The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 29, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP NORTHEASTl' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO..fl nlythevllte Courier • Hlyllirvlllc Hjilly News ' ••••/••", , lllylhevllle HeraldWlataippivalleyI.fu<l«r I1LYTHKV1M;K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JIAHCI1 20, )fl;)7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HIGH COURT REVERSES WAGE LAW STAND Property Owners Organize; to Help. Cope With Sil- uation ':' A committee of five, named at a • meeting of Mississippi county property owners at Osccola last week, is drafting a plan for more effective control of cqunty finiinces for submission to a later meeting at which :-it Ls hoped to perfect-a permanent ; organization to coo)ierate with the •county jucigs and other county officers In keeping county expenditures within income nnd in maintaining the valui of county warrants. W. P. <lly» Wilson of Wilson is chairman and A. C. Spellings is secretary of the temporary organi- sation which was set up last week. About thirty property owners, rep- •rcEcntlng all parts ol the county, were present at the meeting. Olaitish Welcomes CoojiiTalidn Named to the committee to for- rmdalc- n program were-ft.; c. Branch, Paean Point; Hiram Wylie, Blytheviltt; John G. Hoyi, .-Loaciivillc; J. A. Gwaltney, Victoria, nnd Charles Low-ranee, Driver. Thsii- sujgestions are expected (o include nioderhlzation of ths county's bookkeeping system and i ;prorision for annual independent ;audits of county affairs. Elliott Sartuin was employed to make a prelimlnnry check on. which the committtee's report, in part at l?nst, will bs based. Last week.'s preliminary meeting was attended by County Jiidse S. L. .Glad.iEh,- who .told ; the '• property .. .Qwiiers that lie would welcome any J assistance ui they could give /him in rjuttlnj.touj^ly finances uponv'ft- bet- 'tike^'Sfaxpaycrs -Association The mce I ing.'to perfect a 'permanent organization, which will-probably be known as the Mississippi County Property Owners Asiocia- Blames Negligence For Mine Blast, Fatal to Nine DUBOIS, .Pa.. Mai-,.;20 (UP)— The Kramer, Pa., mine disaster, which killed nine coal miners, wns the result of "gross negligence," Ally, Gen. Chnrles J. liarglotli charged today. Three blasts In the workings of the Northwest Mining and Exchange company rocked the mine Saturday, killing every man in it. Tlie men were sent Into the mine, Mnrgiottl said, -In 'direct violation of si state mining law. He announced that an investigation lias been started for tiie purpose of "fixing definite responsibility." Funnyl-Tlicy Don't ^ant IPWA Funds Cars Highway 40 Get a good grip on your credulity, because this Ls going to take a lot of believing— these men went to Washington, D. c,, to fight with might and main AGAINST' acceptance Of a PWA grunt. They lire Johnallmn Zook (left) and Amos Fisher, representatives of 1 the 'Arnlsh colony In East Lampeter. Pn. Bta_rded and dressed In solidated school by" the PWA.' Reason— Their 'religion prohibits i use of motor transportatio homfspun, they appeared In supreme court to protest construction of ' Intersection Osceola West of OSOEOLA, Ark.. Mar. 29—Lucius Rose, 25, farmer, was killed instantly and three others-.were injured, two seriously, in an automobile collision at Speck's store, four miles west of here on High'»'»•• 40. about noon Saturday. Those injured- were ' Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jones, parents-ln-law tion, be held in about tw ; o farmer and business man, driver of the other car. Shippen was the most seriously injured but Jones rtsn was badly hui-t.' Mrs. Jones itiftatncd only, minor injuries. The accident occurred ns Hose who was driving from Osceola to 'its home west.of town, started to '.urn acrors the highway,, into a ^-WejjlcUeral. Shippen, who ' was aJHffbacHing the : -interEeettbn'. fror 'he ..west; jya'sv'uhnblc cither' to itop:;or' turn .out and' 1 - his car crashed. at high speed inlo that lua driven By Hose, hurling it-40 fecfi S nti children would have to . travel to the new school by bus. n and con. Ilielr EXPECT KEiETT Business Men's Survey Shows M a j o r i I y of Workers Satisfied; KENNETT. Mo. — Conllde n cc that the Ely and Walker Dry- Goods company's big'' shirt factory " Sleet Falls Today \\ in Southwest Louisiana f.AFAYETTE. La., Mar.