The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (ARK.). COURIER NEWS THIS BLYTHEVILLE CQUIUEK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0 R BABCOCK, Editor H W. HAINES, Advertising Sole Nalfohal Advertising Representatives: Aikaissas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Delroit, SI Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every 'Afternoon. Except. Sunday Entered as second class matter at Ihe post office al BlyUierUlo, ftt- kausas, under ucl of Congress, October 9, 191V. Served by the United I'rcss SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In (he City of Blytlicvillc, 15o per veek, or SG.50 per year, in advance. By mail, within a nulins ol 50 miles, 53.00 per year, SI.50 (or six months, 85c for three inoiuhs; by mtll fn postal zones l«'o to six, Inclusive, 5650 per year; -in zones seven and eight, S10.00 per year, payable In advance. No Longer Can We Live For Ourseloes Alone livoi'v lime I lii". lirsl ul' co m os around, people have 1'iin with New Year resolution!,. Sonic liiivu fun making them, iinii some have fun making fun of Hit 1 ones other people* make; in either, lliorc i.s <i (,'eii- eral recognition i>f tliu fact UiaL New Year's Day is a goo;l lime to make a fresh start in one (litTction or another, and (lie resolutions are treated humorously liei'iuisc \ve have leanietl thai flesh is frail and tlml the high rc- solvus of January iirsl arc apt to be back amoiiK the moth bulls by Uie time the niontli is aver. Nevui'lheleis, '(.lie old custom ol' inali- inu such resolutions is a good one. It isn't a I nil) tiling I'or us to remind'lvfi.s (icriotlioiilly Unit we lire it good lien) less Ihaii perfect, and that one or two little rcl'unns would be in older. The rei'orms tnay fall through, but the mere fad thai we saw they were necessary is wholesome I'm- our 'ego— which tends, human nature being what, it is, to grow a l;il inflated new and then. Cut the thing really goes a good deal laithei than that, l'\n il otn individual shortcomings show up all luo c-Iearly, when, we bc- £in a imv, UMI, our collective ones are even more obvious. \Vu are still Uo niiiih J;I\L>I\ to asking Cain's flge- okt< ( question— 'Am 1, my v bi-fjther's Keopei '"— .dthough the whole"- Ireud of modem life, \\hicli presses all of us (-lobei and closei together, seems to he to aiiinei "Yes" to it. And somehow tnn .iLiHjMS ,is ,i group do not show that \\i \M\K IjLeome fully nware of the f.icl \et We don't, after all, live for ourselves alone \Ve m,n be- snug ami secure; in oui iol^ aiul our homes— but our t«i\ latts «tll use if. there are joli- •IcBs people to be fed, our IjHiik ac- Loanlb in.u vanHi if a depression is allowed to um loo long, a far-distant ciop t.uhnc ma\, indireclly but siire- l.\, depiue us oi our jobs, and a ferment of in Europe may take home of us m e> setts ' to fight and die, as it dul in 1117. In other words, we nil .stand or fall togethti in tin, world. If we forget to .see to it that people less lucky than cinches get a decent break i"n life, OUT OUR WAY wo are i>reUy apt lo pay a penalty ourselves, s'ooncr or later. New Year's Day, when we try to block out a course of siction for the coming year, isn't n bad time to rc- membcr il, —Bruce Cation. •Murder 'Safe' in U. S. Census Bureau figures show tlitit 12,123 murders were committed in the United Staled in 10,'!;). Fewer thnn '1,000 people were sentenced u.s liomi- cide.s, nnd only IDS were executed. You need .study lliose %ures only for a inomeiil to sec whnl a conipai'ii- tively small risk a'killer acluully rims. His eluiiice of imyint' any kind of penalty at al) for liis crime i« only iiljouL one in llircc; and Micro i.s just Olltl C'llUllCC ill HU Hint lu; will 1)0 OMIO- culetl! More starlliiif than this, however— Uiotigh (loiiljllcss in some .way relnled to it—i.s Ilia fact that llic J08,'i record i.s a new hijjli for lliu Uiiitetl .Slates; furthermore, Ihe lotul has risen by more than ^1,000 in the last ten years, t'ewer than 8,000 homicides' liavinj; been recorded in 1 !)