The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1037 BLYTHEVIl-LB (AUK,)' COURIER' NEWS Hickory Flat Board Locks Out Protesting H i g h School Pupils • HICKOKY FLAT, Miss,, Mnr. 29 ""(UHJ— Hallier than meet the dc 'mdnds of striking students, this • small conuminUy's board of education today ordered the school closed Indefinitely. "We did not expect any trouble bill to prevent any from occurring we have closed the school," Mayor V. E. Crawford, a member of (lie board, sfttd. "It's fanning time now, anyhow, and the parents of some of the strikers can put them to work farming where they can cool oil oVer thus strike." Fifty high school students' began a sit-down strike lost .Thursday, demanding reinstatement of six teachers whom the hoard had not reeled ed for the term beg inning next fall. When they became £hungry the students turned -the 'sit-down into a walk-out. The school's enrollment, high and lower grades, wa.s less than 250. There had been , another month scheduled in this term. The board, after meeting with five representatives of the striking students, decided io cut short the present ..term instead of rescinding its action In discharging the teache'rs. tuid Louise Boucher, guitar; Wln- ford Watson, trumnct; Kenneth Bell, boss: Frank Owyn and Albeit Marlln, drums. Envl Slsco is Announcer. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Tiirailkil) luid ns their eucsl.s for Ihe Ktvsli-r holidays their son. Cldy Thrailkill niul family of St. l/)uls. and their daughter. Mrs. M. T. llurr nnd Mr. Burr of Memphis, Amonu Osccola students who weni home for the weekend from colleges and universities were: Alln Scgraves, University of Arkansas; Moore, Malcolm Cagle, Mitchell nillle Young and It. u. Wears. Mississippi HclyhLs Academy, f . Blue Mountain; Monroe Maxwell, Columbia Military Academy, Columbia, Tcnn.; Joyce Wilson, Union son, Tenn. Tompklns und her (jiirst, Heulali University, Jack- Mrs. ft-imk Williams, Mrs. Hale Jackson and Mrs. Charles Low- ranee were Memphis visitors Saturday. •' Mrs. M. U Mayo, who is seriously ill trom complications iriuU- Ing from a carbuncle on her is unimproved. Another School Slrihc ACRUE, Miss., Mar. 20 (UP)— Striking high school students today stopped classes in the second school in northwest Mississin- P'-, More than 125 high school pupils of the local community school vvalked out of/ classes because "four ..of our teachers have not been paid their salaries." Supt. p. - o. Skiles . admitted "there Iras been some misunderstanding about finances" but declined further comment. < 'Classes were not interrupted for the ^approximately 300 grade students iii. the school, which is 30 Zimdar's Shows Open on South Division St. Zhmtar'.s Greater Shows, a larue carnival with a number of unusual attractions, will open here tcday on South Division street just soul}' of "the cotton Belt railroad. The show will lie here all this week, featuring a group of Kiddy- land rides, a minstrel show with 22 performers, Sailor Harris' skis show with Betty Belle, a child acrobat, and "The -Balloon Man," a Fiioley bolieve-it-or-noi. . The show uses 89 cars and trucks to transport Its personnel and equipment. It came here from Memphis where it recently completed an engagement. [•'ovmcr Resident of Osceola Is Buried There 'Ihis Morning • OSCKO1;A, Ark.—Funeral services for J. M. Cough, 7(i. former resident of Osceola who tllrd in Nashville Friday, were held (it the Catholic church - here at eight o'clock this mdriiliig by the nev. J. J. Thompson of Ulylhevill:. uur- Inl was at Ermen cemetery. Mr. Gougti, a huildiii',' contractor, lived here for many years until i,is health, failed.' He is survived by llivea sons, ciil- berl, Joseph nnd Carrol] of this cltv; three da I it'll Ids. Mrs. Terry Mitchell of Joiner, Mrs. Mary Blanch Downs nnd Mrs. John Neil Campbell of Chicago. Pallbearers were: Authur Brieksy, Tal Ton^ate. Joe Dean. j. c. Rciiv- ck, Herbert. Oryanl. u-fln