-. 2D -(UP) —Sleet fell here and In other southwest Louisiana cities' toduy, bringing fears for early crops. The tcmeraturc at G .a. in.' was 12 degrees and'had risen only two cicurees by 10 a. in. The sleet came as a climax'to one of the coldest Easters experienced in southwestern Louisiana i:; years. If colder weather -coiiies damage may be done to the,.enrly •nne and other crops. here, closed for over "a week because of unsettled labor conditions, will reopen within ,a few days was expressed -this morning by.. J. C. Welman, chairman of a Kennctt business men's' committee which last .week '-made a suryevqf ' '' ' 1 weeks, Mr. Wilson told the Courier News this morning. The purpose of tile organization will bs virtually identical with that of the .old Mississippi County Taxpayers association, which for n number-of years functioned effectively in keeping county. finances in good condition, it will seek cash advances from taxpayers with which to meet current county obligations, and will exercise an advisory function with respect lo county expenditures and accounting procedure. County warrants have been negotiable only at varying discounts lor some time,-a situation which adds to the difficulty O f keeping expenditures within income. State audits of Ihe county's affairs have been delayed. That covering the year 1935 has not as yet been released while one promised for the year 1938 apparently has been postponed, but Paul Cooley, county auditor. is at work on a report of the county's financial condition which, it Is understood, will be made public before long. mto a ditch, where it landed -upside down. Shippen's car did not leave the highway' but both machines . were virtually demolished The injured were given flrst aid U the office of Or. L. D. Massey 'icre and then were taken to the Methodist hospital in Memphis The .condition of Shippen who sustained head injuries and nu- lierous cuts and bruises was reported fair, today'but it'was said that the full extent of his in- runcs could not be .determined until tomorrow. Jones also suffered head injuries?-but it was reported that he apparently was'not iangcrously hurt. .• - Funeral services for Rase were held Sunday afternoon at. Bassett .cemetery. He leaves a wife and three Email children. rvevqf the' attitude of factory'' ern'pTbyes? 1 "We found factory workers vir- lally unanimous in expressing satisfaction _wlth .wages--and, jvorkr, ing-coriclilibns.and in their desire to return to their jobs," Mr. Welman said, "and 'a report to. that effect is now in the hands of officers of tlie company at St. Louis. While no announcement has been made I am confident that operations at the factory will be re- iu"ieci this week." The factory wns closed over a week ago after a return to NRA wags scales had failed entirely to •Jllnv unrest among, workers which earlier had resulted in. brief sit- down strikes in some departments. The dissatisfaction amons the apparently was! Ed'Gvim'sley Charged'Wiill SUSPECT IN W\[_ 'p'rmer, Boarder Arrested .'as ' New York Police Probe Mystery NEW YORK, .,Mar. 20 <UF) — The .feverish search by . the city's best detectives .for a clue to the (riple, slayiiig ; of a beautiful.model, her mother and a boarder nt their home; .led . today to the detention of ;an'.unemployed chauffeur who was. loosing for • the- dead .women shortly : : before the., inunler.'f. . '. ' •"v Police -'.said Mhc'.,i;-.fiian,-—(known only : n'S-••Frclich," had access to the type of weapon used in the crime and formerly J.iyjjd lii_n lodging 'housc~'bwi'ied'.'by- 'Mrs. Mary Gecleon, 54, one of the victims. '• •' .