The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on May 16, 1889 · Page 7
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 7

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, May 16, 1889
Page 7
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km CITY IN BRIEF. tlna Bonifaces - and Tnelx Wives Drive Around -' tna City. Real Estate Board Reducing the Price ot Coal-Inquests. . "bibed Wiiisky Poison Masning a Masher Casualties Brevities. HOTEL MEN AT THE AUDITORIUM, ThalL 1L M. B. A.'s have- departed, or 01 danart hnfAr nnnn Thnip tnnth annual -invention is over, and the several theater parties given last night wound up the festivities of the occasion. Under the careful guidance of C C. Hilton, L. E. Howard, and H. X Bonn, of the local delectation, the members of the Hotel Men's Mutual Benefit Association, in I company with their wires and friends, saw con- I siderable of Chicago's natural and architectural beauties yesterday. At 10:30 in the morning Tieny of them Yisited tne Auditorium enuainR, its they - were met by Messrs, Ferd Peck and X H. Brealin, who es corted the nartv ' on a tour of inenection jiver the building. The New Yorkers .were astonished with what they saw of the mee-: sire structure, while the cross-road tavern-keeper were dazzled and bewildered by the J immensity or toe Auditorium. The newiy- elactad Praaiil.nt of the association. Mr. M k Gibson, proprietor of the Preble House, Port land, Me., a man who has traveled extensively ana snows something 01 nouu Duiiaing, ex presbed the highest admiration for the hotel ar- I van iaim.nt, t Vi Antitnrinm ' V In nn I raugements of tne Auditorium. ".Everything considered," said he, "X donbt very much if even the next decade will produce another building like it; surely the world knows nothing to equal it to-day." Joan M Otter, of New York, told a reporter for Taa Ixtkb Oceah that it was the ii ues t buuding he had ever seen in his life. In comparison to the size of the building he thought the hotel facilities were limited. "For security and stability it is undoubtedly nnnval- eo," said tie, ana as a notei it overtops any. thing on this continent" J. H. Bowker, of the Windsor Hotel, Holyoke, Mass., could not find words adequate to express His aamirauon lor so wonaenui a structure. H. ii. Kobineoa, Port Wayne, lad. was un reserved in his appreciation of the Auditorium as a builaing and as s great hotel. "It possesses t:e finest dining-room in the world, and the- only one I have ever seen where it will not be necessary to use artificial light" Fully an hour was spent by the hotel men in investigating the Auditorium. They tramped about through the mortar and debris which lay about the corridors, and whan they emerged to take their place, in the carnages wnioh had been provided for their jaunt through tne boulevards and parks, they loosed a much whiter set of men and women than when they entered. All told there were thirty vehicles. tares ox wnicn were isiiy noe. As the party of merry-makers was driven along Michigan boulevard, they attracted no little attention, and the waving of bats and handkerchiefs were of constant occurrence all alone the route, which extended over Grand boulevard, through Bouth Park, to uie nasauurtou rmra, uao noose, xlore the party were antertained in royal - manner by C W. Cowling, All alighted, brushed no a bit. and alter thoroughly inspecting the club-house ana grounds, were marshaled into the main hall and served with a few choice edibles and drinkables. - Half so hour was spent here very delightfully, and then the two' hundred hosts and hostesses remounted their vehicles, and amid three cheers for the Washington Park .Club rode away over the green prairies that tretched between there and Jackenn Park tiSVlllOU. Kinsley served a sumptuous lunch and the Second itegimeut band discoursed good music fceverai alter luncheon speeches were made. Before leaving Jackson Park the entire party formed in a group ontaide the pavilion and gazed down the yawning throat of a pbotog- Aapuer a camera. " IN THEIR NEW QUARTERS. - The Beal Estate Board met yesterday after-k,npon to formally open their new rooms in ths Ibal Estate Board Building, cornsr of .Dearborn etad Randolph streets. Every chair was oeeu- .si pied when, at 2 o'clock. President Bogue called the meeting to order. Mr. Bogue stated that the executive committee had decided, to. make the event memorable, and had issued invitations to all the members to partake of lunch and join in the symposium to follow, The lunch was excellent, as might have been expected. At its conclusion President Bogue again called uio iuwjuuk u oraer ana assea lor speakers Mr. i- A. cnmmings responded, he being fol lowed by Mewrs. E. & Drever. William 1 Pierce, C I Willoughbv, A. I Coe, Lyman Baird. B. B. De Young. Willis Jackson, William A. Gales, snd George Birkhoff, Jr., who moved a vpie or tnanas to tne - executive committee. which was carried unanimously. President Bogue, speaking for that body, thanked the - board lor its action, and said it was gratifying to tuose on whom had devolved the duty of - selecting a new location ' for the board, to know that their choice met with the approval or the members. The Secretary then read a petition, signed by . clerks of members of the board, askinir that on ' .Saturdays during June, July, sod Angust, all oilmen wiuiiu m meniDeranip or tne board be closed at 1 o'clock. The petition was put as a Biuuuii, uu carrwi. At a meeting of the membership committee. previous to the general meeting, James A. Hair ,was elected to agent jnemoersnip. a hose present st the - general meeting yesterday were: Pleasant Arnica.'. A. Barnea. Gmrm M Bogue. M. B. Barnard. W. H. Bryan, George P. Bay, , William A. Bond, W. rY. Baird. H. B. Bogue, George Birkhoff. Jr.. Bvron A. Balwin, E. A, Cummings, F. B. Cuandler. G 1 WUl-oughby, C W. FuUTton. A. L. Coe, J. Lawis i uochrn, JS. a. Drcyer,, B. B. De Young. J. . AHjnnersberger, D. M. Elskine, Jr.; D. W. v Kioreo, a. U. Foreman. K. Goodrdge, E. F. 