The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 3
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^/P-AY'-.:' 1 ™!'., U) ' ^ RLYTHKVILI.R (ARK.V COURTER NEWS PACE THRKL Stcelc Society—Personal Mesdames O. w. Cook aiul R. .1. Ruiilinc were shopping in Blythe- vllle Thursday afternoon. Halpli Hulclilson an:l mother of .building Tuesday evening was an enjoyable aflalr. Music was furnish-. c<l by Jiminic Doycl's orchestra. Hill j Tio'.tcr. tinnoiiiicer nl KLCN ra-l dlo station at Blylbeville, 5:1113 s " v - eral popular selections as a fe.ilur: cf the entertainment. !• The Courtly I^ajue :ue'. in lir high school fluclilorliim at Iloll.-.!i Monday evening. The devol:o:in period was followed by a short phy given by the Hollan.-l league. K: M . r, ... • i • ^ '" """"' "" lections by the Holland high s.-inc iS'-CUM Pad 1C Attacking Carulhmsvil.e, were gujus r[ M-s , clte WCR . olso cn . ovccl . At r P ,, ... . , .*? Alma Gnssorn anil family WeJnes- rli|! I rain and r ull day afternoon. They had «•S ', i • /-i r turned Irom Phcenlx. Ariz., where vVlklung Ll'CW LaV/5. l!:ey Ic[t Mls . H « tc'lison ami son, — , Jack, for the summer months. \V/>SIIJ?:CJTO\'. Anril 10 (Ul 1 )—i Mrs. Ruth I.awhora and Frank The Supreme Court li expected to Harper attended the show in Cu- hcmd 'Jr.uii a dci-Hon cf wi<!e- rushersville Monday night, ip.'cud Interest to civ nti're.ids and' Duvid Spente spent lust week Hi" rrs!!;oa:l lab:r iMCtherhoods with relatives at S'lvammh. Tciin. scon after it reconvenes Auril 13 Miss Imogene Hollcnbc-ck of !>or- ' , 3>1 Ors ,|u c v lslte<l Mr 'Ihe c.:tE9 is lh?t of Ilie Missouri. liijevlUc Is tlie SKIS', of her aunt, f/ c spencer Sunday 1'qcific R-.iilr.-'ad Company against Mrs. J, VI. Hobbins. I '' Mr an[ , Mrs Op n e r : r ,. , /•.Ui-j-nsy-CKirrnl Ilal :;onvocd of Misses Ruth Harper anil Mildre.r frimlly „, yj, aron Tcnn r ->'Vn- ! iCenliimed fiom pane onto lale Irour, refreshments of ic-cream I,mention fcr lhe good of lhe build and cake were served. Favors were ' in* small baskets tilled with Ea-.l-r i , ,. candies. Those from hore v/ho 1,1- ' Wc have exnm.ncd tlie Couri tended were Harold anj Uob?rt House nnU llnd same In fairly gooci M-, Steele, Ben Burns, Cluis. Crawfi-^ • condition with the exception of tlv Mi ; s^s Mil'lrc-d Ovcrlurf ?.!-i|l ii T ^,:men's tollol on the lower floor. Till iial'V. Kaihllne Jenk'nVa-id l!-v ''MMwrc:H'.y m-e;led more atfjn and Mrs G n Ellis ;tlon than II has been receiving. W Mr. and Mrs. O. L. !luli»:is nr! sll ^est llial dally service be given ;to this part o( the Court House. Tlie grounds tuiu surroundings o j the Ccurl House are in excellen 'c-:nd!ticn. Many minor repairs could Sunday nflcr several days visit with ib^ susgesied tor the Court Hcus° Mrs. F. E. Waters of Con'.er. : and we recommend that as sooi: Mrs. David S]>cnccr has as her j as the county Is nnanclally able to make those repairs same should be done. From favorable reports from the convict farm, we heartily endorse mitt approve of the action of the- County Jm'go In this mutter In ths saving tu (he county of rmmeiis? miiis of money, and In giving n 1; priscucrs htun:<ne treatment. Wo also approve o( the ucllon of Ihe County Cour In lurnlvilni! pauper caskets, thus savliis lilt; county many thousands of dollars a ypar. We desire to thank all Cjurt ol- fielals who have assisted us in th- peiformancc of our duties. There bcini$ ni> fuVlh^r bii'uir.'