Mrs. JX W. Jonna, Marietta, rope, where at Budapest he was present Mr anl Mrs. H.

Lukasowlts. Mrs. the International Medlc tl Congress. Mrs Walter Dolle. Dayton.

Ohio; Mr. and Mn. Holmes remained In New York in order to G. M. 'Hall, Mrs.

Fred Lynch, visit her eldest son Carl, who Is ene.eii"" Misses McNamara. Miss Dudley. Mm year at Hotchkiss Preparatory School. Phythlan J-. B.

BUnwo Mr. and having preceded the departure of his par-1 Mrs. J. H. Feemster.

Mr. and Mrs. T. ents from Europe by several weeks. Young Howard.

Mrs. Dr Mur ay and ss Mur-Carl Is an intrepid traveler, his voyaire ray. of Cincinnati; Ohio. Misses MafUia and Edjthe Horsr, of Co'lngtn." entertained in nor of Miss Clara Muni, brlde-eUsct-of -Mr. Irvln Vosj with a.

dinner party -at the Glbton House Friday even ng, October 15., Covers were laid for eight." Mrs. Frederick Tuttle last Monday entertained with, 'a recipe party In compJ-ment to Miss Betsy Peters, the attre'flve brideelect of Dr. Otto lOltman, of Dayton Ohio. Th- groom-elect Is the rep rsen.a lv of prominent famaies of he Gem City Thi hostess, her flow of wit. made reading of the recipes highly amusing, its she every with.

re. or salient speeches-' The gift the bride-elect from the hostess was a- liother-bound r-cjpe book containing -he varhd relies o' aTje-ta. -CbarPon-' Wal'ace. Mrs. Alex ander Hasen- and Miss Anderson solved th names of artlc descnoeo reelp a hence received the irl Guests were Mrs.

Stanley Merrill. Mrs. Joseph Mrs Warren Kepltnger, Mrs. James Ernst. eoaasaroMiiawcs er-Tsrs xsaoms.

Newark. Ohio. OcUber la. A caoiegram trom Ohatenu de 'A lie, at Vevey, Switserland. announces the marriage, Miss.

Mary. Putnam- Everett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs-Edward H. Everett, and Luigl Glullo Turrtl The wedd ng la the culmination of a pretty little romance "wnleh had, it beginning in Local ns. where the Everett 'family resided while the daughters were Jo- sehoeU- The family a eni 18 months abroad, and upon their-return-Signer -Tnrrl followed and entered the law school of George Washington Ui.ive-s.ty.

The EveretU and the Tnrrts had adjotalng cottages in Switaerland. 'V i Mr. and Turri have home! cards forv November 1 at the, Villa Italy. Lee Hasen, Mrs. Emit Baur.

Mrs. Wm. Gordon Ta Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Geo.

Williams. Mrs Howard Ker is, Mrs. Louis De Bus, Mrs. Ehison. Mrs.

Allen. Miss Helen Blair, Miss Ed th Baker, Miss Atkins. Misa Taytor, -Edith and Mary Bodgers -r i debut of Miss SaJUe Stevenson daughter of Mr. and' Edward. will be an Important social event.

Miss Colston has Just returned from Europe with ber parents. The Colstona will have a very interesting visitor this winter and the dates of their tea. and debutante ball will be arranged tfi suit her arrival. The young: lady la the- daughter of Mr. Schiff, the great London banker, who for a number of years Teslded In Cincinnati, where -he looked after the Interests of the bondholders of the Queen and Crescent Railway.

Mr. Schiff married an American, a Southern woman, and far. a time, they occupied the Foster house on Lawrence street, near the. sit of Lytla Park, where they dispensed a lavish hospitality and numbered the Colstons among their special friends. Their house in London Is in the center of Belgravts, the scene of many notable entertainments.

Mrs. Bchiff Is a most generous patroness of the royal charities in London. The marriage of the popular young rector of, St. Paul's P. B.

Church, Newport, Rev. Charles Clingman. gad Miss E-lsabeth, the attract. ve daugbtsr of Mr. and Mrs.

Wm. F. Core, of Ft. Thomas, will be solemnl. eJ October 21 at St.

Paul P. E. Churco. Bishop Burton will pe, form the ceremony. Miss Ruth Sorgel taIII be n.ald of and mi.