Sulli- in, J. Vnn Cleve. nilles south of . Hickory strike closed school. Hat's Society Osceola Personal Pascola Negro Youth Is Seriously Wounded Eulas Stanton, 14-year-old nc°ro boy of Pascola, Mo., W(ls j,,° a serious condition at the Blyllicvillc hospital from gunshot wounds Del ails of the accident were not *. Gives Chapel Musical Program , ; i]A program was given at the 'high; school auditorium: on Friday morning by the orchestra of the .Kelsef ._higlir,scnQhi,. known ! as. the' '''''' reeled '• ByV.John:' Keiser, priric'ipa 1 'of the .Keise'r'striool-, and- teacher of. science "and .languages. : ' This ' orchestra, '. the . only : high school organization of its kind in the.' county, lias played for several school and civic affairs In this part of tlie county. .' Special features which received enthusiastic -'response were solo numbers by Nowlen Haynes, first guitarist, and the numbers by the Bill's Ino, composed'of Sue Gwyn, Hazel Hawkins ». and ..-Christine Turner. ' .' : • Members 'of tjie orchestra are: Frances- ' Taylor/ piano; Coozle Ferguson saxophone; Harry Dun- avanl, saxophone; Nowlen Haynes FROM,GIRL TO WOMAN Mrj. Myrtle Donohuc o!7U Rtclor Ave., Hot Sprinus, AA., said: "boinc lnne ago I was tinile weak, had no .-ip- lieiitc and didn't sleep vrry well. Dr. I'iertc's favorite I'rescTiplion was recommended a^ n . ,'>.,., tonic. After using two boll!<j of .il I lad a k (t[ , appelilo. betanie Slronper, wasn'r nearly so nervous ami was able 10 sleep brlltr at nishl." J) Lr of your neighborhood druggist loday. New site, tabi. SOc-, Kquirl {1.00 S: $1.35. $15 Fine Imposed in Beer Sale Case Charles p Corey. Railroad slree beer (jardon proprietor, -, ias n,,e< SI5 in municipal court this , nO rn a charge of silling bee a permit. Negro Worker Dies of Injuries at Hospita !",?, °" without, .a - conslrildtlon'' com ^ 1 ,' relll " A !' k " (IIe d at (In ville hospital this Injuries mploy day. • The received movln const "' ctio " company wn another . point when°th e ^ccMer occurred, according to reports. per cent COTTON SEED P-.& P. L. No. 11 S75 Per Ton f w P.O.B. Number Nino 2nd Year From Experiment Station Mammoth Brown Soy Beans Trices Reasonable C, C. LANGSTON ^^•••a s^si5£^f|w?fi "wo™»5$i\ m ^ ^«NO\SV?SsJf >JI '..- Dr. Miles Nervine '^qiiid or Effervescent TMetaf ' PAGE TJIREE Coat of Arms HOIU'/.ONTAI. I Pictured Is HID coal of arms of . 9 Us iircsidcnl. 13 AiTKirase. UFiio worshiper. 1C I'revaricolor ! 7 Cowboy. U' Sea eagle. 21 Some. 2-1 Turf. 25 Postscript 2G Northcusl. 27 Ulcmish, 4-1 Lassos. •29 Chaos. 49 Golf teacher. 'M Aeriform 60 To depart by fuel. boa\, 31 Tiny particle. 52 Luncheon. 33 Clothed. 53 Acho. 34 Palate lobe;, 54 Crimped 35 Fish. . fabrics. 36 Procreated. 5C To stay. 37 Transposed. 12 Tooth. 15 Smell. l(i Kills by sloninfi. 183.NIC. 20 1'rhmii-y is free lit this land. 221)e;>slly. 23 Cluiriii'lci's. 26 Peilalmni; lo . the nose. 28 Wanders. 30 To sot-tire. 32 Mi| p. this republic. 3(1 To lake n 58 Important 3SI Musical note. crop of this •10 Bronze. country. •11 Musical note. 59 Female sheep. U Indian 42 Snaky fish. UO Mountains in weights. VKUTICAI, 2 Showers. 3 Color. '1 To sin. 5 Northeast, fi Container weight. 1 Metal. 8 Monkeys. 9 Junior. 10Custom.' ' bath. 38 To cxlencl lo 41 Triple. 43 Italian coins. 45 Beer. 4(i Artilice. 47 Within. 48 I-and measure 49 Recompensed. 51 Meadow 03 Skillet. 55 taint. 57 Mother. ITayll ' Society — Personal C. W. Deed jr., a freshman nl Central cnlletio, 1'uyettif. ^fo., was here for the F-nster holldnys, vlslt- his paronl.s, Mr. find Mrs. C. This was the first visit here for Mrs. Jones since she graduated from the local high school eleven years ngu, Mrs. O. T. Mill-tin has returned from St. Louis where she had an operation performed on her left eye. In lw> weeks she will return for further treatment. Mrs. Oi'orp.e Hyul ami children, Dorothy Ann and Charles, left Frldny for an extended visit with relutlve.s at Charleston. Mrs. W. s. Vnrncy of Delevan. III.. Is the nuest of- Mrs, Frank Johnson. Mrs. Vnrney lived here The Morning AfterTaking Slcclc'-Cooler Society — Personal Mrs. Arthur Taylor, v.