•':. Unusually attractive - for her vcors, Mrs. Gedcon was strangled GREEN'S mm ON'S J 1 "Cowardly and Conleinpl- able," He Says and Quotes Shakespeare . NEW YORK,. Maxell 20. (UP) — John I,. Lewis today'. bitterly denounced William Green', president of the American Federation of Later, for his dlsnvowal In Washington of .sit-down .strikes. The United Mine Workers president, whose committee for Industrial Organisation siwnsorcd ths General Motors, nhd Chiyslor 'sll- downs tn Dcl'rolt, - said Green's statement wns "chiu-actcilstlcally cowardly nnd contemptible." "lie iigaln sells his own breed down the river/' Lewis said,, "aiul receive the thanks of the National Association of Manufacturers. He calls to i mind the quotation- "he bends the pregnant hinges of, the knee that tin-Id may follow fiiwn- li'B.",' - •• -. 'Tile quotation Is from Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2, nnd correctly rends . . . "and crooks the preghnii hinges of Hie knee where Unit may follow fawning." . Negotiates Ciial , At .Washington yesterday Grccl Issued n statement In which h said Hint tile sit-down method o rtrike "must be disavowed bjy til thinking men and womcii of labor nnd lhat "I publicly warn labo against this Illegal procedure," 'Lewis relumed lo New York to day to resume negotiations for contract with soft coal operators o the Appnla9lilan district: D^adllr for agreement pu a new contract a feeling 450,000 union miners In'tl' Appalachian and outlying dlstric Is jiildnU;hl Wednesday, v'< Itcsinnc Detroit 1'arlcy LANSING. Mich., Mnr, 2D. (UP 3r.|Usrey ] Dies After Heart Attack Dr. Mix. O. Usrey died suddenly his home at 2:35 o'clock tills nft- •nocm following a hcurl attack. e had been 111 since early in Feb- lary when he was stricken wltl> flueniai while doing work during IB Hood nnd tlio Illness left his eart weakened He .spent several weeks at Hie tethodlst hospital, Memphis,' nnd her Her Assault to Kill' Paul "Monk" Wright '••> With a grand jury noticeably absent, the sprinq term; of : circuit criminal court convened here this morning with Judge Nell Klllough of Wynne on" tlie tbench and before nooii the trial of Ed Giimslcy, charged with assault I with intent" to kill, wns well under-! Tlle °! her vlctlm wlls Fl '"" lc and attacked hi Saturday night. apartment daughter, Veronica, 20, was strangled, strlp- oet\ and thrown on a bed early Raster morning. An autopsy whether she was tacked, at- way. -i - I Burns, 35. a bartender at the ex Grlmsley is accused of shooting' r|115lve antl Tennis c!,nb. ™ HW , « v coiding to Mr. Welma , Inlnont 5'. nc - STATE COLLEGE-P«—(UP)^ l:MrS - Matt ' 6 E " Tipton, 82. Pennsylvania State college has opened a new astronomical observatory, atop a college building. Its equipment includes a ten-inch reflecting telescope, a telescopic camera and meridian civclc. Succumbs at . Home Her Daughter of Mrs. Mattie E. Tipton. widow of j the.late Dr. Q. A. Tipton. a I dent of Blythcvillc for 20 year: died this morning at 1 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. ^-~~*{ H - L. Chambers, on Highway 61. Mrs. Tipton Traffic Injuries Are Fatal To Messenger Boy LITTLE ROCK, Mnr. 29 <UP)— Albert Irwin. 17-year-old messenger, died today from injuries received late last night when struck by an automobile driven by Jack W. Smith, an advertising solicitor. Smith surrendered to iwlice this morning when he learned of the injuries inflicted to the youth. Young Irwin Is survived 'by his father, a sister, and a brother. Fire Saturday Destroys Paul "Monk". Wright nt the' door of a Manila beer garden several months ago. Grlmsley fled alter the shooting but later siir- icndered to officers in Poinsctt county when cold weather and hunger forced him out of hiding. Wright was critically ill for a time at the Blythcvllle hospital but finally recovered. Gene E, Erndley, representing Grimsley by appointment of the court, indicated in his opening statement lhat the latter would plead self- defense. Thirty-three bench warrants | ... 