.s to come before us ra this time wr ask to b; 1 dischargixl. llesiKciiully submlttrd CURTIS J. UTTI.E. Fareman.' W. W. HAWKINS. Srcrelirv i Arkon-n* nnl amounts suVslnnUal- Overtuil were shopping In Blythe!y to a test cl the mil Train :m:l vlll- Samrdny mg!H. Full Kft-licliiir; Cr-.v laws of ihai Mrs. Charley J.»::tins and dainh- .stale. Ueis Uemice and Kathllne, motor-; Tiidli-Eclly, unicn nllruad labor cd to Manila fussuay , I nml jiaymcn:!. of Caruthcrs- in :n .-.ta'es may he aire.-fd i Vr. L. b. Cooper of Cool3r was n | v[]le by the drclsion since that numlCT business visitor her: Tlmu:liy ] Mr Bn( , Mrs w D llu .\, em are estimated to have Mmiiar laws mam.n? while cnroute in Memphis. al|(J anugMfr MUs Hazol „„,, ^rl insert yf-irt a'O. Thuy w re Mr. and Mrs. John .\tteire have p ](v „, CarnU . crsvm( , mo i orKl t . o:u:inp!l; i:iter.c!c.l tn safeguard; >elurncd trpm Hint. Mich., wh-rc Para?ouk | lo vlsU Mr , ] U id 3 ens' f.\K • lives of employes r.iul pas- l hc >' 1;avc tecn for ^ l» il t 1 -"'! 1 . 1 mo tl,cr for a few days. [ Linecra <•'" railroad trains by In- n'tiiilhs. I |JL'-.iriii< a rafe unl-cr of o: ralurs "'^^ Maybell ZMnwr. LorSn; R I I 1 ' Masons Mael Tonight The Clilckasnwbn I.oilt'e No. 13-1 F. A: A M. wUl hold their Stated communication at T:30 p. in. AH members requ-sttd to attend. Visiting brothers welcome. bv | n - mniilhs. L-irin- a farc"iiuiil-cror"o|i-.rali;rs| " Iis ' cs Maybell 7/itmsr. ?n cadi lailraul t/iin ciev;. '.»'«' o P al Earls and cla " s * nd > :i y.,;!,) 1 visited in Canilhersville Sunday. a^o Thr eupr in.- Co-.irt Ion" ajo i Mta Ernestine Bcsswell of Rldge- Tiiled sliat these laws were a per- 'v. Tenn.. spent las! wrek-ei-'J with fcclly valid us: of the police pow- j « ilrk nn:i Cr > mali Fr - 1m<; - ers of the slates passm- thrin. Mr - ™ d Mrs - A - A - Ucckham o! The ia:iroads. in the Arkaiibasj Cooler were vlsltois here Wcdnts- easn, cin'civl, however, that the i ^"S'- laws are inw r.r, oasolct- as the' M|5 = Oerlrerte Hudgcus of equipment used by the roads ini ruthcrsville and Miss Riibye Syen l'.oi-y days. In th^ Arkansas case tl'.e Hatf-Hloon Mrs. J. W. Port!ock, teacher of Ihe Intermediate class at Sunday school, entertained her cla;s witn an egg hunt at her home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Baker v.'cre guests Ca- of Mrs. Dense! Howard, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kfmu.rd Walters cer were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.! and' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walters of p,,ll! C. Hudgens of Blythcvilb Sunday., Lsne Cak were guests of Mr. and ,Mrs. w. T. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. A. Mrs. R. L. Hawkins,. Sunday. -Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Gaincs had | as their giiesif, Sunday. Mr. and C. LeSiciir of! Mrs. Jim Alexander and Mr. and : Caruthersi'ille were guests of Mr. i Mrs. Ervin Alexander. nnd Mrs. J. II. Workman Tlmrs-1 'I'homas Dclbrldge was the jjuest day. j °f Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaneyfclt, Mr. and Mrs. Abner As'ncraft | Saturday and Sunday. pn«ert the rnd ,.„„,, nds ; were dinner guests of Mr. and Mr;. | Mrs. Violet Nipper, who has been iherc- 'have been widtsoread Joh » 1 ' ucker - al Cooter S " u<lay : . « r >' >"• «n°«' improving. changes in railrra-l oiyritkm Tn Vcrnon Casey of Memphis visit- \ venl'fon !,as brou; : :-,t grater safely!" 1 his P? rent , s - : ^ Ir - all(1 Mrs ' E - ~ \ UKX WOULDN'T ,KA1SE lo- railroad operation nnd (rav el! Casey Tnursday. •• th'raigh the development of safety L - "• Banner and MK Olga antl : control devices. For that rra-1 Jo'inson visiled Mrs Johnson ssis- Ihev tr?ua. the conditions ler ' s - - Parns11 ' a ' Marked Tre; Tuesday. Mrs. L. W. Weaver and > .rain crew law was passed in 19071 Mr3 - Jimmic Weaver spent Fri ; arid Mm Full ssvilchliu. crew la«•!*«• a »" ..^"^ wl11 ' Mr - a;ld in. 1(113. They provided penalties for r3n:!s who failed to have n r.pecincd crtiiplenient of mm on trains coming up to certain provisions in ]en::lh and inn. C2 Ihe day.-, when those laws i were Tucker, al Cooler Sunday. ELOTE GROCERY and MARKET C. 0. I). Orders Delivered—Phone 177 Potatoes Fancy Yellow,Sweets Ib. 5c PLATTEVILLE, Wis. (UP)—A hen owned by Mrs. Fred Dressier indicated a desire to raise a brood of chicks. But Mrs. Dressier wanled neese instead of chickens so she 2r?,uo, the which maiin the Arkansas law. and la^^'L^i/^'inst^i^iie Stone nictorcd to Caruth-' tfacrt S o=se C EE . In the nest. When o^x-i ™ nT-nent Iliev are an im- ' eiEvill= Wednesday evening. Hie hen realized tha hoax she dis- dVe Surdcn on in LTale co -1 ™ [t >«"™'=' »'»" «>,»«»? «'= "PP"^| dU'.rict conference meeting ct lh? j Methodist church at Maiden j • Thursday evening: Hev. and Mrs. G. SSOO.fllW fiavinj OLD CHECK CASHRD R E1 , is _ Robm Yol .j._ Hfro]( , B2n Bllms and ;Wilh the Arkansas restriction! removed ti-.n Missouri Pacific could 'rave SCP1.COO a year, road attor-j^y ?nti Mfe B , M Duggar nevs contend. .Steels quartette ccnijiosed of Chas. | York. Ben Burns, Uobert and Horold SleelcJ will give several nuin- ! bers on the program. The Easter program at t!i2 Mel!:, , . , iodisl church was vary much enjoy- o in l-ib-.r vv-hrn it dismissed he | cd b llle |a c . ow( , who ds comp'fiint. a decision v.-nich | ^ tlle Til" ol-1'ctlon which labor has to. Hie elimination of Ihe statute ! is. t tasrd.,.on = the eduction in em- iploymcnt it xvoul.1 cause. ihci court p>vc a decision favnr- |ab!o lo l-ib roa |j.-ls..beiii7 ?pi:en!ert. the slater hav:n7 similar affected by services. A solo by Mrs. Newberry Johnson added much lo the program. Mr. and Mrs. Pele. Qibson spent •^statutes which mav be I'^lie corn's ruling, according ta j Sunday with Mrs. Gibson's mother, ivnrd. r-re: Ar^nna. Oa«-1 Mrs . Dora Smith. ,Jorma. r-nnnwticiil. Mjme. Mary-: M . ;sses cl . lrrl Ma= ani] T „.,„ Inland. Ma^sachuselti. Mississinni.' .