-ho ueforo er recent marriage \vas Miss Mnr- irie Wagslcr Paul of Coatcr, v.'as onorcd Thursday night when "iends gave her a linen Riio-.ver at le home of her grandfather, S. L. Vagster, of cooler. There were 5 guests present, including friends rom all over this county. In con- esl.s Mrs. Sidney Miller ami the lisses Opal Taylor, Jiinnltn LOSSIS awl Virginia Fowler won prizes. Mrs. Taylor and her husband •ere again honored Friday night 'hen tlie lalter's brother.nnd wife, Ir. and Mrs. Eiic Taylor of Col- onwocd, were hosts to a six o'clock inner party in their honor. Mr. and. Mrs. Taylor have taken ooms in Mrs. Lossin;'s home at Collonwood, to which they will uovc. next week after they have :>een redeuorated. Mrs. H. L. Clippies, who has ;eeii sqriously ill with pucumonii, s better. -. Mrs. Anna Smith of Osceola, Ark., s spending this week in the home of her daughter. Mrs. V. U Black- ] veil, who is convalescing from an ' operation. Mrs; Lute Williams, v.-ho was in car accident several weeks ago. was 'in Memphis last week' for reatment. Her husband aim John German accompanied her down. Mr. and Mrs. Frnnk Gnthrie and children of Los"Angeles; who h&ve been visitin-j here and at Lake City for a \vcek, are leaving today for Maine where they will make their home. In Stcelc they were guests of Mrs. Ruth liuvhon and win, Elbert. Mrs. Floyd Hlods,oc and Mis. Thomas Northern, . of Memphis, who Jiave been guests of their mother, Mrs. Viola Marshall, have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Albrltton and sons arc spending the weekend In pine nluir. Ark., with relatives. ,, Mrs. Vcrnon Casey an<l [laugh- ters of Memphis are tlie house- guests,of Mrs. E. Casey and daughter, "Miss' Vallie. ' 1; - '••' A. D. Fielder of the stcele thca- ler, .who'..recently purchased the'tants. Ihealor in Lllbonrn, was there ovc tbcWeekend to attend the opening Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Whit arc' the parents of a 9-pound sol torn at their home In Holland las week. Paul Brown, who spent the pas two months with his sister, Mrs Orady Hughes, of Malvern, /\rk arrived here over the weekend t visit his brother and wife. Mr. an Mrs. Elwood Brown, before soln lo' his horns at Peach Orchard II: afternoon. , Romford, England, has only or member In the Iloiisc of Parlla menl, though it lias 230,802 Inhabi W. Reed sr. Miss Grace Hose of Cluules- te-n. Mo., who hits been hero for two woeks vlsltlinr her sister, Mrs. W. N. Nesmllh, was called lo her lionie Frlduy on nccount of the i't'i-lous Illness of her futher. Bhe was accompanied liy her sister. Mrs. tln.sKfl Oewcesc nnd MLves Annn Mni^ IChoiirie und Mildred dcweeio nnd Mrs, Willie Chaflln of Ciiriithcrsvllle spent Friday in Memphis. Hev. nnd Mrs. W. M. Huffman attended the funeral of II. E. Anderson nt Sleelc Tlmralay att- crnoon. 1C. A. Hanu-a of Cardwell and W. Khourie rclurpcil Frlduy from a _vislt ot FiiUon,.. Ky,, aud-Cov- IniUoii. Tenn. They were nccom- "inili'd lo I'-iiltoii by Mrs, M. N. r < 'I -in I • rvii uinmra of itei.riettn, okin.. who.Larlcrs LtMle LiverPills ul been In Cardwcll vlsllliij; lier -•— ; — nitthtor. Mrs. 1C. A. Unmrii. , Miss Adeline Stand!, who Is al- ndlnir Southwest Missouri Icuch- K collosic at Cape Qhardeau, icnt the weekend here with her oilier, Mrs, Olii Stunni. Ouv Vernon Is the name se- eled lor the HVj pound son o! '.r. and Mrs. Vernon Ola.w, born larch 10, Mrs. Warren Hoy and son speni. le weekend In Cape Glrnrdcau 'ith relntlve.s. Mrs. Wiley Klrby was hosiers lo lie Stllch and Challcr Club at. cr home . Fi idny afternoon with of the members In attend- nce. Mrs. J. j. Gros. 1 ; of Jonesboro, \rk., who hns been hciv visitlm; er daughter, Mrs."U. O. Knelbcil. 