The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1948
Page 5
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PACT Seoatorc Renew Oil Deal Charges U.S. Oil Companiet ' • Accused of Boosting Prices en Navy Sales W.ASKMQTON, April X. (TJP)_ The Senate War Investigating Com- nittee yesterday accused certain American oil companies of 'gouging the Navy of • up to |38,000,(X» by overcharging for Arabian oil. The companies promptly denied ft. They said they had saved UK Navy more than |2fl,5CO,<XX>. . .. Th« Senate committee's charge highlighted a report on Us Invcstl- tatiott of the Saudi Arabian oil development during World War II. •The Arabian Oil Co., (ARAMCO), which bore the brunt of the committee'* criticism, Issued Its reply in printed form at the same time the committee released its report. Trie committee and ARAMCO •greed on only one point. This that the United states probably would lose the Arabian oil fields quickly In event of war with Rus- •u. •••.••. Chairman Owen Brewstcr, R., Me., told a news conference the committee h*d recommended tliat Attorney General Tom Clark in- vettigate whether the American oil companies Involved are violating • anti-monopoly' laws in sales • of Arabian oil. ARAMCO wu formed on" an equal pejtriership basi* by Standard Oil Co. ot California and the Texas Oil Go. They agroKl^ conditionally In March 1947, to-let the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey ''and "Socony Vacuum Oil Cb; Have a 30 per cent and 10 per cent interest, re- •pectirely. f \ .•"-•' -... . . The - committee »aid ARAMCO demanded $1.05 a barrel lor Arabian oU delivered in the Middle East on a. "take-ltTOr-le'av'e' it basis" when the Navy" needed'.it badly .because of th'« war:. This price comparer! with »n earlier offer of 40 cents a barrel, for the lame oil, the committee laid. ' Dem's Choice BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Air Reserve Unit/Trains THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1948 Airliner Makes Landing With On* Engine Afin CLEVELAND, April 28. (UP)—A four-engiiied DC-8, with « persons aboard, made »n emergency landing here this afternoon with one of Its engines on fire. On one wa* injured. Th« plane radioed the Cleveland Airport that one of Its engines was on fire, and emergency landing orders were issued immediately. Fire trucks, ambulances and rescue trucks stood by, but only the flr« firsftime in tile history of the Air Forces, a _ _ mi (VH) from Hcnslcy Field, Dallas, U now training with the famous 8th Air Force Vt'carswell Air Base In Port Worth, Texas, Here, S-H B t. Gcorgp C. -William, standing on tire, give pointers to reserve enlisted men on the operation of the landing g eiir system of the B-29. From left to right- Jesus Garcia S S»t El Pnso. Texas; Elmer C. Daviln, S-SgL, El Paso, Tex., Arthur B. Dost, S-Sgt. Port Worth Texas- instrac-' tor William; A. E. Childers, T-Sgt. Dallas, Tex.; and W. N. Mcrldth, Sgt.. living, Tex.-(NBA Tel'ephoto). Wright Says Southerners Will Settle Any Civi/ Rights Law Themselves Son of Famous Poet Held in Attempt To Ship Arms for Holy Land Fighting Mrs. India Edwards, former newspaper writer/ has been named executive director of the Women's Division of the Democratic National Committee. She Was formerly associate director, and succeeds Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouse, who resigned. NEW YORK, April 29. (UP) — Joseph Unterincyei,' 19, son of Iho well known poet Louis Untermeyer, and another man were held for Illegal possession of amis today after police seized a cache of huh-, dreds ,of guns and thousands of rounds'of'ammunition destined for .shipment'to Palestine. Police said young Untermeyer and Isaiah Wnrshaw, 30, a watchmaker, were membsri of the Zionist Youth Movement, which was shipping the food packages in \vhtch the arms were concealed. However, both men denied any knowledge of the arms.' Police and FBI agents seized the arms Tuesday night. They were found on the top floor of a five- story loll building in Manhattan's lur. district. Police said It would be a week before they would know exactly Ttow many arms were in the hal,-although an early count showed 100 rifles, 3CO pistols, six tommy- guns, numerous knives and thousands of bullets. The gun» were wrapped tn bundles of food and clothing and addressed to individuals in Palestine, police said. The revolvers were concealed in individual boxes of corn- 1 Hakes. Police salrt Untermeyer and War- shawMvad been employed packaging the cloihes nnd food. Poet-Father Surprised . Authorities were tipped off to the cache when an occupant of the building found" six rlllcs in a navy seabag in an elevator. Louis Untofmcycr, the poet, expressed surprise when Informed lhat his son was under arrest. "I suppose it has something to do with the organizations with which my wife Is connected," he said. Mrs. Esther Anlin Untermeyer, the.boy's mother, who is estranged from her husband, appeared at the police station shortly after he so:i was taken into custody. She is the national treasurer of the Non- Sectarian America for a Free Palestine organization. "I would be glad to serve whatever penalty my son may receive," she said, "if he was influenced by my part in the fight for the liberation of Hie Hebrews of Palestine." ' ' ( The