'ireiciiell, Arthur li Gehr, F. A. Henshaw, F. -Ttneway, rtooert l'. Walker. E. W. Zander. K. ill. irank BalUrd E. P. Maynard. Bryan i.rp, aoaer a. Aiauweil, H. V. Walden, I Lombard, A. B. Mead. G H. Malliken, n L Manning, John McConnell, W. I - ee, R L. Pease, G P. Silva, L, J. Swift. V. Sdrghnor, John H. Trumbull, N. Thomas-VJ- Vlissingen, George L. Werner, a V. Hsir, E. a Hawley. H. W. Hovt. Will-i Heinemann, Lumlev Ingledow, Willis i okson, W. D. Kerfoot, Bryan Lathrop. V COAL COM1NQ DOWN. f Hard coal is selling at $G and $6,25 per ton, .This is from 25 to CO cents lower than prices jit this tim. last year. The prices of the coal Vssociation are about 25 cents higher, but tlmost every one is selling at the former prioee. his shippers seat a petition to the direotora of Jie Coal Exchange a day or two go. asking that neesbe reduoed 25 cents. This petition was turned with the request that it be re-ted at the end of the month, the Cctors not deeming it advisable reduce Prices in the - middle hB month. The reason the shippers ssked t prices be reduoed is because they wish to , pose of the r present stock in order to take Vantage of the reduced rates of freight The nsent rate from Buffalo is 45 cents, while at Is im. ? ye " WM 60 cents. The low fight rata i is accounted for by the coal men en a ground that ths shippers have a large iount of coal left over from last winter. The sels ar. idle and the owners of ths crafts e offering Inducements to the ahippers. -ids from this the number of vessels and tneir opacity bav. greatly increased. The mild winter ,aa also had tue effect of reducing the price of oal at the mines. The ihinn.,. . ?ous to get their bins emptied in order that they tnav stock ne fw nft " . 1 7. - . -xuorv are Kooa ."5?!!' beUT?"(t at the directors of ths PARTED COMPANY. - ' While It is not generally known, the Supreme Legion of Select Knights of the Ancient Order of United Workmen eosvened in special session at Bt Louis Tuesday. Tk. meeting was called by Supreme Commander Knapp. One of ths Setters for consideration -was whether the l?ct Knights, ss an orzanizition. would wi thaw from ths A. O. U. W. Tne following tele-ira receued yesterday gives the result of the iterations of the legion on tins eubiect-,X. L0VI9, Mo., May U.-E. P. Haven. No. 100 THE DAILY INTER OCEAN, THURSDAY MQKN1NG, HAY 1C, 1839 TEK PAGES. Sooth 'Water street. Chicago: Snprems Legion ha cut loose- Hod. to conclude to-dar. ci a osobos a. lisn. This mcsns that the Select Knichta hare with drawn from tne A. O. U. W. order ss an cation, but not es individual members. There are about lo.OOO Belect Anights, uniform rank, in the United States. , ... 'INJURED BT A RUNAWAY TEAM. . Mrs, Beardsley, of No. 102l;Calamet avenue. was seriously injured about noon yesterday by a runaway team belonging to " Moore Bros., the furniture dealers at No. 287 West Madison street Mrs. Beardsley was sitting in her bucjry, at the corner of 8tate and Harrison streets, when the horses dashed along and over turned the vehicle in which she was. She truck on her head and sustained severs braises. Dr. Thurston attended her and she was removed in a carriage to her home. The team dashed on madly down the street, but was stopped by Officer MoQuaid, of the Htanton Avenue Station, who jumped from- a passim car and Kraaoed the frantio animals by the bits. He wss dragged some distance before he suc ceeded in bringing them to a nail . ' '. 1 MR. ALLEN'S STATEMENT. Chicago, May 15. To ths Editor. As Mrs, Allen's name has appeared in the papers in rather an unenviable light, will yon allow me to give a correct version of the case of "Ida Johnson?" Saturdry evening, April 13, Ida attended a 'raffle" at a shooting gallery on Chicago avenue, and returned to my house at 3 o'clock the next (Sunday) morning. She wore, on that occasion, ribbons belonging to my daughter. Upon disoovsrincc the ribbons upon her person, Mrs. Allen looked into her trunk and pocksts and found various articles such as hankerchJefs (marked with Mrs, Allen's name,) gloves, stock- ings, eta As the ribbons and other articles . ,, ....... i i came from the bureau in which she had packed her Jewelry, the day before moving, Mrs. Allen feared that. too. mieht have disappeared. She searched the bureau carefully, and discovered that the ! jewelry was actually missing. She then accused the girl' of taking it but the girl denied ii In ths afternoon Mrs. Alien reported the case at the police station. Detective Whalen came to the house and inter viewed the girl, after which he told Mrs, Allen he could not arrest her for the theft of the jewelry ss she denied having taken it, and there was no snaenos against ner. Mrs. Alien men began to inquire into the girl's previous history, as shs had taken her into her service without reference on account of her pretty face and pleasing manners. 8ue found that her previous employers were congratulating themselves upon beiug relieved of her services with comparatively small losses. Officer MuMahon. of the West North Avenue Station, having known of Ida a previous history, came to see ner, thinking that he might be able to get the truth from her. She confessed to him that she took the jewelry, 'put it in a box, and gave it to a man," ovine ms name ana aaaress, in is con fession was put in writing, and Ida siirned ber name to it in the presence of Mrs. Allen and that of Officer. McMahon. Shs also repeated it manv times and to various persons. and. nnder oath, at the preliminary trial before Judge Kersteu. Detective Klinger, who made the arrost, took possession or- tue written con fession. The girl was held over to ths Crimi nal Court The March grand Jury discharged her, in spite of this confession, because she was a woman, and thev thought she should have another chinoe, bhe came to Mra Allen the day of her discharge, and. as shs still told the same storv that she gave the iewelry to a man. speci fying the day and hour, and as we could not get even a portion or tne jeweirv, a reoonsiaersuon of the ease was obtained, and she was indicted and rearrested Tuesday. May 7. Friday evening. May 10. Mrs. Allen opened a band-box, whioh contained two shawls, snd was very much surprised to find the missing jewels stowed away in a little Indian box, and not "just ss Mrs. Allen bad wrapped them up berore moving." - . The next morning Mrs, Allen hastened down to tne State's Attorney and requested him to Jirocure Ida's diaouarge, as the jewelry was ound. and she did not care to prosecute her further. The returning of stolen goods, rub rose, by a thief, when in a tight place, is so common an event that it seems strange the reporters and detectives should have ignored auob a proceeding in hia ease, ss well as the fact of the often-repeated confession, it was probably owing to tne extreme beauty oi tne tnier. a. ' THE 8HERIDAN CLUB, The members or tne riberidaa unb gavs a very entertaining musical last evening at their new club-bouse. No. 3542 Lake aveoua It was ths first event of the kind' the club has un dertaken and ths goeets last evening were very liberal in their expressions of