Henry Meikle matron of honor. The maids will be Misses Marjorle Core, Mary Latta. Graoe Bine. Kev. MlddletJn S.

Bain we J. of Baltimore. wiU be the best man. The ushers are Rev. Maxwell B.

Long. Mr. Henry Merkle. -of Clnc.nnatl; Rev. C.lnton Qoln.

of Loulsv.Le; Mr. Talbot Owen, of Covington. Mrs. Laura Wiggins, of Parts, and young daughter. Miss Rachel, are enjoying a visit at the hospitable home of Miss etty Mackoy, of Wallace Place.

Miss Rita 0Shaughneasy, of Newport. Is enjoying a visit to her bride sister, Mrs. L. O. Bates, of Memphis, Tenn.

Mr. and jlrm. Harry Brent Mackoy, Wallace Place, had a delightful visit Frankfort, the past week. Miss Rebekah Bayliss has returned from a lengthy visit In AshevUIe, N. C.

and will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bralnard Bayless. of Covington. Mrs.

Thomas M. Porter, of Covington, had for her guests the past week Mrs. C. 8. Porter, of Somerset.

and Miss Louise Moore, of St- Louis, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley 'Archibald and family, of Covington, have returned from their beautiful summer home. Roaring Brook.

Mich. Mrs. Joseph Flnnell, of Wallace Place, has for her guest Mrs. Harry of Colorado. Mr.

and Mxs. Augustus O. Johnson, after a visit witff Mrs. Johnson's parents. Mr.

and Mrs. W. W. Brown, of Covington, are now domiciled in their new home in Norwood, Ohio. Mrs.

John Murnan. Miss Pearl Respess, of Covington, and Mrs. John L. Phythlan. of Newpcrt.

are enjoying a stay at French Lick Springs. Miss Aline Emmons, of Huntington, W. the admired guest of Miss Emma Ga-latti, Wallace Place, is now the guest of Mr Benjamin Ford, of Avotvdale. Mr. and Mrs.

Clifford Coppin, of Milwaukee. are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clingman, of Holmesdale. Mrs.

Coppin is a sister of Rev. Mr, Clingman. of Newport whose marriage to ss Elisabeth Core will be solemnised October 21. Mr. and Mrs.

Th-tmas Littleford (formerly Miss Alvlra Kennorly) have returned from their bridal and are at home at the Littleford noma. In the-Highlands. Mrs. Walter P. Emerson, at' her home.

our usu. uttonia, entertained with a beautiful luncheon of several courses in compliment to three young matrons. Mrs. William Bruehl. Mrs.

Sterling Fagtn and Mr. J. C. Twyman. last Thursday at high noon.

Miss Helen Ward, of New York, wlio has been the guest of Colonel and Mrs. John B. Taylor, of Newpoi visited the- past week with Miss van VoesU lit. iienry jaeivme (jurtla is for a lO days' visit. He will the mar riage cf George Ma of Champaign, and Miss Elsie E.

Curtis, his next Saturday uu Church of the' Covenant, Washington," C. Miss LucyJlBteckburn. of the Arthur has nau ipr auwi um. roz, ot Asn- land, Ky. Miss Mlackburn, Mrs Fox and Mr, and Mrs.

E. P. were, the Ken-tucklans who won- the top soore at the late tournament for the benefit of the Good Samaritan Hospital. At hl-h noen last Friday the Jome' of M'ss Ethrl Caruthers.J of Covngtod, was the scene of a merry -luncheon party, members of the Afternoon-, "Card Miss Edyth Brennen divided hospltajltles with Miss Caruthers. After delicious collation euchre was enjoyed.

Mr. and Emll Baur, of the Arthur-entertained in to Mr. Hans Richard last week. v- Mrs. John D.

Park, at her elegant coun'ry home. Oakwocd. entertained the members of the Board of the Ohio Hospital. -a. Park loves to entertain, and her geniality Is contagious, and It la the universe' ver dict that she excels in giving pleasure! to her guests.

The time-honored heme has been the scene of -many festivities. The guests were Mrs. T. B. Collier.

Mrs. Har-grave. Mrs. Lowenberg. Mrs.

J. Horn. Mrs. S. M.

Richardson. Mrs. W. S. Menden- hall.

Mrs. Ki. W. Oyler, Mrs. Wl Ham Ro bert, Mrs.