£;!. As a disclosure of the growth of utter lawlessness in this, land, these figures point llieir own moral. /Wore Revelations to Come Senator Gerald 1'. Nye, head of the Senate Munitions Committee, says Unit President Roosevelt lias indorsed (lie proposed appropriation of additional funds lo curry on (lie investigation this winter. As ii result, Ihe senator is preparing to resume hearings early in January, and e.\pt:cts to t;ive the country .some new revelations ((tiite as inter- 'esling as those which have already been made. The- ordinary citixen, um-ucslion- ahly, will look on this announcement us very good news indeed. There had been discomforting rumors Unit, the administration did not look tin the com- initlc-e's work with a kindly eye, In view of the vast importance to- every citizen of, UIE information which Ibis committee mis been digging up, it is good to .know that ils work has been indorsed at the White. House. That ought to make 1 it certain that it will be continued. The rjcnmi'u people iippcur lo have llic iiapa complex. —Phyllis rsoHomc. author. * * .T lividcnce indicates conclusively llinl unbridled manufacture, sale, and distribution of war 11111- Icrials by private interests cncotirafcs heavy fuming and definitely jeopardizes Ihe cause of peace. —Senator W. Warren Barbour, New Jeir,cy. ... . • ' • .• are limes when svliat, Is done or Icll undone may make or break our country nud our (O. O. P.) party. —Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. TUESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1935 By Williams I HWM'T HW? Ho WHUT GOOD WHY.TH' OP SOME PEOPLE TIME TO PO MUCH WILL PUDDIM'S ra ° K1N '^S S , 1\ 'I <^^W^ ^"~'~ ~ of AM' PIES, PER TTH 1 'HOUPAVS. HUT DO vou VAH.OOS AM? •Wl^j. '' £AHlMg AMP FEAST. r,,^ „.",'.' SIDEGLANGES By George Clark I^Klr//^ "You had better look tiround and see how many irucsts we have for broakfnsf." ' 'THIS. CURIOUS WORLD ¥£ William ;uson ON WK1T* PASS TRAIL, ALASKA, DURING THE QOLB RUSH OF IS97-<?e/ A MONUMENT, ERECTED TO THEIR MEMOfJY, NOW STANDS NEAR. THE SUMMIT OF WHITE PfVK 193! BY WASERVICE, IM. BOTH MALE AND FEMALE.' PIGEONS FURNISH "PIGEON MILK" FOE THEIR. YOUNG. CANADA HAS AN AREA QI,S34 SQUARE MILES LARGEP THAN THAT OF THE UNITED STATES, VET ITS POPULATION IS NO ^^ORE THAN THAT OF NEW VD«A'C/TVAND \TsSO-M/t.£ COMMUTING TERRITORY. i-l 'The monument erected to the pack-mules of White Pass carried the following inscription: "in memory of us tlircc thousand pack- mules that laid our tones on these awful hills during the sold nisli of .18D7-08. We now lliiuik tliosi; listening; .souls ih;it heard our jrwiilx ,-icro.Vi this stretch ot years. VVu wailed, but nuL in Viiin." NKXT: Huw many oats arc there in tlic United Slates? Many Causes Possible For Difficulty In Swallowing IIV'DK. MOKIII.S riSIIIIKI.Y Editor, Journal of thr American Medical Association, and <il II)- gcia, tlic Health Maja/.inc I'robably you've eomc across ;i licrson who suddenly found he couldn't, swallow his food. It's a distressing experience. The trouble may be more serious Hum merely Hint of hurting. Oidicully with swallowing may happen l» people of ,-iuy ace JUKI may vary from Inability to lake in large muiilhluls ol lood to trouble In swallowing even liirukls. Mirtlicrmorc, 11'may tic due lo u number of causes. it. is simply that the throat luis been .scratched-by n lish bone or a small meal bone, so that wallowing is dlfllcult until healing occurs. Sometimes n small portion ol \\ bone will become lodged in the wall of llic throat or of the CM>i>h;isu- the lube llwt leads from tbc tbroni lo llic stomach. H may we difficult to detect, llic pretence ol sucli a splinter of bouc even v-ilh ih c x- lay. A clever tlrUlsh iM-lfr »urkul <»it n way of finding out about SUCH particles.o'.bunc. Id- had tltc i>;\i tlenf swallow small pjcccb o[ cut- ton soaked in barium emulsion 'Hie little. libers or collon gei caught, on the edges o[ the slinter of tone and llien, when Uie X-ray picture Is taken, Uie trouble can L lu- caled. ' ingenious iiiitrumcnls have b>en t!ev«|oi)jii which permit Uu- jorlor 10 llsll such splinters nnl ;! r', • nr.