'negotiation conferences with unlo lenders whosnre cmiwwered In ill absencc.of John L. Lewis to lOrin'l late a three-point settlement fi the return of 60,000 workers to:tl si:ops and 'assembly HUM of Chrys Icr plants. . : Wtllj Lewis called to New Yor city to negotiate . new ncrcemen for Ills United Mine Workers wit Appalachian coal operators, II conference got underway short before 11:30 a.m, There was n .luncheon TCCC starting nt 1 p.m. Te was stabbed witli nn inslru- j . Authoritative sources rcporte ment resembling nn Ice pick. . that' any' agreement to be rcaciie this served by morning deputy sheriffs on defendants brought Into court by newlv legalized procedure on the filing of informal Ion .by Uruce Ivy, district prosecutor, and his deputy. -H. G , Partlow. Every prisoner held in •House Wesl of Osceola! iivi! nwnitl "S "'Inl was arraigned . '• nn court this morning in contrast to the former procedure b.v I'm gonna ask the women not,.. .......... to read this article today. This is|~' p ~" for men only. Now Brothers, yes-' terday your wife • blossomed out proudly in her new Easter hat. south of this city, was 82 years old. Mrs. Tipton came here with her husband from Cottonwood Point Mo., where • they had made Iheir home. Both she and her hus- ib.ind were well known in soulli- Dr. Tipton died in 1918. Mrs. Tiplon Ls survived by three I daughlers. Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. E. E. Alexander, also of this city[ and Mrs. Ada Ferguson of San Pedro, Calif., and a son. Dr. p. OSCEOLA. Ark.—Fire, believed la have originated from an open fireplace whtb the family were, visiting neighbors nearby, destroyed the home and furnishings of Mr. nnd Mrs. Eugene Jones, three miles west of town, Saturday afternoon. The house, belonging to R. S Ashmore, was not insured. Price? "French" found at n shoe cpair shop a few. doors from Ihc 3edcon home. He -find been nt vork painting the shop. A blnnk wnll confronted all other avenues of police endeavor. Joseph Gedcon. estranged husband and father of the women victims, offered ns tin alibi the fact that ic had won high score In a bowling contest at the time of the slayings. Gedcon fouifrV Ihc bodies when he called at the apartment with Ills other daughter, Ethel, and her husband, Joseph Ktdncr. 'tor ills return home continued lo iipi-ove Klowly. He was able to bout Thursday nnd this morning coined Improved and ate ti hearty inch nt noon. ' A prominent physician in Uily- icville, he i-nme here 113 years go from lihinlniihain, .During WorUI Wai- he volunteered foi Ice and served oversells. Up- hls return home he resumed Is practice and In addition to Is pvlvalf work he was '.city enlth oll'lcer for maiiy years. He Iso look 1111 active,: part In, af- nlrs of the American. tlie Mississippi County Mcdi- nl soclcly. ' He was nlmost 64 of age. Five to Four Decisiorr'l Opens Way for New 1 Deal Labor Legislation r WASHINGTON, Mm. 20 (UPU —'Ihu siipieinc couit. In'an his:", Chief , tqilc opinion wiitlen by " Justice Chailci Evaiui , tcdny ievcis«d previous decisions "I which had stood since 1023 us ti; : l b;u to state regulation or mini-' ;| mum wages and woiklng condl-'i ons / Today's decision icndered with Ihc to torn division of the omt, upheld the vnlklttj of the Vnshlngton stnte minimum wnge nw for women. Hughes aiilhot of the opinion,' aid llntlj Ihut the decision reeled Hint of the court In 1023 n the Adklns Dlstilct of Colum- ila case The Adklns decision led- o the still pending drlyo foi ad- j lie Is survived by his wife,'one on, Max, n daughter, Mnry Spnln a brother, Jim Usicy,.of Cam 1 Ic-n, Ark. The Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge of the funeral arrahse- ncnts, which arc Incomplete^ "mcciimbs slon. 2.