The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1935
Page 2
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PAG JT Social Calendar d$a cUib meelim; with Mrs. Farnsworth BlacK. Bible study Church of' Ohrlsl meeting with Mrs.- O. p. Grimes, 3:30 P. M ' Delphian Pine Mis club mf sting at Ihe Hole) Noble, 9:30 A- M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Utrs.. Koss p. Hughes having ThUrsdsy Luncheon clttb at country club. Thursday Bridge club meeting With Mrs. Loy Welch. Thursday Contract club inccllng with Mrs. R. L. Bradley. Country Club Has The old year was bade farewell und 1Q35 welcomed by members of the country club and a number of town and local g'le^s who made up the 115 al Ihe d.ancc last evening. The new year spirit was cmpha* sized In (lie, decorations of luree mid small grotesque, silhouettes which lined i he walls mid Ihe figures "1935" which flared from an oleclric sign, amid an cmbtmk- ment of holly and red berries on thc-manlcl. confetti und seraphim mid several specially numbers at midnight were also features of Hie dance. Emmctt Sells and his nine piece oichcifia^, of Meniphls ( (urnlshec music foi dancing und. '.ft breakfast menu \\os served after midnight. Included in the out of towi guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Heal Helm and Mr. and Mrs, Jesse CooKe, of CimilhersUllc, Mra. \VI1 ham L Rm-cs of Chicago, v|3|l in? Mr. and m re « "tflfhflll, Miss Dorothy Evans of St. Louts, who is Hie hoiiseguest ot Mrs. Anne .Stevens Potter. Miss Beulah Moore of Vandallii, ftl, w llh Milton In.- Sjleharl, Mit w p runner of Helens, vUip is, the iwuscguest of her mother, Mis. T j. (Dalian, Miss Susie Ellen Knowltoji of Peilshhc, Miss, who Is visiting Miss Clara. Louise Davis, Miss Julia, Cfujg o{,,OMep)a,VMr, ,and Mrs. TlioiflKb J. Dots of : §«bc, Ark, t|oniegueiV of Mr. and Mrs. A"*, houseguesli of Mr, and Mr*. •Junior ;Ambassadors Meet There were 15 members of the. Junior Ctirlst Ambassadors at the I Irst Assembly o( God church Sunday evening when. Frimk Mar|e Bmk|cy.. leud. tho duglng. v Maurlnc^Marshbajjks - ; lead:- .the { \ * * *, lUfh Sihool Bet '~ - ; "f one of. the h.igh school sets have spent me hojldays 111 a number of delightfully infor- affalrs, cyjpimqted with a \\ateh party last e\en|ng al the hoiuc of M£s Frances alld Jack Moitaney who entorftlncd 50 gucsls. Other "drop |ns" were al Die nonie of Bill Harrison, Misses Ruth and Mary Catherine Dlllahunty Miss Gwendolyn plshcr. jvi|ss Vlr- Binia Martin a«ii jjlss Mary Ellza- bth Borym • * * First Baptist \\. nj. v. Completes Elections. Circles of tho Woman's M«Mon- .^ap' union of the First Baptist cnurch completed tlie elections in. inelr groups In a meeting Monday afternoon at the church In circle 1, of which Mrs. K. D Msrr is chairman, Mrs J. w. Bishop was named co-chairman; Mrs £ P. Harorn, secretary and treasurer, Mrs. W. M. Blaylock, Bible study leader; Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon, reporter. .. Mrs 'KeTJnau Walpolc was elected co,cri8.1nna« of circle a, of wJiioh Mrs Will Rogers U chairman. Olh, er officers named ircrc: Mrs Tom Howard, secrelarj and treasurer- Mrs w M. Crow Bible study leader; Mrs c B Parks, reporter. In circle 3, of which Mrs. if. i, Chambers is chairman, Mrs. j. n Smart jr. is co-chairman; Mrs. Ben Harrison, secretary and treasurer- Mrs Odis Shepherd, Bible study leader; Mrs. \V. A. Black, pianist; Mrs J. p. Friend, chorister.. Mrs'E. B Woodson, cha'irman O f circle 4, will be assisted by'^Mrs. M. C. Outlaw, co-chairman; Mrs. Ivy Crawford, secretary; Miss Cordelia wilhlic," Bible sludy leader. Mrs W. M. Blaylock