The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1933
Page 6
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Best Since Wagner? » . _ Puts Spirit Into Every Pitch ;.' Twirlers Make During Pennant Fight. .EDITOR'S NOTE: Who is this 2G-yrar-old boy fighter, Joe Cro- 'nlii, with the Johnny Even chin, 'who Is lading Wasluniton (o a .pennant? By what strategy has jie fouled critics of his baseball .Ideas? And what Is he like personally? These and otlirr things stout busebiUV man of Ihe hour are written in an entertaining, in'(limit Hay by Richard Hollander r.f Ihr Wslilnjton Dally Nrws in a »rtw of sin articles for Courier ',Scws ...This it Ihe first. BY RICHARD HOLLANDER "Copyright, 1933. NBA Service, Inc. WASHINGTON, Sept. 0.—It's the last half of the ninth Inning ol a Washington-Cleveland game. The tcore Is tied C-6 and Bill McAfee, Senators' pitcher, Is beginning lo weaken. ;^In from his position at s horl- fjiop irots a young man with ft big chin that has been waggling at umpires, opposing batters aurt McAfee all through llio game. It's Joe Cronln, 26-yenr-old fighting nmnsgcr of the Nationals, who Is on his way to become the youngest boss of a pennant winning team in the history of major league baseball. Out Goes McAfM - Cronin grabs the resin bag from McAfee, rubs his hands and whls- .pcrs orders In the pitcher's ear. But it doesn't work..McAIee wan« the first batter. " Then lie gives the next one two balls. With Die score tied. Cro- nln knows (he ploy is to sacrifice the .runner Into scoring position. He waves McAfee mil of the box 'and yells to' the bull pen for "jcck Russell. Washington's star relief pitcher. The .fans boo. They think Cro- nln Is bringing In Russell in an Jtlempl to strike out the hitlers, But . Crontn's idea is something 'else. Russell Is one of-the best 'fielding pitchers In the business and it's just to knock down those impending bunts that he's coming Into the box. . It. Works—»nd Falls -'• The 'batter is given his base. The next one lays a slow roller down first base line. Russell Is after It like a cat and throws him - out at first. It's a hard play bul : Russell knows hts . flcldtng. The . runners advance. The next man IF given a walk to bring all the plavs to the -plate. . There Is one out now, the bases full, fcorc tied and n bunt mlgh bo poitonous. Sure enough, It hap. pens. This time Blucpe Is on •! . 'and cuts off the marker at .the Rlote'. >It is beginning lo look as if thi kid- niaiiaeer's strategy will work -^-exceut that in the end Russell loses control of just one pitched ball, forcing in the dccidlnK marker—and Cronln follows the umpire protesting, all the way to the dugout. ' • Ton Many Hunches? ".- Who Is this kid who Is about to enter Sport's Hall of Fame? His 'name is Joscpb FYar.cis Cronin, working his first year as manager tif'.the Washington Senators,. A San Francisco boy who has been ! in and out of the major leagues . since he was 18. ' •:' - Baseball cxywrUs have contlnu- nlly found fault with his Ideas and .theories of managing, but Joe's results Drove them. They say he Works pitchers too hard, that he is Inclined to lean too much toward playing hunches in his strat- - .cgy. .-Be that as it may, Cronln and his- fightlne. Johnny Evers chin wire born for baseball and If ever a guy poured his soul Into the game, it's Joe. The record of the Nats thie "season Is the result. : He came to Washington in 1928 and clicked Immediately In that badly-patched outfit. And during PlfinTES TIE v FIISTWEf SERIES Turn Giants Back ,But Remain Six and Half Games Behind. The Pittsburgh Pirates sliced one game off the New York Giant!) seven anil a half-gome lead when they nid In "the first game of t crncln] series yesterday. In the American . league . the Wn.s)ilnj;ton 'Senators continued their pennant march by wlnuinj iv;u gumes /from -Ihe Boston Hx-j fiux while. Pie, .second place'New '•'ork Yankees were dividing two ,viih Ihe I'WJudvlphln Athlellc.i. The lines Irlmmed, the (' to - -- - i [•n.