(;i\ HEHB TOUAT ANN KOI.I.I5TKR brenki krr rimiiuriiitn* In TONY MICKI.B I'ic •tune liny Hint PETEn KP.N- IIAM,'frill VAI.KIIIA nKXtfETT, Itlu flanrtr. tltnf cvtrrlhlnK f« ni'fr helvrrrn ihtiu, Ann (Link, •lie- •III! fov» Tony mna Peter lie- llcvf* be K<lll i-nrcp for Vntfrln. nnl «hrn chnntr bring* Ihc fptn toRflnfr niKl IVIrr n«U« Ann ta iiinrry lilm »ht ncrem. 'flier co (o F'lnrM* nnit nrc Iiiililiy there. Tlirn Vttrr In re- I'lilli'il limnr. Ill" fnnllljr jmnhii Ann nnd Vnlrrln (rim In mrike Irniililr lirlivrtn Ann nnd P»l»r. STir «urrrfrf* ffnnlly uncl Ann gnrii .-nrnj-. Ifnvlnt; ho Irncc of fccr I'clrr. ilrNirtrnfrl.r In Inre wild Ann, arnu-N IGhrUtr nn the rrffli* jm..*. IHn tHorim to lot-lite heT ir* Khf tint ftiund \rtitk h« ertT- frn*«« In thf lionir nf JIRS. TltACY. nn nrllir. AI^I>AK VIN- CMVP, Jlrn. '|-rnCT'« brolhrr, l« nl- rcntlvc In Ann. NOW CIO OX WITH T1IR STOnV CHAPTBD xxxv ttrjijiBHH is always more lhan "one way lo Mil a cal." Valeria told liececlf on Hie nlglit after Peter loll her so nbruntly. Parlies were evldenlly not tile way to brlnfi him around. It had been a mistake to laK-o hloi lo Dirk's. ISui tficro wero ways! Kvery man lias a weak spot In his armor. What was I'ctflr'a? Valeria must find out EOOll. She Invited Milllcent over lliat afternoon for Lrldgo. "The others are coming about 2:30," Bhe said. I "f wish you'd conic early so we can I have a good talk. It's been nges place in which tlicy may be lodged Ttwre :ire otl'.cr custs in wliicl ImtihlpK willi .s\vallowins occur Ix; KIU.SC ul diblurbaiuxs ul tile Her vous syslcm. For inslaiict, in Jock jaw it, is not possible to open ihi moulli became the" infection in thi nervous system holds the jaws to gctlicr. The month may be so do from luck of MUiva, that swallowii is difficult because llic fcxxl Is in nioistcrLCd. There may In: piiriily.sis of III liulale such as occurs in diplilhcrh or there moy IK ;i 'dett palatc- fuilure or Iho bones of the head I (jrow together proiKrly ,U birth Tlicrc may te M«TC swelliiiK of th tonsils, which will cause swallow ing lo become difficult, and occ.. ilonally in older people minors etc vclO[> which obbttuct, the swallowing p I>y.stagcs, Sometimes. Hltlc ponclicb urc formed on (lie esophagus. Wlicii lootl Is taken, it get,-, inlo liouclics witli prcMiirc. and llicrc Is pain nml resiillin s rtilTiciilty In cutiui;. , . . ; Obviously, it is uccc.vsary lo ln- vcstlttulc every case iinU' lo .lake vate o! the condition that Is found, realizing ul (he wine lime dial, c.Iil- flcjitly in wailoRtog is j«st n s.iinp- lom ratlier tlian 11 diiense ee I have seen you." Tlio hair hour (ailed reveal lytliiiiB useful. Hut in the course ! Hie allcniooii. Valeria learned a leco of news. It was Leslie Wll- ingliby vvlio sah), "I hear Peler ay sell tltat darling place he Juglil from Itonnio IJrent." "1 don't know anything about ." Mlllicenl oiiswered. Vateila looked up. "En Peter mi;ht llic IJreni place? 1 ' "You should know." "I didn't. Peter lias never men- onccl ft to me." "II 1 had been Pelcr I would ave fell a Hide queer ulionl Inlying 10 place, fionctlo was so mucii fn iva with Paula, and then lo have er sue him for a divoico liefore ic liousc was completed—" Sue rolic off. a littlQ confused as Mil- ceul's eyes met jiera calmly. Leslie, nollns Sue'.i hesitation, lid taolcllyj "I've lieard Peter's wife i awiiy. l''or long?" "You'll have to asl; Peter." Milcent niiswered shortly. tiluy, Sue." . "I liellevc illLLHJENT wjis Tirsl (o leave. IA When Ihe door had closed Dei»il lier, Leslie said, "Tlie Keti- illa! Aren't they tunny! So pas- onalcly loyal, if you know what u mean. Daring people to discuss forming ricar lier moiiili. . icir affairs. As if they coiiid step wagging n-lieu Pelcr goes self, 'Why Bbould 1 know?" lit a clgaret coolly. Valeria can hav« lilrn back again," As the days passed Mrs. — • ..