• .I'-r^cv. New York. Nebraska, Nevada. North Dakota. Ohin. Orc- poii, Pr«in?vlvRnin. Scnth Carolina. tie Hoillns- sllopping at OREEN RAY. Wis., (UP) — A ;'.icck rtafcd May 22, 1903, was ccshcd h t Ve n-ctntly by P. C. Fredrickson of Abrams, Wis.. Fredericks~n recelve.1 lhe check from a mail ord.r houss 23 JO.ILS ajo a:id imu it av:ay where it was forgotten. It was framed and hunB in the company's retail store her=. Texas Washington, V/est Virginia B; arid Wisconsin. ||E!ecti"n at Cardwel! Newest, Hest Remedy For Corns Stops Pain—Shoes Don't Hurt Any More SIX WAFERS FOR lOc GUARANTEED RESULTS s , oan anrt M taM wonh Ol Cooter wcl . loca i stores Tuesday . Miss Charline Lij>scomh spsnt last \vcck-end \vith relalives at Lex- j Ington. Tenn. • I Misses Josephine Holly, Rubye i Barker and linogene Manning ^nd . . . , . JDus,tin Mcod, Chas. York and Hur- lCt Atairjold S',cele motored to Blythevillc The newest, best remedy for corns - - i Saturday night. is a tiny, tbin as papsr corn wafer. Til" Ca-'H-ell rit" elec^'i w,\ Mr. and Mrs. Charley Jenkins No burning acids or bulky doujh- |:- v held Tuesday. Apr;! 7th. Mne'i (••- \ and daughter, Bernice. were visi- nut pads lo add pressure when Interest v>s s'aoi'-n in the rnrshal's tors in Caruthersville Sunday. shoes are on. Press on "O-Joy Corn r?ce. hi'l hard'v so much in thej Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Miller and Wafer" on the corn or callous with The south ward vot-;Mr. and Mrs. Newberry Johnson ' your finger. It sticks there. Strong ,- of the Baptiftl attended the show at Caruthers- Ins oxen, gentle as can be. The pau. I'.-'ottv- ; ed in rk ron- T!-. t'lea'/ u-!ircl RoMi!f ••'n- —I. E. Brcwo-. N"rth ward. lhe; v ille Tuesday evening. stops at once. Slip shoes on and were: Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Spencer were forget It I^tcr' out comes corn, cal- ijf't—. vard. C": nM.n r • Mir-hnl of ^Tr. and Mrs. Jessie ™, n _'.'. ^.H 01 Caruthersville Tuesday. Tlie Lucky Seven Easter nnd Cnl-; parly I rice to'—'. W. Wirrcn Nmth wnrd.j CO: Sri'th wnril. 1^2. Total ]tn.\ \v?«'m-f!i—Kortii v-ard. 43; !i -vard. llij Tnt'il 1C9. kif-t''A''tr-r'"T.i. North ward. nr. Eli lilack. IIS. iNo other candidate).' -AM-rman. South ward, two elected, on" tn nil tlv unsxnirr-1 '.erm! of A J. Richter. who moved away rccc'i: ; v. rharirs J"hnson. I03: Dr. ^I. I., niiler, 1«; W. Slckman. 47: Rex Whiison. 1. A lew nf 25 cents on hundred dollars for maintenance of Fire nfpt- nn'l Paved streets passed. F6r--Nr.rtli ward. 61: South ward. 13.'Aeai-iit -North ward 19: Souln The CflTdwcll school clcclion was V.eld Tiles-lav. Anril 1th. for Cardwell con"olirtat<-d schools, district ninnfcc-r DC. Vr.tin5 was at the Wsh school Ky:nna?inm. Results were: Director itwo to c'.ict: 3 vear= term) J. D. Hkkliu. 164: O. D. Hill. 162: E. n. Crail. 38: Mrs Hctlic Jchnson. 23. ^Tr. flicklin and Eet\^d for several years. Mr. mil werc re-elcclcdn having County School Superintendent, T. G. Douglas received 196. He was unoproicd t,»vy ,-.! 