E. J. Carpenter. Her daugM r-in-law. Mra.

Wm. Park, and grand-daughters. Mrs. Whitehouse and Mrs. Hays, assisted In extending hospitalities.

One of the most delightful affairs of the season was a bridge whist party given by Mrs. L. M. speairs, of IN ew port, for a num ber of her friends. She Is an A luncheon was stylishly served, and then the fair contestants, Mrs.

William Andrews and Mrs. Harry Kendall, re ceived their pretty trophies. Irving Halsey, of Covington, is the gnest of her sister. Mrs. Lee Mannen, of Brooklyn.

N. since her return from -The many admirers of Mrs. James iC. Ernst, of Covington, regret she Is confined to ber home with a rsrained ankle. Mrs.

W. 'R. Bruehl, of Wallace Place, is entertaining her mother, Mrs. El lin ger, of Cleveland, -t The social event this coming week In Covington -will be the- reeepMon git-en by Mrs. A.

J. Wblpps. who wul celebrate her nireUeta birthday. Mrsl Whlpps' gu sts from a dls ance are to -be Mrs. Walton.

Miss Ida of German town, Rev. 'and Mrs. -John Brown, of Johnson City, Tenn. Mr. George A.

Baur and Bertha Baur were called to 8t Louis, la't week 'on account of the death of their uncle, Mr. Louis Baur. of that dry. Dr. and Mrs.

James S. Cassidy. of nave returned from a- visit wHh their Mra. Thomas 08haughn- aessy, at her charming home In Chicago. Mr.

and Mra, Edgar Evans, of Covington, attended the world's of games' in Plttstnsrg and ars now. enjoying a sexscn In New York City. Stanley. Merrell Inform' 1 Betsey King Peters, bride elect of Dr. Hoffmann.

Thursday afternoon Mrs. J. G. Mon-fort gave an. enjoyable card party for Mlas Peters.

Mlas Bessie Atkins gave a beautifully appointed luncheon Wednesday for Miss Peters. The engagement is' announced of Miss Mayme daughter of "Mr. -and Mrs. Charles H. Willis, of Newport.

to Dr. Rupert Langdale. son of Mr. and Mrs. R.

Langdale, of Walnut Hills. Dr. Rupert Langdale arrived home about three months ago. after residing for seven years In Calcutta, India. Booh after graduation from two colleges be went to Calcutta and practiced there In Ills chosen profession.

He baa spent his vacation at home, and rumor has It that this has been- an automobile 10-mance. Soon after arriving In Cincinnati he Durchased an auto and at a partv the same evening was presented to Miss Willis. There have been long automobile rides almost daily ever since. Both young people have scores of friends In Cincinnati and Newport, The wedding will take place this coming Tuesday, at the home of the bride's parents, relatives and Intimate friends in attendance. The bride and groom will leave Tuesday night for Boston, to visit for a few days Mr.

Lang- dale's brother. Thos. G. Langd lie, nd wire, and on the 23d will sail for Calcutta. India, will be their home for some years to The Langdale-Willis engagement was an- Mrs.

RL. Marshall, mother of the bride. RACE JTREET 3.. SECTION FOUJL Have Never Been Better Than in Oar Fall Model If it's a Suit, Coat, Dress Fur; Shirt Waist, Child's 1 1 1 i i- i ii ii si Coat, Millinery, Evoing Cape or Wrap, Neckwear or Hosiery, no matter what whether: for the most modest or extravagant purse, you'll find it here in. profusion.

For Monday's' selling we mention a few of the more -popular-priced garment specials. Man-Tailored Stiits picked from our $32.50, $35.00 and $39.50 racks at .50 We have taken quite a number of Suits which on account of the scarcity of cloth we could not recorder, and placed them on racks for fast selling. The cloths are Diagonals, Wide Wales, Broadcloths, Cheviots, in all this -season's shtdes. DRESSES AT $19.50 Consisting. of Broadcloth, Diagonals and other cloths, some; handsomely em.

broidered, some plain tailored, in the season's most approved styles and colors. Coats Full lengths, made of Broadcloths, Kerseys, ide Chevrons, in all colors and sizes. For Monday's choosing at 1 Chiffon Moire-, trip ed i uowj iwciniun given DT In th, rind tttM MrrMAn.mi.1 ine urioe moiner. noses ana carnations, crowded with formed the decoritlons. Mr.