opened the meeting with prayer and benediction was pronounced by Mrs. K. n Marr. "McClenclon Clan Gathers at Whilton foi Reunion WHITTON, ArX-A reunion of tlie •:McCleu i dqn family was held Sunday at the home of Mr.' »nd Mrs. J. A. McClendon, at WhlLttjn, in,)ionor-of'Mr. and Mrs. T. \y,. McCIep.d.on,, of Torrest city, and JUT. apd AJrs W. M Webber,'of Tyronza T. w, McOIendon, who is 17 yea/s old, is the eldest of eight children of the late Dr. and Mrs. J ^ Y?. McClendon, of Palestine, Ark. J. A. McClendon Is the youngest of the eight Mrs Webber,'69. Is the only surviving sister.'W. M. Webber and Mrs. T.' W. McClendon are .twins, 73 jcars o(d. Last year Tom M. McClendon presented a-bride to the clap. Thls'yeai-.Paul McClendon brought a .bride, and, Tom. »ud hls-bricjc of i a year ago brought a baby girl. ',A buffet Sinner was sened atntd Chiistaas decorations of holly.and cedar'to the followliig.gueste; Mr, and fiire."T,">V. 'McClchdo^ Por- Duplicate Team ot Four Makes Game Both Ways Solution to Previou» Contract ProbUm RV WM. K. MtKBNNKV Sccrftary, Amcrlcjtn Drldgt U«ruo Twenty-four of llic n»jcst bfidgc Bms in North America recently met in New York In (|i c national championship tournament of the AmcrtoHi) Bridge Dengue. The Ictm-ol-four event Is one type ol competition In which the clement of luck Is practically eliminated. Two members of a team plsy the North.South hands, while the remaining two members play (he Easl-West liijnds at another l«- ble, Here is a hand tn which one !f»!» of experts made doubled game contracts playing both directions of the bcxrd. John nau, one of the most brilliant of the younger export*, made a splendid showing In this year'-; tournament. Ran and his partner, Charles Lochrldgc, made their four • Today's Contract Problem Wlut ppeoins bid would you inako wilt, North h.nd vuliierable, after Soulli 'antj ^C8t puts? l( Noni, pj,^ Ihe liand a( a filial contract of lliroo no irumii, liow" would hast H dlKMi-ds on tho last two licarto Iriilkalo tho spado nit- IliJtlon? V 8 53 « K J 100 A J 7 I Solnllon In neiil Issue, A 3 10 a y y A J « A | 2 + Q 16 •: 4KQ75 ,_ ^ AS heart contract «n this hand wiih- out dl!f(ciilty, losing only twu spade trices and or\Q club Irlck. East can hartly be blamed lor his double, considering lite purl- ncr's bldrtliig, and Want was H'ell satlsflco; until the Jrtnk dlstvlbu- tioji ol yv'Jlh's Uund bccumc ap- piireat. .rest...City;.iMrt-jivl -Mw, W. • M, bVoh. 'I?rana^VJ Mro ; |iiid Mrs. J. . Moorbig anil riaijglilcis, Virginia and Barbara r^uy, {\l|auvii;c Webber, Mr. anij Mrs, J. w. Mo Ckndon, MtmpUls; Mr. aiw Mrs. T. M. McClejidon »nd baby, Mr. and Mrs. Paul ^McClendon, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. MeClcndon, Bvucc anil l-'rank NIcOlendbo, Joe anc) Jim McClendon, Webbor and Wilour Mooring, all of Whltion; nuu M)ss Miriam CImnblec, of ail- more, A.rk. When Ihe other two members of Hail's team, J'Ycd D. Kaplan or New York and Samuel K»U ol Nuwark, N. . J., played (lie East- West hunrts, they wait to live diamonds over eomh's four heart bid and North doubted. Soiilli was the leader against the live diamond contract and opened with (he six of spades. Enst won with the act and led a diamond. which was won by North with ttie ace. North now switched to u club, East went up with his ate njid then cleared the Irnmp suit. East now led the .spade olgiit mid won the Irlck' In dummy with Ihe king. He then led tlie queen of spmics ami discarded his sj^gtoton heart. Kusl conceded one cluu trick and thus niiide h|s contract of five diamonds, doi|b(c(t. Of course, the contract could' have been defeated with u heart opening iiiKl un Immediate switch to clubs by North. But the defense 1-s hard to figure from the bld- !"S. As U Imppt-ns, Huii's letmi would ^lave hitd a good result on thu board even If (he five diamond.' contract hud been defeated. By making n game both ways, l:ow- evcr, tlicy uctoi]ipl|shed cue of Uiosc big swings which the ex- |Mi-ls seek l\i teani-p( r (o»r pjuy. guest o( his brother, Charles Uw- iiinc.e, for the : weekend. .