'K" returned home. Mr. mid Mrs. Joe Kohn are the larcnls of a 7^ pound baby Blrl. )orn Thursday. mprnliiR al tho hospital. Memphis. Motlier and babe arc BcUInu aloiiB fine. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Miles and in David spent the weekend In New lliunpton, Mo.,^ with thoti parents. Mines. Arthur niclmrdson nnd E. D.- Woodynrd relumed Sunday from Memphis where they altend- conrerencc of the Holines." church. They were sent as dele- «ates from the local t'cntecosla clmrcli. • I Mis, Sulllc McClannlian Is con, lined to her room with a dlslocat ed knee cap nnd lorn llgamcnt-i 1 , rcstiHIng from a fall when B!IL fainted several days afio. She received treatment al the lilylhc- vl'h hosultal. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones o Brunol, Mo. 1 , who have been hen for tite past week visiting 'Mri before moving to ; Illinois ' a few' nwntlis ago. ri«i lloive has returned to hla home at Mnilon III, after a vhlt luie wllh his mother Mis, Jenme Howe. head courier Ne*i Want Art* "11J ItNA'l • KNI'I riNO YARNS FREK INSTnUCTlONB New spring nnd summer yarns Ijilest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MKS. MiSHE HOOI'EK , 1109 Ohlckasawbn : : I'lwiia 193 JUMBO i$ COMING Jones'; aunt. Mis. returned to their Lou Ridcewny home Friday Zimdair's Greater Shows HERE ALL THIS WEEK on South Division St. on Highway 61. Shows-Rides-Concessions Taylor and Moore present a sensational FREE aerial 9:30 p. m. each night; Tin; fonWiti;; nicri'luinls arc cooperating willi (lie show by giving ride coupons. Dime in iuul Kci ifiein. They arc PUBIC I Nii-Wti l.inindry-Clcaitcrii I lion Service Station K. .1. lii'owtie Ice Co. ( "• .liminic's Cafe- Hroiidwny Sales Co., Inc. Joe Isaacs, Inc. IJIylhcville 1'aint & Wallpaiicr Co. Orange Crush Kpltling Co. Acloit ('riiiting Co. ' 'Green licclle Cafe • l] •'. Huhljard Hnnlwnro Co. , Red Dull liarher Shop Jnvkson Hcauty Shop Western Atidj Associate Store Cro,s.sto\vn' Whisky' Shop Kast Ai'Iciii.s-ns HnJIiicr's Supply Co. A , MINGALOIS'E (above) never knows where the next assignment will take him .Wherever news is breaking, he's there grinding out film, heedless of danger. "Sure I get in many a tight spot," says Al. "But I count on my healthy nerves and good digestion to see me through. I smoke a lot—Camels every time! They don't jangle my nerves, and that saying Tor digestion's sake—smoke Camels' is made-to-order for inr. Camels give me a grand feeling of well- being." Yes, with fine-tasting Camels digestion gets olTto a smooth start. The flow of digestive fluids speeds up —alkalinity in' creases—you feel at case. As steady smokers say: "Camels set you right!" lcfit, 1037. n. J. lu-ynol rr, mr.<ton-SiTei«, xonh Carolina An attack of quarrel with you <o your children. DR. MIL! of the natioi Kctaboltleori, U aeS'= (C() yM , rs ' " yo " » T<: "ervou^ your money if C -r r f n , y ° U ' d !" USgist ' He wil1 rcfu ™ suits y U arc not ™lircly satisfied with tho re or wife s bc ™ ycars ' **" lose '*"«*• appear a tyrant the nerves P«I«a S e or ho ». Small package or bottle—2s c ), " FAMOUS BOXING COACH. ]a!:nny /Jr/jr expresses this attitude: "1 put emphasis cngood digestion—that's why my advice is to choose Garnets. Camels arc mild." RANCHER delivers antelopes by plane. Charlie Bcldta, of Pitchfork, Wyoming, manages 1 his 200,000 acres. "I like-plenty of 'chuck'—and plenty of Camels with it," he says. HEAR "JACK OAKIE'S COLLEGE" A full-hour KflU show wicli Jack Oakic in person I Benny Goodman's "Sivinn" Hindi Hollywood comedians and singing stars ESPC* cial coltcpe amateur talent every wcckl F.vcry Tuesday ntRlit- 9:30 pm F- S. T., 8:30 pm C. S. T,, 7:M pm M. S.T.» fc3Q pm H. S.T., over NVABC-Columbfa Network. "I'M ALWAYS READY for another Camel," says <M«. Richard Hemingway, housewife. "Their mild flavor never (ires my taste. Camels taste especially good with nicali. 1 ' ^ F0R 0K5ESTIOisTS SAKE

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