-nch , . 1 uV 1'ltlsburjj^i. , Larry was the winning plti'her ' WEDNESDA Y,_ SEPTEMBER J3,_1933 On the Outside—Looking In "BY DUKE" CUtki gbwld Do B*««r Whether the 1833 Blylhevllle high gridders will better the record of the-1932 team remains to be seen, since the boys have yel lo pluy a game.' But on the basis of the rather poor showing ot the 1932 team the squad now being molded into shape stands an excellent chance to outdo Its linmeiliaTe predecessor. In 1932 fh'e chicks won three games while losing five and draw- Ing In one encounter. This year the locals' schedule calls for ten instead of nine games but as two dates are yet to be filled, much will depcnt. In the average column, on the calibre of opponents yet lo he named for .NtjV. 24 and Thanksgiving Day. For,-jt brief revlfiw: nt last reason tue Chicks accomplished the fol- !owlng;;T;hlcks 19,1 Memphis Humes 0; Chicks M, Newport 21; Chicks 1J, Wilson 6; Chicks 0, Jonesboro 32; Chicks 7, Para'gould 12; Chicks it-red hlls while' Carl Hubtell.K Shawnee 6; Chicks 0, Tech 48; tlur ainnt southpaw, was 'the Chicks 0, Plggott, 7; Chicks 36. Hwcle 6. The review Is really backwards, starting with the Thanksgiving bay game in which the locals teemed to have reached their U'.st forin 61 the season. nukllng the Giants to tight '. Here Is n batting pose of Joe Cronln....probably the umitcst shortstop since Huns Wagner. SLIDES VBILL Some Quotes Here' arc a few real and imag- inary'remarks by Ihe boys nnd girls in this spoit und thai: HELEN JACOBS-I will follow her iHclcn Wills Moody) to Die end of tire world and enter every tournament In which she plays. HELEN WILLS— So fired of tcn- nlsl BABE RUTH—Sure I'm retiring. May manage a (cam and pinch hit once !n a while. Anybody not a match? Aw, Joe! You're In! JOE CRONIN—Remember, the pennant isn't decided officially yet. and.we have some more games lo play. DONIE BUSH—My Hods arc going to have something to say nboul this pennant even though we arc out of Ihe race. (You have lo like Ihe man for admllllng Clncinnal can't \vln:-it, anyway.) RABBIT , MABANVILLE —The Braves will win this pennant yet If the umpires will give \is an cvci break. • • • Working Man Now those yenrs when Griffith was trying Owner Clark to mold another pennant-winner. Cronln's Peppy yipping was the sparkplug of the team. Gives lot Command !So, finally, when Walter Johnson's contract as manager ran out. Griff chose the nervous, cfialtering yoans Cronin to be the successor to his other kid wonder. Bucky Harris, who managed the 192-1 world champion Senators. old drinking song of the Army :hl s year with fresh significance because the nation hns Just aboni :lccicled to repeal prohibition. Thai Jsong. "Benny Havens, Oh!" was chanted by Lee, Grant, Sherman Sheridan, Longstreet, Stonewo) Jackson and Custer—and It wll be repeated now by those who hnvc come to take their places "May the army be augmented may promotion be less slow, May our country in thr hour ol need be rrudy for thr fof, .May we find a soldier's rrstlnj; place beneath a soldier's blow, With room enough beside our {raven for Benny Ilavfns, oh!" Benny' HaveuS refers to the tnvern-keeper whose ale refreshed West Point men before Civil War days. That Bucket Going west, the traditions arc newer, but they hold the boys who study under their Influence none the less fondly. There Is the Old Oaken Bucket, the kind grandpa used to let down into the well, for possession of which Purdue and Indiana do annual gridiron battle. Northerly, there is the Brown Jug. made Immortal by combat between the gridiron troops ot Mlclilqan nnd Minnesota. Occasionally these trophies 'arc stol*i by "overcnthuslastlc students," but always have found the way home When Washington and Washington Slate meet Ihls year, the "Big Stick." proud possession of State hurler, going to the sliow- L.f In llio fourth Inning afiei Hit.' I'lrnics had scored three times !i\ the third. French's victory v.ns his isth". of the year. The. Senators trounced the Red Sox by scores of 5 to 4 mid U C. The first game went 11 nnlngs before the Nats couki ahead und stay ahead. The fconators scored two nms . In Ih? first half of the tenth and ip- pcarcd lo have the gome .won >-i!t the Sox came right back' In heir half to tie the score.' The Nits added another In the : llth nid the Sox failed to match it. Russrll was the winning .pitctwr of the first game. In the secoVi'l iie lied Sox got 18 hits to 10 for the Senators but Nats liurlers lorcnd ninny Sox , runners to be jimmied on base. Schulte-hlt for ti.c circuit. Whltehill was the winning pitcher and Welch the liver. • • • The Yankees lost a 6 to 1 decision to the Athletics but drop- pud a I) to fi score In the- final. AlnhnfTey held . the Yankees to three lilts In the opener with -the lone Yankee score coming In-the ninth Inning. Gomez was :the losing hurler. In the second 'game tlie Yankees found . their bats, pounding out 12 hits Including homers by Oehrig, Chapman and Croseltie. Cramer of the Macks also hit for the circuit. Devens <vas the winning plicher of the last game. wrestling shows offer real entertainment for the fans who like Ihelr meal raw. It's on Interesting performance for those who don't take It too seriously and go pay their money for entertainment rather than for contest. ROOKIE? A Real State Champion Charlie Kramer says that definite plans were laid by coaches from all over the state attending the Hot' Springs coaching school for splitting of the state into several closely knit districts with dls- irict winners to. engage in a series of play-off elimination for the state high school title. Such a procedure would be' Imminently more satisfactory than tlw present method of nominating state champions and would also facilitate the naming of mythical all-state teams, which have been something of a joke In the past. The • district and elimination method' win probably go into effect in 1934, It Is understood. Map ' Steadily increasing crowds have 'en 'turning out for Ihe wrestling lows at the.armory and it begins .look like the promoters will xm be. definitely cashing in on raise* here. The' Blythevllie shows have been ursed along until recently on prof- ts of! other cities and towns In the lall circuit operated by the Sin- Nazi Growth Alarms Eithonia Citizens REVAL, Estonia (UP)—The rap- 1 growth of National. Socialism n Estonia, fostered by a vigorous iiopagniida campaign and "*ilch- fil by a friendly Berlin tQvern- nenl. has given-rise , to peralMAnl u.mors of a Nazi .coup.gainst, thS Hack Wilson (who recently wns i lhls . 5' ellr ' ™ m ^ plncc<1 °" dls - Griff gave Joe full command. The kid used Ideas that veteran baseball authorities couldn't under- stand. In .the matter of Ditchers, the story about the star fielding Rus,- tell is an example. Sometimes he '' works a pitcher two or three days • >: in a row, as has been the case with Crowder, but only for an in- ning here or a single man there. Usually it has worked. Otherwise the Nats wouldn't be where they are. W«rryr He Lores It •They, said Griff was spoiling n fine young player by giving him |j ; the worries of the manager's Job : to Uke his mind off his own assigned to play second base) — Whesv! I'm Just beginning to get Into condition. Whew! ENID WILSON —Photographers should be barred from the golf courses. (And you should liove heard the boys chatter about that one.) EQUIPOISE:—Haw, imwi • • * Doubly Diziy DIZZY DEAN—Now that my brother Paul has been called In to pitch with me for the Cardinals, the team will not lose a game next season. COACH BOB ZUPPKE —My II- i llnols eleven will be pretty "good this year but the boys had better not