—A clause providing for the immediate reopening of Chrysler plants to production. 3.—A proviso for further .conferences to iron out other union dc- mands for ndjustmcnl of hours, wages and working conditions. at Blylheville Hospital After Fall From :^)ail Cago STEELE, Mo—Coroner Jack. Kcl jey.ql-Hiii'U Ks-expccted to hold'ai Inquest late today In Ihe dcKth o Ovan .Layue; ;31, who died at th niythcville hospital »t one o'clocl this morning \ot injuries "susttihicc In the Jail herejSaturday night '• Judge -Bufdrd Spencc'of the Steel city court said plllclnls .believe;th Inquest will substantiate' tho repoi of.other jail inmates that Lnrue Injuries were accidental''but Urn Coroner Kclley ; would .be.-rcqucstci lo Investigate the nuiller to rcmov any suspicion thnt might siirro'uh Laruc's- senth. • ' '. y . According to pr.'A. Stevens, major of Steelc, Laruc wns locked u for drunkenness Saturday night b J. H. May, night marshal. Othe prisoner.'. In Ihc Jail told Mavo Stevens that Lnruc complained o Ihe lop of the cage, believing it would be warmer there, while doz- Ittlon of a child lab^r amendment ! o the constitution Opens Way for Legislation Hughes' opinion appeared _to', I open tlie \\ay foi ,the states to' eCntci the Held of regulation -of - lours, wnge-i and working concti- .lons from which they had been' bari eel by the Ailklns decision t 'Hie minimum wage decision * :rowncd a day in which the sup-'', erne court handed down ti whole "eilcs of widely Imporlnnt decisions. J H upheld In a broad decision* 1 1 the constitutionality of, the rail- ,i I waj Inbor not and lulcd that the ruUsed Frazler-Lemkc act was'i constitutional ru held the na- t lloiml fhearm^ act coiiatltulloiiul J J upheld the convlclSo'n oft Grocer Gcoige Won Is on perjury MiaiBcs growing out of hls_19,jo' ! oilmniylvcnluie ngnlilst thV'\et- iran Ncbiaskn Senatoi Oeorge W to. settle Ihe three weeks strll probably would embrace no mo than 200 words. The possible agreement, it .was learned, will-embrace: l.-A collective bargaining provl-1 ing'Thcrc," he"rolled 'off."^ head Stevens and Needham Candidates at Manila By this llnic you should have recovered from the shock enough to he able to talk. But for Goodness Sakes, don't laugh at ill You might as well be nice about it and tell her how nice sne looked yesterday and how proud you were of her. Don't do like my Uncle Unie. Aunt Boo come home with "> new Easter hat on and all of a sudden, sha snys "What do you think of it?" Uncle Unte looked up and says ...-., 'Well, my dear, to tell you the July . is also survived by number of other relatives. Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist church Tuesday morning nt 10 .o'clock with the Rev. Alfred Cai-penter officiating. Interment will be nude at Maple Grove cemetery. New Orleans Cotton A T and T ; Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel : . Chrysler Cities fiervice Coca Cola General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKcKSon-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Peiroleiim Radio Corp St Lolis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J - 170 G3 1-3 % 1-4 124 1-8 4 1-8 1GO Irutlj—' Aunt Boo cut in on him suddenly -arrd says "Never mind, if. you're gtihlia talk that" way about'Mar. It—I don't wnnt-'ta' hear' it! NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 29. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close May 1407 U13 1401 Hub 1394 1401 I3S9 1401 1350 1351 1343 1352b 14S2' 1357 1347 1367 13o3 13.V7 1353 1357 1354 1360 1354 1360 62 102 7-8 15 5-8 60 3-8 50 7-8 10 7-8 55 7-8 11 4 54 3-4 70 3-4 Te\as Corp GO 1-3 U S Smelling 98 1-2 U S Steel 118 5-8 Zonite 75-8 which -they awaited grand jury indictment and some were not arraigned for several days aftel court opened. Another method of eliminating time .required for Ihe conduct of criminal cases, approved by state voters nt- the general election last fall, was demonstrated in the questioning of prosi>cctlve jurors. Under the new procedure tlie presiding- judge questioned the members of the jury panel Instead of. lie attorneys, with the attorneys" being allowed to suggest whatever questions they desired not covered by the court. As a result a jury for trial of the first case was swiftly impaneled with only one or two jurors being ex- MANILA. Ark.—Louis Needham i and L. V. Stevens are the only candidates for mayor of Manila -i,v i • o n whose names will appear on the! Michigan jenator 1 I'ODOSeS official ballot at the April 6 clcc- A ] , • ' »« i-r- i iion. j Amendment in Modified A half dozen others, nominated Form for the office at a mass meeting several weeks ago, failed to qualify for listing on the ballot. R>r the same reason the number of candidates for other city offices has ilso been greatly reduced. Oct. Dec. Jan. Spots 'closed steady at 1452, up 10 Chicago Corn open high . "low close May 1183-4.'119 3-4 118 1-2 118 7-3 July 1131-2 114 1-4 112 7-8 113 3-8 Court officials . Indicated that they would try to conclude the term's work by Friday but this appeared doubtful in view of the large number of murder cases awaiting disposition. iuy McHenry, for recorder, and H. A. West, for city attorney, arc the only candidates for those ofilces whose names will appear on the ballot. Candidates for the five scats on the city council whose lames will appear on the ballot are W. R. Brown. Lee Rosenberg, Jess Pierce. O. Mike jr.. Rlley Dunkin, Harry Golden, Ira shedd and G. C. Canada. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. Cotton closed steady. open high May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Jan. . Mnr. 1418 139!) 1354 1345 1340 1349 1420 HOC 1357 1350 1357 1356 29. (UP) — low close 1409 1416 1393 1405 1347 1356 1338 1349 1346 1350 134G 1355 Spols closed steady at 147$, up 3, WASHINGTON. Mar. 29 (UP>~ Senntor Arthur Vandcnbnrg (Rep. Mich.) announced today that he was introducing n i(ew child jabor amendment to the constitution Ed W. Essis;, for city treasurer, i which would permit congress to "limit and prohibit" child labor, under 1C years of age. striking the .'concrete floor 'and "mclnring his skull. A Slccle' physician was summon - 2d and Lnrue .was rushed to-the Blylheville hospital.: Ho remained in nn unconscious condition yesterday. •': •...: Lnrue, who Is survived by his wife, and six-months-old baby, lived on the farm of his brother-in-law, Ollie Prakcs, In the Gibson Bayou community, about three miles north of Steelc. Besides his .wife, and child ho Is survived by four brothers, Hillard, Ira, Arils and rrank Lorue. and two sisters. Mrs. Ollie Frakcs and Mrs.' Ed Frakes, all of Steelc nnd vicinity. Plans for Ihe funeral arc Incomplete. City olTlcints said that the body would be held until an In- qucst could be conducted. Flood Victim's Body Recovered at Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark.—The body of Mrs. Pebble English, 19, who was drowned in Llltle River January 25 as she was being rescued from j her home at Rlvcrvnle, was found Norris The court's reversal' 'on i tho nlnlmiun wage question was made possible b> the shift of Justice Owen J Roberts fiom the so- called conseiv alive couit group tn ' lote with the chief justice and Justices LoulsxD. Branded, Hm- land P atone and Benjamin N 3aido/o In upholding the regul- itoij ilghfs of the sfates , Cllcs Changed Conditions ' We are.