% • 'r Mrs. E. K Jjrlvcr <i|i<t 'fnlhlly have rclurncd from Princeton MO., where • (||cy visltcrl Mrs. Driver's fMthcr for the Christmas holidays, Mr. John while and Baby Pearl Cartwdglit we're jucsls of Mr, md Mrs. iQcorgo Adams of Ultle nock, the past few (Uiys. '•. Bits Mostly Perspnal of Mbwur!, holidays «t D^nton had as Brown, • of dx- attcndcd to hvnif. Mto fcr' ~e««i ford, 'M[js: " • Clare))co Wllfion butlncK ln"uttie ,.„,.„„,. Mr. ii|id Mrs. Oarl I., pivip and »)l, Carl, and mother and » sister, returned ye«^rd»y from a w«K spent' In Petuucola, Fla,; as guests of Mts. Q.'T. Miller, another E|B- Itr of Mr. Ddvls. Mi', mid Mrs. J. J. Bryant, have as ihcir gueals Mr. 'flryjiiit's mo- Iher, Mrs. Minnie Bryant, of u»\. pke, Ark. They niotoj-ed (g Memphis for iipr Friday and s)ie win Coiitw, p WC y; Kowy and How»rd pender, to Mis. court Vnlvcrslly; opal Eiris,'Jesfic Owens, and Thflma ^iriie to Bus -' Jack. Rldenciir, wlto aUetitls A, »Urt M. college at MonHce|lo, Ark. h«s reUUTicd to school afler spepil- tng the holldaye w|(h his mother, Mrs. Jessie llldcnour, of Annorcl. Mr. und Mrs. Frank Hightlli have moved 10 Kewiett, Mo., where Mrs. Jlighilll has purchased 'n beauty shop. Miss Uculah Moore of Vaiirtiilla, fll., who lias- licen visiting- rcla- lives In MempjiLs, was the • gucit or Milton IiiBiehMl yesterday. Ursi carl and Edna Nles have „, raUirncd from Memphis where "° ? « cco '"panyln; Ihev KnciiL the weekend. Paienls from Stcelc. college;-' Memphis; ~„ Wright and Wak«leijh' o|»rk, ,,• and M, college, Jonesboro; Mrs. James cdllis Wobdfln'Is"gp|ng'to Murfreesboro college^ v ,.„.-; . Mr. and Mrs, Jack'Kc)!y, accompanied by Mi', and Mr«^ w. I. My- <rs, of Holland, nave returned home after spending fty holidays'In Jackson, Mp., wilti relatives. ' " Mrs. John Tucker and family re- lumed home Sunday' from Cssa Ark., where th«y visited relatives during the holidays. , several more days. Mrs, Ba£stl| Mcclure u Mr. «r,ti Mrs. Thomas J. DOW Kalhryn Jones atl«nded lo and son, David, returned to their j In Canithcrsviiic Saturday. Mrs. and ago no one kiiow Uncle Pemus, Oldest Ex-Slave, Is D?ad . PJNEHURST, N. c. <yp)-uncle Deinus Taylor, (13-year.oUl negro, who .'lyell ' rtmeinbored' the Civil war days when he was a slave is <J«^tf. Uncle Dennis, wealthy because James w. Tufis, founder of pipe, hurst, bought a big piece of property from him « years ago •died Stiles fvom Africa, b.m how antcf He w-as onc-ot-lljt n n \, caddieB |ii the cguntry. Ho to tote bags soon- »rter •{%« tort golf course was built « list yev, Dcmus had his nine, soulhwn Fines ' Insuguvacd "Old Slave Day." ' As th/" 0 |des t slavo (here, oeitius carried a ba"1 full of clubs uiid won the prize. W1LLIAMSBURG, Va. rare first ot Adam Iliey s]wiit the weekend. ^lli>s Friinclse Rosenlhal Ls vls- Ulnij rclallveti l» Memphis lor Bevcral days. Marsh Callaway Jr., will home in Beebc, Ark., today after several days stay with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel p. Nonls. Mr. and Mrs. Uussel'l Fair and sons arrived home yesterday from Fort Smith, Ark., where they vis- llcii for several days. Mrs. Oscar Bailey will leave, to. morrow for points of California where