-..PVUV.^- r"~"- v« nn a, %vaj]|« "No one expected Pelcr'a m:ir. "right became awaro of whai s bo ogo to Btlek. Uvsryono knew be called "a changed Valeria." >ved you. Peter wan a darn fool Tllc restless girl who had t, wm \ rlogo loved you. to go out and pick up that girl In a fit o( pl<j«c. llo's evidently come sleepy eyes about noon was gon » "v. ui i>«)uc. nog cvioemiy come ' n ' ler l lla ^° Wil -s a freshly utoomr to hla senses. Il'a commendable of " lece ' l ' eall J' far breakfast at n Mm, 1 think." Valeria was ellcnt. She knew It was a becoming silence. Everybody would bo saying, "Valeria's sweet not to crow when Peter walked out on her. He tried to do tho decent thing by tho girl lie, mnrrled. bnl of course they simply couldn't make a go of it, with Peter slill in love with Valeria." That was what people would think. Not one ot her crowd dreamed tlrat Peter had fallen for Ann. T A'i'Blt, alone with her thoughts, -^ Valeria waa conscious ot failure. She rememhercd flic sarcasm In Mlllkent'a "You ousul to know." It was always thai way whenever Peter's affairs wero being discussed. vVell. she would play her cards moro carefully in Ihe tutura—and not as elio iiad played bridge this afternoon. She lind played really dreadful bridge. Once Milllccnt's voico had broken through fier abstraction. "Come back to the ganio, Valeria." She had led Bhadcs after a declared heail suit and after a heart discard from her partner. Mrs. Walnwright was amazed to hear Valeria call off her date for tlio evening,.pleading a headache. "Not sick, arc you," she asked, as Valeria passed through the living room on her way back from the telephone. "No. Just tired. I Uijnk I'll go lo bed rigid ajficr dhiner." "A very good idea." • • M \ BOUT nine her niece wenl lo '• v her room. Drawing the Venetian Mliiiis lo Uie window ledpe, Valeria began etrinping off her clothes. Her bath was running. Thai was what she uewleil. A warm balh and a good night's sleep. This constant gobii' ami gelling nowhere was gelling on her nerves. With Her rtcid velvet rolic aboVit her, Valeria sat doivn at her dressius lable, studying the mirrored face. Yes. 5)10 was lovely. The ashen blond hair rippling away from her face, her big blue eyes and soft, red lips. WhJ didn't Peter love her? The answer was Aun. To l>« honest. Valeria had to admit tho girl was attractive. Very allractirc. Valeria haled her. Ab sent. Ann wan dominating 1'cter's every thought. She lifted a han'il and brushed back her hair, moving closer to mirror. There were liny tracings :iear her eyes, little hard lints . "All I need." Vnleriii said to her- 'is a fittte more sleep mid fewer cocktails." She bad been fightin a dcsiier- il and marries some girl b. fiercely knew and Carol elope: lih the chauffeur." "Well, of course, ho wasn't a real down tonight. More than lanffcur but a terribly good-look- money, posllioti. and power slic IK college boy." Sue said. wanted Peter, the man. She wanted ale knowledge, but all barriers were and An;i conservailvc hour of nine, prepared 16 phmgo wllli zesl Inlo her iliiy'a program. Tho program llself amazed 'her mini even more. Valeria, who liail shirked sltnllnr lasks ihroiigliom her girlhood, had volunteered to aid In a half dozen ivortliy enterprises. She had become ae'.'vely Interested fn her guild's welfare work. She spenl most of the days for one entire week collecting gar. inenta for Iho needy. She had accented the chairmanship of a group that was d^ig- valiant work fn'llis Counuunllv^hest drive. She tuul Iiisiiireil the Biipnsorsliiu of a new froo iilule for children. Her pie. tnrfc lind appeared in ihe papern frenneully, but never lu any studied pose. Illia had been caught by n [iho- lograplier among a group ot children at tlio clinic. During Iho drive she was photographed pinning a butlon on the coat of a contributor. Another time, n two-column picluro appeared showing Valeria entering a poverty-stricken home, her arms tilled with package?. Mrs. Wainwrlght was amiiseil