- of* th.e'TopmlcsnT? said ( Hughes, "that this" ruling of the Unte couit demands, am onr'h i re-c\amlnnUo cnse," Changed social conditions, *j snTd Hughes, requite that the couit note the light of the stnte to hi- -| voke "the protection of ffuvi "', the'i health, safety, morah and welfare" 1 of the people." >' The Implications of the court's rf iclion It was felt by those who heard the decision, could not fall f t this ruling of the ' I lE-mands, cm i, ll itloij of the Adkins II •• ( ' ' I <>> ^1 wage to be sweeping It was th likely that the minimum action, together with the decls-. Ions holding valid other New Deal statutes might easily have ' Vandenbcrg said that tlils| ^" rda ?'' n ° Min « asnlnst mlcrs 0 ' T^rlHo^ nnrrt amendment wns designed (o eliminate several objections which he believed had prevented ratification of tlie pending child labor amendment. The first change would provide i w y. johnny for reduction of the, age limit | found.' Bridge here. The body of Mrs. English was Ihe fourth of the sis victims of the Rivcrvale flood tragedy to be recovered. Her two-year-old child, Helen, nnd her sister's one-year-old White, remain un- EAST ST, LOUIS. Mar. 29 (UP) —Hogs: receipts 15.000 Top 10.-I5 170-230 Ibs 10.25-10.40 140-1GO Ibs 7.50-10.10 Bulk sows 9.65-9.85 Caljle: receipts 3,500 Steers 9,00-11.00 Slaughter steers 6.75-13.00 Mixed vcai-lings and heifers 7.5p-9.60 Slaughter heifers 6.50-11.00 Beef cows 5.25-6.50 , Ciitters nnd low cutters 3,15-5.50 from 18 lo 1C years. The second change would eliminate the phraseology in the present amendment which would to. "rcg- Hcr body was found In the same si»t where the body of Mrs. Oka White, a sister, was found one month ago. Vandenberg's amendment would remove Ihc words "lo regulate" nnd provide that congress shall have the oowcr "to limit and prohibit child labor for hire." Chicago Wheat open iiigii low close May H3 1-8 144 3-4 142 3-4 H3 July 129 1-2 130 1-2 128 1-2 128 WEATHER Arkansas —Cloudy, probably showers, . slightly warmer" tonight and Tuesday. ^ Memphis', and vicinity—Cloudy, piobably rain or snow beginning late tonlghl or Tuesday. rising Icmperature. Slowly effect on President Roosevelt's " proposed alterations In tlie couits • Companion To Wagner Act Tlie Rnllwaj Labor act, involved in the test cnse of the 'vrr- "| ginfnn Riiluny company decided. by the siiDremc court today, was passed ns companion legislation", lo the Wagner Labor act and, llke*i-j that law, provided for free or-U • gnnlzatlon of employes nnd foi * vomnulsor} collective bargaining Tlie railway act, however, * was, felt bj its sponsors to be li likely to meet the disapproval the courts because of repeated^ rulings giving power lo congress^'I lo regulate, Inte'rstaFe transporta- * lion as part of interstate.IconU, merce. ^ Section 2 of the ncf, the pnn-^ cipal section Involved in the Virginian cnse, provides lhat ijoth /1 emplojers nnd employes be free <" lo select representatives for 'col- '• lective bargaining, without "Intei- ,' fercnce, influence or coercion" It L forbids so-called "yellow dog;'; I contracts and sets up machinery for a collective bargaining con-"< ferencc within' a given .time b*e- fore any contemplated change in an existing wage and working "con-' ditlons contract. ^ The companv challeivred • tho r validity of Ihe net on the grounds that back shop employes—that Ls, > those who worked on the equip- , mcnt while it was out of ser/feo— ~ ^cre not engaged In interstate commerce, and ... lhat, therefore^ < the act was Invalid. Tlie court found however, ^hat * the -ict Ma's valid and that lha; company had Interfered uith tho organization of employes, -it granted the Injiinctlve relief sought. ' ' The maximum temperature h°re[ The Fourth, Circuit Court of yesterdayVwas. 28, .minimum 25,(Appeals Upheld.Jhis decision snd- partJy cloudy; acc6rdin? simuel | the- carrier appealed to the 5112 F. Morris, official weather observer, preme court '

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