The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19,1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) OOCWBR NEWS PAOB 450 Companies Still Are Holding Out On Striking Truckers NEW YORK (AP) — A plan to continue holding out higher pay. but admit they are agreeing to union terms. During the strike's third day yesterday the AFL Teamsters Union claimed employer resistance \vas "collapsing on all sides." It reported an "avalanche" of individual settlements, mostly with small firms. Fight Continues The holdout firms voted at a strategy meeting last night to continue to fight union demands. However, before the meeting the employers' chief negotiator, Joseph M. Adelizzi, said ther position was weakened by defections in employer ranks. He added that "the next two days" will tell whether they can continue to hold the line. Originally some 3,500 firms were involved in the strike. It affects general freight carriers in an area stretching from the tip of Long Island through New York City then south as far as Trenton ,N .J., and north to Poughkecpsic, N. Y. Damage Suit There was no indication exactly how" many firms had signed union agreements, but they apparently were not deterred by a 10-million- dollar damage suit filed against the teamsters and seven firms that earlier agreed to union terms. Nine truckers, the mainstay of • the holdout group, filed the suit in State Supreme Court, charging that the union and signing companies had conspired to "seize and steal" business from firms that refused to settle. The suit also charged that the seven defendant companies had violated a pm'porten agreement to keep up a solid employers' front and not sign with the union individually. A and P N'amed One of the companies named, the A&P Food Stores. Inc., imme diately issued a statement saying it had never entered into such an agreement. The suit was belittled by the teamsters' chief economist, David Kaplan, who termed it a "scare" tactic and "desperation" move. In addition to damages, the suit asked for a court order to prevent the union or signing companies from "inducing or coercing" other firms to sign contracts. The judge set tomorrow morning for a hear- group of 450 truck companies against a driver's strike for weakened by other employers ing. The strike began Saturday over union demands for an hourly package increase of 25 cents an hour. The highest company offer at the time was a 10-cent package. An employer offer to arbitrate the dispute was turned down by the union. Little Effect Present wages run from $1.77 for helpers to $2.77 for drivers of tractor trailers. The union estimated that more than 23,000 drivers were involved in the strike originally. Yesterday Kaplan said fully two thirds of the strikers in New York City \Vould go back to work. The strike has produced little effect on the city's business life thus far. Johnny Johnston Freed of Charge They LOYB It WARWICK, Va. Wi — Mrs. TJ. S. Savage started her bird hospital after finding a wounded jay and the patient population is now 29 birds which have fallen from nests or been injured in some way. There is only one trouble — the discharged patients don't want to leave after they are released from the cat-proof cage. Mrs. Savage admits she likes it that way and willingly provides food. WeSIs And Pumps For Farm Crop Irrigation Equipped to drill any Size Well "You can't irrigate without water." WELL COMPANY I'O-3-411l> 131 E. Main / llont(joniei'u VUara WARDS PAY HALF INSTALLATION COST Sow, Wards ofTer to pay one- half of the installation cost of a rebuilt motor for you. At only a few dollars more than an overhaul, buy a Wards Factory Rebuilt Motor — remanufactured from (he pan up. Defective parts arc junked, others reconditioned -—up to 112 new parts used in an average job. Each motor is tested, Riven nrw car guarantee, 4000 miles or 00 days. Liberal trade- in on your motor. LOS ANGELES IB— Singer Johnny Johnston and his wife Shirley embraced happily after n superior court judge ruled that Johnston is not the father of a showgirl's expected child. "Just because a woman says a man is