R. H. Lang- eale. moth or the groom elect, assisted in thi hospitalities. -Mrs.

ST. Drukker has sent out cards for an "at home" and mualcale on the afternoon of which will ue in the nature of a' house-warming, at her beautiful new home on Glenwood avenue. Avondale. She will be assisted by her daughter. The marriage of Miss Lola R.

Marshall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Marshall, of McGregor avenne, Mt.

Auburn, to Mr. Harvey Frederick Wright, of Newport, was a handsome event of last nignt at St, Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, on Seventh street. Palms other plants formed artistic decorations. The bride wore a beautiful Prtncesa.gowa of ivory white satin trimmed with real lade, and carries a "shower" of bride roses and lilies of the valley. 1 Miss Olive Marshall, sister-of the bride, was maid of honor, in pink liberty satin, and she had an armful of exquisite pink roses.

The bridal party entered to the strains of the' "Lohengrin" wedding march. Miss Eva Peale presided at the organ. The bridesmaids were Miss Gertrude Shreve, of and Misa Nina HUlsboro, Ohio. white chiffon cloth over pink messallne and car ried pink roses. The dainty little flower girls- were Jeanette JClncaid and Thelma c.

a. of ihe The ushers were Messrs. Robert William Graf, William Wilson and John Rltt-. 1 possesses a aramat'e soprano, and bar groom's gifts to the monogram pins. men were gold After 'wedding tour- Mr.

and -Mra. Wright will reside at 421 McGregor avenue. ML -Auburn, smging was greatly enjoyed. y. Mr.

aad Mrs. Albert H. Paps are looking forward to the pleasure -of having their son jswrirw wiu inrm ima winter. Ha la now Waists- Our regular $16.50 ones In all colors, including evening hades. moire stripe is woven with the chiffon, foiming a very beautiful garment.

Hundreds of New Hats Our Millinery buyer has just returned with the most beautiful collection of the very latest creations of millinery, including Picture Hats, Turbans, etc Your inspection is solicited. For Monday we offer from this new gathering Mushroom Turbans, so extremely beautiful, at $.00, and fg.50 Small, medium and large shapes the same' price. The Alberta Corset gives you the. proper figure; lOfdClO Fitted by expert Corsetiere. 4 '-3 5 CTfllMQ We ferry a Conplete line ef For Skins ad Heads fer mamumasBam HMgtl LEMAIRE I Opera mad Field GW S.inr THX BIST THE WOIUJO 1i3H43 Uw4 ti UsasJ Statai Arwy sa Nsry a 'grand success.

Mrs. Frank H. Grever 'Cart Shanly. Earl Wlllett. Walter Grif-waa General Chairman.

The carnival was fltha. Edward Bolson, Charles Kurtx and under the auspices of the alumnae of Cedar Mr. Tlmmerman, Grove Academy. Among. the patronesses were Mrs.

William -Oskamp. Miss Werk, Mrs. H. J. Roberts, Mrs.

Frank H. Grever, Mrs. H. H. Nelson.

Mrs. J. J. Sullivan. Mrs.

George C. Shays, Mrs. Frederick Macken-tepe and others. A very large sum was made. for the Good Samaritan Hospital.

It was one of the largest card parties ever given In this dry. There were 290 tables in the banquet halt The Misses Mai and 'Agnes Hall entertained last week at their home. Michigan avenue, Hyde Park, in honor of- Fran es Tynan. Miss Kitty Mo In was awarded the prise. Mrs.

George H. Stearns and Misa Mabel of Dana avenue. Avondale. arrived on the ninth Boor, where the the kome last week from the East, where they euchre sramea were nlaved. One thousand the past three months.

people played euchre In the afternoon and A point euchre and. dance, will be given. people waiting to Play In the by the German Benenctal' Union. District second sections. 222.

-at Cosmopolitan 181S -Vine -Irs. H. C. Resor- conducted the bridge street, Thursday, October 21, at 8 p. m.

whist tournament both afternoon and even-j ing in the Assembly Hall. In. the after-1 The sliver wedding anniversary of. Mr. noon -the winners of top scores in Section and Mrs.

Conrad Groth will be celebrated 1 for north and south were Mrs. James at Maccabee North Fkirmount, Octo- Rust and Mrs. Ward Baldwin; east and ber 2X Reception 'from 7:80 to p. west, Mrs. Pfaa and Mrs.