al first, then puzzled. As t| Je Uayi passed, she was almost convinced thai al last Valeria had decided to Eivo up her "wild ways" and settle down. ••••• Valeria confirmed the Idea 0110 morning. "I'm fed up with parties," she said pensively, "r realize I'vo wasted a lot of lime." "I'm Glad you've waked up," her aunt said dryly. Slie added, lie- 1'iiiiso she wiia not entlrbly Son- incod that her niece's transformation was genuine, "if yon Imve." Valeria did not flare up. Slio said. "I have, [.want lo marry and have a home of my own." "Won. Jack I.allmer is prolwljly ready to give you olid." "Jack!" "He's not a bad catch. "It would dove been the same lo iirol. That girl gets what she mils nud doesn't care what any- ic thinks." "When yon arc as rich as Carol on tan get by with anything," Sue ild. "Everybody knows t'clcr's new •ifo has pulled out." This from l.cs- e. "Although nobudy—cxccut you, erhaps, Valeria—knows why." very goorl posilioii, hr.stri he?" ''lie's lighl wood. 1 want stronger support for rny future." "Somebody like' Peter?" "Yes." "Pity you didn't know yon wore- so much in love sooner. I hcnr he's been turning the cily uiisidc down looking for his wife." "I suppose you've "been talking lo .Mrs. Kendall. It's tvue ho had twri private (letccllves Iryins lo lind her. They finally found the lax! driver Who drorq lijr awpy ihp morning slie left. Tim nmii sail! she got out at n restaurant. They lost Iho trail lh ere." "I can Imagine how sorry Mrs. Kendall was wtien .the detectives failed to lind her!" "Now. Aunt Louise, don't Iw sarcastic. Of courso she realized he wer<j not really suited to each other." "And of course you and Peter are!" Valeria got up from the table, saytuj; reasoualjly. —I do liijuk so. I'eH.'i- anil I grew up in ihe samo more HIM i flm 1 vvoii'l stop to argue with you. ' I've worlds to do." "1 w then." "It lakes a little lime to work out a divorce." Valeria SHid. (To tie Conliuued) lo take him away from Ann more than she had ever warned anything in her life. The comhiiiatlon- .. „ ,„„ , s , tlv „„ ,„ ,„,, san]a jealous rnge and yearning—drought , ivorld. Our friends are (ho same. pain Ibat was almost - "-- ' '• • • ' she could bear. The warm, fragrant halh (iiiieied her nerves anil aflcr a while she slept. Her hist waking thought was. "Whatever it lakes. I'm ready for. I'll make any sacrlfic" it 1 ho would gel divorced sperantists Campaign "or Synthetic Leadership I'AKlS. Wl'i— A campaign to oimleracl the growing popularity " olhcr synthetic languages j s i) C _ j organized here by the head- miners ot the Inlenialional As- ocialion of Esperanto. ccinl free courses in the Ian- Higc will Lie olTcrctt shortly in innny countries of Europe. Uur- Unst one. originated by a Cam- two weeks next year ? series jbridge |jrofc.w>or. is merely a rc- "'"' ' " " 'duction of English to a minimum vocalHilary. It cum|irisc,s only B50 .,. of lectures will l )c delivered in the Uhictmn of English to lending Mpllal.f of the world for the purpose of c.xplainins the commercial and international advantages of Esperanto. Among international „..„ ...„—...„ languages [ which are beginning to rival Esperanto here arc Volapuk. Ido, Novial, f'crfccto and Ba.sic. The OUR BOAKDING HOUSE words which arc Supposed hi tlo the v;ork of 20.000 words. NEWPORT. Ore.' f UP) —Recent high tides uncovered the best agate buds that have appeared here In several years at this season. By A her 11 TICK-TOCXS OIF ~VHt W/XVA. CLOCK, T lAV POOR HE/XO IS N\GH "RE TO CRiVLK [--^.AN-Q THE HOODLU^A'S OF THIS HOUSE-P(\W -. TO THEM )-t-THEY HOWL IN GLEE. } ^ WH£N I 5W THW K\V HEfXD /XCVVcS '* ( "FROrA £YE Vi. "OCNTS Hie Alarm Urohe Up Party .NAUOATUCK, Conn. (UP1—The lirst public cai'd.uavty uf Ihe fiau- B^tucti Hot?. -Hook mill Ladder Assoclallon was a success until 3:40 p.m. ,H (lint time «n alarm came in and nil Hie men were ta'Wl (o leave. N-^, rpr^L-v^c^ / ^-\ sr >;,'*, •> *~ ^.^ " ^7\ ^rW-? L^EEtrJSi b•.. ;>(*>;? — -^

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