the father of her child doesn't make it so," Judge Elraer D. Doyle commented yesterday, as he denied the claim of Bette Bowers testified she was intimate with Johnston in a hotel room in Washington last March. Johnston, 39, denied it and his attorney said he will press Johnston's separate action in Santa Monica Superior Court asking for declaratory relief or a judgment stating that Miss Bowers has no claim on him. Eat That Oatmeal BUTLER, Pa. UB—Mr. and Mrs. Prank Morris held a double celebration yesterday, It was not only Mr. Morris' 100th birthday anniversary but the 60th anniversary of his wedding. His wife, who is 82. gave this reason for her husband's longevity: "It's because he eats oatmeal f e or breakfast every morning." Get the Idea? TOPEKA, Kan. U9 — Mrs. Bernard Evanhoe, an instructor at Topcka Night School, is starting a new course tomorrow in which she hopes to see less antf less of her students as the eight weeks term progresses. The course is ' 'Reducing by Diet." Rcod initivciioni coitfwlly. U. Ccwplrie bo'h ii<f« w 'o'*. .. Pl«e» P-int. » V" * MJ M ' > Si < 0 f; S. INDIVIDUAL INCOME 1, NAMC S. WIFE'S (HUSBAND S) NAME (CITY. TOWN, 0 1. <O,«tl) D Slnjl. D M°"i«i 5. li Ihi, o ioinl nluii? D Vei C No 6. li v.ift (UbonJ) Win] ,«po.oi<lr? d V.i D No ~TAXPAYlTR T S"s7GNAf UftE AND DATE TAX RETURN 4 QC^ 1 1. Social S«- 1 cviity No. I : lO.Oihtr ^ Won.* ** il.Sp«c|ol ^ «.E«|yil«i*. • Lis <•> D yoyi •|Fj5fiif«TiMN. wif £ s (WSiuNi) s» &NATURC i j Vox Wih'i (H.ibc | | i ,5 j" ^ IM ; -b* 1 °*"" i exemption) on other lidt. c. ,o \ \ *% «y & ts a r /13. tXEMPIIONS FOR YOURSELF AND WIFE (OR HUSBAND) . (o) Fix you. own ««<mplion, wiilc lk« FIGURE 1 (b) If you wei« 65 of ovn ot In* <nd ol 1954, wrili rt« TIC (c) If lo.po/ci »oi blind ol Ik. end ol 1954, «il< riu FIC (d) II yout xifc (<x Kutbond) had no incomf in 1954. ol if 1 <«) 11 in< (01 n.) it tloim.d Ol on ...mplion In (d) obox o (11 II A, (01 ht) i. tloinwd 01 on o.-mplion in (d) abo.c 0 _ -p. Ml h i lolnl iiton, will. *« FIGURE 1 loi U !« Ui) tiimplie* If ,J .01 6! ol OKI ol Ihl <nd of 1954, nil< Ini FIGURE 1 *,4 woi blind ol Ik. ind ol 1954, wiiu In. FIGURE 1 If 14. CXEMPllONS TOR YOUR CHILOREN AND OIHER DEPENDENTS (Ul b«lo.) rJom, (oho six oddrni if diHcunl fior> yowl) • Enlri Fijuit 1 in iht tail column to ilshl fo> (act) nomc lUKd. "—» Antwtf ONLY (<v d*p<r.dtnti Olh« than thifdftt. jfno'ra* tl'jUSJ VitS* Anau.l iprfll bi DIHIIr; ** f- 1f If >*• 15. Enlci lolol l.omb.1 of c.cmplloni li.l.d in iltnl 13 ond 14 obovt.— — ; *• ',"w — • — RAD NEWS FOR '54—This is the new gloom sheet thai many U. S. eitixens will fill out to pay their 1954 income tax. It is a brand-new card to replace the earlier 1040A short form. Both sidns must bo filled out as shown above. Otherwise it makes payment for those who earned less- than $5000 a year more painless than ever. There's no figuring. The government w> 11 cither return a bill or a refund. 'Your Book Is Too Teuf and Sexi ...A Trilleur' By PRESTON GROVER PARIS Ml — Part Of the French press is worried that English Is creeping in to corrupt the French language. Most indignant is the Dimanche Matin, n fellow-traveling newspaper, which recites a whole list of English words crowded into a single talk by an editor-to an author: 'The standing reputation of the nouse requires reraiting (that is the way rewriting looks in French) of your story. It lacks suspense (the paper had a hard time .explaining this in few words). You abuse the flashback (it had a harder time with this). It lacks pep < piment is about as good in French). Your book is too teuf (tough) and sexi. It sounds like a rimeque (remake) of an old trill- eur (thriller)." Complained Dimanche Matin: "It is very disturbing that It should be in the literary world that ,he French language is so beaten around." Le Monde, a far more serious Ten Iranians Shot TEHRAN, Iran Ml — Ten men charged with being Communist spies were executed by an army iring squad today. Nine were of- icevs in the air force, gendarmer- ; and police. The other was a Civilian, Mortcza Kayvan, a Roads Ministry official. newspaper, says