IL CUman. 4 Section 2, north and south, Mrs. George Mine-Helen Doherty, xf East Liberty Hengst and Mrs. E. P.

Adams; east and entertained Miss NU of west. Miss Jergens and Miss Blanche Het-. Erlanger, Miss Blanche Brady, teberg. of with a theater party last Mrs. Andrew E.

Cook. Miss Carrie Brace. Friday Miss Qulnn and Misa Kate Resor assisted, Mrs. Resor. I MravH.

Kahls. of South Miss Sturla was General Chairman for tertalned the Kin-Hee Euchre Club, at her the euchres. Mrs. George C. Shays and last Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. H. II. Nelson were Jn charge of the S- i Tn'rh. I Tbe wood! Query Club will' meet Oeto-won tL-.

JUrKn-tlat9r 11 Mra. S. O. Rosa, with the tol- ZJlr lr Annb" Prr: lowing program: Life and Writing- of winner of mmwjt mm innmiwi with an elegant cut -glass vase; Miss Rat-1 terman. a cut aiass berry bowL I At the msJortv of euchres a score of la conri-'ered high.

The first wl-ner at tha afternoon euchre had a score cf 101 ef the winners at euchre in the afternoon and thei- scrres were: 'Mrs. M-ffltt, Mrn. Parsons. Mrs. Ha-'sfeld.

Mrs. Brunner. Mrs. Robinson. Mrs.

O. A. Hogan. 7: Mra. DelUnger, Mra i Jv- Mal-ne, Mrs.

French, Mrs. Scott, Mrs Dunker, Mrs. Matt A. Da'y. M'ss Ju'la Baker.

Mrs McFee, Mrs. Illff. Mrs King. Mrs. W.

Bletmer. Mrs. rilclih IT Mabln, cousins -of the in white or- I manv others. Thm gandle and lace. est man was Mr.

beautiful hand-painted china and lace war. Marshall, or Kansas City, an uncle by the Sisters of Cedar Grove. The lusters ox cnalrity. at a mission In Mexioo sent lace and drawn work. aU their 'own work.

While the setrea. were being made out in the e'e-r'n- M-s. Wisher Schmidt. was richly gowned in lavender messaune. rrtiea- mmnm Sh.

There wa reception at the.Grand irttlt tor rearB at tha ta Tjtk and a wedding feast was served. IN. attended by, Vice Presd nt Shersgan! UttiA Siejat' ss wA ss a si as) aa mt ljiam eaaawsaa SMin BEWARE OF GERI-iS. Have nai CARPCTf mm RUGS thev-yurhry CLEANED fewftsre It keat la termed ttm Im turn fU mm atvwM la hallast alerewes) frees Asst. ese, WK" ALSO RKTIT.

DYE AHD WUn RC6I fHOH OLD CARPETS. A-KricM Pteaatk Carstt Gcttks C. GaWt A'cna: Xertk A Wlsd Women will tn asi puiivf ear tr asaa saw a eases las atsaesi l'r Prif but I. mm t.i sasree Orwy er B'eeoaed Hair a Wfi taraleoler. Itlscleea.dara- isa aapUed-eaaasa detect- ad, SasBple ef kair oulored free.

Basaraa. Th. eighth annual reunion of th. Ahim- fn7. CBlCle.X-l, US SuWawTar, nae -of tha Sacred Heart will be held f.

Weatbsrbead Oa, sisth aad via the UKa. academy. in I ot Japp-s Hair gtore. stain su oPpTiath. Luncheon wEl oe served TC.

ZZI o'clock. An entertainment at 1X p. m. 3thB.rakn; flT I Young Papa ta f. a talented member of the Mrs.

Edison A. Mollinlz (nee Pape) and JPrlcana bar ouns; children, after a delightful visit of two weeks wtth her -parents, has re-1 Miss Marie Knrta entertained Thursday' turned to her home In I evening, at her residence, Deiesfoi ave- Hllla. Those present ware 'The card carnival given at the Sin ton Misses Madge Gegner, Rosa Gegner, Anna benefit of the new build- Callahan. Clara Callahan, Marie Ever. bridge party W.dneeday In honor of Ml lug for the Good Samaritan Hospital was 'Alma.

Eieert and Hilda Langenbauma, Mr. IS. DUilNlIAn'o SHsfnl AWraasj ta. i wmss. --v.

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