she will spend six weeks, falio Is accompanying Mr. Bulloy's Mr;.. P. p. joyner unil children arrived home yesterday from Oke- ")f'V. ol!li '" where Ihey ••.Vl*. VIIUJ DlfUJlL Christmas with parcnls of Mrs. Joyner. Mr. Joyner, who took them Knight. Tlicy formerly lived here. guests of Mrs. Anne Stevens Pot: Miss Mary Lou McDanlc) relum- ed lo Wilson Sunday alter spending the holidays here with her father, Dr. J. R. McDaniel. Mrs. Gideon,Crews Is visllino relatives al Oalveston, Texas, this week. the holidays visiting relatives in Louisiana. Mr. and Mrs. o. D. Marshall left Sunday for 61. Louis, after a visit with relatives. Mrs. Ed Buys and daughter, Gcr- aldlnc, spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. C. Magors, of Portage-' Osceoia Society — Personal Ml us Mury Sue Willinghain returned Sunday from Memphis where she has been In SI. Joseph's hospital for an appendicitis opera- lion. Hilly Uiwslic 1ms returned from Memphis where he underwent an operation for appendicitis ton days ago. . i^j-gl Mr. und Mrs. B. S. Slimjions. hnvc returned from several U»S'S slay In Florence, Ala. '. Ur. W, M. Owen,. accompanied by friends from Caruthcrsvllle, Is In Pasadtna, Cal., for the (tose Bow| eamc today. . .''.'•. Effic Mqorc will leive Baiy urdny for -'Minneapolis, . Mimili .where she Is to attend Northwest Institute ot Medical Technology. Prior to her departure she is being alvcn a this evening by her tlsler, Mrs. E. L. Oeajt, at liev home In Slecie. Mrs. O. O. GHMkc has rcliinicd gucsls of Mr and Mrs JumK PhTi" from Memphis where she.has been, lips, in Hot Springs when tlfeve" wltli* her niece Mrs. Hubert Ply, lertaiued with a dim *•£ y m who is ^I'lS^hc. lr ^, )cu ^ ulbkc ;'^°i" 0r of 'I* 53r<l weclding annfver. The (icv. 'and Cooley left last liiiin, ,N. C.. where Mr. and Mrs. James prlvcr ciir tertained u number of friends at n supper given at thuiv home Hun- day nlslit. Those present were Mr. and M\-s. Buster Driver, • Mr. mid Hiffhtower News Mf, unti Mre. C. w. I'elers vls- Itcd Mr. and Mrs. Waller story at Konnctt, Sfo., during Ihe holidays. i J'hcy were accompanied Iwmc by Mrs. Story ami children, Junior and Betty Lou. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cock had us their yuesls for Christmas Mr. jni Mrs. H. J. Pondren and family Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hamey «nd Steele-Cooter Society — Persona: Thomas C.whAfield left Sunday for Harding college at Searcy. Ark., after spending the holidays will) Ills parents, Mr.-and Mre. •[•. w. whit- field, Miss Bonnie L« smith left J\l- rlay aflemoon for Dodcville, 'Mo., where she Is employed in the city sdioots. She has been sijcndjus Hie holidays here with her mother. Mrs. Pora Gibson. Mr. !)nd Mrs. j. \y. Robbing were vllle. Baxter Southern-and Miss Dorothy Yeager attended the show in Memphis Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Haas, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs Brooks, left Friday for their home at Marble Illll. Their son, Virgil, who has been employed In Brooks' Men's slore, returned with them. Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Reno, Mr. and Mrs. Newberry Johnson, Prank Harper, and Mrs.- Riitli Lawiion were In Memphis Thursday, night to see Earl Carroll's "Vanities." Mr, and Mrs. R. -'E. Hessclroclc and family, Mrs, w. Matehettc and I daughter, Billy joe. have returned to (heir home at Little Rock afler a visit here with Mr. and Mrs Tom Frank and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hastings and son are guesls of his parents. Mr Ka5llngs - of M a ri°«. They say Uetnus' was sjnugele<l into " " ** • ••»!