appreciation. xnera were twelve numbers on the pro- gramma . and each - performance ' was heartUv received. "Old Folks at Homo." bv a anartet composed of Misses busio Cowan. Aggie Graham, Lizzie Graham and Nellie Chiil, was one of the features of the evening. The young lacuee were louajy appianaea, ana reaaerea one or two encore pieoes. The Private" was a vocal solo by Mr. E. J. Quinlan, a member of the club. His effort was mnoh appreci ited Others on : the programme were Miss Maude Jennings, Miss Marcelia Beillv. Mr. E. P. Nerny, Mr. George Schleiffarth, Mies Alice Coffey, Mr. W. D. Bowen, Mr. G G. Thompson, Jr., Miss Anna M. Morphy. Mr. W. G Barron, and Mr. Max Schieiffarth. A reception will be given by the club once a month during the summer in the pavlliion at Jackson Park. . CAUTION TO LIQUOR DRINKERS. At the inquest on the body of Timothy Sulli van, the young man who died Tuesday night supposedly from the effects of drinking whisky, the jury found that ha died from poisoning, ths result of a quantity of liquor and charcoal inadvertently taken, being the dregs of a liquor barrel. John J. Sullivan, the brother of ths de ceased, said the whisky was bought for three- year-old Bourbon He did not believe the boys got mors than "a pint dre?s and all" out of the barrel, as he "was not in the habit ot throwing whisky away." Dr. Saint Cyr. who attended the deceased, said when he arrived the patient was in an asphyxiated condition, the blood in the face was venous blue, showing that the circulation was to a certain extent checked. The system was s far paralysed that it did not respond to emetics. Charcoal, he said, is putinto barrels of wbissy to absorb impurities, and it was these that young Snllivan had taken Into his system and that had poisoned him. THE WAGES OF SIN. s Fredericks Biuer was admitted to the hos pital Tuesday night and died soon after; Philip Mar quart, who brought her to ths hospital, said she had taken poison, probably phosphorous. Later it was discovered that she had recently given birth to a child, and P. Mar quart and Dr. Kellner, who had prescribed for. her, were taken into custody. An inquest was held at the County Hospital yesterdav afternoon and the Doctor was brought before . Deputy Coroner Deverson in tne custody or iwtoctive Palmer. A post mortem was first held by the hospital sur geona. The evidence snowed thit the woman. while despondent, had eaten the heads off matches A verdict in accordance with the phy sician's report of the post-mortem was found. to ths effect that she came to ber death from acuta y.llow atrophy of the liver and kidneys, and prostration from prematura childbirth, Dr. Kellner and Marquart were released from custody. ' , . . AN INSANE MURDERER DIBS. 1 The Coroner yesterday held an inquest on the body of William Tausor, of No. 482 West Chicago avenue, who about ten days ago, in a fit of insanity, killed his child and then inflicted severe injuries on himself. He wss a machinist by trade, and up to this time was working regularly. He had been acting strangely, his wife aid, for three or four days. In .the middle of the sight of Msy 5 he suddenly Jumped ont of bed, saying some one was trying to get into ths heusa He got a knife and threatened to kill his -wife. SI ib ran out to get help, and when shs rerun.' t he had killed the sleeping babv and atteini ' l bis own life. He was Wen to the boepu v here his insane delusions continued, rendai i .un a restless patient He died yesterday, i , ... . . . . SRUNKARDS USE KNIVES. William Brogan and his friend Dan Mooney were at ths corner of Twenty-second and Hal-stod streets about 1 o'clock yesterday morning when firs drunken men attacked them, la ths scrimmage which followed, all the men drew knives, Brogan was out across ths neck. The wound is considered a serious one and may result in hs death. He was taken to the county hospital by the Canal port avenue wagon, ana was improving at 6 o'clock last night. 'Dan Moonev, James Biley, William Beady, Pal Dwyer and Pat Keefe have bean taken into custody, but ths police have not been able to fasten the guilt upon any one oi mem. juiey sou Rsadv are both suspected and are held at the west j weirtn street stttion, xne outers an nominally detained as witnesses. The men are all dock laborers. Brogan is 33 years old and has resided with his parents at No. 40oj School street in the town of Lake. IRISH VS. BOHEMIANS. ' The fight which resulted' in ths shooting of Dennis McGurl by Hugo Hacker, about a year ago, has developed into a veritable veudetta be tween ths Irish and Bohemian residents of ths district in tks vicinity of Western avenue and Twenty-third street Ths polio, say that a gang of tough lads led by Pstsy MoGurl, a son of the dead hog thief, have persisted in annoying in every possible way ths German and Bohemian residents of the neighborhood. About two weeks ago some one threw stones at the residence of Julius Psecbke. A shot was fired and Williaa Masterson, of ths MoGurl crowd, was hit in ths lee. Yesterday ; Patsy MoGurl told Justice Prindeville that Paschks fired the shot while he and his companions were passing peacefully alons ths street No one threw stones. Paschks ays that he did not shoot . As there were half a dozen witnesses to support Mcuorrs statement snd nons to corroborate Paeohke. the old man was held to the Criminal Court in bonds of $5O0. , ' A GRAVE SUBJECT. The board of appeals of ths National Associa tion of Burial Case Manufacturers was in con ferenoe all day yesterday at ths Sherman House, and, owing to ths delay in ths preparation of their report, ther was no masting of the as- sooiation. Ths board is composed of President William Hamilton, of Pittsburg; 8. X. Lomont, of Cincinnati; a W. Chappell, of Oneida, HI; L, a Kregle, of St Louis, and a 0. Hatcher, of Chicago. The business before ths commit tee is the consideration of complaints mads by members or tne association ana tne unaer. takers' Associations of St Louis and Cincin nati, each of which claim that members of ths National Association are selling to undertakers not members of their organizations. The con vention will reconvene at W:30 this morning to hear the report of the committee and act thereon. There is no other business to come before the meeting, the ofttoers having been elected in January. SERVED HIM RIGHT. Joseph Merskonskl narrowly escaped with his life yesterday morning, and an hour later was sent to ths Bridewell to carve six months. He was on ths way to ths Northwestern Depot and on passing a house on Union Park place noticed a woman in