The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1935
Page 3
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PAGE THREK • Cost of Work in 1934 More Than Double That of Previous Year Hlytheville people spent approximately twice as much money in building and 'repairing pro|>crty here in 1934 as in 1933, according to figures released by Joe Carney, city engineer, which show that permits totalling $51,477 were issue;! in 1934. There were 56 permits issued for building and repairing, more than three times as many ns the previous year, when permits were issued for 30 projects. Of the money spent in the year just ended $20,127, or almost half Jhe total, was for improvements, which reflects a deckled increase in this line as in 1933 only $5,800 iwis spent for repairs and alterations. figures do not include suburban property or federal projects. Tile po.sfofflce permit, touted in 103.? for 108,000, was 'not included In the figures for tiiat year, nor was work done under the PEUA, including the Legion hut and numerous smaller projects. .While the sum spent in 1934 was not as large as in some years when one or several large buildings were erected, the 96 permits depict the fact (hat much more interest was taken In making Improvement- 1 ;, according to local business firms especially interested in this line - business of a very elective way of washing mortar, painted walls is to mix a mild' soap, a small amount of washing powder or sal soda and a llt- or indicatc whether repainting is necessary. Q-—If I modernize. my grounds LESS BSRUET1EI Heating Fixtures Also Im' proved in Design, Quality and Efficiency Plumbing fixtures of today are not only considerably lower priced than 20 years- ago, but the efH- clency, quality, and design are far advanced, according to a survey of the industry Just completed by the Plumbing-and Heattni? Industries Bureau, reported to thc Federal Housing Administration. Heating equipment, too, has riot only been improved, but thc price is approximately half of values prevailing in IKS. Adopting ihc 10215 price level as basis with the index number of 100, the Bureau jmfc iiiat thc index number -indicating relative prices for a five^foot comer built- in tuu has declined to 55.1 in A similar downward tendency is evident in thc relative prices of Kitchen sinks over a 20-year period, the Bureau states The index mimber for a 20 by 52-inch roil rim one-piece which stood at 100 In 1920, stands today at B5.2. With the stimulus of unprecedented low prices; the attractive credit provisions or the Federal Apartments present, a problem Housing Administration plan, nnd q " lte dll T cr ™t fro '» the usual home the nation-wide interest in mod- ". ecorat 'ng problems. Let us con- emizntion, the Bureau finds tlv si ' i '"' firc/ "' "" """ '" " "" public engaeiin; in extensive' mod ernfention of (lie plumbing in residential and business properties Shipments' of vitreous china plumbine fixtures reported to tl Uniled States Department of Con . Bathtubs, model IMS, have lonij' low hnes and arc made to match jf^'y ' m ^ylc and design with the other bathroom fixtures. 'A steady recension from the high prices of the boom period In the construction industry is shown by the Index numbers for boilers and radiators. Rescued from Obsolescence t>f mod«mlin- (ton work now loin* forward UoJ*r thi- Kei- (fr Hoiuljig 1TJ TIGHT Experts Give M e I h o tl s Thai Will Protect Against Rolling Preservation of porch flooring from rotting or cracking is urged by technicians of the Federal Housing Administration as. a, practical 'ionic repair operalion which might be included In projects financed under the Modernization Credit Plan Housing AdinlnU- of the Federal trillion. the weaih binHr-H cllmati might $100,000,000 \vnsli> No one lidos (o pay (hi> saim> bin twice, yet hundreds of 1m owners no on uni'lns your iiftrr ye,ir for needless fuel waste—money Unit |* |«oln« mil through unliisiilatrd ! walls nnd pipes, a ),as bwn mm- pmi'd Hint $100,01X1,01)0 would |>» " Flooring .«... vice received 1'ine stock. The , with a slope advent of whiter with ne- companvihK shorter duys nnd nioro time spent indoors places emphasis on tlie problem a( Itehling, This Is as Important from the .standpoint of Injuries or death <i»« to dangerous falls in dark and un- llg)il«l places as It is from thc viewpoint of eye strain, Nearly one- third of the accidental deaths In llu> United States each year occur In homes. Rills are attributed largely to unsafe stairways, defective floors and improper lighting. Fires resulting from jioor wiring and poor [heating systems are responsible for about one-sixth of (lit fiiliillllw. Electric switches and cords KlmuM be examined and defective om-.s repaired or renewed, and exposed or - --«. to utl- l>oorly In.siilated wires replaced with from the Southern I ncw OI1K >- is in the ij-nlicil stairs vw< snlalcd. In- you're i.'clilni; one fo r nit-yfar- round use. T.IHI hot sun „( July, the Kilns of April, nnd n \ml Im- lioitaut of all right now, thoss i»sl(« liltards of Jiumary and [•'cbrunry dc'imind a roof that will '.'