••• tn nt'M IMP! Y dUUPCl grandfather by Jjomer B. vanderbluc of Km the united York. YOU CAN'T KILL" COLDS but you may Control them! Don't run risks with so-called "cold-killere." It's so easy to upset the stomach and lower body resistance with constant internal dosing. For fewer and shorter colds-Jet Vicks Plan for Better ConlroJ of Colds help you and your family. It is safe and effective. Proved in thousands of clinical tests and in *ctual home use by millions. To help PREVENT Colds To help SHORTEN a Cold -VICKS VA-TRO-NOI -VICKS VAPORUB iVri «° 0fi ' !t '"I™'' T" C ° r """' " a C<lW H " devc !°P=<*, «pply Viclts Va-tro-no!. Its timely use vapor action-all night lonE-ei'vcs helps to avoid manyannoyme colds, soothing relief. Avoids "dosing." (Full details of this tested Plan in each Viclts Jwcfcnge) VICKS PLAN WIUU'w for Our, ,. .. they attend D'uke/: University, , after . spending the holidays wilh Mr. and Mrs. M. T. ^iooll and Mrs. P. E. Coolcy. They were, accompanied to Kno^ I'ille, Tfun., by Miss 'Marian Cooley who returned to the University ot and njrs. M. 1^. Phillips. Dean Vlck apd Miss Lucille Wll- Hams and Helen Vick-speiil Friday In Wilson as guesls of Mr. and Mrs. J, F. Douslas and .fiinilly. They wc|-c accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. jiai,,], vick and son, Charles Iwph, who had been visiting there: Mr. and ,\:rs. Enimett Yatcs have returned to their home in „. »„ t . tv ^n.v.^iwjr «» **jminvu w> tncir iioiiir In \T*>™ after spending.the-holl.- phis after a visit here with Mr and her narcnLs ' Mr. anrt Mr« T w ^ruJn..^ wr ' aliq days with her parents, '. Mr. : and [Mrs. T. w whitlield Mrs. P. Ji. Coolly, ; [ Cliarlie attends Prury college »l Spring-. Emery Brooks Bcld, Mo., reliirncd to school to-1 Those rclurninjr to collo^P diiy after spending the mld.wlnler 1 spending the holidays °,1 vacation with his uncle, P. E. homes are- Burril LOHTM- v«. Cooley, am family. ' 'get-, With' -Harper, and t. • John Caudill left Sunday night Wank, lo Slate Teacher; (or Columbia, Mo., where, he at-, Capo airardeair ifehn Of' their ' Miss K-dthcrinc Jones und Mrs Pauline Blackburn Barncll will leave the latter part'of the week for Memphis, where they will bti employed. Miss Mary Martha. Chambrs left Sunday for her liotnc in Memphis after a visit witli her father in Coo- Leon Harris and family, O f Gibson' Bayou, are visiting relatives In Alabama. Davo Marshall is critically ui a t his home In stcele. • W. Q. McC»nn, wfiu has been |1J with pneumonia (w-several weeks is improved. Hubert Perry'.is-recovering from an (linens of pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. EhvoocT {Sixjwn and son, Gene, spen^ last weekend with TOO LATE TO~CLASSIFY WANTED TO RENT GOOD PIANO by reliable person. Phone »3l,w. M. Kent m w Main. . j •CONTROL OF COLDS THANK YOU The respoiiE« to-our Fire Sale, lutsi been most .:,griitiiyiiig7 i Htiiulrads-'brpediilo'' have ••. vibitcil our store and round woiidcrfu) Iwtrguiiis. \Vhile our stock is going fast'. we still h«i\e plenty of good buys in Suits, Shoes,,, ShirlB, etc., all nationally advertised merchaii diae. ir-yoti intend taking ailvanlagc oi' ut|i sacrifice prices we suggest that you come'in dl once as our slock cannot last very long. Haynes Men's Shop Charles ilarold Cook has been visiting his skier ill Sctwtll, Mo. -,,,...