the window. Hs waved his handkerchief, smiled, smirked, threw kisses. and walked back and forth in front of ths win dow, but there was no response from the lady. He continued ths performance for fifteen min utes, and two other ladies cams to the window and watched him, Suddenly one of them threw up the aash and aiming a revolver fired st him. The bullet whizzed over his shoulder and buried itself in the fence across ths street Marakonski shrieked ana started on a run. but was soon overtaken . by a fleet-footed hostler named O'Brien and taken to ths Des- plained Street Station by Officer Dillon. "Hs stood in front of the window nearly nlteen minutes," saia juua Bonoentoaier, who one of the witnesses, "and all the time made motions which we considered insulting and indecent My sister, who was standing next to me, raised the window and fired at him." Justice G S. Whits imposed a fine of $10U . A BROTHERHOOD OP FOOLS, P. Dostaler, who keeps a saloon at No. 80 Blue Island avenue, received the following note Tuesday afternoon: P. E. D. You are herebv warned to leave Bin. island avenue tn two weeks, if yoa do not, we will capture you. and deal with yoa as we have with others ot your kind. Edward. 1 have alwara bew a friend to yoa, now taa. my advice and leave unicago. isrotnernooa ot nmtecapa. Colcago, Mar la. una, P. U. &emembr your Ufa ia in danger. He found tne cote in his man. bat there was nothing to show from whom it cams. Dostaler says he has no enemies, and believes ths letter was sent oy some practical joaer. . - A QUEER CASE. Deacon G J. Burgee ted t. of the Bdden ave nue Baptist Church, and M. X Stark, its janitor, stood in ths dock yesterday before Jostios Kersten to answer the charge of feloniously spanking City Electrician Barrett's 9-year-old boy Johnny. Last Sandiy evening Johnny and several other boys laughed out in meeting, in terrupting the Bev. Mr. Barbour's sermon, and the defendants thought a little correction punishment would be a good thing. Professor Barrett didn't think so and had them arrested for assault and battery. Messrs. Bargeetodt J kj -L- t-tW. . . r . , UU HJV wuwutMMW M -S41U then ewore out a warrant for tue arnat of Johnny and his three companions, whose namea they aid not snow, tor disorderly oonduct ' BREVITIES. Direct Imports. . xne fouowmg auuaoie merchandise was re ceived into the Custom House yesterdav: Cars- roc Wine Company, 4 quarter casks port wins; E. H. Sargent Co., 23 oasks cruoibles; The American News Company, 8 oasks ink; G. W. Sheldon & Co., 100 half cases currants, 4 eases cigars; Heath A Milligan Manufacturing Com pany. 70 packages colors; M. Field A Co., 1 case hosiery; G D. 8 ton. A Co., 2 needles, 1 esse amber goods, 3 cases cottons; Armour & Co., 20 cases wine; O. Barron, 1 case woolens; . A, B, Fiedler & Sons. 1 case trimmings; E. Leckler, 1 oass jewelry; Cbioago Musio Company; 4 cases musical gootu; A. a. A odor a co., lO cases art ma terials; uarson, fins, Sooitdt Co., 3 cases dry goods; J. H. Walker t Co., 2 cases dry goods; Wilson Bros, 8 oases dry goods; J. H. Leaner ft ixx, eases ary goods; Held. Murdoch 4 Co.. 11 eases cigars: D. Pontarelli. 2 packages, piano aod barrow; Chasm ft Gore,. 6 cases cigars: Adams. Smith ft Co., 4 cases cigars: Best, Bussed ft Co., 5 oases cigars; Albert Dickinson ft Co., 100 bags dovsr seed; Barley a, vu,, o psuuge. amnuenwarSk . ; - Paid for His Telly. Egbert G Cook, of No. 143 Erie street, forgot that he was iit years old and tried yesterday afternoon to board grip-car No. 626, south bound, at the corner of Wells and Erie streets. He missed his hold snd fell and was struck by the rear car. us was picked np and carried loto a neiKUDorma; a rug store, where it was found that his right shoulder had been cut open mrA tha bask K at4 a . aut aw ass 1WOHDU HTOril CsUD WO Oil til The woondf were dressed ind b A hi home. The in jane wonld not be dsnffaroas -a K - ... .1 . i . wwi .avu. uv u4 up gsntisman s age. Skipped wit the) Pot The Deeplaines street officers found five men playing draw poker in a room at No. 198 West Madison street Tueedey night One of them scaped through a window, but James A. jjurger, xrana- norton, George And W. H, Toomey wore taken Into custody. Justice G J "hite noed eacu spo and costs. Gray paid his auuujcj ana Morton, not hsv- u8 uiuiioj auvuu 10 satiny the execution kbuis uieui, won iu wo AriaeweiL Ths man who escaped was the one who won all ths monev rliirintr that Mniat - - Northwestern 8afe aad Trwst Company. A a meeting 01 ths stockholders of ths Northwestern Safe snd Trust Company, owners or tee insurance Jtxchangs Building, ths fol. lowing directors wers elected for ths snauins wr -r rv t . year:, w. x. uaie, fjnries W. Drew, X Bogus, j. r oster BBodea, Caleb H. Mershall M , ? UPM CT- Ths newly " , luuowmg officers: President, W. W. fthaw: Vioe President w v. Hale: Seoretary, J. Foster .Bhodee: Treasurer if" -a uuuaiog, John tL Charged with Embeszleaeat. ..w., 4 Aovemoer was a collector for S. E. Gross ft Co., and who diaap-peared with $1,000 of ths firm's monsy, was arrested in St Louis Tuesday afternoon and I Warner's Safe Care caret the, affections by put-arrived in ChiciPO reeterdav nmmi.. ' w. ting the kidney, ia a heaby condition, thereby wa. arraigaed beXor. JMUce Gomg charged with tlie above offense. The case was con tinned until Mr. Gross, the complaining witness, who is st present absent from the city, returns, Baeppler gave bond in $1,000 and wss released. -. GoUtsr to Hire Hall. - " In response to circulars issued two weeks ago about fifty members of the Andrew Jackson League mot at the regular league meeting at the Sherman House last evening to consider the question whether the league should sec are permanent headquarters. After a long session. full of discussion to no point, it was decided to act on ths recommendation of ths hall commit-tee, that a hall be sec and and furnished at an estimated cost of $2,400. To aoeompliah this ths chair is to appoint a oommittee of two from each ward to solicit subscriptions. They will immediately secure t club room. - -, Uniform Rank K. of P. The First Regiment Uniform Bank Knights of Pythias held, a grand athletic entertainment and hop last night at the. Cavalry Armory. The programme included horizontal bar exhibition. wrestling, broadsword combat, high kicking. fencing, sparring, Indian clubs, dancing, box- J . - V. AAn.A tutnins tnmhlin. &uk, miuuw pvrcu, wvui eta The hop was then commenced, and lasted well into early motning hours, xnero was a large attendance. Shonld Keep Oat or Saloons. - Oscar