become too chesty. JACK SHARKEY —I'm looking forward with great anticipation lo four or five fights Hits winter MAX SCHMELING— I haven't heard any noise for quite a while PRIMO CARNERA —Don'i take my picture eating spaghetti u might look undignified. MAX BAER. —Oh. to Be t unhands on lliat big wop lug! pluy. To number them nil would be lu write a book. And after all, this Is only a very short column. . But Joe has thrived on worry. He-la playing the best ball of his career. The team is batting with him to a man. has made good. "Griffith's Folly- .NEXT: The CraUa rsychooty. ' Pawns hire no body scent and deer are compuatlvely wle from prowling animals doe to this fart and their protective col- " ' Tradition Lives Alain The .world suddenly becomes a college campus at this time of year. Ghosts of old heroes and traditions come back lo life. Fresh Daughter and cheers sound out over the same football fields wlwre the old boys fought and bled. New Brlckleys and Caseys will romp at Harvard. Yale will have a new Pudge Heffelflnger, and In the long shadows of the Princeton campus .Johnny Poe, soldier of fortune; Hobey Baker, who died In an airplane crash In France, am Woodrow Wilson, war president,, will walk arm in arm and listen' to the fresh young voices. Benny Havens, Ah! Across the plains ot West Point •ill round »g»lri tauntingly the 1>II) YOU' KN<W THAT— A German heavyweight named Walter Neuscl Is being groomed ns "the new Schincl- Ing." . . . Mel! Ott nnd Bill Terry of the Glanls were merely reprimanded for lay- Ing hands on Umpire McGrew . . . w'hich would have drawn a monetary rebuke In Ihe American League . . . The tact that Helen Jacobs had to tflkc whisky capsules bclore her championship bout with Helen Wills Moody stirs this department to demand an investigation of the doping of lennls players . . . after Hie pattern of the federal inquiry which founrt that many race horses were nil capsuled up, too. The government. • Social 'Democratic . press . Harmed at the jncreasbig strength c-( Ihe' moveiiient' .lias • emphaslicil the rumors.-^ ' ' •- '• ' According to the' rumors, the attempt -against the governmen is to be carried out- with the al< the. mliltaiyl .which 'allegedly Blong with 'public institutions and federal bureaus, has-been: honey comied with "cells" such as those employed by . the German paren party In Its campaign to Nazll; Industry. .' : Forecasts ' for future develop ments arc difficult In view of th .somewhat cloudy government po sitlon, but observers are convln c«i that unless official action 1 definite, the nation faces sever IJOlitlcal disturbances. Texas Oil Field Named for Garb CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex. lUP)— Greta Garbo may not know n:d If she Xnew she might s "Ay don't care," but- there Ls brand new oil field on Ihe Texa [;ulf coast named after her. It Is called the Greta field aiv is near here. It has been gettin "a good play" recently after i-rul new well completions. World's Fair CHICAGO Round Trip $10.50 The tongues of some mo His am butterflies are as long bodies. as thel * Ml Good for 30 Daj Buses Leave Blythevllie 10:00 A. M. 9:'30 P. M. Arrive Chicago' 5:00 A. |M. i:55 p. M. B DI^IE GREY/HOUND Barons Win Third Straight From League Leaders; Chicks, Pebs.Idle. The Barons defeated the league leading Pelicans of Hit Sout'r.ern league for the third straight lime by talcing Tuesday's game by a score of 4 lo 3. The Birmingham club scored three of its [our runs In an eighth Inning rally. Tut Birds counted I Inning scoring. N5WERS TIIKE | OJISK Sir Henry Morgan : was a. ilkrlnn and ruthless PIRATE. Chicago fs taken from th«' Indian word RHMIAHft, iiiganlnr, SKUNK. CraUr lake Is in OREGON. «=©= twice In tholr half but failed to match the- Baro nnilnck. Dunnaway was the winning Johnson was the loser. The Atlanta Crackojs Uounced the Chattanooga Lookouts (i lo 3 at