^.. N ,,. vulvl , ,,„,„ Miss Lucilc fondren, who at- Mr. iitid Jlrs. Snow f 1 ' 1 '* ^I'ool at Luxora, spent the and Air. . bo.wrmicc'5 hrotlver, ^Hester, from Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. l-'mnk Wll- ;iaiiis, Mr. aim Mrs. Ben Butler and. Mrs. Butler's niece, Miss Hamilton, from -Memphis, Mr. und Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White. Mr. mid Mrs. W. R. Dyess, of Little Rock. Mr. mid Mrs. frrcd Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Oavld Travis,.Kaymond Cnnwrtgiii,, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnson, Mr and Mrs. Milton Pope, Mr.' ami " lcil ''""Shier, And Mrs. Charks Coicnmn, Mrs. Tluul Feltoj). of Texas, Mr. und Mrs. T. . family. «»d Arnold Jackson. Cuiiin B lmn i u i v MUrtwi u, A11UI11 L71C holidays with her pjirents, Mr. H nrt Mrs. H. J. Fondrcn. J. B. Cook rctunicti to Buswil iiuir.sday uftcr a holtojiy visit wit Ills brother. O. E, Cook. Mrs Hcrschcl Cunningham -visited her mother, Mrs. Johnny Berry, lhi b ,«ck. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Taylor wye nuomicc-rt the nwrrlagc of i. 'I'licy were mnrrled last lit tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. Wclby Voting and son Andy here returned from, Jonesboro where they have bfen vlsiUng for three "or four days. ' , pinurtc Rmncy hns_bcen visillng rcltitives at MuricllH, Hospital g or ree "or four days. | — — Melvln Lapldcs returns lomor- Admitted lo u, c uiythcvillc lios- ow to Vanderliilt University i 0 l >llw| : Mrs. Clarence Wlllmms Ma" k > ' car of college | nila - ' ' llS Mrs. VV. L. Moore accomuanled ler daughter, Mra. Walter Haw- hom, of Columbus, Miss., who Iros been visiting her lor the holidays o Memphis to the flapUsl Uos- Plta|. Mrs. Ilawthoru lia« been 111 or^cvcral.days. Tnad Fellon, from 'IVsus -,-- , of Mr. and Mrs. J u' Loyewcll, is in town lor a few uuys, Mrs John Dlackwood will rclurn to _tattle Rock tomorrow to -remain until the laltc? part of-the . and Mrs. S. L. Oludlsli liavc Gas K.-ifs Tanks 1 ,uf? l " TOLK ' V -' tUP! -HlBh tet iiiallon gusolinc, used by united btates Navy-planes, "nlc up" eight' large tanks aboard the USS Hanger. The W81U! carricr ,„ >^~ %.,,%*& 0 *™»™ Checks COLDS - -- — u- V viduuiK wtitre vkllcd Dr. and Mrs. Paul Balrd tor. several days. Mr. and . Mrs. George Dlckerson h, C i' ,'?, rc " havc "•c'wiicd home .',',, e Ro?!i whcv e'tt«y have vcl »l)vei since Wcd- Mlss Hamilton has . returned to Memphis aflei siwndliig the Christmas holidays 'here. . • . Chester Uiwrsnce "has relumed to Memphis alter liavlhg been the UqBld.'..'. fr i h 'u J l "l U ,* y salve-NOSC ptoiu Headaches In 30 Minutes . CUOQUIGNOt.K OIL GUARANTEED WAVKS • SI Up - .- None Bcllcr Finger Wave --'.' 25c Barret Beauty Shop .'tail l.(puse' oil No. 5lh NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS To Our Friends and Patrons \Vc appreciate the business • you liavc entrusted (o us during the past year, and pledge;'ourselves to another year of careful, skillful .service. May you enjoy happiness ami prosperity in 193r>. FOWLER DRUG C'-O. Corner Alain and. First. SU. CITY LICENSES AND FEES Privilege tuxes and license fees (for businesses, professions, automobiles, clogs, street taxes, etc.) are now due for first half of ,1935. Everyone must call at the City Clerk's office, at the : City Hall, and pay promptly to enable the City to remain on a cash basis. MAYOR,AND CITY COUNCIL MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP Pre-Inventory Sale For Any Occasion Sports - Afternoon - Forma Is 810.95 to $13.95 Values $16.75 to $29.75 Values Tailored 'Silks for your pradlciil timi'S, luxurious fornials -for your mysterious moment's, and In-Hetsvecn frocks for going • placet; and rloing things all. have their representatives in these sate groups. •l\o ilcfiiiitls - * INo Exchanges Small .'CUurgc. for Allcrallons

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