Maroott arrived in the city yesterday from Minneapolis, and found his way to Arthur McAuley's saloon at No. 75 West Madison street He paid for drinks for the crowd several times. and suddenly discovered that his watch and all his money had disappeared. Offloers Xraoey and Duffy arrested Sam Tnckhorn, the bartender, and recovered the watch. Tnckhorn was held to the Criminal Court in $300 by Justice Eberhardt . Found Banglag la tne Depot Shortly after 6 o'clock yesterday morning an employe of the Chicago and Northwestern Bail- way found an old man's body hanging in a wash-room at ths depot The body, which was quite cold, was that of a man about 53 vears eld. with erav hair and chin whiskers. He was neatly dressed in black, but nothing of value beside a trunk check and a ticket from Clybourn Junction to Kenosha was found in his pocksts. xne Doay was uaea to too avorgue. Playing the Insanity Kacket. Peter Parkinson, under arrest at the Armory for a brutal assault on his 7-year-old daughter Mamie, is a raving maniao, or pretends to be one. When the officers went to-his cell yester day morning to take him before Justice Wallace for examination, he flew at the bars of his cell in an attempt to get at them. The case was again continued to allow the City Pbyeician to examine the prisoner. Home for Incurables, The motion for the appointment of a receiver for the Home for Incurables was set for next Wednesday by Judge Tuley yesterday. It was represented by the attorney! for both sides that mora affidavits were to be taken, and that about forty had already been prepared in support or the bill. The court said that the attorneys for etch side should be furnished with copies of the affidavits by Monday noon. Chance Against a Lawyer. Judge Bhepard finished the quasi-criminal eases yesterdav, and will take up the regular call to-day, beginning with the case of Arba Brookina, ths lawyer who is nnder indictment for collecting money for a client and refusing to turn it over. Allan fupinjoy is the complainant, and the amount ulaimed less the proper charges is Throws Cnder the Wneela. Frank Hebenrath, of No. 222 Henry street. attempted to board a Wisconsin Central train at Paulina street yesterday morning, but thrown beneath the wheels and seriously In jured. One of his thighs and both shoulders were irsctureo. ins pnvsieians at tns oonniv Hospital bells ve he will recover. Hebearath is 23 years old. and a laborer.. Held to the Grand Jary. Thomas Swan, 13 years old, who wss caught while ransacking the rooms . in the Sheridan House, Nos. 30 and 32 West Madison street. Tuesday night, aod was locked up in the Dee- plainea street station, was.nsld .to. await the action of the grand jury by Justice G J. White yesterday morning and bail was fixed at $1,500. The Weather. The temperature yesterday, as. observed by Msnasse, optician. No. 88 Madison street, was as follows: 8 a. m.. 62; 9 a. m., 63; JO a. m., 3. 11. AT. TO m. M. 1 . M 74. Q . m., 74; 6 p. m., 73. Barometer, 8 am, 29.42; e p. m., utau. Financially KmbarniMd. August G Waenscua, a hardware dsaler at No. 293 Milwaukee avenue, made a voluntary assignment yesterdsy to Deputy Sheriff Charles W. peters. The assets are said to be about $2,5O0 and the liabilities $3.50U Miscellaneous. The entire day in Judge Williamson's court yesterday was occupied in securing a jury for the Yogn muraer tnai. , Storey. 235 State street, shows the largest and noeat line ot folding oeos in all woods In tne city. Cash or time Tbe Calumet Club will give its eleventh an nual Old Settlers' Reception this afternoon and evening at the club house, corner of Michigan avenue and Twentieth street . - Tbe Bev. WT H. Crawford will deliver the address, at ths temperance meeting Friday night at Aqua rura nail, Aa iuso west Lake street The pubuo are cordially invited. A reception and banquet was tendered last night to ttegent ana Mrs. ueorge Wagner, at no. v lunaoipn street, oy tne members ot Northwestern Council, No. 315, lioyal Arca num, G A. Hubbard, State agent for the Illinois Human. Society, has just organized a vigorous branch society at 11 oo pea ton. IIL. with A. Honeywell as president and A. H. Trego secretary. John Slatterr. a denizen of Tilden avenue. fired several shots from his revolver at Officer Turk Tuesday nightaud was arrested by Officer lialley. Sustice Q J. White fined him $50 yesteroay morning. . Robert Francisco, ths jockey riding Wonder land, was thrown daring the race at the west Side Driving Park yesterday afternoon. He was injured about the head and shoulders and hips, but not senoualy. The first annual ball riven by G. W. Tilton Division, No. 404, Brotusrhood of Locomotive Engineers, took place at Martina's Academv. No. 53 Ada atreet, last evening. The attend ance was large, and all present thoroughly en- joyea tnemsejves, ..,: . This morning A. 8. Reynolds will step into Superintendent Mullner's shoes as snperiatea- deut of the South Division postal station. At the same time Superintendent Boyden, of tbe Cottage Grove avenue station will make way for ms successor, feter li. . w w. Mrs Othelia Engei, ef Ko. 30 Gardner street, was trying some tallow ih a kettle on her kitchen stove Tuesday. It canght fire, setting her clothes ablaze, and loflioting burns from which she died at ths County Hospital the seme day. xne inquest was held yesterdsy. . Merchants' Council. No. 80, National Union, gavs a complimentary entertainment at Lincoln Hall, National Union Building. Noa. 66 to 72 Adams street It was their fifth anniversary. and a large number of members and their friends spent a very enjoyable evening. A grand entertainment will be given nnder tbe auepioes of tbe Central fark Presbyterian Church at Occidental Hall, corner of Madison street and Sacramento avenue, by Findlay Mae uregor ana ms oompsny tnis evening. Ihe programme is good, and a pleasant time ia anticipated. ' PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. Frederick Wiener celebrated her 70th birthday last evening at the residence of her nephew, Mr. Tobias Goklachmidt. No. 2440 Cottage Grove avenue She was the recipient of numerous presents, together. with many telegrams aod letters. A fine sapper was served. I grams aod letters. I 1 1 J tv. followed by a reception from 8 to -lO o'clock. M. M. Goldschmidt acted aa master of ceremonies, snd tbe musio . was furnished by Greenburg's Orchestra. Mrs. GfJevne and son, Henry, left for Europe yesterday. They will, after visiting Paris, make an extended tour on the Continent, r - Fbkdesick T. Roberts, If. D., Professor in University