weapons seized'by police included Japanese swords, Italian sub-machine guns, German lugers, Frencn pistols and' British rifles. A. U. S. embargo on the shipment of arms to Palestine makes such an operation illegal, Three montlis ago more than 60 tons of explosives and arms bound (or Palestine were found In warehouses and aboard ships in New Jersey and New York. However, all persons arrested in connection with the shipments were later released. Gael Sullivan Resigns Democratic forty Post WASHINGTON, April M (UP) — Gael Sullivan yesterday submitted his resignation as executive director and vice chnlrman of the Democratic National Committee. He will become .executive vice president of the Thentre Owners of America. -. Sullivan told National Chairman J. Howard McGarth that the offer from the theatre owners was so attractive that he could not tun It. down. The resignation is effective May 10. There aren't enough technically trained college men to go nround these days, says H. N. Muller, Westlnghouse educational department manager. He predicts the technical manpower shortage will Inst well into 10-19 or 1950. KEYSTONE HYBRIDS you JLn official yield tests In four great corn ftatw, Keystone Hybrids have out-yielded the overage of all other hybrids by 3.4 bushels per acre. Get your "Bonus bushels" of sound, high quality corn-plant Keystone proven hybrids. Plant KtyslMl 31 -t)i« i!l-p«rp*si for ipland, flnt kottom tnd nt»nd liottwn iftill. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. SHREVEPORT, La., Aurll t (UP)—Mississippi Gov. Fielding L. ' Wright predicted yesterday that . Southerners will "settle fo rthem- i selves" the enforcement of Presl- i dent Truman's civil rights program if it ever becomes law. i .Wright told the Louisiana police : jury here yesterday that reaction lo civil rights laws would be the same In the South as In 1875 when Pres- ; Went U. S. Grant signed similar legislation. "They settled for themselves the matter of enforcement the day tlie act was passed," Wright said, "and so they would at the present time.' Wright, charged that under a ci- ! vll rights law local elections would be supervised by federal managers, races would intermingle in factories and cafeterias and employer 1 ; would be forced to hire members of both races on a percentage basis. CROP GUARD protects crops from cultivation damage • PROTECTS YOUNG PLANTS • SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • INCREASES ACRE YIELD The only perforated guitd. Fits any late m tide I tractor cuhivaiar. Speed of tut to i governs amnuni of din going through holes. 9Vi" clearance when rcsiiny on ground. Gimtt dees not pcimlt tunipv or ruhbfsh 10 gci near plants. Gi%cs faster, better cultivatfon of corn, pnurocs, rmion, rojnaioej, cabbage, tobacco, soy bean*, Your Local Dealer Implement Company North 6th St. Phone 2142 . •qulpment had to b. used. Airport official* »ald a considerable portion of the eirplane'i wing was damaged by the flames. The plane wa» an American Airlines Douglas.DC-6, on a scheduled flight from Chicago to La Guardia Airport In New York. It was the same type aircraft that was grounded more than six months ago by the CAA because of mysterious fires on board. The CAA only released the plane for service on March 15. Cause of the fire was laid bo "defective engine control," accord- Ing to F. O. Malbeuf, local American Airlines manager. Read Courier News Want Adi, -•-^'/^•ffVW as Robins in Spring SE/IGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKEY. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Spirits, Seagram-Distillers Coipoiation, Chrysler Build™ New York 856 -Phones- 857 rrUKK a clear da}—a Dynaflow* JL Huick—nn.d a mind open to new experiences. Turn the key in the lock—press down the gas treadle—and set this mighty Fireball straight-eight purring. AW>: Flick the seleclor lever till the poinler indicates "D"—that's for driving. Feed a liillc gas—and see \vhal happens. Onioothly, you slip awny from the curb. Silkily you build up momentum. Effortlessly you cruise at whatever pace your treadle (oe selecls. Look! you say. A slop light' What do I dot Nothing special. Let up on tbe gas. Apply the fool brake as you need it. Tliat all? fi'nn 't the engine stall? Don't I shift? That's all. Your engine won't stall. You don't shift. Just sit there lill the coast is clear. Then step on it. Step hard and you're off like a rabbit. Step lightly, mid you ease smoolhly away. \\tint's happening? you want to know. H'/mt's doing the shifting? Some mechanical hand'undcr the floor boards? Not in this car, sir. Oil does it all—spinning oil. Oil whirling to BUICK alone has a//these features give you starling surge —power build-up — eflicient cruising — engine hraking effect on hills. Oil that does everything the usual low, second aud high gears do- without any gearshifting on-your part — and without the slightest break in your stride except when you want it. Say no more! I'm sold!' Where do I sign ufi? ± here's only one place. Only Buick has Dynaflow Drive, and no other American car has anything like it. With or without a car to trade, better see your Buick dealer first minute you can. Tune tn WfNKY J. TAYIOH, Mutuol N.lwoifc, Monday* ond Friday! 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