100 cenls on hundred dollars for Teachers and incidentals. Fcr. 111. Against. 68. T -vv of IS cents on hundred dollars for build:n<: aiul repairs passed. , H Er am.n HISTORIC CIICRCII TORGAU. (Province SaxonL (UP)—The rro'.rslant church an- 1 tliorittcs ol Pniw' 1 '"ye appro- priced fiinus i* renova.mi Hit Schlosskirche- Church-ot .-Torgan. built In 13' 1 nt Man ' n Lur's direction, as liie first Prc- , .-"ml church in the world. The 1 church will b:cciw a memornl to the Kcformatlou. K >••»' •">' ^ • used for 20 years. and dance given in the new armory lous, rools and p.ll. Guaranteed to never fail. Ask druggist for O-Joy Corn Wafers—six wafers tor lOc. Adv. 3 for baking powder is the Use KC Baking Powder the rex! time you bake «r.d judge itt quality by results. You will rind there ii none better —pur« or more crticierrt. You save in buying «nd live in uiing KCBikins Powder. IfS DOUBLE AGIN had not 25 ounces for 25c BAKING POWDER jtm-UpNS, OF POUNDS,USED• pv OUR COVERNMENT Potatoes No. 1 Idaho Pearls, Peck F! Plum Good 48-lb. $1.15 24-lb. Meal r ± 24 Ibs. 45c Laid Pure 8-lb. $1.05 Compound 8-lb. Corn *•£*• each lOc Tomatoes *M 18c 49c Pure Cane 10 Lbs. Limit Soap Silver Leaf 10 bars 27c New Green IK »"• Celery each lOc Carrots bunch Coffee Oran?es Calif r, nNavels 30c iVicicai oni package' 5c Pork & Beans Ca tc!LM8c Stew Meat Ib. 15c Roast Strictly K C Chuck or Rib Ib. 20c Sausage pure pork Ib. I5c Butter Pure Creamery Ib. 33c Bacon Fancy Sliced Ib. 25c Kams Ever Good Skinned Whole or Half, Lb. 21c Dressed Hens Fresh Fish—Boneless Catfish and Rivsr Catfish. We Deliver Phone 159 Bargains for Saturday and Monday \ SluHitdor, 1.1). l!)c Thicli Kill I.I). 15c Chuck, 1.1). \2Vi>: l!riske( Spare Rfbs»,S,9c Brains pl iLilOc Lamb T"IS Stew Ib. 15c SAUSAGE M S, 25° FRANKS ,,„ 15° PORK SAUSAGE 100 per cent Pure Lb. 12V 2 c 1C PIGTAILS u, ffi LIVER KOSHER S!llia Ti>45 Salt Meat '•"•*« Ib. 85c lirunswiclc OfTC No. 2 Cnn LJ MAP l'al«"»K»e t3U/\r 2 Hars fur TOMATOES,, ,i nE 25 c Morris Supreme M). liSc • (li)ltlen(talo Lb. 29c MEAL ,, Ck 44 c PICKLES oart COFFEE " Peaches No. 2, Can Griffons Can 18c MILK 3 T^ PEAS 1My /aL25 c OLIVES Quart SUGAR; ' 10 Lbs. 49c SALMON Chu a.nl0 c PfflfTEe Dill 01C llvlLuLlJ Ouiirl LL AI'I'LE BUTTER 1QC Quart IS Maxwell House, Canova Berkley Blend MARSHMALLOWS L, IT COCOA .1 FLOUR pa nuo c PORK& BEANS 2 Cans 15c PRUNES 4U..2P SHRIMP Can 19 CRACkm ,.b..25 c Oranges California Valincias Doz. 30c PEARS LI, 10 C LEMONS Dozen 25 C POTATOK N rl T BANANAS Goltlcn Yellow Fruit Lb.5c POTATOES ONIONS Red u. 3 C BEKTS Bunch 5 Lettuce Large and Firm Head 5c CAULIFLOWER Lb. CARROTS 5 OYSTER 1M ' A EL 10 CELERY l'';inc.v Crisp Florida Stalk lOc PEPPERS MLb 20 c TOMATOES Fr S22 c ARTICHOKES,a 10 C Cabbage Firm Grean Heads ASPARAGUS Lb.23 c •11C RHUBARB u.12', TURNIPS APPLES ome Heaut Hox Fruit Lb.8c Home Heauty Hox Fruit BEANS RADISHES ««„.., 5 C PEAS English ,.,2fl c Grapefruit Large, Sweet /I X A|i and Juicy T lUI

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