College, London, Eng.. Examiner In Medicine. Royal College of Surnona, says ia reference to advanced kidney disease: "Complications ar. met, each as consumption, heart aisease. moroia eonainona. nver I mTLol. thsV.ta '". " TT A CORNER ON QUOTATIONS. Those) Affected by Board ot Trade Withdrawal of Quotations - Talk. ,- -, . Legality of Such Action Questions 4 Judge Smith stands - Firm. The .Western Union Said to Interested Exchange -: ,. .. s XTotes. Be INVOLVED, BUT INTERESTING. Ths resolution passed Tuesday by, the board of directors of the Board of Trade that the pub-lio quotation service be withdrawn at the close of this month, was the subject of much oo lament Many of the members thought the result would be beneficial, and looked for an increase in the value of membership. Others were not oeanguine. " The secretary of the Open Board, Mr. M. H. Hanks, had little to ey concerning the resolution. ' "Our members take little interest in the matter, and I have beard few comments, " was all he would communicate. A prominent mem ber of the Open Board said: We have 160 members, representing perhaps seventy-five firms. Twenty of our members only belong to the Board of Trade, Tbe others, depend al most entirely for their quotations on those pub lished oh oar blackboard. These are obtained from a member of the Board of Trade, under the sanotioa of the directors of that body. anticipate no trouble unless the Board of Trade further eomplioatee matters by refusing its members permision to give us quota tiooa What we would do then I can not eay. Few' if - any of our members, not members of the Board of Trade, have grain tickers. The exclusive institution naturally de sires to keep its quotations from those whose use of them would not bring profit to the board, If we are allowed quotations, in other words, if matters remain in statu quo, I can not see how we will be. - , ADVBKSaXT ATTOCTTOX I think this is a false move on the part of the Board of Trade. The more widely they adver tised their prices the better it was for them. If we are given no mesne of obtaining quota tions from tne ooara. aa is poesioie. i eaa soi ted what we will do. The future must decide this ooint however." On the first floor of the Rookery Bonding ia a large room in which several firms have estab lished an exchange or tueir own, xney nave grain aod stock tickera, and a large quota no a boar a. nsea in common oy au. . ai is sgainss these firms and tneir transactions outside pale ot the sacred precincts of the floor that the ttoara oi iTaae nas most persistently cat-tied for the right to withhold qsotauons. Of these the firm of James A Morphy & Co, is the most prominent. m. a. j. ucHBTias. of this firm, has been foremost in all the liti gation that has arisen from the efforts or the Board of Trade to oootrol , its quota tion department lie saia to - a re porter for Tan Xaras Ocxa yesterday evening: "My firm holds permanent injunction a, granted by the Supreme Court of Illinois snd Judge uoiiins, restraining tne uoara ot Trade from withholding quotations from us. Tnese oan only be dissolved by action taken by the State courts, xnet action nas not been taken. . Judge Smith, in his first "whereas says the Supreme vourt or tnie state nae aecioea that the Board of Trade of the city of Chicago miy dissontuios furnishing to ths publie mar ket a notations." a ma is not true.- xne en oreme uoort Das maoe no oeciaion wnaiever en this point Itbsa simply refused to consider this ooint aa having no bearing on the Tna ooard can not remove our .ticker, nor in ter, ere in any way with our circuit, .If it does it - will commit aa illegal act. for which it could be maae to a user. Ws have proved our esse, and it has not been since disproved. The prospects seem good for a tremendous legal fijht We have gained every point we have made after severe effort, and we will not submit tamely in having our riifbts taken from us. The board makes its fights against those it eoosidera lis enemies, eu technical itiee It waits for a court decision snd then seeks a loophole through which to with draw, xhiaie a ease ia point." judox siDxxx surra. tie Board of Trade's counsel, referring to the Quotation from the preamble and resolution arawn by him. aauU "The Supreme Court, in its reviaea aoeision, given alter tne nrst obinion. which 1 had asked reopened, made. almost in tne woras i nsve usea, tne statement contained m the first 'whereas' of the document referred to. I used, so far as possible, tbe text of this latest decision, and it ia in all respects upheld by the most recent decision. ' . The doctors disagreeing, the public can mike its choice. - - If a bucket-shop onsista of any commission firm doing business away from tbe floor of either of tbe two boards, thsrs are a dozen or more in tbe city. - If the definition be more restricted, thers are, on unimpeachable evidence, none. UorVsraal designation of a firm as a bucket-shop, waa not formed yesterday. . The firm that one authority dubbed by the opprobrious epithet, was pronounced by equally competent testimony to be a legitunate concera, with connections on the regular board, and a character for business morality beyond rs-pri-at, Those were found yesterday, who claimed to know the true inwardness of the board's action. The statement was mads that the withdrawal of the public service was instigated by the - wcai'XttH naox tbxxosaph Company, who desired a monopoly on quotations to be sold afterward at a high price to whoeo would take them. Color was lent to this by doings at the stock yards. The telegraph office at that institution, called the bucket-shop" by its -frequenters, eos-tains a bulletin board on . which are posted by the Western Union's ooerator current prioee on grains and provis ional: .Yesterday morning, when the throng .ef packers, drovers, ana reportere,. woo-; .bave neretofore been given free use of tbe ..telegraph company's premises, applied their keys the door they louna mat tne iocs naa eeea onaaged dnrine tne nishk Later in the day the infor mation was given them that the rates po qaota- tions, tnereioiore rurnienea oy tne Western Union Company for $9 per month, had been raised to 3S25 per week, or aa increase ef more than 400 per cent This was astonishing, es pecially as unexpired contracts lor services existed, which were disregarded apparently, ae but one man, aa ageat for a Board of Trade commission house; received quotations yesterdav, and hs took them at ths revised rates. About seventeen houses were in receipt of W. V. T. Co. quotations at the Stock Yards, pre vious to tne emoroement oi we new rule. The ofhcmls of ths . telegraph company say that ths change waa due to the influence of the officers of the Board of Trade, who had made frequent oomnleintol the low rates charged. alleging tnai oy tnis means ooieononabis per sons were in receipt of the board's current Drices. Ths effect of a monopoly oa quotations would prove disastrous to many. They could be farmed out at fabulous rates, aa was shown by an offer oi v,vw per year tor them, made by an umana man, tor use in ms town alone. ON THE BOURSE. Testerday's dosing prices for the leading ep tions were as follows: July wheat, 183. ceo u; July corn, 86 cents; July oats. S3 H cents; Jsly mess pork.