some English words are getting into the language because there are no French words of similar meaning. "Living room" Is now mentioned in apartment contracts and there doesn't seem to be anything in either the language or French habits that covers it. The French drift from the dining room to the salon. The salon definitely Is not a living room. So "living room" now is legal. It Is In the dictionaries. "Weekend" has found a place because it has a tone of rest and rec- Nehru Arrives In Peiping NEW DELHI, India f/P) — Prime Minister Nehru arrived in Peiplnn by plane today to begin a 10-day state visit to Communist China, according to reports received from the Red capital. He was given an ovation at the airport by a vnsl crowd of spectators. The Indian leader flew to China from Hanoi, the North Indochina capital which the Communist-led Vietmlnh won under the Geneva agreement ending the Indochina war. While in Hanoi, Nehru won a promise .from vietniinh chief Ho Chi Minh to respect the sovereignty of the small Indochinese states of Laos and Cambodia. reation that misses. "fin de semaine' We Have Moved! LEE DUNCAN Brake & Tune Up Shop NOW LOCATED On South Highway 61 Ph. 3-9694 Big Hanover Today at Yamato TOKYO (/IN—Tills wns the day of the mammoth tuuiRovor in the mountain community of Yanmto. which Ims Jiust concluded its 1.017th objuTvancc 1 of "Mountain Moonshine Sake Pt'stlvul." The festival, north of Tokyo opens ouch year with "sacrlfii-inR" a bottlo of new-made moonshine. Afterward. It Is traditional that nil participants get UioroiiRiily soused. Tax collectors turn their backs during the, but promptly show up to tax the unconsnmed sake—rice beer with n wine taste which accounts for the splitting heads and jnnnU'd nerves. There Isn't much sake left. 37 Are Injured In Roil Mishap ST. LOUIS l/n-Tlilrty-sevon persons were Injured yesterday In the collision of a crack Wabiish passenger train anil n work train, both moving ut slow speeds, on the St. Louis approach to a Mississippi River bridge. Most of the injured were, treated for cuts, bruises uml shock and released from nren hospitals Twelve were kept for further ob- srrvMfon, but none was reported in serious condition. The Wabiish train, the Cannonball, en route to St. Louis from Detroit, was pulling seven cars but none wns derailed by the accident. IV t'miUnued on into the St. Louis station. A Pennsylvania militiaman, Ferdinand Diinmg. assisted by 30 comrade.s, first sang "The Star- Spiini;ie(i Banner" in September, 1814. TRUSSES EXPERTLY PITTED 'J Price KIRBY DRUGSTORES H€T DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK—6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE LIGHT'S DIAMOND JUBILEE SHOW OCT. 24™ - 2 F1JLL HOURS OF SPARKLING ENTERTAINMENT —Ark-Mo Power Co. m(tk Vigorous Flavor—the kind that comes from acknowledged finer coffees. Folger carefully selects and blends choice mountain grown coffees—then prepares them in the unique Folger way to bring out the full goodness of the vigorous Folyer Flavor. A Better Buy—for two important reasons. There's more real coffee enjoyment in every delicious cup of Folger's. And there's measurable economy in serving it. Because of the vigorous Folger Flavor, you are urged to try using V* less than with lessor flavored brands. So Eilra Rith in flavor 1m Are Urged To TRY USING '/« IESS lhan *ilK t«i«r flavored brondi Smart Fall Fashions at Hays! BETTY HARTFORD gives in impeccably tailored rayon flannel dress a touch of elegance with smart gold piping on collar, cuffs and pockets. Oxford, Blue, and Brown. Suet 12 10 20, Ul/ 2 to 221/j. Use Our Convenient Lay Away Plan BRIGHT AND RIGHT FOR TIIK KKSTIVK SEASON A I'KICKLKSS YOUNG FASHION By BETTY BAKCLAY Our Princess jumper dross in luscious Iwill back velveteen with pearl buttoned trim and a half bolt in back. To be worn with or without the off-white blouse of worsted jersey. Delectable colors of avacado, candy pink, peacock or bamboo. Sizes 7 to IS and till happily priced for A Small Deposit Reserves Your Selection

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