The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNESPAY. SEPTEMBER e, 1933 BLYtUEVILLB, (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D«|lj r*te per B» conseou- (Fife irengi.irord* "to i line) One time per Une .......... 10c Two times per lto« per d»y 06c •nu« tUnei per line per day <*c six times per line per d*y .. oso Uouln i»te per line ........ Mo t ch»rg» 600 Bed's Place—118 E. Main lot the-Court House, between the ' Call 308 for Anto Palntine hours prescribed by law. In the llodr and Fendtr Service City of Blythevillc. Arkansas, on formerly' nlUi SUoust-Little Co, the tttli day of September, 1033, 26p-k3-26_n, c following'real estate, lo-wit: Southwest Quarter iSWli) or Southeast Quarter iStV.i) Section Thirteen U3>. Township Fifteen <15). North Rungc Eleven (ID East. FOR SALE 1 Safe. M40 Lbs.. $75 (Gary) 1 Safe, COO Lbs., $50 (Reliable) tOD my store. I'erfccl Condition. IIUICKE HAKinVARE CO. f 5c kia FOR SALE— Four wheel trailer with bed. suitable for any purpose. Also 12 [out lightweight iisli- - ..... Att ordered lor three or (U lime, wid stopped before expiration will be chmrged lor the num- t*r ol time* the *d tppeued and adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iubmltled by persons residing out- aide oi the city must be accom- panled by caiu, Ri'Uj may be easily computed from sbove table. Ho responslDlllty will I* taken tot more tt&n one incorrect ln- .erlion ol any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregu- Ur insertions take Uie one time rate. Plume 3% or 307 FOR SALE USED CAR BARGAINS nig boat. Call W. 16'J or «5. L. Craftoii 9ckO-10 UKAl, ESTATE FARMS and Homes, easy payments. Ethel B. Thompson, Caruthersville, Mo. 8pkS-8 "HTOT! LOOK~ANI) LISTEN! 10 acres, I'emiscot's finest, all ii cullivution, 35 acres in cotton, milt. ai,d halt of Cooler, for casl 5.1500.00, and yon get the rent— '-, of tne cotton, etc. Net cost to u about $1)00.00. L. M. TERKY, Blylhevlllc, Ark. 1'horc an or blG 5c k t VANT LAND— We have buyers fo 40's, 8U's nnd larger tracts. Ca '11 C4U traci. Sec THOMAS LAN OMl'ANV. ' R t ,ondition«l - « uaran Real Values - Convenient Term S'i •• * l ...SI All lying in Ihe Chlel District of Mississippi county, Arkansas. Said Sale will be had lo snlisfy ssld decree in the sum of $101.4:), with eight per cent Interest fro:u November 23rd, 1933 and subject to the unpaid balance of frc principal indebtedness of $2322.00. The purchaser at paid sale will required lo execute bond with iprovcd security, to secure tlie ymenl of the purchase money, aid a lien will be retained upon Id properly ns additional secur- y for Ihe payment of such pur- iase money. Witness my hand ami the fcal 1 said Court, on tills, the 30th day ! August, 1933. B-20-G-13 R. L. GATNES Commissioner In Chancery. FOK KKNT ICE BEDROOM close in. Mrs. J. Browne, phone 510. ItONTBEDROOM with hea 1037 W. Walnut, Mrs. G. Barnes. : RONT BEDROOM with preferred. 1037 Sec Them Now—' '3'. 'CHEVROLET CABRIOLET •32 PLYMOUTH COACH .... •J2 FORH C. 0. I'lCKUl' .... •31 FOKO COUPE •3D CHEVROLET SEDAN '30 CHEVROLET COUPE- . •SO NASH SEDAN •29 FORD TUDOK •ZS) POSTIAC "6" COACH '?9 FORD FORUOR ...... '•>(, FORD TOURING * « '26 CHRYSLER "70" RUSTER. 5 9U S« Them MOW-TODAY! 1' h 01 G "13 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY "THE : NEW FORD-y.