$UJ; July; July short riba, J5.90. As comeared with Tuesday's closing prices, AmM l Sks4 U JaafJ.t? sm Mm .inai ... ri oats advanced H cent; pork declined 35 cents: lard declined Tfe cents; snort ribs declined T)i cents. The d.eath ef Joseph Jones was announced yestsrday. ; ' .: Estimated receipts for to-day: Wheat, 10 cars: corn, 400 ears; oats, 178 cars; hogs. 24,000 Wheat shipments at twelve points yesterday were 107,000 bushels, against 401,000 bushels a year ago. -. . ,v--;. .'Wheat receipts at the three principal ports yesterday were 12,000 bushels, against 78,000 bushels a yesr ago, I ' " .--, Hutchinson was a force seller of wheat at 78 cents or over. Hs told Magin to let the boys hare what they wanted. The close ia Liverpool was reported bv pnvate cables as lowsr on California wheat, bat unchanged oa the balance. , Wheat elearanoee from the three principal Atlantic porta yesterday were 45,000 bushels. against 46,000 bushels a yesr ago. " Pope paid for a lot of No. 2 spring wheat yesterdsy morning 85 cents per bushel tab.. and 83 oente for No. 2 red wheat in store. Both lots were bought for outside millers. Letters were received from Kebrask com plaining of too mnoh rain, - The reverse to this was shown in a letter ' containing glowing reports of crop prospects in Kebraska, and giving the additional information that large stocks of core and oats held there will soon more to this market ' From W.G. XeCormiek & Ca's market letter: "We dislike to imigiue the present stagnation s precursor of a dull ipeH, bat Judging from the hesitancy exhibited by outsiders to trade, and the general dearth of speculative business, ws fear we are in for a seige of dullness. . Oar views are unchanged, and on any sport we advise eelUng," DIKINO-CaB 8EKYICK TO BEXTXB. The dininr-ear service of the Chi cam and Dea ver Express, the fast vestiboied train rea by the Cbicaco aad Northwestern and Union PactOo Railways, has bean extended through to Denver. AU meals en rente between Chicago snd Denver are now ssrvea Xrota the popular . northwestern oining-cra. TO KENT. Korth Side. rpO KBLItT 13 PLSiE ST- xl-BOOM HOUSE, euepttoaallr An. Balshborfaood, all modern eon- vsalsaosa, ea lake shore drive ; low rest. P.E.8TAITLETa;00, BWWhlnrton tt. HELP WANTED MALES. : Saiawmaa. SALEgsnnt-wK wish a raw HFV TO Sail Our ffooda bv unnla tn whrU.,1. mnA trad.: laryaot mouf'mu oar line, lncloaaic stamD wages .! per day. Permanent position. 'o postals answered. Monev ad-vanrd tor vases, advcrtninc, sic.- C'K.VIXNNIAt.MN'F'Cl C).. CincionaU, ifa To HELP WANTED FEMALES. HeaTnsressesT VT7 AKTKIV KXPERIEXCE1) WHITE SHTKT Buuia or vieim power. . Cain fc CoMPAITT, 908 Dearborn ct f IT A"TEA-COAT-JtAKERS : WORK iil VEii " out. UAjUtaixiJar-Ajcr. " : W Dearborn st. V7ASTEI EXPEKlECKO FLAMNKL v an in aaasera, by steam po But. CAKR fc COMPANY owr. or work aivsn wn Llearborn nt. SITUATION WANTED FEMALES. MlseellMeoas. AH AMFTRICAN I.1DIWISHM A POSI-tion for tb. snmm.r aa BtirM or lOMrneu it flrstlasa famllv to travel to eonntrv or Sfiaaida. Skuurva. v m, xnter vcean. 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Closat Prices. Strongest Guarantee. Correspondance Invltod. ORGANS ORGANS ORGANS OKiANS ORGANS OR(iANS OIlUANS OlUiANS JRGAN ORGANS PIANOS Paetnrv 911 tn VI 7 ..n.l nt PLANUS Feplr Khopa l5tl.lo8.fc liO State. ORGANS PLANOS Ware room a, S tat. A Monro. Sle. ORGANS PIANOS ORGANS PIANOS LYON fc HEALY. ORGANS PIANOS ORGANS PUNOS ORGANS PIANOS " ORGANS ORGANS PLANOS ORGANS PLANOS O&jANS -ORGANS PIANOS ORGANS PIANOS ORGANS ORGANS LARGE STOCK OF BAIUET A DAVIS. EMERSON, AND KIMBALL PIANOS AND klMHAl.f. ORGANS. LOWEST PRICES. EAHIEVT PAYMENTS. riAAtr lJ Kt5T. TU5EU, AJ1 KKKAllUrO. OLD INSIKCAIENTS TAKEN IX EXCHANGE. BARGAINS. betTRal haixit da vis. ktetwat. cmcx- ER1NG. DECKER BROS- KNARE. EM ERSON. and otb.r makers, at pnosa ransiuf xrom SAO to ..y. JSri:i in iji.a i riutiusi at ut rmvK. W. W. KIMBAli CO. State and Jackoa sts. SHONTNOER FIANOS. OJi llMEPAmENRSI : MANUFACTURERS" PRICES 1 Ton. and action anaarnaiuwd. .n-rllenre is ia sdranre ot all others. . PHENOMENAL DURABILITY 1 SMona-hand pianos sold or. xchanced. W SUONINGKK PIANOS TO REST. , Itantaaon.v allowed on onrcbaoe. ' B. BUONINGER CO. 216 State St. 50 ail makes, at auu. S1GO. SitiS. tlin.t.JW). nil 165 sack t.vorv Piano warranted to b. aaraore- aentrd or monev refunded. Will sell on o monthly waMHUuiuw. Dauarooms open eveninss. 976 West Madiaoa aC eorner Moraaa. A1AM HLHAU. lnDOTN, SWV MONTHLY. BUYS BEAU-J-Vytiful toned n-w npriabt siano. trinl. atrans. ane tullj warranted; price. flt5. Opan eVSOluSS. AAfAJS. OV-tlAAT , X7B w. aiaaisoa su eor. Morcan. purs CP RIGHT PIANOS TO KENT. " WHIELOCI A CO. S378Ute st. , . I OS. BOH. HAN N. M'PB VIOLINS. "V"3w xitbera. tuitara, and pat. violin chin- " rest, acknowleoirert beKt in tb. World- All ainua repsirea. o" etaie st. pOR SALE-NEW PIANO; BEST MAKEj jLvenriow: innpx een. Dr.M, na nanaoipn. INSTRUCTIONS. BRYANT STRATTOI- A IJiWLiiO JtUiUUSSS COLLZQB bliOBT-HAND rxSTll ITE. AND KSOLISH TRATjrrNO SGHOOX. niimiiiwn ib. comor naossn av. The fltaodard laaututiea and lathe yoria. - lirANTED-OXE PfPIt TO CliMPLETK class with .xperiencd teacher of Pariaian rrcnen. aaaress u 44. inter ocean. FINANCIAL. OONTS CXJtTNTTr. CITY. SCHOOL AND AJ 'water bonda ot h igh grad.a for aal. paytna uniKrcauiiHwnki.iniiuiiioiMw anaupwara; vnrifiH'u.wu soia u invescor wiuioat loss or any principal or interest. K. W.HARRIS fc CO. Bankers, uBiBqiiiaonrwn. tatontaoa niocafc. CWV.10.1-01 cooKtotKit V J.JJJ teal .stale, ia sums to suit, at lowrateaof Interest: & per cant and orer.aocordlna uy W.UU4, inpronnfmi, irnui, an:.; no u.iay. v. n. ' fuxunuu uearoorn st. T OAKS -MADB ON CAUUAUO AUAL Jur Aj tata at lowest rates bv GREENEBAUM SONS. 11 aad US La Rails st. DERRI A MARTIN. 