Atlanta. The Crackers got 14 hits oif Dudley, Lookout lairlcr, and started sccn-hig early to lead al). (he way. Klelnhuns of the Crackers was the winning pitcher. Shirley of liic Lookouts hit for the circuit. Tile Na.shville Volunteers scored iiree runs In the first Inning lo eat th Smokies ;t to 0. Blclhcn tanked the Vols the rest, of ire 'ay but the damage had been done nd the Smokies were helpless be- ore the pitching-' of Brlllhcart. ?iclibough's homer figured in the The Washington Senators, •eeking reinforcements lor their pitching staff in the !nsi •iretcli of the pennant drive, •went down to Chaitauooga the other- day anil grabbed up a rookie in tfce uer- •OB of Aiw. McC«O. above. Declares Meteors Cold When They Hit Earth SEATTLE. (UP)—Theodore Jacobson, professor of astronomy ;it the University of Washington sand that contrary to opinion, meteors are cold whel they strike the earth's surface pnd ofentimes bounce. Professor Jacobson said he ha. .rmplc proof that in awitzerlam ii 'few years ago a meteorite hi »;ii ice-covered like and lefcound without even breaking the Ice. He said scientists calculate lha i meteors strike the earth at abon The Memphis chicks, .second place runners and first' halt winners, were idle yesterday as were the Little Hock Travelers. • Near Centenarian '• Still Enjoys Bike UEDHAM, Mass. (UP)—Hans P. Nielsen's next birthday anniversary will be his Mill, but bicycling is still hh favorite recreation, just as it lias been for a full halj century. •Almost every day. winter and .summer, finds him pedalling over the roads souih of Boston. Twenty- five miles is what lie ordinarily covers in a-day. He credits cycling'wiih keeping him fit. ey-Merpney combine. " 1145 miles a second. However, the But the promoters know that not. alt are that fast. While a meteor or shooting star nee they get then- peak, attend- nce here; that the local sliow. will « one of the best propositions of ic entire "group. Depends On View And it must be said that the usually burns and evaporates be- iore striking the earlh, meteorites ere much larger and hit with terrific force. Dead Cqunci- ixews warn Ads. LJesigned \hroughout for Lruck o< Have Tried the Rest Now Try The Best FALSTAFF BEER The Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art Northeast Arkansas FalstafF Co. TELEPHONE 202 - - - JONESBORO, ARK. service THE NEW Ford truck has been designed in every part to meet the demands of heavy duty service. It is low in first cost and is economical to operate. It has a record for dependable service day in and day out over a long life. The new Ford 75-horsepower, V-8 engine is available in the Ford truck at a moderate additional cost. It gives a new range of speed and power. Let us tell you more about 8- cylinder performance and economy. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers ROOMS FIREPROOF center 01 me new growth of Omaha, away from undesirable elements, on direct car lines to and from all depots ROOMS WITH TOICET *!.'<> AND Sl.« ROOMS WITH BATH r price caf Moderate Coolest Spot In Town! t PARAAIOUNT NKWS "KRAKATOA" The Moil Sensational Reel Ever Filmed. Never Before Fllmeil and Mayln- Never Ajjin. EAHTI1QUAKK en, tbe A Ural fkreen. LAST TIME TODAY MAT.w-10-25c NItE—10-30c" RICHARD DIX : • wuh ELIZABETH ALLAN DORIS KENYON.AUN DINEHAM. in Ihe love story of on adver-. Using genius whose specialty .was "woman appeal . • • • " i' The crash came alter he sold two women thii"/rtlfe idea". ,. MARRIAGE TIES THURSDAY-FRIDAY Matinee 10-25c; Night 10-30c With ANN HARDING HUBERT MONTGOMERY Slvtiu I.oy, Alice Bra ily and Frank More.™ CARTOON COMEDY Me was a flirt! His wife knew it! But she never Knew why i:ntil she met his txautifui young sweetheart! The Rachel Crothers play that Cor six months is now the sra- snn's most exciting picture! A FIVE-STAR HIT!

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