-S^-, KING OK THK; KOAir Blythcvllle, Arli. Opposite Hospital / Mrs. C. D. Elaui, which is- ro- 'corded lii Book 11. ut l>3|!0 100, of the rocordi of Iho iibovc named court. K<'port'oif E»le submllled. by R. L. anlnes, IKS' comnilstiloncr of said court under the nbovc decree, showing a snle lo Mrs. C. U, Elnm of (lie. Eust 1\'i «crcs of the lands nbovc described, under dale of June •il, 1033, which Is on IUe in the oilice of the clerk of said court but not recorded. Commissioner's deed from R. L. Gullies, Commissioner, to Mrs. C. U. Elani. tilU'mpllnE lo con " vey the lands last above de- mited, which deed is dated June 27, 1933, nnd is on IHo In the oliice of (lie clerk of the above named coint, bul Is not recorded. Dlherivlsc tlie ssrlii "*MII be forever barred ami precluded. D.Ucd nils-8lh day of AUBiist, urn. • K. L. ClAINtS, Cliaiuvry Court Clerk. Held. Uvnml iV lleiulerson, Altys. for I'lnlulllT. U-1I1-23-30-U-13 anadian Farmer 1 * Men-Eating Shark* Won't Bite . . . Expert Declares MONTREAL-. (UP)-An Olllurlo armor's clali 10 "lallest 1 ms sent Qui— „ iclr fields with tape measures In n cllorl to refute- this claim NTREAL (UP)-An Olllurlo Mount victoria farms, HUUWH •r's claim that ho has grown' Heights, announced that the Knrms 10 -inlli'st" corn of the season prvecnl corn crop average around ms sent Quebec corn growers Into'13 l-a Jccl In height, anil the corn C . .Valnut, Mrs. G. S. Barnes.^Sc K I-URN1SHED Apartment with bath. 114 West Ash. Mrs. Dosha Mick. 31c k II FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably for man. furnace heat. 514 Main. Phone 98. 5c k9 ATTRACTIVE bedroum near business district. Plione G27-W, Mrs. McMullln. 4clc11 NOTICK Noilce is hereby given (hat a ull has this day been tiled In the Chancery Court for I lie- Chicka- aw-ba District of Mississippi Co'.my, Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas against Clyde Robinson; Ada finb- nson; Mrs. G. W. Miller; Mrs. ;{lchardson; Mrs. Paul Elani; Ton Miller; Mary Phillips Robinson am Mrs. C. D. Elnm. by which said ptainlitl seeks to i|iilet and c-j» firm his title to the East Fllteel acres of the North Half of the North Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section Ten (10), in Tovn- Ehlp Filteen <15> North. Rung': Eleven (11) East, In Mississippi County. Arkansas. Plaintiff particularly seeks to set aside, as constituting a cloud i.pon his title, the following mailers, to-wit: Decree of Chancery Court, rendered May 19, 1933, in case number 5036, styled Mary Phillips Robinson, plaintiff, versus Clyde Robinson and the defendants above named except Order of the above com!, dalcd June 27, 1033, approving Ihe ubovc inenlloiiMl commissioner's deed, which k on file in the oftlce of the clerk of the nhovc i i,amcd court, but Is not recorded. All parties having or claiming to hnve any Interest in or t<i the properly fust above described, nrc wnrncri to nppeiir in said «™ 11 within six weeks nfter the dale hereof, and set up their claims: I'liiLArmrniA .tun — sharks ccordlng lo Dr. Hoheit O. Vni -K'u.sen. suiu'ilnlendent of Hi I'hiiiuiripirin Amirlum, will no bile, except mulcr very exception :il conditions. "Tin 1 whole Men of imin entln .