7(1-14.1 I.lstl.l K NT. A. loan sonev an Chicago and t lud luhnriu. ' miHM. iicnmuiiiHi, tats TRRIUATION KECLKITIES-KO INVF.ST- KECUKITIES-KO A ment so safe: none ao Broniable. wt u W. GREENE, No. (H Monro, st. SIONiiY TO LOAN AT CURRENT MATES' 1U .a real .state. K.W.HYMAN. JR.fcOO.roaut n""i"n'i ni'v-s. Ninnmp inn iimnni PT, BOSSES AND CARRIAGES. IOR SALSt FTNE KENTcrmr lAnnrv. . -''"!. u uu nnu nvrees, trot sr. IDS ponies. CROSSMAN fc CO.'S Live ry.4ie W.Randolph. M. nones. 8SWINO MACHINES. 810, Home, 1 ClTWJt m CM CW . nw hfiwrrrrn Singer, or W. W No. 8: alas cheap. 1 New Aniomatle. BlQiaClark St.. eor Aaams, R 1. HOTELS. NEW DEAL AT 1S7 8. CLARK ST. NEW. clean, light ventilated rooms, day or w..kt raspeetable psopla only solieited7 ' BELVU)EKB EUROPEAN HOTTX. MISCELLAN SOUS. Alf KINDS OF TAR AND GR AVEL ROOF .n d2n ,nd ola roofs repaired by J. Wilkes Ford. 1j3 Washington at. naarLaSalla. - OCK ELM FENDERS. THE BEST AND ea ttee lakes. Call and m th.m. WTI;I.,rVKvLADIt-S A'? CHILDREN bashav tb1r bangs cat at Theme's. lauWs- T"MmntodGKEir UML& KESTOBATIVKiS yiiST" KLSI AX TUOMLa, Ida tVA FOR SAL E REAL ESTATE. . OB 8AA.E Tor ai -0OO. en easv terms, if tak.B wits week. Wew brick couaa. with lais. lot; citr waters rf-nint location. Inquire etStSft Area.v sv. Tak. Arcb.r av. or lt st,ar. abwrbaaw KITVT DErABTTXKE. eeee esse est els. A XZW DilPAJSTCTEX i i SATS A SCBDTVDilOJf OT TOCB OWX BarUadthstssaseoaberetallsd waQsyeweaa : set it at wholesale pries, la larrs tracts aad ea sock terms that yoa eaa sasUy par ter It with eat bardsa te 70a. This is the greatest op porta a! tr aver offered te lay the foundation tors fortune. W. have concluded to 'place la the saarkes me aa sold halt ef ear acre subdrisloa la sseUea S9, is Cleere. '. i Th.lssd Use divided that yoa saa have a. t, 10, r aO acres and have street sad alley ss-posor. The vriee at which ws offer this bvae is only Siao per iotef ths asna! dlmeaatoas. Every on. will admit that Chlcao is boud tORrow. sad withia a few years this will be la ths city, aad what ' yoa eaa buy now for SL2uo will be worth S&000 te 10.000. Even sow, ens mile north of this, sad the asm, distance from ths Oorrt Hones, land la ssulns; at tb. rate efSoVMM te 1200 per sere. The land we offer for sale Is blah and dry, SO feet etcher than the city proper. A sewer has bees throoch it sad paid for. and pars water eaa be aad from the Watoivworka. .' Remember yoa eaa tat oae sere, eqaal to tea (10) lots, all ia a body for a little more tkaa what yea bsT. to pay for a alnxl. 'iMoot lot no batter located. If yoa want to Uts on th. la cd which yoa.boywe will balld yon a horn, and sell It oa smoothly pay-. mania and yoa eaa mak. th. land prodaee aaoaca to pay for 1 tea lL .- . TTTLK PERFECT AND TREE OF atORTQAGE, " Terms, small cash payment and balance oa terms tosaityoarselL ' : ' CALL AND SELECT TOUR LOTS. Ws hsv more eorner lots ia this saodivielea man any la or around Chicaco. to : wrsooxsa central railroad ' ' aad CHEAP FARE. Good macadamised roseate - tb. land, mas enabling yoa to reach It at say time of the year. . . . Recollect that tbe aolid men of Chicago to-day ar. tfcoae who pnl their money inte real .state. People ' who live ontaide of Chicaco. ss well ss thoss bars, shoald take notice of this anasaally sdvantaceoas offer to set land near the areat city. This land lies diractlylath.Uns of to. proposed cable end els-vatedroada. The terms oa which we offer thltiand li soaally attracttv. te speculators and Investors, Oevhr 1-10 (one-senm) dowa and th. balance. S130 per payable auarterly. AU aotes read "on or before," Civinc purchaser the privileee of paying any amountat any time. Th. way to make money ea real estate is not necessarily to pay cash, bat bay with ae small payment aa yon can. with privilege ot paying balance at any time. Ws have planted trees and graded streets, sad all la all this is the cheapest land la Cook Ooasty. Call aad get tickets free of cost and go eat any day ea the 1 SO train, leaving W iscoaaiB Central Depot. Harrison aad Franklia sts. get off at Central Avenue Station, where yoa will Cad our agent tvsry day la the week. '". . E. W. HTM AN. JB, A CO, t , . ISA Daarbora st- Room 9. Chloago, QL . EIHiE WATER LOTS. isEAH fi&TOT, HIGH GROUND. JS MIDST OF SPLENDID FFTLDXHOS. WATER AND HKWEU ' IN EVERY STREET, ' ONLY SiO. Srtuo, S750. ssudt. tIML : According to elz. aod location. XAT TERMS-MONEY LOANED TO BUTLZk, -Hnsineas lots snd lots for investment. F&LE TRANSPORTATIOJt ANY SAX. w u riTDVnrn l sv-k Room W Calumet Building. 187 to l3l LaSatle at. T?OR SALE , "Jt : A ZLUHCRST. Several ' d.slrabla homes. ' with rounds: alto, lota labeatnartof tows rill build home. suit asHirsDi. nam.e a small caah payments, vains rapidly, as LoU will rise la ELMHURST ' ' , has now three railroads, plenty ef traiaa, ehurcbea. schools, water, trees, eta. OniylA atlles from city. ' fiORDOt l HWriTVAW. I ... Sooma SO and 82. 115 Daarbora St. J7OK SALSAT EPGKWATrK-Sa,5QO. . . Ten -room house ha viae floored attls aad Utwi bassm.nt containing laundry, faruaoe, servanu1 elonet. coal-biaa. etc Tbia hoasa la oa a corner lot with south sxposor. and haa larg. cheerful roomi and Is a bargain. Term a, si)oa cash and balance monthly if desired. W. H. CAXhAbLTF At CO. Boom a. 187 to 191 LaSaUe at. FOB SALE-CHICAGO LAWN INTENT OB locate in th. moat ranidlv SavalaBlae- Kaw subdivision of 288choie. lots sow offend lot ui nm wme. rriosa reaaoneoi. ana ssrma saayi 6c la lLSON P. CON O Via. 718 Chicago Opart Hoasa. - FOR SALE AT EDGE WATER S.ssOs room house, bath, hot wtr, be s.w.rag cement cellar; abaraaia. W. H. CAIBNDCTr fc CO. Boom 32. Calumet Bidg, 187 U 191 La8aU. at. FOR 8 ALR OFFERS WANTED FOR ATI raaven lota, with tw. souaath.raoa;bBt but n.aa poaitloa: situated at Park Ridjra,a roourb a Cbicaco. Te vi.w applv to Mr. O. . BTtiblNai PsrkRisrs. Write to MRS. UOIT, 1 Saura.l A BriatoL Kiagsdowa, England. . 1?OR SALE AND BUILT TO ORDH . elegant modern homea, Mvd. Park, near cars sasytsrma. 1. A. COLEMAN, Soaxaooma Buildlai FOR SALE-EDGEWATERSAOO; NINR roem raedern houae : aUeouTeniencesi farno,.ra-aixad lot ; earr terms. W. H.CAlRNDla1 fc Co.. Room 3-'. 1h to 191 La.Selle t. CLAIRVOYANTS AND MEDIUMS. MRS. FRANKS. CLAIRVOYANT AND ATJ jrnflntj' 1 V ii'"' , r MEDICAL, CURE YOURSELF I FRENCH SPECIFIC NEVEI I falls to euraail iliiuui. Aa acre ef land ea srma whioh eeabesast ey , .. every eae. the urinary ervmna, either sex or condition, l ul directions wi'ji each bottl.pric. fL. boid .nil bv E. L. (.TAHL, driKelst. 17.1 Via Ruraa at., cor at 2 uOi v..iuCMo. fittt f mnti a rMt i su

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