(mill up under any kind of treat- titicth'o colors mid piiU»:n-j iiOni-t' wllli siding 10 mulch. ' I nceordlnif it, the nnuan of rim Industry of u, R lx-pi]|n, M u or Aiirlculliirc, and fiirmm, a« veil as urban dwellers nrf tnM'." t'lls oi>- IJOilmilty to increase th« vain- r-f their properly. OrimmMilal tir^ """ ,- , v t,t\, n I:OVJILI 111 m Ulten subjected to the most severe ~'ic conditions, this Mooring deteriorate if not made as wutcr-tijOn as' possible. ould l» > should be which drains -iuvay Housing Question Box Q.—What is a good solution (o use for. washing painted walls to determine necessary? whether repainting A.—The National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association states that 3 3-4 Inches Iry 8 inches in size, then lor each 100 square feet of wall, 8 inches thick, figure 1.233 brick and 20 cubic feet of mor- (!ir. A 12-inch wall would require 1,849 brick and 32 cubic feet of Q.—f wish to modernize the interior walk of my liomc. but iliey r i-- ,.>.".,, iuiun^ uwuy Irom the house along the grain of tile irood. The porch flooring i s ltdd directly on the joists, but"ho- forc each strip is lain, the groove is filled with pure white lead mixed with n little linseed oil to soften 11 ihc tongue of the next .^^ of .flooring is driven tightly Into this causing u,c load to fill the entire joint, and makes Ihc joint practically water-light, After thc porch floor Is laid It should be immediately covered with ihe first coat of paint to protect It aflcr which It, may be finished with 3 to 4 coau of outside paint finish The flooring should be protected from moisture until after It h painted, and the paint, should be applied when the temperature is above 40 degrees and protected from freezing weather. When there Is no roof over the Often 11 modern lighting system with efficient nxlurcs should lie in- staHcd. Lights are ncccsisarj' In dark halls, stairways, porches, th« ba.semeiH, and in garages. Outlets and switches should bo installed In various rooms, and for the control of nulomatlc or olher electrical systems connected wllli the water niul heating systems. Modcrnkallon loans, which 'being insured by (lie l-\!flcral fio- Ing Administration, arc making It jwssible for owners to mate homos safer and more convenient through iinprovenKdiiis and additions to the light tmd power system. tie flour and water paste, with wa- ' nnvc several patches on them | •••«.-•• mcm is no root ter. BriKh tile water solution on which may show if I pnim idem. I Porch, as often occurs 'in an ill) the wall from thc bottom upward ' wllal would you do? [stairs veranda or balcony, ih'o Jloor- wilii a calcimine brush. After I A.— The walls can be covered ' 'VT US GIVE YOU AN KSTIMATK ON A i , •sometimes covered w ith . r .— s can e covere •s cov three minutes sponge it oft with wallpa|>er to cover defects. If d ? cit ins mulcrial, suc li as canvas! with clear warm water. The flour the patches are not too rough 'rated for thus purpose, fastened paste in thc solution should hold they probably would not. show if d °wn with non-corrosive nails and tie soapy water on long enough (he walls were painted and slip- "'en promptly painted. Sometimes to dissolve the dirt. The condition P'cd. Another, but more expens- 'plnstjc roofing material.; are used of the paint after washing will 've method, is to cover the walls i itlstcil<J °f canvas. by building a brick' garden ,.„„ and a retaining wall, how do I figure the amount of material required? A.—This will depend upon (he method of construction, make solid walls with ... ...„„ uulm joints and all joints filled with more mortar, using brick l'.< inches by with canvas or paint. muslin and then j An V uneven places on thc norch floor should be neatly dressed off tjeforc painting or covering with WEATHERSTRIP DOORS, H'INI>OU'S OF HOME Poorly ritied windows and doors increase , healing costs, . cleaning work nnd costs. Good weather- stripping, according to the Federal If you Housing" Administration,'will brm'< J^-lnch comfort, Into .the home, insure tii e home costs. . , uniform . temperature, make • healthier, .and rr-diice New. Wall Hoard A new type of .wall board is available no w . that san be applied over curved surfaces, it can be jcut with an ordinary saw and nailed without drilling. Choose Furniture Carefully for Combined Living ; and Dining Room suler first of. all the very common problem of apartment dwellers, one room for living room and dining room. iiiiw . Bcc '™ sf the room is used for din- to the " lg only a (cw ''ours of the day . Join- ?, n<1 ls " 5ed "s a livi "8 ro °") ""'» merce by '18 manufacturers for Ule wce sra:1 " hollrs ° r tn e night. October. .1934, were 1 197.855 pieces il "f bctt( ' r to err oh the side of — . having it too wholly a living room rather than too wholly a dining rom. If you buy n gatdeg table )r a dropleaf table, it can be put back inconspicuously against the wall when it is not being used for serving a meal. The best kind of chairs to buy arc Windsor chairs which make admirable chairs for dining and still do not look out ol place when, the room is being used as a living room. Rather than a buffet or another piece of furniture which obviously belongs in a dining room, select a chest of drawers, il will hold'His linen and mate n good serving table at dinner time. ""(I yd it wiU 'also' look like living room furniture . after the gateleg la We has been pushed back anrf the Windsor chnirs mingled with the uphplsterect furnishings. Thus would be a good selection of furniture for an apartment living room that must also be a dining room: Davenport coffee table, gateleg table, fom \yiiidsor chairs, upholstered easy lamps, chest of Panelling Adds iky, Beauty To Modem- Room pnncllc<i has always O...UJ ijltu utilllt.V ilncl n" n i I" L l Ua . S Ukcn °» ™ "P- npnl T/S Atvtnfi nnu ^ i peal to Americans , r Wsinating In raditlonal In,, It sprca(1 cy sprca(1 to the use of libraries and den* r>f the United States and tl"en to din! ing rooms. Today it « u.wd in virtually all rooms of the home Panels of beautifully wood are now available at reasonable cost, and the expense of Installing them Is likewise moderate in thc apartment house where every tenant demands a different oacltground, now washable wall- made from actual photo- P allellc<1 ™ atcrial s cost less simulate. . actual W0 od has been used in preparing the paper design, door and window trim, chair rail!, va~- scollng and the -like can be 0 I real material and it may b s finished to harmonize with the piper. The re suit is a panelled room lhat can be washed from floor should Ihc need arise. .. Improve at !.««• Cost ! ;On c[ of' the 'least' expensive and most simple ways of brightening the home is the employment of new wallpaper. The wallpaper manufacturers are now turning riut products which are both water resistant and color-fast at surprisingly low cost. There arc likewise new and striking designs and colorings which will brighten aii'v room. Read News Want Ads. IS YOUR RADIO NOISY? Improve 'your rcce|i- (ion by having-our service man test your radio.. A new tube or minor adjustment may make your radio much belter. \Vc have lubes, batteries and oilier purls for all makes of radios. Call us for delails. CAVITT RADIO CO. Exclusive AtwalcVKent Dealers Clifford Cavi(t',.'5tjrri' I'hone , , chair, two floor , drawers, radio desk, rue, and up holstered stool. Another common problem Is t have somo kind of vista so that the apartment does not look too tiny and boxy. One of the most skill- Jul w»js to do (his is to keep the bedroom door open and to have the furniture so arranged that the little glimpse one gets does not tell that it is a bedroom. With the nid of a decorative screen this can easily be accomplished, place the screen so that It cuts off the viewer the bed and dressing table and only reveals an easv chair and table or some such group as that, No matter how tiuy your apart- nient it is possible to moke tire place "you call home cliarmhi I restful. CHEAPER THAN BRICK Beautiful - Rverlastinjr H.C.BALSELL MOG W. Ash' When |>,)y Transplant Troi-D irnnsphinllng of inrRe fruit Is .now entirely practical. . 1'ORTl.AND, Ore. (UP-os six pr-]- cent of OJTI;OJI fnims sold to imt-of-statc people went to Cnt- Ifnrniiin,'!, (he chamber i,' Ciun- mci'c'c itiinoiincnil. today. Tn Grateful Acknowledgment —of your valued patronage and Good Will during 1934, and"for-the- opportunity ol' being- some small bit of service in the community,We extend to all our sincere good wishes lor a 1935 filled with all the good things of life. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Lemons With the arrival of the New Year we wish to announce that Mr. Clarence H. Wilson , will now head the First National Insurance Agency \ iV'jj^jj!.' os president The relations of this firm with our friends have hoeii plpasnnl in the pa si nnd our aim is to have UICSP rob linns contiinu 1 Ihroiisliotit 1!),'!5 and the years (o come. We want to know you even better—to be your friend—to help you if you need us. In preparing for the unpleasant tilings which often occur in our lives we would like to remind yon that we can minimize your troubles by giving you niletniiUn protection against lire tornnfloes and windstorms. ' MAY WE SERVE YOU IN 1935? First National Insurance Age CLARENCE Jl. WILSON, HARVEY MORRIS, Scf.TCtnrv

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