••iKiiks I 5 nlwurd," he bald, "nn when you see u shnrk when yo are In balbliif, you can rest as Hired lie doesn't want lo bite yo but Is merely curlovis. "The shark Is u primitive !l| nnd uocs mostly by smell. It the object it wars smells of blood, Ihe shark will at once utltvck 11. i ' fc °rd will! a stalk nwiwurlng 'j4 j ocl _ Q HC b,, c for mere point: with Corn Growers scorn at Uie "record. John Mount llulst, [arm foreman at Victoria Farms, Hudson or- irrUnlfM States, Star Qu*b»c s | finncri can recill odd slocks off! corn with 'an over«H length »p-' I 18 feet. still is growing. Although Ihe Province ol Quebec The Ontario farmer, according dots nor rank innwig the llrsl In -- ----o ivirarls, clnlnu that he holds the 1 forH-ijro»liig districts In C).madu hundreds of_ na OURMSKDTNGHOUSE Fish-porters in the Billingsgate-' Market, London, iM>r' pccullsr ' heavy leather nuts which weigh between 5 and 6 pounds each; \\ hours' work is required to make one of these hati, which contain hundreds of nails. By X#f STORE IS rvMNE I IT WOMT TO VOU TO llul If II Is not bloody, It is very " cluiibUul whether the s" botlu-r 11." ihurk will fAjiincr news Want Ads K, "FOR rAE -^\T _ -ALL YOU UWE ? - v — — — \6 "FEED THE PETS, \Nr-\\UE J -) f SWOE.-3 ? -O UP BUSINESS --EG^D 1 '\. OF ^LL I'fA GC',U6 TO GIVE ' fl T-REE W\TV\EVERV J i—-^"^ .S FOR RENT — 3 room .furnished house, MS N. Fifth St. D-H ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Cal SSO-W. 23c k9-23 Sloilcrn :i room furnished or un furnlsheii apartments, newly idfc orattd, over Kirhy Drug. Co. Als store buildlnif adjoininj Ko^y The rt. F. Simon, 120 \V. Davis. Ca i 25c k9-2 STORE BUILDING and residenc combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, 640 S. LaK Sec Dr. J. A. Saliba. 16ck BUSINESS L>1RECTOKY EXPERT 'I yiwwriling and Adding . Blank- Machine Impairing. V. ,mHip, 116 t. Rose, Frigidairc-Delco Only authorised Frigidairc and Delco light service. B. A. Miller, office phone 67-resldcnco «4 TWO Nicely Furnished Bedroom Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 Walnut. ale k9- / "-, k^r, Harold Stfmbcr; Manager New Fanners Moving In- Many new farmers hue moved In our community this year, to (hem we extend n h.-arly welcome... .lodiiy they are 'probably wondering whcr: lo gin Ihclr colton ....we Invite them lo brhiB tli=h' 'cotton lo MlsslfSippi county's largest Blnncry....a •jln operatr<l by the ow'neis v.ho for tw.o generations have Wkm pride In pleasing its customers. ^ /-* ' ^V I WNT VAtKTSXl W< OP TW C^NNR^ES SlN&.VEl HOW TO YOU LEA'RN'ErA'TC) WATlBV-t-^BV WAU<iN v AROUNDJN SQUEfsKV OMl^ PET \ __ WA£> ONCE VHEN I t)\D NINETV DW^ \t TO <=O OUT ^>M' BUbA CIGA,T?ET5 OFPM TO' OTHER 6UYS ^ r-'\ <& v : V *\O 0' I t m ^ ~m. i^; JOOPLES < t-^KS A <\5>.s I R»«.*3 -Pi^.yr/, mZ; '*•<•?£• && BOOTS ANT^HER BUDDIES WHERE TO, By Martin Attractive bedrooms for young men, 518 W. Main. Call 30!). 16cM-16 WtttRt ARE 111 G0«i 6? \T WOT f \ C5U , \ W*\CT TO GO ,TOO t VOO HhO&WV BOV'. VOO •x TO - _ .. BUt 1 OGrfV WhVrt ^ 6VT SPiCW. WERE flto- MMbt\-V- '. 1 WMSV TO BE OP TAtRt WOK vow , Cf^NT \ VOUR uv.' -^cV^ 1 ) OO.T OP n _,'U.«.P*T.Wfr l«31lf HCA«OI«C.»I 133 IT Mcrhanic's parade and building suitable for grain, coal or beer stirntxrg 18c-kl8 storage. Frisco sidinjr. Cotton Co. Call 24. H«s'sttrcd Spencer Corscticre Mrs. J. J. Davis. Vhone 421- aoc ks-20 L. G. Moss BljthevIIle's cut rate undcrlaktr 10-ck-9-10 Have your suede i»<*et Md other Fall clothrt made new oy oar cleaning process. Uniqu Sertice. Call 171. ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton ollices. \vill tix lo suit tenant on I leusc. Apply Courier JScwt, CORN WANTED MAH1LYN HATCHERY 29ckO-2< WASH TURKS MYSTERY! Let us CLEAN and RBBUIU3 your PELT HAT. Wo arc sure you will like our service. NU-W A GLEANERS. Plrone^ 180. IZck SPORTING GOODS HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner vubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars lo wreck. Won Arian 128 E. Mam. Phone 116. 8-ck-0-8 ||j GUUNA CAMP HERE ..__ " WINTER?) 'LISTEM, OWL, NW OMTHE MMSTEE.V. /WELL FIRST JOFALL.TWMJT I TO «HOW VOU SOMC.TKIX1&.J , "sou "\ /OF COURSE WOT; MEAMLfsH.l-V.WSi* THE S 80S^ES5.BIO SCEHeRV BUSINESS. M .EAST. I HOPE <s <&^ ,„ T UIKE DET6CTWES. TAKE f 1 THEM COME BftCK AND TELL M£ B*l ,^^- , ftbf'wrStoiisiUFE, MOT COMING 1 Bufcoie! ive SEEN; WITH US? XlW -THBRE^BeFORe^ INQUIRE "about our Golf Ball Sale -You will he surprised at Ihe offer. Habbaru Hiw. Co. WANTED RAGS, clenn and free from buttons. Call 30G, Courier News. « WANTED TO REN1 RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO SERVICING r-cst Equipped Shop in Blythcvillt I1AROI,!) SUDBURY — PHONE I 2p XlO-i WANTED —To rent piano, Ola Bob Harris, Pr.une 690. I IMPLEMENTS Carloau '«f Wagons G«t Our Trices First Byrum Frodnce Co. Across From Pott OfTice 21c M-21 BATTERIES NEW FOHD BATTERIES Rental-Rtcliarging-Repalrtng 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION ' Kor Prompt Battery Sft-vicr. phone 8 ' Ben Clone 310 k9-3 "AUTOMOTIVE I XRGF.5T STOCK USED I'.MIT flulwccn Memphis and • St. Louis Also Anto Gliss — Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c fclO RUJSELI, ANDERSON In chirge Chrysler Garage Work Guaranteed on any make ca \ tw Van Norman Boring Machin Phone 8»8. Anto Glass AH Kinds Installed Tlie Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-8-10 torage room, must be walerproo and reasonable. Mrs. Norris hone 305 or 274-J. 4x-t LEGAL NOTICES 1§- : *sr t ^ m \\ m jri « 1\1/ I/& ifi^lfc SALESMAN SAM j VOOl-lM i &^cti. Jert crONiifs STICK us IT JUST CAN'T »B 1)ONK! fwELV-, S'POS\M' » DIO[ \toHPiT CttftWclfe DoVpv COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that th ndersigncd commissioner, In com liancc with Ihe terms ol a decree •endercd by the Chancery Court for he Chickasawba District of Mifiissipp: County. Arkansas on the 23rd day of Novemoer, 1932, whcre- n Southwest Joint Stock Land Bank was Plaintiff.. No. 5250 and Alma Brown smith, Nanette Bro\vn, Catherine Brown, a minor. Birch Jrown, a minor, and Alma Brown Smith, Guardian, were defendants, will sell at public auction to the ' ' and best bidder, on a cred- UP is"-r-v-''~*~'v-—- - — . USHTW11CO-,»»IWI«' TH' FRONT EMD OP TW HO«*e - is. .ro-^ go in .M 73^! M m L^ BemMOJ? ^ ^ ,3"S 0 l\t 1# ^t "fc <<? <$>?> C ' •^^^•^ D fr 'NO 1931 »r xt* stav<e iic.J , t of three monllis. at the front door FRECKI-ES AND HIS FRIENDS tJi- IsCtvR HAS '• TOUD FRECKLES TM^T POODLE WAS THE CALK.E OF THE LONG Ol&TAKlce C&LL.TO PA9AOISE L^KE. WHERE \% Kf^DLE.. OS.CW?? 15-15-15 SUE D-D-DEW) ~'*.\ .-..-> V NO? (bUTSUE ALMOST WWb — SHE'S SLEEP1U', NOW - BE. REAL QUIE.T .AMD WEIL WE f\ PEEX IK1 AT HER SHHff'^^ S I 2>>. 5 ; T.'b 'OU HAVE. THE. .DOCTOR FOR HER? ft S',,E BETTER,MOW? WHAT DID THE DOUOR 5AY ? . WflEN DID SUE TAKE '-7 SICK ? iHE'S STILL j WELL-DIO ! AWFUL SICK.— \THEY FIMO CHK \ flE TOOK E>:CK ywHW rwjbeo HE. VERV DAY \ HER TO 6BT J Ctt-LED VOO J 5C OEATHLV J ^ YESl POISONED HER". r ./nf '\K ^1 •A <-"^ MLnt I HO: POOOtk?; WAS IT

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